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ALL TIMES/DATES ARE PST (Pacific Standard Time Zone). PST is 8 hours “before” Greenwich (England). (As long as Britain is also on Standard time.) For example, when it is noon PST, it is 8 pm in England. The “World Clock” in the right margin gives you some clues. (You can also Google “time zone converter.”)

START NOTHING: 6:51 pm Sun. to 7:46 pm Mon., 4:11 pm Wed. to 6:59 am Thurs., and 5:34 pm Fri. to 7:50 pm Sat.



TED CRUZ was born in the same Sun degree (there are 360 degrees in the zodiac) as Benjamin Disraeli, the famous British Prime Minister sometimes credited with creating the Conservative Party in Britain. Like Benjamin, Cruz is rhetorically brilliant and a “loner” – he has few friends in his own party. Disraeli was the first Jewish British PM – and somewhat an outcast in his own party. Both men were “uprooted” in childhood. Disraeli’s father converted the family to Protestantism when he was 13 – otherwise he would never have been allowed to be PM. Cruz also suffered a disruption of identity by his father.) Cruz, if he wins, will be the first U.S. President born in Canada. Trump needs to be careful – Cruz has just enough Capricorn in him to make him a master at the ground game, and Trump might rely on his own evanescent popularity to carry him – a mistake. (Although Cruz has his own problems, mainly Trump’s accusation that he is not qualified by birth to be Pres.)

Here’s what Carelli, an Italian astrologer, said about this Cruz/Disraeli Sun degree over 50 years ago:

“The native is a misfit in his times. He may be the forerunner of times to come…. He has a mission to fulfill and possesses the force of character and the sharpness of mind [needed]… He is born to discover, to innovate, and to be misunderstood and bitterly fought. He will…overrule the intrusive advice of the zealous. Should other aspects not rule out a measure of luck, he may well end by carrying the day.”


Speaking of Jews: Was our (Christian) treatment of them over the centuries (Hitler was just one in a long line of “ethnic cleansers”) any better than the Muslims’ (ISIS’s) murders and beheadings of Christians? Perhaps there is a pattern: though we all honor the same God, the later religion tends to denigrate and bully the earlier one. Today, Muslims (1,000 year-old religion) fight Christians and Jews. Earlier, Christianity (born 2,000 years ago) practiced regular massacres of Jews, and way earlier, Judaism (circa 4,000 years old) battled pagan religions. (The Old Testament Jews practised genocide as ruthlessly as 20th Century Nazis – and perhaps more thoroughly. God at times “tells them” to kill not only every man, woman, child and baby of a neighbouring tribe, but also every cow, dog, etc.)

So religious wars perhaps are an evolvement of mankind, as natural and necessary as, say, the forest fires that make way for new growth. Jesus said, “I have come to bring war, not peace.” What is stronger (and hence takes more violence to uproot): a tree or an idea?

(These truths, Christ’s “war” and the Jews murdering whole nations*, though they sit there as plain as daylight in the Bible, are universally ignored or lathered over with pap and pabulum by priests, et al. For instance, Catholics call Christ the “Prince of Peace” – in defiance of his own words! Actually, this is not defiance, but a refusal to face the larger ideas and concepts of existence.)

(* In one case, God punishes the Jews because they let — if memory serves — a few women live.)

Ah, well. Oy vey.




Aries.svg ARIES   March 21-April 19

A whole new influence began last week, and will carry you into late February – almost on your friends’ shoulders! You’ll be popular, optimistic and lucky; a friendly romance might occur; entertainments will fill many hours. Recent delays continue, but only to Monday afternoon. The best things to start (Mon. night onward) lie in the area of work, employment, daily health, machinery and repairs/service personnel. Sunday/Monday are romantic, creative, and pleasure-filled. Meet someone you love, or find someone (daytime Monday, PST). An old flame might (only might) appear. Tackle chores and protect your health Mon. night to pre-dawn Thurs. There’s a (perhaps hidden) flaw or glitch before Wed. – Wed. itself is lucky and expansive. Relationships face you Thurs. dawn (PST) to Sat. supper time. You likely won’t get what you want from someone, although your best chance at this is late Thurs. (after 8 pm PST) and late Fri. nights. In some ways, you are imbued with the “electricity” of revolt, and this makes you friendly but unpredictable (2011-2018) – that’s partly the origin of Friday’s reactions. Be diplomatic, try to aid others. Bosses and VIPs favour you until February 13 – take advantage.


