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ALL TIMES/DATES ARE PDT (Pacific Daylight Time Zone). PDT is 8 hours “before” Greenwich (England). (As long as Britain is also on Daylight time.) For example, when it is noon PDT, it is 8 pm in England – and 4 am the next day in China.) The “World Clock” in the right margin gives you some clues. (You can also Google “time zone converter.”)

START NOTHING: 11:23 pm Sun. to 1:11 am Mon., 9:20 pm Tues. to 8:22 am Wed., and 3:13 pm to 5:55 pm Fri.


ALL SIGNS: Mercury retrogrades from this Tues. (Aug. 30) to Sept. 21. Projects and relationships started now will tend to “die off” in a month or two, after a series of twists and turns. Stick with ongoing ventures, or reprise one from the past.

We often don’t recognize connections that occur on a large or historic scale. First, aggressive groups insisted on Sharia Law. A major element of that law is that money must be loaned without interest. The Europeans are more frightened by these aggressive groups than any other area on earth; European banks (Switzerland, first) were the first to introduce negative interest rates, a trend that has circled the globe, but has not yet occurred in North (and South?) America, which is the safest location against terrorists, guarded by the Atlantic-Pacific moat. (Still, the American trend has been a slow drift downward from already miniscule interest rates.) Economists will quote book and verse to prove negative rates were caused by other, economic factors. And they might be right. But the economy is steered by our emotions, and there is a vast, powerful psychic-emotional force in populations, which can bring about massive change when its mood turns stormy. This change is usually away from, and necessary due to, a stalemate or stagnation in the political system and its indentured networks. In fighting this stagnation, Trump assumes the heroic role. In fighting to preserve it, Clinton assumes the gatekeeper role. If she’s elected, the revolution’s postponed; the nation feels secure. If Trump’s elected, it might be the wrong revolution.


Here’s an idea: high fashion for the masses. You hire or contract to a suite of both top-notch and well-known designers (mix about 1:1). These creations could be shown on haute runways, but not sold to garment makers. (So that a new financial arrangement might have to be made with the runways.) Then you start a chain of stores specifically to provide paper versions, wearable ones, of high fashion. Some of the new consumer created by this offering will be the kind of woman who has always wanted to experiment with new flare, or go “upscale” but could not sustain it, due to financial limitations. And so never even bothered to try it once. But now, instead of $ 20,000, she can get an equivalent haute outfit for, say, $ 75. Something meant to be worn for one day or night, and sturdy enough to quell fears of ripping, wilting, etc. One glorious night, and it only costs her $ 75! It’s a huge bargain, one that plucks many complex “trip lines” in the heart and psyche. Swank shops, etc.


Hillary’s “winning ways” begin to fade after September 9. From that day on, Donald meets good luck. Both trends are weak at birth, and gain momentum as the months pass. Hillary’s downslope” won’t really show until late Sept., Oct. – the same time Donald’s “upslope” begins to be apparent. However, late Oct. to mid-Nov., Hillary’s “presence” begins to rise. (For predictions, see the August 14/16 column.)

I know I promised to stay out of American politics, but you could google “Hillary Clinton illness.” Unless those video clips are computer-generated, they really make you think. (For the first time I feel sympathy for her.)

Some evenings ago, in a hot, bright twilight, two ravens flew over me, about 80 feet up, black on the blue sky. One followed the other, with almost military yet casual precision, about three meters behind and to the southwest. In bird terms, that’s sticking together. I have heard that ravens mate for life. Two minutes later the couple returned, in exactly the same formation, same speed and same aerial path they’d used outbound. It all seemed so matter-of-fact, not playful, not panicked. So there was likely not a baby raven involved, nor a call to arms such as crows respond to. It puzzled me. Where were they going, and why? I could only attribute it to several things: that one of them was showing the other something – possibly something dangerous or threatening. If something good was involved, I doubt they would have returned so quickly – within two, three minutes. Perhaps it was a meeting with the in-laws that didn’t go well. Or they were just going out for cigarettes and beer, or to mail a letter.

Two nights later, while my tenant’s cat was trying to defend his wee door from the inside against a curious racoon, a cougar jumped onto the porch, bit the racoon’s back, and slammed the animal several times against the porch to stun it or break its back, then loped off, its meal in its teeth. (Description courtesy of my tenant, D.)

