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ALL SIGNS: Mercury retrogrades August 30 (to Sept. 21) so complete projects now, or start only short ones. Don’t begin big projects such as renovations.

I told you in 2003 that Bush’s invasion of Iraq would lead to a “quagmire,” and that the military would be there far longer than thought. I told you in 2011 that Obama would lose the Middle East due to his tepid response in Libya. Evident yet?

POLLS: If you add Gary Johnson’s (Libertarian, on the Republican side of center) and Trump’s poll numbers, they equal in some cases, exceed in others, Hillary’s poll numbers. Gary’s doing to Trump what Ralph Nadar did to the Democrats a couple of decades ago – splits the vote, so both he and the party most sympathetic to him/his platform, lose. It’s quite strange that no one in the media has mentioned this – nor even seems to recognize it.

The terrorist attacks in France, Belgium, the U.S., etc. will abate in 2018; but this style of warfare will continue for 200 years. In a way, this is the end of wars. Over 100 people per million die every year from car accidents in the U.S. That’s 600,000 to 700,000 a year on a world scale. Worldwide, 28,328 people died from terrorists attacks in 2015, according to Statista.com. That’s about 5 per million, I think – or one-twentieth the traffic fatalities. Yet we casually accept cars as a part of our daily, humdrum lives. The only difference between them is the feeling of malevolence that accompanies a deliberate bombing. In a car accident, we say “oh, well,” and shrug our shoulders at “God’s will.” After a terrorist incident, we’re filled with dismay or anger, we want to kill someone, or hide in fear. For you and me, a terrorist is far less dangerous than driving with a cell phone.

ASSASSINATION: I’m writing this because both the Dems and the Republicans are hinting at assassination (of their presidential candidates).

Neither Clinton nor Trump will be assassinated, before or in office, unless one of them goes for a second term. Whoever is elected President in 2020 will face an assassination attempt. The “perp’s” motive will be to attack the hierarchy, and this attempt synchs with, or tries to create, a revolution. The “perp” will be thin, probably tall. A spare and sparse person, hard worker, well-travelled, might have worked in a mine, might be a geologist (archaeologist) or researcher, a strange, undecipherable, hermetic temperament.  Maybe as connection with – certainly a sympathy for, Russia. The attempt – or the first attempt – will probably occur in Jan./Feb. 2021, but the danger exists throughout his/her term. This forecast will be ignored by the establishment, just as my forecast that the Challenger Shuttle would “catch fire and ditch in the ocean” – my words. It actually blew up and fell into the ocean. But I’m a tiny voice in a huge world, and my only task is to predict. When I care about the people involved – e.g., when I recently wrote about Blacks and Police – I receive a storm of shocked, sad, angry, disdainful, mocking, and fearful emails. That’s not my gig. (In fact, my statement that Blacks are justified in killing cops was actually a prediction that they would. But the night before I was to put it on the blog, the Dallas man shot and killed multiple police. So I put it on as a rant instead, a justification. How can you not empathize with the Blacks? Okay, okay, I’m stopping here.)

This can also be a time (2020-22) of agricultural problems/disasters. Crops disrupted. Even real estate, houses, disrupted.



ALL SIGNS: this week’s column will be about your new luck cycle, which lasts from September 9, 2016 to October 10, 2017 – 13 months. This luck period will be better than the last. (If you remember, I told you that the last luck cycle had several problems, which reduced the luck.) During that period (Aug. 2015 to Sept. 2016) the planet of great good luck, Jupiter, “squared” Saturn, the planet of practicality and “cold hard reality.” The square aspect meant that prosperity/luck on the one hand, and business/commodity cycles on the other, did not co-operate. There were ways to take advantage of this. For example, mineral and oil stocks tanked during this phase. If you bought during this “tank,” you’ve gained between 25 % and 300 % on those stocks.

