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I might be wrong, but I’d start selling equities now, or at least think about it. The wild card is, speculators enter in late July/August, and might drive prices higher. But the economy is starting to decline in North America, more strongly August onward.

Seemingly on the plus side, Jupiter, planet of great good fortune, enters Leo July 16. Leo stands for gamblers and speculators, so they should normally be lucky. But “16” is the number of destruction….

 My favourite gripes:

1.  LONDON DRUGS, a big Western Canadian retailer with a large computer outlet, sold a 500-sheet package of printer paper for $ 5 last year; then for $ 6 at Christmas, then for $ 7 in April. In May, they raised the price to $ 13. ($ 12.99) When I asked why, the clerk told me their suppliers had raised the price. So last week I drove 20 km to the next small town, Sechelt, and bought 500 sheets at a little neighbourhood stationery store, “One-O-One.” The price? $ 4.50, even less than L. Drug’s year-ago price.

2.   A reader, R.S., wrote about my comment that universities will decline for 200 years. She cited the current practice in many universities, of hiring “adjunct” teachers at super-low wages, giving them no job security, and denying them the rights of employees.

Astrologically, the decline of universities began in the mid-1980’s,  and will continue to 2232 AD. Their main fall will be a moral one, with a karmic component. The situation R.S. describes is certainly an aspect of it. This exploitation of non-tenured teachers parallels the growth of internships, which allow big companies and politicians to use — and abuse — free labour. But this exploitation trend only lasts to 2025. In some ways internship replaces the old apprentice format. But unlike apprenticing, which pays a living wage, it pays little or nothing, is  unregulated and places an undue amount of power in the intern-grantor, so is a fertile ground for abuse and, despite being  a type of voluntary slavery (or rather because it  is voluntary  and “cute slavery”)  it is blatantly elitist, for it excludes youngsters whose parents aren’t rich enough to support them during the internship. Ultimately, it exploits those without power. Monica kneeling before Bill is an apt symbol for internships everywhere.

3.   John Kerry. Here’s a report from the Washington Post, May 29/14:

Secretary of State John Kerry challenged Snowden to come back to the United States and face justice. Speaking Wednesday on the Today show, Kerry said, “If Mr. Snowden wants to come back to the United States, we’ll have him on a flight today.” He said Snowden should “stand up in the United States and make his case to the American people.” Later, on MSNBC, Kerry called Snowden a “traitor” and a “coward.”

I once respected Kerry – probably, in my naivety, because he was a democrat, supposedly an egalitarian. But I suspect uber-wealthy Mr. Kerry cares no more about the average person than you would about a bug underfoot. He knows full well that Snowden, if he returned, 1) would be tried in secret; 2) would not be allowed to bring crucial evidence in his defence, and 3) being a contractor, would not qualify for protection under whistle-blower laws. As in the communist U.S.S.R., he would be tried, judged and sentenced in secret by a kangaroo court. Like Private Manning, he would not be allowed to speak to the public, much less “make a case.” Snowden is not a coward by any gauge: in contrast, how brave is Kerry, hiding behind the might of the U.S. government machine and attacking true patriots?  Kerry belongs in Putin’s bed.

And Obama (when he knew the opposite was true, I suspect) has accused Snowden of not seeking to  protest the NSA’s crimes through the proper channels. It now appears (from NBC reports and other indications) that Snowden did exactly that – and was told to “stop asking questions.” Obama began as an idealist. Good. But when an idealist lies he is only a bad person.

Despite this, Ob’s approval rating seems about to climb, August onward.



Aries.svgARIES   March 21-April 19

Start nothing major, new. Reprise the past. It’s another busy week of errands, travel, communications. Recheck plans, examine details (addresses on envelopes, $ figures on checks, etc.). Make a “To Do” list before leaving the house, or you’re sure to forget something you wanted to accomplish. Be a cautious buyer – this month is filled with lemons and temporary enthusiasms which disappoint later. Avoid wild goose chases. Until mid-July, you remain in a lucky real estate cycle. June 8 to 16 could “bring back” a desired property which you couldn’t for some reason grab the first time around – grab it now, Aries! (This could also be a rental opportunity, even an “op” to live with someone who happens to have a good home.) Relationships fill Sunday – one could hold a money opportunity. (If from the past, seize it.) Avoid political/religious arguments. Investments (real estate? From the past?) sexual longings and open doors to intimacy, research/detective work, health diagnosis, fortunately fill Monday/Tuesday. Huge luck possible! A wise, gentle mood flows over you midweek – but fuzzy thinking, scepticism can bar progress. Be ambitious Friday/Saturday – but realize no one’s co-operating until Saturday eve. You might have to defend yourself before an authority.


