Astrology forecast for the week of February 25th, 2018.

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(There is a short AFTERAMBLE, after Pisces’ Weekly Forecast.)

Prediction, six months ago:  (pardon my crudity) “Facebook sucks.” Result, FB grilled by Congress, criticized for carrying Russian ads in last election, now renovating their policies. (I don’t mean I caused the result!)

Prediction, Jan. 21, 2018 (placed here on the blog Jan. 15):

“Back in December or November, can’t remember,” [I had earlier made this prediction] – “I advised holding or selling stocks, but not buying. However, I added that if Trump’s tax plan went through, the Dow would add another 1,000 points or so. The tax plan was made law, and that higher level has been achieved. Now I don’t know what to say. If I stick to the prediction, we should sell or hold now. But I’m not sure. Logic says sell/hold. But my feelings are optimistic. So you’ll have to steer your own way: I can’t be sure right now.”

Result: worldwide, markets fell about 10% in late Jan., early Feb.
***   ***

The myth, voiced by every American politician, is that the leadership of the FBI might be tainted, but the rank and file are great citizens, heroes, morally staunch and pure. Wrong. The FBI is dirty, period, right down to its toenails. Corruption at the top leads to lassitude and final corruption at the bottom. Bill Clinton had this effect. And the Florida school shooting shows that even the rank and file are negligent — just like the VA was.
***   ***

Last week I referred to the crash of 1928 — my bad. It was 1929.
***   ***

I think destiny is like a flowing river. You can swim against the current, which is exhausting — or with the river, speeding you to some destination (or to many) — or you can attempt to swim perpendicularly to the current, to try to reach the land. The land is nirvana, mystic sight, life philosophy, etc. In the end, all rivers flow to the ocean. The Ocean is death, where we join the pool of souls. Those who swim to land, will have to walk to the ocean, for everyone goes to the ocean. Those who reach the land must then wander until they stumble upon the ocean — or throw themselves into the river again. I’ve done that (blub, blub).



    ARIES:  March 21-April 19

All background things bless you now — management, civil servants, counsellors and agents, therapy, meditation, rest and retreat, planning, institutions, admin. offices, charities, etc. You’re in a splendid financial, investment, sexual, and “change” year — let these dovetail with everything in the prior sentence. Your chances in the hustle-bustle clamouring outside world, in challenges and contests, aren’t good, though. Relax, be patient. Sunday/Mon. steer you toward home, family, rest and repair. Good progress here, though Mon. afternoon (2 pm PST) can grow a bit disruptive, unpredictable.

Visions of beauty, a bit of self-indulgent pleasure, romantic notions (rather than actions) and love of children visit you Tue./Wed. Love does have a chance, but you’re likely to talk (or confess) yourself out of it Wed. Tackle chores Thurs./Fri. You’ll succeed, but watch Thurs. night, when you might misunderstand directions, or have to clean up someone else’s mess — and Fri. morn, when an argument or tool mishap might occur. You might notice two others “bonding.” Your turn will come. Saturday’s for relationships and opportunities — both of which are unlucky, face big barriers, before mid-afternoon. After this, you might make a secret ally.

taurus weekly forecast    TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The week is filled with social happiness, buoyant mood, popularity, and wish fulfillment. A friendly romance might start (or continue nicely). Handle errands, calls and texts, short travel and paperwork Sun./Mon. Both pre-dawns might get a little sticky, but generally all’s well. Drive carefully Mon. mid-afternoon (PST). Steer toward home, property, security, relaxation, nature, garden and family Tues./Wed. Again, an easy interval — but a conflict exists between the social and the secret. E.g., friends might criticize your lover, or you could inadvertently let out a gossip-worthy secret. Not a good interval to invest, nor to start therapy.

Romance and beauty, games and pleasure, and fine creative fires are sparked Wed night through Fri. If single, you could meet someone very spectacular — and compatible. If attached, you can fall in love again. Just don’t push for sex Fri. (morning, PST). Chores await you Sat. — daydreaming won’t help. Late afternoon best.

    GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

The general accent lies on ambition, career, social standing, prestige relations and interfacing with authorities. You might worry that a feisty relationship will impact negatively on your reputation or standing, but this “threat” won’t become real.  2018 is a splendid year for work and increased earnings — the few weeks ahead also boost your standing luckily. It’s time to make your bid, Gemini — for a promotion, pay raise, better job, etc. Be quick, as mid-March brings a slowdown and impotent efforts.