That was Jupiter square Saturn in the luck chart. The new luck period, this Dept. To Oct. 2017, also contains a major “square” – this time Jupiter squares Pluto, the planet of death, birth, crime, earthquakes, nuclear power, astro and quantum physics and super computers. The square to Saturn caused business and socio-economic difficulties – e.g., Brexit, which made European banks fall 20-40 % last June. (BTW, a “new Brexit” could occur around September 10, 2016 – one day after the new luck cycle starts.) The new square, in this new luck cycle, is likely to cause scientific, research, medical, hierarchical, political, and “power play” difficulties, or obstacles to fortune, to “pure good luck.” (Hey, when was anything perfect?)

Again, Jupiter is in the “upper” side of the square, indicating luck will dominate the obstacles. But it’s still a dicey time. In the past year some investors made a bundle while oil and commodity companies lost billions – accumulatively, trillions. Miner Teck, for example, was trading for 10 % of its actual (book) value, at around $ 3. It is now over $ 20 – a 600-700 per cent rise. So as I advised, when writing the 2015 “Luck Forecast,” you should take advantage of crises.

Below, I have outlined the year-ahead Luck Forecast for every sign:




Aries.svg ARIES   March 20-April 19

This week: Plunge into work. You succeed in general Sunday; succeed in money Wed. morn, and in home, with spouse, Sat. daytime.


Relationships hold all the luck this September 9 to October 10 2017. Single Aries could marry. Very unhappily married Aries might separate, with a formal divorce about 2 years away. Happy Aries couples – and really all Aries – face a year of adventure, possible relocation, exciting relationships and opportunities, fresh horizons, and lucrative dealings with the public. Who could possibly interfere with this luck? Your boss, your parent(s) or other authorities. All these look askance on your amorous adventures, as well as your “dealings.” (On the plus side, if you wed the one you’re chasing, those same higher-ups will support and protect you.) Make sure you don’t step on the toes of higher-ups, nor try to grab an opportunity “behind their backs,” especially in October, January, April, July and October again (2017). Various power plays or a clash of egos could arise during these months.

Whatever you do this “year” ahead, remember that all your lucky opportunities will come from others, so sharpen your diplomatic skills, and think “team work.” Your popularity will rise, especially among strangers, or people you only slightly know.


taurus weekly forecast TAURUS   April 20-May 20

This week: Chase romance, beauty, creative projects. You’ll ride a winning streak soon. Charge ahead Mon. afternoon to Wed. noon, as luck soars!


Expect a big increase in work Sept. 9/16 to Oct. 10/17, Taurus. This will be a great time to further your career, and/or to angle for a better income – both “through work.” Take care of your daily health, as small irritants could grow larger. These 13 months ahead are splendid for buying tools or machinery of any kind, including computers, cars, backhoes, etc. However, be cautious in buying large items this November and July/August of ’17 – and of course during every Mercury retro period. (These, roughly and briefly, are: September/16, late Dec./16 to early Jan./17, April/17, and August/17.)

Be careful with investments all year – you’ll succeed most easily with industrial stocks, and with those companies that make such things as brooms, vacuums, cleaning materials, non-prescription drugs (e.g., Bayer) machinery, etc.

Legal, international, cultural, media, higher learning, and travel interests could be a rock in your lucky road, so watch these, especially in April, July and October/17.


Gemini.svg GEMINI   May 21-June 20

This week: Head for home, rest, embrace family, let projects slowly gear down (as a period of mistakes/delays looms). Best “action days”: Wed., and Sat. daytime.


Ah, sweet romance! If you’re single, expect the love train to take a lucky turn toward your heart. If you’re married, you could be tempted by an outside romance, but it’s much more likely that you’ll deepen your love with your spouse, and that both of you will spend a lot of time admiring your children’s talents and progress. From Sept. 9/16 to Oct. 10/17, lucky Jupiter will light up your romantic, beauty and pleasure-oriented, creative and speculative urges with a big helping of optimism, cheerfulness, friendliness and good luck. You could meet a stunning love in Dec./16, January to March, and Sept./October 2017. This, if it evolves, will produce a love that combines depth with friendliness, is very social, yet unpredictable and a bit volatile. An Aries or Libra might be involved. But a deep, calm love can enter your life in any one of these 13 romantic months.

