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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The domestic influence continues, Aries. A slight drop-off in romantic moments leaves you time for chores — which start to pile up, Monday onward. (You’ll be busy until late August.) Your money picture remains good, lucky, to next May. An old flame is coming toward you; you won’t see him or her for at least another week. Be cautious, now to November, with investments and lustful intimacy. Research reveals an understanding of the past, but doesn’t exactly point the way forward. Patience!

Sunday/Monday are for contemplation, big ideas, understanding, far travel/foreign cultures, and gentle love. A quiet alienation might be building, stretching the bond over $ or sex. Monday suppertime through Wednesday nudges you to chase $, shop, send and pay bills, memorize something, and/or embrace casual sex. All’s well, so charge forward. Errands, busy-work, communications and paperwork fill Thursday to mid-morn Sat. Thursday holds practical problems, barriers, Friday’s quietly successful, but you’re mildly indecisive Saturday morning. This night, home to bed.


taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Two more weeks of short trips, paperwork, messaging and errands, Taurus. You’re a good traveller and communicator, you just don’t do it much. Friction slides out of your home life, and peace/affection stays, blossoms, now to October. (Perhaps this is tied in with an important conversation/communication. This is your lucky year, Taurus, emotionally, sexually and financially — you don’t need to start anything now, but keep your eyes open and your expectations optimistic. Your chance will come. Now to late August, your romantic/lusting side will grow — you might be TOO courageous.

Lie low, rest and contemplate Sun./Mon. Sunday best. See problems before you leap on anything. Your energy, charisma and effectiveness returns Monday suppertime through Wed. Great possibilities here, Taurus — start something, gather allies, see and be seen. Chase $, buy/sell, embrace casual intimacy, read and learn, Thursday to mid-morn Sat. But be cautious Thursday. Saturday eve — errands, calls, trips — all’s good.


gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Keep chasing money, or a special purchase, Gemini. A doorway might open to casual intimacy (not love). Soon, maybe in a week or more, a friend might move away, or you rejoin an old friend. This might be romantic. Now to late August, your home can become fractious, conflict-filled. Tone this down, be patient, bite your lip. The same energy can be used for renovations, decorating the home, digging a new foundation, building a tree-fort, etc., etc. Your relations with gov’t, management levels, or institutions, will be fortunate for the 10 months ahead. Use this to iron out any problems, taxes, to enter a management role, etc. If you do nothing, you’ll have a year of peace: but, in 2024/25, won’t you be glad you did iron out that wrinkle? (The answer is yes, more than you know.)

Your hopes rise, you whistle while you walk, popularity, social delight and flirty romance are favoured, Sun./Mon. Not much practical success here, so protect your money, and enjoy the mood — and the loving atmosphere very late Sunday night (PDT). Retreat, lie low, contemplate and plan, rest and recuperate, Monday suppertime through Wed. All’s easy, smooth. Read “Your relations with gov’t…” above. Your energy and charisma, effectiveness and clout, return Thursday to late morning Sat. Though you’re energized, pick your battles and projects: Thursday holds rebuffs, but can aid a “sober approach” to career ambitions. Saturday pm, chase $, buy/sell.


Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Your energy, charisma, clout — and possibilities — are huge now, Cancer. The 10 months ahead bring social openings and introductions — invite others and accept invitations. You might join a group that a) changes you and/or b) benefits you for a decade or more (esp. financially). Your money scene quiets down now, so add up your debts and pay them. You will be fortunate in money to early October. A new restlessness emerges in you until late August. Plan a bit of travel?

Be ambitious Sun./Mon. Show your skills. But proceed cautiously, as many obstacles and snags exist. Happiness enters Monday suppertime, lasting through Wed. Optimism, popularity, flirting, A great interval! But retreat, recuperate, ponder and plan Thursday to late morning Sat. Seek advice, liaise with gov’t or head office. Be cautious Thursday, and early Saturday morn (PDT). Divulge no secrets.


Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Continue to lie low, rest, ponder and plan, Leo. July is your recuperation month. (To the 22nd, when you will burst from your “rest” — not into action, exactly. I’ll explain in late July.) A portion of your magnetism slips away now, to bring a rush of money (try not to spend) for the next 6 weeks. As noted before, you remain attractive, subtly seductive, until October. Your career and other ambitions are extremely favoured until next May. 

Ponder and love Sun./Mon. Don’t say anything that might alienate another. Pressure to perform, ambition, prestige relations and worldly standing become important late afternoon Monday (PDT) through Wed. — an excellent interval, so go all out, ambitiously. Swift, say chores, errands, trips, calls, contacts, curiosity and information fill Thursday to mid-morn Sat. Proceed carefully, alertly: snags exist. Saturday pm: rest, quietude — all’s well.


virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

It’s still party time Virgo, at least emotionally. You feel upbeat, optimistic, and popular. For the last month, romance has been a burden (or non-existent) but now you become sexually magnetic until late August. Flirting might get you more than you bargained for! (This influence can also spur you toward major investment or research actions — or bring surgery.) You start to hear secrets, also, for 3 weeks. Your mental, travel, and love faculties remain astute, fortunate, until May/24.

