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START NOTHING: 11:21 pm Mon, to 1:37 am Tues., 4:42 pm Wed. to 6:34 am Thurs., and 6:21 am to 8:28 am Sat.


If you buy stocks December 24 to 27 you will likely, later, be glad you did. This is a hard one to call, as lucky Jupiter hits the wealth degree at the same time as the Sun speeds toward the south node of difficult karma. For most of you, this should be okay, but Gemini and Sagittarius should be careful, as this south node is in their money houses. (Sage’s “earnings” house, and Gemini’s investment/debt house.) (Oddly, these two signs are, in most other matters, the luckiest in the zodiac until Dec. 2019.)
***   ***

I keep seeing Mars. As if an omen. I thought of April’s tensions (in 2019) but this one is broader. I could be wrong. I’m sure tempers — and political or philosophical posturing — will be strong.

You can see Mars every night between 5 and 7 pm. I live near 50 north latitude (Canada-U.S. border). At about 6 pm, go out and face south. Raise your hands straight up over your head, then bring them halfway down the sky. (To a 45-degree angle.) Mars is that dirty orange or brownish, fairly bright star near your fingertips.

If you live in the southern hemisphere, look north instead of south. It’s not quite that simple, as Mars doesn’t fly over our equator; and the earth changes its relative position constantly as our seasons evolve.

If you have trouble distinguishing Mars, look when the sky is dark but not yet filled with stars.  These “instructions” are only for December 2018
***   ***

(More in the AFTERAMBLE: Michael Cohen, international computer defense, and censorship.)


    ARIES:  March 21-April 19

This week: Someone who seems like just a friend, or just an informal teacher/advisor, could become a significant, good bond. This is your last week of pondering, or far travel, legal, cultural and intellectual pursuits. Friday begins a month of ambition, career and reputation matters.

Sun. and Mon.:  Your energy and magnetism soar — be a leader, start things, ask favours, make contacts. Best after 8 am Mon. Sunday and Mon. offer career progress, but not hugely so. Until May 2020, don’t push career or status/prestige concerns. Don’t try to “trade” something (e.g. your ethics) for advancement. Investments are mildly favoured — so is intimacy.

Tues. to 6 am Thurs.:  Chase money, buy/sell, cultivate clients (and seek new ones) apply for employment or a pay raise, seek bargains, etc. Your luck is good throughout. Great time to buy/sell computers, software, etc. (And to get your house rewired.)

7 am Thurs. to 8 am Sat.:  Errands, casual friends, trips, communications, paperwork and easy chores fill these days. Be curious, ask questions. Thursday brings opportunities — a love message possible. Friday starts lucky, ends with possible argument over something hidden, or gov’t-related. Inspiration can lead to a fortunate investment or boudoir interlude.

Rest of Sat.:  Be home or in the ‘hood. Hug the kids. Fix things. Relax. All’s fine.

taurus weekly forecast    TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

This week: This is your last week of “changes” — and of mysteries, depths, financial actions and sexual temptations. Friday begins a month of wisdom, understanding, intellectual prowess, cultural venues, social rituals — and love. Love sails along nicely all December, as others treat you with affection and warm receptivity. Careful about the friends you make right now — are they true, or “anglers?” A very livable week, with a lucky surprise involving your career/reputation and a gov’t or “head office” link.

Sun. and Mon.:  Rest, withdraw from the crowd, avoid competitive situations. Contemplate, study the recent past and make plans for the near (1 year) future. Meditate, be spiritual and charitable. Your luck is mixed until Mon. dawn, but after that all runs smoothly, giving you openings for financial actions, research. If married, your mate is warm, comforting. (And agrees with you.)

Tues. to 6 am Thurs.:  Your energy and attractiveness surge. Lead, tackle significant projects, ask favours, see and be seen. (Significant projects: If you’re not impatient to start something big, don’t. We’re near the end of a cycle, usually not the best time to start anything, but a good time to wrap up or add finishing touches.) No obstacles, so charge ahead!

7 am Thurs. to 8 am Sat.:  Ah, money. And owning things. That’s your bent these few days. Cultivate clients, seek a pay raise, look for bargains. Thursday opens a door — step through! (Agree to a proposition, or make one.) Your love senses are high, inspired, lucky — but Fri. night could spark a sudden argument or a social “no show.” Be mellow.

Rest of Sat.:  Do errands, perform paperwork, get out and visit. All’s fine — but I wouldn’t chase a legal, far travel, publishing or intellectual venture.

    GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

This week: Relationships are still top of the agenda, Gemini. (And will be, to a lucky degree, for 12 months.) Friday begins a month in which relationships (in love and business) will turn into deeper, more confidential situations. For some links, it will be all or nothing. (But more on this next week.)

Sun. and Mon.:  You might make a new friend. Your social leanings, popularity and optimism ride high. Monday’s best, as Sun. holds two “don’t go there” aspects — “there” is sex, intimacy, money, investment, and/or sharing secrets. (All these are dicey/unreliable areas until May 2020.) Just have fun, while keeping a practical eye on practical things. Love, if long yearned for, can make a new appearance.

Tues. to 6 am Thurs.:  Withdraw from the bustling crowd. Rest, ponder, and plan. Deal with neglected chores, taxes. A nice, smooth interval. Contact agents, advisors, psychics, civil servants, admin. workers. This is a good time to study your assets, investments, debt. Again, you might make a new, supportive friend, and/or see a wish come true involving legal, international, publishing or love interests. It’s long overdue!

7 am Thurs. to 8 am Sat.:  You’re on top! Well almost, as another is equal and represents a valid partnership (or potential). Your energy, charisma and effectiveness surge. Get out, meet and greet, start projects (or better yet, give almost-done projects a big heave). Be a leader, and/or use your personal “high” to seek opportunities, fresh horizons, or bonds/agreements. Approach, negotiate. Careful late Fri., when higher-ups or authorities don’t approve.

Rest of Sat.:  Chase money, garage sales, schmooze with clients, boss, etc. A silent bell has rung: now into January, you veer into deeper waters, commitment and consequence. Don’t commit too quickly!

     CANCER:  June 21-July 22

This week:  The drudgery continues — but only for 5 days, then Friday begins a month of relationships, fresh horizons and opportunities (and some opposition). Remember, this week and next, stay out of legal hassles. (If you’re a lawyer, your career steps upward now. Mr. and Mrs. Prestige  are in the building.) Your ambitions will travel along a road of publishing, statistics, cultural involvements, education and/or religion. (Could be very temporary.) Romance remains sweet, hopeful. (Until May 2020, dive into romance, friendship, etc. — but not marriage.)

Sun. and Mon.:  Be ambitious — but work alone, don’t depend on helpers, or co-operation. (Some might pretend to co-operate.) Monday’s best — your work efforts of past weeks now can earn you a spot higher up the ladder. Seek it, apply for it. You might be surprised!

Tues. to 6 am Thurs.:  Wishes can come true. Perhaps not big ones, but happy ones. Your career might get a boost — it involves a group, and some hidden or consequential matters, perhaps even skulduggery. Overall, you’re joyful, optimistic, friendly and flirty. No problems!

7 am Thurs. to 8 am Sat.:  Retreat, lie low, rest and ponder. Make plans. Seek advice — and in some cases, an agent to represent your interests. Be charitable, spiritual. Deal with civil servants. Inspiration (or that tingly feeling) affects love, creative expression, a gamble. Caution Fri. night: arguments possible. DON’T argue with a higher-up.

Rest of Sat.:  Your energy and charisma surge! Get out, make contacts, start new ventures (baby steps at first). Re-read your Karmic Forecast (in PLATFORMS) for a “description” of the month ahead.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast    LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

This week: It’s romantic, but only to Friday, when a month of work starts. You could meet a future mate, but you’ll only have about 80 days to seal the deal, so if you do fall in love, act quickly. It’s also a good week for creative, speculative projects, self-expression, teaching kids, pursuing pleasure and beauty. Try a cruise!

Sun. and Mon.:  A wise, mellow, compassionate mood steals over you. Seek intellectual, legal, cultural or social ritual involvements — far travel, publishing and international themes, too. Work or health restrictions might interfere or hold you back Sunday through Mon. dawn. Monday daytime offers quick success. Love rewards answers, action.

Tues. to 6 am Thurs.:  Career, prestige relations, status, reputation rise to the foreground. This whole interval runs smoothly and productively — charge ahead! Talk to higher-ups, ask what you can do to climb further.

7 am Thurs. to 8 am Sat.:  Wishes can come true! You could make a new friend who, if you’re single, could become much more than a friend. Read “This week” above for clues. Your popularity rises, spurs laughter and wit, entertainment and flirtations. Life is grand! But don’t try to push romance into “intimate” territory late Thurs. night, pre-dawn Fri. (Don’t worry, if you’re in a romantic “event,” sex will come soon enough.) Avoid an argument Fri. night (over sex? or perhaps over money, shared assets).

