Astrology forecast for February 4 to 10, 2018.

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START NOTHING:   10:46 am to 7:56 pm Monday; 11:16 pm Wednesday to 5:53 am Thursday; and 8:38 am to 6:21 pm Saturday.


GAMBLING is where you go to get cleansed.

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BTW, I probably advise each sign to “ask for a pay raise” at least 5 or 10 times a year. I don’t mean you’ll get a raise every time you ask — but that asking on such days will create an accumulating influence, building toward the day you ask and it’s (hopefully) granted.

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HEARTBURN: A simple quick fix: chew gum. Your saliva will neutralize the stomach acid, at least temporarily. Got this from Nancy. Eating helps, short term. Eating veggies, bread, drinking milk — these can reduce heartburn over the long haul. But if you have regular “burn,” see a doctor.

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NADAL: I wrote in 2017 that tennis player Rafael Nadal would have a winning year. Just noticed that now, at the start of 2018, he’s ranked #1.  (He was also ranked #1 last year, but being the lazy researcher I am, I didn’t know that… )

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HATE to bring up politics again, but… well… it seems everyone/organization I accused of being dirty (in the U.S.) seems to be.

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I SEE all these medicine commercials on TV. One says, “One in thirty people have Hep. C, and most don’t even know it.” So they’ve spent hundreds of millions creating and advertising a drug for it. Well, I have tremors, as do 1 in 25 people — a fifth more than have Hep. C. Yet no one has even attempted to find a pharma cure. There is a one-time, effective laser procedure to eradicate tremors. But where I live, in British Columbia, Canada, the medical associations in their supreme wisdom have decided that the 180,000 tremor sufferers in the province are not worth the most efficient cure, the laser treatment. (*) In fact, when I asked Vancouver neurologists about the laser treatment, both claimed they had not heard of it. Yet other Canadian cities — Toronto (twice the size of Vancouver) and Halifax (one-sixth the size of Vancouver) — have practiced this laser procedure for over ten years.

In fairness, BC does offer to drill two holes in your head, plant wires in your brain, and attach these to 2 pacemakers, one buried inside your left chest, one in the right — four operations, two of which have to be repeated every 3 years on average, to replace the batteries in your chest. This medieval practice — which carries a 10% risk of brain infection, stroke or death — had one alternative in the past — in the mid-1990’s a neurologist offered to give me 60 injections of botox every 6 months to make my face, head and hands immobile. Great. Great system.



    ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The general accent remains on groups, social delights, friendly romance, entertainment, optimism and wish fulfillment. Sunday brings you face-to-face with someone special. If you’re single, attraction might blossom. But does this person have a domestic anchor/problem? Decide Mon., when relationships meet the light of reality. (A good light!) Your thoughts veer into secretive, mysterious area Mon. night (PST) though Wed. There are obstacles in this zone, but also great openings; esp. Tues. eve and Wed. daytime — knock on the door of finances, investments, intimacy, commitment. Late week, Thurs. to Sat. eve, a mellow, wise mood steals over you. Far travel, legal, cultural or educational affairs, intellectual and publishing endeavours  advance nicely — except perhaps Friday morn, when fuzzy thinking could enter. This whole area grows more intense through mid-March. Good, but don’t let enthusiasm propel you past legal, or other boundaries. All week, you might have to choose between friendship and ambition. But one thing’s certain: you’re happy.

taurus weekly forecast    TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Sunday/Mon. bring work — plunge in, success flows — until suppertime (PST) Sun., and Mon. morn. The focus remains on your ambitions, career, prestige relations, and worldly standing. Again, don’t take this zone too seriously before November, 2018. If you find yourself “plotting,” you’re on the verge of bad action with disappointing results. So be good! If you want to concentrate on something that can enrich and transform your life, turn your eye to peer relationships, to love, marriage, business partnerships, agreements and contracts, etc. midweek (Tues./Wed.). You’ll encounter some minor glitches, but overall a bountiful wave of potential links and opportunities face you. Be eager, co-operative — this is your area of great luck in 2018. Or dive into finances, investments, debt reduction, or lust — intimacy and commitment — late week (Thurs.-Sat.). By looking up, you could fall down; by looking horizontally, you keep your bearings, and gain. Until mid-March, your sexual drives and financial, research urges are strong, determined and impulsive — handle this carefully, be honest, moral.

    GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Remember, relationships are intense until mid-March. In general, you will like this, for you feel a certain happiness or friendliness, even with your enemies. (Still, sudden anger/violence can flare if you operate in a “dangerous” environment, e.g., Iraq, inner cities.) This intensity can also draw you closer to a lover or spouse — or spark arguments. The main, monthly accent lies on intellect, far horizons, international affairs, education, media, advertising, culture and law. Skim the surface here, as this zone, despite being pleasant and loving, yields little reward until Nov. (Maddeningly, it keeps promising rewards — you’re the bull, and it’s the red cloak.) Sunday/ Monday are for love, romance, creative and risk-taking urges — take a chance, you might find love, or produce a “masterpiece.” Tackle chores and health concerns midweek (Tues./Wed.) — despite a couple of minor glitches, you’ll succeed — and could earn “career points” Tues. Those intense relationships arise Thurs. to Sat. — re-read the first 3 or 4 lines above. You could make a new friend or lover Thursday. Careful Fri. morn — some illusion. All week, you might have to decide between intellectual dreaming or getting the job done. Choose the latter.

     CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The accent still lies on finances, investments and debt, lust and sexual intimacy, lifestyle changes, medical procedures, research and investigation. Handle these lightly, be slow to commit (especially this Feb., but to some degree be cautious in this zone until Nov.). Spend Sun./Mon. near home. Sunday’s great for gardening, cooking, hugging the kids, adventure trips, groceries, repairs, etc. Monday’s okay, but “holds less.”  Romance flies your way midweek (Tues./Wed.). Tuesday eve’s great for a meeting of minds and hearts. Wednesday seems to hold some reward — a job opening or creative, risk-taking, sports, pleasure or similar reward. Late week brings chores —might as well dive in. You might work like a house on fire Thurs. — good, but avoid burns, chemicals. Avoid water (especially near electricity) Fri. morning (PST). Great progress Friday pm. Saturday night begins a weekend of relationships and new opportunities. Until mid-March, work will be intense, but can bolster your career plans. Watch over-heating, sudden temperature changes, rashes.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast     LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The accent remains on relationships, Leo. (And their adjuncts — negotiation, agreements, litigation, relocation, opportunities and challenges, friendships and enmities.) You’ll encounter a couple of exciting meetings, could feel drawn to someone, or to a far-away place or a “fame” scenario. But you best answer to all these is: “No, sorry, perhaps another time.” (Repeat this until Nov.) Be individual, be yourself, accent your own needs, desires, goals and plans — and advice. Diplomatically, of course. Casual friends, communications, paperwork, short trips and easy chores — these fill Sun./Monday. Successfully, Sun. to suppertime (PST) and Mon. around dawn. Midweek brings a “settling in,” a down-home feeling. If possible, spend this time at home, with family. Have an extended family dinner, or tackle the yard, house repairs, etc. Despite one or two wee glitches, you’ll succeed.  Especially Tues. eve and Wed. midday. Romance roars in late week (Thurs. pre-dawn to Sat. suppertime). As told previously, you’re in a powerful, intense romantic phase until mid-March. If you’re married, turn this energy toward your spouse, and/or channel it into creative, speculative, sports, games, or child-rearing interests. (Be gentle with kids!)

    VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The monthly accent remains on chores, employment, machinery, dependents and health concerns. Do what’s required of you in these areas, Virgo, but no more. Don’t let anyone, especially kids, “enslave” you. If in doubt about any chore, delegate it. Seek to manage — work smart, not hard. This advice applies to early November. Chase money, buy/sell, support clients, Sun./Mon. Sunday’s quite successful to suppertime (PST) — Mon.’s a bit less. Paperwork piles up, visits and replies must be made, errands done, midweek. Tuesday’s successful late day and night — you could meet someone very compatible. Wednesday “explodes” with calls, trips, etc. Head for home, or at least slow down, Thurs. to Sat. Rest, embrace family, plan your kids’ futures, upgrade security, plan a “campaign” to conquer more sales territory. Let go of stale, useless links and projects, to make way for newer, more fertile ones. Until March, this domestic arena will be intense (you’ll see this late Thurs. night, PST). You might be determined to make some deep changes here — e.g., major renovations, or changing homes. These should be successful, but think projects through, don’t act on impulse. Be gentle with children, pets.

