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START NOTHING: 8:34 am to 8:55 pm Sun., 3:14 pm Tues. to 1:46 am Wed., and 8:49 pm Thurs. to 10:44 am Fri.


(I think Seattle dominant first half, Broncos second half. Just a guess. Haven’t tried sports forecasting B4….)

Mercury turns retrograde this Thursday until February 28. We should all take a breath and turn away from new starts, new projects and relationships. I’ll discuss the retrograde effects for each sign in the weekly messages below.

Oh Obama, I had so much hope for you.  But your insistence that Edward Snowden is a criminal who must be prosecuted for espionage, has me puzzled. One judge has deemed the NSA’s spy activities (trolling through every citizen’s phone calls) illegal; another judged them legal. A special committee formed to break the tie found that the NSA acted illegally.

This means, Mr. Obama, that you consider it illegal to reveal an illegal activity. If you report a crime, you must go to jail. This twisted logic can only exist in a criminal organization: is the U.S. government a criminal organization? Hmm. Maybe you have a point.

Yes, I know you’re reasoning that Ed Snowden should have reported his findings to his superiors (who were conducting the illegal activities) rather than revealing them to the public. Yes, good point, Obama. If someone is robbing my house, I should walk right up to them and say, “You’re robbing my house. Will you please correct the situation?”

In all this, Obama, you refuse to mention that Edward Snowden’s predecessor DID report these abuses and crimes to his superiors, rather than to the public. His reward? He was tried for treason.

It’s sad, that a nation should persecute its patriots; and Snowden is one of the more heroic patriots the U.S. has known since WW II. It’s sad.


Aquarius, until July, you will be so snowed under by piles of work and, perhaps, health concerns, that romance might seem like a distant maybe. Yet someone is very likely to chase you. This person is feeling braver than usual, and he/she is also very serious about finding a mate – until late July. Whether you will be pleased by this, or rush to embrace the one who wants you, is another matter. You might respond more intellectually than this suitor wants, or you might think you’re being offered friendship. In any case, rapid-fire conversations will likely occur. One thing about all this, Aquarius: the person who is attracted has a strong sense of justice, is idealistic and thoughtful, and knows well how to love. Don’t hurt him or her. You might even fall madly in love yourself, if things work out. March finds you almost irresistible. In May, a short trip or a conversation could lead to sweet love. Though you don’t feel particularly social in June, your heart’s vulnerable, and a deep infatuation might begin, perhaps with a former flame.

July jumbles love’s motives so wildly that “true romance” is hard to find, much less catch. But late this month, a whole year of exciting relationships and opportunities begins. August could bring a sudden commitment to marry, or a meeting with a  viable prospective mate. The 12 months following sustain this trend, bringing at least two mating prospects before September, 2015. People you meet now will have an unexpected  way of bringing your wishes true. But take care in August and the first half of September (2014) – friction at work could carry over into a personal bond, making love volatile. In late September and October, someone met in transit (train, bus, plane) could also be the type to make your dreams come true. In December, your own romantic courage surges – chase someone, especially someone you meet in a group.

All 2014, your career and/or relations with authorities could be so demanding that they drain you of energy, or somehow spread a wet blanket over budding love – if you let them. (Also, make sure you are not discounting or judging an amour on status or economic terms.) These cautions will not apply in 2015 (with exceptions).


Aries.svgARIES   March 21-April 19

Your popularity remains high – so does your optimism. Rest Sunday – this night to Tuesday brings attention, energy, charisma – and a surge in popularity. Monday offers you a choice: rise in your career, status, or cling to the past, the status quo. It might not be an obvious choice, but it’s there. Tuesday, relations are important: be gentle with a quick-tempered person who opposes you. (They have troubles.) Chase money, buy/sell Wednesday/Thursday – luck rides with you Wednesday; be a bit cautious Thurs. night, when progress is slow, refusals are likely. Errands, communications, travel, paperwork and details fill Friday (beware fuzzy thinking, deceptive words) and Saturday (all’s fine). Mercury turns retro Thursday, so start no new projects until March. Instead, focus on past initiatives and protect ongoing ventures from supply shortages, administrative neglect, mistakes, etc. A former friend is coming – but not quite yet.


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS   April 20-May 20

Start nothing new, projects or relationships, before February 28. A period of mistakes, false starts, indecision and frustrating delays begins Thursday, but affects all this week and those to come. An old flame, light lover, friend, social group – and/or a former wish, a goal or hope – could return briefly until February 12. It/him/her/they probably have too little “oomph” to establish a foothold in your life, but there’s no harm. All month, protect ongoing enterprises from delays, missing supplies, cancelled meetings, and communication misunderstandings – especially in your career zone. Sunday’s happy, social. Retreat this night through Tuesday – rest, contemplate (but don’t plan; plans now will be flags torn in the wind) seek spirit, be charitable, deal with government. Sidestep a subtle, deep disagreement. Your energy and charisma surge upward Wednesday/Thursday – conquer an old world, not a new. Chase money, buy/sell Friday (avoid deception) and Saturday.


