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Well, I told you (Year Ahead, 2014 – under “PLATFORMS”) there would be a financial “hiccup” in January/February. The sudden and semi-strong declines in world  stock markets ($ 3 trillion loss so far) that started in mid-late January (due to scary China news, etc.) was/is that  hiccup. I’d “keep the faith,” as March should resume the forward motion…



A friend (or someone met in a group) could fulfil your love dreams during the first half of 2014, though it might become a complicated relationship. If you first met in January, expect a very sensual bond. If in February, the connection will be sensual and nicely communicative (you both talk a streak!) but this one might go in circles without ever achieving a solid, durable couples status. If you’re a female, a man met (or a love begun) from March to May 19 might experience erectile dysfunction or fertility problems; if you’re a man, this period can make you indecisive about “total surrender” to love, which can lead to limp results, or to sex attached to muffled anger, a species of love-hate. If you first meet someone from late May through June, marriage wishes could come true. If you first meet late June into July, a hot lustful affair could result, but is it a faithful one? (It could certainly become a financial one – e.g., the two of you sharing a mortgage.)

In general, the first seven months of 2014 are characterized by volatility in love, with unexpectedly intense reactions, temperament, etc. This phase also heightens your sexual responses and urges, which is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it heightens desire between married couples, and could even bring the joy of pregnancy; but it could also tempt a weak mate to wander. For singles among you, it can bring an attraction which is friendly, feels like a wish come true, and could be – but you could have difficulty distinguishing between lust and love.

From August onward, true love-wedding vibes rule (some of the best in 13 years). A recent romance or sexual affair could now turn the corner toward marriage, in an atmosphere of gentle love, peace and acceptance. Honeymoons will take many Sages to foreign climes. Singles among you will increase your chances of finding new (and very wed-able) love either by visiting foreign nations, or by dating a foreign-born person. Scholars, lawyers, travellers, teachers, writers, and intellectual types figure prominently. Libraries, schools and transportation hubs become lucky places to find love. You are naturally a preacher and pontificator, you love to discuss big ideas and to tell others “the truth” of life. Sometimes this creates enmity; but August onward, it becomes an asset in many fortunate ways, and will open doors; in love, being yourself, your biggest, most active, loudest, happiest, most communicative self, will attract the best prospects.

August brings travel, mentally or physically, and love – but you could feel held back by an ongoing romance, or might stumble into a “prison of love” (a very sweet prison, but –). Be alert, astute, and courageous – love’s decisions are worthless without courage. Mid-September through October fills you with romantic assertiveness and sexual magnetism. An old flame or ex-spouse could appear in October: if you want to re-mate, wishing makes it so. November, mostly blah. But late month, through December, heightens your magnetism and graciousness: a conversation or short trip could spark amour with someone who at first seems just a passing acquaintance.



Aries.svgARIES   March 21-April 19

Your revels soon will end, Aries. By Tuesday, a month of rest, quietude, contemplation and “background tasks” (e.g., administration, planning, policy, interfacing with government or institutions, charitable acts and spiritual pursuits). Be self-protective during the weeks ahead: protect your reputation and your health. Remember, though, start nothing until February 28 onward. (The 28th itself is a splendid day to pursue any of those background tasks, to start new ones, etc. Much “latent success” fills this day.) Tackle chores Sunday all goes well. Relationships attract you Monday, but run into some real barriers Tuesday, including non-approval by big shots, and money difficulties. You can solve some of this Wednesday, when agreements are possible (if temper is avoided). You can solve a lot of the money factors Wed. night to Friday, when you might discover a financial mother lode, or a deep-pockets partner. Gentle love, Saturday.


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS   April 20-May 20

Sunday’s for romance, beauty, pleasure, charming kids, speculation, sports or creative urges. (But remember, start nothing brand new before February 28. And you’d probably be wise not to return to an old, unfinished creative work also, especially a written one.) Though Monday to Wed. eve bring the need to work, to tackle tasks, much of the career or practical pressures of the last few weeks dissolves now, to open the door to happiness, social delights, light romance and play. Those chores, by the way, go fairly well Monday, terribly Tuesday, and successfully Wed. (Be diplomatic, safe Tues.) Relationships, challenges and co-operation, opportunities and relocation themes arise fortunately Wed. night to Friday. Love’s possible! Sex, finances and research frustrate Saturday morning, succeed this pm.


