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Once again the forecasts will be short,  as I have been sick for almost a week. I should have known better than to travel internationally while the Sun was in my eighth house. A perfect recipe for Covid, which I did get. (The 8th is not only the house of serious illness, it is also the house “behind,” or “bad for” the 9th, which rules far travel — and publishing.)


The AFTERAMBLE is fairly full, as I wrote those items last week.


IF YOU have sent me an email or reading request, please be patient. I will answer you as soon as I feel better.

ALL SIGNS:  All systems are go on every front. Not one planet is retrograde, now to late April, so charge ahead with your favourite projects.


Stock markets will now establish a direction, and not waver nor self-question, at least until late April.



aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19


Pressures ease, Aries. The weeks ahead feature fun, popularity, optimism, social delights and entertainment. You will be happy! Now to late April, charge ahead on self-promotion, legal, international, media, far travel and love zones.

Sunday/Monday emphasize this “happy zone.” But much of Monday to mid-morn Wed., calls for rest, contemplation and planning. Your energy and charisma surge back late Morning Wednesday. Chase $, buy/sell Friday afternoon, Sat.


taurus icon  TAURUS: April 20-May 20

Pressures begin, Taurus, as the weeks ahead emphasize career, prestige relations and worldly standing. Now to late April, plunge wholeheartedly into your favourite project(s) — delays vanish. That project might be “climbing the management ladder.” Try to be as close to head office as you can.

Sun. And Monday morn emphasize this “pressure” — and its opportunities. Optimism, popularity ands social delights fill Mon. to dawn Wed. Retreat, rest and plan Wed. Morn to Fri. afternoon. This night into the weekend makes you the star of your group.


gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

One of your favourite influences fills the weeks ahead, Gemini: far travel, higher ed, law, publishing, philosophy, and gentle love (the kind that can lead to a wedding). Every planet is “ready fort action” until late April, so charge ahead with your favourite project(s) — one of which is to increase your group associations to seek new friends — luckiest time in 12 years to do so.

Sunday’s for everything mentioned above — far travel, law, etc. Monday morn to late morn Wednesday nudges you to “get ahead” — be ambitious. (Your actions will “pay off” with a nice flush of favour from VIPs late this week to late February.) Wednesday to Friday afternoon brings hope, friendship, openings to join a group. (Wed. best.) Retreat Friday eve into the weekend, as your energy and charisma briefly falter: study, make plans.


Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Read ALL SIGNS above, Cancer.  Now to April, charge ahead with your projects. Delays vanish. One recommended zone: career and ambition. Another: research and finances (e.g., investments). (These — and sex — are significant Sunday.) A wise, mellow mood enters Monday morn to late morning Wed. Good time to declare love, or handle a lawsuit. Ambition and “bosses’ evaluations” arise midday Wed. to late afternoon Friday. Friday eve starts a weekend of fun and optimism!


Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22


The weeks aheads emphasize relationships, opportunities, fresh horizons and relocation ideas. This is certain to be a successful month, esp. if your sights are set on this zone. Now to April, you are very favoured to make significant advancements in marital love, far travel, legal, media, educational and love spheres.

Sunday re-emphasizes the relationship/opportunity theme. Monday to late morning Wednesday brings deeper stuff — investments, debt, lust-driven sex. Research for success. Law, far travel, media, life Philosophy and gentle love fill Wed. pm to mid-afternoon Fri. This pm starts a weekend of ambition, rubbing elbows with higher-ups.


virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The weeks ahead emphasize chores, daily health, and machinery, employee-employer relations. Now to late April, the doors open to fortunate investments, debt reduction, research, medical cures, and lust. I’d plunge into at least one of these.

Sunday emphasizes work and health. Relationships and opportunities fill Monday to late morning Wed. (Tuesday best.) Deeper zones (finances, lust, medical cures, lifestyle changes)  rise to the surface Wed. pm to late afternoon Fri. Friday pm starts a weekend of mellow wisdom, tolerance and gentle love.


libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Romantic feelings fill the week ahead, Libra. This coincides with a very fortunate period, now to late April, that boosts your chances at finding a life-mate. (Best in 12 + years.) By March, karma’s 13-year punishment (in which domestic problems upset every romance, preventing true marriage) will “disappear.” All systems are go, so plunge in, chase your fortune! (If you’re married, this luck applies to relocation and/or practical opportunities/partnerships.)

Sunday’s romantic, creative. Tackle chores Monday to mid-morning Wed. Eat, dress sensibly. Wednesday to mid-afternoon Friday emphasizes relationships, fresh horizons, opportunities. Deeper stuff comes Friday night into the weekend: sex, lust, research, finances, investments, life changes.


scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The weeks ahead emphasize home, family, security and mom nature. In some ways, it’s a time of rest. In the larger picture, now to late April opens the doors to progress and good luck in employment, parental duties, and health. (But if poor health comes, get to a doctor, as illness can expand.)