For Sun./Mon., read everything above after “sexually magnetic.” Finances, intimacy and medical concerns fill this significant but disruptive interval — you might land something (someone?) very fortunately, but this fortune is “two-sided,” so proceed carefully. Monday night through Wednesday brings far travel, international concerns, law, higher learning, gentle love, cultural displays. All’s fine, Virgo, so charge ahead. Your ambitions, worldly standing and career come into focus Thursday to Saturday morning. Disappointment lurks in some of this Thursday pm and Saturday morning. (Problem, next 2 years, is another, mate, partner, associate, does not agree with your ambitions.) Saturday pm is celebration time. Make/accept invitations.


libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Continue to chase career and status goals this week and next, Libra. If a relocation or partnership prospect has not panned out over the past year, you will now begin to “let go.” From here on, at least until October, you will focus more on pleasing yourself, intimacy, and socializing. Now to next May, if someone wants you they can live up to your standards or needs/requests, not the other way around. Same period (10 months) great good luck in finances/investments, lustful sex, lifestyle change, and possible medical data/cures.

Sunday/Monday are for partnerships, opportunities, fresh horizons and dealings with the public. Go slow here. Sunday’s great for work, but glitches exist both days. Monday eve through Wednesday brings temptation (for sex or power) but, if you act ethically, this interval also brings great good luck in investments, life changes, medical cures and research. Gentle love, intellectual, legal, travel, and cultural involvements arise Thursday to late Saturday morning. Remain undecided or cautious, as pitfalls exist. Best day: Fri. Saturday pm: write down your ambitious ideas.


scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Two more weeks of soft, gentle thoughts, mild love, and of “the bigger picture” (e.g. international affairs, law, higher learning, etc.). Might be a good time to buy insurance. Lately, your career/ambition zone has featured bosses who are simultaneously impatient, critical and affectionate and favouring you. Now the criticism, the impatience, falls away, shunting you into 3 months of career favour and luck — take advantage! Relationships are also very fortunate now to next May. Opportunities do or will surround you. Male friends (esp. co-workers) enter, until late August. 

Tackle chores Sun./Mon., but think first and go slow. Eat, drink sensibly. Relationships, opportunities and “boundaries” come in Monday eve through Wed. Make your bid, Scorpio. If there’s someone you want, approach him/her. Life’s deeper side emerges Thursday to late morning Saturday. Research, finances, lifestyle changes, medical concerns, and lust fill this interval. Careful Thursday, and Saturday morning — chasing sex will “shoulder out” romance.


sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll — life’s gritty side plays its trumpets now, trumpets of sex, lust, power, investments and debt, even of a wholesale life change. This can be a very profitable time, as long as you remain ethical and honest. Otherwise, you open the door to bad karma. Commitment might be demanded. A legal situation/problem fades now, leaving this area open to healing, affection, even good fortune. Read Libra message for a clue about love, going forward. Now to late August, don’t give bosses any reason to yell at you. 

Sunday/Monday are romantic, creative, and pleasure-beauty filled. But successes mingle with failures, so go forth alertly, and be nimble. DON’T approach the gov’t. Tackle chores suppertime Monday through Wednesday. All’s good, so march forth, get things done. Buy tools, machinery Monday night, Tuesday afternoon — Wednesday too, but this day needs a slow pace. Relationships, opportunities, potential fame, and relocation themes enter Thursday  to late morning Sat. — NOT an easy time, so be diplomatic, patient. Friday best. Saturday pm, get private with someone, or research, or sink into deep thought.


capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

 Relationships rule, Cap. they can bring you joy or grief. Be diplomatic and flexible, and you could come out on the winning end of an agreement, opportunity, or emotional excitement. Your sex drive has been high lately. This subsides a bit, but a basic sensual joy stays with you until October, and romance is greatly favoured until next May. Strictly avoid lawsuits before September. You’ll hear an important secret this week or next. 

Stay near home Sun./Mon., hug the kids, putter around. But think twice about starting new, big projects on the home or yard front. Romance with a capital R comes Monday eve through Wed. — chase it/him/her! (One met Tuesday daytime might become a deeply sexual partner — or a “happy to argue” type.) Plunge into creative, pleasurable or beauty-oriented situations too. Tackle chores and protect your daily health Thursday to late morn Sat. Be careful with tools, supplies, esp. Thurs. and Sat. Saturday pm? Powerful relationships and opportunities.


Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Two more weeks and you will be free of drudgery, Aquarius. But until then put your head down and focus on your chores. Eat and dress sensibly. Chores are important right now, as you might be preparing something that can lead to a crucial change in your life. Recently, your relationships have been filled with both anger and sweetness, impulsiveness and affectionate thoughtfulness. Now the anger and impulsivity go away in some respects, while the affectionate side has at least three months more to run. To a degree, a relationship “thread” turns inward, or to more private depths — e.g., intimacy, commitment, exploration. Someone who has been relatively silent for a while, now begins to communicate. This might be someone you want in your life.

Errands, short trips, paperwork, and communications fill Sun./Mon. Pursue where it is easy, back away/delay where it is hard. Your home, family, property, and security are in focus Monday eve through Wed. — in very fortunate ways. Your luck in real estate and domestic zones is truly wonderful until next May. Romantic notions arrive Thursday to late morn Saturday — actual romance might not be so easy. Obstacles exist Wednesday daytime and Saturday morning. Enjoy someone without putting any pressure on him/her.


Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Two more weeks of a strong romantic (and creative, pleasure-and-risk-seeking) influence, Pisces. But “passion” can last much longer, to the end of October. It will be a sweeter, calmer passion than to date. But, paradoxically, your relationships in general, including any romantic ones, are intense, even feisty, until late August. Be diplomatic, or prepare for a fight! Your workload decreases, and your work place becomes more pleasant. Save lots of time for travel, conversations and paperwork for the next 10 months.

Chase money, buy/sell Sun./Mon. — but stay alert, know obstacles and pitfalls are as numerous as successes. (Like the Snakes & Ladders game.) Midweek, dive into errands, communications, short trips, paperwork — do the important ones first, as this is a success-prone interval. Be home or in the ‘hood Thursday to late Saturday morning. All’s well here, but practice being a little more humorous, light, w/kids. (Don’t start major renos nor build an unground pool.)




By Tim Stephens

“Oh, no, no,” she said, bending onto her knees and quickly wiping my eyes with her fingertips. “No, don’t cry. You saved me. You rescued me. I wouldn’t live if you hadn’t rescued me.” Her eyes were deep and dark underneath the blonde eyebrows, and I wondered what she really thought, deep in there.

“Yes, no,” I said. That wasn’t it. I didn’t yet, exactly, know what it was. She looked at me concerned, more seriously. “What is it?”


Here’s the problem: I killed the RCMP because I suspected Berry might have killed that Deitmar guy and I had to rescue her. I mean, maybe. Sometimes I wonder why.

But now I know — well, I’m very, very certain — Berry is innocent. So I was not saving her from anything by killing that cop.  But now she gets to go free, while I will burn in hell for eternity. She is the antidote for what I saw afterward, the horrible emptiness back at the tent site. And yet she is the only reason I need an antidote.

On the ferry  I had asked her who owned the tent and the land it was on, worrying that they could trace us that way. You will meet him probably, she said without looking at me.

Now, in her apartment, after she dried my eyes, I asked, “Do you think they’ll come very soon?”

“You could run away, there is still time.” She became practical, almost businesslike. “And I could just…Plead ignorance. There’s nothing to tie me into it except that I was camping there. This must’ve happened the day after I left. You can go —.  They will never find you. Go.”

But I couldn’t. I ran away once last year when I was 15, with Gerald. We made it to Portland, then we split up. I remember walking down the streets at night and the houses were lit up in the living room or kitchen or wherever and a family was living and talking to each other in there, in that warm yellow light. But I was a stranger, I wasn’t allowed in such warm, secure places. Being alone on the street is horrible. I stayed in a motel room, and it was empty and ugly and horrible. Everything was coated with a horrible loneliness. It was a little lIke the emptiness I saw all the way to the horizon after I shot that RCMP. Except the emptiness was less horrifying, yet worse than the horror. So now, without even a high school degree, I was going to go traipsing around North America, hiding from the police and being eternally alone, living in the emptiness and the horror combined, In those horrible motel rooms, reeking  of loneliness.

I can’t leave, I said. Unless you want me to.

If you stay here our stories might break down, she said.

We just both totally claim ignorance, I said. You were leaving your campsite to go back to Vancouver, and I was just fiddling around and I approached you in the café Poirot and I kept gushing about how beautiful you are and how I didn’t think I could live without you, so you brought me home, and we went to bed that night in your apartment, here, And we’ve been in here more or less ever since. You can tell them I’m a really good lover if you want.

How can you joke?

I love you an amazing amount. 

That made her think for a minute.

Get the calendar, we need to mark down the day before we actually came back. Friday, right? So we came back THURSDAY. Since we didn’t have to buy tickets they don’t have any record except casual witnesses. Thursday will be the day we came back, and we’ll stick to it. But first, is there any other way they can find out? Like, does your door lock record every time it is opened and does it keep those records?


