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Hey, I won’t brag about my Super Bowl prediction. (Ooops, just did.)


….Having said (last week) that Hillary Clinton should not run for president for personal reasons, she might win a July 25 (not 26, perhaps) nomination. (But she will probably lose the federal election, especially if Jeb Bush opposes her. More later.)….
There’s a degree in the zodiac that describes a person “surrounded by servants, never friends.” I had a client the other day born in this degree. I didn’t mention this interpretation, because it’s too negative. But near the end of our session, she said, “Let me tell you something. You won’t believe this,” and I almost blurted out, “You have no friends!” But she continued, “I’m surrounded by people Monday to Friday” (she ran a fairly large supply firm) “but on the weekend: no one. I have no friends.”

When we talk of fate, and many say there is no fate, I wonder about such people as this one, who was obviously born that way. The saying, “character is destiny” is only half the truth: we should add: “and character is bequeathed at birth.” If there is choice in such cases, it can only occur pre-conception, by a soul-entity who chooses such an earthly life for some purpose, perhaps for one segment of his/her spiritual journey. Or, in a more Eastern theme, being born in such a degree could be the karmic result of a prior lifetime’s acts.

(There are only a handful of degrees that point to such unequivocal meanings as this “no friends” one. We all experience such a bequeathing at birth of a “set” or “destined” personality. But in most cases the personality we’re given is very complex, with many balanced and contradicting attributes… our bequeathed personality is so complex that we don’t recognize any destiny in it. But this is not a lack of destiny; it is a lack of recognition.)
Of course, we can work within our fate. For example, I suggested the solitary client attend church and other group affairs, loosen up, take chances in being vulnerable with others, etc.


Obviously, within the river of our ongoing destinies we can choose to swim in any direction, to fight or seek peace, to work or be lazy, etc. – though this notion is partly truth, and mostly false. This is easy to show: if one child is born to happy, loving and affluent parents, while another is born in poverty, continually raped and beaten from infancy to pubescence…we find that when they are both thrown in the river of life, one has already had swimming lessons. (Guess which one?) (This applies even to the foetus: e.g., one embryo is growing in a healthy, well adjusted middler-class womb; another is growing in a FAS womb, drinking alcohol and drugs, starved of nutrients — drowning, in essence, before it is even born.) So we can claim free will, but what is free will without the freedom to exercise it? That battered baby, as an adult, is not free to express love more than hate, not free to trust (the basis of love) nor to choose between riches and poverty, nor to attend a gathering of the wealthy, not free to attend college, not free to swim in whatever direction he wants. Why do we have huge mental hospitals – because everyone is free to choose sanity?

Now even if that raped and beaten two-year old is allowed to survive, and even if he has enough pluck and goodness and awareness (all bequeathed at birth!) to mature into a somewhat good man, he will still be filled with anger and pain, resentment and distrust. So, if the “non-reincarnation” Christian church’s heaven does exist, who will be admitted? The happy, helpful, sweet boy born to happy, loving parents? Or that angry, resentful boy/man who shakes his fist at God? (Strangely enough, I think the angry boy/man, at least after some wrangling. I don’t believe personally that life is unfair: it seems vastly, complexly fair.)

This is what the Catholics (and some Protestants) hate about astrology: that if it works, it proves fate. Perhaps even worse, it provides a basis for a belief in progressive reincarnation, which is one “benevolent” explanation of our lives – of our fate.
The Church loved astrology until about the 12th -13th century, when the new “scientific rationale” opposed it. Until then, stone churches had zodiacs built into front entrances, over altars, etc. You can still see them throughout Europe. The Bible itself, in the Old Testament (Ezekiel) represents God as sitting on the central throne of a zodiacal, astrological heaven, which is divided into 12, just as we divide it today. The Old Testament also told us: the sins of the father are visited upon the child, not once, but down through the generations. This was an implicit admission of fate; and/or re-incarnation.


