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START NOTHING: 1:28 am to 2:15 pm Mon., 10:27 am to 8:31 pm Wed., and 4:33 pm Fri. to 0:50 am Sat.


Several readers have asked me to look at Canada’s Justin Trudeau and his re-election chances in light of the SNC-Lavalin bribery scandal. As my answer is long, I put it in the AFTERAMBLE.
***   ***

BITS N’ PIECES:  Here’s an easy solution for Trump’s border problems: just bus all immigrants to sanctuary cities, say 1,000 or 2,000 at a time, and disgorge them in front of city hall. Let the sanctuary cities care for them.
***   ***

Poor Joe Biden, not a chance. He is, though, as noble as he seems. He’s a conflicted person: he has Scorpio’s deep sex drive and secretiveness (his Sun) and an Aquarian’s piercingly clear idealism (his Moon). These could, in ancient times, be elements of tragedy.
***   ***

Remember when I wrote in late 2016 that the “defenders of democracy” faced a dilemma: do they subvert democracy to save democracy? Do they act undemocratically to prevent the free election of a man (Trump) who they fear will end democracy? (With a special “hat’s off” to Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Loretta Lynch, Strzok, Page, Orr, Don Lemon, Morning Joe, Rachel Maddow and all their friends.)
***   ***

Remember when I wrote in 2018 that yellow was the colour of aggression and violence? The “Yellow Vest” rebellion/riots in France began soon after, and have continued to this day. The yellow vest thing was adopted by a protest group in Ottawa, Canada
***   ***

Remember when I wrote, “Facebook sucks?” 180 million crimes later, FB is still, like, existing in murky waters.. Now it’s charged with supporting discriminatory housing ads — hundreds of thousands of them (?) (millions?) at a fine of $50,000 per incident.
***   ***

In 2018 I opined that Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein would “face the music” in April. Well, he just left his post, but, it seems, by mutual, amicable agreement… so I might have been wrong about his being “punished” in April for his earlier actions against Trump.
***   ***

I was wrong about Israel. I thought Mars on its Sun would bring a peak in war-like activities. Instead, it was a spark. There was more war after this spark than before.
***   ***

Remember when I told you Michael Avenatti (lawyer attacking Trump) was bad? He’s just been arrested for attempting to extort  $25,000,000 from Nike, the sports clothier.

Ah, well.
***   ***


ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Your energy, charisma and effectiveness remain at a world-beating high, Aries. Step forward, start things, make contact, lead, propose new goals. You are restless, also, want to travel, visit, call, learn. A flurry of interactions/discussions will fill the 5 weeks ahead. Government agencies and “head offices” will continue to help you — just ask.

Pursue $ or shop for quality Sun., perhaps Mon. (Read “start nothing” above.) Errands and easy (but rushed) chores fill Mon. pm to Wed. eve (PDT). Some glitches and mistakes Tues. Look at the big picture: is what you’re saying, delivering, asking, in tune with your career/status goals? You might spy a distant opportunity… it will prove elusive, take some time to gel (Sept. to Nov.).

Home, family call Wed. night through Fri. Luck is mixed here — secrets or communications with government types work against you, and career factors too. You might need to choose between home/rest and career/outside efforts. Saturday’s for self-expression, romance, creative and speculative urges, beauty and pleasure — expect success all weekend! (A recent romance, you might have thought went nowhere, could swiftly call again.)

taurus weekly forecast TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Remain discreet, withdrawn, and restful. Ponder your life and career — where are you going, and how? Make plans. Be spiritual, charitable. This for 2 more weeks. Your friends remain supportive, buoy your mood. Now to mid-May, more money than usual will flow to you. Bank it, save it, or you could end this period with less than you started. The gov’t might have a check for you.

Your energy and charisma bob on a sea of goodwill Sun./Mon. Tackle something significant! Pursue $ Mon. afternoon to Wed. eve (PDT). But don’t push too hard, as your luck is very mixed. Friends don’t really help, nor do lawyers, the law. Seek bargains. but watch for over-ripe food Tues., and act ethically.

A sweet love vision (or popularity wish) could draw you late Wed., even as practical boundaries tell you “no.” Still, a financial or sexual opportunity lurks in all this — most apparent Wed. daytime.

