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Women who give birth to their opposite sign (e.g., a Cancer woman has a Capricorn child or a Libra woman has an Aries child, etc.) often become single parents.




aries icon  ARIES:  March 20-April 19

You might start this week with tremendous progress in work and/or health areas, Aries (Sun./Mon.). Love could succeed Tuesday, or lead to an argument. Saturday’s great for spying, investing, and/or lust. Generally, this is a time in which wishes can come true. Your popularity is rising, a benevolent social group (or more specialized group) will welcome you as a member. Light romance, friendly love affairs, entertainment and optimism, pop around you like balloons at a party. (Well, maybe that’s exaggerating — but you will be happy!) Your money luck, especially earnings or income luck, is at a decade high until late May. Since you are now in a very forward, looking mental space, carve out some plans about increasing your money flow. Bosses are impatient, critical (unless you work in a primary industry: e.g., mining, forestry) until mid-February. They will also be willing to promote you, if you can see yourself through their eyes.


taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The accent continues on your status, career, and prestige relations, Taurus. (“Status” includes marital status.) Your mind is very active now, and very accurate. So this is a great time to see the long-term implications of any action, and to make decisions about what to do in fairly major parts of your life. Remember, until late May you are on the cusp of something very fortunate. It could tie into an investment, a sexual bond, a pregnancy, a research project, therapy, accounting, police, work or investigation, a medical procedure, or a lifestyle change. Although you are in a strong ambition phase, Sunday/Monday this week could bring huge good luck in romantic, creative, child, oriented projects, in sports, games, beauty and pleasure. Don’t be shy. The rest of this week is pretty easy: working in the middle, and opportunities in relationships and in general late week.


gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Something fantastic can happen on the home front Sunday/Monday, Gemini. It could involve a Taurus, Sagittarius, or Aquarius person. these are also two great days to list or offer on a property, to buy furniture, or any other way enhance your home, to deal with children and set their future on a strong course, or simply to seek security in any form. On these two days, you will know who belongs in your future, and who should be relegated to your past. The rest of this week is fairly easy: romance in the middle and work late week. In general, you are in the middle of a mellow, tolerant, and far-seeing phase — this favours love, justice, legal matters, higher education, far travel, culture, philosophy and media. You are searching for a higher level, a better moral code. But this week and the last few repeatedly fill you with temptation! Ah, well. If you can, focus on investments, health and research rather than lust or power.


Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Many human “connections” with others linger, sparking half-hearted impulses to seek others (one other) out and fulfill those feelings, yearnings. However, your boat of destiny has crossed into the deeper waters of commitment and consequence, and the “stakes” are higher than is apparent — simply because what you do now might be the first small step toward a huge goal or development — that can take up to 20 years to reach “fullness.” E.g., in trying to re-experience a love relationship, you might end up pregnant, and your next 20 years are “set” (for parenthood). Most “developments” will be much subtler than that. Reach out to as many people or organizations as you can Sunday/Monday — you can make valuable contacts, send impressive emails, letters, etc. Be curious — you’ll learn something that can improve your life.


Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The emphasis continues on relationships, public dealings, opportunities, and possible relocation, Leo. Pluto has just entered this area, to stay for 20 years. This will increase the intensity of relationships, but might also make it somewhat difficult to form and maintain a strong relationship. If children are involved, or if your intent is to share a domestic situation, then a relationship can proceed more easily and rewardingly. Many of you will relocate before 2044. (Best close year for this, 2030. Pretty good year for this, mid-2027 to mid-2028.) A lot of action remains in your work zone, with chores left over from the past month. As mentioned many times, your career and similar ambitions are blessed with good fortune until late May. This week, Sunday/Monday are superb for making, collecting money, buying or selling. Late week, be home, with family.


virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The accent remains on work, daily, health, machinery, and dependents/pets, Virgo. But enough of December/January’s romantic influence lingers this week to enchant you. Realize, if single, that your partnership prospects now to Feb. 2026 will be slow to unravel, and the better bonds will be built on loyalty (meaning you might have to knock several times before you’re “admitted”). That said, during these 2 years ahead your romance planet will be in your partnership sign — what could be better? One hint: you will, until ’26, succeed far more with older or younger prospects, than with people your own age. Start a project or give an ongoing one a major push Sunday/Monday — you’ll be charismatic, “in charge,” and very effective. Pick any goal — legal, love, travel, media, etc. Maybe a “surprise success.” Chase $ midweek, travel, converse late week.


libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Ah, romance! You’re buoyed by love, creative surges, sports/games, kids, pleasure and beauty. You’re riding a winning streak. Your major finances are blessed now, too (until late May) — investments will tend to grow. Maybe take a bit of a chance. But despite the romantic general influence, all your social/love planets are still in ”hibernation” or in “shared secrets” zone — or, simply, you’re stuck with home/family concerns just as you want to chase adventure. However, this is like a slight slap of a breeze, just to remind you how difficult love AND domesticity were for the last 14 years. The future is much different: for 20 years, your planet of “possession” crawls through your romance sign (Aquarius) — there will be no more serious “domestic obstacles” to romance.  If you need to liaison with the gov’t, or with “head office,” or want to handle any kind of management or admin work, or deal with a large corporation, plunge in Sunday/Monday. (Even if you feel tired.) Mid-week, your energy rises. Late week, chase $ and purchases.


scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The general accent remains on home, family, security, weight gain or loss, soul, mother nature, etc. Usually, this trend would be accompanied by a physical sluggishness because in a sense you are undergoing an annual month of “hibernation.” But this time, messages, and calls and errands and paperwork keep you hopping. in addition, this week, Sunday/Monday could fulfil a wish, could surprise you with the joys of friendship and flirtation. Plunge into your future these days — if no other way, then to dream about future goals. (If envisioned Sunday/Monday, you are likely to reach them someday.) Your partnership prospects are like gold through late May. However, you might be wise to wait until late February onward to try to start or nail down a partner, or an opportunity. Great luck here (in relocation and public dealings also) but it unfolds in its own time. You’ll encounter low energy midweek, and a burst of energy late week. All’s well!


sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Your days are filled with errands, calls, paperwork, applications, etc. But money issues remain vital, active, Sage. Find a “time” balance between the two areas. (Even better, if your communications, trips, involve money, selling, earnings.) You’re in a good place/attitude to look for work, if need be. You could find (maybe now, maybe sometime before June) a better job than you anticipate. Charge after career goals Sunday/Monday — contact VIPs, bosses, send emails, applications, proposals — two very lucky days for the ambitious! Mid-week is hopeful, social, fun. But turn to solitude, rest and contemplation Thursday noon to Sat. Careful Thursday, when something might “collapse.” Overall, a bright, friendly week!


capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 20

The emphasis remains on money, Cap, on buying/selling, wages, etc., and also on possessions, casual sex (which is a kind of possession) and rote learning (another kind of possession). Your romantic prospects look huge and fortunate through May. You will only have to accept one thing: that any romance started between May 2023 and June 2024 tend to contain various restrictive elements. (This is not necessarily a bad thing.) For two more weeks, you retain a strong streak of social ability and charisma, flowing from December and June’s events. someone might be very attracted to you Sunday/Monday – and it’s quite unlikely they will hide it. In fact, you might be seduced these two days by someone’s mental acuity. He or she sparks a feeling of freshness, especially in your thoughts and ideas. some Capricorns might agree to marry/wed Sunday/Monday — if so, it would probably be a fortunate marriage, maybe very fortunate. These days are also excellent for legal, far travel, international, higher learning, religion, culture, and similar involvements. be ambitious midweek. Seek fun and friends Thursday onward.


Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 21-Feb. 18

You’re at the top of your game, Aquarius! Your energy, clout, effectiveness, and attractiveness are at a yearly high. You are still held back a little bit, by connections to the past, or perhaps government regulations. These restrictions will fade by mid-February. After this week, the romantic part of these restrictions will dissolve, and you will have the moxie and inspiration to chase someone in a fresh way. Your home and family life remain cheerful and lucky. I’ll say it once more: you will gain tremendously if you sell, and or buy a home before late May. If a new baby comes before June, he or she will be “larger than life” — cheerful, adventurous, intellectual (and probably, one day, wealthy). Sunday/Monday are packed with good luck for you if you tackle investments, debt, medical and lifestyle questions, and research. You might be filled with lust for someone, and he/she might, Sun./Mon., return the favour. Midweek, soft thoughts. Late week, be ambitious.


Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

You remain in “quietude” for three more weeks, Pisces. Generally, this is a good time to liaise with civil servants or administration workers, to contemplate and plan future moves, to meditate and bolster your spiritual and karmic situation. And to rest, to recharge your physical and emotional batteries. Usually this is a time of solitude, but this year a few threads of Dec./Jan.’s good social times flutter through your days. Flirtation, quiet social groups draw you. You are also more communicative than usual (until June). So this month of retreat might not be very deep. Sunday/Monday hold more than one lucky chance to make or deepen a relationship, to grab an opportunity, relocate, or engage the public — forget false hesitation — dive in! You might seize a lifetime of love. Chase $ mid-week. Errands, calls, Thursday to Sat.





Desiderata: No doubt the universe is unfolding as it should, even with the events below:

God’s gift to me was ignorance. He took away my father before I was a boy. He gave me 1/4 of a mother, the other 3/4 wasn’t there. I remember she spoke kindly to me once. Once is all I can remember.

What God robbed me of was a male role model, hence the inability to be a good father, to raise healthy happy children. God also denied me the ability to love and accept one woman, the ability to trust my future with a woman, hence denying my children a loving dual-parent family. (Why distrust? Our mother arranged for our rapes by her step-father.)

So God gave me ignorance in the ways of parenting — and then gave me three children.

So God gave me: empathy for the abused, and an open mind to almost everything else in life, and some psychic ability, which I suspect would strengthen if I loved God. But God robbed me of a normal earthly life. Was the exchange worth it?

Of course, maybe I deserved it all. (Reincarnation and all that.)


It was recently revealed that Jack Smith, “special prosecutor” in the Mar-a-Lago case, did not have the qualifications or “position” to be appointed a special prosecutor. So he was illegally appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland.

It was also recently revealed that Trump had a “Q” security clearance right up until the middle of 2023 – long after Mar-a-Lago was raided by the FBI to try to trap Trump. The Q clearance is given for nukes. So the 34 (?) documents the FBI managed to pull out of Mar-a-Lago were covered by Trump’s ongoing security clearance. Ergo, no case against him. (But a looming case against Biden, who stole almost 6000 classified documents, and hid them in an office at the University of Penn, to which he gave Chinese operatives the key. He also hid/stored classified documents in other places such as his garage. These actions are criminal felonies — for which Biden has been given a kiss on the cheek by Merrick, the DOJ and the FBI.

Sometimes I wonder how Biden can be so stupid. Then I wonder how Americans can be so stupid.

Biden also hired Fani Willis, the corrupt little Scorpio attorney general in Georgia. She has charged Trump and his 19 associates with Rico – a statute used against organized crime. It now appears that little Fani herself might be charged with a Rico violation after it was discovered that she paid her lover hundreds of thousands of dollars of state funds so he would leave his wife and make love to her. Worse, she put him on the Trump case and paid him twice as much as other lawyers… So he could spend hundreds of thousands on her and her boudoir.


The epitome of these absurd legal attacks on Trump has to be E. Jean Carroll, the woman who sued him for millions of dollars, claiming he touched her inappropriately in an upscale women’s clothing store, in  one of the dressing rooms. She had no proof, no police report, no witness nor Friend who would testify that she was upset at the time… And the time was 25 years ago! (Or 26 years ago, she isn’t sure.) (And tell me, how does Trump, all 6 foot plus of him, sneak into the women’s private dressing rooms in a very expensive store, then somehow slip into Jean Carroll’s dressing room – or perhaps he grabbed her hand and dragged her into the cloth curtained room?) Not only is Carol’s entire case based on a 25-year-old supposed memory that she, and she alone possesses (or created) but the circumstances and actions she describes are, I would think, highly improbable.

So this biased corrupt court— typical of the northeast US – convicted Trump on the word of a woman testifying that she had been sexually touched a quarter-century ago! So the judge said yeah her memory is fine with me, so Trump you’re fucked. This gave Trump no option to bring his own witnesses to present an alibi or to in any other way disprove  Jean Carroll’s accusations — accusations which would’ve been thrown out in any fair or unbiassed court. Trump cannot even show records to prove, for example, that he was in Europe when the supposed sexual assault occurred. He can’t do this, because Jean Carroll will not tie down her memory to a specific year. To disprove her sleazy accusations, Trump would have to prove that was out of the country for an entire two years, maybe three! This case is such a farce, yet America accepts it, just like they accept Joe Biden.

Now Carroll is in court again, suing Trump because he denied her accusations in public, which she claims defamed her and created hate mail and death threats. And the judge has ruled that Trump can only answer 3 questions, with a Yes or No, and cannot defend himself beyond this. The corruption is rank.

