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Still short weekly forecasts, still sick. (Though really only in the lazy, sleepy end stage…) 🙂 I



aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Hopes and wishes still dominate, Aries. Your popularity, optimism and social joys lift your heart now to late Feb. This is one of the luckier winter/springs of your life — don’t waste it on minor victories, form a splendid goal, then pursue it wholeheartedly. Facts, anecdotes, conversations and curiosity essential. 

Chase $ Sun. Luck’s great, esp. with communications. Yes, DO mix money and friends. Errands, calls, trips, paperwork fill Monday to noon Wed. Good luck riders with you, esp. Monday night.  Steer toward home Wednesday pm through Fri. Again, luck’s good, affection flows, but be careful with spending, esp. Fri. (Avoid computers.) Saturday starts a weekend of romance, creativity and pleasure.


taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The emphasis remains on career, prestige relations, ambitions and worldly standing, Taurus. Aim for management — your good luck lies here until May. Friends cheer you up, point to a brighter future. One you might one day seriously consider as a lover will try to “teach” you, to give advice.

Your energy and pizzazz fly high Sun. One disappointment, but brilliant information speeds your way. Chase $, buy/sell, seek the embrace of casual intimacy (unless you’re married!) and/or learn something Monday to noon Wed. — chose one? Errands, swift, easy chores, applications and paperwork, trips, calls fill Wednesday pm through Friday. All’s good, but skirt challengers, bosses, computers Friday night. Saturday’s for home, not romance. (You won’t believe this.)


gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

The general emphasis lies on law and social rituals, Gemini, on publishing, far travel and international affairs/chores, belief systems — and gentle love. (Tho’ you might not be so gentle, with assertive, sexy Mars in your sign until late March.) In love? Then chase the one you want. (Sorry, you decide between two, not me.) Not in love? Then chase friendships, group associations.  Love, BTW, will succeed better after Jan. 12. 

Lie low Sunday: rest, ponder, plan. A splendid advisor is more than willing to help (but not in sexual, medical or financial spheres — or at least, will not be right with these). Your energy and charisma soar upward Monday to noon Wed. Give projects a push, impress others, chase love (Monday night best for this last). Chase $ Wednesday noon through Friday — buy/sell, memorize something, welcome a casual embrace (but if you have eyes on a “true” love, leave the casual alone — all alone!) Saturday starts a very active weekend. Gas up the car!

Cancer icon  CANCER: June 21-July 22

Rather than feeling their weight, Cancer, use the depths and “big stuff” to improve your life — sexual attraction, financial (debt/investment) actions, lifestyle changes, medical needs, all have a bright or profitable side. Stay calm, see it, and pounce — this week or the next two. An advisor wants to help. Continue to avoid belligerent people (to late March).

Sunday’s for fun, friends, entertainment. But retreat for a rest Monday to noon Wed. — ponder, plan, seek advice. Pamper your health. Your energy and “presence” come back midday Wednesday through Fri. Tackle obstacles, seek solutions, launch projects, see and be seen. But DON’T buy computers, software Friday eve/night. Saturday starts a weekend of shopping, spending. Be judicious.


Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Relationships not only fill the weeks ahead, Leo — they are also more fortunate, more important, than in most years. You see a prize, like a small, colourful flower. Chase, pluck it. Could be financial, intimate (sexy beauty) or “life-changing.” Your wishes, hopes, have been delayed, perhaps by indecision. But now to late March, you can form your wishes “precisely,” — and the more precise, the more likely to come true. (Probably by May.) Some Leos will bond this winter/spring — for life.

Be ambitious Sunday — a Capricorn (or name starts with “S,” “H,” or “Y”) might help. You will see one of your wishes “exemplified,” personified. Social delights, popularity, new hopes and entertainment fill Monday to noon Wed. But retreat, rest, contemplate and plan future moves, Wednesday pm through Fri. Careful Friday night — DON’T take a stand. The weekend belongs to you— you’ll impress many!


virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Tackle work, Virgo — there’s a lot of it, and most other stuff would be a waste of time anyway. But there’s a profitable wrinkle here: your work efforts, on the career level, can be 1) criticized and scorned; or 2) lead to new equity, assets. Ask your boss if you can invest in the company. Your skills as a researcher, advisor, investor, or confidant will shine, until late March. Got spare $? Invest them, after thinking 2 x.

