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START NOTHING:  Before 4:05 am Sunday; 11 am to 11:12 am Tuesday; 3:46 am to 4:07 pm Thursday; and 11:58 am to 7:06 pm Saturday.


Thoughts are inefficient. They’re secondary, the brain expressing itself after it has already seen the answer, discovered the insight or located the goal. I wonder what it would be like to live without thought? Would we grow closer to our more instinctual, subconscious or spiritual/psychic self? Or to a combination of these?
***   ***

I might be wrong, but something makes me say you should buy stocks when 1) Canadian banks pay 5% or more in dividends; and/or 2) we reach and slow at the level of 6 months ago; and/or 3) the NASDAQ revisits (falls to) its March 2000 high. But remember, May 2018 — only 3 months ahead — starts a 7-year “disruption” of banks and currencies. If a crisis occurs — viz., bank dividends rise swiftly above 5% — get very cautious.
***   ***

2018 will tend to be a successful “work” year for Trump; he’ll get things done. (Despite the stock markets.)
***   ***

Don’t take this too seriously, but Elon Musk sending a red Tesla car into orbit is eerily reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties — which, as we know, ended in the ’29 crash.
***   ***

Remember I said the FBI and Dept. of Justice in the U.S. would be found to be “dirty?” Well, that was proven the last few weeks. I suspect the judges involved in issuing FISA warrants were dirty, also.
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    ARIES:  March 21-April 19

A new phase starts now, lasting to late March. You’ll withdraw a bit from the fray, to plan, rest, and contemplate your life. This will be a good time to (examine or act) invest, research, make lifestyle changes, or take a “spa” vacation. You’ll be more open to spiritual sources and charitable acts. You actually start this quiet period with high energy, charisma and drive, Sunday to 11 am (PST) Tues. But I wouldn’t encourage starting new things, unless you’re career-focused. Even then, Sun. and Mon. might place more burdens than usual on your shoulders. Best times are Sunday and Monday nights, when love, friends and intellectual “play” lift your heart. Chase money, buy/sell, help clients, etc., Tues. noon to Thurs. afternoon. The entire midweek favours your money — and might bring a sweet spiritual or emotional insight. Travel, errands, paperwork, visits and communications fill Thurs. eve to Sat. Be cautious, speak diplomatically, double-check addresses, especially Friday. Saturday’s for fun contacts, casual but amusing friends. To bed early.

taurus weekly forecast    TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Career and status pressures dissolve, as a month of happiness begins. Your popularity will rise, flirtations might occur, and social delights bless you. Issue and accept invitations. A good time to join/apply to a new group or club. Entertainment, optimism and “future sight” will fill the weeks ahead. If you’re unattached, a sweet prospect will emerge — and will respond quickly, affectionately. But lie low Sunday to just before noon Tuesday (PST). Use this early week to rest for the heightened action of the weeks ahead. Contemplate, plan, reconnect with your spiritual side. Your energy and magnetism soar midweek. Charge ahead, for luck rides with you. Start significant projects, make new contacts. impress others, be a leader. You might meet a very special friend (Tues. morn?) or discover poetic, loving thoughts about someone you already know. Love, friendship are blessed. Pursue money, buy/sell, take up a rote learning or memory task late week (Thurs. eve to Sat. eve.)  But stay in low gear, as frustrations, bad “bargains” and refusals plague your efforts before Saturday. This last day succeeds, in the forenoon (PST).

    GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

The weeks ahead bring pressures and success, ambitions and hard work. You’ll be tested (Friday will show how) but you should emerge victorious. In the work/employment field, almost no one can best you —  or, perhaps, even keep up to you! Some of you might have to face a formal “test” — i.e., in front of an authority or judge. Keep your head, depend on your intuition, and, above all, be a Gemini — report facts, anecdotal evidence. You’re filled with hope, optimism and high spirits Sun. to Tues. noon (PST). Friends, popularity, flirtations or friendly romance, entertainment and future plans fill these days. But retreat midweek — not in the usual “recuperation” sense. Instead, retreat to work quietly on a pet project, an investment or financial matter, or to plot your path through the corridors of power. Almost anything you tackle or start this midweek (Tues. noon through Thurs. afternoon) will succeed. You might discover how much a higher-up or “power person” favours you — affection exists here, but steer totally clear of anything romantic, as it would blow up later in argument. Late week (Thursday eve onward) your energy and charisma, effectiveness and sense of timing, surge upward. However, before Sat. you face at least 5 obstacles or glitches — most of which favour you, because as you solve them, you rise in the boss’s favour/estimation. Friday night could spring a sudden attraction — this is volatile, could as easily turn to hot words. Diplomacy!

    CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Today (Sunday) begins four weeks of mellow understanding. You see the skies, the earth, friends, society — and you realize everything “works,” everything is as it should be. You’re in a lucky romantic year if single, and this month ahead is one of the better times to let love blossom. (Married folk: kids, their talents, creative and risk-taking urges, beautification projects, sports — all go well until November, and go even better these four weeks ahead.) Early week emphasizes your ambitions and dealings with higher-ups (including parents and authorities). These hit two barriers, Sun. and Mon. daytimes, likely involving your other relationships or a disagreement over “opportunities.” Be patient — solutions will appear both nights and Tues. morn. Sunday night (PST) good for repairs. Midweek (Tues. noon to Thurs. afternoon) shunts you into the joy of living — friends call, entertainment beckons, optimism thrives, and friendly flirtations arise. There’s not a cloud in the sky (at least or now!). But retreat, rest and avoid crowds and challenges Thurs. eve to Sat. eve. Plan, think, meditate, be charitable. Don’t seek government help, and avoid management types, as many barriers and glitches can arise, especially Fri. Late Saturday, your energy begins to return — swiftly.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast    LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

You enter mysterious waters during the four weeks ahead, Leo. You’ll be at the fulcrum of power, actions, and consequences; what you do will tend to change things. This is a great time to purchase real estate, negotiate a better lease, invest in anything, pay down/reorganize debt. Changes can happen in many ways: intimacy leads to pregnancy, medical problems lead to a new lifestyle or exercise regimen, secrets and discoveries lead to new visions of the world, etc. Act this way: watch, investigate, act, commit, and welcome (or not!) the consequences. This is an all-or-nothing time. Early week brings learning, intellectual expansion, law, culture and love. But little succeeds until night time Sun. and Mon., and Tues. morn. Caution with tools, work, daily health. Midweek (Tues. noon to Thurs. afternoon, PST.) brings ambition, career, prestige relations, appearances before authorities. Your luck is splendid, so charge ahead Tues./Wed. (Thursday’s  a dud, unless you live in Europe or points east.) Thursday eve to Sat. eve brings a rising popularity, social joys, optimism, entertainment, group affairs and flirtations. Almost nothing goes right Thurs. or Fri., but you’ll hardly care, your mood will be so buoyant. Still, attempt nothing practical and significant Friday — DON’T invest. Retreat early Sat. night — you’re tired.

    VIRGO:  Aug, 23-Sept. 22

Relationships — in fact, the whole universe other than yourself — confront you during the 4 weeks ahead. If you’re single, this phase can also bring a mate — intuitive, dreamy, non-rational. (Not like you at all, yet this person supplies all you lack, and vice-versa.) The weeks ahead also emphasize relocation themes, negotiations and contracts, public dealings, fame, opportunities, partnerships and fresh horizons — and  challenges, enemies, opposition. So remain diplomatic. That said, the good should outweigh the bad 10-to-1 during this lucky, exciting time. Secrets, lust, power corridors and financial opportunities fill Sunday to 11 am Tues. (PST). However, only the nights and Tues. morn offer a way forward, so time your actions accordingly. Midweek brings an elevated, intellectual, profound mood. Luck favours you, so plunge into far travel, international affairs, law, learning, and cultural venues — and love. Late week, Thurs. eve to Sat. eve, nudges you to be ambitious. You might have to face a boss or judge’s questions. My advice: be polite, but say as little as you can, for all the aspects are difficult Friday. Saturday’s fine. This night, get out, be with friends — laughter will ring (but romance that begins this night won’t be smooth).

    LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The 4 weeks ahead nudge you into more work, Libra. Generally, this will be a good time to buy machinery or tools, seek employment, process chores, and improve your daily health via nutrition, exercise, etc. An active round of visits, calls and interesting distractions (e.g., spending phone time with a lover) might threaten to derail your work train, but it won’t. Relationships slated Sun. to late Tues. morning (PST). Be diplomatic, for Sun. and Mon. daytimes others will oppose you, probably in “disguised” ways (e.g. “I’m just following the rules”). Both nights are fine, can bring reassurance of love. Mysteries enter midweek (Tues. noon to Thurs. afternoon). This short interval is entirely smooth, mildly lucky, so march ahead into: research, medical procedures, investment or other financial actions, or sexual attractions. Any of these can result in a change, or lifestyle, or social position. (Not overnight!) Affection might grow with a co-worker, pet or child. Legal, cultural, intellectual, media or far travel interests hit barriers (yes, plural) Thurs. eve to Saturday eve., especially Friday. Love might hit a bump. If you’re out Sat. night, others look up to you.

    SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Sunday begins a whole month of joy. It’s as if the flower of your heart breaks its bud and blooms. Romance for singles, but creativity, risk-taking, beauty and pleasure for every Scorpio. You’ll ride a winning streak, so take chances. (Within reason!) This will be a splendid time to teach children, or to bring fun and adventure to their lives. A streak of work (still intense, still lucrative) might threaten to interfere with all this pleasure, but it won’t. Speaking of work, Sun. to Tues. midday (PST) is full of it. But act slowly — measure twice, cut once, as carpenters say. Both Sunday and Monday daytimes fight your progress, but both nights aid it. (In Europe, Mon. daytime is best.) Relationships are going to meet very interesting conditions, events from this May into 2025. For now, as midweek shows, relationships — generally, in business, love, friendship, with strangers — are quiet, mellow, affectionate, even mildly lucky. Use this Tues. to Thurs. interval to examine your links, to show your appreciation. (You’ll get a hint of which ones might “flutter” or fail in the long-term future. These are the ones who will drop away after May.) Midweek also sweetens love with magic, poetry and spiritual bonding. Life’s depths, secrets, sexual urges, financial manoeuvres, commitment and consequence face you Thurs. suppertime to Sat. eve. My advice: don’t commit, as many pitfalls lie in your path. Saturday night brings wisdom, calm.

    SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The month ahead brings a down-home influence. It’s time to slow down, increase your security, be humble, garden, hug the kids, upgrade nutrition, start renovations or decoration, etc. A good time to hike, camp, be in nature. You are in the last year of a 13-year “Sagittarian cycle” — making this the right time to examine where you’ve been and where you want to go — and to decide who belongs in your future, and which people/situations have grown stale and should be let go. It’s time to gently prune your social garden. Despite all this leaning toward rest and domesticity, you remain rather intense, especially about love. And especially Sun. to late morning Tues. (PST) — when romance, creative and gambling urges, beauty and pleasure flow in. Both Sunday and Monday daytimes are disappointing; both nights favour action, friendship, love. Tackle chores with enthusiasm Tues. pm to Thurs. late afternoon. Luck and a steady ease of action help you accomplish a good amount. Good for new OTC health cures. Relationships confront you Thurs. eve to Sat. suppertime — and confront is the word, especially Friday, when co-operation seems as distant as Mars. Be diplomatic in all dealings. Not a good time (except during a smooth Sat. morning) to propose, begin projects, negotiate, challenge, relocate or chase opportunities. Saturday night starts to hint at a mystery.

    CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Errands, short trips, communications, paperwork and easy chores fill the four weeks ahead. You’ll do these easily — though not much of importance arises. Be curious, ask questions, read/watch the media. Your circle of acquaintances will bulge with new additions — a good thing during this happy, social year. (I’ve told you since 2009 that your old circle will tend to fade during the years to 2024, to be replaced by new members, friends. Well, 2018 is one of the best “replacement” years, so be social, charge ahead. Any group you join now will benefit you for years, perhaps the entire remainder of your life.)  Early week (Sun. to late morning Tues., PST) pulls you homeward. Be alert to family needs, hug the kids, enhance security, garden, repair, etc. Both Sun. and Mon. daytimes frustrate you, but the nights (and Tues. morn) tend to solve problems. Romance, pleasure, beauty, charming kids, creative and risk-taking urges arrive midweek. Charge into these, as luck rides with you. Affection, or someone’s beauty, is almost magical. Tackle chores late week (Thurs. eve to Sat. eve). But proceed carefully before Sat. — many glitches, small frustrations assail you. Don’t lose your temper Friday night! Eat, dress sensibly.

    AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The four weeks bring a mildly fortunate emphasis on money, possessions, spending and earnings, rote learning and sensual attraction. I recommend that last one, as one of the best things you can do this year is to seek and engage others. Make sure, though, that any sexual unions you want to form are honest, above-board and “equal.” (E.g. don’t take advantage of someone naive.) You will find it easier than usual to make friendly, social contacts. Errands, friends, paperwork, calls and trips fill early week. Both Sunday and Monday daytimes are disappointing, but both nights bring solutions, good contacts. Midweek, Tuesday noon to Thurs. late afternoon (PST) shunts you toward home and family, property and security, nature and nutrition, garden and house repairs, etc. Plunge into these, as luck and co-operation accompany you the entire time. You might receive a money inspiration (or a “magic” attraction to someone). Romantic, creative, pleasure and risk-taking urges come late week — but they run into multiple barriers before Sat. — and could lead to a Fri. night argument (or a sudden, intense bonding — but a volatile one). Saturday’s fine, but protect your health this night — eat sensibly.

    PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

This is your time, Pisces! The four weeks ahead raise your energy levels, your charisma, clout and effectiveness. Don’t delay or wrestle with your confidence levels — just get out and start significant things, especially in your two lucky areas of 2018: career/status and legal, travel, learning, international, cultural, publishing, advertising, statistical — and love — zones. An impatient or temperamental higher-up might threaten to kibosh your career/status luck, but in actuality this person is preparing the way for you to succeed in 2019. (You won’t see this, but it’s probable.) Chase money, or accompany someone sexy early week (before Tues. noon PST). Both Sunday and Monday daytimes are challenging — better to protect money than chase it, and don’t push intimacy. Both nights, though, offer success and solution. Midweek, Tues. noon to Thursday late afternoon, brings errands, paperwork, easy chores, contacts and communications, travel and visits. Charge into these, for all flows smoothly, fortunately. Your “good looks” will shine with ethereal magic (esp. Wed.) — you might not notice, but someone else will. Domesticity calls late week (Thurs. eve onward) — but your home and security issues are rife with wrong angles, friction and non-co-operation. You can bull your way through problems (and probably should) but be gentle and diplomatic. Saturday night, romance wafts your way.

The End.


When I was giving a talk recently, someone in the audience asked if mankind was going to enter a golden age. I said, without thinking, “We’re in the golden age now.”

The last world war ended 73  years ago — almost a century. Now the whole world talks to each other. The major powers, though they might cheat and dissemble a bit, generally co-operate or leave others alone. Each nation’s sovereignty is noted and upheld by the group. Wars became terrorist campaigns, the major armies have become police forces. Third world nations are beginning to emerge from their primitive states and to produce, trade, and join the world community. Many are no longer third world, but second, or on its doorstep. Vietnam, South Africa, Turkey, Mexico,  India,* China,* all have become industrialized, and more or less technologized. *(I put these two far beyond their second world brethren in economic power — but if you visit China, you realize what huge portions of the land remain under-developed, and much of India is impoverished. Where, for example, is the difference between Mexico and India? If anything, Mexico comes out on top; and could rival China, except in mass and growth and perhaps education, about which I know nothing.)

