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Note: this is NEXT WEEK’S forecast. To read the present week’s column, please scroll down to “RECENT POSTS” on the right margin, and click on “Jan. 24 – 30, 2016.”

ALL TIMES/DATES ARE PST (Pacific Standard Time Zone). PST is 8 hours “before” Greenwich (England). (As long as Britain is also on Standard time.) For example, when it is noon PST, it is 8 pm in England. The “World Clock” in the right margin gives you some clues. (You can also Google “time zone converter.”)

START NOTHING: 4:35 pm Mon. to 7:50 am Tues., 2:04 am to 4:44 pm Thurs., and 7:54 am to 9:59 pm Sat.


NEW PLANET: Did you hear that NASA scientists believe they have discovered a ninth planet, about 2 to 5 times bigger than Earth, orbiting our Sun far, far beyond Pluto’s orbit? You can google it (“NASA NEW PLANET”) for more info…


DEFLATION: On September 10, 2016, the planet Saturn “squares” Neptune – an indicator of either inflation or deflation, to a worrying degree. In the “Year Ahead 2016” I wrote that September/16 would show the nadir, i.e., the extreme of deflation. Some weaker economies could have inflation – also to a worrying degree.

Here’s my worry and my belief: that we will be locked into deflation until February, 2026 — when a new monetary or credit system is born.

There will be many warnings or much discussion/news of this, perhaps from 2023 onward, but still it (the end of deflation) will become a reality by 2026, if not (several years) earlier.

(This interval – 2023-26 – will be a time of great opportunity. When cataclysms can be taken advantage of, most people fear the destruction will return, or it will last longer than it does, and therefore are reluctant to gamble their funds on obvious opportunities. This can separate the rich from the other classes.)


STOCKS: The DJIA will tend to decline for the next 8 years.


ADVICE: The absolute WORST thing you can have during a deflationary period, is debt. There might or might not be deflation going forward (your poor astrologer is only human). But the likelihood is high enough that safety should be your first consideration. So in your weekly forecasts, for a long time to come, when I encourage you to invest, I also, and even more urgently, encourage you to pay down debt. Even if I forget to include “debt” with “investment,” “financial manoeuvres,” etc.


EARLY GUESS: Donald Trump versus Bernie Sanders in the final stretch. (In this, I’m being only logical – I haven’t “done” the astrology yet.) Each man is the purest expression of the “disinherited” 90 %. It’s interesting that the two expressions of frustration, Sanders middle class socialist; and Trump billionaire capitalist, even exist. This dichotomy hints that the U.S. is a Gemini or Sagittarian rising (or less likely, Virgo or Pisces) sign. (No one knows.) Beyond this, I’m surprised at how perfect the division is, and how fully opposite its proponents’ positions are to each other.

Sanders’ crowd is easy to understand: they have turned their views away from traditional American ones, to accept “free” medical, to “socialize” America in many ways. They are abandoning not the American Dream so much as the restrictions and disappointments, the losses and the “never in the know” status that believing in the Dream has delivered them into. (Jonah into the mouth of the whale?) They have been aware for at least a decade that Canada and Sweden, Denmark and France have been climbing the ladder of quality of life, and that all are “socialist.” They no longer believe in the “commie left” myth. They are ready to stage a Sanders-inspired revolution-by-vote.

Trump’s followers, many of them arguably poorer than Bernie’s, are trusting their class/economic “revolt” to the leadership of a billionaire, the very class that is usually blamed for their plight. At first this seems paradoxical. They are trusting the policing (and perhaps milking) of billionaires – to a billionaire. But these are the disenfranchised who still believe in growth, in creativity and luck and speculation, and in “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” They have not succeeded, they think, because the floor was tilted in the direction of China, et al, and because the Great Recession robbed them of jobs then replaced them with menial, low-paying jobs, and the real estate collapse robbed them of homes. And all these catastrophes were caused (they believe) by an uncaring, self-serving government. But they can rebuild and succeed, they believe, if only the government would get off their shoulders, if only the tax return was a one-page document; and if only this billionaire will change the rules of international trade, which they believe have been tilted against them for decades, causing, they say, massive unemployment. Lastly, perhaps this billionaire will reveal the secrets of becoming rich. This group reveres independence, and cannot abide the “socialists” who are flocking to Sanders as voluminously as they have flocked to Trump. Their idol and representative cannot possibly be Sanders and his policies. It has to be his opposite: and Trump fits that role.


