WEEKLY FORECAST — JULY 12 – 18, 2015

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ALL TIMES/DATES ARE PDT (Pacific Daylight Time Zone). PDT is 8 hours “before” Greenwich (England). (As long as Britain is also on Daylight time.) For example, when it is noon PST, it is 8 pm in England. The “World Clock” in the right margin gives you some clues. (You can also Google “time zone converter.”)


START NOTHING: 8:31 pm to 11:14 pm Mon., 4:24 am to 7:15 am Thurs., and 2:41 pm to 5:47 pm Sat.




D’ja ever notice that flailing often comes before failing?


Bloomberg reports that prices of goods are falling in The Netherlands, France, Ireland and the Nordic nations. Switzerland has been giving negative interest rates – in other words, charging bond-buyers and depositors to hold their money for them. (E.g., if you pay $ 100 for a one-year bond, they agree to give you only $ 98 after a year.) This doesn’t mean we’re in inflationary or deflationary times – and in fact we might not see any more evidence one way or the other during a “summer break” – but late September through late 2017 will bring the evidence.
Remember about a month or two or four ago I wrote that the Kurds were the natural enemy of ISIS, that only they were capable of defeating them, and that the U.S.-led coalition should support them more than the other groups on the ground? Well, here’s a quote from the Washington Post, July 7, 2015:

“Islamic State fighters have been driven out of a third of their flagship province of Raqqa in recent weeks by a Kurdish-led force that has emerged as one of the most effective American partners in the war. The offensive, backed by U.S. airstrikes, has deprived the militants of control of their most important border crossing with Turkey and forced them onto the defensive in their self-proclaimed capital of Raqqa city, something that would have been unthinkable as recently as a month ago.”

The article goes on to say the ISIS forces were “shocked” by the Kurdish advances, and in disarray.
just after I finished bragging about my weather forecast of British Columbia’s long-term “Californication,” coming true, the forest fires struck. I woke up this morning about 6 am, and the “light tube” in my bathroom ceiling was glowing as orange as Halloween. I looked in the living room, kitchen – the entire house was bathed in orange. A nearby forest fire is still burning and spreading. It looks like it’s just on the other side of the mountain, though it could be miles away. Outside, the smoke almost hides the sun. Ash has been falling all day. It’s a strange feeling to experience one of nature’s convulsions. I love thunderstorms and huge winds and deluges, but not this fire thing, so much.
(If you live in one of the forest fire locations, it can be tempting to look at the strange sun, tiny as a dime and bright orange. But don’t do this too much or too long. I’m no doctor, but I suspect you could damage your retinas.)
This increase in wild fires comes courtesy of Mars (fire) in Cancer, the sign of the land. If that’s the whole influence, then the west’s (and the prairie’s) fires should abate by August 9. But after Cancer, Mars moves into Leo – a dry, hot, roaring sign, until September 24. Then, Mars joins Jupiter in Virgo from late August to November 12 – the very same aspect that made me predict big forest fires in 2004 – a prediction that came true. So this unusual number of out of control fires could last right into November! I say could. Hopefully, it ends early August.


Lost, Under the Dome, Wayward Pines, Terra Nova, even The Walking Dead (and The Strain?) – these tv series, some more than others, are descriptions of American society. All are stories about isolated communities. The Walking Dead contains an isolated society within it, surrounded by zombies. All these “islands of consciousness” tend to be suspiciously perfect, with some strange, unknown, behind-the-scenes mechanism controlling them. Most are heavily white, middle class communities. Outside the isolated societies lie unspeakable horrors – zombies in the Walking Dead, slavering, murderous beast-men in Wayward Pines, etc. society
I think the behind-scenes controllers represent politicians, and the bureaucracy that controls us, a bureaucracy so complex, huge and secretive that we can’t see it all, it’s mysterious, and we are impotent to fight it. It controls us and is willing to punish us, but refuses to answer any of our questions – exactly, for instance, like the IRS. These shows are America’s subconscious, telling us that we’re on the brink of stumbling into a world where control is lost, unavailable to democratic citizens, where a secretive dictatorship – a Wizard of Oz – is in control. The Wizard is the billionaire class, and the Boehner -Obama class. (In Under the Dome, they’re actually aliens. The message: politicos and billionaires are so un-empathic, so coldly mechanistic that they might as well be alien monsters.)
The horrific outside world is – what? Reality? The Armageddon factor? ISIS? Terrorists or Muslims, criminals? It doesn’t really matter who or what. The point is the world is a dangerous place, on the brink of disaster, so maybe our little protected community is a good idea – yet there is something wrong with this isolationism, something queer lies at the base of it, and this protected world might be worse than the horrible, fearsome world surrounding it.
The beauty of art – of these shows – is that they don’t answer for you. They leave the question in the air. Ultimately, I think, these tv series are an examination of reality. Beach Boy Brian Wilson foreshadowed this Zeitgeist with his song, “In My Room.” (Not sure that’s the title, but it is the memorable line.)