    LIBRA:  SEPT. 23-OCT. 22

The general accent (until Feb. 18) lies on sweet romance, charming children, beauty and pleasure, creative and gambling urges. Usually, you’d ride a winning streak through this phase, Libra, and you’ll probably do so on the surface, with little things. But don’t insist on moving this luck, these urges, to deep waters. For example, deep, infatuation-style romance, pounding heart and blushing cheek, will only leave you disappointed; but light, friendly romance will succeed, probably beyond your expectations. (This overall advice lasts until Nov. 8.) There are many kinds of love, Libra. Your energy and charisma soar Sun./Mon. — you could attract an admirer Sunday, and a brief but possibly more “on target” flirtation/meeting Mon. Midweek nudges you to pay bills and chase money. Cultivate clients, ask for a pay raise. Your work succeeds Tues. late afternoon/evening — good time to buy machinery, car, etc. — especially video-related — or get plumbing fixed. A big source of money might appear Wednesday. Dive into communications, visits, short trips and easy paperwork late week — Thurs. dawn to suppertime Sat. A casual contact you make or meet Thurs. could simmer with mating urges/possibilities. This will occur more than usually until mid-March. Yes, this “Thursday person” is the right, light type. (Regarding what I wrote above about light-heavy romance.)

    SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Take a rest, lie low early week (Sun./Mon.). Contemplate, plan, deal with civil servants and other “helpers.” All’s good! Your energy and charisma surge upward midweek (Tues./Wed.). Start things, get things done, meet people, seek favours, be a leader, innovator. Love looms Tues. night (PST) and a pod of bounty could burst open Wed. daytime! The main accent this week (until Feb. 18) lies on home and your domestic sphere.  However, this is your least lucky zone until Nov., so do what you must here, without expanding into additional responsibilities or projects. (Or lying in bed all day.) One of the great dangers of being “home-oriented” now is really a neutral thing: you could spend time here that makes you miss a grand opportunity in the outside, career, rat-race world. Especially this month and the first half of March, when money gushes toward you, and could accompany a promotion, clever idea or lucrative business involvement. (Careful, though — don’t spend your way forward!) — This advice applies strongly late week, Thurs. to Sat., especially Thursday. You do need a rest now (this week and next) so take one, but don’t overdo it.

     SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The accent continues on easy chores, paperwork, applications, daily business, errands, trips and communications. Do what’s necessary here, without expanding your activities. It would be too easy to waste your time in fruitless tasks. (This advice lasts until November, but is especially applicable this week and next.) You might be starting to get serious about a romance. Sunday/Mon. bring optimism and bright skies, friends, a boost in popularity, flirtation and entertainment. Enjoy! But retreat Mon. night (PST) through Wednesday. Replenish emotional, mental and physical batteries by resting. Mull over where you are, and where you’ve been. Make plans for the future. Home/family success, inspiration, Tues. night. Your energy and magnetism roar back Thurs. dawn to Sat. suppertime. That romantic influence could be very strong Thurs. — great time for a date — but avoid dangerous people. Start creative projects, ask favours, bask in the attention you receive (not sky-high, but still attention). Friday or Sat. could spring a surprise opening, reward — or argument! (If the last, examine your own nature.)

     CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Chase money, earnings, clients and bargains this week and next, Cap. And/or memorize something, catalogue and insure possessions, or pursue a sensual lust-object. But don’t do any of these things aggressively or fully — for they can disguise traps, dead-ends or endless delays. Do what’s needed, then “flip” to deeper waters: investments, research, lifestyle commitments — these are blessed, while those money/memory/sensual things will yield mostly disappointment, all until early Nov. Be ambitious, show skills to higher-ups, present proposals, mix with VIPs, boost your neighbourhood status, Sun./Mon. Sunday’s better (until suppertime PST). Wishes, optimism, popularity, social delights, flirtations — these fill Mon. night through Wednesday. Happiness will tap you on the shoulder. Issue and accept invitations, tell your loved one how you see the future. Now to 2024, your long-range, life goals will change. This mid-week is part of that process, so be open to new ideas, new horizons! But retreat, lie low, rest and think/plan Thurs. dawn to suppertime Saturday (PST). Beware belligerent people Thurs. You might dream of a hide-away, a new home. Wait on both these. Friends and money don’t mix late week.

     AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Your energy, charisma, clout and timing hit a yearly high this month, Aquarius. But as previously advised, use this extra energy to attract and pursue other people, opportunities, relocation openings, agreements and associations, rather than basking in your own glow. Co-operate, jump on another’s bandwagon. This advice applies until Nov., but is strongest now and next week. I might not repeat it. You can make many — and good — contacts now into mid-March, as your social life heats up. Be assertive in chasing another’s dream! Sunday/Mon. bring a mellow mood, wide vision, compassion, philosophical outlook, intellectual, cultural, legal, or travel pursuits — all successfully until suppertime Sun. (PST). An exciting meeting Monday? Show ambition and be dutiful midweek (Mon. night to pre-dawn Thurs.). Your ambition/career efforts dovetail nicely with money/earnings luck Tues. A stroke of luck could expand your responsibilities and career prospects Wed. Happiness wafts in Thurs. dawn to Saturday suppertime. You could meet someone very vibrant and assertive Thurs. He/she might want a friendship, or more. You could hear good news about a lawsuit, a cultural event, or your standing, your career, especially Saturday.

    PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Two more weeks of relative seclusion, Pisces. Yield to the need for extra sleep and rest, for meditation and planning, to the need to deal with civil servants or institutions. But don’t actively seek these things. (E.g., don’t seek gov’t help, or demand an audience with a civil servant. He/she will be unsympathetic.) Instead, give at least part of your attention — a major part — to “getting the job done.” Be hands-on, don’t dictate from the austere heights of your policy committee, nor even try to manage everyone else. Just roll up your sleeves! This advice applies until Nov. 8, but is unusually applicable now and next week. Mysteries, secrets sidle in Sun./Mon. — so do financial opportunities and doorways to intimacy. Sunday’s lucky to suppertime (PST). A sweet, mellow, understanding mood steals over you midweek (Mon. night to pre-dawn Thursday). Chase cultural, educational, intellectual, travel, legal and love goals, especially Tues. eve and Wed. midday. Your standing is in focus late week, Thurs. dawn to Sat. suppertime. Bosses, VIPs, judges and parents remain temperamental, impatient, until mid-March, so step lightly. (Thursday shows this.) Generally, these few days sail along, but be active, dutiful, and keep your sense of humour. Avoidance, withdrawal, laziness will NOT work!

The End.

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  1. sarahyishan

    waiting for your love forecast! Sun astro is Cancer, Moon is Virgo, and Asc is also Virgo. So dear Tim, for the love forecast, annual forecast and weekly forecast, which one is more suitable for me? Thanks a lot Tim. As I told you, before , for the weekly forecast, Virgo is more accurate for me, and Cancer is more accurate for annual and love, but, now, I find it is not accurate as before, I wonder which one that i have to refer to. My birthday date: 19/07/1988 10h8 AM, Wuhan , local time(it was summer time during this period in China). Thanks a lot!

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Sarahyishan,

      Cancers and Scorpios are very compatible, all else being equal. Go ahead with this fellow. The Love Forecast, if I do it, will be in a late February column, I think. Read your sun sign (Cancer) for your energy and drives, Moon for your feelings, and Ascendant for your circumstances.

      Good luck,


      1. sarahyishan

        Hi Tim,

        How lucky I am! Thanks so much for your reply! I really appreciate it!
        Waiting for your love forecast! Best wishes!


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