RELIGION: A reader emailed to say that Jews will be angered by my preamble last week. To prove his point, he described the way Christians in the 1100’s (AD) accused Jews of murdering children and drinking their blood, etc. (Then used this as an excuse to kill legions of Jews.) But that’s exactly what I wrote last week: Christians bully Jews, Muslims bully Christians. (Though in the latter instance it’s hard to tell who bullied who.)

I wasn’t criticizing any religion. In science, if you look historically, fashions flow through like waves: fashions of thought, approach, assumptions and belief. Scientists are as much subject to “fashion” as a Paris dressmaker. Religions, also, are subject to (and carriers of) fashion.

No religion is God. God is a force, an origin, the weave of life, the current of all existence, but no religion is God. In fact, in their attempts to order human behavior and to reform or punish or dampen nature, most religions are anti-God. (For example: teenage pregnancy: nature, or God, has impelled with the same biologic desires that religion condemns.) At best, religion is an attempt to build a house around God – an attempt that will never succeed until the house itself is built of God materials, and is infinite. Still, religions are necessary vessels of human development.

BTW, I know sometimes I sound arrogant. But this arrogance or self-belief is necessary to say some things. Without it, I wouldn’t dare to opine on politics or religion. I try to dampen it.




Aries.svg ARIES   March 21-April 19

The general accent lies on happiness, social delights, popularity, optimism and wish fulfillment. If single, a flirtation could lead to something more. Sunday/Monday bring financial, investment and intimate opportunities. Your intuition is high Sunday morning about government, manufacturing, corporate, management and spiritual zones, but it’s like having a flashlight in a labyrinth – the maze remains a mystery. Avoid entering these areas in a major way – this applies until May 2017. Sunday, avoid communicating with boss, parent or authority. Monday gives you a green light for financial and intimate progress. Tuesday dawn (PST) to late Thurs. afternoon brings a loving, wise, mellow mood. You see the big picture. Intellectual pursuits, far travel, publishing, and cultural involvements meet confusion and deception Tues., but succeed beautifully Wed. Love could begin. A wedding is favoured. You could make a good new friend. Be ambitious Thurs. eve to Sat. night. Show your skills, mingle with upper echelons, ask for a promotion or present new proposals/projects. Be duteous, and don’t defy authorities. You can leap ahead Fri. and Sat. You can also start brand new projects, especially Fri. Your only flaw, to be avoided both days: unpredictable or maverick behavior.


taurus weekly forecast TAURUS   April 20-May 20

Everything points toward home, Taurus – parent/kid relations, rest and recuperation, gardening, landscaping, security, retirement savings, nutrition, and love. This is a time (to late February) to build up and strengthen your foundations, rather than trying to surf the top of the wave of ambition, status or prestige. Humility is your friend, protector and benefactor for a few weeks. Sunday/Monday bring relationships, relocation themes, public dealings and opportunities. Be diplomatic, co-operative – realize others temporarily hold the power. Sunday forenoon (PST) brings friends or someone who excites your sense of love’s possibilities. (But I would not pursue this person romantically. He/she covers a possible emotional quagmire.) Sunday eve could disrupt your mellow, wise self with gossip, temper, or “secrets revealed.” Monday, all signals are green – approach, chase a person or opportunity. Life’s mysteries face you Tues. dawn to Thurs. afternoon. At the same time, your subconscious rises to the surface, bringing sexual yearnings and power yearnings (which usually “flesh out” as financial action). Tuesday fights the headwinds of indecision and deception, so wait until a lucky, valuable, profitable and fertile Wednesday to act. Investment, debt reduction favoured. A wise, mellow, loving mood enters Thurs. eve through Sat. The “disruptors” here are therapists, civil servants, institutions, and your own hidden secrets. Skirt these. Otherwise, this is a beautiful interval. You could start a love affair, or meet a new future mate or travelling companion.


