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Many, many things this week. I  have just discovered that some of your comments were posted in the “PLATFORMS” section, and I haven’t answered them. I might try to fix that…


Though I forecast last month that stock markets would climb to June, I think this is one of the most dangerous markets in years….


ALL SIGNS: In February, March, April, May, June and to some degree July, the New Moon occurs at the end of the sign. (For example, in February, the New Moon occurs in Aquarius 1 minute, a mere 60 seconds, before the Moon leaves Aquarius, and only 3 minutes before the Sun leaves this sign and enters Pisces.) The New Moon tends to start new conditions, to signal the start of projects. But when it occurs at the end of a sign, it has no room to run, to begin anything new. This was somewhat the condition in the later ‘90’s when Time Warner bought AOL. I wrote then that it was dead in the water. But it was celebrated as a huge, meaningful merger. One year later, it had basically deflated to nothing. Time Warner paid billions (or was it millions back then?) for nothing, for air.
In general, my advice would be not to start major ventures before May, and to be cautious even after that. In another view, the world economy, on a quiet mend right now, will probably contract for about a year from June onward (until Sept. 2016) which can affect business start-ups. Deflation also affects things, though it can be a good thing for some businesses and investors – but wait. I have asked BNN (a business television show) to address the prospect of deflation. They won’t, because everyone’s afraid of deflation, and they don’t want to increase it by talking about it. England, by the way, just reported that their last 3 months were in deflation (prices fell, etc.). I think there will be a split worldwide, with some nations deflating, while others inflate due to “crisis events” (e.g., Ukraine, Russia)….


I keep neglecting Canada. If the federal election is held October 19, 2015, as the politicos seem to indicate, then Justin Trudeau will win, Stephen Harper will lose. Canada, by the way, is a Cancer nation, with Cancer Sun and Moon, but has Libra rising. The national character is self-effacing but has powerful reserves. The Libra ascendant is responsible for this country’s reputation as a peace-keeper and peace negotiator. Canada’s Sun is in the 9th degree of Cancer. Here’s part of what Carelli wrote about 9 Cancer a half century ago:
“A hard working, patient, thrifty being…humble goodness making him put up with an obscure life in which he feels happy…will meet with real success…as with all shy people …he is apt to develop a great eloquence once he has conquered his inhibitions…[but] has not the minimum of charlatanism and intellectual exhibitionism needed [to be a world leader]…”


