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All times/Dates are PST – Pacific Standard Time zone. PST is eight hours before Greenwich England (BST). For example when it is noon PST here, it is 8 PM in England – and 4 AM the next day in China. You can Google ‘time zone converter’ for your own zone.

START NOTHING: 6:50 am to 8:58 am Mon., 7:36 am to 9:50 am Wed., and 8:27 am to 12:23 pm Fri.


I told you (Oct. 28 column) to stay out of this market. As I write this, the Dow is down 12%. More in the AFTERAMBLE.
***   ***

PLEASE NOTE: THE “TRUE LOVE” INFORMATION BELOW HAS BEEN CHANGED! (By mistake, I wrote the wrong number of years. I wrote “6” but it’s “7!”)

Want true love? Try someone born 7 years + 18 to 20 days after or before your own birthdate.  (E.g., born May 1, 1980? Then May 18 to 20, 1987, will be the birth date of your “perfect paramour.” Or, take away, gives us 1973, about April 11.) Try the internet, but be sure to ask for a  birth certificate.

In some cases, this person will have the same Sun sign as you, although in most cases, he/she will be your adjacent sign — the Sun sign behind you or ahead of you. (E.g., Scorpio’s adjacent signs are Libra [behind him] and Sagittarius [in front of him].)

I usually advise against marrying or having a love-affair with your adjacent sign, because such a bond yields friendliness, politeness, and an initial sensual ease (you become intimate easily, sexually) but not emotionally. So the relationship tends toward boredom after a time. But biorhythms say this “gap” of 7 yrs 19 days is the closest you’ll come to a perfect biorhythm match (on sexual, emotional and intellectual scales) — unless you accept a 60+ year gap. (I haven’t calculated the exact figure.)

The question is, are biorhythms valid, and if so do they outweigh astrological relationship lore?

I suspect they both contribute. I have found the sexual/physical relationship bio-rhythm scale to be uncannily accurate. I haven’t noticed that the other two rhythms (emotional and social/cultural/intellectual) don’t work. In fact, I have seen many instances of the workings of the social/intellectual rhythm. When these are markedly different in 2 people, even between passionate lovers – they almost never marry. Often, one person believes in marriage and the other doesn’t; or one’s already married; or one’s a Christian, one a Jew, etc. A low social biorhythm match often indicates different religions or “family philosophies”. (The social rhythm is 33 days, so multiples thereof would be perfect social/intellectual matches, while two birthdays 16-17 days apart [or extensions thereof] would have difficulty understanding each other, even in work and other non-love situations.)
***   ***

Remember, all the time/day divisions for your sign’s Weekly Forecast are Pacific Standard. For Europe, add 8 to 10 hours; for India, 13; for China, 16 hours, etc. (For eastern Asia, you could almost add a day, roughly, to all the dates denoted below.)


   ARIES:  March 21-April 19

This week:  You’re beginning a month of ambition, prestige relations and worldly standing, Aries. Take care, as this area is mildly blasted until May 2020. Rid yourself of all bad motives, temptations and “short cut” ideas — they’ll just land you in trouble. Instead, until 2020, immerse yourself in family, property, home, etc. Rewards come from this zone. This week has no major problems except for some deception, fuzzy thinking or a gov’t refusal, likely Sun./Mon.

Sun. to 8 am Mon.:  Be home, at least in your heart and mind. You’ll get lots done Sun. This day starts with affection – but avoid a struggle or quiet opposition around suppertime – then “accelerates” to a great physical finish (or just satisfying weariness).

9 am Mon. to 9 am Wed.:  Romance calls! But realize you can’t talk someone into intimacy Mon. daytime. Late this night, tho’, love, romance, far travel, legal and cultural judgements open a door to joy. Tuesday morning/noon is slightly iffy for love, but the evening/night brings delightful feelings, surprises! No romance? Then same influences affect creativity, self-expression, beauty, risk and pleasure.

10 am Wed. to 12 pm Fri.:  Tackle chores and protect your health. Wednesday’s great — splendid progress if you put your shoulder to the wheel (this will aid your career “image”). Thursday’s studded with obstacles until late afternoon, then bends to your desires. Late Thurs. night to Friday morning opposes what you essentially want, or your deep nature. Avoid arguments.