Pluto can interfere or throw obstacles in your way this year ahead, especially in November and the summer of ’17. Most of these obstacles consist of domestic, sexual/intimacy and power urges. For example, you might fall for a gracious Libran (your deepest romance sign) but find that he/she has a domestic situation that “throws you.” You could be thrust into the position of a step-parent, or find your love has a fear of sex, or digestive problems, or simply lives in a place you can’t stand. Well, Gemini, we all have to make choices. Real love can thrive even in these situations. Someone markedly older or younger than you (at least 7 years) will make the best mate, lover, or business partner.

All matters connected to creativity, reasonable risk-taking, love, children, beauty, art, pleasure, vacation, recreation and teaching will expand fortunately this luck cycle. Until next May (17) aim for these rather than for career, prestige or social climbing.


Cancer.svg CANCER   June 21-July 22

This week: A month of errands and easy chores begins. You’ll be happy, popular Mon. eve to noon Wed. Your energy and clout soar Saturday.


A sector close to your heart receives a ray of luck this year ahead (Sept. 9/16-Oct. 10/17) – your home, family, security, garden, nutrition and soul receive a warm, encouraging sense of optimism, cheerfulness and fortune. This is a splendid time to sculpt your children’s future: apply for a good school, have them tested for vocational leanings, start a college fund, etc. Some kids might fly the nest, off on adventures; some, long gone, will return. Dig into deep, meaningful projects around the home. Landscape the yard, undertake renos, redecorate, etc.

This is your luckiest year in real estate in over a decade. If you’re a renter, you can find a better place or better deal. If you have a down payment, start looking for your dream home. If you already own, you might sell and buy another (both are favoured, to Oct./17). Or, keep your home but buy a vacation cottage, or a retirement retreat, or revenue property.

This is an excellent “luck year” to end old, stale situations and relationships that are clinging vines, holding you back; and to plant the seeds of new, healthy and fruitful situations, projects and bonds.

In general, the glow of warmth, cheer and optimism in your home should keep family relationships affectionate and co-operative. In November, July and August, you might encounter difficulties with your mate. This could be a struggle of egos or a clash of wills over almost anything, but most likely over love or “fairness” (or about relocation or “other relationships”). At these times, use the home as a way of soothing or solving – a hug, a good meal, etc. If your mate is “taken care of” (i.e., pampered) he/she will be much more agreeable!



Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO   July 23 – Aug. 22

This Week: Answers available Sun., but not from co-workers. Great luck on career fronts Mon. eve to Wed. noon – make your bid for advancement! Events bad, mood happy, Thurs./Fri. Retreat, Sat.


You’ll be busy, busy, busy from Sept. 2016 to Oct. 2017. Errands, travel, messaging and casual encounters will fill many days, many weeks. The good thing is, though you might at times be flustered by the swift pace, the stakes are not high. So you can be busy, but relaxed, in the knowledge that this year, you’re given a “pass” from major consequences.

In the midst of this busyness, social matters will thrive. You’ll be yakking with neighbours and store clerks, fielding many phone calls, meeting new people – and making valuable contacts. If you’re single, a friendly romance is almost certain (unless of course you reject it) especially in Oct. or Dec. 2016, and February, April, June, August or October 2017. (A lot of chances!) From Dec. to March, and again Sept./Oct., you might suddenly find yourself in a “wedding situation.” Think carefully: if you’re in love, go ahead. But don’t let flattery usher you into a marriage you might only half want.  Almost every Leo’s mental health will improve this year, partly because your mind will be so active and cheerful, and partly because all this increased human contact will nourish your heart and steady your sails.

