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Do you know why I don’t have any ads on this site? Google refused to run ads because they consider my blog pornographic. (I use the word “sex” too much. That was their determining factor.) Jackasses.

After that, I decided to heck with it. I spent 35 years being a slave to the monetized structure; no more. Many readers don’t realize that this column is, in essence, 37 years old. During those years, I was restricted in making predictions. (Mostly, my preambles and predictions were simply deleted to make more space.) Once in the early ‘90’s I was hauled onto the carpet because I had made a prediction that newspapers would face major struggles. My newspaper bosses didn’t like that (although, as you can see, the forecast came true). My prediction that the Challenger space shuttle would explode (a week before it did) was “killed” (newspaper lingo for “deleted”) by the editors. However, some obscure paper in the U.S., that had been stealing my column (a somewhat frequent event) did publish the Challenger prediction. As a result, the National Enquirer contacted me, photo’d me, and engaged me to do a whole article of predictions. Great. After they received it, they changed every single word I wrote. For example, I knew they liked “star material,” so I forecast something quite innocuous about Johnny Carson. The Enquirer changed it to: “Johnny Carson punches Ed McMahon in the nose – on live television!” It’s often thus, when you mix money or fame or politics with the truth. The truth is a white thing, easily sullied.


What the pundits don’t realize, is that America is entering its second civil war, this time between the left and right, or between the Sanders people (Hillary who?) and Trump’s crowds. This war should be much more civil than the first, but its themes are somewhat similar: they revolve around slavery, but this time, economic slavery.


The wealthy in the U.S. have worked toward what they achieved: to own most of the nation’s (material) valuables. Now the top 1% own 90%, or whatever. In a voting democracy, that leaves 90 % of the people unsatisfied, and it insults their feelings of justice and fairness. (Isn’t it funny how we need to add “fairness” – a quality which we assume justice should already contain. But fairness has no organic link to justice. Whether justice is fair or not depends almost entirely on the dispenser of justice. Justice, in many cases, blatantly in America, more subtly in Canada, is a tool of power – and has ever been so, probably. The great humanitarian novelist Dickens observed 150 years ago that “the law is an ass.” Generally today, the law is a tool of the rich, a box for the poor. In North America, a poor man wronged has no recourse in the law, which is administered by fat, biased judges presiding over lawyers who will only work for a fortune. A poor man who cannot afford a lawyer (unfortunately this now includes the middle class) and who then tries to represent himself, is immediately and universally despised by judges and lawyers alike, who see this self-representation as an attack on their very livelihood, on the system which upholds their greedy, self-satisfied buttocks – worse, they consider self-representation as an arrogant insult, the height of defiance. This poor man is almost certain to lose his case no matter how deserving, simply due to the enmity and contempt of the entire court. In our lifetimes this has gone even further, so that simply being poor is considered a crime in itself. Or why else were there Ferguson and Baltimore, and Eric Garner’s New York? )

If every person has a vote, the 90 % who own so little (or, let’s be realistic, 60 or 70 %) must, at some point, vote to retake some of the power and money the wealthy (and judges and lawyers and predatory corporations) have taken from them. Sometimes taken unjustly or criminally, but in many instances fairly, with hard work and quick intelligence, and by providing an unusually popular product – not all the wealthy are bad, many are good. In a democracy, even an oligarchy can be controlled or contained. So now we have Trump and Sanders, both representing that 90 %. Sanders is the poor man (his net worth is less than your intrepid astrologer’s) and Trump is the lawyer, campaigning to be elected “head judge.”

(Apropos of all this, see next week’s preamble about Obama-Romney, esp., who Obama represented.)


TWINS:  Scientists in the second half of the last century loved to “trash” astrology. One of their main weapons was the concept of twins. If astrology works, they ask, why do twins (who share the same birth charts) often have very different lives?

