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ALL TIMES/DATES ARE PST (Pacific Standard Time Zone). PST is 8 hours “before” Greenwich (England). For example, when it is noon PST, it is 8 pm in England. The “World Clock” in the right margin gives you some clues. (You can also Google “time zone converter.”)

START NOTHING: 6:23 to 8:37 am Mon.,6:18 pm Tues. to 2:36 pm Wed., and 1:24 am to 11:09 pm Fri.



So what do you do to survive or prosper in deflation? I’m not sure. If I owed money, I’d pay it off as soon as possible. If I had a large mortgage, I’d try to sell. If I had cash, I’d hold onto it, and wait. Canada’s okay, but Americans should find a safe bank. Robert Prechter has a list of these in his book, Conquer the Crash. (Google or Amazon it. But don’t be misled by his apocalyptic statements.)
If the children are leaving the west to join ISIS in its war, isn’t that the west’s fault?
FORECAST 2017: Oops, the rebels I mentioned last week (in “2016”) now “escape” the hierarchies’ punishing fist, and via inventiveness, resurge to fight again. Rebels see new openings, a “new land.” Ocean pollution still bad, not solved; fire on the water somewhere. Deflation still evident, but is slowing. Economy slowly improving. Buy stocks. Good new laws written. Bad year for retailers, merchants. Good year for investors, detectives, researchers (especially into diet, nutrition, agriculture, forestry) medical science…etc. This is also a “new start” year, when many who suffered destruction in 2015 will rebuild and recover. A year of great success in career, prestige, scholarship, legal and educational areas. A “Philosopher King” might rule. Deflation: wages won’t be good, rents not good, but investors still, somehow, benefit. Anti-terrorism squads still necessary, but to a large degree the al-Qaeda types have been subdued, or at least corralled into “hot zones.” It will be hidden, perhaps later revealed, that several western governments have been co-operating with, even supporting (w/gov’t funds) al-Qaeda-type organizations. Nations starting with S, H, Y, J, U(S.A.) or Q are most suspect. The motives are good, to bring them into the fold rather than have them fight us from the outside.
The value of astrology is that it attempts to show that two far different and far separated patterns reflect each other: a planet’s movements coincide with developments on earth. For example, astrology holds that every few years, when Mars is in Taurus, people will spend impulsively and frequently. This can be easily tested by an honest man, to see if there’s a statistically significant rise in spending over say, fifty years, during the 6-week periods when Mars is in Taurus. If true, then the reflecting pattern becomes: spending rise = Mars in Taurus. Whether these links between patterns contain a causal or part-causal mechanism is unknown.
Some astrologers attempt to find these coinciding or “reflecting” patterns between earth and the stars – less successfully due to the complexity of the “star field” – a trillion stars (though only about two hundred are studied) versus only 8 planets + sun and moon. But I believe, should astrology survive, that in decades or centuries to come, star-based astrology will become a hugely profitable mine of knowledge, and an incredibly complex reflection of patterns on earth. For example, planet-based astrology could not foretell the success of the D-Day invasion, but the war star Rigel could. (The invasion was launched the day the Sun and Rigel met – i.e., occupied the same zodiacal degree – in the sky. Wars started in Rigel’s degree favour the aggressor: e.g., the Six-Day war, started by Israel, in which they destroyed the armies and air forces of multiple Arab countries, though they were vastly outnumbered. Note that both this and the D-Day invasion, were undertaken in response to the opponents’ initial aggression, giving the victorious participants a moral flag to fly. Whether this pattern is effective when an initial aggressor (or subjectively the evil party) starts a war, needs to be researched.
Even now, planetary astrology can fairly reliably draw simple conclusions from the comparison of these far-separated patterns. French statistician M. Gauquelin, for instance, has demonstrated an irrefutable link between Mars and athletes, Venus and artists, Jupiter and politicians, etc. [Irrefutable because the sample size was so massive. Memory fails, but it was in multiple thousands for each “finding.”])
I can prove, objectively, that astrology works, but that’s another day.
On one level, 0.0 means nothing. Simple math: 1 + 1 = 2. 0 + 0 = 0, nothing. But if we ask permission to keep extending the 0 on the right of the decimal point, even to infinity, as in 0.00000000, etc., something happens. As infinity is one thing (like gravity is one thing, one property) and indivisible, it must permeate everything, for we cannot have one infinity, and beside it another, and another (in this model, at least). As infinity embraces all things, then these 0’s, being infinite, also have the capacity to engage or produce the bounty of infinity, that is, we can expect at some point to see a 1, and then a 2, a 3 and a blossoming 4. I left logic and reason behind when I began attributing to infinity an ability to change the environment. But I believe this can still come true. Just the fact that we can say, “I have three zeros,” means the zeros have already produced the number 3.


