Astrology forecast: this horoscope is for January 28, 2018.

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All times/Dates are PST – Pacific Standard Time zone. PST is eight hours before Greenwich England (BST). For example when it is noon PST here, it is 8 PM in England – and 4 AM the next day in China. You can Google ‘time zone converter’ for your own zone.


START NOTHING:  2:39 am to 10:57 am Sunday, 8:40 am to 10:53 am Tuesday, 2:58 am to 11:13 am Thursday, and 11:07 pm Friday to 1:47 pm Saturday.


A question for you all:  I often refer to specific dates and times in the Weekly Forecasts, but I realize this can be confusing or overly-complex for readers who live far from Western North America, where I live. For example, “morning” in North America is late afternoon in England, evening in Europe, and pre-dawn the next day in China and Australia.

Years ago, I rarely mentioned times of day — and sometimes not even the exact day. E.g., “Sunday/Mon. are good, but mid-week holds a problem.” My question to you is, would you prefer a less “time exact” but more poetic or readable forecast each week? Or would you rather I stick with the “exactness?” (I’ve written the present week’s forecasts using a mix, partly of the exact method, and partly using more generalized periods such as “midweek.”)

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Simple advice for students: if you want a good-paying career, avoid the faculties/courses that are quite popular. They indicate an excess of future job applicants, and lower wages. For example, TV producers used to make a fortune. Then every young person wanted to be one — it was a “glamorous” career. Now producers are paid about the same as a warehouse worker. This phenomena can apply even to medical and law students.

***   ***

Night, the greatest and smoothest of knaves, admired by thieves everywhere, pockets the day. Once in Italy I watched a 250-pound man glide through a packed bus, smoothly as a fish through seaweed. Then someone said, “Hey! Pickpocket!” and suddenly he was no longer there. I watched the exit doors to discover him de-bussing, but didn’t see him. I searched the bus with my eyes but couldn’t find him….

***   ***

Justin Trudeau’s ethics problems arise from Pluto in his Sun sign, Capricorn. Capricorns are undergoing a journey, 2008 to 2024. At journey’s end, this sign will have a new social circle, and completely different life goals. Both will bring happiness. But sometimes, the journey is tough. In 2018, Cap will grow more solid and self-disciplined. But you guys will also be entering a new land, in a way. You might actually embark on an adventure. Dreams will come true during the ten months ahead. Recognize the reality: it might come with a weighty responsibility, but otherwise does fulfill a major wish.

****   ***

The health of nations: America shows further decline from heights of 1960’s – 80’s. It’s been 35 to 50 years since Americans set foot on the moon, invented mobile phones, discovered cloning and stem cells, etc. (Although I think the decision not to make additional trips to the Moon was a wise one.) The great innovator now is China. Their hyper-glide nuclear weapons, their high-speed trains, and trains that don’t stop (my invention, tho’ they invented it a decade before me!) — The U.S. is waning. Trump is a lightning rod for the frustrations created by this decline. Some blame him for it; others look to him as the cure for it. At present, he seems to be the cure. However, a lot of long-range potential consequences are being ignored.

But the young Americans, 20’s – 30’s, are innocent, idealistic and attractive; a courteous, friendly generation. I suspect, the sooner they are handed the reins of power, the better. They will stumble, but their core is strong.

Canada? Well, Canada just keeps on trucking, neither before or behind anyone else, and not wanting to be. A lucky, lucky country. (One day, as I predicted decades ago, Canada will rule the U.S. — but not, perhaps, in traditional ways. For example, the U.S. might move their capitol to Ontario or Alberta. But this is far, far off.)

****   ***

When Ronald Reagan ran for office, everyone decried the fact that he was a film actor. Yet he won hugely. When Trump ran, everyone said he was just a reality show ego maniac, a billionaire clown. Yet he won. Now Oprah is perhaps considering running for prez. (I mentioned the “Oprah possibility” (for U.S. Prez) in, I think, November 2017.)  Politicos wring their hands in despair when they think about famous actors getting a boost in political races. It’s the dumbing down of America, they say. But the voting public is wise — they see Trump or Oprah on TV for years and years, and get a lot of feel, discernment and leisurely moments of examination of these people, which helps them make a decision at the voting booths. What do regular pols have to offer in opposition? A “local” or weaker charisma, and policy statements made by a man or woman whom the public does not know well, and has not had a chance to contemplate, grow familiar with, or trust. It used to be that a law degree was the prerequisite to a successful political career. But the new prerequisite, since JFK appeared on TV, is an acting “degree.”