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS   April 20-May 20

Remember, start no big new ventures or projects before July 1 – and buy nothing significant, unless it’s something you wanted and examined in past months/years. (The time for this will be June 17 to 30, rather than this week.) Meanwhile, protect ongoing projects from confusion, delays, misunderstood communications, etc. An old debt, filial duty, or government-related obligation might come due – e.g., old taxes. Respond promptly, get it cleared away. Re-connect with your spiritual sources. Tackle routine chores Sunday. Important, exciting and successful relationships come Monday/Tuesday – open your arms to friends, love! (And to optimism – your future, though vague, is bright!) Life’s depths, “heavy” sexual and financial issues, research,  health diagnosis, lifestyle choices – these seem blurred, confusing Wednesday, clear (inside your thoughts) Thursday. Someone’s skeptical in love, but willing to wait until you prove yourself. A wise, gentle, loving, empathic mood steals over you Friday/Saturday – all seems well Friday, and all “ends well” Saturday eve, but in-between you must face some problems involving (onerous) work and legalities, or health and travel. Proceed cautiously in any confrontations.


Gemini.svgGEMINI   May 21-June 20

Your charisma, energy, upbeat mood and confidence are at a yearly high, Gemini. But June is a month for the past – and if you clear away past matters, you’ll make room for the future (which starts in July). I’m a Gemini, and I have many past matters to complete: 2 tax returns, a building application, selling a property on the east coast, etc. You, too, probably have a pile of “long ago to-do’s.” Now’s the perfect time to tackle them. (Conversely, before July 1, it’s a terrible time to start anything big and new.) Sunday’s romantic; nature’s beauty nourishes you. Before noon, a stroke of luck might occur regarding an investment or a clandestine love (so how lucky could that be?). Tackle chores Monday/Tuesday – you’ll get them done easily, and could enhance your reputation or standing in the boss’s eyes. Relationships confuse Wednesday (a career-vs-love situ?) but you see things clearly Thursday, especially with friendships and flirty, light romance. Still, Thursday evening is dicey – if your feelings swell, they could be facing disappointment. Friday/Saturday bring depths, secrets, large finances, sexual yearnings, health revelations, lifestyle possibilities. Remember, nothing new. Your hopes/friends and your finances/net worth are in conflict. Be humble – that leads to the most future success. A sexy, sweet Saturday evening!


Cancer.svgCANCER   June 21-July 22

Start nothing big, new, important before July 1. Meanwhile, reprise projects from the past (or, more likely, take care of old, neglected chores/duties) and protect ongoing ventures. Have a “Plan B” ready in case you encounter supply shortages, missed meetings, delays, second thoughts, etc. Stick with old, faithful friends. Most of all, rest, contemplate, meditate, answer government queries, or deal with institutions. Show charity. Sunday’s restful, all’s well. Your hopes might (correctly) rise about a relationship. Monday/Tuesday bring romantic notions, even meetings – and all is fortunate, smooth, sweet. But remember, your charisma and energy are at a yearly low. Children make you smile with pride or joy. Tackle chores – but cautiously, thoughtfully (like carpenters, measure twice) – Wednesday/Thursday. If you’re confused Wed., wait until Thurs. to start. Relationships confront you Friday/Saturday. If you live in the Americas, both days seem good, but deeper down (and more “during daylight hours” for Asians, East Europeans, Africans) a conflict stands between your need for ambitious growth and security on one hand, and your relationship(s) on the other. Reject cruelty, whether your own or another’s. Love possible, Saturday night.