I’m Libra rising too, so I hate to see injustice. But here’s the world we live in: police brutalize or kill innocent people; police and prosecutors collude. (CNN had a great special on this.) Both police and prosecutors hide or destroy evidence. Both lie in court. Judges are no better, in criminal cases. They often do not care if an accused is innocent: to them, technicalities trump facts; indeed, one of their main functions is to exclude evidence. This is most egregious in the States, where prosecutors and judges often have little education or qualifications; they are politicians, voted into office – the office of state’s attorney (prosecutor) or judge. A judge who doesn’t hand out enough death sentences will sometimes lose his job because he’s seen as “soft on crime” and is voted out of office. So really, “justice” is an expression of the most bloodthirsty urges of the citizenry. In a sense, the U.S. court system is an institutionalized lynch mob.
But even in Canada, corruption is rife. In Ontario, the halls of justice are slimed with lies, prejudice and bullying – by lawyers and judges alike. In Family Court, the judges – virtually all women – hold private sessions behind closed doors during which they try to strong-arm males into unfair settlements – I’m extrapolating here from my own experience, but this is echoed by many people. In fact, there have been public demonstrations protesting the bias of these judges. One lawyer, a woman herself,  wrote an article protesting these judges’ abuses. For years they have – with impunity, it seems — defied the law, and often not only broken it, but thrown it on the ground, kicked and spat on it. They are not brought to account because their cabal has probably intimidated the province’s justice ministers. One “excuse” I heard (from my lawyer, who herself informed me of this anti-male bias) was that the judges would rather a thousand men be unfairly dealt with, than one woman be added to the welfare rolls. (Judges are paid from the same coffers as welfare recipients. Perhaps they’re just protecting their share of the public purse, rather than really being man-haters. But I doubt it.)
In my case, after two years of soul-wrenching litigation I was called into a closed-door session with the judge. (I won’t name her, solely from fear that if she sues me, I’ll lose another two years and $ 150,000 in legal fees, which no judge will return to me even if I win. The myth of “costs” – the notion that if you win a case, the judge can order your legal fees repaid to you — is just that: a myth. They do award costs, but they have a formula which reimburses about 10 per cent of your legal and other fees.) At this point, when after two years I finally met the judge in charge of my case, I had already been ordered by the court (I suppose her) to pay $ 40,000 for a forensic accounting of my assets and earnings. This was after I had already paid $ 20,000 for an accounting – by the top forensic firm in Canada. The first accountant’s report was not good enough for the court (who I suppose was this judge) because it showed my (soon-to-be-ex) wife owed me money, rather than the other way around. So they or she made me pay an additional $40,000 for another forensic accounting. Lo and behold, this second accounting reached the same conclusion as the first report, almost to the dollar – that my wife owed me money, about $ 54,000. But this judge sat at her desk like Jabba the Hut and flatly told me that this and other evidence favouring me, was “soft evidence”and would, in essence, be ignored (even though it was the only evidence that the Family Law Act deemed acceptable). She demanded that I give my wife (Maureen Ann Brown, a.k.a. Beautiful Thief) another chunk of money – “between $ 50,000 and $ 100,000,” she said, “but I would advise you to be far above 50. If you don’t settle now,” she continued, “I’ll order a trial immediately, and it will cost you far more than 100,000 dollars.” So after having spent $ 100,000 in legal fees and $ 60,000 in accounting fees, and having already lost $ 223,000 that my wife had, the day we separated, scooped out of our joint bank account, leaving not a cent — after all this, I was strong-armed and threatened – illegally – by the one person I had expected to be impartial – the judge. Of course I caved, as probably do 95 % of men who are so handled. Why incur more loss, when the judge has already indicated she’ll slice even more off your bleeding fingers?


How many men have this judge and her fellows forced into loss, anger, poverty, alcoholism, and feelings of vengeance? This is the kind of judge who creates “deadbeat dads,” and I would not be surprised if a small fraction of the men she has extorted later beat or killed their ex-wives. I can see such injustice, piled on top of the trauma of divorce, moving certain men to just lose it, to resort to violence, which is all the system has left them. This judge – and I doubt she is unique – has demonstrated that justice is not available, except to her own sex. (I’m assuming that my experience was common to men encountering this judge. She spoke so easily and comfortably and without hesitation that I believe she was quite used to handling these sessions in this manner.) I’m not a violent man, but I still feel the unfairness, when I think of it, like a — I can’t describe it.


In Toronto, a researcher showed that over 98 % of all judgements in family court go against the man, even in cases where the woman is wealthier. In one case he noted, a carpenter with few assets was ordered to pay spousal support to his wife, who owned over ten million dollars. Soon after this researcher published his results, he was beaten, his ribs broken. He claimed the police did it.


I have been in two other lawsuits, both involving real estate and contract law. (I have a passive, shy demeanor, which tempts people to sue me.) I won both cases. But I feel I lost this divorce case – which, I have to admit, still makes me wary of female companionship, 4 years later. For the first time in my life, when out on a date, for instance, I don’t know how to touch a woman, how to initiate intimacy. Even when the woman initiates it, I don’t respond. It’s like being in a state of shock that freezes you up. But I don’t hate my ex-wife. She was only a thief, after all. And I know she feels guilty for what she did…(but not enough to return anything.) What that judge did was much worse.

