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ALL TIMES/DATES ARE PST (Pacific Standard Time Zone). PST is 8 hours “before” Greenwich (England). For example, when it is noon PST, it is 8 pm in England. The “World Clock” in the right margin gives you some clues. (You can also Google “time zone converter.”)


START NOTHING: Before 4:28 pm Sun., 6:57 pm Mon. to 8:54 pm Tues., 0:43 am Thurs. to 4:50 am Fri., and after 9:53 am Sat.


Here’s what I’ve decided to do: every week, I will write one or two Sun sign’s 2015 Love Forecast, and place it where that sign’s usual weekly message would be, in place of the message. If you miss that week, don’t worry: at the end I will collate all the Love ‘Scopes and place them in Platforms, where they’ll stay until next February. – In answer to all the Piscean laments about always being last, I am going to START WITH PISCES.




My preamble last week on the justice system, particularly the family law courts of Ontario, sparked a lot of emails. Some agreed, some didn’t, but I wanted to answer 3 points brought up by one emailer:


1. How do I know the judges were “virtually all” female?
While in the hallowed halls, in Toronto, I perused the list of family court judges — there were approximately 20 females, and 1 male.
2. I should not be mentioning that some men will leave the halls of “justice” and beat their ex-wives; this way, I’m condoning violence against women.
I was not condoning violence. I was pointing to a source of that violence, to something which could tend to aggravate or increase that violence (the unjust courts). To say I should not mention men’s violence is like saying, We have a disease, but it does absolutely no good to point to the source of the disease. Let’s put our heads in the sand instead.


3. I should be comforted by the fact that I wasn’t robbed of twice that sum of money.
This misses the point. The point was the injustice, not any particular sum.


And a fourth question was raised by another reader: if I’m an astrologer, why didn’t I foresee that this marriage would end unhappily? Good question, three answers: 1) when we met I was a single father (full time) with two teens and a pre-teen, so I was not examining the truth about anyone too closely. In fact, I knew before we wed that Maureen had a drinking problem; while we dated it seemed to be episodic; but after we wed, it became constant, with brief rays of sunshine. In addition, I knew that our two birth charts held the worst aspect possible between two people: Venus square Saturn. However, I ignored this just as I ignored her alcoholism: partly because I was enamored of her beauty, and partly due to a single parents’ urgency in mating; 2) my birth chart speaks of disappointment in love no matter what (somewhat like that person who had no friends a few columns back). I am condemned to know about love, and to advise others about love, but to be denied a lifetime basking in it. (Graham Greene, born in the same degree, had a similar fate. His novels were all about love, but his wife, a Catholic who hated him, refused to divorce him. So he spent a lifetime having sad affairs.) One of the prime principles of astrology is that you cannot live a life the birth chart does not permit, or “show.” So, being condemned to have problems in love, my attitude was, why not with this beautiful woman? and 3) I found this woman more exciting than normality. (I have to admit, solid, well-balanced, healthy women have always bored me.) Though I’m not one of those poor misguided souls who thinks they can change another, I did think I could “accommodate” her. My advice: never marry an Aries who has a problem. (The I Ching says, “Never marry a bold woman.”) Yet I still admire Aries women tremendously. (She was an Aries.)


Now in my ‘60’s, I see women as people, rather than flesh. This unfortunately, I think, attracts far fewer women.


NOW THE OTHER SIDE: in my rant I completely ignored the fact that for 2,000 years or more the bias ran the other way, against women. In fact, until the early 1900’s custody of children was automatically awarded to the man. (Even in Russia – see Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina.) I guess after all that, we males shouldn’t whine when the bias goes against us for a century or so…


I also ignored the fact that I was as “guilty” of the marriage’s destruction as she was — perhaps even more guilty.


BTW, I hope I didn’t leave the impression that I think all cops, prosecutors and judges are inhumane. Cops, especially, have a terrible job: stress, facing violence, seeing the worst of people every day. In my personal experience (I grew upon the wrong side of town, so have experience) at least half, maybe most cops are humane and upright. And they’re a lot better now in many jurisdictions, with the empathy training they receive. I’m still rather convinced, though, that more judges and prosecutors are immoral than we think. When I was young, in the sixties, my older brother befriended a prostitute, a smack addict. She told me once that many of the judges down town lay with hookers, and a lot of them tried to get “free tricks.” I used to suspect this was false, just braggadocio; now I don’t.