Sunday’s mellow, wise, loving. (In fact, some might fall in love!) (And some in lust.) Be ambitious Monday to noon Wed. — chase career, prestige goals, display your worldly standing. All’s well. Social joys, popularity, optimism and flirtations buoy your heart Wednesday pm through Friday. Be cautious Friday eve/night — stay light-hearted, avoid commitment. Saturday and the weekend are for solitude, rest, planning.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Ah, sweet romance! It’s there for you singles. 2022 and now 2023 (to May) are bringing you one of the best prospective partners in a quarter century. (The last time we had such a benevolent set-up was 2009/10 — but then Saturn [restriction, coldness] was in your marriage sector, and Pluto had just started his 13-year shenanigans [upheaving home, not giving a romance a chance to grow into life-mate love, etc.].) This time, you are free to — no, absolutely urged to — chase someone. This person will easily grow closer to you if/when you speak of weddings. Gemini, Aries, Aquarius might figure prominently.

Sunday’s for intimacy, sex, quiet, deep “deals” or commitments. First, dejection; then, love, sex, celebration. Wisdom, calm, gentle love and intellectual success Monday to noon Wed. Be ambitious Wednesday pm through Fri. Schmooze with the boss, etc. But back away Friday eve/night. Saturday starts a weekend of fun, celebration, optimism, flirting, and social joys!

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The domestic trend continues, Scorpio. Be with the family, garden, hug the kids, etc. A good time to start any major repair/reno. A combo of physical work and plumb tired rest is the healthiest approach. A sweet romantic thread enters, to brighten most of February. (This might develop into something significant, too.) You still have work to accomplish, but it has a mysterious or puzzling side. A Libra or Sagittarius might help you with this. 

Sunday’s for relationships — and you could land a great one, exciting, smart, highly sexual. Monday to noon Wednesday continues this theme, but in a more secretive way: sex, finances, investments/debt, medical demands or lifestyle changes lure you — benevolently. Wednesday afternoon through Friday brings a mellow, gently loving mood. Far travel, higher education, international or philosophical affairs draw you. Avoid Friday night — don’t buy computers, nor “test” a relationship. The weekend’s for ambition and worldly status. Be “upright.”

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Swift, easy chores fill these weeks, Sage — communications, paperwork, applications, trips, new contacts. Be curious, ask Q’s. Your relationship scene is heating up, and now has an outlet — romance! (Or creative projects for marrieds.) It blossoms to mid-May, so don’t delay.

Tackle chores Sunday — you’ll succeed easily. A romantic “message” might get your heart pounding. Intense relationships arise Monday to noon Wed. Pursue someone, or an opportunity — Monday night best. Dive into the depths (with or without this person) Wednesday pm through Fri. — lust, financial actions, surgery, lifestyle change, all possible. Saturday starts a mellow, wise, gently loving weekend. Yes, travel.


capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Chase money, buy/sell, hug someone, or learn something, Cap. A huge “dark mist” that’s hung over you since 2009 will lift off and on this year, before departing totally. This will start a 20-year period in which you can “build a castle of money.” And in which you’ll be more free to follow your own destiny than “compromising.”

Sunday’s for romance, beauty and pleasure. After an initial hesitation or stumble, you’ll be surprised ay how easily it flowed, how well you talk, and what a beautiful friend this is. (Or you’ll focus on work with similar surprising success. Excellent time to buy a computer or software.) Tackle chores Monday to noon Wed. All’s fine; Monday best. Relationships intensify Wednesday pm through Fri. Saturday’s for secrets, depths, hidden treasure.


Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

You’re at the top of your game, Aquarius! Filled with energy, optimism and new ideas, charisma and effective timing. Get out, see and be seen, start conversations, launch new projects. February is your “launch pad” for the whole year ahead. Travel (most short) and communications — and perhaps a paperwork application or two — will be both important and rewarding. In you travels, you might see a place you will move to soon. 

Sunday’s for home, family, security — something opposes you early, but is replaced by a lucky streak in home and love. Romancer, creativity, beauty and pleasure fill Monday to Wednesday noon. Dive in! (Monday best.) But tackle chores Wednesday pm through Fri. All’s well, you’ll get ‘em done. Saturday starts a relationship-filled weekend. Be diplomatic. Value another’s way — insisting on your own will leave you alone.


Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Lie low through much of February, Pisces. Sleep, nap, ponder and plan. Pamper your health. Liaise with gov’t, head office, and institutions. Seek advice. Despite your weariness, others are attracted, and treat you affectionately. Home needs patience until late March.

Errands, convos, trips, paperwork Sunday. All’s well. Agreement possible at home, which can save you many moments of disagreement in future. Your home is accented Monday (best) to noon Wed. Hunker down, plan, hug the kids. All’s well. Romance, passion, art, pleasure visit you Wednesday pm through Friday. Careful Friday night, when things might fall apart due to a “hidden” argument.




The CRA — Canada’s IRS — has used the pandemic to close offices and let their employees lounge around at home. I live in the 3rd largest city in Canada — Vancouver — yet there is not a CRA office within 2,000 miles. The east hates the west; the east attempts to control everything. The ONLY tax offices that are open are in Ontario and east. The smallest city in Canada, Summerside, pop. 16,001, has a tax office, but Vancouver, 2.5 million,  Calgary, 1,000,000 +, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, etc., do not. Why? Because tiny Summerside is in the east, comfortably under Trudeau’s warm armpit.  

They closed down tax offices in the west, so everything is computerized and long-distance. They make huge mistakes, then blame it on you — and expect YOU to do all the work to correct their errors. (Two times they have accused me of not paying my taxes. Twice I have proven to them, with bank records, that those taxes were paid — before the due date! Now they have sent me a third accusation, again demanding the full tax (again, paid on time) this time tacking on penalties for late payment — and now they’ve tacked on a penalty for late filing. All total falsehoods. Maybe some of these tax collectors should get off their comfy, fat, latte-filled asses, go downtown, and do some honest labour. 

Or — and I hate to be paranoid — maybe CRA is attacking me specifically because I’ve criticized Trudeau and the gov’t in this blog. Tax departments evidently do this sort of thing, as Obama’s illegal “steering” of the IRS to persecute conservatives proved.

I’m not sure, but the CRA might be a corrupt organization. Remember I said this about the FBI, many years ago?


Gee, now a fourth classified document “dump” has been found in one of Biden’s houses (a party house filled with prostitutes and drug dealers, low lifes and communist party members, for Hunter Biden) — that makes 6 piles scattered here and there. (This list is evidently out of date; there’s more.) Do you see the haunted house yet? What about his other houses?



They have now found six more piles of classified documents scattered around Joe’s (haunted) house in Wilmington Delaware AND three more unprotected piles in Washington DC… One of them in Chinatown! Surely there’s no connection between Chinatown and Communist China, right.? And all these classified documents that concern China, found in Joe’s Penn Centre, rent paid by the Chinese! No, no connection whatsoever…no regrets…

So Biden’s lapdog Attorney General Merrick Garland appoints a special counsellor to investigate all these document dumps by Biden. (Real purpose: to deny Congress access got the documents, because they’re “under investigation.” One of the few times a prosecutor is assigned in order to cover up a crime!) But gee, this special counsel, Mr. Hur, was one of the behind-the-scenes architects who designed the Russia collusion trap to try and throw Trump out of office, or prevent him ever getting there. This Hur fellow  should be up on charges of treason and couponing, not showing us where the law should lead. Her is also the kind of scum who turns on those who help him — Hur was appointed by Trump, and now he turns to bite Trump… Or at least softly mouth one of his enemies, Biden. Hur’s a traitor, Biden is a traitor, Merrick Garland is a traitor… They should all be in jail and only the cowardice of American Republicans is preventing such a result.

