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“No doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.” — Desiderata.

“As above, so below.” — Emerald Tablet of Hermes. (“That which is above is from that which is below, and that which is below is from that which is above, working the miracles of one.” — directly from the Arabic, I think.)


The Chinese new year occurs on February 10. The aspects show a long, semi-burdensome effort to overcome the real estate crash. This effort will be successful and return China to an even footing in commerce and the economy. Still, China’s international profile/reputation will be difficult, due to  “memories.”




aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

You are halfway through a happy, upbeat, flirtatious, optimistic, and social month, Aries. A few lingering threads remain in your career and status zone, so pay attention to these, and follow through with decisions and actions. Results should favour you! (These ambitious opportunities might be connected to management, head office, or the gov’t — while at the same time you might feel this area is progressing too slowly for your liking.).) Your money/income continues to look good through May. Love, freedom, travel and intellectual progress Sun./Mon. Be ambitious mid-week — good results. Late week is social — reread first sentence! Retreat Saturday.


taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

You are in the midst of a very ambitious month, Taurus. And you are at one of the “peak luck” cycles of your life. Don’t ignore these two things — grab opportunities, say “yes,” propose and convince. Your status might change (upward) but even more importantly, you have a chance to grip larger money, intimacy and lifestyle “levers” than usual. Some threads of legal matters, love, weddings, travel, media and higher learning linger this week, letting you amend, correct or finally launch something from last month. This is particularly relevant (and productive) Tues./Wed.  Secrets, power, lust and major financial actions Sun./Mon. (Be cautious). Love mid-week. Ambition, status, career Thurs./Fri. Happy friends, flirts, Sat.


gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

You’re halfway through a month of love, intellectual questions, far travel, publishing/media, writing, etc., Gemini. You might need to decide between two (or five!) romantic or partnership prospects. Remember this: until late May, anyone you do meld with will in time prove to be two things: restricting, maybe burdensome; and protecting, maybe nurturing. By June (and lasting until June 2025) you might start to meet potential mates/loves who will not restrict, but lead you on adventure(s) — and who won’t protect/nurture, but challenge (in a good way, mostly). You’ll “see” these types Sun./Mon. This week, threads of sex and finances, and secrets, all lingering from January, might propel you into a “crucial” relationship. (Or you could make a beneficial investment or have “easy” surgery.) Most of this action occurs mid-week. Then love, intellect, travel Thurs./Fri. Ambition, prestige Sat. — dress well.


Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The general emphasis remains on secrets, Cancer, on investigation, medical issues and lifestyle decisions, lust, power, and major financial actions, such as investing or contracting debt. You are dealing with subterranean forces. Your intuition will be very strong, and at certain points your subconscious will emerge to guide you — listen to your hunches. Some threads of partnerships and opportunities that arose in January linger on through this week — address them, as rewards are still possible here. (Among them, possible love.) Be one thing until late May: optimistic, hopeful, because one or two wishes will come true. You might get a hint of these “wish manifestations” Sun./Mon., but it will be twisted around, or “inscrutable.” Relationships, love, opportunities, maybe relocation mid-week. Those secrets, lust, financial actions (etc.) arise Thurs./Fri. Saturday’s for wisdom, calm love.


Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The emphasis continues on relationships, dealings with the public, possible fame, general opportunities, and relocation themes, Leo. This is both a challenging and rewarding time, and the best rewards will come from the biggest challenges. First challenge: you might meet a person who, with wit and charm, excites you. The challenge is, he or she likes to oppose you, probably just for fun or because he/she thinks you’re just a little bit full of yourself. Oh, and be diplomatic! Some chores are still left hanging from last month. Tackle these, partly because they might also trigger something romantic or profitable. Your career and prestige are growing and will be quite fortunate until late May. If you haven’t already, start angling for a promotion or pay raise at the latest by March — early March — or make a big push from April 27 to May 19. the boss will tell you that there isn’t any money for a raise, and that times are tough. This is almost certainly false. If so, consider whom you’re working for. Realize you are considered a valuable commodity by authorities now — so carve out your own career if you’re being held back by selfish masters. Romance Sun./Mon. Work, minor health irritants midweek. Everything in the first sentence above, Thurs./Fri. Secrets, lust, big money Sat.


virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The accent remains on work, machinery/tools, daily health concerns, nutrition and sanitation, Virgo. Now conversations begin about work projects. A lingering thread of romance (or a creative project) flows through this week, esp. Tues./Wed. — address it, think, decide, maybe approach with a “final offer.” One you woo from mid-2023 to this coming May, might join you in a wedding. Perhaps a co-worker is involved, or somehow this “matrimony” will be “work.” (?) Tend to home, family, and be restful, Sun./Mon. Mid-week, romance, creative surges, good luck. Work, tools, health come into bas-relief Thurs./Fri. A potential partner or opportunity Sat. Only worry: don’t let chores, demands, frazzle your nerves or propel you impetuously Thurs./Fri. Be safe.


libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The romantic adventure continues, Libra. If you are already happily in love this week, and next will bring a hint of romance, but also creativity, inventiveness, sports/games, charming children, and adventure. Until late May, you are blessed with more than the usual sex drive, and can be a willing victim of lust. Combine this with romance and you might have a winner! Projects and chores linger on from last month, especially in your home or real estate zone. Use this week to finish these chores and/or put a project on a stable platform. Errands, talks Sun./Mon. Home, kids, security, nature, food mid-week — and success with these. Romance, Thurs./Fri. — re-read first 2 sentences above. Work, chores, minor health complaint, Sat.


scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The accent continues on home, Scorpio, on parents/kids, security, mother, nature, food, rest, and soul. And real estate — some Scorpios will beneficially relocate between May ’23 through May ’24. You might feel sluggish, but there are still some fairly important emails, calls, paperwork or errands to perform. Do these Tues./Wed. for good results. Thursday/Friday emphasize the domestic factors listed above. (Parents/kids, etc.) Saturday is for romance, children, games, creativity. Earlier, focus on money Sun./Mon. — somehow, there isn’t a lot. For ALL 2024, Scorpio, gently reject a deeper management role, delegation of tasks — instead, be “hands on” for the best results.


sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

This isn’t the most thrilling of months, Sage. It’s filled with things you are pretty good at, but which usually don’t hold significant results — errands, communications, short trips, reports, and paperwork. Best use of your time: be curious. You might dig up things that can solve a court case or let you reclaim a favourite recipe, or teach you how wealth is created, etc. Travel might bring you to a place where you might live someday. Some (generally beneficial) monetary or casually romantic threads still linger from last month. (“Casually romantic” = sex, romance, w/o real or deep love.) These are highlighted, Tuesday/Wednesday. Earlier, your charisma and energy are tops Sun./Mon. Impress someone! Thursday/Friday brings those errands, emails, etc. Be careful with computers, electricity, odd comments these two days. Saturday is for home, kids, relaxing.


capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Cap, the accent continues on possessions, casual sex, memory/learning and money, especially income. You retain enough of last month’s energy and charisma to give a boost to your present monetary projects. You might also attract romantic attention, with Venus and Mars swirling around your Sun sign. (This will show mid-week.) In fact, your romantic potential, quotient, is very high until late May. Don’t turn this aside, if single — it’s one of the best chances in over a decade. If you are hitting brick walls in your domestic arena (“brick” is the wrong word, as these “walls” are subtle, even tempting, but draw you into useless successes, time-wasting efforts) consider this: you might gain more through this whole year (’24) by not worrying about security, and charging full force toward a career job position, promotion. Let others take care of the home. For 2 years ahead: you have something to say, but it doesn’t come out easily.


Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

You’re still on top, Aquarius! Your energy, charisma, clout and effectiveness are at a yearly high. So start things, launch projects, gather allies. Some restrictions or secrets or promises that emerged last month linger on, so be a bit cautious where these are concerned. Don’t let a bad reputation ruin a good project. One of these holdovers from the past might be a romance or love affair that has a hold on you, but also restricts you. Can you let go? Your domestic sphere is blessed until late May, so if you plan to sell and/or buy a home, or renovate, etc., better get started. A new baby for some!


Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

You are still in a quiet place, Pisces. Get lots of rest, avoid competitive situations, contemplate and plan, and deepen your spiritual and charitable sides. This area, contemplation, psychic and spiritual and managerial talents, will be lifted for 20 years (to 2043) by a slowly rising tide of wisdom and understanding. (Many young Pisceans will gravitate toward intellectual [e.g., lawyer] and “background” [e.g., civil servant, manager] careers.) This week and next would usually be a pretty good time to communicate with the government or your head office — but both weeks show a problem (around Feb. 7-9 and 14-17) — maybe an unexpected one — between you and the gov’t or admin. Might only be a computer glitch. Be ambitious Sun./Mon. Wishes come true, solitude is lifted, optimism prevails mid-week. Then into the quietude, solitude Thurs./Fri. Your energy and sparkle impress others Saturday.