1 pm Fri. thru Sat.:  Relationships rise in significance. Practical matters, investments, debt, business starts, meetings with higher-ups — avoid all these. Be diplomatic.

taurus weekly forecastTAURUS:  April 20-May 20

This week: A month of mellowness, of wandering thoughts and “big” understandings has just begun. This influence includes love. You might travel afar, or dive into “culture”. Be alert and cautious about your own drives/motives/goals here, as they might be “sullied” now to May 2020. Avoid legal hassles, same period. The present week has few problems, other than possible deception or wonky thinking early (Monday?) when sexual intimacy is a wish that won’t come true. Be realistic!

Sun. to 8 am Mon.:  Errands, visits, travel, communications and paperwork fill this interval. Pay attention to your quick or intuitive thoughts — they’re wise right now. Love, affection please you Sunday pre-noon. Don’t listen to someone’s “pushy” advice Sun. Gov’t might surprise you.

9 am Mon. to 9 am Wed.:  Be home, at least in heart/mind. At work, expand/secure your sales territory. Hug the kids, decorate/repair, garden, walk in nature, relax and ponder. Monday can be deceptive, esp. around sex, secrets, research… and your hopes, social motives. Late this night, into Tues. morning, sex, finances, investigation, commitment — all are favoured, lucky. Tuesday night to dawn Wed., your career, neighbourhood standing, and “past reputation” meet smooth, fortunate recognition.

10 am Wed. to 12 pm Fri.:  Ah, romance! Chase beauty, pleasure, art, love. Surrender to feelings. Express yourself, be creative, take a chance, dive into games, sports. Wednesday daytime is splendid, but as night deepens and Thursday expands, you might hit an obstacle or two, especially in love/sex zones.  Be patient — this night brings gracious compatibility, with a possible intense “love face-off” Fri. morning.

1 pm Fri. thru Sat.:  Dig into chores — you might as well get them done. A slow spot Sat. morn. Not for relationships — just work!

GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

This week:  You have just entered a karmically dicey month (and to some degree, 18 months) affecting your assets, investments, finances, sexual drives, secrets and commitments. This is not a good period to start making important changes. Be cautious in finances. Invest slowly, make sure all is “clean” — i.e., that your motives are simple and honest. Simple = don’t lie to yourself. Avoid extra-marital temptations.

On the plus side, you are learning what true reality is. A Cancer might prove to be your guardian angel. For now, opt for the lighter side, more casual sex, surface appearances. Remember Oedipus — his search for the deep truth blinded him.

Sun. to 8 am Mon.:  Seek bargains, and sell stuff. Butter up clients and the boss. Your mission: more money.  Sunday morning’s good, evening not so much, nighttime excellent — for wishes, socializing with “elevated people”, and sexual attraction — but a disruption, the jolt of a pothole, might jar your $ car by Mon. morning. (In North America, drive carefully around dawn.)

9 am Mon. to 9 am Wed.:  Get out, visit, run errands, talk, text, communicate, do paperwork. Be curious — ask questions, peruse the media. Learn little (perhaps essential) things. If single, you might meet your life-mate this year; if married, your bond brightens. In both cases, communication will help you woo. You can practise (or do the real thing, call him/her) this Mon. night to 9 am Tues.  Tuesday eve to Wed. dawn might bring a beautiful friend, or a “mental first, physical later” attraction. But earlier, Monday is deceptive — and co-operation at work is nil.

10 am Wed. to 12 pm Fri.:  Be home, hug the family. Be nostalgic, offer a holiday meal, mingle with relatives. Male-female relationships go well Wed. Thursday’s jumbled through the afternoon (no major problems), then work or intimacy calls this night. (Work’s better.) Avoid arguments Fri. morning.

1 pm Fri. thru Sat.:  Romance, sweet love, self-expression, creative and risk-taking urges fill you. Pleasure’s good — but strictly avoid sexual, financial or medical forays.

 CANCER:  June 21-July 22

This week:  You might meet your mate over the month ahead. Relationships burgeon, escalate in significance. But is this good? In most cases, no. If someone comes into your life, falls in your lap, and everything proceeds tickety-boo from there, you might have met your destined mate. But if any delays occur (“I have to be out of town until next week”) they, the delays, are trying to protect you, to stop you from entering an alluring but “trap door” bond.

This applies to all relationships: to business, friendship, teacher/student, investment partnerships, etc. Think about this Sun./Mon., when two other people might be “falling out” — but draw no conclusions.

