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PREAMBLE: Still a “short” column, guys.


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Wishes can still come true, Aries. This week continues themes of friendly romance, group associations, popularity and optimism. This is your happy, social time of year — and this year, is triple-potent, since high, lucky Jupiter is in your sign until May. Think big — do big!

Sunday and early Monday are for romance, beauty, pleasure, and winning. Someone might make a love confession. Careful at dawn Sunday — disruptions. Tackle chores Monday eve through Wed. — a productive period, but exercise care Tuesday daytime, when conflict might arise. (W/co-worker or your employee?) Relationships, excitement, opportunities and relocation themes pack Thursday to Saturday morning. Thurs./Fri. best — you could fall in love, and/or attract it. Saturday pm brings depths, but don’t push for intimacy nor commitment (in finances, also). Give it (a relationship or prospect) time to breathe, a few days.


taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The accent remains on your ambitions, Taurus as well as prestige relationships and worldly standing. Your “reputation” in management zones grows stronger and stronger now to May. By mid-March, you might be placed in charge of a management spending program. Friends are happy and reassuring. Valuable info, secrets or insights might come this week, about morals, love, broad prospects.

Be home, hug the family, Sunday to noon Mon. Rest and contemplate. Fix security flaws. Romance, beauty and pleasure, a “winning streak” arrive midday Monday through Wed.  Splendid interval, but avoid strife (overspending?) midday Tuesday, and “discount the rumour/news” midday Wed. Tackle chores Thursday to late morning Sat. (PST). Eat, dress sensibly. You’ll get loads done, esp. Fri. Thursday might hold a new, big job for some. Relationships exit but might disappoint, Sat. (Wait until Sunday eve onward.)


gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Sweet, gentle love surrounds you like a misty blanket. So do big ideas, visions of far travel, and intellectual pondering. Like Aries (and Libra) you might stumble upon true love before mid-May (esp. before mid-March) — unless you already have him/her. Your assertive nature is active now — in groups, give others a chance to speak! (It is in groups you’ll thrive, now to May — join one or two.) VIPs and bosses favour you for another two weeks.

Talk, listen, write, travel, do paperwork Sunday to midday Mon. Commitment might be harder than you anticipate. Steer toward home and family, garden and property and security and rest and pondering midday Monday through Wed. Careful midday Tuesday — you’ll win a fight, but should you even have one? Romance, beauty, pleasure and a winning streak visit you Thursday to midday Sat. Plunge in Thurs./Fri. — surprising success? But be wary Sat. Do chores, practice safety.


Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Life’s filled with subterranean currents, emotions half-recognized, memories that flit by, un-grasped, the huge, subtle snake of karma, DNA, hidden treasures…you remain swimming in these mysterious currents until late February. Until then, take advantage. Higher-ups love your style until May — again, take advantage. This s your power-time, Cancer, until May. Your ideas are good, benevolent. Someone wants to discuss (anything in the universe?) with you.

Chase $ Sunday to midday Mon. Don’t push too hard. If you want to hug someone (and see what develops) pick Sunday mid-morn to act. Errands, paperwork, trips, communications fill Monday pm through Wednesday. Careful with $, and avoid belligerent people, midday Tues. Steer toward home Thursday to midday Sat. Hug the kids, build a tree fort, cook, repair, and rest. A beautiful interval! But back up cautiously later Sat.


Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Relationships shine like the Sun, Leo. Maybe you need to forgive someone, or cease acting proud. Exciting meetings, opportunities and possible dislocation/relocations. Your dealings with foreign countries/people, schools, lawyers, belief-types (e.g., priests) are very fortunate now (to mid-May). Until mid-March, these things are tied to your hopes, and your social group — in sometimes surprising (but fortunate) ways. You’re lucky with investments, finances and sexual intimacy now and next week: consider getting involved, esp. Feb. 8 late, 12 late, 14 dawn (PST) and 17/18. These might be only “preparation” (sticking a toe in the ocean) for a month of this, starting Feb. 18.