Gemini.svg GEMINI   May 21-June 20

The general accent lies on far travel, international affairs, the big picture, social and cultural rituals (weddings, bat mitzvahs, etc.) intellectual pursuits, publishing/media, etc. You feel mellow, wise and compassionate. Real love might grow, even marriage could occur. (Geminis who marry or “newly love” this February will reap the reward of a happy, friendly, prosperous home life, but not especially a romantic result. For single seniors, this is a good theme.) Tackle chores Sun./Mon. Sunday morning brings success in career, ambition arenas – but into a possible “career straightjacket.” It’s friends versus ambition this eve/night – pick ambition for now. Work and health succeed handily Monday. Relationships confront you from dawn (PST) Tues. to late Thurs. afternoon. Be diplomatic, co-operative – jump on someone else’s bandwagon for awhile. Tuesday’s dicey, as illusion, indecision or deception reign. But Wed.’s superb, especially before 5 pm PST – chase someone, or an opportunity, make friends, flirt. You could, if single, meet a potential mate. Expect some opposition, understand it. Thursday eve through Saturday brings sexual, power, and financial urges, courtesy of your swelling subconscious. (It’s almost as if your subconscious needs to “surface” a couple of days every month, to breathe the air, to see what you’re involved in, and to gift you, even temporarily, with heightened intuition.) This is a superb investment interval, but read my “ADVICE” re deflation and debt in the Preamble. Sexual intimacy, lifestyle changes, research, medical diagnoses all work well. What won’t work, Fri./Sat., involves your social circle. Be a two-day loner.


Cancer.svg CANCER   June 21-July 22

Life opens its cupboard of mysteries, secrets, revelations, financial nuggets, sexual lures, and possibilities – huge possibilities. Be a detective – lift the rugs to see what’s hidden. Invest and/or reduce debt. (If a deflationary period is upon us – and lasts to 2023 to 26 – reducing debt is essential, and good investments are few.) This period (to February 18) also favours health diagnoses, lifestyle changes, alterations in nutrition, and therapy/counselling (especially if you were sexually abused) and finding an agent – work, literary, wheat or lumber agents, etc. Power plays are favoured also, but pp’s are always a dicey thing, and seldom morally clean. Romance, creative and speculative urges, and a wee winning streak, visit you Sun./Mon. Sunday morning’s sweet, fantasies might come true, but this pm squirts a disruptive element into relationships. Monday, love, creativity, etc., are all good, mildly successful. Tackle chores and protect your daily health Tues. dawn to late afternoon Thurs. Tuesday’s unremarkable, but promotes digestive ills – eat sensibly, and retreat if you smell gas. Wednesday’s great – dive in, you’ll accomplish enough to be proud of! Relationships face you Thurs. eve through Sat. – be diplomatic and co-operative. Others hold the aces, the power. Seek opportunities, join forces. Superb luck fills this interval, BUT steer clear of your career scene, bosses and authorities, Fri. and Sat.


Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO   July 23-Aug. 22

Your intuition is very good about investment, financial and sexual situations Sunday before 1 pm (PST) – but it’s as if your intuition sees ten miles of opportunity within a thousand-mile circle of danger. Don’t commit. An “argument” this eve could open your eyes to how your mate sees things. If you do want to invest, invest in your home, your children’s future, or in real estate, Monday daytime. Romance comes calling Tues. dawn to Thurs. afternoon. Careful Tues. – illusion/deception are rife. Wednesday is simply splendid – if you’re single, chase someone! Tell a lover you have “honourable intentions” and want a future with him/her. You’ll be surprised by the yeses you get. If married, love shines, and children charm. These days are creative, and speculation or reasonable gambles tend to win. Thursday – nehh. (Same feelings, joys, but little “takes hold.”) Plunge into work Thurs. eve through Sat. Romance and simple co-operation, and legal people WON’T work these few days, but you can accomplish wonders in practical zones. You might create a new job or new growth, projects or machinery Fri./Sat. Saturday favours money, earning and purchasing.


Virgo.svg VIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The monthly accent (to February 18) lies on work, service, machinery/tools, dependents, repairs, vitamins and nutrition, and daily health. Eat and dress sensibly. This week and next, thoughts of love drift through your mind. You’re growing slowly closer to someone – but remember, if single, you should wait until May 2017 onward to co-habit with someone new. (In love, that is – roommates, etc. are fine – except that, if you’re single, a roommate could awaken desire.) Errands, short trips and visits, casual acquaintances, paperwork, details and communications fill Sun./Mon. Monday’s fine and productive in these things. Earlier, Sunday to 1 pm (PST) helps you connect with, and agree with, a spouse, partner, or business associate. However, this pm disrupts monetary, investment, work and romantic approaches – skip them. Home sweet home Tues. dawn to late afternoon Thurs. – and “sweet” seems appropriate, especially Wed., when all flows for you, love and affection and work and money all succeed. But take a cautious stance Tues., when illusion or spousal disagreement (or bad plumbing) can sideswipe your efforts. Thursday eve through Saturday brings romance, creative and speculative urges, pleasure, and beauty. This is an isolated streak, so don’t “fly to the Moon” – still, both days favour love of all kinds, and Friday could nudge you to start significant relationships or projects. However, Fri. and Sat., don’t chase sex, power, or financial goals.