Think of it this way: Two people of the same height, weight, and with an identical stride start walking from the very same spot, and head in the same direction for one full day, 24 hours. But instead of their toes/shoes being pointed in exactly — no, perfectly — the same direction they are pointed 1 degree apart when they start. (So one-360th of every possible direction.) This is a very small distance, a small fraction of an inch at the toes. But this tiny fraction of an inch could, depending on obstacles (and their ability to change a walker’s direction) end the walkers anywhere from not a foot apart, to 30 miles apart, and quite likely in different environments, say one in a forest, one in a grassy field. Now if these two people walked not 1 day, but their whole lives, they could arrive at opposite ends of the earth, in completely separate and different lives – even though they began at the (1-in-360 error) same spot.

When twins are born, there is usually a birth time difference of a few minutes to half an hour. In astrology, the degree rising changes every 4 minutes. Every degree has a meaning – e.g., one might point to loneliness, the very next one to popularity. These degrees last 4 minutes, but they can change from one to the other in, of course, one second of birth time. So most twins have different rising degrees, setting them off, even in the delivery room, in different emotional, psychological, practical, intellectual and other directions – i.e., they are headed for different environs, different destinies, which can be foretold from that tiny difference in birth times. A difference in birth time of 4 minutes would equal the one-degree difference in direction of the  two walkers’ toes when they began.

Of course Mr. Sagan did not think of this. Most scientists cannot envision factors, arguments, processes or concepts that are not their own. Science by its nature breeds a narrow vision; the greatest scientists break out of this narrow groove.




Aries.svg ARIES   March 21-April 19

Social joys, optimism, friendly romance and all-round happiness continue, Aries – especially this Sun./Mon. The only thing that might (will) be denied you is sex, physical intimacy. (Also avoid investments or any financial commitments both days.) You might enter a new social circle, or begin a new public, fame, group or friendship project – e.g., plan a barbeque for “Friends of the River Frog” or such. (Not a frog-leg Barbie, tho!) A wish doesn’t exactly come true – instead, it is “setting up” for a later fulfillment. Retreat from the crowd Tues./Wed. – rest, contemplate, hold private discussions, make plans (and examine them). Delegate tasks, deal with “head office” or civil servants or institutions. Despite your weariness, your luck is buoyant, especially in work, career, finances and research. One thing: avoid legal, travel, international, educational, cultural, or intellectual contacts/pursuits Tuesday. Your energy and charm soar Thurs./Fri. – start significant projects (especially social or public ones, as mentioned). Get out, mingle, see and be seen. Your career will go well if you “bend to it” – be flexible, not challenging. Chase money Saturday: buy/sell, seek new clients, etc. Good for purchasing machinery, plumbing or getting a medical diagnosis.


 TAURUS   April 20-May 20

The main emphasis remains on career, ambitions, prestige relations and your worldly standing or reputation. These are especially potent Sun./Mon., and your luck is fine, except with co-operators (they oppose you right now, overtly or covertly) and relocation. Opportunities might not be what they seem. Taurus, now to March 5, and again late May to August 2, relationships will be intense – hot or cold, love or war, with little in-between. The people you deal with will have a tendency to “sense” your weakness or secrets you try to hide about yourself, and they will tend to use this to their advantage. For example – extreme examples – an enemy might send photos of you in bed with Mata Hari, to the Times. Or, a lover or seducer might know just what to say, where to hit, to make you weak-kneed. The best way to counter such possibilities is to fix/cure whatever that weakness is, then you will be much freer to act, and you’ll find a bunch of new energy is available to you. (Carrying wounds, hiding secrets, uses up a lot of psychic, mental, and even physical energy. Banish/cure this drain – you’ll be glad you did. Happiness, friends and social joys arrive Tues./Wed. – you could fall in love, and it’s a good bet the other person is leaning too. (However, don’t seek sex Tues. night.) Retreat, rest, and study your flaws and plan how to dissolve/cure them. All’s well, but avoid legal matters before 5 am Fri. (PST). Saturday, your energy and charisma soar – a “partnership” might loom!