You’re magnetic, energized and effective, Sunday to noon Mon. Tackle big things. Chase $, casual intimacy, and learning, Monday pm through Wed. Errands, trips, calls, texts, paperwork — these fill Thursday to late morning Sat. All’s well, you’ll get stuff done. Be curious both Thurs. and Fri. — lucky answers! Saturday, go home for the weekend. (Or hiking, nature, etc.)


virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

A month of drudgery, work, service and health needs has 2 more weeks to run, Virgo. Do pay attention to unfinished chores, do them to free yourself for a possible huge leap forward in weeks, months — soon! You might be facing a change of life, of home base. Do NOT anger bosses before mid-March: they could strike back. Relations are fortunate, loving for at least 2 more weeks. You might “semi-seduce” someone with your words.(When you speak sincerely, almost no one can match you.)

Lie low, recuperate, ponder and plan, Sunday to midday Mon. Escape possible stress by getting outside, Sunday morn. Your energy and charisma surge upward Monday pm through Wed. Don’t argue Tues. (The other is very strong right now.) Chase $, buy/sell, embrace a casual lover, Thursday to midday Sat. A great, lucky interval, but stop short Sat. — division possible. Possible trip this eve.


libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

This week to mid-May might be the most important, most potent partner-finding months in decades, Libra. Your home, domestic situation still holds you back, but barely, and by April, even more by 2024, this influence will dissolve, freeing you for true love, true marriage. Careful on legal fronts to mid-March. Same period, you might travel afar — and meet a great potential mate in another country (or a library, airport or school). Someone’s talking on the home front: with pretty workable ideas. Your work mates are pleasant, affectionate until late Feb.

Sunday to Monday noon triggers optimism, social desires, wish fulfillment, and popularity. Flirt! Retreat for a breather Monday pm through Wed. Lie low, rest, ponder and plan. (Don’t meet a lover around Tuesday noon, PST.) Seek advice. Your energy and charisma soar Thursday to late morning Sat. I urge you to chase love, beauty, or pleasure — you’re on a winning streak! But step back Saturday to recalculate, reconsider, esp. if spending $.


scorpio iconSCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The accent remains on your home, family, mother nature, security, and a brief semi-hibernation, Scorpio. A thread of romance lightens your days (could even lead to “partnership” for some singles). Handle paperwork, communications with aplomb. Yes, work is growing and growing until May — and bringing in the $!

Show your ambitious side Sunday to midday Mon. Wish fulfillment, popularity, social joys, flirtations, enthusiasm and optimism — these lift your heart Monday pm through Wed. — a great interval, but avoid investing, sex, commitment Tuesday before about 1 pm PST. Retreat to a quiet place Thursday to late morning Sat. Ponder, seek advice, make plans. Be charitable. If you forgive our enemies, they will tend to go away. Your energy and charisma rise nicely Saturday pm — use this to overcome obstacles.


sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The accent remains on quick, easy chores, Sage — paperwork, trips, communications. Be curious, ask questions. Your family is affectionate and supportive (this week and next). Some of those swift, easy chores could yield a nice “payment.” Most outstanding: someone is hot, whether they’re in pursuit of you or you of them. Intensity is the rule, esp. in romantic, love, and marriage zones. Things will either go splendidly well (90 % of you) or end up in a battle royal )(10 %). A lot depends on desire AND diplomacy. Gemini, Aries might be involved.

Sunday’s for mellow wisdom, wondering, far travel, cultural rituals, higher learning, law, and gentle love — to midday Monday, too. Be ambitious (or feign it) Monday pm through Wed. A splendid interval, but DON’T oppose someone Tuesday (mostly moon, noon PST). Wishes come true, your popularity surges, and flirting blossoms, Thursday to late morning Sat. A beautiful interval — some might even agree to wed. Careful Saturday pm — lie low, plan, recover health.


capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Do all you can to increase your income over the next 2 weeks, Cap. a casual love affair might occur. You are expressing yourself very well this week, so approach a subject that you find it difficult to talk about. Friends, acquaintances treat you with gentle affection. Don’t ignore work — it’s intense. Practice safety, take a calm approach.