Gemini.svgGEMINI   May 21-June 20

Remember, start nothing brand new before February 28. This Tuesday, a month of intellectual progress, travel, culture and gentle love, of wisdom and mellowness, ends – and a month of ambition, pressures, meetings with VIPs, parents and higher-ups, of reputational issues, begins. (A great step forward in these areas, even a new career or reputational project, could occur Feb. 28.) Be a home-body (or get out in nature) Sunday – a successful day! Love of the most hypnotic kind could lure you Monday to Wednesday eve. Monday’s fine, and Wed. could even bring sweet love success, but Tuesday needs real caution: a sexual or financial factor, or a work or health issue, could interfere. Be patient! Work and health matters speed ahead very nicely Wed. eve to Friday. Relationships, Saturday: deceptive pre-noon, exciting, friendly after noon.


Cancer.svgCANCER   June 21-July 22

A month of mystery and intimate urges, of large financial issues, ends Tuesday. In its place come understanding, a mellow mood, gentle love, far travel, and intellectual pursuits. These will offer splendid progress the very day the present “slowdown” ends – February 28. (Remember, begin no new projects nor relationships before Feb. 28.) Daily, Sunday brings errands, short trips, visits, calls, paperwork and casual acquaintances. All goes well – but make a list before leaving the house. Home, kids, security, garden, food and kitchen are  featured Monday (fine, but make no promises) Tuesday (problems everywhere!) and Wednesday (some of those problems solved). On Tuesday, try to avoid electricity, romantic/spousal show-downs, and love’s coldness – or dispiriting rumors/news. Romance, pleasure blossom big and full Wed. night to Friday. Chores, Saturday (easier in the pm).


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO   July 23-Aug. 22

Start nothing new, projects nor relationships, nor investments, before February 28. (That day needs a star on your calendar: it will offer splendid success in finances, intimacy/sex, lifestyle changes, commitments, health diagnoses, and research – and a new start in these that could swell into significance over the weeks following.) Your money luck’s good Sunday (but spend only on routine items). Errands, trips, communications, paperwork and casual acquaintances fill Monday to Wednesday – take care Tuesday, when various pitfalls and frustrations could occur. (Most of these irritations involve work or health, or insufficient tools, machine breakdowns, etc.) Tuesday also ends a month of relationships, and begins one of mysteries, detective work, sexual urges, financial endeavors, investment, lifestyle changes, health diagnoses, etc. Home, kids, garden, rest, security issues – these bless you Wed. night to Friday. Saturday’s romantic, creative – illusory in the am, successful in the pm.


Virgo.svgVIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

A month of work and health concerns ends Tuesday, when a month of relationships, fresh horizons, relocation themes and general opportunities begins. Remember, start nothing new before February 28; this day could bring – and begin – splendid opportunities, relationships and ideas. Be patient until then. Your charisma and energy remain high Sunday: you could attract love, or get your way with a lover. (No, I don’t mean just sex.) Money, earnings and spending – and possessions, including the possession of love, of memory – are featured Monday (all’s fine, but buy only routine items) Tuesday (caution needed) and Wednesday (sex, investment lure, but might create too much intensity). On Tuesday, don’t spend on pleasure, NOR on machinery – and hire no one!) Errands, casual friends, communications fill Thursday/Friday: make a “to do” list. Home’s best, Saturday.


Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Tuesday ends a month of pleasure, beauty, romance and fun, and begins a few weeks of work and health concerns. (Remember, though, you should begin nothing before February 28 – that day brings superb work opportunities or progress, or a health solution. A new job could begin.) Lie low, rest and contemplate during a peaceful, sweet Sunday. Your energy and charm increase Monday to Wednesday. Monday’s fine, features the  “new type” in your relationship sphere. Tuesday offers you various problems to solve (e.g., money versus ethics/love, or home/kid/security issues). Wednesday, the fires of love (and of argument?) are still lit! Chase money owed from the past, or seek to be hired by former employers Wed. night to Friday. Buy only routine, small items. All’s well, easy, esp. Thursday. Saturday’s for errands, trips, communications, casual friends: best in the pm.