The next day, a cow broke the fence across the road and began running through my little orchard. It was  a delicious August day, a cool slow breeze, the sunlight sweet and warm but not intrusive, laying on the pears hanging on the trees like a hundred women’s breasts, or tears as large as a man’s cupped hand. My tenant thought the cow was chasing him, so he ran onto my balcony. It then wandered over the road, cars dodging it. I phoned the RCMP, who responded immediately. It was a lark for them, boys let out of school – but just before they arrived, the cow disappeared, probably back to pasture.

That night, I heard the dogs. A few would bark from one direction, then go quiet, then two minutes later a few would start barking in a different location.

The RCMP called the next day to report that the cow was from P’s farm, and the cougar had been spooking all the livestock.

Now, what were those ravens going to see?




Aries.svg ARIES   March 21-April 19

The emphasis remains on work and daily health, machinery, service personnel, and the duties you owe dependents (kids, pets, etc.). Spend Sunday at/near home. Some stress until mid-afternoon (PDT) then all is productive, beneficial. Someone really appreciates the help you give them. Romance, creative surges and risk-taking urges, beauty and pleasure (and charming kids) fill Mon./Tues. All signals are go, so take a chance, express yourself. Don’t start any new projects before September 22, and DON’T buy new machinery, from can opener to television to car. A former job or relationship might return soon – the job’s good, the relationship might be a bit awkward. These very things, job, machinery and daily health are doubly emphasized Wed. morning to Fri. suppertime. Until Fri. morning, a plethora of barriers, poor luck, and deception plague your efforts. But mid-day Friday might spring a late, last chance for you to grab a great (not new!) job or get something done. Saturday, relationships pull but alienate. Soon, relationships will be super-lucky – not yet!


taurus weekly forecast TAURUS   April 20-May 20

Start no new schemes or relationships before September 22, Taurus. Until then, reprise old ventures, or protect ongoing projects from delays, shortages, mistakes, misunderstandings, etc. – check everything twice before acting. An old flame could return in the next three weeks. Sunday’s for errands, mail, calls, visits, paperwork. Be careful until midafternoon, as driving can become erratic, addresses could be wrong. Be home, or in the ‘hood, Mon. to Wed. morning. Your luck is high here, so march forth (but start nothing big, new!) – family affections, rest and recuperation, all go well. Romance, pleasure, beauty, creative and speculative urges fill Wed. morn to Fri. suppertime (PDT). But Wed./Thurs. are not lucky, spell disappointment. Friday’s deceptive early, you could stumble upon a fascinating but unreliable attraction. Midday is very lucky – talk love, show your feelings. Tackle chores this night and Sat.


Gemini.svg GEMINI   May 21-June 20

Start nothing – projects nor relationships – before September 22, Gemini. Until then, protect ongoing ventures, and/or reprise one(s) from the past. Chase money Sunday – better after mid-afternoon (PDT) right into late night. Errands, conversations, media, news, casual friends and siblings fill Mon./Tues. – all’s easy, smooth – and an intriguing friend appears Tues. Settle down to earth Wed. morning to Fri. suppertime. Hug the kids and spouse, if single phone your parents, garden, walk in nature, fill the larder. But don’t start anything big, such as a landscaping project or renovations. Realize Wed. and Thurs. contain numerous practical barriers, perhaps disappointments – and ultimately, a career or prestige “temptation.” Avoid it – wait until Fri. mid-morn, then act. Romance, beauty, art, pleasure, charming kids and risk-taking urges call you Fri. night, Sat. You might change partners (NOT advised) or see an old flame recede into the distance. Enjoy romance’s thrill, but quietly back away Sat. night, as a subtle alienation wafts into a relationship. (Reason: he or she has a major domestic problem, maybe unrevealed.)


Cancer.svg CANCER   June 21-July 22

Don’t start any new ventures nor relationships before September 22, Cancer. Instead, protect ongoing projects from delays, shortages and mistakes, and/or reprise something from the past. Your energy is high and pure Sunday – ambitious ideas strike like wee lightning. The night’s filled with affection. Chase money Mon./Tues. – sell items, cultivate clients, etc. Your luck is good – steady Mon., vibrant Tues. Errands, pals, siblings, mail, messaging, paperwork and travel fill Wed. morning to Fri. suppertime – a nice, light interval usually, but problems and obstacles fill your path Wed. to Fri. morning. (This last morning might bring you a romantic “vision of beauty.” Careful, it’s “unreliable.”) Midday Fri. brings luck, happy co-operation. Head for home this night through Sat. – all’s well on the domestic front, but late Saturday might bring alienation or disagreement with your spouse. Soft-pedal all discussion, reaction.


Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO   July 23-Aug. 22

Start no new relationships nor projects before September 22, Leo. Until then, protect ongoing projects (especially earnings related) from delays, supply or manpower shortages, misunderstandings, etc. Rest, lie low, and contemplate Sunday – avoid political or legal discussions. Your energy and charisma soar Mon./Tues. – and good luck accompanies almost every action you take. Love is possible! Chase money Wed. mid-morn (PDT) to Friday suppertime. Barriers and frustrations face you Wed., Thurs., and Fri. morning. DON’T buy anything important. Mid-morn to mid-afternoon Fri. offers success; even, perhaps, a treasure. Errands, friends, trips, calls and paperwork fill Fri. night and Sat. Your romantic and creative courage remains unusually high through September. A former source of money seems to be returning or “available” this week and the next two.


Virgo.svg VIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Mercury’s “retro” through September 21 advises slowing down, double-checking everything, trying to anticipate shortages, problems, misunderstandings, etc. Don’t start new projects or relationships, and definitely avoid any large purchase(s). You might become interested in the past, in an old flame or a cherished project you had to drop in the past. If not, use your energy – which is very high now into late September – to protect ongoing ventures from delays, mistakes, etc. Your charisma is also high, so you might attract not only an old flame, but a new one. Two things: a new flame (if met now to Sept. 21) will not work especially well. Both new and old love seem to hit a weird conundrum before Sept. 11: you can have romance, but not sex: or, sex but not romance. I’d advise waiting until the 11th onward to gravitate toward anyone. On Sunday, despite some tension, social joys, optimism and future plans keep you happy. Retreat, lie low, rest and contemplate (don’t make plans) Mon./Tues. Your energy and charisma soar to a yearly high Wed. morning to Fri. suppertime (PDT) – use this intensified energy and clout to tackle and resolve some major problems: the “end” of love, practical barriers, home-based restrictions, financial obstacles, and, finally, a decision about a relationship that haunts and allures, and yet might disguise a trap. Friday midday brings a reward for all the struggles. This night and Sat. give a good shopping window (nothing major). Guard your wallet – a source of money might be lost. Quit while you’re ahead, Sat. afternoon.


Libra.svg LIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Start nothing new before September 22, Libra – neither projects nor relationships. Instead, protect ongoing projects from mistakes and delays, or reprise past links, ventures. This is somewhat ironic, as you are about to enter your future in a big way. Here’s the pattern: you’re tired, nudged into solitude by natural forces, now to Sept. 22. During this same period, Mercury’s “retro” helps everything fall apart. This is the chaos that occurs when big planets change signs (in this case, it’s Jupiter). But realize that everything that fails now, falls into chaos or simply disappears, is actually clearing the ground for a thirteen-month streak of luck that will bless and transform your life. Still, you’ll feel doubtful, uncertain (especially about your work) this week and next. Be cool, restful, and watch. Contemplate, recuperate, get in touch with your spiritual self. Don’t make any plans – new, good fortune will soon (months) make them obsolete. Use what energy you have to fulfill old obligations/jobs so you’ll be free when that good fortune strikes. Sunday, be ambitious. Mon/Tues. bring optimism, happiness. Weariness and forgotten obligations surround you Wed. morn to suppertime Fri. – these need solving, so work steadily. You could discover “the short route” or other treasure Fri. midday. Your energy and charisma rise mildly Fri. night, Sat. BTW, a former illness or emotional worry might return this week; so might a former lover. Apropos of this, your energy and magnetism (and enthusiasm) sit at a yearly low, yet Venus and Mars, the romantic planets, favour you. It’s almost a hint that a love affair now will be somewhat hidden, or have a “healing effect.” (If you’re married, give temptation a wide berth.)


Scorpio.svg SCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The emphasis remains on happiness, popularity, social joys, optimism, entertainment, flirtations and a bright future. However, you should not begin any new ventures nor relationships before September 22. Instead, protect ongoing projects from snafus. An old flame might return. This is not passionate romance, but rather friendly and sexy. This is a perfect time to rejoin any groups in which you’ve let your membership slide, to contact old friends, and old lovers. Somewhere in all this is tremendous luck. (But realize that all this social luck will fade slightly after September 8, and won’t extend past the 22nd – so act quickly if you want to re-cement a link.) Sunday brings deep thought but also tension, to mid-afternoon (PDT). After this, you’ll feel mellow, wise, and you’ll understand love – and maybe attract it. Be ambitious Mon./Tues. – approach the boss or whatever, as great luck accompanies you. Wednesday morning to Friday suppertime intensifies the optimism, social delights, flirtations and popularity that surround you these weeks. However, events and circumstances are so difficult that you might accomplish next to nothing – still, this won’t dent your happy mood. Beware a “love trap,” especially Fri. morning. But from mid-morning to mid-afternoon Friday, your heart might blossom, with good “end results” too. Retreat Fri. eve through the weekend: rest, contemplate, deal with civil servants and shut-ins, be charitable, spiritual. Saturday, a bump or break in what you say can be a bump or break in someone’s dreams.