Sun. to 8 am Mon.:  Your energy and charisma reach a peak. Use this to “handle” relationships. Be co-operative, sympathetic, but don’t commit yourself nor sign anything — applies somewhat to the whole 17 months ahead. You could trigger or find sweet love Sun. morning and late night. Drive carefully Mon. morning, and don’t take a sledgehammer to your computer. Deception or fuzzy thinking advises against legal, far travel, publishing and educational commitments/actions.

9 am Mon. to 9 am Wed.:  Chase money, buy/sell, cultivate clients, find bargains. Monday’s a bit deceptive (see last sentence above) but this night and Tues. into Wed. morning can open the door to a better job, or help you perform a big chore, even bring a career boost. Believe in yourself, then charge forth!

10 am Wed. to 12 pm Fri.:  Communications, short trips, errands, news media, paperwork, applications and files, telephony, hand work, casual friends — these fill this interval. You succeed with aplomb Wed.; but Thurs. contains a few minor glitches. Just be patient. Thursday eve/night enhance communication with a spouse, business partner or anyone. Very late night and Fri. morning bring either a powerful (lustful) attraction, or “quick enmity.” Walk away from the latter.

1 pm Fri. thru Sat.:  Be home, hug the family, garden, repair, relax, ponder. Not a good time to seek agreement. Just nurture. Make decisions about worn-out relationships/situations.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

This week: Work awaits you. Now through late January. Do what you need to, work-wise, Leo, but don’t seek more; and don’t let your kids enslave you. Manage, delegate, rather than tackle chores yourself. This advice holds strongly during the four weeks ahead, but is valid for 17 months. our daily health is similar: do what’s healthy, exercise, sensible clothing and nutrition, but don’t go overboard. Pharmaceuticals can help you, but Over-The–Counter drugs, mega-vitamins, dry herbs, all need strict moderation.

Sun. to 8 am Mon.:  Lie low, withdraw from the crowd. Rest and ponder, make plans, and deal with civil servants, advisors, agents and health workers, charities and spiritual organizations. Finish neglected chores. Sunday morning’s inspired, affectionate, but alienation whispers around suppertime; then, late night, all goes well, esp. intimately. Watch accident potential Mon. morning.

9 am Mon. to 9 am Wed.:  Your energy and magnetism soar — you’re the star! Use your increased clout to organize the workload, then find others to actually do it. Take a “position” of manager. Monday’s deception or fuzzy thinking advises going around, rather than into, sexual intimacy, deep medical issues, investigations, and financial actions. Don’t commit! Late Mon. night to Wed. dawn sparks or opens its arms to romance, creative and speculative successes – even a “last minute” shot at matrimony with someone you’ve known a number of years.

10 am Wed. to 12 pm Fri.:  Seek a pay raise, new clients, bargains — buy and sell. Count your possessions, learn something new, give a sensual flirt to someone. All’s fairly mellow. Wednesday offers success in work, career, and $ rewards. Thursday’s a bit more mixed, early obstacles with late-day accomplishment, esp. in realty, food/shelter and similar areas. A stand-off Fri. morn, or a sudden rush of desire — smile, accept life’s complexity.

1 pm Fri. thru Sat.:  Errands, trips, calls, paperwork. Tackle these. Avoid losing propositions, work/health-wise. Do only what’s easy.

 VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

This week:  Heart surges fill the month ahead, Virgo. Beauty, affection can pull you into a blissful situation. But do you belong in it? Romance (and/or a creative, gambling or teaching venture) can draw you powerfully, but can eventually disappoint, even trap you in a subtle web. Yet it (romance, et al) can also bring a destined love.

The difference: a destined love will march quickly toward embrace, agreement, togetherness. A wrong romance (prevalent until May 2020) will snag repeatedly on delays. E.g., you call when he’s out, he calls when you’re out, or the “romance” keeps getting delayed by business trips, etc. In these cases, delay is your friend, pushing you gently away from “bad company.”

Sun. to 8 am Mon.:  Wishes can come true, esp. Sunday morning and late night. Popularity, optimism, the joy of life visit you. Flirtations excite. The person you’re facing is not a future mate. Careful with tools, cars, work Mon. morning.