I have been told repeatedly by lawyers that judges in British Columbia (where I live) basically ignore perjury (giving false testimony). In essence, it’s not considered a crime, nor even a reason to steer a trial one way or the other. This also bugs the heck out of me.
In the U.S., the government uses perjury charges to jail people they don’t like, but can’t otherwise convict; otherwise, I suspect, perjury is often ignored or indulged.


We think ISIS is heinous, evil and repulsive: but how lily-white are we when our justice system crawls with such slime? Has it always been this way? I would feel better if it has. At least then one could say, “Well, that’s life.” But our justice system, corrupt in so many of its mansions, is one reason democracy will not survive, as I predicted in the early 1980’s. Nor will communism. The third kind of government is still developing, partly in China.




(I am using only first and last initials. But from the method applied, you can infer the letters’ meanings, and then interpret middle initials also – and even whole names, first letter to last.)

First, the alphabet: A, R = Aries. B, I = Taurus. E, X, and sibilant C (sounds like “s”) = Gemini. M, O = Cancer. F, W = Leo. G, N = Virgo. P, L = Libra. K, hard C (sounds like “k”) = Scorpio. J, U, Q = Sagittarius. S, H, Y = Capricorn. V, D = Aquarius. T, Z = Pisces.


These letters help you “sense” one of the main personality traits of anyone you meet. For example, the first initial of someone’s name will often indicate their Sun sign, Moon sign, or rising sign. In the remainder of people, it will indicate a pattern or a dominant planet. For example, my name is Tim. The first initial, T = Pisces. But I’m a Gemini Moon and Sun, with Libra rising. How is this Piscean? Well, the planet Neptune (ruling Pisces) sits right on my ascendant (rising sign) so I am shy, quiet, passive, intuitive and empathic (so much so that I sometimes hear another person’s inflections in my speech, or find myself involuntarily, for a moment, copying – no, living in — someone else’s gestures or mannerisms). It’s a spooky thing. I work, in essence, as a Piscean: counsellor, card reader, astrologer.
My full name, Tim Stephens, or TS = Pisces/Capricorn. Because Capricorn is Pisces’ 11th house, I deal with the public, or am a bit of a public figure. (The 11th house rules groups and popularity.)

Another example: someone with a P or L first initial (indicating a “Libran” personality) will, 8 times out of 10, have a Libra Sun, Moon or rising sign. But the P or L might only indicate a Libran “pattern.” Libra rules marriage and all partnerships. So this P or L person could be a Taurus rising with a Scorpio Sun, or a Gemini rising with a Sagittarius Sun, or a Cancer rising with a Capricorn Sun, etc. All these patterns show that the person has the Sun in his/her marriage and partnership sector. His or her life will revolve constantly around relationships in love and business. In other words, the pattern is Libran (the sign of partnerships) even if the sun, moon and rising are not….

Say you meet someone at a party, and they say, “Hi, I’m Joe,” then you can know this person has a Sagittarian personality, whether it comes from Sun, Moon, rising sign, or “pattern.”

The first initial of the surname offers only a small indication of the person – in essence, it reveals their “clan connection.” The middle initial often indicates the person’s secret self, or what they really want to be, but often can’t quite be.

But we can use the surname. We can put together the first name and last name initials, and get a wee reading in itself. (I showed this above, about my own name’s initials, TS.)

Here are some examples:

AA (as in “Allan Appleby”) (Also AR, RA, and RR): Aries-Aries: Assertive in everything. Pleasant, good humored and good sense of “what must be done.” Impulsive. Direct, no subterfuge.

AB (also RB, AI, and RI): Aries-Taurus: Assertive in money matters and possessions. Impulsively sensual, so might have many affairs. Honest. Probably an artistic talent, drawing emphasized, for this person loves boundaries. At least, skill in interior decorating, etc.

AC (also RC): Aries-Gemini if the C is sibilant, as in “Cindy”; Aries-Scorpio if the C is “hard” as in Cathy: If sibilant: Intensely restless, talkative or otherwise a communicator – often very skilled in this, so a good salesperson, negotiator, pr person, etc. Must avoid “surfing” – being too speedy and/or superficial. Needs a car.
If “hard” C: Secretive, very good at assessing people. Not impulsive; takes pride in self-control. Sometimes will explode as pent-up energy and purpose can’t be held down any longer. Usually a good investor, researcher. Many sexual liaisons. Fertile.