AND THIS: Biden has also hidden 1,850 boxes of classified documents in a Delaware university. The university is refusing to let anyone see those documents, which were obviously illegally placed there, since Biden when he was vice president had no authority to move or sequester such documents — In fact moving them was a criminal act. Yet the University and the FBI refuse to let these documents be examined. it is possible, of course, that in these thousands upon thousands of documents (1,850 BOXES) there are receipts from Biden to the Communists thanking them for their money,  Or signed agreements between the Bidens and the Chinese spies. Or with Ukraine, Russia, and other shady dealers.


You remember, don’t you, that one year ago Biden told Vladimir Putrid that he could invade Ukraine with America’s blessing, as long as it was just a “little invasion?”


Now it looks like the Jan. 6 House Panel can seal all its records for 60 years, and not let the public, prosecutors, FBI, DOJ or anyone else see them. By that time, all the black souls will be dead, the black souls who were allowed to perform such a slanderous, evil, one-sided soviet-style kangaroo court, all will escape blame for their sins, including locking thousands of Americans in a dungeon for 2 years WITHOUT a hearing, court date, etc. — and they are still there!


I have no hope for the U.S. I don’t think there will be hope for a decade or more. I think there might need to be large scale violence. If it does not occur, the U.S. citizen will become like his Russian brother: alcoholic, hopeless, bent-shouldered and walking a grey life until a grey death. NOT a prediction, just my feelings.


6 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST — JANUARY 29 – FEBRUARY 4, 2023

  1. SecondSight

    @tim: longtime follower of your work, had multiple readings done by you throughout the years; quick question: in general, when the moon is in your south node sign (in my case, happens to be my sun sign), is this a poor time to make important decisions, invest, do anything of significance, etc.?

    thanks. hope you’re feeling better from your recent viral illness. consider looking into taking more vitamin D, shilajit, rhodiola rosea … 😉

    also, this may interest you: https://covid19criticalcare.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/I-RECOVER-Post-Vaccine-Protocol.pdf

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, SecondSight,
      For the two days when the moon is in your South note sign, yes it would be wise not to make any huge significant decisions, especially in the area ruled by the moon. If you were born with the sun and south node in the same sign, it generally indicates that you will gain from seeking advice, relationships, relocation, and grabbing opportunities or dealing with the public. Now, what does the rest of your chart say?

  2. eileencj

    I too have no hope for the USA., especially since hearing of the poor man who was recently killed by 5 cops. Animals! Will the savage behavior ever stop there? I don’t think so. Also, just wanted to mention that Classified Documents were recently found at Mike Pence’s home as well. The difference between Biden and Trump holding Classified Documents at their homes is that we have no fear that Biden would sell them to Russia. I think Putin has something over Trump and he would use them as a bargaining chip.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, eileencj,

      I suspect the man killed by the 5 rogue cops had an affair with one of the cops’ wives.Yep, looks like classified docs everywhere!

  3. barburo

    Tim I’ve been reading your column for years – since you started really. I have always liked and appreciated your predictions and advice and sometimes acted upon them. I think you are basically coming from a good place and I was particularly moved by some of the personal disclosures that you made a few years ago. Now I make a point of always reading your preamble and afterAmble because it’s unbelievable how far down the vitriolic Trump conspiracy rabbit hole you have fallen. You’ve commented previously about the flak you get from your convictions about how rotten the administration is in the USA but really, it’s getting to be comical and a little bit sad now. I wonder if you have ever considered the possibility that you might have been duped? I wish you health and peace from the bottom of my heart.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, barburo,

      I don’t think I’ve been duped. You think the Republican propaganda machine is more powerful than the Dems”? I doubt that!

      Peace to you, too.

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