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO   July 23-Aug. 22

Start no new projects/ventures or relationships before July 1, Leo. They would expire in knots of indecision, delay and adverse circumstance. Almost in contradiction to this advice, your hopes and optimism sail high right now. Let this be optimism about life in general (because it will grow very fortunate after July! – for a year) – and about a possible former project or relationship that you are tempted to resurrect. (Do revive it, if it was lucky but abandoned for other reasons such as the rush of life’s events. That “relationship” will prove to be more friendship than heavy romance.) Sunday’s restless, good for errands, visits, travel. A favourable career/work situation might be brewing. Focus on your home, family, property, security, retirement, nature, Monday/Tuesday – a benevolent focus. Old papers, books, photo albums might contain an unexpected prize. At the very least, soak up nature’s balm. Romantic feelings call you Wednesday/Thursday, but be cautious. Wed.’s confusing, someone might deceive (sexual intimacy refused). Thurs. morning’s better, you might be with your true mate. But this eve/night indicates both a swelling heart, and possibly a gentle refusal, probably due to practical wants/differences. Tackle routine chores Friday/Saturday. Be careful with machinery, driving, tools, haste, Saturday midnight to noon (PDT).


Virgo.svgVIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Start nothing before July 1, especially in career, business, prestige areas, and in working with groups. Instead, protect ongoing projects from delays, missed meetings, supply shortages, second thoughts, etc. In some cases, seizing a past venture can be a good idea – in fact, you might be “forced” to do so. (E.g., the boss might ask you to temporarily assume a former job role; or you might revive a formerly profitable business – be careful in this latter case, though: remember, the “back to the past” trend only lasts through June.) A former social group, or a long-past wish, or a former flirty romantic “friend” might return. This “past stuff” is fun to mid-June, then more serious. Shop for routine items, or chase money, Sunday morning. Monday/Tuesday bring errands, visits, trips, emails, calls – in lucky, even very lucky ways! (Make a list before tackling errands.) Settle down, be satisfied with home, family Wednesday/Thursday. Both days contain mild disappointment, might draw you to an “impossible love,” but Thursday morn’s clear, alert. Romance or a creative urge call you Friday/Saturday – both eves/nights are fine, but take care the first 12 hours of Saturday – disruptions, perhaps a cruel or violent scene/person.


Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Start nothing new before July 1, Libra. That includes relationships, travel, career, and, especially, law suits, educational courses, written material and creative work. Neither make nor accept promises; sign nothing. Your charisma shines Sunday; a “destined” financial or sexual doorway might sit open. (Remember, only the past, or something already begun…otherwise, it will not pass an ethical or legal test down the road.) Shop for routine items, or bid on/buy something you coveted in the past, or connect with former clients or employers Monday/Tuesday – your money luck is high! Errands, paperwork, communications, details and handwork fly into mists of frustrating confusion Wednesday, meet clarity Thursday morning, but rise to a subtle but silently thundering “no” Thursday p.m. (Bad time to start a sexual affair, though you might be tempted.) Head toward home and family Friday/Saturday. All is fine on the surface, Friday and Saturday pm, but the first half of Saturday contains a simmering conflict, even an all-out fight (not likely, for this is a cruel, sneaky influence) – conflict involving home, a relationship, and money/possessiveness.


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Start nothing new before July 1, Scorpio, especially in legal, travel, publishing, educational, cultural, or financial, sexual zones. Sign NOTHING. You’re weary Sunday – rest, dream and contemplate – you might discover that you do, after all, love that person. Your energy and charisma roar back Monday/Tuesday – tackle matters that were too big or daunting before (break a big task into 5 smaller ones, then do each one). You might impress a recent romantic object, or grab a lucky travel ticket or rare book. Your luck is evident everywhere – but remember, nothing and no one new. Money – earnings, shopping, accounts – is beset by confusion Wednesday – Thursday’s better for these, especially before 11 am (PDT). This evening, resist a strong temptation – it’s likely a lemon! Errands, paperwork, details, trips and communications fill Friday (okay) and Saturday (good after 12 noon). Earlier Saturday, even pre-dawn, dark desires fight aggressive, angry forces – be meek, mellow, and self-protective (discreet) – it’s safer. All week, a talkative or restless former flame (really, former lust?) might reappear.