Aries.svgARIES March 21-April 19
The accent continues on your domestic environment, Aries. Home, family, property, security, food/nutrition, what will happen when you retire, these themes fill the days. This is a good time to decide who (and which projects) still belong in your life, and who/which are empty are stale, and should be turfed. Prune your garden, in the broadest sense. (But don’t do it too cruelly – and be gentle with children, now to early August. Count to 10,000 before you explode in any domestic argument.) Sunday/Monday bring errands, visits, communications, curiosity, news. Do all this carefully on Sunday – especially driving – as stress levels are high. A (not deep) friend might break off the relationship. Your intuition’s great Monday, but DO NOT start a love affair either day. (The future would bring an unhappy separation – perhaps after years of dissatisfied yearning.) A Gemini or Virgo proves to be a true friend, a valuable confidant. Chase money, buy/sell, Tuesday to Thurs. dawn. Tuesday’s fine, even very successful, if you’re dealing with large corporations or the government (e.g., selling uniforms to the army). But beware Wed. – a boss, parent or authority opposes you, and if you get aggressive you might get crushed. Be diplomatic! Sweet romance sings its song Thurs. morning to Sat. eve. (Best Thurs./Fri. – Sat. contains disruptions, quiet disappointment. The rest of July brings a happy work place, affectionate co-workers.

taurus weekly forecastTAURUS April 20-May 20
The general accent lies on daily (and not really important) activity, Taurus. The stakes are not high, so you can relax in the midst of your busyness. (In fact, one of the best things you can do, now to late August, is relax.) Until August 9, avoid gossip, and consider carefully before you communicate with civil servants, institutional workers, or people at “head office.” Home remains “home sweet home.” Money, possessions and memory become important Sunday/Monday. Avoid spending Sunday to 8 pm (PDT) especially if computers are involved – after this, to Mon. eve, all goes well. (Great time to buy phones, games, or tickets to ocean vacations.) But DO NOT start a love affair either day. Tuesday through Thurs. dawn brings everything July is about: errands, casual friends, short trips, news, paperwork, and curiosity. Tuesday’s great, but Wed. brings sudden refusals, closed doors, opposition and disruption. Sharp words are possible. Just be diplomatic. Home, domesticity, property, nutrition, shelter, security, retirement themes – these run Thurs. dawn to Sat. eve. Here, luck is mixed – you are very lucky in real estate thus year, and these few days intensify that luck briefly. But Saturday hints that someone whose co-operation you need, might not give it. E.g., your spouse might not want to move. Careful driving Sat., and don’t say something you’ll regret.

Gemini.svgGEMINI May 21-June 20
One more week (well, 10 days) of involvements with money, possessions…and somehow memory plays a role. There is also heat – or hope (or both) around this. For instance, you might be having an altercation with someone who says you did not pay a bill. Then, suddenly, you remember where you put that receipt and you’re vindicated/saved. Or whatever. Try to stay out of monetary arguments and expensive forays. Just don’t shop – and you should have more at the end than you do now. Your energy and charisma are high Sun./Mon – you will get your own way, attract help, and can start successful projects – but. Sunday is tough on everyone, filled with illusion and disruption. Your hopes/friends fight your monetary interests. Don’t buy computers or software or anything electric. Monday’s much better – you could discover a career solution, or receive a good ambitious idea, or simply get along with a higher-up. However, speak little, and DON’T start a new relationship – it would end in sadness. Money, buying/selling, possessions come to a bit of a climax Tues. (good) and Wed. (problems, confrontations and difficult choices, all involving money or valuable things). Errands, conversations, friends, short trips, paperwork and news media fill Thurs. to Sat. eve. Thurs./Fri. are happy, easy, successful – two might bond as one. But take care Saturday – or, at least, don’t get your hopes up. Be friendly, non-committal.