AD (also RD, AM and RM): Restless and assertive, yet ironically the object of this assertiveness is security, usually expressed as having a home, being a mother or father, being “tied down.”

AF (also RF, AW and RW): Very romantic. The vision can be clouded, especially in youth but even in maturity, by a rosy, unrealistic strong naivety, gambling urge, or romantic weakness. A “P” or “L” person (first name) could seduce this person with flattery and attention: AF’s greatest aphrodisiac is the belief that another loves him/her.


Aries.svgARIES March 21-April 19
Your revels are almost ended, Aries. By Wednesday you have to pack up your party and retreat into quietude for some needed rest and recuperation. Before Wed., though, life is a shindig! (What an odd word.) Be ambitious and well-behaved Sunday to Monday afternoon. Your best time is Sunday mid-afternoon through Monday noon. Talk to the boss, show your talents, ask for more work, more opportunities. Monday eve to Wed. afternoon brings popularity, fun, entertainment, flirtation and optimism. A wish could come true. Great interval to deal with or join a group, club, political party, etc. Not a cloud in the sky. Wednesday eve shunts both the Sun and the Moon into your area of solitude, meditation, spirituality, charity, planning, committee work, and de4aling with large corporations or the government. You’ll visit a warehouse or factory sometime in the next 30 days. Wed. eve/night is difficult, hard: avoid legal matters. But Thursday/Friday bring success and ease in these same areas (government, planning, etc.). Your energy and pizzazz return Friday afternoon – romance is in the air Friday. It’s odd – despite your weariness and “introversion” over the month ahead, your magnetism and sexual prowess, your determination and impulsiveness will rise. To be safe, stick with the withdrawal, contemplation and quietude during the four weeks ahead. Control that magnetism – it could get you in trouble! Friday night and Saturday, your energy and charisma rise nicely.

taurus weekly forecastTAURUS April 20-May 20
Soon (Wed. onward, for a month) all your hard work, stress and ambition will turn to delight, optimism, and a feeling that life is fresh and new, and filled with possibilities. At the same time, though, this present week can be the last “festival” of a friendly romance, or of intertwining with one special member of a social group: from here on in, your social horizons expand, your popularity will rise, and you’ll deal with more (some new) people. Some of this social expansion can be serious, too: you might join a political party, a union, environmental group, etc. But that’s your choice. Don’t worry, romance will continue, or a new one will be offered. (You skeptics must realize that any opportunity, including romance, only comes if you’re eager and responsive. Romance seldom just walks in the front door.) Sunday/Monday are mellow, wise, gently loving – watch stress early afternoon (PST) Sunday, but later this afternoon you could meet a love who represents marriage potential. Monday eve to Wed. afternoon brings one last blast of ambition, career, dealings with higher-ups and authorities – charge into this eagerly, as all is good, opportunity-laden. Wednesday afternoon begins the social, flirting, optimistic month I’ve already described. Wed. itself is pretty tough: be cautious. But Thurs./Fri. flow like sparkling joy. Retreat Friday eve, Sat. – rest, contemplate, plan.

