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START NOTHING: 2:10 pm to 7:57 pm Mon., 9:28 pm to 11:34 pm Wed., and 11 am Fri. to 1:09 am Sat.


ALL SIGNS: Remember, start nothing new/significant before Feb. 3.


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Wishes can come true, Aries, esp. old ones, maybe one you’d forgotten about. Your popularity is on a 4-week upslope, your optimism will fill the weeks ahead, and groups will benefit you (so will the gov’t, insurance co’s, hospitals, etc., for 3 more months). Your career and relations with prestige people have been favoured for many weeks — now a vibrant “conversational” vibe enters these relationships, and so does a determination and “new courage” on your part.

Two possibilities: higher-ups become impatient, critical now to early March, or you become a real go-getter, climbing more than one rung of the success ladder. (Both possible.) Be diplomatic — and assertive! Remember, start no new projects, relationships nor significant purchases before Feb. 3. (So late in the day you might as well say Feb. 4.)

Sun./Mon. are for relationships. An “ex” might appear, or an old opportunity might return. Advance cautiously — someone might resent/oppose you “quietly.” Dig into finances, research, medical and life changes Monday night through Wed. Some good luck here — around dawn Tues. (PST) and Wed. (mostly early, dawn plus).

A wise, mellow mood steals over you Thurs./Fri. Culture, philosophy, media, law, academics, and love — these whisper, but remain realistic. You might learn a deep secret. Saturday’s for ambition — charge after a goal, but don’t “talk money.”

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Remember, start no new projects, relationships nor significant purchases before Feb. 3 (so late in the day that it might as well be Feb. 4.) You’re in the beginning stages of an ambitious 4 weeks, Taurus. Your legal, academic, travel, media and love zones remain blessed, for many weeks to come (despite present indecision, which should end in these areas next week).

But be on guard: Mars enters this same zone Monday, there until early March, holding hands with Venus. This can spark a tremendous love/romance, but it can also trigger a lawsuit or unwanted gov’t attention. It might also involve you with a compelling person/lover, who tends to dominate. An old flame might be around too, early week to mid-Feb.

Tackle tasks Sun./Mon. (Sunday best.) Just routine, don’t try any “adventurous” chore. Relationships face you Monday night through Wed. Exciting, even thrilling meetings/attractions might occur — but remember, former or ongoing loves, nothing new. Applies to the “opportunities” you spy, also.

Life’s deeper, sexier, fruitful, financial, medical side wafts around you Thurs./Fri. Don’t make a big change or investment, as (self)deception might be hovering.
Something destined, though — love? A communication? Saturday’s for love, travel, law, school, publishing, cultural venues and social rituals. A fine, fine day!

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Remember, Gemini, start no new projects, relationships nor significant purchases before Feb. 3 (it’s so late in the day that it might as well be Feb. 4). Your medical, financial and sexual world is extremely potent now, has been since early November, and will continue so until early March.  Some of you are quite ill; some of your are making a fortune; and some, playing in a sexy nest (make sure it’s your nest, not someone else’s!). Whichever, it is likely to intensify now rather than slough off.

If Mercury wasn’t retrograde, it would be a fantastic time to make a huge change in your life. (So after Feb. 3, get going, make changes, invest, change homes, start a significant research project, whatever.) Not so much an old flame as an old sex-pot, might return. The general accent, until late Feb., will be on intellect, far travel, foreign lands, love, social rituals, cultural venues, philosophy, publishing, and law. If you’re at school, you could produce something that makes a prof go “wow.”

Sunday/Monday are for love, romance, beauty, pleasure, and creativity/games — but with more obstacles than open doors. Tackle chores Monday night (PST) through Wed. A fairly smooth interval, but stick to routine tasks. A higher up might nod approval.

Relationships, “opportunities” fill Thurs./Fri. An old flame (likely an old sexual tie, perhaps lacking tender love) might appear. You could learn a secret, a powerful one, perhaps about work or your health, or someone else’s. Sexual, financial depths and temptations arrive Sat. — lucky, but ethical?

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Remember, Cancer, start no new projects, relationships nor significant purchases before very late in the day Feb. 3 (might as well be Feb. 4). The general accent (until late Feb.) lies on secrets, investigation, major finances, medical issues, life changes (move to Alaska?) and lust.