Gemini.svgGEMINI   May 21-June 20

Mercury retrogrades now to February 28. Start nothing new, neither projects nor relationships. Instead, protect ongoing enterprises, or reprise the past (in career, status areas until Feb. 12, in intellectual, travel, legal and love areas after that). An old flame could pursue you, timidly to the 12th, more openly after that. (This rejoining can work from the 13th to 17th, but not after: work, health or “reality” factors – e.g., step children, money – will fight it.) Enjoy your status Sunday (clerks call you sir or ma’am). Social joys, light romance, renewed hopes and popularity visit you Sunday night to Tuesday – events could be disappointing, but your upbeat mood never flags; you sense there are fresh, bountiful horizons beyond the immediate problems. Still, don’t blithely make enemies by laughing at other’s troubles. Retreat, lie low, rest and contemplate – and handle neglected duties/chores – Wednesday/Thursday: all’s smooth! Your energy and charisma rise Friday (beware false hopes) and Saturday.


Cancer.svgCANCER   June 21-July 22

Don’t start any new projects or relationships before February 28, Cancer. They would eventually sink into a morass of indecision, false starts, delays and mistakes. Instead, protect ongoing projects from misunderstandings, and those same delays/mistakes. A love, or an intellectual or travel opportunity might return from the past now to Feb. 12 – it might not have “legs,” but will be good if it does get up and run. If this “occurs” or  appears to you Sunday, it will not be worth pursuing. (Still, Sunday’s mellow, easy.) Be ambitious (but start nothing!) Sunday night to Tuesday – show higher-ups what you can do, or how steady you can be in the face of problems and challenges, for there will be more than one of these. Wish fulfilment, social delights, light romance, entertainment and optimism touch you Wednesday/Thursday. Retreat, rest and contemplate Friday/Saturday – avoid competitive situations.


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO   July 23-Aug. 22

Relationships are of ultimate importance – be diplomatic, eager – show your sunny side! Relocation, interfacing with the public, business and other opportunities also fill this month. But, now to February 28, don’t start anything new in any area. Instead, protect ongoing projects and links from delays, mistakes and misunderstandings. A financial opportunity or a sexual relationship might return from the past – it’s worth considering. (If it “occurs” to you Sunday, forget it – this one has no staying power.) In the market, buy only stocks you owned before. A mellow, wise, compassionate mood  steals over you Sunday night to Tuesday. This short interval contains several problems or glitches, probably in work, health, travel or communications zones. Be patient, self-protective. Higher-ups observe tour performance Wednesday/Thursday. You’ll make exactly the right impression. (But do NOT start a project nor propose one; handle what’s there.) Happiness, popularity, light romance, entertainment and wish fulfilment Friday (avoid illusions about money or intimacy) and Saturday.


Virgo.svgVIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Don’t start any new projects or relationships before February 28. (A beautiful, fruitful, lucky relationship could begin that very day.) They would sink into a swamp of indecision, mistakes, delays and “no-shows.” Instead, protect ongoing projects from these same mistakes, etc., and be patient with a partner’s indecision. An ex-partner or opportunity might return from the past before the 13th – there’s no harm in this, though there might not be enough “traction” for it to advance. (If it appears this Sunday, it’s hollow; dismiss it.) Be diplomatic Sunday: others count, and so do their opinions. This night through Tuesday brings depths, secrets, intimacy and sexual urges, financial activities, research, revelations. Remember, start nothing new, especially financially – problems outweigh luck. A mellow, understanding mood blesses you Wednesday/Thursday: intellectual, travel, publishing, cultural and love matters flow well. Ambition, status and relations with higher-ups fill Friday (watch illusive conditions) and  Saturday (all’s well).


Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Romance, pleasure, beauty, creativity and self-expression, charming kids fill the next two weeks. You ride a winning horse. Despite this, start nothing new, projects nor relationships, before February 28. Before then, protect your ongoing ventures (especially in work/health areas before the 13th) from mistakes, delays, supply shortages, missed appointments, etc. A former flame might return – probably (and more favourably) after Feb. 12. Tackle routine chores Sunday. This night to Tuesday highlights relationships, opportunities and “far shores.” (But again, engage in nothing new.) The hardest thing for you to do this first half of 2014, is to be diplomatic – but be diplomatic now, or flames of friction could spark in home and partnership zones. Sex, finances, secrets and detective work – and possibly serious health concerns – are slated Wednesday/Thursday. All looks fine here, though a money dilemma might arise late Thurs. Wisdom, gentle love, far travel, intellectual and cultural themes fill Friday (deceptive) and Saturday.


