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START NOTHING:: 8:06 pm to 9:39 pm Mon., and 7:08 am to 10:13 am Thurs.




Once again, look at the minimal Start Nothing times above — under 5 hours for an entire week — and the third time “S.N.” has been so extremely restricted in a month. Another hint that present times are significant, and that, whether visible or not, much forward motion, productivity and solid gain are occurring on Earth.


Consciousness — what a miracle!

Ten years ago I would have said “human consciousness,” (or referred to a ubiquitous consciousness, in a cosmic sense) but now I think all animals, and perhaps all nature, share this consciousness, though not in the same “language.”






aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

One last week of domestic concerns, Aries, of being “tied to home.” Sink deeply into rest, contemplation, your family’s warmth, gardening, nature — you should come out, by next week, refreshed, and ready to chase beauty, pleasure, romance, a gamble, etc. These themes (romance, et al) have been percolating for  awhile, so you might be in a romance already. The intensity has left this loving/pleasure zone, but a light, lucky, affectionate influence will remain. Many single Aries will “mate” within 4 months. Work’s growing, so get busy. Lots of money in the offing.

That domestic theme grows even stronger Sun./Mon., and offers plenty of progress. You might need to decide between romance and money. (Or between romance and sex, oddly enuf.) Romance, creative surges and pleasure pursuits fill mid-week (Tuesday to mid-morn Thursday, PDT). But go slow — Wednesday’s disruptive. Oddly, during this romantic interval, the most important development lies in management or gov’t — success here! — and in a management-work “face-off” — either conflict or agreement and opportunity, depending on what goodwill exists. Tackle chores Thursday noonish through Sat. Eat, dress sensibly. Luck is mixed. Buy computers/electronics after 9 pm Fri. And before 8:45 am Sat. (All PDT.)


taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The main accent remains on errands, easy chores, paperwork, communications and curiosity, Taurus. Exercise that last one as much as you can. Romance will intensify now to late August, but it might be with someone you are wary of, or feel you might be restricted by. Your home remains sweet, relaxing, until early October. A great interval for finding a new home will occur from Sept. 3 to Oct. 9. Remember, this is your lucky year, your year to break out, break away from financial and intimate restrictions (to May/24). You might have difficulty forming a “future vision” before November; that’s okay, let your future plans “brew” awhile.

Those errands pile up Sun./Mon. — both good and bad luck mingle, so be alert. You could meet a good new friend. Midweek’s for home, family, nature. Eat, sleep, ponder and putter. Nothing big, as aspects aren’t helpful. However, again, you might make a good new friend. Romantic and pleasure vibes fill mid-morn Thursday to late night Sat. Friends might pull apart, but you might find love. It depends — lots of sweet good luck, and aggravation, too.


gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Your last week of major money concerns, Gemini. You might be contemplating a big purchase. (Do NOT buy real estate before Aug. 28. Your home life is contradictory: filled with hope and friendly gestures, yet filled with friction, also now to late August). Dealings with management, head office or gov’t should go well this year, but someone “at the top” wats to sit on you (or your case) until November. Patience, I guess. If you have any important missives, letters, calls to make, do it this week, as communications will go a little haywire next week to mid-September.

Chase $ Sunday/Monday — buy/sell, embrace intimacy, learn something. The accent lies on possessions — money, articles, knowledge and intimacy, are all possessions. Communications w/gov’t, admin offices, are blocked. Errands, contacts, paperwork and communications fill midweek — but go slow, double-check, as much can go haywire. One good thing: your career/income will respond if you chase them. Turn toward home, family mid-morn Thursday to Saturday night. Avoid fights, contests of will, esp. Thursday pm, Friday night, and Saturday around suppertime (all PDT).


Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

You’re still on top, Cancer! Use your energy, charm and confidence to tackle major chores or launch major projects, esp. Sun./Mon., when the Moon is in your sign. The need for errands, calls and paperwork grows. Tackle these without hesitation — they might contain a link to your career. Your money picture looks fortunate until October, but get any spending done this week, or wait until September to buy. Your popularity and social joys remain buoyant for 10 more months.

Sun./Mon. — you excel, so toss away any “free” money wishes and tackle life head-on, esp. in legal, learning, love and international areas. Midweek is for earning, buying/selling, casual intimacy — but don’t count on luck to help: face obstacles squarely. Those legal, learning, love or international themes rise to a fortunate peak Wed./Thurs. Late week, Thursday noon to Saturday night, friends, trips, errands, paperwork, learning/reading enter. You can succeed here, but watch relationships, esp. Thurs. pm, Fri. night, and Sat. suppertime.


Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

One more week of lying low, rest and recuperation, of fulfilling duties you’d rather avoid, and of dealing with institutions, gov’t, or “head office.” Be charitable, Leo, for your own future’s sake. Ponder and plan. Money is starting to flow swiftly to you (lasts to late August) — try to avoid spending it. Despite your weariness, you’re still attractive, esp. to an Aries (and, strangely, a Scorpio). Your career prospects are the best in over a decade.

Rest Sun./Mon., and re-read the first 3 sentences above, starting with “week of lying low…” Midweek, Tuesday to mid-morn Thurs., your energy and charisma climb — not to huge heights, as you remain in a “weary” cycle — but enough to please you. Be cautious, many bumps in the road, esp. Wed. At the same time, investments (or seeking casual sex) go well. Chase $ Thursday noonish to Saturday night. Buy/sell, ask for a pay raise. Careful Thursday pm, Friday night, and suppertime Sat. — alienation, refusal lurk.


virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Wishes can still come true, Virgo. This is your last week (this year) for bountiful socializing, optimism and popularity. Mingle. You radiate sexuality now to late August. Same period, you might also be hell-bent to invest: okay, but go slowly, study before you pull the trigger. Legal, international, higher learning, far travel and social rituals bless you until next May.

You’ll be happy Sun./Mon., people notice you, friends gather ‘round, and your optimism soars. But watch out for the “legality” of a money situation. Retreat, lie low and rest, ponder and plan, and liaise with gov’t or head office mid-week. Don’t attempt too much, as disruptions and scepticism lay traps. Later, m9d-morning Thursday to Saturday night, your energy and charisma soar. Don’t stay home (unless there’s a party there). Get out, join, flirt, have fun! But avoid a “showdown” with a lover or sexy person Thursday daytime, Friday night, and Saturday night.


libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

It’s your last week (for awhile) of pressure, Libra. Pressure to perform at work, to start a business, to launch or carry though a project, to lead others, and, perhaps, to make a life-changing decision. Whatever you do, be ambitious, use your skills. You will be happy now to October, as friends prove trustworthy and loyal, and you have good plans/intentions socially. But if you’re single, one who woos you before August 27 (esp. if he/she/it “appeared” since last week, July 11) will not make a good mate. Even romance w/this person can feel restrictive. Dn’t worry, there will be lots of chances for a bond — the 10 months ahead feature sexual joining, pregnancy, experimentation. Respect marriage vows. A new friend, an enlightening person, might enter.

Ambition’s pressures peak Sun./Mon. Work will go well, but stay out of any investment/financial stuff. Monday eve through Wednesday brings friends, social joys, popularity and optimism. Entertain, flirt, Libra! But don’t charge ahead blindly — or simply skip Wed., when the obstacles rise up. Almost from left field, a work promotion looks possible — stand up, state your case. Retreat from the bustling crowd Thursday noonish to Saturday night. Sleep, rest, ponder, plan, seek advice, be charitable. Be cautious Thurs. daytime, and Fri. and Sat. nights


scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

This is your last — and best — week this year of heightened intellectual thinking, Scorpio. Charge after legal, cultural, academic, media, statistical, international, far travel and gentle love, esp. Sun./Mon. Relationships will be a source of joy, adventure, and money until next May. If single, don’t retreat from love’s possibilities. You might make a couple of new male friends soon (before September). Co-workers will be in a social, humorous mood. Bosses favour you, but if a new career project has not started yet, delay it until September.

Sun./Mon. are described above. Don’t let a career ambition interfere, or cause hard feelings. Your career and worldly standing come into focus Monday night through Wed. — not an easy interval, so work hard but carefully, follow safety rules. A child, a love or creative project, meets good luck, inspiration. Thursday to Saturday night brings happiness, popularity, social joys, flirtation and optimism. Be happy! But also be wary, Thursday afternoon, Friday late night, and Saturday suppertime/evening: you will face either an opportunity, or hostility, rejection.


sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

One last week of subterranean currents, lust, power plays, financial commitments, health priorities, and life changing decisions, Sage. This is a phase of huge opportunity, but only the ethical and honest will ultimately find reward. Respect marriage vows. Your intuition is high, and reliable now.