9 am Mon. to 9 am Wed.:  Rest, lie low, contemplate and plan your future. Be charitable, spiritual, and liaison with head office or gov’t. Recharge your physical, mental batteries. Relationships, esp. important ones, can fall victim to misunderstanding Mon. Don’t seek co-operation. Tuesday goes very well early and late (Wed. morn too). A good investment (in tools, work-related or industrial areas) is possible; so is a sudden, friendly sexy interval.

10 am Wed. to 12 pm Fri.:  Your energy, charisma and clout soar! Be assertive, lead others. Start significant projects but, (as mentioned above) be cautious about starting romantic, creative or speculative ventures. Ask favours, contact people, esp. those you usually suspect you can’t impress, but need to. Wednesday’s superb, esp. in man-woman relations. Thursday’s a bit mixed, but favours you suppertime onward. Friday morning, make love not war. Powerful attractions, powerful enmities.

1 pm Fri. thru Sat.:  Chase money, buy/sell, find bargains. Forget romance, don’t gamble. All’s well.

 LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

This week:  Your domestic life is featured over the next 4 weeks, Libra. This isn’t your strong suit, esp. now to May 2020. So give this area only what it needs. Not the best time to buy a home — or office. Not a good time for a home office — get out and live, be ambitious, taste the corridors of power. A child can demand — and need — your time and patience. But don’t let this dominate your life.

Sun. to 8 am Mon.:  Ambition, career, dealings with higher-ups — these fill this interval, and not easily. Sunday morning’s good, affectionate, and this night brings harmony with your spouse or lover.  Sun. afternoon is quietly elusive; while Mon. morning disrupts, brings stress (or just helps you wake up!).

9 am Mon. to 9 am Wed.:  Wish fulfillment, flirtations, social joys, popularity, optimism and joie-de-vivre fill these days. Monday’s deceptive – a rumour is wrong, directions are misunderstood, maybe someone lies. But late this night onward, joy and confidence visit you! A new group, or a new friend.

10 am Wed. to 12 pm Fri.:  Retreat from the hustling crowd. Lie low, rest, contemplate, be charitable or spiritual (is there a difference?). A pretty easy interval, but watch what you say, and/or what others reveal in their messages, Thurs. daytime. You might meet someone powerfully attractive, or someone you don’t like, Fri. morning. Avoid arguments. You can gain a better understanding of, or even solve, a domestic problem. Spend on repairs.

1 pm Fri. thru Sat.:  Your energy and attractiveness soar — but not to the top of your potential. Work to solve domestic/house problems. Enlist helpers.

 SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

This week:  Errands and easy chores fill the four weeks ahead, Scorpio. That’s good, and not. The “not” is a temptation to ignore deeper themes, to skate along the surface, or to fill your life with talk, paperwork, trips, visits, and thereby waste time. This “time wasting” danger lasts until May 2020. You remain very attractive this week, and your money situation is active. (Money’s lucky until next December, so chase $ as your main 2019 goal.)

Sun. to 8 am Mon.:  Mellow understanding flows over you. If you’re up early (or late in Europe, or deep night in Asia) love thrives. If single, you could meet a viable lover — and prospective mate. An attraction could “heat up” Sun. night! But all this takes place in an unreliable atmosphere…deception possible, or confusion, as if layers of gauze blow breezily around the truth, never quite revealing it… this can bring mixed signals around sex and romance. Be careful around dawn Mon. — with tools, driving, and co-workers.

9 am Mon. to 9 am Wed.:  Strive to climb the career/status ladder. (If you’re a homemaker, this is a time of positive, good parent-child issues.) Beware deception in money Mon. daytime. This night onward offers good luck, accomplishment. Charge ahead!

10 am Wed. to 12 pm Fri.:  Wishes can come true! Optimism, popularity and social joys, flirtations, entertainment, all buoy your heart. Wednesday shows man-woman harmony. Thursday might hold a few minor bumps, but soars to satisfaction this night. Careful Fri. morn — either thrilling romance, or a fight!

1 pm Fri. thru Sat.:  Retreat, rest, ponder and plan. Good time to sit in a cafe and watch the crowds.

 SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

This week: The accent lies on money, earnings, buying/selling, clients, bargains… and casual sensuality, memory learning and diplomacy. (Diplomacy means letting them do something you don’t care about.) This trend fills the four weeks ahead, and needs caution. Now to May 2020 you will gain from investing, lose from simply buying — means focus on appreciating assets (stocks, education funds for the kids, etc.), and shy away from buying depreciating assets (cars, furniture, clothes). You’re very talkative now, cheerful, yet your inner, private world remains sweet and rewarding, too.