Sunday’s domestic. Hug the kids. Romantic feelings tease you Monday morn to mid-morn Wed. Tuesday best. Tackle chores Wed. pm to mid-afternoon Fri. Eat, dress sensibly. Friday eve starts a weekend of relationships, opportunities and fresh horizons. Be diplomatic!


sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

A month of communication, short trips and paperwork faces you, Sage. Dive in — you’ll be satisfied with results. Now to late April opens the doors wide to huge romance, adventure, sports/games wins, and successful creative projects. Almost nothing will impede or obstruct you. Delays end.

Sunday’s for paperwork, errands. Domestic factors take over Monday morn to mid-morn Wed. (Tues., Wed. morn best.) That “romance influence” shines brightly midday Wed. to mid-afternoon Fri. This eve starts a weekend of work and chores. Get ‘em done.


capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec, 22-Jan. 19

Focus on money, buying/selling, seeking a pay raise, etc., Cap, for the 4 weeks ahead. Casual sex available. Now to late April, your real estate, domestic and security zone sparkles with good luck. Delays disappear. Jump in with courage and resolve. (You might gain from the gov’t in real estate.)

Sunday, chase money or study real estate. Monday to mid-morn Wednesday is for friendly contacts, paperwork, errands and short trips. Home, family, real estate grab your attention Wed. pm to mid-afternoon Fri. Friday pm starts a weekend of pleasure, beauty, and romance.


Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18.

At last! Your energy and charisma, effectiveness and clout, are at a yearly peak for the 4 weeks ahead, Aquarius. Go after what or who you want, 100 %. No delays, no obstacles! Now to late April the doors open wide to communications, short travel, errands, paperwork — and curiosity. Ask questions, find evidence, etc.

Your energy peaks Sunday. Chase $ (or casual sex) Monday to mid-morning Wed. (Wed. best.) Wednesday to mid-afternoon Friday emphasizes errands, trips, paperwork — a zone that is growing, expanding, and holds a “lucky treasure.” Friday pm through the weekend nudges you toward rest, home, kids.


Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The weeks ahead pull you toward rest, solitude, spiritual learning, management and gov’t. Don’t over-exert; pamper your health. Now to late April, your money picture looks splendid — you can gain a pay raise, sell a major item, etc.

Sunday, be deep in sleep. Monday to mid-morn Wed., your energy, charisma and timing return — do something significant! Chase money, seek a pay raise, buy/sell, etc., midday Wed. To mid-afternoon Fri. Friday eve starts a very active weekend: errands, calls, trips, paperwork. Be curious. Ask questions.




Hey, where are Brennan and Clapper and all the other so-called intelligence directors who consistently and zealously attacked Trump for his Russian collusion, when the only collusion was between these sweethearts and the anti-trump world. (I think when Brennan blows his nose, he has to use toilet paper.) Colluded probably closely with Hillary, too, who had colluded with the Russians since deep in the Obama years (for at least a decade). (Remember, she’s the one who sold the Russians, who already possessed more nuclear weapons than America, 25 % of the United States’ uranium stockpiles.) Funny how we don’t see these two jackasses, Brennan & Clapper, anymore. They should be in jail; their words have been much mire seditious than anything the Jan. 6 crowds did. So should a jail open its arms to capture those delicate, elusive flowers, Pelosi and Schiff, bad flowers, sinners whose crimes their majority government, and their lap dogs FBI and DOJ, turned a blind eye to. (Pelosi’s crime was fully recorded on video at her hair dresser’s premises. But she was in power, so suffered no consequences.)

Trump did nothing, violated no laws, yet the corrupt Dems, who learned a lot from Hitler, have launched a multitude of lawsuits against him — every one of which has failed so far.*

  • His companies have just been convicted of some dodgy stuff, tax avoidance by not declaring cars, apartments gifted or loaned to Trump executives. Trump had to have been aware?


Communism (aka Democrat Party) : “We will give you everything, we will take care of every need, until you own nothing and have neither incentive nor ability to take care of yourself. Then, of course, we’ll hand out Vodka.”


All these murders in the news: when you kill someone, you not only deprive them of life, you also deny them a chance to progress spiritually on this corporeal earth plane. (I believe this earthly plane is our “purgatory” where we can slowly or swiftly progress to purity — and heaven.)


All these Democrats who want Republican Scott removed from Congress because he lied during his election campaign. Okay, now how about the biggest serial liar of all? When will they remove Joe from office?


Africa is the great unheralded opportunity of the future. China has seen this., But even China, I suspect, will not be prepared for the future immensity: 1 billion people, hungering to work, to live and to produce… Africans are very energetic, and an energetic population expands the GDP — An entrepreneur’s dream. The Silk Road will only be able to carry one 20th of Africa’s output.