Gemini.svgGEMINI May 21-June 20
You’ve matured in the last month; you’ve solved mysteries and puzzles about yourself and others, simply by thinking about things. If you could do this every month, you’d be one wise person! This whole trend, which includes far travel, international contacts, writing, learning, and gentle love, will have one last good surge Monday eve to Wednesday afternoon. It’s a little late to start a project in these areas; yet it’s a lucky, opportunistic time (especially Tues. eve) – so instead of starting something, grab what/who’s available. For example, if you’re in school, use this short interval to really hit the books or write/produce; if almost in love, open your arms and propose a deeper link. Earlier, Sunday to Mon. afternoon emphasizes mysteries, sex, health concerns and finances, investments and debts. All’s good, but midday Sunday brings a (stressful?) surprise. Wednesday afternoon begins a whole month of ambition, career, prestige relations, community reputation and dealings with authorities. Wednesday is difficult: examine the problem: it’s nascent, but will tend to grow for 3 years. Your new career landscape might include a financial partnership, or a sexual bond with a “working peer.” But strictly avoid collusion, refusing to share, and despair about your prospects: they ARE good, they’re just serious and demand work. Social delights visit you Fri. afternoon and Saturday: a thread of real romance runs through the weeks ahead. Be serious with yourself: will you really want this person in 10, 30 years?

Cancer.svgCANCER June 21-July 22
Wednesday afternoon begins a month of mellow feelings, gentle love, profound thought, international contacts/travel, higher education, and cultural rituals/events (e.g., weddings, foreign films). This is likely to be a very significant month, as both the sun and moon enter Pisces at virtually the same moment (two minutes apart). This hints at huge growth in the areas just listed (e.g., of your consciousness) or strong significance (e.g., you marry, or visit Iceland). This whole zone (law, education, culture, far travel, intellectual pursuits, gentle love, etc.) will grow to occupy more and more of your life until 2025. If you want to start a new venture in these areas, start Thursday before 3 pm (PST). Before Wednesday, Sunday/Monday bring crucial relationships, opportunities. Careful early afternoon Sun., when lust or greed could alienate someone. Save these for Mon. eve to Wed. afternoon, when lust is natural and greed is welcomed – investments, debt, sexual intimacy, health concerns, research and “changes” are all favoured, especially Tues. eve. Wednesday eve to Friday afternoon highlight that big flow of profound thought, far travel, learning, etc. Be careful Wed. – barriers exist. Act Thursday. Be ambitious – but not too much, for this area is studded with bad karma until November. First, consider your motives, then the likely, rational outcome. If both are good, proceed.

Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO July 23-Aug. 22
A month of relationships , opportunities, of “fresh sight” ends Wednesday, and a month of secretiveness, lust, power hunger, heavy finances, mutual finances, lifestyle changes, research and health diagnoses begins. This isn’t really a jump from one world to another, as the relationships and opportunities of the last four weeks veer into deeper waters with you. For example, an attractive person might now agree to become intimate, or a lover might agree to share a mortgage or bank account; a business agreement might now progress to funding. Tackle chores and minor health issues Sunday to Monday noon. One who usually agrees with you might not, Sunday midday. Monday eve to Wed. afternoon intensifies the themes of the past month (relationships, etc.) brings them to a climax and/or a new start. But avoid the brand new: a “new start” for you and your mate is fine, but a brand new relationship will burst with eagerness at first, then fizzle within a week, month. Wednesday afternoon begins a very significant month, more than most Feb./Marches. So those themes in the first sentence (secrecy, research, finances, lust) can have ten-year-long (at least) importance. E.g., usually at this time you’d have a lot of sex; this time, it might produce a baby. Don’t act on these Wed., as barriers prevent success. Act Thursday. Friday afternoon, Saturday bring learning, travel, profound thought, legal themes. DO NOT plunge into any of these: though all looks lucky, examine your motives. Avoid lawsuits to November.