Sun. to 8 am Mon.:  Exactly what I talked about above — buy appreciating assets, esp. Sunday morning. Sexual embraces, research, medical procedures, secret agreements also favoured this a.m. But Sun. suppertime needs care with $ (you’ll hardly notice) while this night provokes a “kitchen sink romance” (or an unsavoury attraction). Don’t expect a “standard response” Mon. morn.

9 am Mon. to 9 am Wed.:  Monday’s deceptive for some, not you: it actually makes you focus on home, kids. But the overall emphasis lies in your favourite zone: far travel, intellectual and cultural venues, philosophy, etc. You’ll be happy — and love, if already existing, lifts your heart, and his/hers.

10 am Wed. to 12 pm Fri.:  Higher-ups are watching, scoring. You can gain points in the promotion race. (In fact, you’re almost a shoe-in. If talks do occur — say about a pay raise or promotion — you can ruin them by insisting on knowing your compensation, by discussing wages. Alternatively, you can enhance your value and position by offering to take equity in the company.) Be ambitious. Wednesday’s excellent, Thursday’s workable (seek management experience). Friday morning can bring a powerful romantic pull — or the end of a love affair.

1 pm Fri. thru Sat.:  If you wish for social joys, optimism and happiness, you’ll get them! Other wishes are too big right now. Caution with money.

 CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

This week:  Your energy, magnetism, clout and effectiveness soar for the four weeks ahead, Cap. Be a leader, organize, enlist helpers, call in favours, start significant projects. But in all this, esp. these four weeks (but extending to May 2020) use your “brightness” to attract others, and to join others’ ventures. Going your own way independently could leave you stranded on the Isle of Alone.

Much communicating between you and head office, an institution or gov’t office. Be careful with this Sun./Mon. You are still very assertive with your communications, and charming when you deal with groups, friends. Optimism buoys you!

Sun. to 8 am Mon.:  Relationships reign. Be diplomatic, receptive, eager to join. Romantic sparks/dreams Sun. morning, and deep attraction late this night. If married, at home, you and your spouse have a good talk, intimacy. Careful Mon. morning with home, kids, computers and electricity.

9 am Mon. to 9 am Wed.:  Depths, secrets, mysteries — heightened intuition, falling in love with someone’s flesh (rather than heart), power drives, financial actions, investments, debt, medical procedures, commitment and consequence. These are blessed, and could lead to a better income or improved home. Be careful Mon. — deception exists, esp. in travel, messages, and “hidden links” or gov’t liaisons.

10 am Wed. to 12 pm Fri.:  Understanding, compassion, far sight — these visit you now. Love can quietly grow through discussion. You might buy an international ticket, apply for education, communicate with foreigners, or “find answers” on elevated levels, religion, philosophy, etc. Love, harmony and success Wed. daytime. Some wiggles of difficulty Thurs. daytime, but this eve/night help you find friends and goals. Careful driving, talking Fri. morn — you could be too assertive, impulsive.

1 pm Fri. thru Sat.:  Steer toward home, kids, garden, relaxation. Putter around the ‘hood. Relax and ponder. All’s well!

 AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

This week: This week and the next three nudge you to slow down, catch your second wind. You’ve had a struggle the last two years. That’s over, but now you need a bit of rest before you charge into 2019. Ponder, rest, meditate, deal with civil servants and admin. workers. But don’t sink deeply into any of these, as they represent (now to May 2020) a “false retreat”; a security that can suffocate you, or make you miss opportunities because you were asleep in bed. The cure, if needed: hands-on work. Higher-ups continue to favour you, so seek an audience! Remain careful with money — it comes, but also flees, your bank account.

Sun. to 8 am Mon.:  Settle calmly into chores. You’ll get them done. Careful with money.

9 am Mon. to 9 am Wed.:  Relationships fill this period. Monday daytime is dicey: your dreams/wishes go in one direction, your actual $ in another. The result can be fuzzy thinking, even deception. (Walk away from anyone who’s too persuasive.) But this night into Wed. dawn offers an “open road” to good relations, opportunities, even love. A career boost, plum, Wed. afternoon.