Each child is manufactured in a unique and in some ways an infinite recipe, a precisely mixed stew of DNA and other factors, some of whose Discovery lies in the future. Soon we will be as far past DNA, as it was from a medicine that spoke in terms of constitutional health.

Each child is labelled with a name that reflects its nature, just as we would put serial numbers and country of origin stamps, etc. on steel products. But that name not only reflects the child’s unique nature, it also spells his destiny. How accurately it does so, or how minutely it can be read, i’m not sure. (Realize “destiny” and “destination” are the same.)

But to give an example, my first name is Tim. T is a Pisces letter (see my “Platforms “) and I live my life in a fairly Piscean way; I’m passive in business situations, dreamy, intuitive. The second letter, I, is Taurean, so I feel satisfied with being that way. And M is cancer — I love to work at the kitchen table. Not exactly  a magnificent destiny.

Presently, technology lies far behind spirituality and the realms where karma shines brightly. The webs and weaves, the filigreed currents and circuits of nature, esp. on the elevated or more spiritual levels, remain far beyond technology’s  ability to grasp or measure. But this gap will not last very long: we will see it filling in — through advancements in tech — in about 200 years. The 2,000 or so years beyond this will be marked by a fusion of technology and spirituality… Or some might see that as a Psychic more than spiritual thing. I wanted to make the point that when I speak of the filigreed currents of nature etc., I am speaking about the future that technology will discover;  But at present I can only envision them as occurring at a level of such sophistication and militarization, statues of molecules, that to me it appears spiritual.

The one thing I don’t like, and unfortunately my words (E.g., “elevated “) tends to bolster that very thing, is the assumption, usually by  spiritual types, that they are better than others in general. They are simply different levels, each necessary, each splendid. Even the instincts of animals are necessary and splendid.


Have you noticed that joy Behar on the view with all her cosmetic surgery and make up is starting to look like Keith Ledgers’ Joker in the Batman movie?


Gee, how inappropriate: two of the most corrupt politicians in the USA give the key  speeches at the anniversary funeral of idealist Martin Luther King.

Biden was one. You know, the man who once praised the KKK. The other was Raphael Warnock, a corrupt politician who has beaten his wife, and runs a slum landlord operation out of his “church.” Besides his lucrative senate payment, he has a six figure income from his church for being a “pastor,” and he also earns $7000 a month for running his slum landlord gig. He treated tenants with heartless cruelty. But he’s a very good orator, and he’s plump and healthy— and Black.




I have long ago forgiven everyone, for everyone has a weakness. Still, I have moments of anger which, for want of a better expression, I lob towards God. It occurs to me that this anger is a type of entitlement. To me, it comes down to this: either the pains and arrows, the losses and regrets I’ve suffered in life are some form of punishment, or merely a rebalancing, for the deeds (sins) I’ve committed in a past life. I suffer because I was once a bad person. Or, I can’t think of it, really, a second option would be that the universe is totally a product of chance, which would imply there is no God.

A third possibility is that there is a God, and it desires to see pain and sadness and loss in humans. Such a god would be a very small God, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was kicked out of the Academy of gods. In the interest of justice and real love, such a God is worth fighting against. (And, to a large degree we are doing just that, by science, by increasing  our medicine and nutrition and technology, by becoming a kinder society, humans being more merciful toward humans.)


Why don’t these people listen? I warned the Challenger Shuttle would crash and burn — and it did. Five years ago I advised the republicans to ship illegal immigrants to sanctuary (read sanctimonious) cities. Took them 5 years to finally implement the idea — but, to date, in mere trickles. (Even so, NYC has cried, ”Enough! We can’t take anymore!” In other words, OK we admit we were total hypocrites all those years when we claimed to be a “holier than thou” sanctimonious city.

As if they would ever admit their hypocrisy. It’s almost demanded. For example, the biggest liar in America is now President.

In 2014, when Putrid was stacking troops at the Ukraine border, in an obvious prep for invasion, I wrote here that Obama should immediately send 100,000 troops to the Uke side of the border. Stop Putrid with a determined show of force. Let him know that if he invaded, he would face a major, brutal war. Putrid, essentially a pragmatic coward, would have backed down. But? — Nothing. Early last year I told the Ukrainians how to win. They didn’t do it, and are now suffering the brutal, repetitive slaughter of their civilians. There are still several ways to win/stop the war and make Russia cede the Crimea: 1) invade Russian with a ground force. Soon, if possible, before Putrid renews his forces. 2) Cruise missiles to Moscow. 3) ally with Israel. If Iran can directly attack Ukraine with drones, then Iran becomes a valid target. (If Turkey invades Syria, this will aid Ukraine.)