****   ***

Remember I said, about a year ago, that the democrats had to make a decision: whether or not to save democracy from Trump, if this could only be done in a non-legal, undemocratic way. (Or let democracy give the people a leader who would destroy democracy.) I think they have chosen, deeply.

****   ***

I mentioned previously that the 2021-2024 U.S. President will suffer at least an assassination attempt; perhaps death. This indication isn’t as strong for Trump, should he repeat, as his “primary” election has already occurred.

***   ***

I wrote early last year or in late 2016 that Obama had at least “his feet in the swamp” of Washington, D.C.  The news should bear this out in 2018.

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Poor NFL.

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Some far-away predictions:

2229 onward:  (but before 2476, though the “effects” will continue to 4452 AD) :

  • – “literate” religions will disappear, so will writing
  • – we will be observed by another civilization/“aliens”
  • – an angel, wide as the horizon, will come to us — could be the “observer” above
  • – rulers will be “philosopher kings/queens” — these will be denied love, perhaps even sex
  • – most advances will not be in technology, but in governance and social structures
  • – huge delving into drugs, other perceptions, new levels of consciousness — and of other physical realms, e.g., other solar systems  — and of oceans.
  • – something from Neptune will cause news, huge news to the whole world; perhaps the planet will be mined or “discovered/explored.”
  • – If aliens do come from somewhere local, they will come from (behind?) Neptune
  • – mature men — vengeful, watchful, suspicious, hold “secret” reins of power
  • – young men — restricted, almost “imprisoned” or kept as wards of the state(s)
  • – mature women — like the cave-man Venus: very large breasts, hips, thighs, stomachs
  • – young women — very friendly, sociable, sharing and shared, designed or “invented”

From 4699 AD onward:

  • – Behavior enforcement based on spiritual/karmic laws
  • – Lack of real estate
  • – Homes, even cities, will be “mobile.”
  • – Travel to the stars
  • – Wealthy populace
  • – Sudden disruptions/destructions of rulers and governments (reminiscent of 20th century chaos)


    ARIES: March 21-April 19

Happy social times continue, Aries. Though it might not be obvious all the time, your sexual prowess and luck are high this year. Combine that with the general bright optimism and flirtatiousness of this week, and Mars (your planet) in a love sector… well, you can draw your own probabilities. Get out, make friends, join groups, accept and issue invitations. BUT remember my prior muffled warning: don’t “go for broke” in this social zone. You’ll fare better if you plunge into one captivating love rather than seeking light, friendly romance — especially Tues. to Thurs. morning. If you’re married or staunchly single (these 3 days and this week) throw yourself into a creative, sports or speculative project, rather than seeking the “safety of the group.”  Earlier, Sun. to Tues. morning finds you at home or with family. Pursue security, foundational things, home repairs, gardening, Mother Nature, etc. You might feel a bit bored or alienated Sun. and Mon. eves; but both twilights (PST – mornings the next days in China) are followed by great prospects — for spirituality Sun. night, and for travel, learning, sex, investments and research Monday. Tackle chores and health concerns midday Thurs. to Saturday afternoon. Avoid impulse (and romance, and legal zones) Thurs.  Buy machinery/tools Friday afternoon. Relationships hit a pothole Sat. pm.

taurus weekly forecast    TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

You’ll be ambitious this week into late Feb., and higher-ups will nudge you to be so, too.  Just remember my warnings: don’t take short-cuts, don’t be tempted to pull a fast one, reject “blue sky” projects. Remain ultra-realistic. In general, you’ll profit more from short retreats and rests, than from madly pushing upward. This “choice” is particularly relevant mid-week. (Sex and financial actions — not related — meet fortunate vibes Tues./Wed.) Earlier, run errands, talk, text, visit, travel, handle paperwork Sun. midday to Tues. morn. (PST). Boredom and opposition mix with luck and fortunate openings: be nimble. Both Sun. and Mon. nights are superb, after an initial discouragement. You’re going to enjoy midday Thurs. to Sat. afternoon — soak up poetic beauty, pleasure, Nature’s blessing, romance, adventure, sports  or game, charming children. Love (nor sex) exists Thurs. Careful with machinery, chores, driving and health Saturday pm — be alert, ethical, and “on the job.” All’s well, overall!

    GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

This week and the next two enhance your abstract mind, and steer you toward law, culture, social rituals (e.g., weddings, bat mitzvahs), international affairs/travel, contacts with scholars, lawyers, writers and foreign-born people; and toward gentle love and acceptance of humanity with all its foibles. You love such stuff, so you’ll be calmly happy for the nonce. However, remember my earlier warning: don’t sink deeply into these areas, and especially do not yield to short-cuts, temptations or over-commitment.  (“If I just tell a harmless little lie, I’ll win the lawsuit.”)  This applies strongly mid-week, when your “default” or “safety” gains prominence.  Choose errands, short call, visits and daily communications rather than long journeys or profound, abstract thinking. News media rather than books, short trips rather than long. Study what you do Tues. to midday Thurs. — this is your ‘safety zone” until November. Earlier, chase money, buy/sell, engage in sweet, brief embraces. Both Sun. and Mon. bring a drop in confidence, or a bit of boredom right into suppertime (PST) then beautiful open doors later at night. (Spiritual and career doors Sunday. Work and relationship doors Monday.) Mid-week’s very active, then midday Thurs. to Sat. afternoon slows you down, makes you “remember” (and hopefully embrace) kids and family, garden and home. Forget co-operation (or chasing someone attractive) Thurs. Friday’s great, productive. (Remember, until March 17, relationships are very intense, love or war.) Saturday afternoon turns romantic, but wait until Sunday (Feb. 4) to act on it.

    CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The week focuses on mysteries, investigations, secrets, hidden/extra-marital temptations, lust, medical concerns, power plays, changes, investments and debt, commitment and consequence. It’s a “fulcrum” or pivotal time. BUT remember, all these are tinged with twilight rather than sunlight until November. Strictly avoid dishonesty, unethical or immoral ideas, and, generally, commitment. This applies strongly mid-week, when the”good side” of these zones appears: simple money, earnings, buying and selling, light but honest sex. Accept surface appearances: the depths can be a trap. (Sometimes simply causing unwanted delays.) (Again, this advice holds until early Nov.) Earlier, Sun. to mid-morn Tuesday (PST) your energy and charisma soar. You’ll attract glances, calls and propositions. Rejection seems to float in the air both Sun. and Monday near suppertime, but both are followed by splendid nights. (For some singles, both “suppertimes” bring not rejection, but a meeting with a viable, though challenging, life-mate prospect. This is a big theme now to 2020 for you singles.) In any case, charge ahead, get things done! Late week, midday Thurs. to Sat., casual friends, errands, short trips, calls and paperwork are slated. All’s smooth except suppertime Thurs., when arguments can start, and machines (cars?) need care. To home, Saturday pm.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast    LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Relationships, opportunities, opposition, relocation themes, fame, public dealings, negotiation and litigation, contracts and agreements — these fill the weeks ahead. But don’t jump in too eagerly — chances are high that you’re dealing with people who are unlucky, morally besmirched, or simply incompatible. Even the likeliest bonding, if made now (to early November) can later subtly shift, at which time you’ll see a darker underside. Your “safety” in all this — your luckiest, most productive path — is independence, listening to your own heart and mind, and accenting your own goals and desires. This contrast is highlighted mid-week, when your charisma, effectiveness, decisiveness and energy rise to a nice peak. Be yourself!  Earlier, Sun. to mid-morn Tues., retreat from the fray, rest, contemplate the future and form plans. Both Sun./Mon. suppertimes hold a whiff of rejection/dejection, but the nights that follow offer splendid openings — to sex, finances or secrets Sunday, Monday morn; and to real estate or family luck Mon. night. Late week, Thurs. midday to Sat. afternoon, accent collecting money, buying/selling, and sensual attractions. Careful Thurs. daytime, when a “romantic” argument or a bad purchase (“it looked so pretty in the store!”) are possible. Otherwise, a great, easy interval — don’t invest, though. Communications, short trips Saturday pm — don’t expect much. BTW, your romantic and creative juices flow — with fortune’s blessing — until March 17.

    VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The accent continues on chores, employment, machinery/tools, dependents and daily health. Although these are things you naturally gravitate toward, let that gravity be light this week and the next two (and actually right to Nov. 8/18). If you grow too deeply involved, you’ll waste your time and energy, and could miss good opportunities elsewhere. Those opportunities are highlighted mid-week, when you’ll gain if you gravitate toward management, policy-making, administration, delegating tasks, civil service. You might feel tired, but more importantly, you’ll find the “perfect tone” to ask others to work for you. Be brave, be a manager, Virgo! Earlier this week, Sun. midday to Tues. morning, happiness visits. A wee rise in popularity, a bright optimism about your future, perhaps a bit of flirting — all raise your spirits. Both Sun. and Mon. eves (PST) bring first a “recognition of relationships,” then splendid openings to begin or further sweet bonds. (The “recognition” could be, in some cases, of a relationship break-down, but it doesn’t faze you.) Late week (midday Thurs. to Sat. afternoon) boosts your energy, clout, effectiveness and magnetism. This isn’t a love or romance month, but you could receive a couple of glances anyway. Careful Thurs. daytime, near supper, when an argument could occur at home. Friday’s great. Careful Sat. — buy nothing significant, and don’t try to seduce anyone! (Homefront friction can erupt until March 17th. The same period might cause real estate investment, even profit. DO NOT move into a new residence before March 18.)

    LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Ah, sweet romance! Married or single, you’re passing through that segment of the year when deeply pleasurable attraction, beauty, pleasure itself, joyous children, sports/games, creative surges and speculative (risk-taking) urges soar. Enjoy this, but don’t fall in deeply. E.g., don’t become infatuated, nor begin the next great novel. Instead, now to November, opt for the “safe side.” This safe zone is accented mid-week (midday Tues. to mid-day Thurs., PST) — and involves friendship, popularity, light, friendly romance (vs. infatuation), social circle, optimism, entertainment, and plans for future pleasure. (A friendly romance could lead to marriage; infatuation won’t.) Tuesday favours a wee fling or flirt. You’ll find joy! Earlier, Sun. morn to Tues. morn light your ambition lamp. Career, social standing, dealings with authorities are slated — both Sunday and Monday daytimes are iffy.  Lean toward refusal, but both nights are successful, especially in work, health and money areas. Late week, noon Thurs. to Sat. afternoon, deserve a “pass.” Retreat from the crowd, sleep, rest, contemplate, make plans for the future (while examining them for flaws). Contact your spiritual side, be charitable. Saturday pm, your energy and charisma roar back, you’ll attract interest, glances in public. But wait until Sunday (Feb. 4) to start anything.

    SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Your home will grow increasingly active and affectionate over the weeks ahead. It’s a great time for a family project. This week emphasizes this same zone: garden, nutrition, family, security, home, endings, new beginnings and foundations. However, now to November, don’t ”overweight” this zone. E.g., DO NOT buy/sell real estate, enter extensive renovations, institute a big, firm family plan, etc. That way, dangers lie. The “antidote” to being overly-domestic is the (presently lucky) outside world: ambition, career, climbing in social status, dealings with VIPs and authorities. These are emphasized mid-week — and will (until November) be your “escape” from difficult karma. Earlier, Sunday morning to midmorn Tues., brings a sweet, refreshing flow of compassion, understanding, international, legal, cultural, travel and intellectual themes and contacts. Both Sun. and Mon. suppertimes (PST) might impede this flow, but the nights that follow offer lucky, inspired doorways to success.You could meet love, or grab a money plum. Late week, Thursday noon to Sat. afternoon, brings joy, social delights, popularity, bright optimism, entertainment and friendly romance. Careful Thurs. daytime — money loss or argument possible. But you’ll hardly care, as happiness wins. Late Saturday, retreat, wait until Sun. onward to attempt anything important. Now to mid-March, expect extra money — bank it!

    SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22 – Dec. 21

This week and the next two continue a focus on errands, paperwork, contacts, travel and communications — everyday, busy stuff, not much of it important. That’s good, because now to November, you should treat this area lightly, and not be persuaded (by yourself?) to waste hours, even days, buried in such insignificant activities. Instead, aim for the more profound side of these: international affairs, far travel, cultural and legal venues, philosophy and publishing, big ideas — and love. All these “better paths” are accented mid-week — successfully, Tuesday. Earlier, Sun. morn to mid-morn Tues. holds secrets, sexual desires, financial actions, research, medical actions, changes, and commitment plus consequence. Both Sun. and Mon. suppertimes are slow, suspicious, but both nights flow with good luck, especially in sexual and investment zones. Late week, midday Thursday to  Sat. afternoon (PST) your career, status, ambitions and relations with VIPs, bosses and judges are highlighted. Careful Thurs. – avoid romance or being “creative.” You can advance Fri., especially in money appeals.  Saturday pm raises your hopes and inspires your social side, but not much works: wait until late, late night, or Sunday.

    CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22 – Jan. 19

This week focuses on earnings, buying/selling, seeking clients, rote memorization, and casual, short-term sensual attractions. (I mean short in duration if you entered one.) Handle these interests, but only accomplish what’s needed, then let go. If you need a “safety” in the same overall areas, aim instead for investments, discovery rather than rote learning, investigation, and deep, meaningful intimacy. These “good directions” will be emphasized mid-week, when you’ll feel sober, unimpressed, yet will take good, productive action, especially Tuesday. Earlier, Sun./Mon., relationships, opportunities, negotiations, public dealings and relocation themes are slated. Both days, a critical point might be reached around suppertime, which can be good or bad. But each supper is followed by a night of sweet success and inspiration. Late week, Thurs. noon to Saturday afternoon, a beautiful understanding sweeps over you. Gentle love, compassion, far travel, intellectual pursuits, cultural and legal affairs drift in also. Be cautious Thurs. daytime (PST) when someone (or a civil servant) works against you from a hidden vantage point. Friday brings success. Don’t attempt anything important Saturday. Your status is being “reviewed” (or admired!) by neighbourhood types.

    AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20 – Feb. 18

Your energy, attractiveness, clout and effectiveness are rising, and will stay high through late Feb. Good! Start things, make contacts, seek favours, draw in others for co-operation or advice. Mid-week will show you how to use your heightened energy and magnetism: go out of yourself, to another — or a whole suite of others. Make agreements, negotiate, face the public, seek fame, consider relocation. Be inter-dependent, not independent. These actions will “save you” all year to November. Even fighting is better than being alone. Earlier, Sun./Mon. bring chores and minor health concerns. Both days decline into dejection by suppertime; but both nights offer grand success — money inspiration Sun. night (to Mon. dawn) and career luck Mon. night. Late week, Thurs. noon to Sat. afternoon, holds secrets and mysteries. Dig deep, uncover facts and, perhaps, valuable investment or other opportunities. Lust calls too. For best results, be cautious Thurs., charge ahead Friday. Saturday pm brings a loving, mellow mood, bu wait until Sun. (Feb. 4) to act. Apropos your need to relate and join rather than be independent: this will be “easy” until March 17, as people will call, visit, and life bubbles with meetings, communications, etc.

    PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The week ahead nudges you into withdrawal. Rest, contemplation, emotional, physical and spiritual regeneration are slated, to prepare you for “extra action” late Feb. and March. At work, you are tempted to increase your management role. However, don’t sink too far into seclusion, for aloneness leads to subtle traps (now and to early Nov.). Your “antidote” to seclusion appears mid-week, and it lies in chores, hands-on work, daily health and fitness actions, caring for dependents, and machinery. Here, success and a smooth, green path await you. Earlier, Sun./Mon. bring passion, romance, beauty, pleasure and a creative urge. Both daytimes might lead to a suppertime disappointment, or a suppertime greeting/relationship. Both nights bless you with inspiration, loving feelings, and career success or inspiration (Mon.). (Remember, your career is bothered by a boss’ impatience or temper through March 17, but is also filled with money opportunities. Think about this Mon. night.) Late week, Thursday noon to Sat. afternoon brings relationships, opportunities, openings. To succeed, be diplomatic, co-operative. Don’t enter contests of will or attractiveness. Careful Thurs., especially in career/work areas. Friday touches you with success. Saturday features secrets, hidden valuables, investments, debt, medical emergencies, and sexual attraction. These will succeed Sun. (Feb. 4) but not Saturday. Patience!

The End.

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  1. sarahyishan

    Hi Tim, I think that i can not speak very well english now, cause i ‘m living in France since 2010, and i’m forgetting english! but i read your words since 1 year and it’s really accurate for me. But since 3 weeks, your weekly forecast are not as accurate as before! I’m born in China , Wuhan, the 19/07/1988, and I have a health problem since 10 years, i dont know if i can overcome it and recover as before… and also, I’m fall in love with a guy, born in china, Zhongshan, 16/11/1979, I dont know if the right person for me. because of my health problem, i am always fear to action or wrong action. always because of the health problem, i’m always poor… worry about the money…

    I really appreciate if you can reply…
    Thanks so much!

  2. Mary Anne

    hi Tim,
    re your question on forecasts. I like the combination you did this week of specific days and also more general times, ie: ‘Mid-week’s very active, then midday Thurs. to Sat. afternoon slows you down’ (from Gemini).
    Mary Anne

  3. Nadine

    I love you ! I think you are the best, wittiest astrologer on the planet. Essentially, you are pretty much the gospel in my life. I enjoy every word of your work. ❤️
    BTW I always forget exact times but seem to remember the midday Tuesday or late Friday evening references.

    Thank you Tim xo

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