Virgo.svgVIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22
Spend Sunday to Wednesday on things already in the works. Do/finish chores, deal with dependents or employee matters, protect your health, make repairs – all natural things for you. Sunday/Monday bring a mellow mood (disrupted a bit Sun. midday – car, electric surprise possible). Travel tickets, learning, gentle love, intellectual pursuits draw you. Monday eve to Wed. afternoon bring chores to a climax – hopefully, a climax of conclusion, because new opportunities are coming – soon. Wednesday eve begins two days – and a month – of relationships, fresh horizons, relocation themes, negotiations, agreements, competition, challenges and opportunities. Be eager to join, diplomatic. This month is extremely significant, and so is the “decade” ahead (to 2025). If single, you are almost certain to marry; before and after marriage you will be fascinated yet mystified by this person (or persons, as many will turn toward you). Virgo, REJECT all alcoholics, druggies, and otherwise non-functioning (though charming) people: these will draw you, but not to your benefit. This doesn’t mean you’ll marry or meet your mate this month ahead, but “the stage is set.” You could cross an ocean soon. Careful Wed. night – barriers indicate romantic failure. Act, welcome, greet others Thursday. Friday afternoon, Saturday bring secrets, lust, power motives, lifestyle changes, health diagnoses, large financial actions – it’s odd, great luck here, but pockets of bad karma exist: go slow, examine your motives and do what you know is right.

Libra.svgLIBRA Sept. 23-Oct. 22
You remain in a romantic, creative, pleasure mode until Wednesday. Sink into quietude and domestic matters Sunday to Monday afternoon. You might get a “signal” around noon Sunday that a romantic relationship is strained, might end, or, equally, you might react to a new amorous opportunity. Either way, it’s just a momentary thing. Romance, creativity, pleasure, teaching reach a new intensity Monday eve to Wed. afternoon – all is smooth, benevolent, so deepen an existing situation, but do not start a new one. (It has no legs, will topple in a month of two.) Wednesday eve begins two days – and a whole month – of chores, duties toward dependents, employee relations, daily health matters, nutrition. Whichever of these dominates, is likely to be of importance for a long time. (For example, if you start a new job, it might grow for ten years and be one of the most significant jobs of your life.) Don’t act Wed. – barriers exist (probably in communications). Wait until Thursday, when all is smooth. Relationships face you Friday afternoon, Saturday: there is splendid luck here, but also pools of difficult karma. Best approach: accept what comes, but chase nothing, no one. This also applies to relocation, contracts, negotiations, litigation, dealings with the public.

Scorpio.svgSCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21
Sunday/Monday are restless, filled with errands, communications, paperwork, details and casual acquaintances. Take a long lunch (PST) Sunday, for midday can cause a fender-bender, or a sudden disruption in a family or employment relationship. (It’s minor.) Monday eve to Wednesday afternoon highlight the themes of the past four weeks: domesticity, family, security, gardening, retirement, nutrition, sleeping habits. Avoid a new start here: anything begun now will fizzle. But all is lucky, too, so use this interval to strengthen home and family, to add to your retirement hoard, etc. Wednesday afternoon begins two days – and a whole month – of romance, creativity, speculation, risk/reward (gambles) charming children, beauty and pleasure pursuits. This will be a significant month: whether it brings a romance or deepens one – or not – it sets the stage (in your psyche, heart) for the big wheel of romance to turn unequivocally forward, to bring you true love sometime in the 11 years ahead. Tackle chores Friday eve and Saturday – all’s smooth, even lucky, but keep your involvement light, minimal. If you can pass on the chores to someone else, all the better.

Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21
A rather unimportant month passes away midweek, when a very significant month begins. Chase money, shop, sell, seek new clients or a pay raise, etc., Sunday/Monday. (Don’t buy computers, anything electronic, before 2 pm PST Sunday.) Monday eve to Wed. afternoon intensifies the themes of the past few weeks: errands, paperwork, rush, hurry, trips, visits, calls, emails, etc. Everything goes well, but stick with what’s already on the table – don’t begin a new project. Wednesday afternoon starts both two days and an entire month of domestic concerns. You’ll be home more; you’ll contemplate (or act on) real estate. Do contribute to your retirement fund, embrace your children and ensure their future, garden, redecorate, etc. In business, focus on basics: sales territory, leased premises, etc. What happens now, what you initiate, will likely have major significance for many years (to 2025). This is a good month to decide who/what belongs in your life, and who/what has grown stale, should be gently let go. Don’t be pessimistic about this Wed. – by Thurs. you’ll see that this is a good thing. Friday afternoon through Saturday emphasizes romance – and begins a strong thread of romantic feelings right through April. Sage, be careful – yes, there is romance here, but it might promise more than it delivers, or worse, might lead you into a dead end or loss. If you keep it light, social – “friendly romance” – which doesn’t exclude sex nor intimacy – you’ll remain “safe.”

Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 19
The accent remains on monetary concerns and sensual attractions until Wednesday. Your energy and charisma surge upward Sunday/Monday – get things done, ask favours – you’ll impress others with your style, skill and energy. Chase money or possessions (i.e., shop) Monday eve to Wednesday afternoon, but don’t start new money programs – stick with essentials, routine items in shopping, and with present clients, job, etc. in earnings. (New ventures would collapse before long.) That said, this is quite a lucky, opportunistic interval, so do chase money, try to expand present dealings, look for bargains, sell that clunker, etc. Invest? – Yes, with caution. Wednesday afternoon begins a month of communications, travel, casual acquaintances, paperwork, errands – not an important time, but a busy one. Be patient, wait until Thursday to act in these (or any) zones. Friday afternoon through Saturday emphasize home, family, real estate, security, gardening, food and nutrition, retirement (planning). Be restful, and do not chase anything in these areas – but accept whatever life brings. (I mean reception wins; being proactive loses.)

Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18
Rest, contemplate, plan, enjoy sweet solitude Sunday/Monday. Contact civil servants, charities, institutions or spiritual “sources.” Don’t argue with anyone Sunday early afternoon – drive carefully. Your energy, charisma and effectiveness soar to a yearly high Monday eve to Wed. afternoon – you’ll impress people, so choose who you want to impress (why waste a good thing?). Usually I’d advise you to start a significant new project at this time, but I’m not, because new ventures now would soon fizzle, end. Still, this is such a lucky interval – you could use it (especially before suppertime Tuesday) to answer a proposal put to you awhile ago (if before Feb. 11, though, don’t touch it). Or you could meet up with an attractive person and press your case. Or do almost anything that’s centered in the present or the far past. Wednesday eve begins two days – and an entire month – of focus on money. This is a very significant time, one which could set the tone, the pattern, for years to come in earnings, possessions, schooling (if applicable) and sensual attractions. The whole month ahead sets this tone, but I urge you to start early, Thursday, at least in thought. Don’t act Wednesday, it contains a barrier. (If you did act this day, later friends/allies would refuse to help, and your wishes about this venture would not come true. But my shorthand is “barrier.”) Friday afternoon through Saturday brings errands, trips, visits, communications, paperwork, siblings – do what you need to, but keep it light, sign nothing.

Pisces.svgPISCES Feb. 19-March 20
Hoo-boy, what a week this is. Though you remain a bit weary and into yourself, Sunday/Monday lift your popularity mildly and bring optimism, social delights. But retreat Monday eve to Wednesday afternoon – rest, contemplate and plan. Clear up neglected tasks, especially those involving committees, civil servants, institutions. Be charitable, spiritual. Above all, rest, for you will soon need all your energy. It’s an easy, smooth interval. Your energy, charisma and clout return Wed. eve to Friday afternoon, but also for a whole month, until March 20. This might be a very significant two days and month, for it marks the beginning of a whole decade in which your personality, your presence and skills, your hopes and ambitions climb and solidify (to 2025). Skip Wed., as it contains a barrier. But do start something Thursday – if not, start it in the weeks ahead. One warning: you will be drawn, over the month ahead, to chase better earnings, and/or to chase a sensual romance which you know, inside, is not a “keeper.” Take care, for either one can be a doorway to wasted time, or worse, to dead-ends, even loss. You might not believe this, but time will tell. My message is the same for Friday afternoon through Saturday – money, shopping, sensual attractions seem harmless, even lucky – but think carefully before acting. The three years ahead bring heavy responsibilities in your career, but your (hopefully) hard, uncomplaining efforts will lead to solid advance.

The End