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For the first time in many, many years, we face a month ahead that has no major negative planetary aspect “situations.” (It has 5 “bad” aspects, Nov. 27 and Dec. 3, 16, 20, 26 and 28 — but each is isolated and surrounded by generally benevolent aspects. If you’re worried, just be cautious on those 6 days.) So I’m trying an experiment. I am only going to describe the general trends of the week ahead, and let you pick and time your own actions. (Partly, too, I’m 75 and a bit tired of the usual grind in writing this column.) Hope it works for you.




aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The general accent remains on international affairs, far travel, law/ethics, higher learning, gentle love, cultural and intellectual involvements. Much communication could surround these interests, and excitement is in the air, bringing action here, even heat. Relationships go well — others consider your needs. A love affair will begin for some. Overall, a smooth, easy week, with no big obstacles. You’re fortunate in money, earnings, but you won’t “collect” until January inward.


taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The weeks ahead emphasize secrets, Taurus, valuable knowledge, treasures, investments/debt, medical and lifestyle decisions — and lust. This is a smooth, beneficial week, so charge ahead with these things. But realize a large amount of impulsiveness, even heat, enters these zones now (until early January). Think twice before leaping — and consider tax implications. You might also find the gov’t is a money source. Your work place remains pleasant. You are about to “break free,” to throw off some weight, but not until January onward.


gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

The weeks ahead accent relationships, Gemini — and opportunities, public dealings and possible relocation. Be diplomatic, happy, as this phase will bring many social and productive contacts, even love, but it can also produce a flaming fury in someone who thinks you insulted them, or dinged their car. But if you have something to say to somebody, say it now, as Friday brings a month of relative quiet.… But also might bring the intimacy you want. Right now you want security; but from next May onward, you’ll want adventure and new vistas, new friends.


Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The weeks ahead, bring work, employment issues, minor health issues, and dealings with machinery, whether repairing or buying or selling. Don’t overwork or overheat, and stay safe around hot items and chemicals. Eat, dress sensibly. This area is about to “get intense” (but in a way that can benefit your career) so be aware. Your home/family remain sweet, comforting. Yes, that huge wish will come true, but not until January onward.


Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Ah, sweet romance — you could almost say hectic, or intense, or flaming romance, for both Sun and Mars are blasting a romantic path — or a creative, or dramatic, or child-related, or sports/games, or “gambling” path — during the weeks ahead. Speak, write — others are receptive, friendly. Yes, a lucky change in status is coming, but not before January/24. This is a smooth, easy week — so get going! (Actually, every week of the next few is smooth, without a major obstacle.)


virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

For the next few weeks, Virgo, the general accent lies on home, family, security, food, stomach and soul, mother nature, and rest and contemplation. Usually, this would be a nice, restful time. But this year, Mars makes your home life intense, with “quick emotions” — so be gentle with kids, and avoid friction. Caution with sharp tools. Your $ picture remains good — for one week. You might “salivate” over a real estate deal — first, examine the construction. A legal, ethical or philosophical (or travel) or major financial question will be solved in ’24 — not now, but soon. A “bigger version” of present ideas/communications is coming, bringing international travel, or a wedding, or university, or law/ethics, or love — but not until 2024.


libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

You’re going to be ultra-busy for the weeks ahead, Libra. Errands, swift, easy chores, trips, contacts, communications and paperwork flutter down on you like autumn leaves. I don’t have to say, “get busy,” for you’ll be naturally energized, assertive, even “hot” — for this reason, re-read your missives before you send them. You might be corresponding a lot (or travelling) with someone who could later become a marriage prospect. Your physical charms still radiate — until Dec. 4, so flirt now, not later. Yes, a financial “reward” still hovers in your future — but not until January-to-May, 2024.


scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

A month of money, rote learning, possessions and casual sex began last week, Scorpio. The weeks aheads are relatively smooth and easy, so it’s a good time to plan/launch an income project. But slow down — money might come rushing to you, but, alas, through you. Stanch the holes. Communications with gov’t, “head office” and institutions go well — wrap these up now, as next week this “beneficial gov’t” stuff ends. Yes, a major love relationship, or a major investment, business start-up, a major $ partner, lies just ahead — January ’24 through summer ’25.


sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Now you’re on top, Sage! Not only are your energy, effectiveness and charisma high for the month ahead, in addition Mars in your sign (until Jan. 4) pours rocket fuel into your everyday engines. On the good side, you can get your way, gather allies and launch successful projects in international, far travel, legal, learning, cultural and social ritual (e.g., weddings) zones. (And the weeks ahead hold, very unusually, no major planetary obstacles.) On the bad side, you can be aggressive, lose your temper “instantly,” or otherwise bully others. Stop short of this — humour helps! A new, expanded job role is coming, but not until January-May of ’24.


capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Time for a rest, Cap. The weeks ahead are smooth, relatively trouble-free, which makes this a fine time to yield to nature and sleep, nap, ponder and plan. Work on the hidden sides of your life — taxes, gov’t liaisons, institutions, management, receipts, files, etc. Clean out that catch-all closet. Be charitable, spiritual, seek advice. Hard to say how restful this period will be, as home/family chores might arise. Strictly avoid belligerent people and “dark” places. Major romance is “available” January to May next year — not quite yet.


Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Wishes can come true now through the weeks ahead, Aquarius. They will more likely come true if you communicate what you want to others. Your popularity rises now; so does your optimism. Social delights, entertainment, and flirtations lift your heart. A Gemini might be involved. Your legal, learning, media, international and far travel zones remain beneficial, but only for one more week. You might need to slow down your speech or your driving. Some of you might feel you’ve missed the real estate boat, but actually, that boat is coming, and holds good fortune, from January to May next year. Patience!


Pisces iconPISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Lots of emphasis on your status, prestige, career and ambitions for the next few weeks, Pisces. If you can be assertive w/o being aggressive, this is a fine time to ask for a raise or promotion. (Mars travels through your career sector until Jan. 4, so be diplomatic, smile, don’t “push” — bosses are impatient, snappish.) Your sexual and financial worlds remain rewarding, beneficial, but only this week, so act now. An important message will come in January or March or May, ’24.



What changes history more than anything? Age. Each generation brings its genius and carries mankind further along our journey toward angel-hood. At present we’re in the tech and self-alteration phase.

Being in my mid-70s, I realized about a year ago that happiness isn’t the main thing you should aim for, it is the only thing. And the only thing that brings happiness is agreement and love. But on a practical basis, if you really study the progress of mankind, especially during the last few centuries, you can see that we have moved from the brutish to the sensitive, in medicine, hygiene, and love. We are happier than we were 150 years ago.

Two world wars formed the climax of a friction-prone 250 year Pluto era that ended In 1983. (Friction = many square aspects in the era chart.) We are now, until 2229 AD, in a very Scorpionic era. (Many conjunctions = consolidation, merging, sameness.) The emergence of the cell phone in 1984 came a few months after Pluto’s new era began (1983). From this to Meta, networking technology has changed our social structure and world. Those raised on cell phones… present ages 34 and under… Are 75% in favour of the Palestinians, and against Israel. Those to whom cell phones came later in life, those now age 65 and over, has the opposite response: 75% favoured Israel. I could be out plus or minus or two percentage points but the basic picture is accurate.


Blue skies, exotic places, the richness of strangers. This is the kind of feeling I get when I see a patch of bright blue in our winter-grey skies. I call it airplane blue, or airplane sky. You know that “pure” sunlight that streams in the airplane window? I love that sunlight, it’s filled with health.