Cancer.svgCANCER June 21-July 22
Your energy, charisma, determination and sex appeal remain high. You’re the leader, and you “gain voice” now – you’ll express yourself fluently, effectively. This is a good time to settle any differences with the government or tax man. (Early next week’s even better.) Retreat to gain a second wind Sun./Mon. Rest, contemplate. Examine problems Sunday (avoid direct action, and don’t get in a car with drunk or violent drivers, and don’t communicate with higher-ups). Plan, find solutions Monday, when you see everything clearly and with inspiration. Contact civil servants, charities, spiritual “keepers of the flame.” Do not start a love affair either day. (Anyone new that you now meet might be very attractive, and very toxic.) Your energy soars Tuesday to Thurs. dawn. Tuesday flows well, but Wed. shows you have a lot of relationship and career or status “dilemmas” to face. Use your high energy and clout to solve problems – avoid violence and sharp words. In the end – agreement! Chase money Thursday morn to Sat. eve. The first two days proceed splendidly – you have “genius” ideas, friendships grow, you could even be offered an odd promotion. (If you work in a humanitarian field, your prestige grows.) But Saturday needs caution in driving, speech (especially with higher-ups) and around anything electric.

Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO July 23-Aug. 22
Continue to lie low, Leo. A roaring lion now will only attract hyenas. This is a time for conscience, confession, self-examination – and for rest, contemplation and planning. If you’re wrong, admit it: this way, you gain something very valuable: a clean slate. As advised before, continue to avoid violence, tantrums, belligerent people. Protect your health; eat well, dress sensibly. Avoid sun burn and sudden temperature changes. Sunday/Monday bring hope, some social activity. Get out and have a bit of fun. But be cautious Sunday: you might be confused about a sexual or financial matter, which could lead to a permanent break in a relationship. Monday’s almost the opposite: inspired, intuitive, smooth and easy. But DO NOT start a new love link either day, unless you crave disappointment. Your low energy level sinks even further Tues./Wed. Re-read the first five sentences above: those influences peak now. Tuesday’s smooth, easy. But Wed. brings the confrontations, or the refusals, or the “cruel urges” that have been building all month, especially in employment, health and government-related zones – take care, be diplomatic! (Actually, best to avoid all activity Wed.) Your energy and charisma rise a wee bit Thurs. morning to Sat. eve. You can now convince others to see your side, to give you a chance, especially Friday. But a glitch remains in domestic or property areas; it will show itself Sat. Careful – you could force the end to a relationship. Be careful around cars, machinery, electricity. The two weeks ahead (starting July 19) will improve your money picture.

Virgo.svgVIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22
You remain optimistic – your future looks joyous! (Well, tone that down to “realistically joyous” if you’re over forty…) Social delights, entertainment, playful flirtations that could turn to a “friendly love affair” if you’re single – these flow toward you for the next ten days. Enjoy life now, for July 22 will shunt you into a quiet, reclusive period for a few weeks. However, think twice before plunging into a new relationship based purely on lust – you’d be biting the cosmic fisherman’s hook. (Okay, “fisherperson,” for you PCers out there.) Sunday/Monday emphasize your worldly standing, ambitions, career, and relations with bosses and authorities. Sunday’s tense, disruptive: be cautious driving, and in intimate or financial situations. Monday’s smooth, inspired – a great time for an ongoing relationship. (But DO NOT start a love affair Sunday or Monday – unless you crave failure.) Midweek intensifies the joys of this week, and boosts your popularity. Tuesday’s great, for love, business opportunities, agreements, friends. But Wed. brings confrontations, even the possibility of cruelty – most of this will skip you, and affect your friends or loved ones instead. Be a light of hope in all this. Protect your loved ones. (Keep criticisms in a bag to use later, not now.) Thursday dawn (PDT) to Saturday eve brings a brief weariness. Rest, contemplate, deal with civil servants or management issues. Saturday has a couple of disappointments if you chase anything. Rest, dream instead.