Errands, swift but easy chores, calls, texts, paperwork — these fill Wed. night through Fri. Mostly good stuff/results, but work alone (or at least don’t step into other peoples’ arguments). Not a good time to invest, nor “push” intimacy — but very late Thurs., early Fri., a sweet, even captivating friend could become something more. Be home or putter around the ‘hood Saturday — hug the kids, buy/sell or rent real estate, garden, decorate, repair, etc. All’s good!

GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Two more weeks of social joys, happy times, flirtation, light romance, popularity, and optimism. Enjoy yourself, chat others up, show off a bit! Bosses, parents and authorities remain helpful, gracious, and, finally, decisive. Ask a favour or propose a project before this ends (partly by April 16, partly by the 20th).

You are imbued with extra energy and determination for the next 5 weeks. Your sexual magnetism will rise, also. A rather important wish could come true. An Aries, another Gemini, or a person whose first name starts with A or R, might be instrumental. BUT wishes around intimacy or major finances will wither Tues. to Sat., so pursue something else.

Lie low, ponder and plan Sun./Mon. All’s well, smooth — rest to recharge your batteries. By Monday mid-afternoon to Wed. eve, your energy not only returns, it surges to a monthly high. Start projects, seek favours, lead, propose, see and be seen. Higher-ups favour you, but not financially. Can you work around this?

A lucky link or new contact might appear Wed. morning. Chase money, buy/sell, seek bargains Wed. night through Fri. Don’t invest though, and leave a sensual “plum” alone. Not a good time (esp. Thurs.) to seek agreement or negotiate a contract. Don’t buy a car, computer, or used items. Saturday’s for everything you like: errands, calls, quick visits and chats. Be curious, go exploring!

CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The general focus remains on your worldly standing, career, prestige relations, and ambitions. As previously mentioned, head office or gov’t situations are fertile career ground right now (to mid-May). (Same period, avoid dark alleys, biker clubs and belligerent people.)

Your ethical, intellectual, cultural and love fronts sway in a pleasant breeze of grace and affection. Make hay here while you can — this trend will start dissolving by next week. Remember, all year, there’s plenty of work — can you handle it all?

Wishes come true Sun./Mon. Your popularity, optimism and joie-de-vivre float you along on a swell of good feelings. Flirt, or be a good friend. Sunday’s better. Retreat from the bustling crowd Mon. afternoon to Wed. eve. Ponder, plan, interact with agents, gov’t, advisors — but don’t take any advice Tues. (Especially avoid psychics — they will misinterpret their images.) A work/duty “opening” Wed. morning.

Your energy, pizzazz, clout and initiative return Wed. night through Fri. You might be right, but don’t argue (nor seek co-operation/agreement) Thursday. (A “philosophical” agreement possible Fri.) You will need to carefully balance relationships with career demands Fri. — but actually Tues. to Friday. Saturday’s for shopping, sensual interludes, and good work/money news. (If no news, start something!)

Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

You’re riding a wave of emotional and mental peace and joy, Leo. It’s not Christmas, but the cosmos will shower you with little gifts anyway. Right now, you have 4 trends pointing in the same direction.

  • One, this whole year is romantic.
  • Two, the present month (to April 19/20) leans toward love of a gentle, elevated kind, ranging from wedding urges to compassionate acceptance of all mankind’s foibles. If you’re single, it’s almost guaranteed that someone would say yes to your proposal.
  • Three, a major wish around love, socializing, far travel or intellectual pursuits can come true anytime up to mid-May.
  • Four, March’s obscuring curtain of delays, indecisions and false starts in sex/intimacy dissolves now, to bring solid opportunities — and urges — to “close the gap.”

So you face luck in romance, weddings, wishes and sex. What’s stopping you? If you’re attached, substitute, in this order (1,2,3,4 above) these words: for romance: raising kids, beauty, pleasure, creativity. For weddings: school, far travel, legal or media affairs. For wishes: any wish around the same (school, etc.). And for sex: finances, research, medical.

Sunday/Mon. are for career, status — all good! Monday afternoon to Wed. eve, your popularity and optimism soar, and a wish could come true. Careful Tues. — deception and “hard reality” lurk.