Sun./Mon. intensify the themes of the first sentence above — best if you avoid gov’t or head office contacts, and avoid discussions on politics, religion. A Gemini doesn’t quite trust you. Understanding, far travel, international themes, law, religion, higher learning fill midweek — you love this stuff, but go slowly, esp. Wed. (No need to force these travel/law/etc. themes, as late Saturday night will begin a whole month of such things, in a more fortunate way.) Thursday mid-morn to Saturday night brings pressure, on career and status fronts. Dress well, be ambitious. But realize Thursday daytime, Friday night, and Saturday suppertime (all PDT) are filled with competition, contrary voices, and subtle rejection. Just do your work, Sage, and you’ll be fine.


capricorn icon   CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

It’s your last week (for awhile) of fresh opportunities, Cap — of fresh faces, relationships good and bad, for relocation themes and public dealings — even fame. Sun./Mon. intensify these meetings and opportunities. Be eager to join, but diplomatic with everyone. Avoid lawsuits now to August 28. International travel and big media appearances not favoured, either. Your Financial and sexual life remains favorable, even fortunate, through early October, but from next week to September 3 this arena (sex and finances) suffers delays, non-answers, and openings/options from the past. (E.g., a former bedroom partner might re-appear.) And layered on all this, you are fortunate in romance until next May. Make hay if you’re single, Cap. If attached, study investments, lifestyle commitments, without necessarily acting on them until September onward.

Sun./Mon. are described above — chock full of relationships. Study, but avoid commitment yet. Midweek — Monday night to mid-morn Thursday, PDT — brings those financial, sexual and power temptations. Careful Wednesday, when tensions rise. A wise, mellow mood flows over you Thursday morning to Saturday night. Higher learning, law, religion, international influences, gentle love — these fill this interval. But use caution Thurs. daytime, Fri. night., and around suppertime Sat.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

This is your last week this year of constant work and drudgery, Aquarius. So put down that cup of tea and get cracking — much might depend on your ability to get a job done now. Eat nutritiously, dress sensibly, wear sunblock, etc. You have been both attracted to and frustrated by someone, esp. if you’re single. The frustration ebbs now, leaving only gentle affection/attraction (lasting to October). Still, you won’t get a firm answer from him/her before September. Patience helps (or simply wastes your time). The month that begins Saturday (July 22) holds both real estate and relocation luck — and crucial relationships. Now to late August, sensual things, sensual people attract you: you want sex, and are willing to say so! Same period, avoid impulsive financial actions: think first.

Tackle chores Sun./Mon. Work with water, plumbing, decorating succeeds. Excavations, fertilizing and digging present difficulties. Your idea of home, and another’s idea, are fuel for argument. Relationships, opportunities and relocation themes fill midweek (Monday night to mid-morn Thursday). Be diplomatic, esp. Wednesday, when others might see you as a problem. Perhaps some great money news, tho! That recently revived sexual, financial drive in you intensifies Thursday noonish to about suppertime Sat. There’s good luck here, esp. Fri. and Sat. mornings, but fly a caution flag Thursday daytime, Friday night, and Saturday night.


Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

One last week of romance, creative surges, beauty, pleasure, sports/games, winning streaks, and joys from children, Pisces. Dive in and stay in these the whole week. The pleasure you enjoy now will help you succeed in practical areas later. Relationships will be intense until August 27, both in good and bad senses. So exercise diplomacy, especially if you’re involved in a fender bender or whatever. If you’re married, your mate has suddenly become the world’s sexiest lover. (Again, only to Aug. 27…) If you’re single, a ”date” could grow seriously intimate quickly.

Sun./Mon. bring a peak in anything listed in the first sentence above (“last week of romance…”). Love vows, true love, melting feelings quite possible — don’t discuss work or health. Midweek, Monday night to mid-morn Thursday confronts you with chores, the need to help someone, perhaps a wee dietary discomfort. Eat, dress sensibly. Careful Wednesday with electricity, computers, et al. Despite the work/health theme, love could blossom to magical levels. Relationships rule Thursday noonish to Saturday night. There is love here, maybe powerful love, but also opposition — maybe from the same person, but maybe not. Be cautious Thursday daytime, Friday night, and Saturday suppertime. Otherwise, embrace the concept of union, of compromise and reward. Possibly big stuff here!





By Tim Stephens

Loud as a car crash, we heard a key being inserted and the front door lock turning.

She pushed me violently into her bedroom, which we’d been staying in front of, and shut the door. I stepped into the closet, where by some instinct I shucked off y shoes and socks. (Better traction.) I didn’t know what else to do.


(Chapter Eight next week. The “shortie” above was just to steer it into a new phase — the “stranger” shows up. Not sure what to do.)


Non (?) Fiction:

I watched the congressional questioning of FBI, Director Christopher Wray. As usual, during the process he looked calm and collected. But when one of the Congress people asked him whether the FBI was covering up the Biden family’s misadventures, Wray’s face suddenly started showing stress lines, his jaw locked and he began blinking rapidly, telltale signs of lying. His answer: “Absolutely not,” was likely an absolute lie.


Are these clues? Is there a pattern somewhere?