Sagittarius.svg SAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Remember, start no new ventures, jobs nor relationships before September 22. Instead, be vigilant to catch mental mistakes, wrong addresses, supply shortages, etc. Continue (cautiously) with ongoing projects/involvements, or reprise those from the past. Sunday continues a mystery, or offers a new one. Avoid stress, driving before mid-afternoon (PDT) – this eve and night blesses your efforts, in finance, intimacy, health and research. Wider vision, larger understanding come Mon./Tues. – so might word from an old flame, or thoughts of a former love. If you “missed” a marriage or partnership opportunity months or years ago, it might return in the weeks ahead. Your romantic magnetism (and courage) – and your “affection quotient” (especially with friends) sails high now – most of September. But remember, no one, and nothing brand new. At the same time, the general monthly accent lies on your career, ambitions and prestige relations – especially this Wed. morning to Fri. suppertime. The interval before Fri. mid-morning is chock-full of problems, obstacles, deception and indecision. Again, stick with the ongoing or reprise old ventures – and wait until mid-morn onward Fri. to act. Happiness comes Fri. night and Sat. – problems? Forget them, your upbeat mood wins!


Capricorn.svg CAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Remember, Cap, start no new projects nor relationships before September 22 – instead, protect ongoing projects and/or reprise things and links from the past. The general accent lies on higher learning, law, culture, media and publishing, international affairs, travel, intellectual pursuits, religious decisions, and love. These are doubly accented Wed. morning to Friday suppertime (PDT) – but be careful, as Wed. (a bit) Thurs. (hugely) and Fri. morning (deceptively) raise barriers and dig pitfalls. (Friday midday is great – take a chance on love, or on any of those themes: law, travel, media, etc.)Something from the past, in these areas is sure to return before late month. (E.g., old law suit, revisiting a foreign land, finding a favourite book from fifty years ago…and possibly, a former lover/love.) Earlier, relationships fill Sunday – stressfully to mid-afternoon (PDT) then sweetly, gently. Mon./Tues. bring mysteries, secrets, financial and medical, lifestyle and “boudoir” considerations. All’s smooth, lucky, so charge forth. (You might invest in a stock or whatever that attracted you long ago. That’s okay, but watch it.) Be ambitious Friday night, Saturday – you could pluck a prestige prize.


Aquarius.svg AQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Don’t start new projects or relationships, nor buy anything major before September 22, Aquarius. Instead, nurture ongoing projects and/or reprise past ventures. An old flame (could be an ex-lover or ex-spouse, or simply a former flirty friend) could reappear in the weeks ahead (perhaps this week, Wed. to Fri.) – so could a major investment or lifestyle urge. The accent is sexual more than romantic (but it will be hard for you to see the difference). You might spend the weeks ahead trying to right a ship that began listing months ago. Sunday’s for chores, which yield to your efforts more in the later afternoon, eve and night, than earlier. Relationships fill Mon./Tues. – your luck is high, others welcome you – love possible! Life’s secrets, temptations, mysteries, fecundity (pregnancy potential) and “financial doors” face you Wed. morning to Fri. suppertime. Take care – bad luck, unworkable deals, and major deception (Ponzi scheme?) prevail until Friday mid-morning to afternoon, when the light turns from red to green. Romance, creative and speculative urges, beauty and pleasure visit you Fri. eve through Sat. (But don’t push late Sat. night.)