10 am Wed. to 12 pm Fri.:  Sex! And investments, debt, commitment and consequence, research, detective wok, medical realities… all these face mixed indications now. Wednesday’s great, Thurs. has money complications or an inability to connect with someone — but the evening welcomes your initiatives. Careful Fri. morning, when arguments (or more likely money choices) can occur. Your subconscious rises to the surface, your intuition soars — respond to hunches, esp. when they steer you away from an “opportunity”.

1 pm Fri. thru Sat.:  Mellow mood, wisdom, intellectual pursuits, far travel, religion, philosophy…indulge these quietly. Daydream!

 PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

This week: It’s wish fulfillment time over the next four weeks, Pisces. However, not only for the month ahead, but to May 2020, you’d be wise to avoid wishful thinking. Especially in 2019, be realistic, assertive and ambitious — you’re going to step upward, in a big way! This is a good time for legal matters, far travel, international contacts/relationships, education, publishing and love. Your mood is buoyant; optimism, social delights and popularity glue wings to your heart.

Sun. to 8 am Mon.:  Romance, passion, creative and risk-taking urges, beauty and pleasure call. Be sure to answer Sun. Lean toward caution Mon. dawn, when computer wipe-outs or driving accidents are a bit more likely. PS: romance found now will not include marriage in future.

9 am Mon. to 9 am Wed.:  It’s time for work. Tackle chores; eat and dress sensibly. Careful Mon., when deception might occur, particularly in the workplace or with your career, a higher-up. (Also, upset digestion possible, esp. if you drink alcohol.) But Mon. night onward offers splendid success, accomplishment, esp. in career and money matters. Charge ahead — realize rewards come later for present actions.

10 am Wed. to 12 pm Fri.:  Relationships fill this slot. You’re already in a flirtatious, happy play-the-field mood — exactly the wrong approach for the 17 months ahead! Instead, aim for deep romance, one-on-one stuff. You’ll find it if you make yourself find it. Be diplomatic, co-operative. Fresh horizons, new opportunities appear.

Wednesday’s great — male-female harmony is high. Thursday daytime holds some “love” difficulties, so use this time for career opportunities. Thursday eve/night’s fine, enlightening. Your deep thoughts touch knowledge pay dirt. Don’t be too aggressive Fri. morn. Someone might want “quick intimacy”.

1 pm Fri. thru Sat.:  Sex, secrets, finances, medical urgencies, intuition, subconscious promptings fill this interval. Little material success, so watch, research/investigate, stay silent. All’s okay!



Trump’s biggest mistake was/is not launching a Special Prosecutor into the Hillary scandal. Now, not only has Hillary wiped out thousands of potentially incriminating emails, but the FBI has also wiped out, the media says, 19,000 emails between the two dirty anti-Trump FBI agents (Stzrok and Page). Doesn’t Trump recognize the snakes he’s dealing with?  Or is he scared that his own sins might be exposed by an investigation into the Democrats?
***   ***

When the Dow was at its peak, about 27,000, last Dec./Jan., I wrote: “Sell or hold stocks. Don’t buy.” The Dow (as I write this, Dec. 17) is now down to 24,500. Toronto (TSX) is down from 16,000 to 14,000 (about 13%). (The Toronto warning is about 54 months old — back when I wrote, July 2014, when the TSX was 14,000 points, not to bother buying Canadian stocks. Now, 4.5 years later, the TSX is a grand…14,000!)

On Oct. 28 (posted on the blog Oct. 22) I wrote: “I wouldn’t trust this market.”

  • Dow, Oct. 22 = 25,350
  • Dow, Dec. 14 = 23,600


11 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST ~ DECEMBER 23 – 29, 2018

  1. debleah

    Dear Tim: I am wondering if you can site your sources for the comments you made in the after ramble for this weeks column. You are making some claims regarding Hillary Clinton and the FBI and what seems like criminal accusations against certain FBI agents. I am not saying you are wrong I just like to see facts backed up by actual independent sources. Especially under these kind of circumstances where people are accused of all kinds of things but there is no legal evidence to support such assertions. I have never seen any kind of data or news reports in the USA or else where that have stated these allegations as legal fact or evidence. So without this kind of acknowledged source what you write is Hear Say and not truth based on a evidentiary premise, but mere belief or propaganda. So I would be very interested to know your sources for these details of 19,000 emails gone missing by the dirty people, the crooked FBI investigation that was conducted but cleared Clinton of wrong doing etc etc you speak of it all in what seems a rather conspiracy theory babble way. So I would like to see the actual reports and facts. Or do you intend to be the judge, and jury based on your belief and not real evidence. Some how we have entered a place in time and history where people can spout all kinds of theories to meet their own biased belief systems, but it does not make it reality. I look forward to your feedback. Kind Regards