Gemini.svg GEMINI   May 21-June 20

You start this week happy in mood and mind. A recent love puzzle might “unknot itself” Sunday. Your view is wide, your compassion and empathy strong but mellow. You understand things. A new intellectual, travel, legal or love venture might start. Whether it has a long-term result is not at all certain, though, so don’t tie your future to it, especially Monday. Make a first move, then wait and see. Your career and worldly standing nudge you into ambitious efforts (hopefully!) Tues./Wed. (Or, flip side, you might be shoved before some authority or other.) Tuesday is terrifically lucky in home, real estate, family healing, gardening, and in investment, finances, sexual intimacy – but not in relationships, marriage, relocation or negotiations. (E.g., say you and your wife discover the perfect home this day – then let your wife negotiate – or wait until Wed. to make an offer. Wednesday is rewarding all-round, to the ambitious. Your popularity rises Thurs./Fri. – get out, answer calls, mingle, make a date. Social joys, optimism, friendly romance, entertainment and wish fulfillment, all gladden your heart. You might meet someone whom destiny will take away soon – but you can enjoy each other until then. Retreat Saturday – rest, contemplate, plan – all goes well!


Cancer.svg CANCER   June 21-July 22

Life’s mysteries rise to the surface. Secrets abound – and research can yield valuable answers, especially in financial, health or lifestyle regions. These things “surround you” for the two weeks ahead, but especially this Sunday/Monday. These two days urge you to invest, reduce debt, or otherwise massage your financial picture. (If “gambling big,” find an advisor who is “savvy” about possible deflation and its effect on investments.) (Savvy comes from the French, “savoir,” to know.) Life’s mysteries are solved by looking at the bigger picture Tues./Wed. You could fall in love these two days – and although it can yield a huge, lovely, long-to-be-remembered love affair, it probably won’t end in marriage. So, your choice. Strictly avoid extra-marital temptations. Far travel, intellectual pursuits, publishing/media, cultural venues and legal matters are all favoured. (But a legal matter involving employment or lack of, won’t succeed if started Tues. – act Wed.) Your career, social standing, and prestige relations come into focus Thurs./Fri. Be ambitious, show the boss what you can do, but stop short of proposing or starting a related project before Fri. pre-dawn (PST). Saturday is for social delights, friends, optimism, entertainment and flirty meetings – enjoy!


Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO   July 23-Aug. 22

These weeks steep your days in relationships. This Sunday/Monday double the influence, striking a key note. Negotiations, arguments and agreements, contracts, dealings with the public, relocation, fresh horizons and opportunities in general – these tend to succeed, but if you start a new project in these zones, realize it might not go anywhere. So, keep expectations “light.” Life’s private, secret side emerges Tues./Wed., as does your subconscious – this raises your intuition, so follow your hunches. Sex, intimate commitments, large finances, health diagnoses, lifestyle changes, all draw you. Examine your motives, make sure they’re clean, honest (otherwise a failure might come down the road). Romance is not favoured, but sex is – and you could be very lucky in work/earnings situations, too. Wed. is “safer” than Tues. A mellow, wise mood steals over you Thurs./Fri. – pursue legal, educational, intellectual, media, far travel, cultural and love goals. Make sure your plans conform to what a parent, VIP or boss – or your family – wants of you; otherwise, you have a green light both days. Be ambitious Saturday – a splendid day to start ambitious practical projects, seek recognition, or communicate with the powers that be. A good week!


Virgo.svg VIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The general accent, this week and next, remains on work, service, repairs, daily health, tools and machinery. Sunday/Monday highlight this influence. Sunday’s good for buying used items. But don’t buy (or push to the limit) any large machinery, or anything that could be termed an investment. You’ll get a lot done Sunday, not so much Mon. Relationships fill the horizon Tues./Wed. Remember, you should generally avoid forming new partnerships (in love and money) before mid-May 2017. That said, these two days offer splendid harmony, co-operation – even love. Hug someone! But beware real estate, home, security and retirement commitments. You could hear happy news from far away. Large finances, investments, debt, medical diagnoses, lifestyle changes, sexual urges, therapy, counselling, agent connections, research and detective work, commitment and consequence – these arise throughout Thurs./Fri. Now real estate is favoured (esp. if you’re buying it for pleasure, e.g., a vacation cabin) as are security, retirement programs. Sex? Okay. Wisdom, a mellow and compassionate mood, flow over you Saturday. You could, again, fall in love. Contemplate where you’ve been, where you’re going – are you living up to your ideals? Probably.