Libra.svgLIBRA Sept. 23-Oct. 22
The accent remains on career, prestige relations, worldly status, and ambition. Higher-ups remain temperamental, critical (until August 8) so be diplomatic, grin and bear it. You tend to have moody but protective bosses, so once their aggressive mood passes, they’ll support your upward path again. There is another possibility, that higher-ups will seek to form a “partnership” with you – but I’d think twice, and look far down the road, before embracing this. These themes will climax to some degree Tuesday (the good stuff) and Wednesday (the hard stuff, when you might have to choose between ambition and withdrawal (or security). People confront each other this day (Wed.) and cruel outcomes are possible: one side is unbending, the other is aggressive, angry. (It’s the immovable object, irresistible force thing.) If you can, stay out of any power struggles. Earlier, Sunday/Monday bring a wise, mellow mood, gentle love, a broad viewpoint. Learning, far travel, legal affairs, publishing and cultural affairs are accented. Sunday’s disruptive, could blow a career agreement or association apart. Be careful driving, around machinery, etc. Monday’s much better – you could grab a plum assignment, or impress your bosses. But DO NOT begin a love relationship either day. You’ll experience happiness Thursday morning to Saturday eve. Your popularity rises, optimism flows over you, and good friends – old and/or new – gather around you. Get out, mingle. You could fall in love (remember, better not think in “mate” terms until after mid-November) or make a splendid new friend. Thus Thurs. and Fri. – but Saturday holds disappointments, slow results, and nervousness or accident potential.

Scorpio.svgSCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21
The emphasis continues on legal matters, higher learning, far travel, cultural venues, advertising, publishing and media, science, and gentle love, especially Tues./Wed. (Love for the whole human race, in some ways.) You might be working temporarily in this zone – e.g., your boss sends you on a buying trip across the border. Whatever you do, don’t lose your temper or become aggressive in these areas, especially Wednesday. Though it’s very unlikely, as you’re at your wisest now, you still can face “cruel choices” – or two of your favorite people might be deep in a mutual destruction. Earlier, Sunday/Monday bring life’s mysteries, subconscious promptings, heightened intuition, significant financial or intimate scenarios, lifestyle choices, and health diagnoses. Be cautious Sunday, especially around machinery, electricity, driving, etc. Monday’s a breeze – now’s the time to act on these areas. However, DO NOT start a personal relationship either day. (Also, don’t be so conservative or security-oriented that you miss a career opening.) Your career, ambitions, worldly standing, reputation, prestige relations and interfacing with authorities are accented Friday dawn (PDT) to Saturday eve. Saturday’s a bust, and needs some care, but Thurs./Fri. is a splendid interval to chase a bright goal. Higher-ups still favour you (until October) so take advantage while you can these two days – a promotion, recognition, very possible.

Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21
The general emphasis remains (now to July 22) on secrets, mysteries, heightened intuition and subconscious promptings, major finances, physical desires, health diagnoses, pregnancy and lifestyle choices. These “deepen” Tues./Wed. Tuesday’s fine, smooth, good health reports, good investment ideas/info, especially in real estate or other food/shelter areas. But Wed. could bring rebuffs, even “cruel” disagreements. Dig deep both days (and all week). Be a detective; reject surface appearances. In all this, you can experience a kind of pleasure or passion. But guard against sudden temperature changes. And avoid being too aggressive (e.g., demanding an attractive person’s attention, aggressively buying up many more shares of a stock than is wise, etc., especially Wednesday). You continue to feel wise and mellow and loved – good! Sunday/Monday bring relationships to the fore. Sunday’s difficult, stressful – make no significant decisions, be diplomatic, shrink from confrontation – careful driving, and don’t buy anything electronic or computer-related. Monday’s almost the exact opposite – smooth, successful, mellow, great ideas. However, DO NOT start any new relationships these two days. Later, Thursday dawn to Saturday eve “touches on” this year’s major luck zone for you – intellectual pursuits, higher education, far travel, law, cultural venues/rituals, and profound ideas. These matters meet splendid luck, open doors, Thurs./Fri. But practical barriers, disagreement and stress enter Saturday – so act Thurs./Fri!

Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 19
The emphasis remains on relationships for the next ten days, Cap – on marriage, business partnerships, meetings with the public, etc. Be diplomatic, co-operative, especially Tuesday/Wednesday, when this trend peaks. Some might oppose you, even angrily or forcefully; a relationship might end; you might form a real estate partnership (not advised); and/or some might show a “hot” attraction toward you. Love and hate are not much different this week (nor for the whole period from June 24 to August 8). Discretion, a quiet withdrawal, is your best stance, especially Wed., when simmering disputes or resentments could flare. Earlier, tackle chores (and protect your “everyday health”) Sunday/Monday. Sunday’s difficult, disruptive – follow all safety procedures, relax, shun stressful situations. Monday’s the opposite: smooth, calm, inspired, even affectionate. However, DO NOT start an emotional relationship Sunday or Monday. For Tues./Wed., re-read the first six or seven lines above. Life’s mysteries and secrets open to your discoveries, research or detective work Thurs. dawn to Saturday eve. Thurs./Fri. are lucky and easy – you could make an excellent investment or tumble into a new “lust-love.” Research yields real gems of information. But take care Saturday: refusals, bad buys, computer glitches and safety problems are rife.

Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18
Tackle chores, employment tasks; deal with machinery, dependents (pets, kids) service personnel; and protect your health (sensible diet, etc.). You’ll be tempted to rush through your work, and/or to push others. Don’t: this can cause situations you’d be wise to avoid. The work influence lasts until July 22, but it climaxes this Tues./Wed. Tuesday’s fine, you’ll get a lot done (unless you daydream) – you’re quick, clever, effective. But Wednesday brings glitches, safety problems, perhaps monetary confrontations. Be careful with machines, tools, chemicals. Earlier, Sunday/Monday bring romantic notions, which a heavy work load might prevent you from pursuing – and that’s for the best. DO NOT start a love affair (or form any new personal link) these two days. Sadness, disappointment and loss would be your result. Sunday’s tense, you or others are stubborn, everyone’s deluded, fender-benders are possible. Don’t buy anything electronic, including computers. Monday’s much better – heightened intuition, money luck, affection and creative urges please you! Late week, Thursday dawn to Saturday eve, brings relationships, opportunities, a fresh view, and great co-operation – at least Thurs./Fri. You might travel, make a new friend or contact, or meet a future mate. Love/attraction could rise to another level, or you can seal a deal, in love or business. Seize opportunities. Now you can safely purchase computer-related or electronic items. Saturday’s the same, but negatively – avoid the very things I just listed: love, business dealings, computer purchases, etc. Drive carefully, and avoid a fight with a loved one.

Pisces.svgPISCES Feb. 19-March 20
The general emphasis remains on romance, creativity, speculation, winning, charming kids, beauty and pleasure (the pleasure of the moment, rather than the pleasure of anticipation, or “future joys”). These themes last until July 22, but they reach a peak intensity this week, Tuesday/Wednesday. Tuesday is lovely, you might even meet a quick, detail-oriented person (who notices everything) who could be a viable future mate. However, Wed. gets a little grim, as your romantic urges might fight your social urges/duties. Don’t react by being aggressive. Two people you love might fight each other. My advice: step aside. This day could also simply bring unusual, deep and lustful intimacy. Still, keep one caution flag flying. Earlier, Sunday/Monday accent your domestic situation, real estate, kids, gardening, diet/nutrition, and rest/recuperation. Sunday’s stressful, avoid accident potentials, and don’t micro-manage kids. Monday’s blissful, peaceful; your intuition’s high, and you can successfully tackle almost anything domestic. However, DO NOT tackle legal affairs, far travel, or decorative work, NOR fall in love these two days. Later, Thursday dawn through Friday brings easy and successful chores – you’ll probably stand back Fri. night or Saturday morning and think, “What a good job I did!” Co-operation’s easy to find, especially if you pay a bit of wages. Great time to buy computers, electronics. Saturday contains the same themes, but now with difficulty, glitches, missing elements, etc. Better to sit back, uninvolved.

The End.