taurus weekly forecast TAURUS   April 20-May 20

Expect good results in travel, love, intellectual pursuits, higher learning, legal affairs and cultural venues now to mid-February. (To do so, you might have to abandon anything started in the last 3 weeks.) You’re at your intellectual peak, but it’s a smooth, calm peak. The weeks ahead also emphasize ambition, prestige relations, and your community standing. Show the boss your skills, accomplishments. Relationships remain volatile. If you’re young, everything that is restrictive, negative, even frightening about your bond, or about the other person, shows now (Jan./Feb.) –on the plus side, this is the worst. I mean, don’t freak or react impulsively. (Nor in June/July, when this state will return.) Everything that you don’t want exposed (including your fears) might be exposed. The solution is not more secrecy, nor, probably, to run from this relationship. The solution is to love and be vulnerable, so the one you love can understand and help. If you’re unattached, think twice before starting a new significant relationship before March 5, and between May 27 and August 2. All that aside, this is one of the best years for romance and physical bonding in a long time, so skip the difficult times (above) and plunge in otherwise. (Guard against STDs.) Sun./Mon. are for home, kids, recuperation. Love, romance, beauty and pleasure Mon. night to Thurs. dawn (PST). (Avoid Tues. night.) Tackle chores and protect your health Thurs. to Sat. eve – proceed carefully, observe safety rules.


Gemini.svg GEMINI   May 21-July 20

Recent delays and mistakes end Monday afternoon, so you can charge ahead then onward. (Though I would wait until this Wed., even until Feb. 1 onward, if you want to skirt potential glitches.) The general accent lies on international affairs, cultural venues, legal matters, higher education, far travel, publishing – and love. Until early March, work is hard, intense, and you’ll receive some criticism. Until February16, you are favoured in investments, debt reduction, health, and physical intimacy. Research can uncover valuable secrets and methods. Sunday/Monday are for errands, calls, messaging, paperwork, short trips and details. Watch for one last “mistake” – check times, schedules, addresses, etc. Sunday’s better. Lean toward home and family Mon. night (8 pm PST) to dawn Thurs. Be cautious, skeptical Tues., especially late. Wednesday could bring a big “domestic” success, even a new home, or sale of one. Romance – possibly a significant one – arrives Thurs. dawn to Sat. eve. So do creative, gambling, and pleasure urges. The times aren’t easy for romance before September, and one that starts now could face domestic, sexual, communication difficulties, and a difference in principles/religions. Still, significant.


Cancer.svg CANCER   June 21-July 22

Recent delays end Monday, Cancer, so you can charge ahead, especially in relationship, financial and health zones. The general accent lies on secrets, research/investigation, large finances, lifestyle changes, health diagnoses/surgery, and physical intimacy. You might take a major step that can change your life. (For best results you might want to wait until February 1 onward to grab/seriously pursue any of these.) Your subconscious rises to the surface; your intuition will be high, your libido strong. React to hunches. Now to mid-February, relationships grow affectionate, gracious. Your romantic courage soars, also. A significant relationship looms – in financers, it’s good; in love, be sure neither of you is otherwise attached. Sunday/Monday feature money, earnings, buying/selling – Sunday’s better, especially for buying computers, software, electronics. Errands, paperwork, short trips, casual friends and communications fill Tues. night to dawn Thurs. (PST). Start things Wed. Home, kids, repairs, yard work, nutrition, warmth and rest fill Thurs. dawn to Sat. eve. Expect surprises Friday! (Take care with tools, driving.)


Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO   July 23-Aug. 22

Recent delays end in work and health spheres by Monday pm, Leo. (And as they end, you let the whole work thing subside, as exciting new horizons loom. Despite this, work grows easier, your workplace more affectionate until mid-February.) The general accent, into late Feb., is on marriage, business partnerships, opportunities, relocation themes, agreements, contracts, negotiation, litigation, dealings with the public, even renown. Be diplomatic, join others, co-operate – this somehow will help marriage and legal affairs. Your home life holds a few squabbles – be gentle with kids and spouse until early March (and again June/July this year). You might enter a legal fight over property. Think, before you buy a lawyer another Mercedes. Though you are tremendously lucky in earnings this year, your “big break” moneywise might not occur until May onward. Patience! Your charisma and energy shine Sun./Mon. Sunday best – meet or chase someone. Earnings, shopping, fill Mon . eve to Thurs. dawn (7 am PST). Buy Wed., not Tues. A friend, a letter or email, call or visit perk you up Thurs. dawn to Sat. eve. – get errands, paperwork finished. But drive carefully Fri. afternoon, supper time.