Withdraw to quietude Wed. night through Fri. This whole late week period (Tues. night to pre-dawn Sat.) challenges your work and health — or these try to interfere with your social, travel and intellectual needs. Ponder, plan and tackle neglected duties. Eat, dress sensibly. Saturday, you burst out with energy, cheer, charm and “I can do it!” — and you can.

VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

All that’s deep and moves the world, starts to slide along the surface. Decisions and promises you make now are likely connected to these deep, underground forces, and will be fulcrum points of your life. Whatever you commit to now will turn your future. (Potential/likely commitments: sex, pregnancy, mortgage, investments, debt program, lifestyle, medical.) Consider well before you choose.

Your greatest luck this year lies in food and shelter zones, food, home, security, real estate and family, and associated businesses (e.g., making furniture). It’s a grand year for buying/selling a home. Oddly, April is good for buying, not selling.

Relationships remain affectionate, lively — and, better, are free of the delays and indecisions of March. Now to mid-May, higher-ups can be impatient, bad tempered. On the plus side, your new talent for research, keeping secrets, and financial knowledge — these might boost you into rare career levels before mid-May.

Sunday/Monday emphasize understanding, gentle love — enter without worry. Your career, worldly standing come into focus Mon. afternoon to Wed. eve. Careful Tues., when affection, deception, and “hard facts” form a potent (and unlucky) distraction.

Wishes, optimism, popularity, flirtations and social delights visit Wed. night through Fri. It’s hard to dent your bright mood, and finally your good mood does lead to good luck, especially in a relationship. But a disagreement could arise Thurs., and generally this week (Tues. to Sat. pre-dawn) does conflict with romance.

The question becomes, do you delve deeper into hidden matters, deep consequence, or do you try to float on a romantic surface? I recommend the former, but you decide. Withdraw to find quietude, to ponder and plan, Saturday.

LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Perhaps the most consequential month of 2019, Libra. Yes, there will be opposition, competition, perhaps even enemies (so be diplomatic!). And yes, others hold the aces, so you need to join their projects, or at least wind your way around them. But there will also be opportunities, and these opportunities have “wheels” — their spokes extend into relationships, distant places, educational, media, legal areas, travel and friendly talk.

For instance: you could meet love and marriage at school or on a journey, or a sudden liking between you and another could lead to a bright business action, or an opportunity might whisk you away to a foreign shore. Avoid law suits until mid-May.

Same period, a Gemini is very serious; an Aries might feign marriage interest but is only casually committed; an Aquarian might have a temper tantrum because you want lust, not romance. Whatever happens, if you’re single this could be your spring of commitment! If attached, look for mutual opportunities, potential “partnerships of interest.”

Sunday/Monday pull you toward secrets, big finances, sexual desires — all benevolently. Love, intellectual, legal, travel, advertising, media and cultural interests draw you Mon. afternoon to Wed. eve. That “serious Gemini” might appear. But realize work/health and domestic glitches could interfere with any of these (love, intellect, et al) esp. Tues.

Be ambitious Wed. night through Friday. Talk, travel will obstruct, waste time (no agreement reached) but if you just work quietly you’ll succeed. Saturday’s for friends, flirting, popularity and optimism. You’ll be happy — if single, send signals!

SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Lots of work, Scorpio — might as well dive in and get it done, this week and next. Continue to protect your health. Your work gets more interesting now to mid-May, as it starts to delve into secrets or mysteries, into research and financial levers and power structures.

The same period, invest only cautiously, without impulse. Best investments: machinery, manufacturers, health/medical equipment, concrete, infrastructure and materials. Despite the work accent, a streak of romance (or creativity or simple pleasure) winds through the week — without the delays or second thoughts of last month.

Sunday/Monday bring relationships, lively and beneficial ones. People you considered staid now kick up their heels. Secrets, lust for sex or power, financial moves, research and detective work — these fill Mon. afternoon to Wed. eve (PDT). Step cautiously Tues. to pre-dawn Wed. — you might be way off base about someone who attracts you, or you could make a bad commitment, investment.

Compassion, gentle love, understanding and intellectual exploration, far travel, legal and cultural themes fill Wed. night through Fri. Some struggles are in store — mainly in communicating, love and money (fighting each other). But good things shine just under the mud: emeralds of love, pearls of affection. Be ambitious Saturday — the money results could be fabulous, sooner or later!

SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Romance is imminent or here. Your heart is in “melting” form, and another, perhaps a Gemini who challenges you with teasing opposition; or a hairy Aries who finds you a fount of wisdom; or a Leo, impulsive and romantic by nature; (or a Libra or Aquarian) — another responds intensely. (I picked Gemini first because your romance planet is there until mid-May. Although you might be breaking up with a Gemini, too.)

Your home remains warm, affectionate all week — recent problems/indecisions there now iron out, in satisfying ways. If you’re married, a combination of warm affection, charming kids and — sorry — argument — keeps everything lively. Humour will lead to laughter and love; anger sparks anger. This week, esp. Tues. to Friday, causes upheavals or refusals around sex, investments, debt, income, and possessiveness.

Sunday/Monday throw work at you — dive in Sunday, you’ll get a handsome amount done. Relationships — both for you and against you — pop up Mon. afternoon to Wed. eve. Careful — a domestic matter gets in the way of agreement Tues. Money “unreliable.” Domesticity wins, probably. But another has deep faith in you — perhaps shows it Wednesday.

Life’s mysterious side, intuition, subconscious promptings, investments, debt, sex, commitment, medical and lifestyle matters — these grow prominent Wed. night through Fri. Take care here — the only reliably good period is 2 pm-4:30 pm Fri. (PDT).

A relationship, an agreement or negotiation could hit a brick wall Thurs. Domestic love looks splendid late Thurs. night to Fri. just past dawn. You’ll love Saturday — understanding, far travel, a world view, love — something big is brewing!

CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The general accent lies on home, kids, nature, garden, nutrition, security and a strong foundation — and on cutting away useless/atrophied situations, projects and relationships, and seeding new ones. For two more weeks.

During these two weeks, expect lots of conversation and quick visits, perhaps to discuss/arrange something domestic: a garden party? start a landscape business? add a bedroom? You’ll be working hard now to mid-May, so keep your health up, dress and eat sensibly, take regular rest breaks. Avoid sun burn/stroke.

Sunday/Monday inject a sweet elixir of beauty or romance; your thoughts drift on a breeze of pleasure, inspiration. Sunday’s better. Tackle chores Mon. afternoon to Wed. eve (PDT). Wasteful talk/travel Tues. could steer you in the wrong direction. You want to work on your home.

Relationships confront you Wed. night through Fri. There is love in short calls, trips, but some opposition, too. Let go of a useless argument Thurs. You’ll make the right, last-minute decision or message late Fri. afternoon. Saturday’s mysterious, draws you toward sexual intimacy or financial action, toward medical aid or lifestyle decisions — plunge into these, they begin a powerful, beneficial weekend.

AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Dive into paperwork, calls, messages, short trips, and a bunch of swift, easy chores. Your travel or communications could put you in touch with someone who glows with sexual, friendship and romantic appeal. This possibility exists until mid-May. Love will be intense. Your $ luck looks good — delays are over, action’s recommended.

Lean toward home, family Sunday/Monday. Sunday’s better — good time to start a garden, nature hike, furniture (etc.) purchase, paint, etc. Children will appreciate your guiding hand. Rest deeply. Romance, beauty, pleasure, charming kids, creative and gambling urges arrive Mon. mid-afternoon to Wed. eve (PDT). Caution Tues. — deception’s in the air, might affect your money, possessions. Buy nothing used.

At the last minute Wed., when it seems love is kaput or dulled, a hope, a wish, opens another door. Tackle chores Wed. night through Friday. A romantic wish might meet a “NO.” If so, believe it, move on. Your money’s lucky — could come in a pay raise, sales of luxuries. Again, after love’s trials, an opening seems to come Fri. afternoon — or is that just lust’s twinge?

Saturday’s for relationships — dive in, this weekend can bring love’s joys, or bring another wish true. (A social one?) From Tues. to early Sat., don’t reveal secrets. Good time to circle around the gov’t, rather than directly engage.

PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Pursue $, Pisces — for the next two weeks, buy/sell, cultivate clients, ask for a pay raise, hold a garage sale, etc. Your sensual side will be prominent, and sensitive. Last month’s indecision has fled your heart, so you can pick wisely. That applies to luxury items, too.