Never before have we had such riches. Even the poor, in places like North America and Europe,  are rich beyond anything a nineteen century, even early twentieth century human could conceive. Colour tv’s, mobile phones with Facetime, computers in your shirt pocket — even the “looped and ragged poor” possess these.
***   ***

Trump is spending some of this golden age with his nationalism, international belligerence and trade negations.

I am repulsed by many things about Trump. His robbery through fraud of students, his Mussolini poses, etc. But my biggest disdain is reserved for injustice, so I’m offering the Donald some tips:

What Trump should do:

1)  demand that Mueller state exactly why he is conducting the interview, and state the potential crimes he is seeking to investigate — on record. Otherwise, he is fishing — against the law, at least in Canada.

2)  state that he often has multiple motives for any action (this is very common) and that he fired James Comey because 1) he didn’t like him, he thought Comey was a “goof” and a suck-up, 2) he thought his interference in the election was unprofessional, 3) because Comey told him twice that he was not being investigated, but refused to confirm this publicly, which was, from Trump’s viewpoint, disingenuous; plus 2 or 3 other reasons.

3)  what about Trump’s public statement that he fired Comey because Comey was investigating him (or some such)? — Trump can say he made this statement to excite his base, that it was not the uppermost reason in his mind — it was a statement to impress the media. In fact, Comey told Trump 2 times that he was not investigating him, so obviously Trump did not fire him to stop a non-existent investigation. The Mueller (Special Prosecutor) Russia collusion investigation was not started until AFTER Trump fired Comey, and in fact Comey engineered the Russia-Mueller investigation after he was fired, to avenge himself on Trump.

4)  at every juncture, Trump should ask (during the interview): “Mueller, are you also investigating Hillary Clinton/the DNC/the FBI/the Justice Department?  Why not? If you are sticking to your mandate, then your mandate only embraces possible collusion between me and Russia. If you want to wander outside these parameters, then get back to me when your wandering investigation includes Clinton, Loretta Lynch, the DNC, etc., etc.”

5)  if Mueller shows up with other lawyers, and gets their counsel during the interview, then Trump should take every one of Mueller’s questions, discuss them thoroughly with his lawyers, and answer with the exact words Trump’s lawyers give him.

7) Trump should also make Mueller view an early clip of CNN’s Van Jones admitting that the “Russia thing” is a nothing-burger, a straw dog, and that his network is only pursuing it to boost their ratings. When even Trump’s enemy admits this, why is Mueller pursuing it?

4 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST ~FEBRUARY 18 – 24, 2018

  1. elfteacher

    tim, lying is a profound injustice that ruins trust and intelligence in both liar and lied-to. trump lies without thought, lies constantly, lies by default. how is it that his lying doesn’t utterly discredit him for you?

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, elf teacher,

      Obama lied, HRC led, Comey lied, Clapper lied, Clinton lied, Bush or his admin lied (WMD’S in Iraq) Reagan lied, Nixon lied, Kennedy lied (oh, Marilyn!) — my gosh, who does not lie, except you and I? 🙂



      1. elfteacher

        “lies without thought, lies CONSTANTLY, lies by default” – neither you nor i are that weak – and obama for one tried to keep it to a minimum

  2. Ewok

    Tim –

    Hope all is well. Have a quick question in relation to what you’ve posted about Gemini and how any form of marriage is likely to be successful after Nov ’18. Recently my boyfriend (sun Scorpio, rising Libra), who I love dearly, proposed to me (sun Gemini, rising Libra) and I’m very much inclined to say yes. While the legal portion might be completed within this year, a formal union (wedding, cohabitation, etc.) is likely to be in the next year. Is there any opposition in astrological trends against this, since it started prior to Nov ’18?

    Thank you for your insights!

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