Virgo.svg VIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

An atmosphere of delays and false starts ends Monday afternoon, so you can charge ahead after this, especially in love, romance, creative and speculative projects, and in “children’s interests.” The general emphasis, now to late February, lies on work, daily health, dependants, service personnel, repairs, machinery and tools. You’re comfortable in this zone, so charge ahead. (Be careful Fri. daytime with tools, driving, etc.) First, retreat, rest and relax Sun./Mon. (Pick up neglected chores Sunday.) Be spiritual, charitable. Your energy and charisma surge upward Monday night to Thurs. dawn (7 am PST). Start major projects, see and be seen, make contacts, impress others – take the lead! (However, skirt Tues. night – Wed.’s lucky, expansive.) Chase money, buy/sell, cultivate clients and protect your property Thurs. dawn to Sat. eve – but take care Friday afternoon, supper time – accident potential high. Now to mid-Feb., a streak of romance, beauty, pleasure will relieve all your work, and will keep a smile on your face. Until March 5, communications, errands and travel will remain intense “users” of your time. Be curious – learn about “high finance.”


Libra.svg LIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Recent delays end Monday, especially in home, property, security and similar zones. That makes Sun./Mon. a perfect time to dream of new plans, new people and horizons. You’ll feel upbeat, and friends, others, gravitate toward you. Welcome happiness! The entire period, now to late February, emphasizes romance, creative and speculative urges, charming children, beauty, self-expression and the pursuit of “immediate” pleasure. You could fall madly in love. (Though that’s more likely September onward. In the big picture, now to mid-2018, if single, you are in line to meet a lively, twinkle-eyed, unpredictable, electric and friendly potential lover. The rest is up to you. This can signal marriage, very much so.) Retreat, rest and contemplate Mon. night to dawn Thurs. (7 am PST). It’s time to begin mulling over new plans. Dealings with civil servants, manufacturers, therapists, institutions and charities will go well – better Wed. than Tues. Your energy and charisma surge upward Thurs. morn to Sat. eve. Start significant projects, make contacts, see and be seen, This is not an easy interval, but an exciting one in which you might have to solve problems, or “show some muscle” – be the leader! Until March 5, money will literally gush at you sometimes – but it will also jump away, so bank it, curtail spending. Home’s sweet, until mid-Feb.


 Scorpio.svg SCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Delays end Monday, especially in mail, communications, paperwork and travel. But the general accent now tends to keep you a little home-bound. Be happy, accept the need (and luxury!) of rest, gardening, repairs, landscaping, meal planning, etc. Hug your kids. Despite this atmosphere of rest and recuperation, your work is intense and demanding until March 5. Friends show affection now to February 16. Be ambitious Sun./Mon. You could receive a compliment, or a boss’s praise. (Sunday’s better.) Happiness, popularity, social delights, entertainment, optimism and flirtations come Mon. night to dawn (7 am PST) Thurs. Play it straight, sober Tues. night, but let out all the stops Wed – have a party if you want! But retreat Thurs. dawn to Sat. eve – lie low, rest, contemplate and plan. Deal with civil servants, institutions, bad gossip, agents, therapists and warehousing needs. You might face a wee crisis Fri. – practice safety. Now to early May, a former “crowd” will tend to re-enter your life – good, enjoy it!


Sagittarius.svg SAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Recent delays and false starts are over (by Monday noon) especially in monetary, earnings and shopping zones. (All of these hold some nice luck for you until February16.) Now to late Feb., the general accent lies on busyness – errands, paperwork, details, trips, casual acquaintances, curiosity. (DO be curious – you can learn valuable things.) Be cautious with romance until March 5, and again May 27 to August 2. Same periods, avoid belligerent people, biker clubs, etc.  (Instead, channel your efforts toward your career, which is dripping with good luck until September.) Sunday/Monday are mellow, wise, and bring success Sunday in far travel, international affairs, publishing, higher education, intellectual pursuits and cultural endeavors – and love. Be ambitious Mon. eve to Thurs. dawn (PST). At the least you’ll impress the powers that be – at most, you could receive (or be alerted to) a promotion. Tread lightly, though, Tues. forenoon (illusory goals) and late night (selfishness). Social delights, optimism, joy, entertainment, light romance and popularity arrive Thurs. morning to Sat. eve. Though events might not be great, they won’t dent your upbeat mood. Still, keep your enthusiasm and temper in check Fri. afternoon and supper time.