A rather major “ex” could appear. Could be an ex-spouse. Could also be an ex-sexual partner, who might become a spouse soon. Could be an old business associate who comes with an “opportunity.” (Be wary here.) Relationship issues are high on the agenda.

Monday brings a 6-week intensity to relations, which can heighten passion, cause arguments, and/or open a door to your ambitions. A very interesting 2 months ahead!

The accent’s on home, kids, parents Sun./Mon. Some good, some bad here. Be restful, take naps. Romance, creative passion, sports/games, beauty and pleasure visit you Monday night (PST) through Wed. Some joys, some rejections here — but you’ll be happy,  intrigued. Tackle chores Thurs./Fri. (Don’t buy equipment.) Eat and dress sensibly. You might receive (or send) a powerful message about a relationship. Saturday’s for relationships — love, affection are in the air.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The general accent lies on relationships, relocation, public dealings and opportunities, Leo. Remember, start no new projects, relationships nor significant purchases before very late in the day Feb. 3 (might as well be Feb. 4). An old flame or “x” might return — so might a former employment.

Now to early March, work will be intense, hard — and rewarding. Much talk, travel, and affection at the workplace. (A co-worker love affair possible, but better lies ahead.) If you’re a boss, guard against labour relations violations, esp. in safety areas. That old flame — if single, your heart could soar — but it might be March before you can actually “proceed.” (A love that starts in March will be powerful, sexually and socially.)

Errands, contacts, paperwork fill Sun./Mon. Stick to routine stuff. Home, kids, parents, real estate, and nutrition grab your attention Monday night through Wed. Some progress, some obstacles — take the latter in stride. Get some rest, some contemplation time. Romance surges (at least in your heart, mind) Thurs./Fri. Mixed results. You could hear or “think” something important about work or health. Saturday’s for work/chores — and is the happiest day this week.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Remember, Virgo, start no new projects, relationships nor significant purchases before Feb. 3. (So late in the day we might as well call it Feb. 4.) The general accent, until late Feb., lies on work, machinery, health and dependents (including pets). But much activity takes place in romantic, creative zones (has, since early November 2021) — an old flame might re-appear, tho’ this is the last week for this.

Now to early March, romance will be intense, with sexual intimacy and consequences — consequences you might like! The present week is unremarkable through Friday, filled with minor obstacles and minor successes.

Chase money, esp. from “forgetful debtors,” Sun./Mon. Buy only routine items (e.g., groceries). Monday night through Wednesday brings errands, contacts, and paperwork. Some obstacles, some progress. Turn to home, family Thurs./Fri. — be diplomatic with mate Fri. You might see or receive a deeply truthful “message” about love or your own personality. Saturday’s for romance — dive in, joy lives? — but don’t expect long-term “stability.”

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Remember, Libra, start no new projects, relationships nor significant purchases before Feb. 3. (So late in the day you might as well say Feb. 4.) Now to late February, the general accent lies on romance, love, children’s talents, creative and speculative urges, sports/games, beauty and pleasure. An old flame might have kindled itself lately, but whether it has a chance or not, I’m not sure. There might not be enough time or circumstance to develop love fully.

All your “social planets,” Mercury (gentle love), Venus (deep sex), and Mars (partnership) are in your home, domestic sector. This is a place of endings and new, potent but very young beginnings. You might find your family is more “fulfilling” than any romance, at least until March. You might even end a relationship.

After Feb. 3 — NOT before — you could start a very good renovation, redecorating, or even new construction project. Work, employment are “blessed” now to May 10.

Your energy and charisma radiate Sun./Mon. A new love could begin, but will only succeed with someone “already familiar.” (Read the first sentence above about starting.) Pursue money, pay bills and collect, buy/sell Monday night through Wed. (Weakest of these: selling — it will be difficult.)

Errands, communications, and paperwork fill Thurs./Fri. This whole week has been rather lack lustre, small frustrations and small successes. Saturday offers the first “all systems go” day — it focuses on home, kids, nature, nutrition, security, etc. (But DO NOT invest nor seek lust’s temptations.)

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Remember, Scorpio, start no new projects, relationships nor significant purchases before Feb. 3 (so late in the day that it might as well be Feb. 4). The general accent, until late February, lies on your home, domestic situation, security, soul, nature and recuperation. Hug the kids. DO NOT start renovations, etc., before Feb. 4.

