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START NOTHING: 1:25 am to 5:50 am Mon., 2:51 am to 6:55 am Wed., and 2:55 am to 6:53 am Fri.


ALL SIGNS: The planet Neptune aligns with the Sun this week (Sunday). This brings subtle, permeating and powerful “new conditions” to the area of your life in which it occurs. (Friendship for Taurus, career for Gemini, romance for Scorpio, etc.) Most of your weekly forecast below will focus on this phenomenon. But if you wish to read more about the “Neptune effect” on your own sign from 2011 to 2026, click on PLATFORMS above (under the blue picture) then click on NEPTUNE.

 ALL SIGNS: MARS: A reader sent a comment on the blog, asking whether we should treat Mars retrograde just as we do Mercury retro – that is, should we avoid starting anything new? The answer: No. Every planet goes retrograde during part of the year, and if we waited until no planet was retro before we started anything, we’d start nothing. Mercury retro is particularly difficult, because Mercury rules information, our thought processes, our daily activities and decisions, employment, health, travel, communications, machinery and service people. It’s hard to start a successful project with all these running “backwards.” (A planet’s affairs seem to run “backwards” when it’s retrograde.) Mars retro mainly affects will power, determination, and male testosterone: war, violence, demolition/construction, engines, and sex drive. Mars will be retro March 1 to May 19. During this time, old conflicts might be renewed. If you begin a new love affair, you can notice the male half, in the boudoir, is a little reluctant or flaccid. (So it’s not the best period to start a brand-new affair.)




Love was a real and deep thing for you, Scorpio, from 1956 to 1970.  Then you became possessive (or if single, settled for sensual accommodation rather than true love) from 1971 to 1983. From 1984 to 1998, love’s offerings were slight and casual. At best, you found a light, friendly love. The crucial period was 1999 to 2011 – love was powerful but puzzling, adulterated with security motives, sometimes blinded by lust’s intensity, erratic – overall, this period spelled the end of many Scorpio love affairs. It was a corridor of disappointments and anger for many. For decades, I’ve been urging you to wait for the 2011-2026 period, when, I’ve repeated so often, true love will at last appear.

Well, that true love time has arrived. So far, this has mainly affected Scorpios born in October, and has been only a whispered promise to the November-born. This continues to some degree…but every year true love grows closer to you November Scorpios.

In 2014, until July, lucky Jupiter bows and rolls out a magic carpet to take you toward a culturally acceptable love — and to a wedding, if you’re in love. The one you adore probably has more money than you, or the very act of falling in love will somehow increase your earnings luck. However, you might also be restricted by a heavy work load. (DON’T begin an affair with a co-worker the first 7 months of 2014. Also, never marry anyone you met from September 2012 through February 18, 2014.) Realize that male potency is restricted March 1 to May 19 – a romance started in this period might have to deal with “soft results” or with contorted, puzzling sexual resentments. (E.g., “We can only achieve orgasm after a fight.”) If you’re already in a good relationship, let kindness rule; show a lover sex is only part of the joy.

From July onward, to mid-2015, you enter a very lucky career and prestige trend, which can draw your attention away from romance. If you do wed during this period, your marriage will boost your status.

February 2014 is a gentle reminder of that anguished 1999-2011 period, but the very last day, Feb. 28, might spring open the door to true love – as will most of March. Seek, find, show your passionate side. In April, a sweet, graceful person could be a potential mate – he/she treats you nicely, if lightly. May brings partnership prospects, which might veer rather quickly into sexual and/or financial commitment. June’s sexy; that sweet graceful person might be back from April. July’s mixed, rough and romantic, acceptance mixed with refusal. Your romantic courage and sexual magnetism soar in August/September – new attractions will tend to remain light, social, yet someone here is a good mate for you, uplifting, encouraging. A former flame might touch your life briefly in October – but this person should instead be called a former burden or jailer. Your magnetism, energy and charm soar in November – indulge your new talkativeness! December’s sensual, not important.


Aries.svg ARIES   March 21-April 19

Lie low, rest, enjoy solitude. Meditate, contemplate. Be charitable, deal with shut-ins and the poor, interface with government and institutions. Start nothing new before Friday. You might hear from former friends. Your  career prospects still look good, and higher-ups still favour you. Sunday holds wisdom: you understand the world,  and all is peaceful. Great day for a good movie, date with an old friend. A significant project or circumstance  might begin, or a door open – all in the area of charity, government, administration, spirituality or health. (It’s a very slow beginning, like water seeping up through the sand.) Be ambitious, show your organizational skills Monday/Tuesday. (Remember, tho’, start nothing.) Socializing, wishing, optimism, good luck fill Wednesday/Thursday: but you’ll receive a “No” Thurs. pm. Retreat into deep rest Friday/Saturday. (But save enough energy for one thing: Friday is a perfect day to enact, even start, that “significant project” mentioned above for Sunday, in the zones of charity, government, etc.