Life’s mysteries surface Sunday to midday Mon. You’re tempted to invest or to chase sexual intimacy. Be careful — don’t act on emotions only. Logic needed. A mental joy slips into your Monday eve through Wednesday interval — all’s good, loving, harmonious — IF you avoid any kind of showdown Tuesday morn/afternoon. Travel, law, learning favoured. Be extra ambitious Thursday to noon Sat. A superb interval, esp. Thurs./Fri. You could grab a prize position or otherwise climb the career ladder. Happiness, social joys Saturday pm (and Sunday) — but don’t start anything of a practical nature.


Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

It’s your time to get your way, Aquarius, this week and next. Your energy, charisma and sense of timing are top-notch. This week, secrets emerge. Your money luck is good until late Feb. Until late March, romance is 1) more talk than action, OR 2) hot, argumentative and ending in a “fight of attraction” [if you don’t want this, watch your words] OR 3) a hot, intense, joyous, poetic, pleasurable mutual love. Which of these, is largely up to you.

Sunday and the first half of Monday bring relationships, opportunities, and exciting meetings. Be diplomatic, join another’s bandwagon. From midday Monday through Wednesday, the cosmos moves you from “surface attraction” to seek a deeper bonding (likely more intimate) — and you can succeed in both “close clinches” and financial actions. But don’t argue or chase romance Tuesday daytime (before 1:30 pm PST). Gentle love, far travel, higher learning, legal and cultural “pathways” fill Thursday to noon Sat. A superb interval — you could fall in love, or someone might fall I’m for you. Either way, it’s a good thing. Saturday eve/night, don’t squander your reputation: be innocent.


Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-April 20

Remain in the background, Pisces — rest, watch, contemplate, seek advice and plan. Be charitable, spiritual. Despite your weariness and “deflation” others are attracted, and show it. Chatty person might help a wee wish come true. Your home remains a bit fractious until March. Until May, go “all out” to find $, to get a pay raise, etc, — your luck is at a decade high in this area.

Sunday to midday Monday brings chores, not terribly hard ones. (Careful driving, around machinery, at dawn Sunday PST.) Relationships, exciting meetings, opportunities — and possible enemies — fill Monday pm through Wed. — a good interval, if you avoid Tuesday daytime’s argument potential. (After this, some very intriguing “relationships” can open up.) Chase the “hidden stuff” Thursday to noon Sat. — sexual intimacy, secrets/research, financial action, medical and lifestyle decisions. All these are soaked in good luck, so grab and act. Saturday pm starts a weekend of wise woolgathering…



I see the Republicans in America are really upset because a bunch of Democratic lawyers are trying to get the voting laws changed so that signatures will not be verified. In essence, this means a voter could fill out 100 ballots and mail them in, no signature needed.

So what’s the problem? The Republicans merely need to set up a clandestine printer, print 100 million phoney ballots, then fill them out and mail them in over, say, the 2 or 3 months in which the Dems have stretched out voting… easy! We won by 90 million votes! Every school board, governorship, congressional member and senator, and President, every single elected official is Republican! And everyone won by a landslide! Gee, imagine that!


APOLOGY: To Paul Pelosi. I saw the video — police cam — of the crazy Canuck attacking him. Everyone was puzzled by Paul’s polite deference to the madman while on the 911 call, and when the cops arrived. Actually, even under grave danger from the Canadian madman, Pelosi acted calm and euphemistic: “He’s with me,” rather than “he broke into the house.” His actIons/reactions were VERY Libran. Both his names, P.P. — are Libran. But there’s no indication in his birth chart:  he’s Leo rising, Aries Sun, Cancer Moon. Hmmm.