Contrarily, activity now sharply increases in your sector of communications, travel, and paperwork, making you restless. Much of that paperwork, communication, might concern your abode, construction permits, etc. Work out that restlessness within the ‘hood, keep travel local. Romance looms on the horizon.

Rest, seek solitude Sun./Mon. Seek advice, liaise with gov’t., head office. Your energy and charisma surge upward Monday night through Wed. Romance and creativity, play, and sports succeed; nothing else does, much. Pursue money Thurs./Fri. — obstacles and open doors mix, so go forth cautiously. You might hear an important message. Those errands, friendly contacts, mix with affection and fortune Saturday.

sagittarius iconSAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec, 21

Remember, Sage, start no new projects, relationships nor significant purchases before Feb. 3 (so late in the day that it might as well be Feb. 4.) Until late February, the general emphasis will be on restless action, travel, paperwork, communications and errands.

You’ve had a mildly blessed income zone since early November. Now that zone becomes much more active, until early March. Money will start to flow swiftly to you — bank it, or lose it. Income might be tied to a partnership or association. (And until Feb. 4, to a past contact, project or situation.)

This entire week is rather lacklustre, neither disastrous nor wildly lucky.

Optimism and popularity, social delights and “light love” fill Sun./Mon. A new friend/contact. (But read the first sentence above.) Withdraw Monday night through Wed. Rest, meditate, liaise with civil servants or management types, seek advice. Some obstacles, some successes.

Your energy and magnetism soar Thurs./Fri. — get things done, be a leader. Others will follow your suggestions. You might spy a “truth” about money, income, or the real price/worth of something. Saturday’s for shopping (stick to routine items) and casual intimacy. A sweet, fortunate day! (But possible illness late or Sunday, esp. if you over-imbibe.)

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Remember, Cap, start no new projects, relationships nor significant purchases before Feb. 3 (so late in the day that it might as well be Feb. 4). The general emphasis, until late Feb., lies on money, earned income, spending, rote learning and casual sex. Until May, communications expand, esp. with gov’t agencies, head office.

You have been gently gracious, affectionate, “good looking” and magnetic since early November — that continues for six more weeks, but intensifies, as Mars now joins in for the whole 6 weeks ahead, creating intensity and heat, while Mercury jumps on board also (only to mid-Feb.) creating a lot of talk, travel. You will be the centre of many groups, discussions or appraisals — or of romantic attention. A former “teacher” (rather than an old flame) might appear soon.

This week is rather lacklustre, some small problems, some small successes. Don’t expect much, nor take big chances. Be ambitious Sun./Mon. Hope, optimism, social delights, popularity and wish fulfillment arrive Monday night through Wed. Retreat Thurs./Fri., seek quietude, rest. Contemplate, examine the overall courses of your life. Seek advice. Your energy and charisma surge Saturday — you can attract love, aid, followers and success!

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

You’re on top, in charge, the star for the weeks ahead, Aquarius. Your energy and charisma surge upward. But remember, start no new projects, relationships nor significant purchases before Feb. 3. (So late in the day it might as well be Feb. 4.)

Despite all this personal boost in energy and magnetism, your inner, background, private or secret life looms huge. Maybe you have a secret lover. Maybe you’re in major discussions with a bank, or the tax dept. Maybe you’re taking on a major, increased management role. This essentially fortunate phase will last to early March. An old flame, a very romantic one, could play a significant role. One caution: avoid dark alleys, belligerent people now through March 5 (and esp. that first week of March).

The present week is rather uneventful. Wisdom, calm, a broadened view, visit you Sun./Mon. Love questions hover. Be ambitious Monday night through Wed. Small frustrations, small successes. Wishes can come true Thurs./Fri. — good time to be with friends, also for light flirting. Saturday brings all that background, private, secret stuff — in fortunate ways! Open your arms; receive.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 18-March 20

Remember, Pisces, start no new projects, relationships nor significant purchases before Feb. 3. (So late in the day you might as well say Feb. 4.) In general, you will have less energy, be more psychic and intuitive, and will prefer to work in the background for the almost 4 weeks ahead. But, belying this, your popularity (which has been nicely buoyant since last November) is solid and growing. Others want you to join in, want your opinion.