America is going to fall apart if it can’t get its judges and juries and the whole legal system to conform to standards of justice and fairness. The state of corruption and rot in America’s judicial system would seem extremely hard to root out, partly because the corruption is intellectual, performed in the service of a political obsession such as Trump derangement  syndrome.  The present judicial system is merely the shoulder of a large movement or public stance that refuses to admit any path toward justice unless it includes the destruction of all ideological enemies — first, by hauling them into kangaroo courts such as this Jean Carroll one, or corrupt judge Chutkan’s, or Fani Willis’ little sex scandal circus.

But never fear —  evil is a sort of weakness, and an evil propagator such as Biden will necessarily hire only semi-rotted, or incompetent helpers such as  corrupt Fani and corrupt Chutkan, and idiot Jack Smith.

The good people are fighting Biden, not serving him


One of two things will happen for Derek Chauvin. Either he will die, or he will start doing the rounds of talkshows and TV interviews. From the little I saw and heard of the case, it looked like Chauvin was innocent, or perhaps more justly, guilty of a certain lack of compassion and a stickler for following exact rules and regulations. Chauvin was the policeman who was kneeling on George Floyd’s neck and was generally considered guilty of his death. Shortly after Chauvin’s  imprisonment, a lightning bolt destroyed a large brick wall (as a factory or warehouse wall) that held a recent portrait of George Floyd.

The destruction of Floyd’s portrait might have marked an inflection point between the sudden growth of a new phase of the black movement, BLM, a mostly friendly and successful phase pre-portrait. And after the destruction of the huge Floyd portrait the cracks of corruption began to show: it was revealed that the BLM founders had emptied the movement’s coffers to buy themselves mansions in California and other baubles.

Why is it, now in America, that money and power — are they ever inseparable? – are so much more important than ethics or fairness — even now amongst the organizations that claim to serve humanity, the charities and NGOs and the thinly disguised Partisan organizations  that pepper the land. This is a deep weakness in the nation. Not that these organizations exist, but that the same rot that has invaded the government, has now seeped  into the courts and schools. Perhaps the only salvation here is the ordinary man and woman. But these are seldom eager to rise up to the extent or extremity that would be necessary to truly rid the deep state of rot. And when they did show some minor, ad hoc opposition (on Jan. 6) Biden threw them all in jail, some rotting for years before even seeing a courtroom. (That’s okay, Biden is getting very close to an interview with his master, the one on the other side of the veil.)

The ordinary man and woman may be the pool from which we draw both our geniuses and our most misguided citizens. That’s not necessarily true of course. But if it were true, it would mean essentially that our destiny is on track, and all this corruption in America is meant to be, and will have a fruitful, sane outcome. Mao’s revolution in China was in some ways  “grassroots, involving a billion average people in China. But Mao started it, was the spark and the leader. Mao came from a wealthy family and had a classical education. He was no peasant. Of course, all this proves nothing!


It’s a barren soil that no one dies on. Unless the leaves fall and rot in the Earth every year, the flowers will cease to come. So when we look at nations, first we need to decide what season the country is in: spring, summer, winter or fall. This is a tricky business, because what seems like a winter day can occur in the middle of spring’s warmth.

In mankind’s history, you could count one day as any number of periods. We’ve chosen to divide our “day” into 24 sections and call them hours. We like 24 because it is twice 12, and 12 is a sacred number, the number of disciples, the number of houses and signs in astrology, etc. (13 signals the start of the new, even a new world. 13 is the 1 after 12… 1 means beginning. Christ was the 13th of his group.) Mankind seems to be able to foresee an hour, even a day, even a month ahead (with decreasing certainty as time increases) — but we can see many many hours, many years, even millenniums behind, into the past.

Until the present, the practice has been to study these many past sections in an attempt to first, draw an understanding of societal and moral codes, and secondly to predict the future, usually in a practical sense . For example engineers learn from the collapse of an iron bridge, and so they eliminate the vulnerability for the future and can predict that this particular vulnerability will not occur again. (As long as everybody stays honest, etc.) I said “until the present” because in the last 50 years, and at what seems to be an accelerating pace, scientists, technologists, analysts and other thinkers have created models and methods which make forecasting easier and accurate .For example, by eliminating typhoid, we can predict that the world will not fall prey to a typhoid epidemic, and we can also predict that if that is wrong, we will be able to control the outbreak with due speed. With fair accuracy, we can tell if it will rain tomorrow. Or we can send a rocket to the moon and predict it will land there.