You know what God has never given me? An explanation. Perhaps the reasons for my situation, or for any person’s situation, are too intense for a human mind to grasp or survive. Or perhaps one of the big tests of karma is an individual‘s ability to recognize it, and recognize his own role in it, and to figure out how and why it works… Including being able to reassess one’s past and adjust one’s future, in terms of good actions and bad.

I know that I have often characterized my bad deeds as some kind of idealism or that I was justified in doing it. (E.g., I can make love to that man’s wife because love conquers all, love is the highest order, higher than social rules, or, I was born poor so I’m spiritually allowed to steal.)  Such self justification is tenuous and possibly illusory, but still there’s a kernel of truth here: we are products of our environment. So if a two-year-old boy is whipped into a bloody mess by his father, and this is repeated as often as a social worker’s vacations, let’s say 10 or 20 times in his boyhood, can we really look each other straight in the face and say that boy who beat a girl or who stole a bike or ended up in Juvie, is innately evil? That he should’ve acted as nicely and morally as a boy brought up with a silver spoon in his mouth? Or should we call the silver spoon boy innately good? Logic says no.

Logic says that if this is all there is to life, then either God is cruel and malicious, or there is no God, or God doesn’t care (same thing).

But if we introduce the idea of reincarnation, then God is rehabilitated in our view.

So that little boy who was beaten to a bloody pulp by his father, was really dealing with the sins and cruelties and perhaps even murders he committed in one or more previous lifetimes. And this boy’s evil, cruel father was probably beaten himself as a boy, and his father before him and his before him, etc.

This echoes the Biblical text, that the sins of the fathers will be visited on the sons, virtually forever.

But is this fair? This form of unending reincarnation might be unjust and malicious punishment — cruel and unusual punishment is illegal in human society, why isn’t it for God? Maybe because in God’s case, you, me, the sinner, actually create our own punishment, according to the laws of karma.

If there is no god, then what we perceive to be karma is merely the operation, the workings, of nature. However, this occurs on such a grand yet intricate way, that we might as well call it God.


Luck – you’ve probably noticed I use that word more times than tulips challenge the spring.

It’s really just laziness on my part. Luck comes in many forms and affects different parts of our lives. For example, we may be fired at work but our spouse is so understanding and empathetic that our love deepens and grows. Sometimes luck is like a gentle breeze in the evening, constantly uplifting and titillating, and even delivering concrete results, but all in tune with the breeze, all light and momentary, nothing vast or sea-deep, but continuous despite its feeling of ever present momentariness — like feeling a breeze tickling your neck; it’s immediate, yet can last an hour or more. Some luck is like a bell that rings maybe twice in a very lucky year —  and you might not feel the luck in any way or form with the exception of that one or two lucky strokes. But when the stroke comes, it can mean a new and much better career, or a new and better home, or a baby, or meeting the love of your life, or making an investment that can change your life, perhaps shunting you  up a rung on the status ladder. There is the luck of becoming Wise, too. Becoming wise is very fortunate, although not very creative nor successfully  entrepreneurial. One note: karma is stronger than luck. Luck is, in a way, karma’s tool.


Never call facts and details the truth, for we can interpret them in many different ways. Like a songbird in the forest, we may not know exactly where the song bird is singing, nor what the song means, and even our facts about the song’s notes depends on our fallible ears, impressions and memories.


If a criminal life is a more miserable than an ordinary one, wouldn’t it be to our benefit — society’s, and the potential criminal’s — if we could predict and therefore adjust early in the process, a strong proclivity toward crime?

To start this, we could enlist, say, 100 prisoners of all types, from thieves to murderers. Then we say to them: we can reduce your sentence by 1/3 if you will participate in a lengthy,, intensive survey/study group focussed on crime and the factors that lead to it. Then: did you move a lot when you were a child? Did you have two parents throughout your childhood? Was either parent physically or sexually abusive, etc. (I’m sure scholars have already done this “survey” a hundred times — but where are the results, the actions following knowledge?)

When all the answers are compiled, the rest is up to social scientists and social architects, to clear away environments that encourage crime; to discover a way to reform the family or the social structure to correct the mistakes or bad structures that have filled our jails. Ultimately, it may come down to moving families from comfortable ghettos to brand new ( because nothing else would be fair) but cold, designed housing and neighbourhoods.


Night, like a thief, pockets the day. No one saw him steal it. Some lament the loss — farmers watch the growing dark with quiet, knowing they won’t see their plants until morning. But others greet the twilight and hustle to get ready for the dark’s permissions.