Joe Biden’s daughter claims her father showered naked with her. She has an alcohol problem. Joe’s son, Hunter, is a drug-addicted criminal who, at 53 years old, clings to his dad, even to the point of living in the White House (where the police recently found cocaine.). Joe likes to smell little girls’ hair and neck. (In humans, the sexual musk glands are on the neck, behind the ears.) Joe’s gov’t packs schoolrooms and libraries with pornography, and sends transvestites and flaming queens to “educate” groups of children as young as 4 or 5. Joe’s gov’t keeps parents out of school meetings and terrorizes any parents who attempt to stand up for or protect their kids. Then Joe gives the nod to pro-abortion violence and arson (of pro-life premises) — and sends SWAT teams to terrorize innocent families because they’re pro-life. Everything stated here is fact. Now the F.D.A. has an approved an over-the-counter abortion pill. (*)

(*) BTW, I don’t lay a lot of blame on Hunter — or Joe — both have obviously had bad childhoods, probably incest/pedophilia. Crimes such as sexual abuse (or violence, which I suspect Joe rained down on little boy Hunter)  tend to repeat themselves through the generations, as people who have been abused are most likely to become abusers. Hunter’s obsession with prostitutes might come from anger toward his mother, who died when he was about 2 years old. Or, I’m out on a limb here, but, perhaps, his new mother, Jill Biden, somehow (?) bent Hunter. She is not a huge moralist — she cuckolded her husband with Joe, then left the poor guy and married the male who glittered with more power and position. (But Jill too, had a mother and father, who did –?) But  if we have to blame SOMEONE as a first source of evil toward children, we might as well blame Adam and his sidekick. Or if we totally want to abandon responsibility, then we can blame God for inventing us.

So, the American policy seems to be:

  1. Pervert our children at school, where their parents will be absent. Submit kids 3 to 18 years old to drag queen shows and homosexuals, give them books with pictures of adult men sucking the penises of little boys. (BTW, homosexuals of every stripe make up only 3 + % of the U.S. population. So the 1 person in 30 who is “different” should be teaching the other 29 how to have sex?) Incest and pedophilia accepted, approved, in educational organizations. When Joe’s gremlins have sexually perverted or confused enough of the children, they then recommend surgery, to create new, weird humans — or, rather, to increase their numbers? What is their goal, other than the thrill of perversion, or doing evil?
  2. Strongly gear down child-protection agencies and ignore child-trafficking, which has exploded. (The Biden admin. deleted almost all of the child trafficking prevention website, inherited from Trump, and has diverted money away from child protection to other departments.)
  3. Punish those who protest 1. or 2. above, often by FBI intimidation, often by “cancelling” (destroying a person’s career) “doxing” (publishing their address so left wing-nuts can firebomb them) sometimes even by jailing them.
  4. Kill babies with casual non-concern (OTC abortion pills) so we won’t have to admit 1. above might be the wrong direction. Democrats already say we should be allowed to kill children who are 1 day old. When do they start advocating for killing 2 and 3 and 4 year olds? When do they say we should start sacrificing animals, and worship statues of pigs and squirrels and sharks and Satan?
  5. Take $$$$$$ from China and other communist regimes (Russia, Romania, etc.) and then teach the children communist theory (CRT, et al) to accompany their sexual perversion, and voila! You have — SOMETHING. (This blog won’t let me italicize anything, hence the capital letters.)

PS: I am not against, nor pro, abortion. It’s a dilemma. On the one hand, life is precious and existence a miracle, and we should be wary of robbing any soul of life. But on the other hand, every woman and man has the right to do what they will with their body (even suicide nowadays) and it would be the height of tyranny for anyone to tell a woman what she can and can’t do with her body. Ultimately, the woman must make the decision, not a man, not a gov’t, not even a law. (But she should talk to her soul first. My daughter-in-law had an abortion in her twenties. She wept inconsolably for 3 days after. No, I’m not advising guilt — just a look within, to make sure she isn’t missing anything, unaware, or ignoring future possibilities.)


In 200, 400 years, these will be considered failures, evil, corrupt or wrong-headed:

Libraries. Universities/colleges. Teachers and professors. Courts. Judges. Lawyers. The law itself. Import-exporters. Statisticians. International carriers. International law, exercise of fame.

They will be seen as the core, the lynch-pin of an initial collapse of the U.S. system, followed by a re-organizing, a “re-nationalizing” into a new structure/system. (As I wrote here 30 or 40 years ago, 1984 to 2229 AD will see a whole new system of gov’t arise. This would start with the break-up if the U.S.S.R., then China, I said, would veer into capitalism, while the U.S./Europe would abandon democracy to a greater or lesser extent, all creating a new, unseen-to-date political system. This is the precursor to a world gov’t.)