Rest of Sat.:  Retreat, rest, ponder and plan. See/note the obstacles ahead, esp. in work/health zones.

    VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

This week: It’s your last week of domesticity, of focus on security, nutrition, children, garden, etc. Friday will begin a month of social joys and light romance. Relationships continue to be intense, and can grow intimate very quickly. (Business associations can click into funding, commitment very swiftly, also.) You have the gift of gab now, so write, talk. Important discussions about home, real estate.

Sun. and Mon.:  Love and business both might veer into deeper waters, into the embrace of commitment (funding or sex). Lust works, romance doesn’t. Sunday’s problematical. Monday daytime, night are lucky, productive. Research, dig deep.

Tues. to 6 am Thurs.:  A sweet, understanding mood flows. Turn your attention to love, far travel, legal and cultural events, profound thoughts/ideas. Not a cloud in the sky. A real estate, new home or ‘family cure” inspiration/event bodes well for the future. You could have a good new home these 12 months ahead.

7 am Thurs. to 8 am Sat.:  Pursue your ambitions, esp. Thurs., when one or two opportunities arise. You might stumble on a splendid real estate chance. (But there will be many opportunities.) Don’t test a relationship. Avoid an argument Fri. night.

Rest of Sat.:  Your social side awakens! Popularity rises, optimism visits. The month ahead accents heavy romance, but in a tricky way that might leave you in a dead-end. For 12 months, default to friendly romance, friends — these work.

    LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

This week: Friday ends a month of busy to-and-fro-ing, and starts a month of quietude, domesticity, security, tactical withdrawal. (A month to be careful, as these domestic matters are a bit of a trap; you can be led astray by your own desires, goals, especially if your motives or methods are unwholesome.) Until Friday, almost everything runs smoothly. Work remains intense: get it done, for it will evolve into, or have some connection to, a January/February opportunity, perhaps a love opening.

Sun. and Mon.:  Relationships everywhere. Home, family might interfere, or restrict you from embracing a new bond, an opportunity, or a relocation, Sunday through Mon. dawn. Be diplomatic, help others. Later, Mon. might bring an attractive, friendly and compatible person: react, respond! Monday also good for travel, communications.

Tues. to 6 am Thurs.:  The depths rise. Secrets and mysteries become more transparent. Your intuition rides high — follow hunches, quiet small nudges from your “self.” This interval flows without a problem. You might dive into sex, make a commitment or investment, or in some way change your life.

7 am Thurs. to 8 am Sat.:  True love is possible, esp. Thurs. But work demands might interfere (and, in some ways, luckily so, as you face an opportunity to increase your earnings. You might, alternatively, want to purchase machinery/car/tools, etc. — not advised.)  An Aries, Gemini and/or Aquarian figure prominently. You might send/receive a significant message, one that will have good results later. Ponder the big ideas.

Rest of Sat.:  Be ambitious, but realize this will entail “escaping” from domestic problems — or getting family, home, to climb on board your wagon.

    SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

This week: Continue to chase money, buy/sell, etc. — until Friday, when a lighter, swifter influence blows in, bringing a month of errands, paperwork, communications and easy chores. (However, these easy chores can themselves be a wee “trap” until May 2020 — avoid wild goose chases, frittering away time in non-consequential discussions and distractions.) Someone is very willing to spend time with you. An easy week with few problems!

Sun. and Mon.:  Work, and more work. Just plod along, get it done. Protect your health; eat, dress sensibly. Not a good time to communicate, esp. important missives. You can get a pile done Mon., after dawn.

Tues. to 6 am Thurs.:  Partnerships, marriage, fresh horizons, new opportunities — and some opposition — come your way. Jump on openings — your luck is high, solid. (You might want to set up house with a co-worker. This person can become a very unpredictable mate in a few months. Go slow.)

7 am Thurs. to 8 am Sat.:  Mysteries, secrets and subconscious urges fill this time. Investigate. You might make a splendid investment, but luck is mixed. (Best Thurs.) Don’t invest in machinery, tools, industrial firms, service firms — and don’t invest impulsively, as a gamble or lark. Your intuition is high. Lust tempts, and will “produce more” than romance.

Rest of Sat.:  Sink into mellow thoughts. You understand the world, and your place in it. Dream of far travel, higher education or of publishing in some form. By late 2020, you might take this dream and make it real.

    SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

This week: Your energy and magnetism remain high. (More energy than charisma in December, so act rather than attract.) It’s a pretty smooth week. Start projects — or better yet, give old or ongoing ventures a mighty push, especially those you started in the last 25 days. Your home is still feisty, so be gentle. Love is brash, “announced,” or quiet and private — the latter’s more likely now. You might make a new friend. Friday begins a month of money focus.

Sun. and Mon.:  Love, creative and speculative projects, pleasure, sports, games, kids, and beauty fill these two days. Money considerations might interfere Sun. into Mon. dawn (PST). But the rest of Mon. lets all these soar to bliss or satisfaction. If you’re single, get out and mingle.

Tues. to 6 am Thurs.:  Tackle chores, and improve your health (e.g., exercise program). No near-term obstacles exist, so you’ll make headway easily. Money goes well, too.

7 am Thurs. to 8 am Sat.:  Relationships! You’re in power now, at the top of your game, but this interval asks you to accept, meet, greet, embrace, co-operate with, someone who is not at the top of their world. Be diplomatic. A new friend or love could enter, a witty, bright person. (This might lead to marriage later.) There’s a bit of confusion, complexity in your feelings. Avoid an argument (at home?) late Fri. — not a good night to chase romance. In business, work, temporary “partnerships” might arise.

Rest of Sat.:  Secrets, mysteries. Dig deep, reject surface appearances. Lust for intimacy or power or riches calls you, but reality erects a wall.

    CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

This week: You remain in a quiet, weary mode until Friday, Cap. That day, you begin a month of energy, competence, clout and effectiveness. You’ll get what you want — but is what you want good for you? Just one bit of advice: now to May 2020, your best path is toward interdependence; your surest dead-end lies in the direction of independence.

This doesn’t mean surrender — as long as you go forward with a good spirit, forgiving attitude and with goodwill, you’ll succeed. If you exploit, or drink from the fountain of self-pity, or listen to the lure of power (or other temptations) you’ll drive a rough road. Meanwhile, rest, relax, contemplate and make plans this week. All’s well! One money source might end, to be replaced by a “more comfortable” one.

Sun. and Mon.:  Focus on home, children, real estate, garden, Mother Nature (hiking), security, and the basics of life. In business, work to expand or strengthen your sales territory. Everything marches toward a successful conclusion.

Tues. to 6 am Thurs.:  Ah, sweet romance! It might be more notion than action (because you’re still in a low energy/charisma period until Fri.), But if you’re in an affair, or married, your other half will comfort and please you. All goes well, so take a wee chance — ask for a date, or take a “safe risk” in money, art, creativity, sports, games. Pleasure, beauty lift your soul. Excellent time to buy gifts that will please.

7 am Thurs. to 8 am Sat.:  Tackle chores, but keep a watchful eye out for glitches. Good and poor luck mingle — though the good’s stronger. Thursday holds opportunities in employment, service industries, health — don’t talk too long, just take it and say thank you. (Don’t buy machinery nor real estate.) Your heart might soar (or merely smile) with hints of friendly love Fri., but sidestep an argument or accident potential this night. The gov’t might give you a big helping hand.

Rest of Sat.:  Relationships need decisions. The month ahead is “yours” — where are you headed, and with whom? (Your feelings might have already decided for you, but does your head agree?)

    AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

This week: Your social happiness continues, Aquarius —  but only to Friday, when you slide into a month of quietude, weariness and rest, contemplation and “old chores.” But until then, you might as well have fun! Optimism, popularity, entertainment and flirtations keep your heart smiling. You could make a new friend or a lifetime companion this week. He/she’s witty, friendly, quirky, impulsive and brave.

Sun. and Mon.:  Errands, communications, travel, paperwork and friends fill these days. Sunday to dawn Monday, you might be slowed by a health problem, gov’t or “head office” instructions, or a “secret.” Gossip turns the wrong way. But the rest of Mon. succeeds splendidly, so charge forth! Male-female links go well this day.

Tues. to 6 am Thurs.:  Be home, at least in your thoughts and heart. Hug your spouse and kids. Great time (not a glitch in sight!) to begin decorations, to garden, enhance security, ensure your children’s future, cook, plan meals, buy furniture.  All flows well!