To gain the most from this luck cycle, be curious, read, and ask questions, even of strangers…this isn’t really research, just curiosity. You might visit a ‘hood or city you will move to in late 2017 or in 2018. Your footloose manner or wanderlust could interfere with your job duties, especially in November/16 and summer/17.


Virgo.svg VIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

This Week: Invest or seek intimacy Sun. pm, not before 2 pm (PDT). Love, learning, travel and legal matters flow well Mon.-Wed. Love, too. Your energy, charisma soar. Career obstacles Thurs./Fri. Optimism, popularity, Sat.


This is your “fistfuls of money” year, Virgo. Your pockets or bank account will swell with increased earnings. Extra income can grow from garage sales, selling anything, even your home or car, from cultivating and landing new, well-heeled clients, from overtime at work, or from a pay raise. One hint: if you can, take a pay raise over overtime, as the raise will last – in fact will put you on a new earnings plateau for years. You might even land two raises. Oddly, the one thing that can reduce your bank account is risk, gambling, speculative investments, adventure and creative forays, especially in both Octobers (’16 and ’17) and in April and July of 2017.

You’ll spend this year, too. This is a great time (Sept. 9/16 to Oct. 10/17) to purchase objects d’art, redecorate your home, buy new fashions, etc. Anything “cosmetic” qualifies for lucky results – including cosmetic surgery.

It will be easy to start a sensual love affair during this luck cycle. But don’t take advantage of someone’s heart just to satisfy your urges. If someone’s “easy to be with” and easy to bed, but you know you would not stay with them for life, at least for years, back away.


Libra.svg LIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

This week: Retreat, lie low, rest, examine, plan, be spiritual charitable – until late Sept. A “last word” from someone loving, reassures you about your future Sun./Mon. Luck changes, finances and sex, Mon.-Wed. Legal, travel, cultural, learning, media Thurs./Fri. – with problems.


Sept. 2016 to October 2017 frames your luckiest year in a decade, Libra!

It’s hard to point to specific areas in which you’ll be more fortunate than others, because your rising luck is personal, and spreads all over your life. But you’ll notice a marked rise in travel, communications, friends/contacts, and small chores that demand constant interactions with both strangers and valued friends. From these small interactions can come big things. For instance, single Librans could meet a life mate or a lover while travelling, running errands, messaging, etc. Your new love could come first “by paper.”

You’ll be cheerful, optimistic, friendly and outgoing – and ready for adventure! You could fly to England or kayak to Greenland, join an African safari – or enter college or university, be promoted to the board of your corp.,          or assume a public profile. Libran actors, writers, speakers, lawyers (anyone who “sells” their personality) will have a huge year. If you’re struggling for fame, this is the year you might land it.

This year can bring more than one suitor for your heart. Leo will feel romantic; Gemini will BE romantic; Aquarius will welcome you, and Aries will want to wed. A Sagittarian wants a friendly, happy affair. But almost any sign will succumb to your charms and your new happy mood. (After mid-May 2017, don’t chase an Aquarian.)

You’ve been quietly plagued since 2008 by a lack of domestic solutions. This year you have a chance to solve this matter, especially in November/16, and January, May and September 2017.


Scorpio.svg SCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

This week: Tackle chores Sun./Mon. Relationships please, excite you Mon. night to Wed. noon. Sex, intimacy, finances and health need caution Thurs./Fri. Wisdom, love, learning Sat. This week starts a month of social joy, popularity and optimism. A wish will come true.


Hmmn. Your luck in the outside world, in competitive situations or clamorous crowds, will be low. Your good luck, in private zones, health, finances, investing, dealing with government and other agencies, with institutions, will probably surprise you. (“What? No problems? I don’t believe it went so smoothly.”) Look for opportunities to advance/strengthen your finances all year, but especially during both Octobers (2016 and 17) in December 2016 and February, June and August of 2017.