Libra.svg LIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The main emphasis, now to February 18, lies on romance, creative and speculative projects, sports and games, gambling, art, beauty and pleasure, teaching, and charming kids. You’re riding a wee winning streak! (It would be a big winning streak, but the planet of luck, Jupiter, is “hiding on you” until September. Next February will bring a big winning streak.) Sunday/Monday are for money. Buy unwanted items, purchase good items, seek new clients, ask the boss for a pay raise, etc. Sunday to 1 pm (PST) is good for work and employee co-operation (though the job might be wrong). This pm needs care with love, romance, and marriage – and all relationships. (Same again late week, Fri./Sat.) Monday brings “acceptable success” in money zones. Errands, communications, trips and visits, paperwork and details, casual friends and siblings – these fill Tues. dawn to late afternoon Thurs. Caution Tues. – mix-ups, indecision, illusion can steer you to the wrong goal. Wednesday’s splendid – and could bring a new friend, a romantic one for singles. Thursday eve through Sat. steers you toward home, children, nature, rest, nutrition, garden or parks, real estate and similar interests. Friday promotes new starts, new projects, especially on the domestic front. (It almost has a “destiny” feel.) You might also decide to end a relationship. Saturday is for building and success in all home matters. The only caution: you might argue with your spouse or associates or neighbours. Be gentle, forgiving, and diplomatic. However, IF you must, overrule your partner.


 Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Until February 18, the focus for you lies on home, domesticity, family, children/parent relations, security, garden, nutrition, on a break from pressures and a restful rejuvenation. Don’t hesitate to take brief naps, to eat well. Hug your kids. You’re in the spotlight Sun./Mon. – your charisma and energy rise, others notice you. Get out and mingle, start new projects or tackle chores that formerly intimidated you. Impress that attractive person. Love flows with all its magic Sunday before 1 pm (PST), but does it lead where you really want to go, deep down? This eve/night is not a good time to mix work and friends, nor even to have anyone over. Accident potential is slightly high. Monday, all signals are “Go” – so get started! Money, possessions, your memory, and a sensual (but low-level intensity) attraction fill Tues. dawn to Thurs. afternoon. Buy nothing, and be cautious in “gambles” Tues., as illusion and deception might prevail. Wednesday’s great – buy, sell, chase new clients, etc. (A pay raise unlikely.) Co-workers renew your faith in friendship. Errands, short trips, visits, paperwork and details, casual friends and communications fill Thurs. eve through Sat. You might start a new “mail” or travel or communications project, especially Fri. On Sat., someone might introduce you to a special, fortunate (for you) group or club. However, both days, beware accident potential (late day) steer clear of work and co-worker involvements/arguments, and don’t buy a new car or machinery (electrical system might be haywire).


Sagittarius.svg SAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Until February 18, the main accent lies on errands, communications, restlessness, light reading, news media, siblings and casual friends, short trips and visits. You’ll be busy, but the stakes are not high, so enjoy the travelling and the social side of all this. Retreat and rest Sun./Mon. Contemplate, plan, and examine your future (which resides in your past). Deal with government, charities and spiritual organizations. Sunday’s jumbled – domestically successful (e.g., kids agree) in the morning, but money and/or friendship are challenged this eve. Monday’s simply successful – in the areas listed: government, contemplation, etc. If you have to apply for social assistance, do it Monday before 4:30 pm (PST). Your energy and charisma surge upward Tues. dawn to Thurs. afternoon – get out, see and be seen, start important, significant projects (best in communications, social or travel zones). Impress others, flirt with that stranger. However, take care with home, kids, Tues. – you might ignore them. Wednesday’s splendid – charge ahead! Chase money, buy/sell, ask for a pay raise, cultivate new clients Thurs. eve through Sat. You could start a major, significant new money/earnings project. Your career is also blessed. However, DON’T chase love, gamble or get too creative. It’s not good to bed someone who attracts you physically, bores you emotionally/intellectually. You can hurt this person, so contain yourself.