Gather money and buy things Sun./Mon. — but avoid computers, software, electrical items, daytime Mon. Visits, calls, trips, paperwork and errands fill Tues./Wed. Don’t argue at work or drive carelessly Wed. Head for home, or read the real estate ads Wed. night (PST) through Friday. This interval might spark a tug-o-war between home and career, family and outside interests — but is very fortunate for the “latters” — career, outside projects. Sidestep an argument Fri. morning. Saturday triggers all your creative, pleasure, romantic urges, but also erects a barrier to these before 2 pm.

    CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Think about other countries, Cancer — international travel, culture, expanded horizons fill the weeks ahead. Work demands, though they threaten to (especially Wed.), won’t interfere with intellectual, legal, educational or media plans/projects.  2018 is a major year for love and romance, children’s interests and creative projects — your present wise, mellow mood helps you move these to success. Your energy and magnetism surge upward Sun./Mon. — someone notices! Monday’s a bit unreliable.

Chase money, buy/sell, and cultivate clients Tues./Wed. A sensual affair might lure you. Chase love and friendship late Wed. night (not this afternoon) through Friday. Errands, calls and trips will bring affectionate contacts. There might be a conflict between love and work Fri. morning. Don’t ignore ethical strictures. Spend Sat. (and the weekend) at home or in the ‘hood. A sluggish morning/noon (PST) but the pm gradually improves.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast    LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Life’s depths surround you now. Be ready to act on a financial opportunity, an intimate opening, or a lifestyle, medical or other “fact finding” mission. Dig deep; reject surface appearances. That romantic streak continues. Take a rest, a breather, Sun./Mon. Contemplate, plan, and contact spiritual types, especially Sunday pm. Love, partnerships won’t be easy Mon. afternoon (about 2 pm PST). Your charisma, effectiveness and energy rise markedly Tues./Wed. Start significant projects, make contacts, be open, forward — and a leader. Choose your approach in love and business — you can have sex, or romance; investment, or a gamble — not both. (And you might be wise to avoid both, for these two days — communication problems.)

Chase money, buy/sell, cultivate clients, etc., late Wed. night through Fri. Both home and investment, debt reduction, life style changes and medical issues meet lucky openings — charge ahead! But again, be wary in romantic zones, Friday morning. Errands, trips, paperwork fill Sat. — with sluggish results before 2 pm (PST).

    VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The accent remains on relationships and your overall interfacing with the world. Relocation, fresh horizons, opportunities, exciting meetings for singles, as well as public appearances, negotiation and litigation, challenges and opposition — all are possible. Diplomacy wins. Single Virgos could meet a life-mate this week or the next two. Sunday/Mon. bring social joys, popularity, flirtation, optimism and entertainment. Sunday pm, love could appear. But Mon. daytime, after a lucky start, runs into an unpredictable barrier.

Retreat from the crowd Tues./Wed. — rest, contemplate and plan. Many things run smoothly, but not home and spouse, or relationships in general. Again, diplomacy needed. Deep down, you might be harbouring a secret attraction toward someone “verboten” — and this could be sensed, could cause a mate to grumble and pout. Your energy and timing, charisma and clout, rise smartly late Wed. night through Fri. Start things, ask favours, but even more, contact people you want to work with or love with. Love could have beautiful results, especially very late Wed., Thurs. pm., pre-dawn Fri., and Fri. afternoon. DON’T press for sex (or, in business, for commitment) Fri. morn. Saturday’s for buying/selling, garage sales, pleasing clients — and sensual interludes. These don’t work before mid-afternoon; then do, into dawn Sun.

    LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Dive into chores, Libra. A confusing slowdown will begin just past mid-March, so complete tasks now, and beware starting large projects which could be disrupted by March/April delays. Protect your health; eat, dress sensibly. You’ll be very active, calling, travelling, writing, etc. Your career and social standing are prominent Sun./Mon. All’s well, so march ahead, especially Sunday. Monday hiccups with a disruption or broken link around midday.