The worst thing is, when a country becomes enraged. Much of the US population is approaching that level of intense feeling. You see it in the recent Palestine/Israel demonstrations. If you could only lift everyone on earth into that more pure airplane  sunlight for a while, and ask them to think about their friends and enemies, perhaps a lot of our problems would be solved.


Someone said, and many claim credit for, this clever saying: a lie will travel twice around the world before the truth gets its pants on.

Now that a lot of the hoopla is gone, many recent reports and actions are indicating that the 2020 election probably was illegitimate, or at the very least wounded. Now, a three-panel judge has told the Texas attorney general that he is not allowed to pursue election integrity investigations. (*) Voters  in Georgia are suing because over 500 vote tabulating machines such as those supplied  by Dominion have been found to be unreliable. In another state, one of these voting machine was found to be switching votes — if you voted for A your vote was switched to count for B.  If you voted for B, your vote was counted as for A. In Arizona, hundreds of polling stations closed and rejected voters because there was something wrong with their machines.

(*) In Texas, a panel of three Democrat sympathizing judges ruled that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was not allowed to pursue any cases or evidence of election interference. (This is an echo of the hundreds of democrat judges who refused to hear any cases involving the 2020 election. Their reason? The Plaintiffs should have sued about election irregularities BEFORE the election. After the election was “too late.” You can’t make up this kind of blatant hypocrisy and corruption.)


Remember my conspiracy theory that possibly the US and Israel knew a mass raid was coming to Israel’s southern border but decided to ignore it in order to have an excuse to level Gaza? Well now there is further indication. We already know Egypt alerted Israel days before the attack. Now it’s reported that several Israeli soldiers who were stationed as border observers reported suspicious activity several times leading up to the Hamas invasion. Each time they were rebuffed (in over 3 reports). They were either told it was none of their business, or that it was a minor thing that they already knew about. One officer even threatened to court martial several of the border observers when they kept reporting Hamas activities. The message was plain: shut up.

Now there are only two choices: either stupidity and somnolence overwhelmed the minds of the two best intelligent services in the world for weeks on end, rendering them completely ignorant, or the fix was in.


The reason special counsel Robert Hur will not bring any charges against Joe Biden, is because doing so would reveal Biden’s treason with China, Russia, Romania, Ukraine and others — AND the criminal collusion of the FBI, DOJ, Wray, Garland, Pelosi and other traitors. (I mean, let’s call them what they are.) That’s too big a topic and too big a reveal, of the spiderweb swamp that emerges from Joe Biden’s fingertips. Robert Hur is as big a traitor to his country as Biden is.

The difference between now and the Nixon Watergate era, is that during Nixon’s time, the DOJ was not criminal, and the special council was basically impartial. None of that pertains today: the DOJ is criminally corrupt, and special counsels such as Hur and Weiss have been bought with some kind of Democrat currency.

Oh, one more difference: Nixon was guilty.


Those who seek power and are good people, they will abide in heaven. Those who seek power but have personal flaws that bend their direction from the good of all, these will carve their own staircase down, forever down, in the after life. I recommend a powerful documentary film: “Life After Death.” It’s very uplifting, and will dispel many viewers’ fear of death. It also contains one cautionary tale, showing the frightening afterlife of a man who was bitter and resentful on earth.


One of Rome’s great innovations was to allow the nations they conquered to retain their nationhood, their politicall and religious structures. Rome sat on conquered territories with a skeleton crew, so that the Middle East and Mediterranean were covered with a web of highways between Roman and native centres of power. This saved Rome a tremendous amount of military equipment and soldiers, which enabled them to cover and control a vast empire. In general, the Romans maintained a military and political/diplomatic front, and demanded nothing more than some loyalty that might help fill the army ranks, and a certain portion of everything produced, a tax. They also had a bureaucratic system, in which they would judge local disputes, punish people for certain activities, and impose a Romesh law. But otherwise, they knew that people produced more when left to their own devices. Freedom is the greatest production enhancement.

(BTW, I am no historian, so take such stuff with grain of salt.)