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START NOTHING: 3:52 pm to 5:31 pm Mon., 5:06 pm to 9 pm Wed., and 8:18 pm to 9:35 pm Fri. 


VIRGO READERS: In your weekly message, a typo turned “a month of exciting relationships” into “a month unexciting relationships.” (This is Apple’s AI, which is certain it knows what you want to say better than you do.) Please believe in excitement!

Remember my prediction last July/August that we would have a severe winter?

Where I live (Vancouver, B.C.) flowers start to bloom in February. This year, no flowers — it’s still snowing. As I write this, in the Canadian and U.S. east, temperatures, with wind chill, are already 80 below zero (Fahrenheit) and are expected to hit below 100 degrees. This is after earlier unusual cold snaps.

Joe Biden’s a magnificent orator. But so was Satan.

No doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. — Desiderata.



aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Your last week of enthusiasm, optimism and social delights before a “rest period” begins Saturday evening. (PST). Keep expanding your world, and chasing your goals — they’re strongly favoured until May. Gov’t, head office treat you well. Someone arrives, begins to talk about the future.

Sunday to suppertime Monday steers you toward depths, mysteries, hidden treasures. Lust is strong, so  the desire for financial gain. You’ll succeed Sunday night to dawn Mon. Otherwise, be cautious — some treasures have traps. A mellow, wise mood slides in Monday eve through Wed. Far travel, higher learning, law, beliefs, profound ideas favoured. (Avoid deception midday Wed.) Be ambitious Thurs./Fri. A stroke of luck (or your optimistic, cheerful assertiveness) could send you shooting upward!  Hopes, friendly romance/flirting fill Sat. Same day, a month of quietude starts.


taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Your last week of pressures, esp. in career, ambitions, status and prestige zones. You have been under extreme stress pressure for about 4 years (since early 2019). Part of this will deflate or dissolve in March, but most of the stress will disappear in 3 years (early 2026). Until then, grin and bear it, and reduce stress by exercising outdoors, gardening (absolute best) by being ambitious, and reducing tv time. Gov’t, institutions favour you until May. Money flows in, 6 more weeks — keep it, do not spend. Someone sweet enhances your social life.

Sunday to suppertime Monday (PST) brings exciting relationships — some good (Sun. night, predawn Mon.) some not so good. Be diplomatic. Sex, lust, large finances, lifestyle changes, medical or research actions fill Monday night to late Wednesday night. Caution Tues. suppertime and Wed. midday. A “treasure” does exist! Mellow wisdom, far travel, law, higher learning and gentle love fill Thurs./Fri. Lots of success, but leave “law” until Fri. Saturday emphasizes your ambitions — and starts a month of happiness and mingling.


gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

This is your last week of gentle love, Gemini, of pondering big ideas, legal, creative communications,  cultural and educational involvements. Higher-ups like you — take advantage. Your sexual magnetism continues to simmer, will until late March. This “magnetism” can help make a wish come true (love wish?) and/or bring you a new, growing group of friends. You might receive a late love message, or embrace your “new life/new love.” Aquarian, Aries might play roles. 

Tackle chores, eat and dress sensibly Sun. To suppertime Mon. (PST). Relationships create excitement Monday eve through Wed. Be diplomatic Tuesday night and midday Wed. The deeper side of relations (lust, pregnancy, investment, medical or research themes, or lifestyle changes) arrives Thurs./Fri. — Jump in, all’s fortunate! Saturday starts a weekend of gentle love, travel, learning, and a month of ambition and “status” pressures.


Cancer icon  CANCER: June 21-July 22

This is your last week of mystery, Cancer. Next week, wisdom will come to make sense of everything you experienced in the last three weeks and this one — weeks filled with secrets and discoveries, and a quiet, persistent lust for power, intimacy, and or financial success/investments. Study these areas now, and if you want to make a commitment, purchase an asset or pay down debt, do so Friday, or even better Saturday or Sunday (18/19th). A potential lifestyle change might involve either relocation or embracing a relationship.

Sunday to Monday afternoon triggers your romantic sensors — Sunday’s better. Tackle chores Monday suppertime (PST) through Wednesday. Eat and dress sensibly. Tuesday morn most productive. Relationships and opportunities fill your horizon Thursday/Friday. Love, joy, luck accompany you, more so if you join another. Saturday starts a weekend of lust, big finance, and investigation — and a month of wisdom, gentle love and learning.


Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

This is your last week of open attractions and open relationships, Leo. Saturday will start a month in which these relationships and present opportunities dive into the depths of commitment and consequence. But that’s next week. Your sexual and financial picture looks good. Another finally ends their silence and begins to speak… this might lead to an opportunity or a deepened relationship. Join another’s bandwagon, walk their path.