This is the year (Sept. 9/16 to Oct. 10/17) that your soul can grow – toward the light. Your old boogey-men will dissolve; old family influences and hold-backs lose their grip on your psyche. If you need one, a therapist or counsellor – or an advisor in any area (e.g., financial) will be very effective and beneficial. Though at times you might not feel lucky, this is actually one of the most significant years in over a decade, because it frees and cures you, prepares you for the huge decade ahead. (From 2016 to 2025, your life will “true up” – singles will find true love if they haven’t already. All Scorpios will discover their creative talents, will take risks with life – and win. The present “luck year” will give you the rejuvenation, the security, the financial comfort, to chase these things from autumn 2017 onward. Note: AVOID chasing romance, creativity and risk until after mid-May 2017.)

Submit applications for government or private foundation aid. This “year” you can start building the idea/plan or even initial structure of a money-making project that will bear fruit in 2019.


Sagittarius.svg SAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

This week: Sun./Mon. are romantic, creative. (But your main focus, now and through the month ahead, is on career, other duties.) Tackle chores Mon. eve to Wed. afternoon. Relationships fill Wed. eve to Fri. eve – be careful, someone’s irritated – and you might feel fooled, betrayed. Mysteries, intimacy, financial actions Saturday.


Wow, are you going to be happy! Even if nothing big, lucky or exciting occurs, you’ll be happy. You’ll make new friends, your popularity grows, and a sweet, lively romance should visit singles, especially around October and December 16, April, June and October 17. A major wish can and likely will come true. One of your deepest wishes, one you often hide from others, is to be married or to experience the “love of your life.” Another, to travel afar, attend university, publish, or discover the meaning of life. Any of these can come true during this luck cycle, which lasts from 9 September/16 to 10 October/17.

If you’re an actor, politician, or somehow depend on your popularity for your livelihood, on your ability to plug into the desires of the public, this will be a banner year. For ordinary Sages, this luck cycle helps you express yourself.

This is the best year in 25 to join a group – and if you do, the benefits will flow to you for a decade ahead. Could be a hiking club, political party, meditation/yoga group – anything. Creative groups are good, but avoid film clubs or being part of a film crew before mid-May 2017. You could meet a significant lover in a group – this will yield a light, witty, happy love. Though you might experience some friction with a Gemini, this person is very serious about love this cycle; so if you’re not interested, say so early.


Capricorn.svg CAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

This Week: Legal matter might solve a domestic problem Sun./Mon. Romance, creativity lucky, strong and well-starred for the future, Mon. afternoon to Wed. eve. Take a risk! Tackle chores cautiously Thurs./Fri. Relationships Sat. A loving, mellow, wise month starts now.


Only about 4 times in your working life will you enter such a fortunate career period as in the 13 months ahead (Sept. 2016-Oct. 2017). This same thermal updraft of luck will boost your community reputation, your worldly status in general, and your ambitions in almost any area. You’ll emerge from this period with more prestige than you entered with. VIPs, bosses, parents, judges and other authorities favour you now. They’ll listen to your proposals, offer support, promote you – partly because this is a lucky career year, but partly because you are cheerful about your career. Your sunny, optimistic mood endears you to those in charge.

What can interfere? Two things: one is yourself – if you chase too many goals, seek fun, socialize, you can erect barriers to your own success. Two, your home – minor rebellions there could distract you from the calm zen needed in your workplace. (You are already aware of number two, as domestic tensions have been occurring for several years.) What can help? As mentioned, your sunny attitude (now, don’t fight it) but also international affairs/travel, learning, the media, and the law/ethics. Investing, finances, debt reduction, research, romance and sexual intimacy – these somehow aid your career progress, especially in May, July and August. Your own efforts pay off in both Octobers (’16 and ‘17).

If you’re an entrepreneur, seek prestigious clients, advertise, be known, let your light shine. A business could get a big boost now.