I might be totally wrong about this, but light seems to intensify when it goes around a corner.  I get this from personal observation. At night, when I look at the light near the edge of a wall, and then slowly shift my head to the left or the right the light — in this case a street light —grows momentarily brighter or larger. As I slowly turn my head to the right so that the light emerges from behind the wall, there is a very bright light, or whatever you wanna call it, a corona, the advancing/emerging edge of the light  ballooning around that wall. Then the actual light comes fully into view, totally separated from the wall, and it is smaller than the “corona,” the advancing edge (which disappears when the light is fully unmasked). As I was shifting my head the other way, in essence to put the light to bed, the same initial effect occurred: the light seem to grow in size and intensity just before disappearing behind the wall. Perhaps this is merely refraction.

If there’s something to what I’m saying here, and it’s not just hocus-pocus, then that might give rise to at least one interesting thought: that if light does increase in brightness as it turns a corner, what would happen if we put a light in an unending corner – I.e., a circle — so that the light would turn without interruption, which is a kind of infinity in the sense that it contains an infinite exclusion of straight lines, and walls (or the curved wall is “infinite”).

But it approaches the concept of a infinity in a different way: if this light Will burn more intensely as it turns a corner, and might also expand in size, what happens when the turn is infinite? If we built an infinite drum, say with a radius of 5 feet, and shone a light source just shy of tangential, for, say, 5 hours, then measured the intensity of the circling light, would we notice any changes in the light itself?

First question: does the light get brighter? If so does it get brighter arithmetically,  rhythmically, exponentially or? There are many questions, but the first one is the core query, and it contains other questions within it. For instance, an early question should be: does the light, if increasing in intensity, feed itself and become self perpetuating? Or, like any other light, if we turn the source off, does the light end? In human terms, Light does not really end, at least not with a distinguishable boundary. It seems to end because it grows further and further away from us, and because it dissipates as it covers more ground. Both of these processes remove the remaining light, which is probably the same (?) “volume” as the beginning light. But if the beginning impulse of light is made to turn in such a tight circle (upon itself) that it will increase in intensity and size, perhaps it will not “go out.” If it doesn’t, think of the energy applications. But most likely, we would see a brief nova before the light “expired.”

And, this could all be a fantasy, based on refracted light in Vancouver’s moist atmosphere. Ah well…


An honest business person will go to heaven; a false priest will not.


Trump’s enemies have a lot of success until late May. Then Trump will tend to prevail, into mid-25 and beyond. In midsummer, Jack Smith will have an initial success(es), before losing to Trump. Notice that Trump’s enemies, often Sagittarians in some form, have recently used the law (ruled by Sagittarius) against him. On Feb. 8, when the U.S. Supreme Court rules on one of Trump’s issues, the Moon is in Aquarius, Trump’s legal sign, conjunct (close to) Mercury, Trump’s ruling planet. It also squares Jupiter, the Sagittarius planet, showing “disagreement with Trump’s enemy.” I give this round to Trump.

On Feb. 15, Fani Willis and her lover Nathan Wade appear in court to convince a judge to let them continue to persecute Trump and his allies, despite the crime(s) they (Willis/Wade) committed in the very same persecution. Fani’s a Scorpio with a Leo name — very stubborn, and wants sexual (Scorpio) attention  (Leo). I’ve told you since she first “appeared” that she was crooked. Now the proof has emerged.

Nathan Wade’s birthdate is unknown — but he was born in 1973. That year, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus formed a grand trine — lucky in love. But Saturn stood across from Neptune through July, indicating uncertainty about the self,  defensive attitude, tendency to be pulled one way (or the other) by a confident, assertive partner, such as Fani Willis. Nathan Wade’s name is Virgo/Leo, showing a deep need for attention (admiration) covered or repressed by a diffident, indecisive personality. Because pride is important (Leo) he hides his insecurity and indecisiveness behind a scowling, gruff exterior. But he would be ripe fodder for sexy, dominating Fani. (If she hid anything, it was her need, a need as strong as Nathan’s uncertainty.)

Okay — Feb. 15. Sun in Aquarius, indicating an “end” for Scorpio Willis. Moon in Taurus, Fani’s sign of enemies. Moon is square Mercury (Trump) and a day later Uranus (Trump’s legal planet) squares Mercury also. So my guess is Fani’s fanny is booted off the persecution case, but the judge rules the persecution can proceed with new democratic government lawyers playing prosecutor like boys play with guns…


I believe Joe Biden is and has been subservient to his brother James.