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The general accent lies on your home, family, security, nutrition and other basics of life. Something or someone might return from the past in this zone, particularly after February 12 – a prodigal family member, a vacation rental from last year, an expired bottle of vitamins. (Before then, a former flame might draw you, but probably without much enduring result.) Start no new ventures, assignments nor relationships before Feb. 28. Instead, maintain ongoing projects/situations, and protect them from delays, shortages, mistakes. Indecision, delay are actually your friends now. Sunday’s romantic, beauty blesses your eyes, but little changes. Tackle chores and health needs Sunday night to Tuesday – but carefully, as mistakes are possible. Read instructions. Relationships brighten Wednesday/Thursday; love might reside beneath a casual surface. Intimacy, sexual urges, financial goals, secrets and puzzles fill Friday/Saturday – research, be a detective!


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

February isn’t an important month, Sage. It’s filled with paperwork, details, errands, short trips, casual friends and communications. But these are the very things that can run into the turbulence of delay, mistakes and misunderstandings. Count figures (and your change) twice, double-check the address on envelopes and emails. Make a list before embarking on errands. If travelling, make sure you have all your luggage, wallet, etc. before leaving the hotel. Don’t start any new ventures or relationships before February 28, especially in mail systems, telephony, etc. DON’T buy a computer, phone, tools, etc. Spend Sunday near home; all’s well. Romance, beauty, pleasure and creative urges (or the urge to gamble) fill Sunday night to Tuesday. This isn’t the easiest area for you lately or now – though a sudden spark might light Tuesday afternoon – a spark or a fight! Tackle chores Wednesday/Thursday – you’ll make headway. Relationships crowd Friday (be alert for deception) and Saturday (good).


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Money, money, money – and possessions – and a sensual attraction – are probably on your mind. Be careful in chasing these, or risking your funds, as something about your future course will erect a barrier, at least until February 13. All month, avoid starting any new projects or relationships. Protect ongoing ventures instead – or reprise past ones. For instance, if unemployed and needing an income, contact your former bosses. An item you’ve always coveted might become available at last – yes, buy it, as long as you don’t escape  the bounds of realism. (Which is a danger Friday, if you’re buying tools or machinery.) Sunday’s busy, trip-filled, but not important. Your home, family, security need attention Monday/Tuesday. Problems or frictions exist here, so proceed slowly – but realize that, ultimately, you’re in charge (except perhaps Tuesday daytime, when a boss or authority must be heeded). Romance, pleasure, nature’s poetry tickle you Wednesday/Thursday: all’s good, so take a wee risk. Tackle chores Friday (be alert!) and  Saturday.


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Your energy, charisma and clout are at a yearly peak, Aquarius. I won’t add “effectiveness,” for Mercury retro, as it is until February 28, can trip up the strongest runner. Watch for mistakes, false starts, delays, misunderstood communications, and supply shortages. You might be changing your mind soon about love, a sexual liaison, a creative project or investment. Whatever you do, don’t start anything new in these areas (nor new projects or relationships in general). A past money source might flit by you this week or next, but grasping it might be rather difficult. (It won’t hurt you to try, though.) If shopping Sunday, buy only routine items: nothing adventurous. Errands, short trips, visits, communications and paperwork are slated Monday/Tuesday. Make a list of “To Do’s.” Be curious, but avoid wild goose chases. Be home, with family, address security, nutrition concerns Wednesday/Thursday. Romance, beauty, pleasure and creative or speculative urges fill Friday (don’t overspend on them) and Saturday (plunge in!).


Pisces.svgPISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Remain restful, contemplative. Solitude can be sweet, rejuvenating. Seek your spiritual self, meditate, be charitable. Deal with government agencies and other bureaucracies. Avoid competitive situations. Don’t start any new projects or relationships before February 28. (On that day, you might begin a very important, fortunate project – but don’t “pre-plan” it.) Before then, nostalgia could entrance you. All month, double-check facts, figures on checks, etc. Your energy rises nicely Sunday, but not much of a permanent nature gets done. Deal with money, income, spending and possessions Monday/Tuesday – cautiously, as various glitches occur. Errands, casual acquaintances, curiosity, variety, short trips, communications and paperwork fill Wednesday/Thursday – all’s well, smooth. Focus on your home, family, security and food intake Friday/Saturday – other than a wee disagreement Friday, all is well here, also. Don’t over-exert yourself this week or next, Pisces – you need rest.


The End