A major life wish can be “coming true” (between Nov. ’21 and March ’22). If you’re single, an important but friendly, light romance is forming — if not here, seek it in group involvements. Someone from the past (a Virgo?) might be instrumental here. In some ways, you’re trying to decide if you’re in love with someone or not. The answer will come soon, this Saturday onward. Saturday itself (Feb. 29) will be filled with these things: affection, groups, wishes, in a lucky way!

Otherwise, this is an uneventful week, filled with small irritations and small successes. Sunday/Monday are for digging deep, investigating, medical and lifestyle “examinations.” A broad view, wisdom, mellow, gentle love fill midweek. Be ambitious Thurs./Fri. You might see your future very clearly, though unspectacularly.



It seems really simple: whether by conspiracy, fore-planning with intent, luck or simple meanness, the Democrats discovered several fruitful avenues for election fraud in the 2020 election. Now they want to make permanent these fruitful avenues, to ensure they can cheat significantly in future elections. Hence, their voting rights act, which violates the constitution.

They are trying to wrest election control from the 50 individual states, which were given control for  very good reason: so their electoral vote, their contribution toward choosing the next president, would closely reflect the unique needs, desires, opinion, expression and will of each state. So that, in effect, the states’ interests would not be ignored.

Putrid Biden needs to remember, or realize, that the U.S.A. is a co-operation of states, and that essentially the member states, not the federal gov’t, are in charge. Biden is trying to shout, bluff and intimidate the states, trying to convince American citizens of his righteous mission, by calling every state and person/politician who opposes his criminal enterprise every dirty label he can muster — racist, supremacists, domestic terrorists, klansmen, vote suppressors, John Crows and George Wallaces.

Ironically, famous racist/supremacist George Wallace, whom Democrat Biden declares the Republicans are emulating, was a Democrat. Abe Lincoln, whom hypocrite Nancy Pelosi last week said was weeping over the Republican’s “voter suppression” was a Republican, who fought Democrats to free their slaves. Is there an honest democrat left? Only Manchin and Sinema come to mind.
***.  ***


In 2021, 3.5 million people worldwide died from Covid. (8+ million from all communicable diseases.) 42.6 million — or roughly 40% of all deaths — were enacted by abortion. I’m neither pro-life nor pro-abortion. My only experience with it was watching my daughter-in-law weeping loudly for days after she aborted a boyfriend’s baby. (They later broke up.)
***.  ***

Some jackass (D.W.) emailed me recently to say he was “embarrassed” by my love for Mr. Satan himself, Donald Trump. I have criticized Trump in the past for various misdeeds, but I also still praise him as the best (most effective for America’s benefit) President since — oh, I don’t know — Reagan. Probably equal to Mr. R. (Not equal to Eisenhower, though — Ike stands alone, and probably shaped America more than anyone since Abe Lincoln.)

But if Trump WAS on one of those pedophile express flights to Epstein’s island of nubility, then I completely reject him. In my opinion, pedophiles are tantamount to murderers. A murderer kills somebody. A pedophile murders someone’s life, and leaves the husk alive to twist in the wind of puzzlement, alienation and rage.

If Trump is proven to be guilty of the other crimes the left keeps throwing at him, then I reject him also. But in the meantime, I wonder at the left’s continuous attempts to smear and litigate him. As I forecast in 2016, Trump would become the left’s scapegoat, and that they would go so far as to destroy democracy just to get him. That’s happened, in spades.

But where do you find an honest man? MLK was a rapist. George Flloyd, the left’s present hero, was a drug addict and petty thief. Bush Junior was an alcoholic. Both Clintons were racist elites who threw Blacks in jail in wholesale handfuls, and Bill was a frequent flyer to Epstein’s Pedo-Island. Biden is a bigot and a con man, who sold political favours to America’s enemies. Jimmy Carter was, I think, a good man — and he was destroyed as President.
***.  ***

If society did not exist, pedophilia would not be hurtful beyond any physical effect. It is a uniquely social sin.

