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START NOTHING:  6:11 pm to 7:50 pm Sun., 5:50 am to 8:35 am Wed., and 5:05 pm to 7:35 pm Fri.



ALL SIGNS:   Get all necessary communications and contact-type trips done now. Next week starts a Mercury retrograde slow down, lasting to January 1/24. The day before (Dec. 31) Jupiter goes direct, after several months of “delay.” Many agreements, contracts, relocations, bondings (marriage, common law, business associations) and breakthroughs should start popping up as early as January, and (still fortunate) into mid-May/24.




aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Three more weeks of mellow wisdom, far travel, legal/ethical situations, higher learning, cultural venues, and possible fame. These areas are energized more than  usual, so guard against impulsive commitments, aggression, temper. A Sagittarius native might loom large, and might need some “enthusiasm control” also. If single, you might meet someone who is not shy about being attracted to you. This might even be a potential life mate. From Monday to almost the end of December, your financial, research, Health and intimate connections flow down a lazy river of affection and good fortune. The government might be interested in you. This could be taxes or other mistakes or it could be the entry to a management position. Communications begin with higher-ups.


taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

A pretty easy, smooth week, Taurus, except for a possible loss or regret Sunday (before dawn, PT). The general emphasis lies on secrets, investigation, major financial action, commitments and consequences… And on lust, medical and lifestyle lures. These areas are supercharged now through December — this can lead you into temptation and trouble, or into a major financial commitment, and or a deeply loving sexual bond. Much depends on your approach.  You communicate easily now with compatible people. Read the Preamble above about communications. If you are single, a Virgo might play a significant role. For two years ahead your hopes, and to certain degree your social life, will be tied up with older or younger people, including a special Capricorn and a friendly Pisces.


gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Relationships fill your personal horizons, Gemini. Old flames from the past might emerge from all sides. You might face a dilemma of choice in partnerships, opportunities, public appearances, and relocation themes. In every direction, you see hope and happiness in a bond — pick the right, best one. Be diplomatic, as people you tick off, or reject, can have an explosive temper. Your work place will be pleasant, friendly the rest of December. Read “ALL SIGNS” above. Communicate this week about finances, sexual desire, research, medical or lifestyle choices. All’s well!


Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The emphasis remains on chores, employment, pets and dependents, daily health, and machinery/tools, Cancer — three more weeks of this. Guard your health during this month; don’t work too hard or overheat, be careful with sharp tools, chemicals and fire, and smile rather than snarl at coworkers. The present week is smooth and benevolent, except for a possible domestic tiff or lover’s spat pre-dawn Sunday (PT). However, this is followed by almost 4 weeks of romantic bliss or happy times with children. Your mate and/or peers want to talk now. That’s fine, try to get one or two things settled, but realize that from mid-month onward you might just go over the same things again. That’s okay.


Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

A rather major romantic trend is evolving over the weeks ahead, Leo. This is also a creative, pleasure (sports/games) beauty oriented, and risk-taking phase. Mars adds heat and impulse, courage and humour to these zones. Be gentle with kids into early January. If single, you might be “seeing” someone who is/will be interested in wedding. Your home, fractious in November, heals now with affection and peace (through December). From January to May, your income can increase — even hugely. But for two + years (to early 2026) be conservative with finances, investments and debt. Communications at work: dive into these now, as next week will bring complications, delays and misunderstood messages.


virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The major emphasis for December lies in your domestic sphere, Virgo. You will be thinking about, and maybe acting on, security, your children’s future, repairs and decorations to the home, and home related purchases. In these areas, guard against acting too impulsively and/or angrily – you’re impatient to see results, but a bit of patience might help! Communications are affectionate and short trips bring you to places that please you, all month. (So if you have a fight at home, take a bus downtown or go to the beach or whatever for a soothing respite.) A somewhat important idea or exchange, perhaps leaning on legal, philosophical, educational or media factors, comes to you before Dec. 13 — get it on paper or discuss it this week, as a period of confusion and misunderstanding looms later (Dec. 13-Jan. 1). If you are single and seeking, realize that now to early 2026 will help you in relations with those older and younger (sometimes by a generation) than you, but will obstruct you in “same age” romances. A wedding before 2027 is likely, depending on your age.


libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Dive into errands, calls, contacts, paperwork, short trips all December, Libra. Several things: 1) you are likely to overstate your case, or to present it too forcefully, so take a calm, loving breath; 2) some of your communications might “draw you to” (or draw another into) a viable life mate or business partner; 3) issue as many communications, ask as many questions as you can, nail down responses this week, as indecision, missed connections, delays and confusion begin next week (lasting to Jan. 1 — esp. regarding the home front). All month, be curious, ask questions. Your money/income picture looks very good Monday to late December. Work is long, slow, heavy (for next 2 years) — do what you can. You might start working at home.


scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Chase $, Scorpio. Buy/sell, ask for a pay raise, seek a job. Casual sex and rote learning might also enter these days, this month. Your “looks” improve, you radiate a subtle love-oriented magnetism virtually all December. Despite this, romance is slow (but maybe certain) now through early 2026. Be careful with money — much will flow to you, so bank it, pay down debt — don’t buy things. Recent hectic work demands lighten now. Lots of communication now to late Dec. — but get these done now, as next week brings a slowdown, mistakes and indecision in communications and errands, mailing and travel.


sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

You are still on top, Sage. Your energy, charisma, and effectiveness are high knowledge. However, effectiveness is a bit unreliable as Mercury retrogrades next week, starting a few weeks of delays and indecision. So if you have a project to launch, do it this week (esp. Dec. 5 and 7) or wait until the new year. You are filled with creative and romantic (and fighting!) energy until early January.   Another person might want to partner up with you on a moneymaking scheme… That’s good but realize this person might change their mind or be impeded the last half of December. The government favours you now, so does “head office.”


capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Continue to lie low, Cap, to rest, contemplate, plan, seek advice. Reach out to the gov’t or institutions or “head office” this week — by next week, your confidence or “clear thinking” might fade. Despite your weariness, your social life actually improves for the rest of this month. One particular lady seems to stand out. For the next two years, you will engage in more communications, paperwork, and travel than you are used to. Some responsibility, or perhaps a management style promotion, can’t sit on your shoulders. There are hints of romance, but the “big stuff” comes January to May next year. Waiting can be wise. All December, avoid dark places and belligerent people.


Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Welcome to a fun, social and flirtatious month, Aquarius. Your popularity and optimism will rise. An Aries might figure prominently. Be mildly conscious of accident potential when you are barrelling into some new situation. Higher-ups love you now (to late Dec.) so you might press for a promotion. Avoid gossip, especially this week, as it could come back to bite you after mid December. Money-wise, you need to exercise restraint now to 2026. Domestic and real estate matters will be solved in a very pleasing way January to May.


Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Be ambitious, Pisces. Higher ups are watching, judging your performance. This is a time when you can climb socially or in worldly status. This is a smooth, easy week, giving you “room” to be ambitious. (Focus on the “ambition” to make more money, rather than acquire more prestige. If you chased the latter, bosses might be impatient, even explosive.) You have a wish, or someone you want to connect with — good, but do it this week, as next week begins a period of delays and mistakes. (On the other hand, a former flame or “playmate” might return next week to Jan. 1.) For the next two years, you will be more conservative, sober, yet focused strongly on your future, how to make your desires come true.







I would not be surprised if in future it is revealed that Antifa was entirely an FBI organization; perhaps even the name “Antifa” was coined by the FBI.


We now know that the FBI and DOJ had busloads of agents in plainclothes driven to the Capital grounds early on Jan. 6, to disperse among the crowd. We also know, from the (recently released) Jan. 6 tapes that were criminally doctored, used and withheld by Pelosi and her sick-ophants, that the police fired on the peaceful crowd until they riled them up. And that perhaps up to or over 200 undercover FBI agents provocateurs in disguise were stirring up the crowd, urging them ahead, to storm the building. We also know that Pelosi excluded the Capital Chief of Police from all planning and discussion of what we now know was a trap, for fear he would blow the whistle on her criminal, yes CRIMINAL, scheme. Other cops were under her command and helped further her despicable, treasonous creation of a phoney insurrection. specifically designed to trap Trump and his supporters in crimes they were driven to by violent FBI and other police. (who, by the way, accidentally gassed themselves, then blamed the crowd). These kind of cops are cowards, and should be treated as such. (I suspect bitter, resentful Pelosi  hates Trump because he wouldn’t bed her.) Pelosi and her lap dogs, Wray and Garland (DOJ and FBI) laid plans and executed them, to entrap a peaceful crowd, rile them up with bullets, tear gas and encouragement to commit mayhem (which few did) then cry “INSURECTION!!!” and start arresting and imprisoning thousands of citizens in the American equivalent of the Bastille. We know from the tapes that the Dems wanted to keep hidden, that the cops killed 4 protesters — a fact known by Pelosi and her crowd, but not by Americans nor Republicans. (Pelosi, Biden, Garland and Wray are not Americans — they are traitors, the slime in a sewer pipe. ) Pelosi and the police later promoted the lie that a crowd member had murdered a cop, to distract from their own violence and misdeeds. The tapes also show many cops opening doors and welcoming protesters into the Capitol building.

That’s all I’ll say. I’m not commenting on politics much anymore because I’ve already outlined the pathways, and I’m sick of looking at corrupt Pelosi-Biden-AOC-Swalwell types. There’s a foul yet arrogant odour that repulses me.  So to heck with them. I won’t waste more space on them.


Well, OK, one more: in the documents case in New York, corrupt judge Tanya Chutkan accepted over 12 MILLION pages of documents from crooked Jack Smith, the prosecutor, but ruled that Trump’s team was NOT ALLOWED to bring other evidence, nor to discover/interview any of the witnesses, accusers, or the corrupt actors who created this phoney case. In other words, blockhead Chutkan has ruled that Trump is not allowed to submit evidence; only the prosecutor can submit evidence.

I’ll say it once more, someone should print out all 12 million pages, and demand that each page be read to the jury. (That will take, as calculated before, about 30 years). It is not the defence’s evidence, so wild partisan Chutkan cannot exclude it; it is the prosecution’s evidence, already submitted to and accepted by the court and therefore blockhead Chutkan has no right to refuse Trump’s lawyers from going through it, as it has already been declared as a block of evidence by the court. The court can’t accept evidence, then refuse to let the defence peruse it thoroughly — nor, I think, can blockhead Chutkan legally refuse to let the defence show  it to the jury, every damn page by every damn page. But Chutkan has already stated that she won’t act in fairness. This jackass judge will squelch this, just like she has illegally squelched Trump’s other rights. (in fact, she has already hinted at this, saying that Trump has no right to go through prosecutor Jack Smith’s 12 million pages, and in addition no right to demand crooked Smith yield to the defence what “evidence” he has plucked from those 12 million “documents.” Chutkan is a nightmare, a harpie called up from hell to do this deed. But maybe she’s God’s instrument. God often uses demons and criminals to do his work.


Without training, we revert to nature. With enough training, we realize that we never escaped nature.