But when 200? — 40 miles? — maybe a thousand — Russian tanks sat idly along a road just inside Ukraine, for months, before the invasion, didn’t some spark come that said, blow those tanks up, all of them, all one night. Maybe no one believed — wanted to believe —  the Russians would actually invade. It might have been too traumatic a thought. But even the media didn’t express the idea. 

One entity, it appears, did read and follow one of my ideas. Remember some years ago I “invented” putting a little side “finger tab” on toilet seats, so they could be raised without touching the seat? I just flew WestJet and guess what — all the airplane toilets have 4 — four! — tabs, two on each side. I suspect WestJet did see (or hear of) my idea, because the carrier is based in Vancouver, and its founder, I think, lives here — where this blog is based and I’m fairly well known.

Ah well. I hope I was the source!


And now an eye-witness says that, when he was vice-prez for Obama, Joe Biden left a pile of classified materials in a hotel room. The cleaning staff found it. The WH sent an emergency clean-up crew to retrieve them. This, if true, is the fourth instance of Joe committing a crime. Ordinary citizens who have inadvertently taken home a classified document, or taken a picture of their buddy standing on a nuke sub, have routinely been thrown in jail.

BTW, few media have drawn the obvious link: 1) classified docs found in Joe’s “Penn Think Tank.” This tank, and the premises, were paid for by the Communist Chinese Party. These docs focused upon China and Ukraine, and essentially, legally perhaps, were in Landlord China’s hands.  2) classified docs found in Joe’s garage (on the floor, totally unprotected) held more Chinese-related information/strategies/intel. Joe’s son, Hunter, addicted to coke and paid sex (actually probably addicted to wanting to appear as/be a man’s man which itself hints at a worry that one’s manhood is not sufficient, could be called into question. Ergo, the “double manly” behaviour…which, unfortunately, few men past 40 envy, not really) Hunter, prone to pass out while the party still rocked, was the resident of the house where the garage was.  So much for security. Hunter and Joe had sweetheart, illegal dealings and involvements with the Chinese Communists, and left classified docs concerning China (and Ukraine and Iran) within easy reach.

On a more personal front, do you want to trust Joe with your children? (This is the man who routinely caresses little girls, and has been instrumental in an initially clandestine effort to groom the whole nation’s small children, as in pedophile grooming, through placing pornography in school libraries, allowing boys to enter the girls washroom and rape them, through encouraging drag queen “story hours” and “plays” to faggot-up kids as young as pre-school; the man who, when his own (how old?) daughter was in the shower, took off his clothes and stepped in. (By his own daughter’s account.) The man who approves the killing of children AFTER they’ve been born. The disgusting creature who tried to arrest and criminalize parents who protested any — ANY — of the above, illegally sic-ing the FBI (FIB) on them. (In one case physically threatening and brutalizing a pro-life minister and his family with a SWAT TEAM assault-rifle pre-dawn raid, days AFTER he had offered, with his lawyer, to turn himself in. Not only that, he had not broken any law! The dunderhead FBI, upon the instructions of the Mad Hatter Attorney General, charged him with a false law that didn’t exist! Well, I’m bending that. The FACE Act under which he was charged, applies only to specific people, and he had no interaction at all with any of these people.) Wow what a cess pool, with that charming odious snake at the core of it, he and his loathsome mate, gestapo FBI, what a rot in America. Evilly ideological termites are eating Joe’s haunted house. When the wood is wet and rotting, the termites attack. Usually you don’t see them until the house falls down.



What a fiasco that was. What a travesty of justice — 3 cops railroaded into life-long sentences for no other reason than to appease Blacks and Black lovers. Justice? While what the cops did looked cruel, and maybe was, it was the procedure they had been instructed to use. Besides which Floyd was a real piece of work. He maybe had demon parents.. Even God disapproved of the whole BLM fiasco. Artists had painted a 20-foot tall portrait of Floyd on a brick wall. Shortly after the cops were sentenced, lightning struck that wall, totally demolishing it. All that was left was a pile of bricks. God’s statement?


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  1. GeminiSun

    Hello Tim,
    One question, curious, around 2026 (late 2026 maybe) how big are the chances, Putin will use nukleare weapons? What do you se in astrology?
    Because , I think, from 2022 he fights, the next 4 years, then there comes a peak point, win or loose, maybe.?

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, GeminiSun,

      It’s possible, Uranus is approaching the u.s. war degree, and Pluto’s square Saturn — but if it was to be, I’d suspect earlier than late ’26.

  2. eileencj

    Groan, that was short lived that you would stop talking about politics, so aggravating. Unprofessional.

  3. RevD

    Hi Tim,

    Hope you feel better soon. You’ve had a hell of a time with Covid!

    Just a little FYI for you:

    Westjet was founded in Calgary and it is still the head office for the airline.
    Several years ago Westjet was bought out by Onex Corporation a private equity fund.

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