Remember, 2019 is a year of great career/status potential for you — this April adds the money ingredient. Your home is stressed now to mid-May, perhaps because you’re spending money on it. Be gentle with children, and don’t fly into a temper and cut ties with anyone until you’ve thought it over.

Sunday/Mon. feature easy, quick chores, friendly contacts, visits/trips, calls and messages. All’s fine — Sunday’s far better than Mon. Your home and family, security, nutrition, garden, Mother Nature — these, and the need for rest — arise Mon. afternoon to Wed. eve.

Don’t buy anything to impress anyone — e.g., reject that weird Victorian antique. Someone might be almost magically attracted to you, but a long-term successful link isn’t likely. (Unless this is an adoption situation.) Passion, art, pleasure, beauty, risk-taking and romance fill Wed. night through Fri. However, the road won’t be smooth. You might have to put romance aside for a career or reputation gain; arguments are possible; and friends might pull apart amongst themselves. Ah, well, this will pass.

Meanwhile, forget wishful thinking, and don’t mix money and friends. Last minute, Friday pm, the relationship sun breaks through the clouds. Saturday’s for work and health — tackle them all weekend, results will gratify!



VIRGOS:  Virgo men are often traditionally handsome. Virgos are sexually attracted to Aries, or someone whose Sun is in the same place as their Mars. But a marriage between these two signs is not a free ticket to enduring bliss. Each remains a mystery to the other, which can sometimes promote secrecy, and secrecy can lead to suspicion, and so on. Loyalty becomes a question.

Caucasian Virgo women often have a clear, translucent face; the cheeks are red and innocent. (I’m sorry, I live in Vancouver, Canada — well, nearby — and have no knowledge of Black Virgo women, as there are almost no Blacks here, and I have met none in, oh, a decade. I think Asian Virgo women have milkier or creamier complexions than other signs, but not sure.) Virgos have the kind of beauty that ages well. As seniors, they take on a woody, natural look, wear natural fibre clothes, and are quite handsome. This sign can reach happiness, but it worries too much — a biological asset in a personality tasked with the care of details. Gardening relaxes them — and woodworking.
***   ***

DESTINY:   It’s quite possible: the planet Neptune rules the subconscious (hence sleep, dreams, intuition, etc.). But Pluto rules the unconscious. Pluto also rules destiny. The obvious link: the unconscious and destiny are closely aligned. I think our destiny is the unfoldment (manifestation) of what our unconscious most desires. Hence, our destinies emerge from ourselves.

If Jung is (likely) right, we all share one mass unconscious, so our destinies interweave, are combined; even – as Dostoyevsky thought – are one. (I picture it as we are each a nodule on the happy belly of this mass mind.) So we can’t really blame someone else, or God, for our destiny, or for bad or good “luck.” We own it, so to speak.
***   ***

CANADA’S NEXT ELECTION:  A few readers have asked me to look at Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and his now former Justice Minister, Jody Wilson-Raybould, over the SNC-Lavalin bribery scandal. Jody Wilson-Raybould was born March 23, 1971 — an Aries. Justin Trudeau, who allegedly told her to back away from charging SNC with a crime, was born the same year, 1971, on December 25 — a Capricorn.

These two signs are in a power position to each other, and are seldom comfortable in a relaxed, friendly way. Usually, Capricorn has the power over Aries, but if that power becomes too onerous or constant, the Aries will rebel, and then — watch out. Aries can kill Cap with one blow; but Cap usually has Aries well in hand, like a lion tamer controlling the cat.

Jody’s Moon is almost certainly in Aquarius, so she was snagged by “12th house” (to her Moon) machinations — e.g., the government and back room politics. Justin’s Moon is in Aries, Jody’s sun sign! I think Jody felt suffocated and repressed by Justin, but in addition, she and Justin have a “sympatico” feeling toward each other, one that of course would violate both their marriage vows. I suspect the repressed attraction led to anger and, perhaps, what anger leads to. If anyone brings Justin down, it will be Jane Philpott, a Sagittarian.

