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As predicted (Jan. 19-25 column) the Denver Broncos lost the Super Bowl. I added, last week (Jan. 26 column) that Seattle would dominate the first half, Broncos the second. In the first half, Seattle didn’t dominate, they slayed, 22-0. In the second half, the Broncos finally scored. Time of possession, completed passes, everything improved for the Broncos in the second half. But Seattle had already reduced them to a walking corpse. “Dominant,” for Denver,  was laughably wrong….


I SEE Hillary Clinton would garner 71 percent of the votes in a Democratic primary held today (Post-ABC poll) – and that she would defeat Republican Chris Christie by a small but respectable margin if the federal election was today. Some months ago I opined that Hillary should not run for President. But if the primaries are held between July 2014 and August 2015, Scorpio Hillary will have  lucky Jupiter in her career sign, a basic signal of victory. She will also have Bill C on her side, a man who has already won a few elections – two for himself, and more for others. In addition, Bill was born in Hillary’s career sign, so his aid should be doubly potent. She seems a shoo-in for the nomination. However, by November 2016, when the federal election is held, Jupiter will have moved to Virgo, Hillary’s sign of popularity. That’s still good – but Christie (should he be her opposition) is a Virgo, so lucky Jupiter will bless him directly. (Though if he is guilty in the Bridgegate scandal, bets are off.) Also, if a Sagittarian runs against Hillary in the Presidential election, Hillary might lose. This is all “off the top of my head” – someday I’ll try to look at the candidate’s actual charts.




Romance has not been the easiest thing since August 2012. Delays, wrong choices, weirdly unhappy suitors, inexplicable obstacle courses of circumstance…this panoply of barriers lasts until February 19 (yes, next week, 2014) then dissolves. Lately, since last November, your mind has been on romance more (on love, if you’re married). And since November others have been more than usually drawn to you. You have radiated (and still do, until March 5) a subtle, gracious sweetness that causes others to see your best side, even physically. This indicates that if you have met someone since early November/13, the barriers have been low; and that if you meet someone Feb. 19 to March 5, the chances for success in love are quite high.

Until mid-July, your chances of meeting a viable partner soar to a 13-year pinnacle.The person is probably cheerful, optimistic, friendly – not the mysterious, sexy type, but probably better suited for that reason. At the same time, also to July, your career zone might distract you with temperamental bosses and impatient higher-ups. Balance love and duties: don’t let one extinguish the other. March is friendly, and brings a possible friendly, light but sensual romance. April advises you to get cozy with someone, visit their home, etc. Late April and May bring the rush and thrill of romance. June might bring an old flame – much sentiment surrounds this, and if your heart melts, well, let the heart rule. July is for partnering.

Late July brings a whole new year in relationships: one in which your luck will now shift to deeper, more private intimacies, to sex, to sharing financially (e.g., sharing a mortgage) and to the thrill of mystery and revelation. Young Caps might become pregnant. Sex is no longer for casual pleasure, but a deep, sustaining experience. You might change your lifestyle. As health is part of this summer-to-summer (2014-15) orchid of intimacy, make sure you and your partner practise safe sex. If you’re already attached, this period can tempt you to stray, to seek excitement outside your partnership. You can sublimate this urge by delving deeply into financial and investment projects, research, health matters, or by indulging in crime shows.

August is very sexy. September brings gentle, mentally-inspired love. Someone might elevate your mind and mood, and win your love before you realize it. Avoid “aggressive” love/sex in October. November heightens your romantic courage, and surrounds you with charming, friendly (and mostly young) people – take your pick, and speak up! Take a rest from it all in December.


 Aries.svgARIES   March 21-April 19

Start nothing new in any area, Aries, especially in background, government, and group arenas. Stick with the old or ongoing. Avoid big new purchases – lemons abound. Your career continues to be blessed; higher-ups favour you. Sunday’s busy (errands, etc.) but not important. Focus on home, security, life’s basics Monday/Tuesday – little things go well, but larger goals need patience – or  altering. Romance, pleasure, beauty, creative or speculative urges enchant you Wednesday noon  through Friday. A former social group or light lover might be on the horizon. (But he/she isn’t likely to have half the impact of someone you’re seeing now.) You might fall in love, or make a pact…remember, no big new starts. Tackle chores Saturday – you’ll succeed, you’re quick, proficient.