Aries.svgARIES March 21-April 19
Wishes can come true in the weeks ahead, Aries – perhaps even today, Sunday, when a “romantic friend” might show. Mostly, these will be old wishes. Your energy and charisma are high, so get out, be seen, ask favours, impress people, speak up! You’re not really shy, it’s not in your bones, but recent events might have made you cautious, reticent – don’t be so now, as your popularity rises beautifully right into late February. However, DON’T start new ventures nor new relationships before February 11. The new relationships would only last a month or so – and if they lasted longer, would entangle you in doubts, second-guessing, and frustration. Ongoing or former links, though, will shine with playful affection. Chase money or shop, take care of possessions, learn something new by memory Mon./Tues. (Luck is up and down, so be “level” emotionally, and nimble.) Wednesday’s a dud. This eve/night, refusal and confusion combine: patience is an asset. Stride forth to do errands, communicate, execute paperwork and applications, Thursday until mid-afternoon. Use the late afternoon to edit words, prune plants. Dally, chat, laugh, do nothing important Friday. Saturday, home sweet home.

taurus weekly forecastTAURUS April 20-May 20
The general accent lies on your career situation, prestige relationships, community status and all-round reputation, now to late February. A former career role or ambition might return. If it will improve your position, go ahead. But for most, it’s a chore, not a promotion. Beware of volunteering for brand new projects or roles, or promoting any, before February 11. Instead, throw your considerable energy into protecting ongoing projects from delays, shortages, missed appointments, wrong figures, etc. Higher ups trust you now, and will praise your efforts to stay safe or rescue a project. Lie low, rest and contemplate (don’t plan) Sunday. Your energy and charisma surge upward Monday dawn to mid-afternoon Wednesday. Remember, use it to further things, not for big new starts. Chase money, pay and collect outstanding bills Wed. pm (not successful) Thursday (good progress) and Friday (a dud – stock to routine). Errands, trips, visits and casual friends fill Saturday.

Gemini.svgGEMINI May 21-June 20
A sweet, mellow mood encases you now to late February. DON’T start new projects nor relationships before February 11. Instead, protect ongoing ventures from delays, supply shortages, mistaken calculations, etc. – or reprise a past project or relationship. A former lover, mate, legal matter, travel invitation, school contact, teacher or religious instructor might return. Before you embrace/chase this person again, ask yourself: will this/he/she drive me crazy again? If the answer’s yes, then stick with the path you’ve carved out, reject this piece of the past. You’re optimistic, happy, flirtatious – and popular! – Sunday. You might meet a life mate prospect – but gently shun an Aries. Retreat, rest and lie low Monday to Wed. afternoon – contemplate, meditate, call people you’ve neglected, be charitable. Your energy and charisma return Wed. eve to Friday – use it to avoid a terrible relationship Wed. night, and to show your affection or friendship Thursday daytime. Stick to routine Friday. Chase money, shop, Sat. morning. DO NOT start a love affair, Tues. to Friday; it would end tragically.

Cancer.svgCANCER June 21-July 22
Life’s mysteries confront you for the few weeks ahead, Cancer. You actually enjoy a mystery, so the unbidden urges you have to be intimate with someone, to build a castle of investments, to start a business, should keep you happily investigating, researching possibilities. However, DON’T begin a new project, investment, business, or relationship before February 11. Instead, reprise past connections, ventures, or stick with ongoing ones, and protect them from mistakes, delays, etc. A former investment or income source might reappear. Consider what it was like the first time around – if okay, then pounce. A former lover, on the lust side, might reappear or occupy your thoughts. Again, if it was good then, it might be now. Be ambitious Sunday; dress smartly. Your popularity rises Monday to Wednesday – entertainment, social joys, flirtation, optimism and happiness visit you. But luck’s mixed, so be nimble, happy for what is. Retreat, rest and contemplate Wed. eve to Friday. Shy away from all chores Wed., tackle them Thurs. Seek spiritual enlightenment Friday. Your energy and charisma return Sat. – get out, visit, call!

Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO July 23-Aug. 22
The weeks ahead confront you with crucial relationships – partners, enemies, spouse, close friends, etc. These are more likely to wage love than war with you, as you’re in one of the luckiest, most cheerful years of your life until August – only about 6 or 7 such years occur in one lifetime. So you’re going to attract others – friends and great partners if you’re married, very marriage-able life mates if you’re unattached. This month, though – until February 11 – you’re likely to be dealing with an attractive ex or former flame. Make sure this is the one you do want, before charging ahead. Sexually, you’re feeling hot and impulsive, so thinking’s important. (If this person made you feel like an idiot in the past, or you experienced impotence, reject him/her, no matter how confident you now feel.) DON’T start new projects nor relationships before Feb. 11. Sunday’s mellow, wise. Talk of love. Be ambitious Mon. to Wed. afternoon, without starting anything new. Happiness, optimism, popularity and social delights visit you Wed. eve through Friday – Thursday’s best. DO NOT fall in love these 3 days, nor even toy with it, especially if there’s an age gap. Retreat to rest, contemplate Saturday.

Virgo.svgVIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22
The few weeks ahead emphasize work and minor health issues. Eat and dress sensibly. You might return to a former job or job role. Protect ongoing tasks from mistakes, delays, supply shortages, etc. DON’T start any new project nor relationship before Feb. 11. A usually shy person might surprise you with a flirty come-on anytime mid-January to mid-February. Sunday’s sexy, mysterious; an investment might “call to you.” Go slow, though, keep an eye on the far distance – and on your deep motives. A gentle, wise mood steals over you Monday to Wednesday afternoon. Monday’s good, Tuesday’s mixed, and Wed. is a dud. Attend a cultural event or foreign movie, work on intellectual tasks. Though it might not show yet, a sweet, light-touching person has entered your world. Be ambitious, dutiful, and co-operative with authorities Wed. afternoon to Friday. Commit to nothing Wednesday – refusals and confusion hover around you. Do not fall in love Tues. to Fri. – and never chase anyone you first meet these days. Your popularity lifts, optimism and social delights rush in Saturday – this morning (PST) is magical!

Libra.svgLIBRA Sept. 23-Oct. 22
Romance, creative and speculative urges, beauty, pleasure pursuits, charming children, and self-expression fill the days to late February. You’ll ride a winning streak! A former love might return. If it was right then, it’s right now, so plunge in. But if it was once toxic, it will remain so: stay out. (This “plunge in” does not mean get married; it means have fun – you should not marry before late November.) (If this old flame says “Let’s get married,” then back away.) Your work commitments are slowly growing: 1) co-workers will begin to grow more affectionate; 2) don’t let work grow so large as to interfere with your private, pleasure-oriented, love, creative life. Sunday nudges you toward relationship: be diplomatic, but don’t commit in any big way. Friends are great – enjoy them! Life’s mysteries swell Monday to Wed., as does your subconscious. Sexual and financial lures need a nimble approach, as luck is mixed. Far travel, higher education, law, culture, gentle love fill Wed. pm through Friday – not easily, and without luck, Wed. Be ambitious Saturday. All week, until Friday, avoid starting a new love affair. Now to Feb. 11, avoid starting any new projects or relationships.

Scorpio.svgSCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21
Pay attention to the foundations of your life for the next few weeks: diet, nutrition, family, kids, real estate, retirement preparations/savings, security. Check the basement. At work, watch essentials: premises/lease, sales territory, supply chain, etc. Though you are greatly favoured in career this year (to August) the present time nudges you to build your launch pad rather than launch anything. (Even in building the launch pad, don’t charge ahead – you should not start any important project nor relationship before Feb. 11.) Think “tweaking” and “improving” rather than “big steps.” A realty bargain you missed or passed on before might become available again. Look for any signs of “idiocy” – e.g., former owner had dementia. Do not buy anything which has housed nuns, priests or the like. Tackle chores Sunday, especially ones that will enhance your career scene/stance. Relationships excite but also demand diplomacy, co-operation, Monday to Wed. afternoon. Luck’s mixed here. Sign nothing. DO NOT start a love affair or business “partnership” Tuesday to Friday. (Promises an unhappy ending.) Sex, finances, research and mysteries fill Wed. pm (bad, slow, confusion) Thurs. (good early) and Fri. (no result, so stick with routine). Saturday brings a sweet, understanding outlook: on mankind, on life. Scorpio, you are heading toward happiness.

Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21
This week and the next two are busy but not important – errands, details, paperwork, trips, communications and casual acquaintances. Still, these are the very things that can be screwed up until February 11. Double-check addresses, calculations, supplies, store open hours, etc. Before Feb. 11, DON’T start new projects nor relationships. An “ex” or former flame might get in touch – perhaps from a distant area – and suggest a travel adventure. Think about this person before saying yes in any fashion. Your home and family have been friction-prone, as if everyone
was wearing sandpaper; now affection returns, so it’s “sweet’n’sour” to late February. You’re going to be more sober and mature for 3 years. Sunday’s romantic, pleasure-oriented, creative – good luck here if you emphasize the mind, not the heart. Tackle chores Monday to Wed. mid-afternoon (PST) – protect your health; eat, dress sensibly. Luck’s mixed, so be nimble, good humored. Relationships stare you in the face Wed. afternoon through Friday. Remember, no brand new ones. Even the old ones might not be great, as a “tragic pall” settles over love affairs started before Friday. All relationships these few days are good for partnership, not for romance. Research, seek beneath appearances Saturday. Good home or kitchen or furniture hunting this morning.

Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 19
Chase money, Cap, but without chasing anything new (new product, project, client, etc.). And spend, but don’t buy anything on impulse – only what you need, no more, until February 11. Try selling unwanted items that have lain around. Your relations with others are friendly, active, humorous, challenging yet affectionate, until late February – that’s an improvement. Now through 2017, you might cultivate (or be forced into) a special relationship with an agency, government department, head office or an institution. Seek “special dispensation” – there are many tax loopholes for writers, the injured or ill, etc. Investigate, befriend a civil servant. Sunday’s for home – and throws you a chunk of luck if you research, or transmit your desire to someone. Romance, adventure, creative and speculative urges, pleasure pursuits and charming kids fill Monday to mid-afternoon Wednesday. Luck is mixed, so be nimble, relaxed. Tackle chores Wed. eve through Friday. (Routine chores only Fri. Otherwise, rest, contemplate.) Thursday’s best, productive. Relationships dominate Saturday – white sheer stuff, and beauty – but don’t commit.

Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18
Your energy, charm and clout stand at a yearly high, Aquarius. Remember, on a broader canvas, that your luck (until August) is painted with strokes of co-operation, compassion and jumping on others’ bandwagons. Maybe that’s why three weeks of this heightened energy and charisma are “blocked” with a Mercury retrograde, a period (until Feb. 11) of false starts, mistakes, missed appointments, confusion and delay – to keep you a bit humble, a bit concerned with others’ progress. Your income seems great until late Feb. – but remember, don’t spend; bank it for now. (Items you buy before Feb. 11 will be lemons, or just not suitable.) Sunday’s rushed, quick, but all’s well. Say hello brightly to an attractive person. Your domestic scene and its workings occupy you Monday to Wed. afternoon – everything’s fine, so plod along. Romance could frustrate you with unattainable people and refusals Wednesday pm; Thursday’s romantic and poetic, lucky and fun, in the morning. Friday’s a dud; stick to routine. All week (and the next two) an old flame can appear, or you could find him/her occupying your thoughts. But DO NOT start a love affair from Tuesday to Friday – eventual disappointment.

Pisces.svgPISCES Feb. 19-March 20
Rest, lie low for three more weeks. Contemplate, reconnect with your spiritual half, etc. Fulfill neglected duties/chores – especially government-related ones, such as your tax returns. You might receive a bonus or some benefit from governmental beneficence or a behind-scenes connection. Venus and Mars are lighting up your romantic, passionate side, attracting people to you despite Jan./Feb.’s “solitude” influence. Conserve energy, don’t let your social or romantic life tire you for work. Now through 2017, don’t do anything crooked at work, and don’t quit your job without having already accepted a better one. Those who “quit” now can find employment difficult for a long time ahead. Sunday’s for money, buying and selling: don’t spend too much! Errands, light romance, friendly acquaintances, short trips, visits, communications and paperwork fill Monday to Wed. Good, but realized this area is rife with mistakes and false starts, until Feb. 11. Double-check addresses, calculations – make a to-do list before leaving home or office. Veer toward home, family, security, rest and Mom Nature Wednesday pm through Friday. (Only Thursday succeeds, so be cautious before and after.) Saturday’s for beauty, passion, creativity – and happiness!
The End.