Libra.svg LIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The two weeks ahead continue to emphasize romance, creativity, beauty, pleasure, charming kids, and risk-taking. (This last a positive thing; you’re riding a small winning streak.) Sunday/Monday bring these influences to a peak, but two small warnings: 1) you won’t meet anyone new who would turn into a life-mate; 2) this is not the best time to begin or launch a big project in these areas. (E.g., not a good time to join an internet dating site, or begin writing a novel, etc.) Still, love is in the air! Tackle chores Tues./Wed.  – you’ll have solid, even lucky success, especially in dealing with the government, with large corporations or institutions. For example, this would be a splendid time to seek permission for a major project – e.g., building a new barn. (But if building or domestic projects are involved, try to act Wed., not Tues.) A “secret love” is possible, but not recommended. Therapy, research, great. Eat, dress sensibly. Relationships fill Thurs./Fri. – and luck is jumbled. Don’t expect co-operation (though it might be “faked on the surface”) in earnings, spending, domestic situations or investments, large finances and sexual intimacy. Otherwise, negotiations and contracts go well. Fresh horizons appeal. Dive into investments, debt reduction, research, medical curiosity, intimacy and confidential discussions Sat. – valuable ore, waiting to be mined!


Scorpio.svg SCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The accent lies on home, domesticity, property, security, nutrition and retirement, especially Sun./Mon. These two days flow smoothly enough, and you should dive into domestic affairs or projects. But 1) don’t start a major domestic project (e.g., building a house) and 2) leave work affairs at work. Romance, beauty, pleasure, charming kids, creative and speculative ventures loom Tues./Wed. Dive in, take advantage of the terrific luck – you can find romance and/or social acceptance. (Your dealings with groups this year are very beneficial.) However, don’t chase earnings or income situations, and be wary of “sex without love” no matter how temptingly it lures you. (Be brave, pick real love.) But realize one you romance now might not last – that’s okay, better follows, in time. Tackle chores and protect your health Thurs./Fri. Luck is mixed, so proceed with some discretion. Used tools or machinery might be a good buy, Thurs. (That doesn’t include cars or similar: bikes, motorcycles, train tickets, etc. Be wary with communications, written or verbal, Thurs.) Saturday brings relationships – good ones! Co-operate, embrace another’s goals – you’ll gain. A partnership might form.


Sagittarius.svg SAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The accent remains on details, paperwork, errands, communications, trips and visits, and a general restlessness, especially Sunday/Monday. Travel, call, read – be curious. You’ll be extra busy Sun./Mon. with all these things – however, don’t start a new project (e.g., don’t start a new mail project, or buy a new phone system). (And avoid a “sensuous romance.”) Home calls Tues./Wed. – so do security, retirement plans, real estate, gardening, etc. Although you should avoid plunging into these areas all year (and to mid-May/17) these two days offer superb luck, so this is an excellent time to correct matters or tackle problems (in domestic zones). In addition, especially Tues., a stroke of luck could give you a pay raise, praise from the boss. You can also buy a great status item that will impress people/clients for a long time. (E.g., if you’re a realtor, buy a luxury car.) Romance, creative and gambling urges, beauty, pleasure and charming kids fill Thurs./Fri. But your luck is mixed, so don’t expect huge results. Be diplomatic about money. Tackle chores Saturday – you’ll get much done!


Capricorn.svg CAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The general accent lies on money, earnings, possessions, sensual attractions and memory (and memory tasks as well as rote learning). These are highlighted Sun./Mon. Your luck’s fine these two days, but 1) don’t start a major project (e.g., buying a business to make more money) and 2) beware of spending to fulfill a hope about home, real estate, or retirement. Errands, calls, emails, paperwork and details, travel and casual acquaintances – these fill Tues./Wed., in a lucky, smooth and opportunity-producing way. Re the last of these – be curious – read, listen, look! You could meet someone casually, just a friend, who could become a major lover – and/or a teacher, legal advisor, or simply a lucky friend. You could hear good legal news, or buy a travel ticket. Tuesday better. Your home, family, real estate, security are emphasized Thurs./Fri. – go slow, as luck is mixed. Communications with civil servants should go well Thurs. Saturday brings love, romance, pleasure, beauty, and creative urges. You ride a wee winning streak that will last into Sunday. Dive in, take a chance, display your attraction toward someone sweet. (Hopefully your spouse if you’re married.)