Aquarius.svg AQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

This week: Relationships veer into deeper waters until late September. Sunday/Mon. are for errands. Focus on your home, kids, Mon. eve to Wed. eve. Romance calls Wed. eve to Fri. eve, but it has laryngitis: rebuffs abound. Tackle chores Sat.


You could hardly find a sweeter, mellower year than this one, Sept. 9/16 to Oct. 10/17. Your mind will be at ease, even as it roams everywhere, seeking knowledge, travel and new experience. The truth is available to you this year.

Many single Aquarians will either wed or meet their future mate during these 13 months. You’re certain to attract someone in February, but do you feel deeply enough about him/her? Maybe! Next year you’re going to be very ambitious, and the following year you will enter a long “down home” influence. So use this present luck cycle to roam, learn, and do all those things you can’t do when you’re busy with practical affairs.

You’ll find splendid luck in far travel, international affairs, legal matters, college/university, religion, philosophy, science, statistics, insurance, fame, cultural affairs, intellectual pursuits, import-export, publishing and media…and love. Love is most likely to blossom in October and December 2016, and June, August and October 2017. An Aries might speak of marriage, want it, but are your own feelings deep enough?

Lucky investments or a chance to be rid of debt are likely before mid-May. After this, you will benefit every time you approach someone. Even in the worst case: say you ask someone for a date and they scream back: “Never you!” Believe it or not, you will feel better, like yourself more, after this rejection, than if you’d never asked. (That’s late May/17 onward, not earlier.)


Pisces.svg PISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

This week: Relationships fill this week and the next three. Read the Aquarius message above (last paragraph) regarding approaching others – ditto for you, until mid-May/17. You can only gain by approaching, and can only lose by being overly-independent. Chase money Sun./Mon. Errands, friends Mon.-Wed. Home, kids, nature Thurs./Fri. Romance (serious) Sat.


From Sept.9/16 to Oct. 10/17, Pisces, you can literally change your life and its major direction(s). Even if you think you don’t want change, you will tend to do things that will result in a lifestyle change. For instance, you might buy a house, try to run your own business, invest or seek debt reduction, or flow into an intimate relationship that might have baby consequences. Any one of these will change your life considerably. Did I mention that all of these come with the kind of luck that carries you past barriers, and leads to rewarding results? You will meet only one true large barrier to success, mostly in October 2016, and January, April, July and October 2017 – the barrier consists of your popularity. You can find your friends don’t agree that you should take a chance, invest or change your life. But you’ll overcome that, perhaps simply by not discussing these subjects with them.

If you and your mate want a child, these 13 months are likely to fulfill your wishes.

Your skills as a detective or investigator increase luckily. Research can reveal the way to fortune and riches. Delve into occult subjects. Your intuition, always strong, operates almost without fail in this luck cycle. Listen to it, follow it. But remember, intuition is NOT fantasy – remember this in November 2016, when you are tempted to make a bad, significant decision. My advice: decide nothing that month.


The End.

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  1. Pix

    Hi Tim,

    I’m an Aquarius 1-31 and July had to be one of the worst months for me. The one person i thought would not let me down again did and took be me back to a very dark awful time in my /our past. He is my ex and an Aries so is the man I have been with for years.
    Deep down I know neither one is “the one,” yet I feel stuck right now with the one I’ve been with and can’t seem to just let go of the one who I never got over…

    I am hoping come October of this year into next year will bring about some much needed changes. I miss being in love and being loved the way I believe I deserve. Sometimes I feel I am being selfish.


    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Pix,

      (Great name!) Yes, Jupiter in Libra will help you find love. But remember: love takes courage. If you “just stay” with someone due to practical or other considerations, then you are not displaying the courage needed for real love. But you can find it, use it, and find love…



  2. Deekeys

    Hi Tim, could you please elaborate on the statement, (one last time) in the Libra august 21-27 weekly forecast.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Deekeys,

      Not sure what you want. I did see one confusing sentence, which should read: “Luck is good for changes, finances..etc…” Is this what you’re talking about?



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