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Avoid new projects, relationships and purchases (especially investment purchases) before July 1. Instead, protect ongoing ventures from delays, missed appointments, supply shortages, etc. You might profitably reprise an investment you wanted in the past, or re-arrange debt (careful here: frying pan into the fire might apply) – or resume a former relationship (more likely after June 16). Sunday’s friendly, optimistic, happy. A successful work-money project is brewing (or you earn nice money this day – your laugh and smile are responsible). Retreat from competitive situations Monday/Tuesday – you’ll succeed beautifully with civil servants, institutions, head office, charitable projects, spiritual searches and health checks. Your energy and charisma rise nicely Wednesday/Thursday, but Wed. triggers confused ideas or deceptive data. Thursday morning’s clear, bright – a casual conversation could ring with romantic overtones. But love, if new, would be a long, hard slog. Buy routine items Friday/Saturday, or collect money, especially from the “overdue” file. Buy nothing big, alluring – lemons abound.  Take a romantic disappointment in stride.


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Avoid new relationships and starting new projects in June, Cap. Instead, protect ongoing ventures from delays, indecisions, second-guessing, supply shortages, etc. Have a “Plan B” ready. This “going backwards” period (all June) will affect you most obviously at work, and with machinery, tools, service people and dependents, especially during the second half. This week, it might affect relationships and agreements. A promise might be broken – don’t make nor accept any new ones. Sunday puts in prestigious places: be nice to powerful people. You might sense that a romantic wish will come true (or is, right now) – good, but don’t chase it yet. Destiny seldom works swiftly. Optimism, popularity, social delights, wishful thinking – and wishes coming true – entertainment, light romance – these fill Monday/Tuesday, luckily and successfully! But retreat to re-gather your energies Wednesday/Thursday. Protect your health: eat, dress sensibly. This isn’t the best interval to take chances, but Thursday morning brings clarity about money, and the pm might bring a fascinating urge to merge with someone. Your energy and charisma rise nicely Friday/Saturday – get things done! But take care with bosses, authorities: a fight wouldn’t serve you.


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

June’s romantic, beautiful; nature charms, kids please, and your creative and speculative sides rise to sweet heights. But don’t start a new relationship, nor a new “creation” of any kind before July. Instead, protect ongoing links and projects. An old flame might revive (more likely after June 16). Not the best time to take up an unfinished creative work, even if it is from the past: you’d likely grow even more confused with it, as options multiply and none stand out. Sunday’s wise, mellow: ignore someone who might want an argument (political/religious?) You sense a certain unseen, deep security, and you’re right: your home is “being protected.” Be ambitious Monday/Tuesday – your “prestige luck” is splendid, and a boss or VIP can notice your progress favourably. (But remember, don’t start new projects.)  Wednesday/Thursday are not so great event-wise (confusion/deception Wed., a refusal Thurs.) but you’ll hardly notice, as your mood takes you directly to happiness and social fun. You could fall madly in love, or someone might with you – realize the “next stage” could be difficult, though. Retreat, rest, contemplate and care for your health Friday/Saturday. DO NOT enter a verbal or legal struggle/fight; avoid gossip.


Pisces.svgPISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Avoid new projects and relationships before July 1, Pisces. Meanwhile, protect ongoing projects from delays, supply shortages, missed appointments, etc. Have a “Plan B” ready. The general accent is on home, security, real estate, and foundational issues. It’s a good time to study/revise your retirement plans, examine your children’s progress, etc. A “prodigal kid” might return home or call. Though the chance is rare, an old flame might reappear. (You could sense this Sunday; most likely “contact” is Saturday eve.) Sunday’s mysterious, secretive; romance seems to be blocked. Your sexual, financial urges rise to the surface – don’t act on them. Monday/Tuesday bring a wise, mellow mood, gentle and true love, cultural or intellectual involvements, possibly far travel. Your luck rides high in these, and your inspiration, intuition are right on. Your career, reputation, and business projects can proceed nicely Wednesday (though a boss seems confused). Money matters are clear Thursday morn. This eve might delay a message, or a friend might complain that love is slow. Wish fulfilment, popularity, social joys, entertainment and optimism visit you Friday/Saturday – fun, good repartee Saturday pm. But be careful, especially Saturday am – a struggle over money or possessions (or possessive love) can grow cruel.

The End.

Disclaimer: Tim is not a lawyer, medical doctor nor financial advisor. Though astrology addresses all these fields, you are advised to discuss Tim’s advice with the appropriate expert before acting.