A happy, optimistic mood buoys you Tues./Wed.  Friends please, flirtations are possible, and a wish might be fulfilled. But don’t let your words cause a workplace squabble, esp. Wed. Retreat, rest, contemplate, examine and plan late Wed. night through Fri. You’ll have good results in dealing with civil servants, admin workers, institutions, charities, agents and counsellors. Hold your tongue Fri. morning (to 10 am PST). Your energy and effectiveness rise Sat. — though until early afternoon, barriers exist. Charge into chores this pm.

    SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Ah, sweet romance! If you’re single, Scorpio, it’s prime time to take out your heart and look for someone to give it to. If you’re not interested, chase pleasure, beauty, creative results, and/or sports, games and gambles. You’re riding a winning streak! One caution: a lot of money flows to you Feb./March — but so do a lot of expenses and people with outstretched hands. Save, spend little. Sunday/Mon. and Thurs./Fri. bring sweet affection. The earlier pair of days emphasize gentle love, major understanding, possible legal, travel or intellectual success. Monday afternoon sparks domestic disruption (a fuse blows?) so remain alert.

Be ambitious, dutiful and honest Tues./Wed. Success — but don’t insist on money details, nor start an argument with a child or someone else you love. Social delights, optimism, popularity, flirtation visit you late Wed. night (PST) through Friday. Love might blossom, might bring a wish true. But again, don’t choose “mere sex” nor mix friends and money. Retreat Sat., rest, contemplate and plan. Expect a delay or obstacle before late afternoon.

    SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Everything channels toward your domestic situation this week and the next two, Sage. If you’re young and single, you’re feeling strong romantic tugs — your family, though they might “threaten” to interfere, won’t. Still, your family is more important now. Do all you can to enhance your security, to plan your kids’ future, to repair and decorate your abode. In business, focus on leases, premises, foundations and sales territory. Sunday/Mon. bring mysteries, depths, sexual lures, financial openings, medical procedures. These succeed Sun., but might hit a glitch Mon. midday.

A mellow, intellectual mood steals over you Tues./Wed. Far travel, international affairs, law, scholarship and culture occupy your thoughts. Don’t “overrule” someone in your home. Be ambitious and dutiful late Wed. through Fri. You might have to choose, in this interval, between home and career, security versus ambition. Either choice “works,” but your home and family concerns seem to meet most of the good luck. Saturday starts a weekend of wishful thinking, optimism and happiness. Nothing much will work (or please you) before about 2 pm (PST) Sat., so aim for friends, projects later in the day.

    CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Easy chores fill these weeks. Exercise your curiosity. Ask questions, read, explore a different neighbourhood. Short trips, visits, calls and emails, paperwork — these fill your days. Don’t put off mailings, answers or queries until later, as a period of confusion will begin just past mid-March, and anything mailed or launched then will go astray. Relationships confront you Sun./Mon. An old dilemma might recur: do you marry, bond, or keep working on your own life? Great friends or a love prospect sweeten Sun. pm, but a domestic problem interferes Mon. (about midday, PST).

Secrets, intimate temptations, financial manoeuvres, research or detective work, medical procedures and lifestyle questions fill Tues./Wed. You can succeed modestly in these, but realize ill-timed speech, or letting out secrets (especially about yourself) won’t impress anybody. Late week (Wed. night through Fri.) blesses you with good luck in social, love, legal, travel, intellectual, publishing and cultural zones. If someone attracts you, speak up! You could help two potential lovers to meet. Both very early (pre-dawn, PST) mornings are luckiest (which means Europe and the East will feel it most, during their daytimes). Skip an argument Fri. mid-morn. Steer yourself toward home Saturday — a weekend of rest and family warmth is slated.

    AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The accent remains, this week and the next two, on money, possessions, rote learning (for memory is a kind of possession) and sensual attractions (for sex is a kind of possession also). All’s good, mostly. But if you’re leaning toward intimacy with someone, make sure you have a deeper, emotional interest also — if not, be honest about it (to him/her, of course). You are still mingling with a fair number of people, meeting new friends and contacts — good, but don’t mix money and friends. Tackle chores and protect your health Sun./Mon. A brief kerfuffle might arise early Mon. afternoon (PST) — avoid computers and live wires.