Also, in judging the veracity of my rant last week, please remember two things:


1. I’m a cranky old man with an axe to grind;
2. It was lawyers and judges who sentenced Christ to death. (I’m not drawing a comparison!)



Sweden is now deflating, and its central bank, like Switzerland, is offering a negative interest rate on government bonds – in other words, if you give the government (buy a bond) $ 100, they guarantee that in one year they will give you $ 98.


If you’re wondering what to do when/if deflation hits your nation, read a book called “Conquer the Crash” by Robert Prechter. It explains deflation and how to handle your finances within it. His vision is a bit apocalyptic. For American readers, especially, the book is valuable, for it contains a list of “safe” banks. You can get the book at a discount, I think, on his website. (Can’t remember the exact name of it – just Google “Robert Prechter.” Tell them Tim sent you!)
I might be making too much of this: deflation, if/when it hits our shores, might be quite mild, as in Japan’s case.





Aries.svgARIES March 21-April 19
Four days this week are almost all “start nothing” (SN) times, so use this week largely for routine, Aries, and if you do start any new projects, check the SN times above. You’re largely in rest mode anyway, so this serves you – it’s time for contemplation, charity and spirituality, all of which are suited for SN periods. Examine your life thus far, find your mistakes and weaknesses, and plan to overcome them. If you’ve been arrogant, forceful, foolishly impulsive, forgive yourself first, then make amends to others, then work on the rest. (E.g., tow away that free car you found that will never run.) Enjoy Sunday, but make no commitments; sign nothing this day or Monday. Shop for routine items, or perform routine chores Mon./Tues. Wednesday’s packed with errands, to do’s, calls, visits, emails, paperwork. These will go better – in fact, splendidly – after 10:30 am (PST). Thursday’s full of inconsequential events, meetings, notices, trips. Both days, Wed./Thurs., could show you the reason for rest and spirituality, or could produce a significant link with head office, an institution, or the government. Home, family, nature and security call you Friday (good results) and Sat. (problems before noon, quietude after).

taurus weekly forecastTAURUS April 20-May 20
Take a hint from Aries’ first sentence, Taurus, and time things accordingly. You’re suspended in an unusual bunch of influences. This week and the next few bring social delights, popularity, wish fulfilment, entertainment, optimism and freshness. Usually this period also brings friendly romance or some flirting, but romance takes one of two forms this week and the next few: either it is elusive, dissolves when you touch it, or it grows deep and strong, but in secrecy, or in privacy. Unfortunately, this raises the spectre of extra-marital, clandestine temptations. “Secrecy” could also mean it remains in your thoughts and dreams. So be a social, public person (this side of you will expand for another decade, anyway) but don’t play with romance. It could limit, sting you. Rest Sunday. This eve to Tuesday twilight, your energy and charisma soar, but make no agreements before Monday’s dawn. Someone you meet Monday might make a good mate, but won’t let you get close/intimate now. Chase money or shop Wednesday – after 10 am (PST) best. Buy only routine items Thurs. Friday/Saturday bring errands, messaging, travel – better Friday.

Gemini.svgGEMINI May 21-June 20
Four days this week are almost entirely filled by “start nothing” (SN) times, so use this week largely for routine, and if you do start any new projects, check the SN times above. Generally, it’s a smooth interval – you might be tested by higher-ups, but you’ll pass with effort and optimism. Until late March, your ambitions, prestige relations, dealings with authorities and community reputation are highlighted. It’s a time of hard work, talent and reward. Despite all that serious effort, a strong thread of romance and popularity runs through everything – happily to mid-March, then vigorously but perhaps not wisely, March 17 to 30. (Remember this when someone new, perhaps an Aries, sails into your life.) But that’s far off. Enjoy Sunday’s optimism and freshness, though nothing of consequence occurs. Retreat from the crowd this eve to Wed. night – rest, contemplate, meditate, plan (after Monday morning, not before) and deal with civil servants, institutions, head office – clean up neglected chores/obligations. Sign nothing. Your energy and charisma surge upward Wednesday/Thursday – act Wed., as Thurs. yields results only in routine matters. Wednesday’s pretty potent, various matters turn in new directions. Shop, buy/sell, chase new clients Friday, but watch snags, barriers Sat. morn.