I think Bill Clinton was the type of pedophile we tend to forgive: older man, younger woman. (“Oh well, if she’s old enough to get pregnant, she’s old enough to get pregnant.”) How old was Lewinsky? Perhaps she whetted his appetite for younger and younger. He was curious about the developing bodies of women; he wanted to know their earliest freshnesses, their girlish budding stages. This curiosity and its “touch” were more the crime than any penetration. Biologically, he was committing no unnatural act. Again, it’s a uniquely social sin.
***.  ***

We all have our biases. I look at life from the perspective of a 73-year old man who feels financially secure. I might have very different perspectives/beliefs if I were poor and homeless, or rich enough to have 10,000 servants… although I lean toward doubting my basic beliefs would change. (Brave statement!)

10,000 is not an exaggeration. Many, many billionaires have such legions working for them, in a kind of “free servitude.” Bill Gate’s Microsoft must employ over 100,000. Bezos employs a million? I use the term “free servitude,” because after work they are free to pursue family needs and interests, to sleep, and work again. Little room in there for creativity, lifestyle exploration, invention, starting one’s own business, learning a new craft/trade. Only the exceptional, the deluded, homeless and the nearly retired (and therefore spent and their efforts usually weak) will break through this servitude.

The point of all this is to preserve the king, Bezos or Gates or whomever. Everyone below him, and those below those below, guards their own position and are more concerned with preserving the hierarchy, the “overhead structure,” than in climbing outside of — or too quickly on — the ladder of ambition provided, usually by the billionaire — for too great a heave upward or into new territory might cause ripples and waves, confusion and chaos in the system.

Thus, artists sometimes work outside the system — and face starvation. Also, those who would rather starve than work — the truly lazy — attempt to be artists. But every once in a while, a great thrust erodes or shakes or topples the old structure, and a new Amazon is born.

Even these billionaires can’t escape such “replacement” — it’s built into the script of nature.

But being old is really something. I love it. Even when the physical stuff, like potholes in the road, start slowing down your flimsy, wired-together vehicle. (Our growth since birth, speaking and seeking, has been wispy as clouds at some points, too baseless to be traversed, to walk upon, so we have had to wire certain portions, certain islands, together, in haste not to lose our momentum.)

You get to work a lot less, and just laze around, doing whatever you prefer. You’re like the cat in the sunny bay window. You lose your sexuality, probably lost it back there around 69, maybe later, but your heart grows — it seems proportionately. Right now I’m in an equivalent mood or feeling, in some ways, to a pre-pubescent boy — not yet sexual, but for some reason fascinated by feminine beauty. (As you get older, too, you see beauty in different places and different ways.)

That’s what started this wee item. I was watching some punditry show, with 5 pundits arguing and joking with each other, and I looked at one of the women, a young, big-maned woman, and I thought almost simultaneously: how beautiful she is, and how ordinary she is. It was as if my right eye saw perfection, and my left eye saw every flaw, every sink of flesh or awkward bone.

But it woke me. I suddenly realized I had regained this boy-like fascination with women. I hope it lasts. BTW, I don’t think a majority of men see women with 2 separate eyes, beauty and flaws. I do, because I had a nurturing mother/vicious mother who consorted with a pedophile.

Another great thing about old age: It seems there are so many things I understand now, oh, say over the last 4 years, that I never understood before. In my 20’s to 50’s I never gave any emotional/personal puzzle more than an initial run — as soon as I hit a blank wall, I simply gave up. I had more important things to do: raise kids, earn a living, and buy an estate in the rural burbs. Important things.

I wish, oh I so wish, I had given my children more time and praise. But now I can see why I didn’t. Now at last I can see why certain people acted the way they did, I can see the source of quarrels, and the shining ropes of love between the young, I can tell a person’s character more quickly (always was hard for me). And it’s fascinating to go over family and other stories, realistic and imaginary. A contemplative mind is a beautiful thing. So far, the 70’s are a beautiful thing.
***.  ***

I still don’t know if the 2020 U.S. election was stolen or not. However, it was revealed in 2021 that Zuckerberg of Facebook poured $400+ million into putting democrats in charge of election ballot-counting, and that Suckerberg and Twitter and Google suppressed a huge election-altering negative story about Biden (Hunter Biden’s diary and Joe’s China-related treason) until the elections were over.