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      My source was the DOJ Inspector General, which found that over 19,000 emails between dirty FBI agents Liza Page and Peter Strzok had been “wiped clean” (their words) by the Special Counsel’s (Robert Mueller’s) office. (Google “19000 emails missing DOJ IG” or whatever you prefer.)

      As for Hillary’s emails, the June 2018 Inspector General’s report confirmed that 30,000 + Clinton emails were deleted.

      For more detail, I quote Wikipedia:

      In 2014, months prior to public knowledge of the server’s existence, Clinton chief of staff Cheryl Mills and two attorneys worked to identify work-related emails on the server to be archived and preserved for the State Department. Upon completion of this task in December 2014, Mills instructed Clinton’s computer services provider, Platte River Networks (PRN), to change the server’s retention period to 60 days, allowing 31,830 older personal emails to be automatically deleted from the server, as Clinton had decided she no longer needed them. However, the PRN technician assigned for this task failed to carry it out at that time.[98]

      After the existence of the server became publicly known on March 2, 2015,[99] the Select Committee on Benghazi issued a subpoena for Benghazi-related emails two days later. Mills sent an email to PRN on March 9 mentioning the Committee’s retention request.[98] The PRN technician then had what he described to the FBI as an “oh shit moment,” realizing he had not set the personal emails to be deleted as instructed months earlier. The technician then erased the emails using a free utility, BleachBit, sometime between March 25 and March 31.[100]

      Look yourself: even the most virulent anti-Trump media (VOX, CNN, NBC, et al) have reported that 30,000 + emails were deleted by HC and/or her staff.

      But Deb, I wonder if you have confused me with CNN, the New York Times, and other media that frequently broadcast and published false, unsubstantiated stories, without sources?



  2. Elizabeth

    Thank you very much
    Tim, in answer to the above, my daughter was born in 1993 May 21. However, she declined an offer, I feel she made a wrong decision though.

  3. shelly h

    For Sag it says “other wishes are too big right now”. Just curious when it’s full speed ahead for us?

    Also, thanks for the weeklys; I really enjoy them.

    Happy holidays 😊

  4. candice789

    Hi Tim,
    Thank you so much for your readings… I find them to be very helpful and accurate. I have a few questions, however.
    My birthday is April 6 1995, I’m a scorpio rising 18° with a birth time at 8:35 PM in Kingston, JA. My MC is 19° Leo.
    My question is, when can I expect career progress? I’ve been through endless cycles for the past few years. I dont know when things will begin to stabilize for me… I’d also like to relocate and restart, but I’m not sure about the timing. Its been difficult to get a clear read on this since my rising sign is intercepted.
    I really appreciate your help and expertise, thank you!

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Candice789,

      I can’t give free in-depth readings in answering these comments. That said, Aries people have Pluto in their career sector (2008-2024). This planet demands change. For you, this change pressure was strongest in 2016/17. Going forward, though, Aries’ career environment is not great now to May 2020. (During this time I would NOT change careers, unless the change is “enforced” or comes from outside, from exogenous events.) You can expect progress in 2020, especially after April, when many Aries’ careers will begin to rise strongly.



      1. candice789

        My apologies Tim, I didn’t realize that my question would elicit that sort of response from you. Thanks for your reply.

        1. Tim Stephens Post author

          Hi, candice789,

          Don’t forget the most important part — that your career is greatly favoured from May 2020 onward — best time in 13 years.



  5. Elizabeth

    Hi Tim, I have been a fan for over 15 years and every week looking forward to reading your posts. My Daughter is Gemini (May 21st). A few months ago was approached with business proposition but it seems She has mixed feelings towards it. One day she is excited and the next she is uncertain. Could this be a good move for her? Thank you 🙂

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Sorry, Elizabeth, I would need much more information (first, her year of birth). Generally, this is not a good time for Gemini to invest (to May 2020). However, Dec. 24, 25, and 26 can yield good investment results, depending. Gemini is very favoured, same period, for earning, salary, etc.

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