The Church abandoned astrology because it was not scientific. Ironically, science will one day prove astrology “works.” (I’ve already mentioned M. Gauquelin’s statistical proofs one or two columns ago.)
Aries.svgARIES March 21-April 19
You remain popular, ready for life and adventure, flirty and optimistic…socially, you’re a winner! You could meet someone in a group who later becomes a romantic partner, even a lifetime love (especially Feb. 8 – if an old flame – or Feb. 12, 13, or 17). But avoid belligerent people, dark alleys and biker clubs…don’t be lured to danger by a sweet (or lustful) notion. Continue to avoid new starts until Wed. – this daytime onward, you can make decisions, make plans, begin ventures, meet new people who can be meaningful to your future. Sunday/Monday bring relationships between equals. Co-operate, DON’T get your back up. Act after 4 pm (PST) Sunday, and stick to routine Mon. Life’s secrets, subconscious yearnings for sex or power, and heightened intuition fill Tues./Wed. – two good days for research, investing, intimacy. A wise, gentle mood flows through you Thurs. to Saturday afternoon. Thursday slows your mind; you could remain in a wee fog day and night. But Friday urges you to charge forth in love, education, law, foreign contacts and far travel, publishing, advertising and cultural events – luck’s high!

taurus weekly forecastTAURUS April 20-May 20
Remain ambitious, clean and dutiful, Taurus. By Wednesday onward you can charge forward once again: delays and mistakes end, especially in career zones. People are talkative and friendly toward you all week. For three years (‘15 through 2017) your assets will grow more slowly, investments need to be made with care and study. But you’ll learn – in fact, you could become an expert at investing, even take a formal degree in science, economics or other financial fields. (If you’re hovering, in doubt, remember this: Taurus is the sign of money, and is usually skilled in pattern recognition, an asset in science and accounting. As if that wasn’t enough, you’re also artistically talented. And a born diplomat. And a skilled lover. Okay, enough!) Tackle chores Sunday (this might be frustrating before 4 pm PST, but easy and productive after). Tackle only routine Monday. An exciting meeting could leave your heart beating Tues./Wed. A friend can open a door around noon Tues. – ask, especially if he/she’s a Pisces. Be co-operative, eager, happy. Life’s deeper side emerges Thurs. to Sat. afternoon: mysteries, investments, debt, sex, intimacy, commitment, lifestyle changes, health diagnoses – these stumble and mislead Thurs., but offer huge luck Friday – a great day to buy a home (be early, before 3 pm PST). Saturday evening brings wisdom, gentle love.

Gemini.svgGEMINI May 21-June 20
Wednesday ends three weeks of mistakes, false starts, confusion and delay. It hasn’t been a difficult time, though, as February is almost always a month of expanded thoughts, understanding and mellow mood. You might have been so lost in your thoughts you didn’t even notice the slow-downs. In your career, someone (who you think is well-disposed toward you) is criticizing your efforts; someone else (about whom you have quieter thoughts) is supporting you. If that old flame hasn’t shown yet, and you haven’t contacted him/her, Sunday might be your last chance. But it will only work if contact occurs after 4 pm (PST) into pre-dawn Monday. If nothing, nobody, wait – Friday will open your eyes. Tackle chores and protect your health Tues./Wed. – two pretty smooth, productive days. Do the work that most directly affects your career or relations with VIPs, Tuesday. Be co-operative, diplomatic Thurs./Fri. – opportunities open in various arenas. Thursday’s slow, thinking’s confused. But Friday’s splendid – you could meet your future life mate. (And so could your Aquarian friend: one and the same?) Saturday features relationships also, but gives little until late afternoon onward, when an “open relationship” could become more intimate.

Cancer.svgCANCER June 21-July 22
Your subconscious rises to the surface; hunches increase, intuition deepens. But this is not always a good thing. Look skeptically at yourself: do you detect greed, lust, a hunger for power? If so, lighten up, dance away from deeper thoughts. (Somehow they follow a downward path – have for a year now; soon, this will end.) On a brighter note, Wednesday ends three weeks of delays, confusion and false starts. You can march ahead with your plans the second half of this week onward. It might take you a week or so to feel firm in your decisions, but that’s okay. Sun./Mon. are for home, domestic matters – business foundations or sales territory at work. You can faced a wall or other frustration before 4 pm (PST) Sunday; if so, act after this. Romance, passion, art, beauty, pleasure, creativity and eagerness to take a risk – these bless you Tues./Wed. – charge ahead! Chores and health concerns are weighed down by delay and confused thinking Thursday, but succeed splendidly Friday. Saturday’s mixed, but fresh horizons, happy meetings occur late.

Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO July 23-Aug. 22
Three weeks of delays, mistakes and false starts ends Wednesday, so you can charge ahead with anything new. This “restart” of your projects begins in a way that hints you’ll drop something or someone, and begin with something/someone new – on a solid basis. Relationships are the prime focus this week and next. Sunday/Monday bring casual friends, errands, trips, visits and communications. Alienation/separation prevail Sunday daytime, but this eve and night offer success. Stick to routine Monday. Be home, embrace family members, look to your foundations (nutrition, health, sleep, bank account, etc.) Tues./Wed. Inspiration comes Tues. about finances, investments, debt, and the undercurrents between people. Get plenty of rest – you’ll be glad you did by late week. Thursday/Friday bring romance, creativity, speculation, beauty, pleasure pursuits – all of which meet barriers, skepticism and doubt Thursday, but succeed hugely Friday – chase love this day! (Don’t be late: the luck ends about 3 pm PST.) Tackle chores Sat. eve, not morning.

Virgo.svgVIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22
Ten more days of drudgery, chores and niggling health problems, Virgo, then a fresh breeze will bring opportunities, new horizons and relationships. Sunday/Monday bring money matters – unprofitably to Sunday afternoon, then profitably this eve/night. Buy only routine items Monday. Errands, trips, visits, communications and paperwork fill Tues./Wed. – most things go quite well, but avoid legal, political arguments. You could spy a future mate, or more likely see the type, Wed. noon (PST). Home, family, real estate, food, garden, kids, security, retirement plans – all hit barriers and doubts Thursday, but soar ahead beautifully Friday. Get plenty of rest, especially during a sluggish Saturday to early afternoon. Later this day, romantic notions lure you. All week, despite the accent on chores, you can become more and more fascinated – if single – by an elusive, poetic, dreamy (perhaps chatty) person. If you held him/her you’d feel he/she’s wispy, insubstantial, like hugging the breeze: that’s a good sign.

Libra.svgLIBRA Sept. 23-Oct. 22
Love, romance, creativity, speculation, beauty and pleasure call you for 10 more days. You might be attracted to a co-worker. Gemini and Aquarius play key roles. Great week for a family vacation. By Wednesday, recent mistakes, false starts and delays fade, freeing you to march forward. Your energy and charisma blossom Sunday/Monday. This can help you be independent, to break from a “user” – but this eve and night brings success, especially in friendships and socializing. Chase money Tues./Wed. Tuesday brings inspiration about work (and how to increase your pay for it). Wednesday’s jumbled, but on balance luck’s with you – be ambitious, ingenious. Errands, visits, short trips, news media, paperwork, details, siblings and casual friends fill Thursday (difficult, slow, confused thinking) and Friday (everything succeeds – contact someone you’re sweet on – before 3 pm PST). Saturday’s busy, but with little result. This pm, head toward home or nature, park, restaurant.

Scorpio.svgSCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21
Recent delays, mistakes and misdirection fade away Wednesday – from this day on, you can march forward without lingering vines holding you back. The 10 days ahead continue to feature home, family, security, food and shelter, retirement and lots of rest and relaxation. (My apologies to single parents among you: in your case, my advice is to bond with your oldest child, put some duties on his/her shoulders.) This “down home” influence is balanced by a thread of romance that winds through this week and next. (This is, if it occurs, quite “pure” romance – which, by the 19th onward, can turn to a more obvious, open, powerful heart-full of emotions.) Rest, seek peace and solitude Sun./Mon. Best time: Sunday night. Your energy and “presence” surge Tues./Wed. – this is a unique, special time to start a new project, especially in your domestic arena. Tuesday might hold a romantic surprise, or great inspiration. Chase money, buy/sell, seek new clients Thursday (difficult, slow, confused) and Friday (splendid luck, best before 3 pm PST). Saturday, save your errands and calls until late afternoon, eve.

Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21
Errands, travel, communications, paperwork, siblings and casual friends fill this week. Your home life mixes the sharp and the sweet. Wednesday ends recent delays and mistakes – you can charge ahead without worry. Wishes can come true Sunday/Monday. Many others feel frustrated or “alone” Sunday, but your mood is bubbly, optimistic – life’s fresh, you’re popular, and a friendly romance might arise. (It will last, if you meet after dark [PST] Sunday night.) Retreat, rest, seek solitude, contemplate and/or meditate Tues./Wed. Despite your weariness, this little interval gives some good stuff: inspiration (especially about family, real estate) around noon Tuesday, and family love, planning success, Wednesday. Your energy and charisma soar Thursday to Sat. afternoon. Thursday’s a bit tricky – delays or a “subtle restriction” slows you, and this night’s confusing, with “false feelings.” But Friday swells with good luck – start early, strike your claim to world travel, higher education, legal matters, writing/lecturing/publishing, cultural events – and love. Saturday eve’s for money, shopping, selling something.

Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 19
Recent delays and confusions end Wednesday, so get ready to charge ahead. The main accent lies on possessions, money, rote learning and sensual relationships. (Take care with the last – unions formed from mere sensuality usually turn to boredom.) You’ll spend lots of time socializing, chatting, dealing with paperwork, perhaps you’ll take a short trip out of town. But the main opportunity lies in money: seek new clients, ask for a pay raise, collect on old bills, sell that old car, etc. Shop for important items after Tuesday. (After Wed. in Asia.) Sunday/Monday bring ambition, dealings with authorities or higher-ups. Be cautious, act slowly. Best time: Sunday night. Your hopes and popularity rise Tues./Wed. A promising flirtation might occur. Tuesday’s daydreaming is really a “message,” an inspiration in disguise. Retreat, rest and contemplate Thursday (slow, confusing) and Friday (success, good luck, especially in finances, investing, debt reduction, sexual intimacy, research – all things that are beautifully lucky for you until August). Emerge to face the world with new energy Saturday afternoon.

Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18
Your energy, magnetism and clout remain high – and by Wed., when three weeks of delays and mistakes end, your effectiveness soars also. Prepare to start something significant, a relationship or a project, from Feb. 11 to 17. Your money picture continues to be active and fortunate – unless you spend. (As soon as you spend, you’ll overspend.) Sunday/Monday bring a wise, mellow mood, but only offer one “success” period – Sunday eve to pre-dawn Mon. – a great time to order travel tickets, attend a cultural or religious event or ritual (e.g., wedding, mitzvah) philosophize, write, make love. Be ambitious Tues./Wed. – luck’s mixed, but mostly great, so charge ahead. Money inspiration Tuesday noon. Thursday/Friday bring optimism, popularity, flirtation, romance, wish fulfilment and a “celebration mood.” Thursday’s almost a dud – slow and dogged by misinformation. But Friday brings dreams true – join, mingle, seek entertainment, joke and love – better before the evening. You wake with a smile Saturday, but by afternoon you grow mildly weary – time for a rest, contemplation, spiritual seeking, planning.

Pisces.svgPISCES Feb. 19-March 20
Continue to lie low, rest, contemplate, meditate. You can learn a new psychic method now, or discover that you “have it.” Be spiritual, charitable. Wednesday ends three weeks of slowdowns and confusion (though these didn’t affect you a lot). You might discover, midweek, that you have a neglected, government-admin-institutional chore to perform, such as paperwork, tax forms, etc. Well, dive in and do it, either Tues./Wed. or Friday. Earlier, Sun./Mon. bring mysteries, sexual yearnings and financial courage – the only good time is Sunday eve to pre-dawn Mon. Wisdom, a wide view, profound thinking and an understanding, calm mood flow over you Tues./Wed. Tuesday brings inspiration – follow it Wed. You interface with VIPs, parents, bosses and/or authorities Thursday/Friday. Thursday’s slow, you’re indecisive, bosses (etc.) are skeptical. But Friday’s almost the opposite: success, cheerfulness, optimism earn you points with higher-ups – act before 3 pm (PST). You’ll be particularly successful with “head office” or civil servants. Saturday’s rather useless, a Starbuck’s day, until late afternoon, when your spirits lift and friends appear.

The End