Or did you charge anything on VISA while we were on the ferry or before — No, nothing, right? Think about it, or for anything else. Oh, hey, let’s change our story: we met while waiting for the ferry. Cut out the Poirot cafe, completely. 

Yes, she said.

Do you want to?

She was silent for a moment. Yes.

She looked at me: staying is more dangerous, for both of us. If you were simply not here when they came, they would have no record or idea of you. And I could keep my story simple and easy to remember because it would not involve you. And if you are here when they arrive awkward questions might be asked, like why am I — you know — a 15 year old?


And I might never see you again. 

A black mist through which I could see everything clearly but it was still a black mist, it obscured everything, swirled around the room or around me. So she would let me go. That made me angry and helpless. But when I saw she was exiling me to save me from the cops, from any connection to the murder, I loved her like I guess adults love.

Hey, just a second— I could just go home. That way you’ll always know where I am. (I had showed her our house as we emerged from the woods and walked down the highway.)

And I know where you live. And it’ll raise a lot less suspicion if I show up at home and said nothing happened… I already told them I ran away…They’ll believe me because I ran away before, last year. No, it’s decided, this is what we’ll do. what we have to do.”

She watched me, a soft, deliberate gaze. When are you going?

Soon, I said. I reached for her, but she twisted her shoulder away. I sat there forever, Sunk into my waiting.

Finally she said, I don’t want to.

You mean, now?

Not any more.

Do you mean – forever?

She softened, like a mother sheep to her lamb. We have to see what happens.

What happens, I said, is I love you. But you never said that back to me.

She contemplated me for a long time, then she looked away.

Why won’t you, I said.

It’s too much to explain. I might love you. I think I probably do… I’m… my situation — I’m in a situation.

And? Please tell me, please. I can’t understand.

It’s better not to know. If things work out, I will come, I will contact you. But until then I don’t want you to want me. We are dangerous to each other. Get your things together, quick. 

She began gathering my clothes from the floor and the laundry hamper, putting my toothbrush in a jiffy bag. Joining her, I shoved the whole mess into my pack sack.

Goodbye, she said at the door. She rose up on her toes and pecked me affectionately but with a solid, gently dismissive air that told me she was not fooling.

 I punched the elevator button. Before it arrived, that black mist returned, clutched my mind. In the entire world, I was alone, and everyone else were just dolls living lives that I was excluded from. I think I understood what they meant when they talked about black depression.

Suddenly, I turned on my heels and went back and knocked on her door.

I need some money I said. I was a little through with being polite.

She returned in a few moments. Is $50 enough? It was way more than enough — The ferry was only $2.50 –—so I took it. Or “accept it” might be more accurate. She didn’t look at me for this whole exchange, As if I was someone unfortunate she was being charitable toward. This would have angered me, but I saw her eyes were red so instead my heart broke again. But on a low, “background” level, I was angry toward fate, or the universe or whatever had put us here.

Berry, can I just come in for a minute? Please? If anyone comes I’ll hide in the closet. She retreated so I entered. 

I sat numbly. She left the room. Okay, I’m an awkward guest. 

You have to go now.

Can you sit? just a minute?

She shook her head vigorously, no.

Do you want me to leave you alone? I mean right now?

Yes — and no.  She grabbed the no like it was an errant tennis ball that she brought to heal. Yes, she said again. Yes yes yes. She Held her fists over her ears. I dropped to my knees, and clutched hers with my hands. I understood what was happening to her, but at the same time I did not understand. I sensed there was something else underneath my understanding, something vibrant and threatening, at least to her, and maybe to everyone. 

Please don’t cry. Please don’t cry. I will love you forever. 

We sat silently for about an hour, then she rose and went into the bedroom. I followed and quietly curled up beside her. She touched me and our bodies spoke until the morning light edged around the drapes. I must have said I love you 10 times. What a fool!

Don’t you love me? I kept saying, don’t you love me?

Finally she said, when I’m free to love, I’ll love you.

But why aren’t you free? Are you married?


Is it something to do with Deitmar?

Not now.

Were you supposed to marry him?

For the first time in a long time, she laughed. “I told you, he’s my brother.”

Is there some mysterious contract with someone? Like some shady person or someone living in a different country, or the devil?

You must go. Please go. Don’t phone me, I’m sure they’ll check all my phone records. Oh my God. You haven’t used my phones have you?

No. I called my mom collect from a pay phone, to keep her from filing a missing persons report. Remember? I told her I had decided to run away?

Then go, go now. If you get in the hallway and see the elevator doors opening go down to the end to the stairway and go down the stairs, just in case. Oh god oh god why did we wait so long? She was pulling on her pants and straightening her sweater. I was dressing also, Infected by her worried speed.

Here. Your sack. Just go. Say nothing say nothing. Go. Go go go go go go.