Pisces.svg PISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Start no new projects nor relationships before September 22, Pisces. Instead, protect ongoing ventures and/or reprise past links, projects. The general accent lies, until late September, on relationships, fresh horizons, relocation, co-operation and diplomacy or challenge and enmity, opportunities and dealings with the public. These are intensified Wed. morning to Friday suppertime – and come under fire or meet obstacles, especially from career, bosses or parents, monetary or practical restrictions, and fantasy/deception. (Someone thinks you’re deceiving, perhaps in a love relationship, and they might be right.) By Fri. mid-morning to mid-afternoon (PDT) you finally hit a stretch of luck – one that could bring an old flame back. Earlier, Sunday’s romantic; tense early, affectionate (or simply beautiful) later. Tackle chores Mon./Tues. – you’ll get a lot done, especially in monetary, management and “network” zones. Wed. to Fri. is discussed above. Friday night, Saturday, bring secrets, major financial and sexual and lifestyle choices. Don’t let your eagerness to please another nudge you into illegal/unethical action late Sat. night. Don’t let all the accent on relationships make you neglect your job/career, for your boss(es) are short-tempered all September.


The End.



8 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST — AUGUST 28 – SEPTEMBER 3, 2016

  1. CeeBeez

    Hi Tim, long time reader. Your predictions for my sign (Scorpio) have mirrored my life too many times to count over the years.

    I’ve been laying the groundwork for a new career for the last 4 months or so and made contact with 2 separate training opportunities a couple of months back that I have been unable to meet with/attend until now due to scheduling conflicts on both sides.

    One is a coach whom I’ve been in intermittent contact with since we first talked, the other an ongoing class that was a referral from the coach that I’d like to start participating in once they start up again after summer.

    So finally our schedules are syncing up but it is of course during Mercury Retrograde. Would it be better to wait until after Sept 22 to start my involvement with them?

    Thanks Tim!

  2. doudini2

    Dear Stephen,
    I am on a huge cusp of my life in many levels.
    1. After 2 years of courting my dream company, and talks of a permanent job some freelancing for them on July 27th they were waiting on more client work, and, today (Sep.1) I finally received an email from them giving me an offer. Although I desperately want to work there as the job is close to my talents and passions, this job pays hugely less than my current unfulfilling job. I wonder, if I got this offer during Mercury retrograde, how do I approach it? Do I postpone any talks or contracts until Sep. 22, or because I know them from the past and started the talks way back when, can I go ahead and take the job? The pay is what it is, I knew that coming in, but I really want this to be permanent job which I will enjoy and grow in for years to come. Will retrograde muddy it up?
    2. After 3 years of trying to repair a 12yo marriage with therapy, I have finally decided to find a place and move out, to get some distance. There is still compassion but it is completely platonic at this point. I have also broken my wows which cannot be taken back so I think moving on. Last year on 13th and 17th May, I got very close to a friend, who became more than that, and going strong, like I have never experienced before with anyone at 37yo. It is simply not a common relationship, I might even label it a twin flame situation. I am worried about retrograde- when to move to a new place? Are my decisions about me leaving my marriage to be put on hold until later? I am not planning to move in with a new person just yet but I am definitely serious about taking it to next level. Any advice?

    1. doudini2

      Oh, I might also add, that I am a Sagittarius, new love is Leo, and long term partner is Taurus.

    2. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Doudini2,

      Yes, the retrograde will muddy it up. (Read the answer to “periwinkle violet” below re how Merc Rx affects employment.) Wait. If it’s still there after Sept. 22, begin to take it. As for your relationship Q’s, I would need to read your chart. Generally, Taurus-Sage is a sexual/financial link, w/o romance. Sag e/Leo is total romance, but you shou;ld not even contact him until your marriage is legally over — divorce. Otherwise, you REALLY muddy the waters.



  3. may16

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for the weekly forecasts.. Always a pleasure to read.

    You write for the virgo forecast that we will gravitate towards a former lover. I’ve made small steps towards one but was wondering what signs to look for to suggest that it will be different than before. We had more friendly/flirty interactions in April and June and I would like to rekindle things.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, may16

      Generally, old flames (after the holiday of re-meeting) tend to run into the same problems that shut the relationship down in the first place. Sometimes the link was severed circumstantially (e.g., one person is transferred, or lost, or parents take him away) or mistakenly. (I left you for a mirage, now I see you were the only real thing in my life and I want you back, etc.) Signs? Look for signs that he’s/she’s changed whatever broke you up. Ask direct questions.



  4. farscape

    Hi Tim,

    I started a writing project in one form some time ago but didn’t complete it. I was planning on revitalizing this project and completing it in a different form during the Mercury retrograde period. Would this be considered a new project — should I wait until the retrograde has passed?

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, farscape — no, it is from the past. However, with writing and painting, even a former, reprised project can come to grief — be careful not to “overdo” your revisions. (Temptation will be to re-write and re-write, and end up in piles of confusion.)



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