Cancer.svgCANCER June 21-July 22
Read Aries’ message about “Start Nothing” times – only the first sentence applies to you. This week and the next few emphasize far travel, international themes, religion, life philosophy, law, higher education, profound ideas, cultural venues and rituals, broadened understanding, and love. A secondary but strong theme runs through your career sector now to the end of March. In some ways you will feel more determined about your career, your ambitions – be careful with this, keep one eye on your own actions and motives. Are they clean and pure? If not, you might be weaving your trap or dead-end. This “danger” is more likely after mid-March. Until then, you might become enamoured with your boss or another VIP. This isn’t likely to last, so enjoy the thrill but be wary of revealing it. You might be ambitious Sunday, or meet the police, but nothing comes of it. This eve to Tuesday night brings happiness – friends, popularity, social joys, optimism, fun and a feeling of celebration. However, don’t commit to anything (e.g., a relationship) before dawn Monday (PST). Retreat, rest, contemplate and plan Wed./Thurs. – act during the last 13 hours of Wed., not earlier, nor Thurs. A major insight or understanding might come: it might change how you perceive life and people going forward. Your energy and charisma soar Friday/Sat. – start new projects, get out and impress people. Better Friday – Sat. has barriers early, is for routine later.

Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO July 23-Aug. 22
Four days this week are almost all “start nothing” (SN) times, so use this week largely for routine, and if you do start any new projects, check the SN times above (at the start of this blog). The weeks ahead emphasize secrets, mysteries, research and detective work, health concerns, lifestyle changes, financial decisions and – lust. Your subconscious rises to the surface, and nudges you toward its goals – this is a great time to sense or feel or grow familiar with your subconscious, especially Wednesday. But do nothing unethical or illegal, as your house of law is lighted strongly and ultimately negatively, now to the end of March. (And more mildly until November.) Don’t sue anyone, either – just stay far away from lawyers until December. (If you’re in a lawsuit, do two things: 1] delay it; 2] beyond delaying it, be passive.) Contemplate Sunday, watch foreign news. This eve to Tuesday night sparks your ambition, and brings you into contact with higher-ups. Expend your best efforts Monday afternoon. Your popularity gets a wee boost Wed./Thurs. – enjoy a bit of flirting, friends, fun, and optimistic dreaming. (Wishes do sometimes come true.) Best time: 11 am to midnight (PST) Wed. You might intuit or see one of the deep “secrets” – forces – of life. Happiness visits! Retreat, rest, contemplate Fri./Sat. Visit a psychic or counsellor Friday, be spiritual, charitable. Careful with law Friday, with machinery Sat.

Virgo.svgVIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Four days this week are almost all “start nothing” (SN) times, so use this week largely for routine, Virgo, and if you do start any new projects, check the SN times above. The main emphasis is on relationships, new horizons, fresh opportunities – and on challenge, competition, even enmity. So be diplomatic, eager to co-operate. Even as you are meeting and developing new, open relationships, your financial and sexual urges are powerful also. (These urges last to the end of March.) In the best of worlds, you might meet someone fascinating, and then sexual intimacy, or, in business, a “funding partnership” or loan or investment develops. But be wary of these “deeper sides” – that investment might be ultimately unlucky, or that sexy person might already be attached (or you are!). Sunday emphasizes this deeper side, but nothing comes of it. Don’t pursue an idea. This eve to Tuesday night brings understanding, a mellow mood, international contacts, culture, even love. Reject whatever/whoever comes before Monday dawn. Ambition, career, dealing with higher-ups and authorities (or acting as such: e.g., being a father) fill Wed. and Thurs. – but only Wed. “counts” – only it leads to further results. (Better to start after 10 am PST.) This day is, in one sense, the fulcrum of this week, even this year, in relationships – things grow, turn in new directions.. You might end one link to pursue another, or you might finally realize why someone fascinates you. Thursday, nada. Your popularity, optimism, and joy in life blossom Fri./Sat. –make a wish at supper time Friday. Careful with electricity, tools, words and driving Sat. morning.