Aquarius.svg AQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Your energy, charisma, clout and effectiveness remain high – and reach new heights Sunday/Monday. You’re the leader, the centre of attention. However, treat bosses and career people (and authorities) with kid gloves. If you start any new projects, do it Sunday for best results. Chase money Tues./Wed. – cultivate new clients, ask the boss for a pay raise, buy and sell profitably, etc. Your luck in investments (or debt reduction) is splendid, especially if a government agency or government data are involved. A clandestine sexual attraction lures you – reject it if there is a moral problem (e.g., he/she’s married, you are, etc.). If there is no problem, this could be a memorable affair in the making. Health cures also possible. Research can yield “gold.” Thursday/Friday bring errands, communications, paperwork, details, friends and siblings, travel and media. Be curious, but otherwise be cautious, as luck is mixed. Avoid pushing on career or status fronts. Head for home Saturday. Embrace family, engage in neighbourhood jaunts, repair the interior steps, landscape, garden, create a new nutritional diet, etc. Charge ahead in these zones, as success accompanies you.


Pisces.svg PISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Continue to lie low, Pisces, especially Sunday/Monday. Rest, contemplate, meditate, enjoy sweet solitude and make plans. (These could be merely practical plans – but if you want to make more life-long or “broader” plans, then study your own past, how you arrived at this place, and from there make plans.) Your energy and charisma rise somewhat Tues./Wed., and superb luck accompanies you, especially in marriage or other partnerships (or potential mates) and in social areas. A wish could come true. If you’re “on the verge” then use this interval to propose. You could attract a love that will stay fresh for a long time. Chase money Thurs./Fri., cultivate clients and/or your boss. However, proceed a little carefully, as luck is mixed (but not bad or dangerous). Avoid mixing friends and money. (BTW, until March 5, and again June/July, strictly avoid lawsuits.) Saturday brings casual friends, errands, paperwork and communications. A drive will clear your mind. All is well – a new acquaintance might “stick around” to become a great friend – even, eventually, a partner.


The End.

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  1. Pix

    Hello Tim, I’m having a problem with your Menu, it’s not working. Want to check out my yearly but no luck.

    Also, thank you for giving me hope & advice as well as good much needed insight even when I already know – just choose to ignore. You are like my conscience that reminds me, keeps my life on the right path or suggests I do. For years I have followed you & through many ups & downs you’ve helped me, guided me (still do) through rough many rough patches.

    You’re a gifted person with
    so much to offer others. And sorry to go off track here but “really?” You have used the word Sex here a lot? Noooooooo…. (Hint sarcasm). Love you, keep it up!!! I hate ads btw.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author




  2. Kelinha1976

    Dear Tim,
    In gemini you said ” you might meet someone whom destiny will take awaa soon”.
    In fact I have this filling about two months and in my mind it will be my mom.
    My question is, according with the position of planets, how soon?!
    Many thanks

  3. sashimi

    Tim, I love your preambles – your insights are always so interesting and sign forecasts accurate!

    About Bernie and Trump – isn’t it funny that everyone refers to Bernie by his first name and Trump to his last (I just noticed that). As a Bernie supporter, I am more repulsed by Ted Cruz, although I dislike Trump too.

    I believe Bernie’s moon is conjunct my moon, although we haven’t found an accurate time of birth for Senator Sanders, and I think he appeals to my Pluto conjunct Uranus in Virgo – which seems to be conjunct his Sun. I’ve been a fan of him for years.

    I agree with diesgos about the donation box idea – why not 🙂

  4. diesgos

    Why do you keep trying to rely on the idiots that hold the yoke…google, et, al. Ho many time had we asked you to put a donation link (why not paypal). Some of us have difficulty with the big numbers. But $5, $10, $15 here and there we can. No more excuses, so put it up and lets get on with the show.

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