Be home, hug the kids, jackhammer the garden Sunday to suppertime Mon. Sunday eve/night best. Romantic feelings well up in you Monday eve through Wed. Obstacles and success here. Tuesday best. Tackle work Thurs./Fri. — you’ll get a major amount done. Saturday starts a weekend of serious relationships, and a month of new depths in these relations.


virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

This is your last week of work, drudgery, machinery and worries about dependents, Virgo. (But you also might receive news of a new chore, a small one, very suited to you, which will I end by early March.)  Others continue to treat you with affection (or at least, kid’s gloves). Be diplomatic toward higher ups.

Errands, communications, paperwork and other quick easy chores fill Sunday to Monday suppertime (PST). For success, act between Sunday suppertime and Monday dawn.  (Sunday night for EST.) Your home, family, property, security and connection to nature are enhanced Monday night through Wednesday. Be nimble — good luck mixes with obstacles. Romance, creative urges, speculation, beauty and pleasure fill your mind Thursday/Friday. A beautiful, successful interval. Saturday starts a weekend of chores, and a month of exciting relationships and opportunities.


libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

I would usually say that this is your last week of romance and creative surges, Libra. But this spring, relationships are so fortunate and your mating potential so high that I doubt romance will really fall off after this week. Still, romance/creativity (and teaching kids) are the best things you can chase this week. Your gift of gab suddenly returns, in love zones. You might fall in love. Co-workers remain gentle, affectionate. 

Chase $ Sunday to suppertime (PST) Monday. If buying, Sunday night best. Call, text, travel, handle paperwork Monday eve through Wed. Tuesday’s easiest, best results. Head for home, family, nature, garden, cooking Thurs./Fri. Excellent interval! Saturday starts a weekend of uber-romance (or romantic dreams of “what if…”) and a month of chores and machinery.


scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

It’s your last week of domesticity and low energy, Scorpio. Saturday (the 18th) will start a month of romance, creativity and pleasure. But in some ways you’re already enjoying this, as a thread of romance/beauty/affection continues from late January. You’ll need lots of energy for the month ahead, so use the present week to get some deep rest, and to re-connect with kids, parents, and nature. (Smell the woods, the pasture, or even a crocus.) 

Your energy and charisma rule Sunday to suppertime Mon. (PST). Chase money, buy/sell and embrace casual love Monday eve through Wednesday. Tuesday best. Errands, communications and paperwork fill Thursday/Friday, and will somehow bring something that makes you satisfied or happy. Saturday starts a weekend of domestic concerns, and a month of romance and pleasure.


sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

It’s your last week of short trips, communications, paperwork and quick, easy tasks. Soon, you’ll flop down for a nice month of R&R (rest and recuperation). (You’ve already received a taste of this since late January, as family have been affectionate, accepting.) Meanwhile, you have all sorts of people to answer, and places to go — and new ones spring up this week.

Lie low, rest, ponder and plan Sunday to suppertime Monday (PST). Best planning time: late Sunday. Your energy, charisma and effectiveness soar Monday eve through Wed. Tuesday best — realize that beneath a potential argument, is a powerful attraction. Chase $, buy/sell, Thurs./Fri. This interval is also good for casual sex, but I’m not recommending it, as you have much bigger love fish to fry, and an “easy affair” right now might throw a bigger love off the tracks. Saturday starts a weekend of more errands, calls and paperwork, but it also commences a month of heightened domesticity.


capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

One more week of money matters, shopping, clawing for income, etc., Cap. Communications remain gracious, even affectionate. You might receive a $-oriented missive, which could trigger another, though smaller, money-drive. Work remains intense (through March). Want to succeed? Then use this money week to buy or sell real estate. (Your luck here extends to mid-May, so  no need to rush — April will be a good purchasing time, also.)

Your popularity rises, and wishes can cone true, Sunday to suppertime Mon. (PST). Late Sunday night best. Retreat to solitude Monday eve through Wed. Lie low, rest, ponder, plan. Seek advice. Tuesday best. Your energy, charisma and clout rise very nicely Thurs./Fri. A superb interval — launch a project, add a personal touch to ventures, get your own way! Saturday starts a weekend of chasing $ (or shopping) — but for you it also begins a month of easy chores, errands, calls, paperwork, etc.


Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

You’re still on top, Aquarius — energetic, decisive, charismatic. Do big, meaningful stuff.  Your sense of timing is great. Money and shopping are fortunate. Good time to spruce up your wardrobe, or buy a luxury item. You finally find your voice in relationships — or at least, your best voice. Romance is still a “hot ticket” until late March, but your seductive powers wane a bit after this week.

Be ambitious Sunday to suppertime Mon. (PST). (Late Sunday to dawn Monday best.) Wishes can come true Monday eve through Wed. Your popularity rises, optimism and friendly flirting occur. Tuesday’s best. Retreat to quietude Thurs./Fri. — rest, be charitable, spiritual, seek advice, and liaise with gov’t, head office or institutions. Both days excellent, esp. if you’re “management material.” Don’t start a legal, political or religious argument around midday Thurs. Saturday starts a weekend of super-energy, charisma for you, and a month of money pursuits.


Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

It’s your last week of quietude/solitude, Pisces. Continue to rest, seek advice, ponder and plan your actions — which will come quite soon, next week onward. Remain spiritual, tolerant. Despite your “withdrawal mode,” you remain attractive, and others treat you well. Your domestic friction will last another 42 days. Working on physical projects will “bleed off” this friction. 

Sunday to suppertime Monday (PST) boosts your view of the world, adds new understanding. Gentle love possible, late Sunday or around dawn Mon. Be ambitious Monday eve though Wed. Respond to pressure. Tuesday best, but avoid anger at home. Wishes can come true Thurs./Fri. — optimism, friendly flirting, social contacts buoy your heart. Saturday starts a weekend of rest, solitude, but a month of the opposite: more energy, heightened charisma, clout and effectiveness. Wait until Feb. 20 or 22 to begin anything significant.



YOU CAN FIND YOUR MOST THRILLING PARTNERSHIP with anyone born 7 years and 20 days (+/- 2 days) after you, or before you, or 3 years 6 months and 10 days (+/- 2 days) before or after you.

(E.g., if you were born June 1, 1951, you would experience a powerful mutual attraction with someone born November 21, 1947, and Dec. 10, 1954. (The 3 yr, 6 mo., 10 day separation, before and after your birth date.) And these people, born in 1947 and 1954, would also experience a powerful attraction to you. 

The glitch is, how do you find this person? Spend a million $ in ads? None of the dating sites that I’ve seen allow you to choose based on birthdate.

So, not having a million to spend on ads, I’m going to embarrass myself and use this blog as my own dating site. Here’s why:

I was divorced in 2011. Since then I’ve had a few affairs, but nothing deep and lasting. I have 4 children, an assortment of grandkids, and one great-grandchild.

Now I’m looking for a true friend/mate, someone to bond with for the remainder of life. If you are a single lady born on any of the following dates, please call me at 604-399-8407, or email suningem@gmail.com.

Here are birth dates majorly compatible with my own. You’ll notice they aren’t just the 7-year and 3-year periods as mentioned above. I’ve added a few interim, but strong, ones. (PS: I was born June 6, 1948.)

    • May 17-20, 1941 (**)
    • Nov. 25-28, 1944 (**)
    • Sept. 25 to Oct. 18, 1945 (all 24 days)
    • April 13-14, 1945
    • May 8 – 10, 1946
    • May 10 – 12, 1947
    • Oct. 19-20, 1947
    • Oct. 20-22, 1948
    • Nov. 19-20, 1950
    • Dec. 16/17, 1950
    • July 30-Aug. 1, 1951
    • Dec. 14-17, 1951 (**)
    • Jan. 9-13, 1953
    • May 27-29, 1953
    • Aug. 28, 1953
    • Feb. 8/9, 1955
    • June 25-27, 1955 (**)

(**) = My 7 year + 20 day,  and 3 year 6 mo and 10 day “spots.”

I know this doesn’t seem very romantic, but I’m both romantic and objective. I’m a dicey partner: I have been criticized for: speaking inappropriately (I’m not very politically correct) brushing my teeth too loudly, dressing like a slob (not always! — I was a real “dresser” in my 20’s) and, worst, not paying attention/listening (I’m often in my own head with my own thoughts). So I’m not the best mate. But I can also be considerate, generous, socially graceful, well-mannered, diplomatic, and understanding — and silly, witty and adventurous.


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    Don’t give up with maximising every opportunity to connect. I met my husband online at a time when at our then age (late 40’s) we would never have met without this intervention and our own bravado at trying it at the time (17 years ago). As we all get older we need to maximise every opportunity to reach out to different people. I value your guidance more than you can ever know and whilst I don’t always agree with you i adore your passion and energy and I know that someone out there will too. One swallow does not a summer make. Thanks jayne

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