Justin is in a difficult 18 months — it started Nov., 2018, and lasts to May 5, 2020. For Justin, the “hammer of karma” won’t fall with its full force until 2020, but it weakens and depresses him even now. The federal election is supposed to be held October 21, 2019. The Moon will be void -of-course in Cancer until about 12:30 pm Eastern Time, and will ride through Leo the rest of the day.

I hate predicting election winners/losers, partly because my own prejudices sully my thoughts. His opponent appears to be Andrew Scheer, born May 20, 1979. Andrew’s a Taurus, with a Pisces Moon. His lunar south node is in Pisces, so Scheer does not have the best motives emotionally, and his fondest wishes usually do not come true. (He should get a lot from romance, tho.)

The early vote should favour him, but the late vote will defeat him. Even so, the election takes place with a very benevolent aspect to his moon ruler, so he will garner praise and “party optimism” from his showing. So I think Justin wins. If Jody was running, she might win.

There is also the matter of a new party, called the People’s Party of Canada, founded by its leader, Maxime Bernier, September 14, 2018. Maxime was born January 18, 1963 — another Capricorn, just like Justin, but with a Scorpio Moon I THINK. (Small possibility his Moon’s in Libra.) It’s very rare for new political parties to garner much of the vote — they aren’t known yet, their organizational structure is usually immature, etc. But Bernier might do better than expected — if his party had a few years under its belt, I’d be inclined to say he’d win this election. But I think it has to go to Justin.

I might change these conclusions/this forecast in the future, as I have’t really look at their charts and the role of Jupiter yet. But for now, I’ll let this stand.
***   ***

OBSTRUCTION:   Mueller cleared Trump of collusion because he had to, based on the facts. But on the obstruction front, Mueller would only say he couldn’t decide/tell. Legally, Mueller should have said “no obstruction” because he did not have enough to prosecute. But Mueller disregarded law and regulation, letting the obstruction charge dangle for one reason: Trump had poured scorn on his “witch hunt” while Mueller was conducting it.

Leaving the dangling suspicion was Mueller’s little elbow in the ribs to Trump. Petty. (I don’t consider Trump petty in this because anyone who rails and rants against injustice — and Mueller was unjust, ruining many innocent lives — is not petty.) The only real hero in this whole affair was James Corsi, who, rather than selling everything he owned to pay lawyers to protect him during Mueller’s grilling, told Mueller and his hatchet men to F.O. — and they did. Ah, well.
***   ***


5 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST ~ APRIL 7 – 13, 2019

  1. KurakAkuyek

    Hi Tim,
    Wondering what kind of ‘secret’ you meant that Aquarius shouldn’t reveal from Tue-Sat (Apr 7-13 forecast)? About ourselves or other people? What if that secret involving some information that will benefit other and ourselves too? What are the star alignment that have you write that particular warning?

  2. rd38

    Oh crap. One more thing.

    Lawyer Michael Avenatti represented Stormy Daniels, a woman who made money being filmed having sex, and later from Trump to keep her yap shut. Avanatti didn’t represent “We, The People”, the Republicans or the Democrats. Again, you make the scenario another case of Trump against a “fake”world. The only person not being deservedly humiliated is Daniels who made even more money breaking the contract she made with Trump-. Fortunately, the press basically ignored her exiting courthouse speech she attempted, trying to align herself with the Me Too movement!

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hey, rd38,
      Avenatti was embraced by the Dems, and announced he would run for prez as a Dem…he suborned perjury against Trump, filed false affidavits against Trump, criticized him incessantly on the liberal fake news media stations…Avenatti was a dem hit man who unfortunately for himself, but deservedly, hit himself. He was the ultimate con man, the ultimate “fake.”

  3. rd38

    OMG. Is this the appropriate forum to express your deep respect for Trump. I may agree with some of his platforms but face it, the guy’s a cretin!- and it’s impossible to ignore that. I’m finally listening to Bannon, whom I previously despised. He was, unarguably in the “eye of the hurricane” when Trump took office. In spite of his very conservative leanings, even he is very concerned over Trump’s capability and shockingly concedes to a Civil War-like atmosphere POTUS has created.

    It doesn’t matter if you print this. You really get my OCD going with your praise ( call it what it is) of Trump.

    Keep up the good work, otherwise!

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