Libra.svgLIBRA Sept. 23-Oct. 22
Four days this week are almost entirely “start nothing” (SN) periods, so use this week largely for routine, Libra, and if you do start any new projects, check the SN times above. The main emphasis for the weeks ahead lies on work and health – employment, service personnel, caring for dependents and pets. Eat, dress and sleep sensibly. Though the main accent is on chores, a pretty strong thread of relationships – mostly the love kind – weaves it way through your life, right into March’s end. Don’t be too enamoured with this – or with anyone new – as a karmic glitch hints you could be weaving not a sweet romantic lover’s knot, but a knot, period. Don’t marry anyone before mid-November, Libra. Have fun, have sex, but don’t wed nor start living together. Some of you won’t believe me. Sunday revolves around this very question – to be or not to be with someone. (Answer: Not.) This eve to Tuesday night brings sexual urges, subconscious promptings, heightened intuition, secrets, research, lifestyle changes, health concerns, and financial dealings. The only “safe” time for any of these is Monday daytime, after 6 am (PST). Wednesday/Thursday bring chores. Stick to routine Thurs. Wednesday might bring a significant new task, and helps you get lots done, especially after noon. You’re ambitious (or simply dealing with authority) Fri./Sat. Only Friday “works.” Saturday morning brings barriers, then nothing, no results.

Scorpio.svgSCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21
Four days this week are almost entirely “start nothing” (SN) periods, so use this week largely for routine, Scorpio, and if you do start any new projects, check the SN times above. (Best “start day” for romance, creative or speculative ventures, industrial or machine projects, vacation or recreation plans, is Wednesday – 10:30 am to midnight, PST.) The main emphasis for several weeks lies on pleasure, beauty, amour, creative projects, speculative ventures, children and their talents. But a strong secondary influence winds through your work days, and even attracts you to work – perhaps because you have a co-worker attraction. Be wary of this – be wary of work in general – strongly until late March, and a little more weakly to mid-November. My Calvinist side hates to say it, but work now is wasted time, at best. (At worst, it gets you tangled up in irresolvable difficulties, stupid personnel issues, etc.) Sunday tempts this way (toward work). This eve to Tuesday night features relationships – as this is a time of love, you might enjoy this interval – but avoid Sunday and pre-dawn Monday. Mysteries, secrets, lust, large finances (or other people’s) health concerns, detective work, lifestyle changes lure you Wed./Thurs. Thursday’s a dud, but Wed. might steer you straight into love – real love. (Or at least bring some change of direction in this area, through inspiration.) Friday/Sat. are mellow, wise, bring expanded understanding. Act Friday. Solve Saturday’s morning puzzles, then relax.

Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21
Four days this week are almost entirely “start nothing” (SN) periods, so use this week largely for routine. If you do start any new projects, check the SN times above. The weeks ahead accent domestic concerns: family, property, security, gardening, repairs, rest (take many naps) and retirement. These are growing more significant in your life (since 2011, and into 2025). A secondary thread of romance, creativity, speculation and beauty winds through your days until March 31. Enjoy this thread, but don’t let it shape your life, as, before November, it can weave traps. Sunday holds these (amour, beauty) but gives little. Tackled chores and health needs Sunday eve to Tues. night. You’ll find the solution Monday daytime. Relationships fill Wed./Thurs. Thursday’s a dud, but Wednesday could spark the beginning of a major project in the domestic and/or real estate area – it could include getting married or some other partnership – or, if you’re married, will require your spouse’s involvement. You’ll detect a new, serious view of romance within yourself. Life’s mysteries float toward you Friday/Saturday. So do health diagnoses, lifestyle changes, lust, large and/or mutual finances, detective work and “power corridors.” Act Friday (focus on domestic issues, not romance). Saturday morning offers problems; be careful with electricity, moving vehicles, traps disguised as income opportunities.

Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 19
Four days this week are almost entirely “start nothing” (SN) periods, so use this week largely for routine, Cap, and if you do start any new projects, check the SN times above. The general accent for the weeks ahead lies on errands, communications, paperwork, details, travel, siblings and casual acquaintances. It’s not a terribly important time, so relax within your busyness. Your home and family will frequently draw your attention, for six weeks. This can be a good time to decorate, until mid-March, but keep a watchful eye on budget, and color schemes – will the latter last for years? Sunday emphasizes home – it’s a good layabout day, without accomplishment. This eve to Tuesday night brings a romantic flavour, creative and speculative urges, and pleasure pursuits – Monday’s best, after dawn (PST). Tackle chores Wed./Thurs. – new ones Wed., routine ones Thurs. You are growing more and more intuitive in your daily business – Wed. can show you this, even open the door to further, stronger intuition. (The great leaps forward in science and logic have usually come from intuition.) Relationships arise Fri./Sat. Friday’s pretty good, co-operative, presents an opportunity or exciting meeting, but Saturday holds morning problems, then “quietness.”

Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18
Four days this week are almost entirely “start nothing” (SN) periods, so use this week largely for routine, Aquarius, and if you do start any new projects, check the SN times above. The weeks ahead emphasize money: buy/sell, seek higher earnings or more clients, sell unwanted items, etc. A secondary thread brings many meetings, messaging, quick trips and errands – you might be meeting someone who attracts you romantically, but be ready for this to remain mostly talk, little action. That’s what Sunday’s like: busy, a bit romantic, but not much of consequence. This eve to Tuesday night, your thoughts turn to home, family – act Monday (after 6 am PST) to build your retirement funds, to ensure your kids’ education, to garden/landscape, to start new, nutritious meal plans, etc. Romance surges Wed. (but is only a fruitless notion Thurs.) – act Wed., phone that clever Gemini or (worse!) that sexy Virgo. This day can open the door to increased income for you, even for the next 11 years – a thought, an inspiration, someone’s comment, can turn the door knob. Tackle chores Fri./Sat. – new ones, if you want, Friday. But face some difficult problems Sat. morn, and spend the rest of this day with routine tasks. Eat, dress sensibly.

Pisces.svgPISCES Feb. 19-March 20

Until late August, 2015 isn’t exactly love’s paradise, Pisces. This first segment of the year is filled with chores, expanded employment, health concerns, and demanding dependents. You’ll probably be to start a big new romance! Even so, you draw admirers in March, and a light, flirty friendship can buoy your spirits in April/May. Late June to July increases the passion factor in your life, and grants you amorous courage. Still, if a romantic prospect shows anytime before August, ask yourself whether you really want it/him/her.
August is a pivotal month. Even before it begins, there is a hint that a former flame or ex-spouse might want back into your graces…but this wafts away on the breeze of circumstance. Still, it’s a prescient hint, as mid-August onward – right into September 2016 – brings one of the most opportune periods of the last 13 years, not only for love, but for business, friendships, new contacts and fresh horizons (even for physical relocation). If you are single, these 13 months present you with at least one “mating” or marriage opportunity – but probably two. If you’re happily married, this year-plus brings adventure, laughter and wit, mutual fresh horizons and perhaps plans for relocating, or starting a family business. You might attend prestigious events together (e.g., the Mayor holds a ballroom dance). If you’re unhappily married, August 2015 to Sept. 2016 can bring separation (then ’17 the split of assets, and ’18 the legal divorce). If so, you will feel a new lightness, you’ll fill your lungs with the fresh air of freedom.
Pisces, realize that this time around amour is different. In 2011 you began a maturation process, a solidifying (wrong word – expansion? Growth?) of the real you, you are well on your way to being purely, happily yourself. This can only help love. When we’re part this and part that, when we’re still partially caught in the self-images that family and friends have wrapped us in, it’s hard to find true love – simply because we aren’t presenting our true self. Now, however, you grow closer to you true self almost every day – so love you encounter now is likely to be deeper, more pure, more shining – and more workable – than any before. To many people, especially Virgos, Cancers and Scorpios, you are a fascinating mystery.
September brings partnership prospects, but lingering duties from employment, and indecision, might cut short any marriage prospect. A co-worker romance, though, could life you into ecstatic thoughts/realms. In October you might encounter someone who comes on very strong, and is probably sincere (he/she’s sexually assertive yet sweet, even gracious also). November brings a mild, mellow mood, a wise mood: someone who enlightens or inspires you could turn out to be a powerful lover – it starts in your mind, but soon enters your heart. January 2016 brings popularity and social gatherings – you could meet a flirty, fun person, who also deeply understands you. This person lingers through February, too – but make sure you are not crossing any ethical boundaries (e.g., he/she’s married, etc.). Romantic wishes really can come true these first 2 months of 2016.
During this entire period (August to February) the accent will be on mature relationships, love between equals, mutual respect, etc. If you become infatuated, and equally if you argue and challenge each other, love will hang by a frayed thread.
The End.