Relationships, fresh horizons, opportunities — as well as potential enmities, challenges — arise Tues./Wed. Good results, handshakes and agreements abound, but avoid, again, mixing friendship with money matters. Even if you’re trying to be generous, someone bridles. Investments, sexual lures, secrets, research/investigation, medical procedures and lifestyle decisions slated late Wed. night through Friday. Great luck can speed you toward money success (and for some, love, intimate triumphs) especially pre-dawn Thurs. and Fri. Be willing to make a commitment, to welcome consequences. Your career could get a boost!

    PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

This is your time, Pisces. You’re firing on all cylinders, others are attracted. Sweet affection and possible significant flirting with marriage prospects colour this week, but aren’t major factors next week, so strike now, while hearts are tender and willing. If not in the romance market, use your great energy, charm, magnetism, timing and effectiveness to begin projects, harvest old favours and new co-operations. But realize a period of delays, false starts, indecision and confusion starts after mid-March. Only start projects you can finish quickly, or projects which you can “put on the shelf” late March through mid-April.

Romance, creative surges, risk-taking urges, beauty and pleasure — passion — pull you Sun./Mon. Caution (mild) Mon. midday, when a bit of disruption occurs, especially with computers, engines, electrical contacts. Dive into tasks Tues./Wed. A boss or parent (or cop) might be critical, so maintain your humour, be diplomatic, especially Wed. afternoon (PST). Relationships blossom late Wed. night through Friday. Re-read the first few sentences of this message, above. Exciting meetings, fresh opportunities in business and friendship, relocation themes, public appearances, fame, negotiation — and litigation, challenges and enemies — all possible. But a good outcome is almost certain, especially in amour. Saturday brings intimate bonding, financial actions, secrets and investigations, perhaps medical needs — but all these meet a “no” before 2 pm (PST). Okay after that.

The End


WORLD WAR TWO was self-criticism. We began with eugenics and progressed to genocide, in a horrible self-cleansing. Say what you like about liberals, the left, they do consistently reflect the way in which mankind is now progressing and will progress. Likely, the western world has evolved to a state in which God does not need to figure, toward more empathy, more subtlety of interface, and increasing awe and realization of the sanctity of life — a western idea, which finds a lot of sympathy in liberal circles. It contains the nascent concept that man is on a long progression toward being god.

Have you ever seen a sunset on a clear winter day? Liberals are like that: clear and declining. I stand with liberal principles, but not with the actual liberal pols (and media) in the U.S. I suspect their corruption is ingrained, widespread, and reaches right to Obama. Yes, they do follow their principles in their actions sometimes, but they accompany this with such lassitude and lack of curiosity, interest in or action toward fairness, such anger and vituperativeness, that they let their nation remain ill with decline, much like a depressed man exhausts himself in rest. This lack of energy, this loss of power, I suspect, was due (during the Obama years) to great expenditures of energy and time, obsession and desire, planning and scheming, bending rules and making tawdry alliances; and letting their unethical actions slide in such slippery yet not alarming ways into illegality.  All these fill hours per day, focused purely on power, cultural advantage and money. Partying all night in this seething underworld left the political legions of leaders too wan and exhausted to be effective nation leaders.
***   ***

I hate those public senate hearings, in  which none of the respondents gives, nor is expected to give, any actual answers. Everything is referred to “later, in a private session.”  The U.S. has evolved into a form of dictatorship, in which secret police (e.g., FBI) answer to hidden political committees, and the public is never allowed to know what is going on. How is this different from Russia?


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  1. B G

    Hi Tim,

    I’ve been waiting patiently for your annual Love Forecast. Will you not be writing one this year? I am hoping you do 🙂

    On another note, I’m a Pisces with Virgo Rising and Gemini Moon. I noticed you wrote that bosses parents cops would be temperamental for the next little while. What causes this? I had a run in with an RCMP officer last week who accused me of being drunk at 2 pm on a Sat afternoon and that I had crossed a bike lane! I had done no such thing (there was an entire lane between me and the bike lane) and I don’t really drink so I was def not drunk. The cop gave me a warning, not sure exactly why cuz I did nothing. But it freaked me out. I’ve always thought of our police departments as being moral and ethical – I’ve always respected them and never afraid but this encounter scared me. I avoid driving the route I was on that afternoon.

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