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS   April 20-May 20

A month of celebration, friends, popularity, wish fulfilment, optimism and happiness has begun – charge forth, immerse yourself in it! A whole new circumstance or social circle might begin to emerge “from the depths” now (depths of sexual attraction or financial commitment). It starts Sunday, quietly and “vastly,” but let it develop (if you see it) on its own until Friday. (You should start nothing new before Friday.) Then, on Friday, grab this “new thing” and push the start button. An example: on Sunday you sense that a new social circle, or new social goals, are developing for you. On Friday, you join a club. Or, on Sunday you dream of another continent, or of a new kind of sympathetic love. Then on Friday, you buy travel tickets, or flirt with someone different and softly fascinating. Sunday’s for mystery, investigation, intimacy. Wisdom, gentle love, intellectual prowess, and some disruption Monday/Tuesday. Career, prestige relations Wednesday/Thursday. New horizons, new goals, wishes, friends Friday/Saturday.


Gemini.svgGEMINI   May 21-June 20

Your worldly position is highlighted now to late March, Gemini. Career, ambition, prestige relations, community reputation… This  is usually a powerful time to begin practical or status-oriented projects, but you should wait until Friday. Then, on this superb day, charge ahead to make your mark, start ambitious projects, show yourself and your skills to higher-ups, tug a VIP’s sleeve, present proposals. Even without your participation, life is beginning a whole new career phase for you, 2011 to 2026. Every February/March, this new phase gets an additional boost. It’s subtle, it’s like a wave surging up on the sand, then sinking beneath. That’s what happens Sunday. On Friday, get out the shovel and start digging, so to speak. Some of you have already seen this new phase; for some, it waits for the right time. It’s powerful and permeating, and is likely to make you more empathic and sympathetic toward clients, co-workers, etc. A huge promotion is probable – but when? – whether now, or last year, or a decade away depends on other factors. For more clues, click on PLATFORMS above, then on “NEPTUNE.”


Cancer.svgCANCER   June 21-July 22

A huge new intellectual, cultural and love revolution began for you in 2011, and will last to 2026. Every late winter this influence will wash up into your life like a sea wave lifting and wetting the sand. Each time, it starts a surge of life in these areas – it awakens a new psychic ability, or broadens your view of the world, or quietly nudges you to travel to foreign climes, or shows you a new, exhilarating kind of love. This year, that wave swells up on Sunday, Feb. 23. It signals a new start – but you, yourself, should wait until Friday (Feb. 28) to “join it,” or to make your own new start in these areas (far travel, love, culture, intellect/education/publishing, etc.). Do so, after 7 am Friday (PST). Take a big, brave but mellow step – there are no swords, violence, hectic rush or shouting here. If in love, mention/propose marriage. If young, apply to college or university (especially in another country). Etc. Chores, Sunday. Mysteries, Wed./Thurs.


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO   July 23-Aug. 22

A new or renewed sexual, financial and health environment seeps up from the depths of life Sunday. You might not notice it, but it comes, like a slow wave, a swell, every winter from 2011 to 2026. It creates, or induces you to create, new intimacies, new investments and debts, lifestyle changes, and health regimens. It also increases your psychic side; your hunches and intuition grow more palpable and accurate. This quiet, vast wave comes from the depths of your subconscious, and as it slowly washes up upon the shore of your consciousness, it reveals the depths that spawned it: mysteries and revelations abound. The decade ahead will show you the secrets of your life: why this and that happened, why and how you love and live. Sunday, this  wave hits an annual peak. Remember, you should start no new projects before Feb. 28. So wait until Friday, then don’t hesitate: invest, seek an intimate tie with someone who attracts you (NOT if you’re married!) change your lifestyle, get a health problem diagnosed by a new doctor, etc. Good fortune will result!


Virgo.svgVIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

New relationships, a new kind of relationship, is coming to you. This process covers the years 2011 to 2026, so you might have already experienced this. The “new” people are chatty yet shy, evasive and elusive, psychic, intuitive, soft and fascinating. They seem almost “un-solid,” they surround you like a gas. The ocean (of consciousness) that carries these new types to you, has tides that rise and fall. Sunday is the highest tide in this ocean this year. To take best advantage of it, to grab its most fortunate swell, act Friday, the 28th. (Remember, start nothing new before Friday: it would go in endless circles.) Seek a new relationship this day, or start the process of relocation, grab an opportunity, make a public appearance or statement, negotiate a new contract, seek allies – anything that promises to open a  new horizon for you. If you’re single, this day might lead to true love – a journey that might find its destination before this August, or after mid-2015. Monday/Tuesday are mellow, wise, but might disrupt finances or an intimate link.


Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

New conditions pertain in your work scene and health zone. These conditions began in 2011, and will evolve until 2026. They bring a more elusive atmosphere in which logic plays a small role, intuition a great one. Health-wise, viral diseases need more caution. In the work place, your empathy and sympathy grow – and can bring the approval of your bosses. Every winter (February/March) an additional surge of this influence comes to the surface; this year, Feb. 23’s the day. You still should avoid starting anything new this week, until Friday – but this day, charge ahead to embrace this new influence. The results will please you, immediately and/or down the road. It’s a splendid day to launch a new work project, seek employment, find a new doctor, buy machinery, hire service people, tackle repairs, etc. Talk, travel Sunday. Be home, with family Tuesday/Wednesday: don’t disrupt relationships. Romantic notions lure (but might disappoint) Wednesday/Thursday.


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

From 2011 to 2026, your romantic planet will slowly traverse your love sector. This almost has to bring deep, magical love. When, depends on your individual birth chart. Every February or March, the Sun will contact this planet (Neptune) and give birth to one more development or stage leading you, eventually, to love. This year, that occurs Sunday, Feb. 23. Wait, be patient: then, February 28, Friday, plunge into love’s waters – ask for a date, travel to find love (or buy tickets) write a love letter, join an internet dating site, whatever. In all this, you can substitute “creativity,” “self-expression,” “gamble,” “games/sports,” “beauty” or “pleasure” for the word “love.” Friday is also a superb time to take care of your kids’ education and future. Chase money Sunday. Travel, talk, write Monday/Tuesday. Home, security, property Wednesday/Thursday. Romance, pleasure Friday/Saturday. Remember, start nothing before Friday.


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Your domestic situation has been undergoing a “quiet revolution” since 2011 – and will continue evolving to 2026, in ways that bring you closer to true security, to domestic love, to property ownership…and, eventually, to retirement. If you were born in November, you have probably already noticed this; if you’re December-born, it’s coming. Every winter, the Sun and Neptune “hold hands” to bring another development or to intensify this domestic influence. This winter, that happens this week, Sunday. You’ll probably notice nothing, for Neptune is quiet and subtle. But by Friday, the doors swing wide open to this domestic influence – step through, start something: buy a home, list a home for sale, landscape, buy furniture, become pregnant (or decide to) start renovations, etc. Remember, start nothing before Friday. Your energy’s good Sunday. Buy only routine items Monday/Tuesday. Settle into home, nature, Friday/Saturday.


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The Sun “contacts” Neptune Sunday. This happens every winter in your communications and travel sector, from 2011 to 2026. The effect is accumulative. As with every yearly flood the creek deposits another layer of silt on a farm, so this Neptune/Sun aspect sweeps a little more sympathy, empathy, intuition and psychic ability into your travels, your emails, phone calls and paperwork, and your casual associations. This year, this influence opens a door to increase the skills (intuition, insight, etc.) and the goodness (beauty, peace, fascination) in your communications and relationships. That door opens Friday, Feb. 28 – plunge in this day, buy travel tickets (across, or to, an ocean or large lake) or a new telephone system, revise email or office systems, paperwork flows, buy a car or bicycle, etc. You don’t have to accomplish everything this day – just make a solid start, a footprint. Remember, start nothing before Friday.


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Remember, Aquarius, start nothing big and new (and buy nothing significant) before Friday. Then, on this day (and Saturday) plunge into action involving money. Sell old items, buy new ones, buy machinery, advertise for or cultivate new clients, ask for a pay raise, etc. Friday is also splendid for investing, revising debt, memorizing, rote learning, and chasing a sensual someone. From 2011 to 2026, life confers a new money picture upon you, one that requires a more intuitive, perhaps illogical approach. Every February/March, this new money influence is reinforced; it “thickens.” This year, this reinforcement occurs Sunday, Feb. 23. Let it seep through your whole week, then act Friday. Otherwise, Sunday’s for friends and optimism. Retreat, rest Monday/Tuesday. Your energy and charm soar Wednesday/Thursday. Step through that money door Friday/Saturday!


Pisces.svgPISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Your energy, charisma and clout reach an annual peak over the next few weeks, Pisces. You have recently entered a renaissance (2011 to 2026) or a “true birthing” of your most Piscean qualities: empathy, sympathy, intuition, clairvoyance, the ability to sense and use nuance, in art, painting, in personal relations. In the most subtle yet powerful way, you tend to bring people together, and this leads to your second set of qualities or skills: organization, bureaucracy, and policy-setting. During this renaissance, every February/March a renewed wave washes over you from the ocean of soul, of psychic sight, of mass consciousness and the subconscious. This year, the empowering wave sweeps over you this Sunday. Don’t act immediately – start nothing before Friday. But on this day, Feb. 28, charge forward. Start important projects, make contacts, be ambitious, make love and/or make career, do whatever you would do, if given the chance, to make your life a huge, resounding success – this day is the chance! (Saturday, too, more mildly.) But don’t chase money, nor grow possessive toward a loved one these two days.


The End.