As shocking as the democracy-perverting squelching of information was by the tech-media giants, allowing Joe to win election, it was not the first instance of his riding the criminal coattails of information thieves to electoral victory. In fact, he originally entered the Senate under strikingly similar “manipulated circumstances.”

In 1972 Biden was first elected to the Senate. During the campaign, Biden, 29 years old, filled his speeches with false accusations and lies about his Republican opponent. His opponent produced a long, factual rebuttal of Biden’s lies, to be published in the only two daily newspapers serving his electoral district.

Someone favouring Biden approached a mafia hit-man, boss, and head of Teamster Union 326 in Delaware, a man named Sheeran, to help Biden. Sheeran organized a group of thugs, made them (overnight) union members, and paid them to picket both newspapers. The rebuttal of Biden’s lies was written and printed, but not one newspaper left the presses. The truck drivers would not cross the Teamster’s (Sheeran’s) union pickets. So nothing came out, and Biden won his first seat, courtesy of a hit man, the mafia, the unions — and suppression/censorship of information. (*)

Echoes of 2020 and information suppression? On a much larger scale and using social media criminals like Suckerberg and Dorsey, Biden did the very same thing. (And now he rages about “voter suppression.”) (Just as he now, turning 180 degrees from his former bigoted white-man position, his KKK affiliations and slurs on East Indians and Hispanics, rages against “white supremacists” — the very thing he was.)

Biden is an bobble-headed figurehead for the criminal elite. (Remember how in horror movies, you always knew it was the devil in disguise, when a character’s head started spinning? There’s a deep truth in that — it is a portrayal of pure, unleashed hypocrisy.)

But now the criminals are in Biden’s own cabinet and party. (Of course: the mafia doesn’t help you without becoming your “partner.”)  — AOC and her bigoted anti-Semitic cohorts, Merrick Garland, surely the most crooked Federal A.G. in U.S. history, and — I forget her name, but the Secretary of Energy, who dumps on oil/gas, and promotes batteries — and surreptitiously and illegally invests in a crooked electric bus manufacturing company (the buses all fell apart in less than 18 months!)… and more.

Remember, in autumn 2020 I said here if you vote for Biden as President, it will be like buying a haunted house. Now, after Afghanistan, inflation, and a series of other failures, Biden fills America with the uncomfortable whistling of ghosts…

(*) The Sheeran story is told in a 2004 book, I Heard You Paint Houses, by former Attorney General Charles Brandt, in which a dying Sheeran was interviewed over a period of a few years — and his interviews were fact-checked.)

(The above is courtesy of WND News Center, in an article by Jack Cashill.)
***.  ***

RETROGRADES: I guess it’s no secret that I’ve been sick for awhile (since Hallowe’en). Typical of Gemini, it’s in my lungs/chest. In general, private practice family doctors (MDs) in Vancouver have retreated into a comfortable cocoon of “telephone visits.”

So for almost 3 months they have not taken one swab or culture, and I have remained undiagnosed, although I cough all day, want to sleep an hour after getting out of bed, and spend all week writing this blog (usually an 8-hour task) and have had to decline almost all requests for readings. (*)

So yesterday morning, after coughing uncontrollably for 3 minutes after waking up, I asked my daughter to drive me to the hospital. I was admitted to Emergency and put on a bed in a room of 4 beds, separated by cloth curtains. From 8 to 9 am, they took a gallon of blood, tested for Covid (negative), performed chest x-rays, and a doctor stetho’d my chest and back. “When we have a diagnosis, we’ll come back to see you,” Doc said.

And there I lay until 9 pm, 12 hours. I thought, Gee, my case must be really complicated, since they’re still not saying anything.

But by 9 pm I finally corralled a nurse and said, “Look, I’ve been here since 8 am. They did all their tests by 9 am. Now it’s 12 hours later and no one’s even spoken to me. What’s happening?”

He returned several minutes later, and apologized — I had been discharged at noon, but no one told me. “So you can go home now. Sorry, sorry, we’ve been really busy!”

I’m a Gemini (Sun and Moon) and Mercury, my ruling planet, was and still is retrograde. I’m Libra rising, and Venus, my other ruling planet, was/is also retrograde. A double-whammy retro — so I was forgotten. And forgetful — I forgot to ask, “Well, what in the damn sam heck WAS my diagnosis?”

(*) I’m slowly recovering.


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