Capricorn.svg CAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Recent delays and indecision dissolve after Monday. (However, as Mercury, the central cause of those delays, has been in your own sign, it might take you a week or two to feel solidly decisive again. The delays, though, end immediately, except in governmental, management, legal and far travel zones. Until April, maintain the status quo in these areas.) A sweet, graceful magnetism imbues you now, until February 16. In addition, Mars keeps your social life hopping until March 5. (This might also cause you to break off with a particular group.) If single, you’ll attract at least a bit of romance. Sunday/Monday feature sexual yearnings, financial opportunities (investment or debt reduction) secrets and revelations. If ill, get to a doctor quickly. (Sunday’s better, at least after 8 am PST.) Wisdom, a mellow mood, wide vision, far travel, law, higher education, publishing and cultural events – and love – fill Mon. night to dawn Thurs. Wednesday’s best, beautifully lucky/smooth – be a little skeptical Tues. Be ambitious Thurs. morning to Sat. eve, but step carefully also, as very little co-operation or good luck exists here. You might wonder: Should I quit or stay? Let money decide. (Your friends might say, Quit.)


Aquarius.svg AQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Recent delays end Monday, so you can charge ahead in many areas. Luckily, this “clear road” comes just as your energy, charisma and clout swoop into a month-long rise. You’re on your way, you’re in charge, others wait for you to lead – so do so! Begin significant projects, impress that attractive person, see and be seen. (Despite this energy, your inner or private life will remain sweet, rejuvenating, until mid-February. And, despite your rising luck, bosses and authorities remain testy and impatient until March 5 – and again in June/July. Perhaps a personality conflict or other longer-term thing is happening. Think about this, examine your attitude and approach: is there something you can alter to change this pressure from above?) Sunday/Monday bring relationships, opportunities, public dealings, negotiations, agreements, etc. Extend your hand to someone, chase someone, before 7 pm PST Sunday – good results! Your subconscious bursts to the surface Monday night to dawn Thurs. Your intuition blossoms, helping you steer through life’s mysteries. Sex, finances draw you – and are lucky Wed. daytime (before 4 pm). Love is in the air Thurs. morning to Sat. night – but it’s more likely someone’s stuck on you than you on them, and you seem determined to tease, revolt, or otherwise be a disrupter. Avoid precipitous action in travel, law, and intellectual pursuits. All ends well.


Pisces.svg PISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Delays and indecision end (technically, Monday afternoon). Now you can pursue social goals, or resume the kind of wishful dream-hunch-intuition-informed action that is natural to you. Those wishes, that social scene, can come true now to February 15. However, your main influence now is one of rest, contemplation, sweet solitude, low energy and charisma. You’ll come out somewhere between these two extremes, social fluff and deep solitude. Now to March 5, strictly avoid lawsuits – and don’t spend too much on far travel, school, love or cultural venues. Sunday/Monday brings secrets, investigative urges, sexual urges and financial lures such as investments. All are lucky Sunday (before 7 pm PST) and “without result” Mon. Monday night to dawn Thurs. brings relationships, opportunities, relocation themes, dealings with the public (anything from being a shoe store clerk to a rock star) negotiations and agreements, possible litigation. (As mentioned, avoid lawsuits.) Your luck in these areas is mixed Tues., and packed with luck Wed. Remember, this year all your good fortune will come from others – adopt a friend! Tackle chores and protect your health Thurs. morn to Sat. eve. Not much will go well, so proceed cautiously Friday afternoon, eve. (Late Fri., someone might call or you connect somehow – this person is a friend, could become a lover, even a mate.


The End.

3 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST — JANUARY 24 – 30, 2016

  1. stellium


    I love the fact that there exists a meaning for each degree of the placement of one’s sun in a chart. You refer to a work by Carelli. Any chance that there would be a title? or maybe even an ISBN? I would certainly like to look up my own chart and that of othes as well.

    Born Jan 1, 1962 10 degrees, 30 minutes Capricorn (in case you’d like to share…)


    1. LoneRanger70

      Hi Stellium,
      My best bet he is using “Three Hundred and Sixty Degrees of the Zodiac” by Adriano Carelli.
      Am I right, Mr. T?

      1. Tim Stephens Post author

        Hi, LoneRanger,

        Yes, I was quoting the book you mention. However, this book needs to be approached very carefully, and can “wreck” a person’s self-esteem. For example, say you read this degree description: “This degree glaringly denounces the greed of filthy lucre. In order to achieve wealth, the native (person) would gladly tread over his father’s corpse….The native’s career may well drip blood, even the gore of mass murder… (he will be put in) shackles or straightjacket…moral decay, breakdown of reason, will take the poor wretch to jail, the isolation ward, or the lunatic asylum.”

        Imagine if you read this about yourself at an impressionable age. Or imagine you read it about your spouse, or your child. Using this book for self-contemplation can be dangerous, psychologically and in other ways. This is only one of several dangers posed by this book.

        Best regards,


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