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS   April 20-May 20

Avoid new starts before February 28. Double-check all instructions, especially those from higher-ups. Legal, educational and far-travel concerns are advancing smoothly and fortunately. Butt romance might snag on indecision, and a creative work can’t seem to find its conclusion. A boss, VIP, or career role might return from the past: the opportunity here might be more prestigious than lucrative, or might be very good, but interfere with a present partnership in love or business. Buy only routine items Sunday. Errands, communications, trips and acquaintances fill Monday/Tuesday – make no major commitments. Home, family, property, security and deep rest bless you Wednesday noon to Friday. Romance calls Saturday – if an old or still-burning flame, yes; if a new date, all goes well but it might not get past a future hurdle.


Gemini.svgGEMINI   May 21-June 20

Remember, start nothing before Feb. 28. The general accent lies on intellectual activities, love, far travel, legalities and life philosophy. Older  ideas and/or teachers from the past might re-appear, and you’ll think, Wow, was I that smart? (or dumb?) – these are valid ideas, but don’t become confused. An old flame might appear, also. Your energy and charisma remain high Sunday – romance/friendship go well to midday. Spend carefully Monday/Tuesday – lemons  abound. Especially avoid time-pieces, antiques, computers/ware, electronics and tools. Friends, communications, travel, errands fill Wed. noon through Fri. Luck accompanies you, but re-read all paperwork before submitting it, and don’t invest. Home sweet home Saturday!


Cancer.svgCANCER   June 21-July 22

Start nothing before Feb. 28, especially in financial and intimate/sexual zones. Be wary of new health regimens or surgery, unless the first surgery failed in the past. A former investment opportunity or sexual partner might return – if before the 12th, noon, avoid it; if after, it could be successful. Rest and recuperate Sunday: information is available, seek it. Your energy and charisma rise mildly Monday/Tuesday. It’s odd: a major aspect says a relationship needs altering, but another says a successful relationship is “ready, waiting.” It’s jumbled! Chase money or spend it Thursday/Friday, but stick to routine products, and/or to opportunities from the past. (E.g., buy groceries, or invoice a former client who never received your last bill.) Errands, short trips, news media Saturday – be curious, accent variety.


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO   July 23-Aug. 22

The main accent lies on relationships, relocation, dealings with the public (from star fame to being a store clerk) and opportunities – and challenges. Be diplomatic. Remember, start nothing brand new, especially in the areas just listed. A former spouse or business partner might return: if before noon Wednesday, it formerly ended for good reason; if after (to the 18th) it could be good – though there will still be one small point to amend or barrier to break. Sunday features social joys and optimism. Retreat Monday to noon Wednesday: rest, contemplate (don’t plan) and deal with bureaucracies. Commit to nothing, DON’T invest. Your energy and charisma rise Wed. pm to Friday: start nothing, but do impress people, give an ongoing project/task a mighty heave, and flatter a sweet someone. Shopping, earning and money news all good Saturday.


Virgo.svgVIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The general accent lies on work, machinery, dependants, service people, and health. Dress and eat sensibly. Remember, start nothing new before February 28. Don’t buy machinery, tools nor computers. A job might return from the past – better if it appears after midday Wednesday. Be ambitious, status-aware Sunday: a money opportunity might appear – if it’s quick and not long-and-involved, grab it. Your popularity and optimism rise Monday to noon Wednesday – but events and luck are jumbled, so remain alert, flexible. Retreat, rest and contemplate Wed. noon to Friday. (Don’t plan, as it would be like writing on wet tissue: life’s stronger.) Deal with government agencies, charitable people. Your energy and pizzazz rise smartly Saturday – a casual conversation can give you a new understanding of how to make more money.


Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The main focus remains on romance, beauty, pleasure, creative and speculative urges. You still ride a winning streak – but don’t start new creative works, a new romance, etc. Stick to the past, to faithful companions. Four things about your love life: intense to July; happy/friendly then to August 2015; odd characters now to 2018; and avoid marrying before mid-November 2015. (You can do everything but marry or co-habit, though.) Remember, start nothing new before February 28. Sunday’s mellow, wise: a partner or lover is “just right” the first half – reach agreement, or be adventurous! Relations with  bosses, parents and authorities need diplomacy, alertness, but can also be splendidly lucky, Monday to Wed. noon. Your popularity and optimism surge Wed. pm to Friday – social delights, entertainment – light romance. Retreat, rest, Saturday.


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Remember, start nothing before February 28. The general accent lies on home, parent/kids, property, security, gardening, nutrition, stomach and soul. A prodigal family member might show up, or you might see that a house you’ve long wanted to buy, is finally for sale. Photo albums drip with nostalgia. Sunday’s mysterious, holds valuable secrets, especially about health, government, work and machines. A mellow, wise and loving mood flows over you Monday to Wednesday noon. All’s good here, except for possible glitches at work, or health irritations. Your relations with VIPs, bosses, parents and authorities are highlighted Wednesday to Friday: show ambition, duteousness, but don’t get rushed into a new project: if it appears, it’s actually a good one, but ask for a delay, until March. Your happiness blossoms Saturday: friends, family show affection.


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

You’re busy, talkative, ready to travel at short notice. You’re curious, friendly, and crave variety. But remember that mistakes, miscues and false starts are more frequent now. Make lists before leaving the front door. Don’t start new projects before February 28. Your money luck remains high, all month. Exciting meetings Sunday: a lover could become a friend or vice-versa. In March, you will build a new launching pad for 2015 – money/health initially, followed by intellectual, love, travel goals. A hint of these goals comes Monday/Tuesday: you can see where financial and health improvements are needed. Drive carefully Monday. Far travel, intellectual pursuits, publishing, culture and gentle love fill Wednesday noon to Friday – love, friendship are great, but watch earnings/spending. Show yourself off, display skills Saturday.


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan.19

Chase and collect money, especially from old/late payers. Pay neglected bills, too. But buy only minor items, and don’t start new projects before February 28. You are still blessed in many ways; others find you gracious and subtly magnetic. Bosses and authorities are impatient (to late July) so step lightly. (These bosses will be most bothered by what they see as ethical or legal breaches, and/or messiness.) (This time, to late July, can help you end one career and start another, or to re-establish your career foundations – all AFTER February.) Tackle routine chores Sunday. Relationships are both lucky and unlucky Monday/Tuesday, so be alert, flexible. Secrets, sexual urges, research, financial actions and health diagnosis slated Wed. noon to Friday – good endings! Wisdom, gentle love, intellectual pursuits and travel, Saturday – again, good!


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Your energy and charisma remain high. Your popularity’s good. Solitude is sweet also. Remember, start nothing new before February 28. Use your energy and “luck” to give important projects and relationships your protective wing – or to give them a good heave. Sunday’s romantic – great, to midday, to converse with someone attractive. Tackle chores Monday/Tuesday – with care. (Put ambition’s chores or career duties aside, if possible.) Protect health. Relationships challenge and bless you, Wednesday noon through Friday: love, legal, travel and communication things combine well with others; but career relationships are a bit tough. You could enter a “marriage zone.” Saturday’s for mysteries, research, health diagnosis, large finances, sexual urges and intimacy – all go well, very well. Be chary of commitment.


Pisces.svgPISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Continue to lie low, rest, avoid competitive situations. Be charitable, deal with civil servants and institutions, reconnect with your own soul. Matters can arise from the past here – e.g., tax return overdue, or forms forgotten, return now. Start nothing big or new before Feb. 28. (That could be your big break-out day, but more later.) Don’t set plans in stone. Sunday’s for home, kids, nature. All’s good! A romantic or beauty feeling steals over you Monday/Tuesday, but it might bring more hoping than results. A job or duty has one more big hurdle to clear, could interfere with pleasure, love. Tackle chores Wednesday noon through Friday – Friday best. All month, you’ve need to be patient with indecision by your spouse, lover, partners: well, Saturday you need to be patient again – but luck and goodwill brings so much happiness you won’t care. All’s good, Pisces!

The End