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

A month of quietude, of rest and down-home issues (kids, property, security, etc.) ends Tuesday. The weeks ahead will feature beauty, pleasure, winning streaks, art, creative urges, sports/games, romance, and charming kids. These themes will arrive in a superb, successful manner – and perhaps bring a new start – February 28. Before that date, begin nothing brand new and significant in projects or relationships (or anything). Sunday’s happy, social – find some entertainment with friends. Retreat Monday to Wednesday – lie low, rest, enjoy sweet solitude. Catch up with bureaucratic chores, be charitable, find your soul centre. Be cautious Tuesday, when various irritations can occur (including an old domestic problem) and others disagree. Your energy and charisma soar Wed. night to Friday: romance, pleasure seek you out, you win! Stick to routine shopping Saturday, nothing new. Best after noon.


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21.

A busy but unimportant month ends Tuesday. The weeks ahead bring basic concerns: home, property, parent/kid relations, security, future retirement, foundations in business, etc. Remember, start nothing new before February 28 – until then, handle ongoing or neglected projects in those “basic concerns.” The 28th itself will be a superb day to launch new projects or make good strides  forward in these same basic areas – e.g., start your new home search, or begin a landscaping project, sign the kids up for a new school, buy that cutlery, etc. (Be patient until then.) Sunday’s for ambition: others show unusual respect. You  feel popular, satisfied and optimistic Monday to Wednesday – even Tuesday’s  “closed doors” won’t deflate you, but don’t gossip nor make a casual agreement. Retreat, rest, contemplate Thursday/Friday – solitude’s sweet. You’re in charge, tip-top shape, Saturday.


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

A “money month” ends Tuesday, as a month of communications, errands, trips and visits, light friendships, paperwork and details begins. These zones will offer a splendid new project or circumstance February 28, but wait until then to launch anything. (Remember, start nothing new before this date – instead, chase “old money” – e.g., people who already owe you, tax returns, etc.) Sunday’s mellow, gentle, wise, loving. Be ambitious, show talents to higher-ups Monday to Wednesday. Tuesday needs caution: be careful with authorities/police, behave at work, and DON’T mix money and friends. DON’T invest. Happiness visits Wed. night to Friday: you’ll feel optimistic, you’ll glimpse your future in your past (esp. Thursday) – friends gather ‘round. Go out, mingle. Retreat Saturday: rest, meditate/contemplate, give a little to those who need it.


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 19

Tuesday begins a month of earnings, money pursuits, purchasing, rote learning, and sensual interests. A lucky door will open to these things February 28 – but until then, do not start anything new (in any area). Your thoughts, perhaps your heart, might keep returning to an old flame during the rest of February. If you contact this person before the 19th, it will eventually fail; if after, it just might bring renewed love. (The 19th itself could go either way, depending on your time zone, etc.) Sunday’s mysterious, sexy, financially lucky. Legal, intellectual, love, publishing, educational and far travel matters rise in significance Monday to Wednesday. Take care Tuesday: a higher-up might not be on your side; also, your weaknesses might be showing. Be ambitious Thursday/Friday: all’s good – an old investment or contact might pay off. Saturday spells happiness!


Pisces.svgPISCES   Feb. 20-March 20

A month of weariness and health concerns ends Tuesday. This day starts a month of increased energy, confidence, clout and charisma. Still, don’t start anything before February 28 – on that day, you can take a major step forward, luckily assert yourself, or begin a significant personal project (particularly in career and/or relationships). Sunday brings agreement, great relationships, spousal love. Your finances, investments, debts, intimate link(s) health, secrets and subconscious are highlighted Monday to Wednesday. Take care Tuesday – DO NOT start a project nor invest, and take care with legal, educational and social zones. Wisdom, understanding enter Wed. night to Friday. This beautiful little interval promotes culture, far travel, education, law, love – perhaps with a foreign-born person. Saturday emphasizes your status, your ambitions – all’s well!

The End

Disclaimer: The forecasts in this blog are based on Tim’s interpretation of astrological elements. They are meant as an information/opinion source only. If you take actions based on this blog’s statements, the responsibility for the results are entirely your own.