Capricorn.svg CAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

For the next 18 days, your money fortunes should slowly improve. However, that improvement might be a little distant this week, as your earnings and possessions are “bumped” by disruptive forces Sunday, Fri. and Sat. Your charm and grace remain high this week and next. Someone might be contemplating a love affair with you. For your part, you can be attracted to someone sensually, but not much intellectually or emotionally. Take care with this: practise “responsible love.” Sunday/Monday raise your hopes, touch you with the wand of popularity, and bring flirtations, fun, entertainment, and wish fulfillment. Monday’s great, but watch Sunday: the morning raises your intuition, and facilitates making connections. But the pm brings stress – don’t act swiftly nor impulsively, or you could upset your money cart. Retreat, rest, contemplate and plan Tues. dawn (PST) to Thurs. afternoon. Deal with government, large corporations, institutions, charities and spiritual groups/teachers – be spiritual, too. Careful Tues. – deception and “anti-spirituality” fill this day. Wednesday’s lucky and peaceful. Your energy, charisma and clout soar Thurs. eve through Sat. Both Fri. and Sat. are filled with good luck – start something big and significant, show your abilities to higher-ups, impress the person you want to love. One caution: both days stress invades your nervous system, and can bring negative monetary or domestic/family results if you act too impulsively or unpredictably. Take a breath, smile, then go on.


Aquarius.svg AQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The accent is on you, Aquarius. You’re the leader until February 18. Others look to you for suggestions, to point the way. Start significant new projects, especially in financial, sexual, lifestyle and health zones. (Read my note about deflation and debt before you invest too heavily, though. Bonds are usually a good investment if deflation lasts – which it might.) See and be seen, display your abilities. If you’re single, opportunities for physical intimacy will abound. Sunday/Monday feature your career and neighbourhood standing. Be ambitious, but don’t act as a maverick Sunday – this morning almost shows you the way to good earnings. Still, take care: is there actually money at the end of that road? Monday’s fine – charge ahead in career, prestige relations, etc. Happiness, popularity, light romance, social joys and entertainment fill Tues. dawn (PST) to Thurs. afternoon. Wednesday’s best – you could make a new friend, perhaps one who will become a valuable advisor and confidante in future. Be careful Tues. – deception or illusion could undermine your decisiveness. Retreat Thurs. eve through Sat. – rest, contemplate and plan. Despite your temporary weariness, luck and benefits abound – contact spiritual or charitable groups, or government agencies, institutions or corporate head offices. However, avoid the temptation to be a maverick or act impulsively late Fri. and pm Sat. – write, talk, drive thoughtfully.


Pisces.svg PISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

The general accent, Pisces, lies on quietude, rest and recuperation, self-examination, spirituality, yoga, meditation, contemplation and planning, until February 18. Deal with civil servants, institutions and corporate head offices, be charitable. Sunday/Monday awaken your cultural and intellectual instincts. Sunday to 1 pm (PST) favours you personally – things just flow sweetly. But this eve/night needs caution, especially in money – don’t be wishful, nor mix money and friends. Monday’s great, smooth. Plan travel, education or a media project. Career and your ambitions, status become the main focus Tues. dawn (PST) to Thurs. afternoon. Careful Tues. – deception and indecision loom. (That deception is very likely to be self-deception.) Wednesday, however, is filled with good luck – contact VIPs, show your bosses or parents what you can do, propose new projects, even start them. Thursday late afternoon through Saturday emphasizes social joys, happiness, popularity, entertainment, optimism and flirtations. These won’t be hugely lucky, simply because you’re in a quiet, recuperation period. Still, you’ll be happy and you’ll see a bright future! A new social group or intellectual or travel project could begin. If you’re already in love, it survives and deepens. If you’re free and easy, a new, light and cheerful (and supportive) love could begin. Be careful Fri. night and afternoon Sat. – nerves, impulsive action could disrupt social connections.

The End.


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  2. jazzed

    I’m interested in the stock market.
    I’m not sure which column but a while ago you commented on low commodity prices.
    Is it the Saturn in Sagittarius cycle influencing pricing?

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, jazzed,

      Deflation and/or inflation is indicated by Saturn square or conjunct Neptune — this time, Saturn’s in Sage square (fighting) Neptune in Pisces.



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    Tim I am so glad to read this forecast and your insightful thoughts this week. thanks so much for sharing!

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    Hi Tim!
    In your Cap forecast you state “you can be attracted to someone sensually, but not much intellectually or emotionally. Take care with this: practise “responsible love.” Do you mean in the sense of being ‘greedy’ or inconsiderate, when it comes to matters of casual affairs/romances?

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, MedusaRed,

      By “responsible love” I mean not taking advantage of (seducing) people you aren’t really smitten by — just using them for sex.



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