7 am Thurs. to 8 am Sat.:  Romance! And creativity, self-expression, risk-taking, pleasure, beauty, charming kids… You could suddenly decide who your heart goes to, or you might make a new love or friend. This interval is complex: opportunities (and possibly a wish coming true) Thurs.; career or reputation inspiration, and again, possible wish fulfillment Fri. But avoid an argument or $ upset Fri. night. (Avoid money in general all this interval.) You might join a group that will benefit you in future. A love might emerge from this group.

Rest of Sat.:  Chores — might as well get them done. A month of obligations began yesterday. Hunker down, get serious!

    PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

This week: Remain serious about your job/career potential, Pisces. You’ve gone “up” recently — use this week to strengthen your position, or to quickly step one more (small) rung up the ladder of success! You might think you’ve climbed enough, but you’ll go higher, maybe much higher, in the 12 months ahead. Friday begins a month of socializing, popularity, optimism, future plans, entertainment and flirtations. Don’t expect a lot from this area before May 2020. (Read your “Karmic Forecast” under “PLATFORMS” for more information.) Be passionate, not cool.

Sun. and Mon.:  Go after the money. Seek a pay raise, increase your number of clients, find tax deductions, etc. Hunt for and buy bargains. Pay debts and collect them. All this goes “okay” Sunday to Mon. dawn, though a couple of glitches interfere (mostly social and legal restrictions). Real success arrives Monday daytime and night — which suits most working Pisceans. Monday also “encourages” a sexual interlude, or forming a sensual link. (If so, be honest, moral. This sensual attraction is probably not true love, but something tied psychologically to your ambitions.)

Tues. to 6 am Thurs.:  Get out, make friendly contacts, visit, communicate, perform paperwork and quick, easy chores. Not an obstacle anywhere! (Okay, be reasonable: swimming the Atlantic ocean could present obstacles, or flapping your arms to fly.) Someone you know might reveal he/she’s in love. Communications with your love, with a school, foreign land, teacher, lawyer or publisher/broadcaster go well.

7 am Thurs. to 8 am Sat.:  Home, kids, garden, furniture, painting and decorating, security and a warm comfy hideaway — these draw you now. Hug family members. Thus is a complex little interval. In some ways, you are ending a situation or link, because new ones are forming, just in their infancy. But don’t assume new friends are better than old ones. The opposite is likely true until May 2020.

Career opportunities might conflict with domestic needs Thurs. Friday’s all over the place: legal, travel, media, intellectual and love opportunities/blessings mingle with growth-oriented career “seeds” (beginning projects). But this night needs care, esp. with money and your own temperament. Sidestep any arguments.

Rest of Sat.:  Passion, creativity, a gamble, romance — stay on the deep side, reject any light or “just friends” conclusions.



All these foreign-country hackings (e.g., the Ruskies hacking American election emails) — maybe they could set up a wall against all incoming internet, but leave it totally free to operate within the country. Every internet link from out of the nation would be met with an examination and must be “certified” or whatever before it is let through.

This might also render a country free of cyber threats to shut down its industries, power plants, airports, etc.

One problem: the users inside the “moat,” being constantly protected, might grow fat and lazy, and be like sheep for any wolf who does get through the certification barrier. (Maybe by hitch-hiking on an approved “entrant” to the protected pool/nation.

I’m a computer dummy, so this idea might be dumb.
***   ***

Michael Cohen’s Sun is at 21 degrees Sagittarius — smack dab on Trump’s Achilles heel (his south lunar node) — and on Trump’s Moon. Cohen’s Moon is in 28 Gemini — right on Trump’s Sun. These two probably had a special relationship. I could be wrong, but I suspect there was nothing casual or minor about it (except that it would have included minor things as well as other things). I think the pundits are right — Cohen is the biggest threat to Trump.
***   ***

Censoring the works of other times comes from a certain height of arrogance and smugness. It assumes that our particular “modern” or “enlightened” consciousness, blinded as it is by current events, emotions and prejudices, is superior to another era’s. The #MeToo movement risks treading on this ground. Censorship is one avenue of preservation of social rules and standards; but it is also intellectual bullying and imprisonment of vision enforced by the fearful. One of the great successes of the north american justice system over the last century has been the supplanting of moral, ethical, and cultural biases (that last the hardest to root out) with a respect for diversity.

….Is it like drugs and their illusions? (The more drugs are permitted, the less they are used, as Portugal evidently has shown. —To a point. Full permission would likely not yield zero addicts.) With censorship, does it follow that the less censorship, the less it is needed?


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