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START NOTHING: 8:02 pm Sun. to 7:48 am Mon., 8:36 am to 7:56 pm Wed., and 7:15 pm Fri. to 6:06 am Sat.


I promised I’d try to see the “new system” that I think will transform the U.S. political structure. I’ve put this after Pisces’ forecast, in the AFTERAMBLE.
***   ***

Property in East Vancouver will eventually be higher priced than in North Vancouver.

***   ***

America is the greatest threat to democracy in the world today. That’s because it’s the greatest democracy.
***   ***


ARIES:  March 21-April 19

You’re in charge this week and the next two, Aries. Start ventures, make new contacts, lead the way. You face a bright new life, so burst through flimsy barriers meant only to test you. Your dealings with gov’t, institutions and advisors yield fortunate results now to April 20. (Matters left hanging from the past, and secrets, fill this area until mid-April.)

Your gift of gab, and your restless urge to travel, propel you all April and half of May. Good time to get your message out, and/or satisfy your curiosity about something.

Sunday can bring a wish true! Be happy, social, flirty — you’re popular! But take a rest from all the fun Mon. dawn to Wed. suppertime. Rest, ponder, plan. Deal with hidden allies, civil servants, admin. workers. Friction Monday morn. Disagreement (or an unexpected stroke of luck) Wed. morn. Otherwise, all’s good.

Your energy and charm surge back Wed. eve to Sat. dawn — charge ahead, lead others, call in favours, start major projects. But recognize that people above you on the career ladder aren’t “easy sells” — they’re sceptical, willing to exercise power “darkly” — i.e., out of view. This might arise Fri. daytime, but is preceded and followed by success. Pursue money, have a short sensual fling, or seek bargains, early Sat. onward.

taurus weekly forecast TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The three weeks ahead emphasize rest, weariness, contemplation and dealings with “background” people — i.e., civil servants, advisors, agents, institutional workers, therapists, etc. So without feeling guilty, let yourself sink down into deep rest. Not that you’ll get tons of it, for friends and others won’t leave you alone — in the nicest ways.

A good few weeks to talk about your future with supportive allies. Money will roll toward you now to mid-May, but you’ll have a subconscious urge to get rid of it — watch spending, bills! (And taxes.) You’ll decide (in May, probably) between “immediate money” and long-term “investments.”

Sunday’s for prestige, status and career concerns — all goes well, so march ahead! A wish could come true (actually, two — or four — small ones) Monday morning to Wed. eve. A bit of $ friction early Mon., and a “refusal to merge” Wed. morning — but otherwise, everything soothes and uplifts you — including friends.

Retreat, rest, ponder and plan Wed. eve to dawn Sat. But don’t ponder the justice or rightness of things, or you’ll spark resentment in your own heart (and for no reason). This “danger” mostly exists Fri. daytime. Can also manifest as legal, ritual, international, media or educational obstacles. But it ends well, even very luckily.

Your energy and charisma bounce back Sat., even surprising others. Be a leader, march forth — define the goal/problem, and tackle it. You’re favoured, for success and for feelings, love.

GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

The three weeks ahead improve your mood, Gemini. Happiness, a feeling of accomplishment (from recent efforts), popularity, social delights, optimism and entertainment — these  strike the tone for most days. A rather major wish might come true, could concern relocation, public appearances, a negotiation or contract, fame, and/or love or practical partnership.

You’re more outgoing, now to May, than you have been for at least 2 years. Your determination, courage and sexual magnetism roar like a race car, now to mid-May. Lots of talk, meetings and calls swirl around your ambitions and worldly status, this week and next. Recent snags and mis-starts can now be corrected in this zone.

Sunday’s for contemplation, great ideas and ponderous thought, far travel, education, media, statistics — and love. Write, speak to loved one. Your career and worldly standing are in focus Mon. morning to suppertime Wed. You might be a little too aggressive for your own success Mon. morn, and a “co-operator” might abandon your campaign Wed.; but all succeeds between these two book-ends, so charge ahead.

Happiness visits Wed. eve to Sat. dawn — a wish could come true, friends welcome you, you might join a new club or “society” — and will be welcomed if you do. Flirtations and fun fill your heart; people notice how your eyes twinkle. Take care Fri. daytime when sex, finances, medical factors or secrets defy you: avoid them.

This phase ends well (Fri. suppertime PDT) when love, agreement, or other blessings reassure you. Someone might even say, “marry me.” Head for quietude, rest Saturday. All’s well!

CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Be ambitious and hard-working for the next three weeks, Cancer. You might be tested, but you’ll survive. Talk to higher-ups, explain to authorities, start significant projects — be seen, not withdrawn. Now to mid-May, you can find fertile career fields/actions await you in head office, administrative, institutional, medical, warehousing/logistics or government areas. (During the same 6 weeks, avoid belligerent people, dark alleys and all dangerous places. Cancer athletes will tend to win.)

Your intellectual side floats on a stream of goodness, correct ideas, and broad, compassionate views, until mid-April. A good time for international affairs/travel, law, media, higher education, cultural/social rituals — and gentle love— especially Monday morning to Wed. suppertime (PDT). (Careful Mon. morn, when a “secret enemy” disagrees, and Wed. morn, when work demands might interfere.)

Earlier, sex, secrets, finances, intuition and deep aspirations fill Sunday — chase ‘em, all’s well. Monday-Wed. is described above. This month’s whole point arises Wed. night to Sat. dawn — ambition, career, striving to get ahead. These few days will end well, perhaps even with a promotion (or doorway thereto) but work alone. Co-operation is elusive, even flatly refused, esp. Fri. Saturday’s for fun, friends, social joys — and celebration!

Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

This week brings up or focuses on the main themes of April — intellectualism, travel, mysteries/secrets and “deep actions.” The three weeks ahead favour far travel, higher education, intellectual pursuits, international affairs, law, statistics, cultural and social rites, fame —and love. Your wishes about these areas will tend to come true for six weeks — into mid-May. (You’ll also feel hopeful about them. And the number of your friends will increase, same 6 weeks.)

All these — far travel to love to expanding popularity — will be emphasized this Wednesday eve to Saturday dawn (PDT). One caution: work duties, or co-workers, or home demands, might obstruct your pursuit of these “higher matters” (far travel, etc.) especially Friday daytime.

Earlier, the darker depths of life — secrets, medical puzzles, lust (for sex or power) and finances — arise Monday dawn to suppertime Wed., and will affect you rather favourably until mid-April. Chase after these, but DON’T let them interfere with romance or your social/love hopes (early Mon. and morning Wed.).

Even earlier, Sunday emphasizes relationships and exciting meetings. You’ll succeed in wooing someone, for love or business. At the other end of the week, the last day, Saturday, boosts your neighbourhood image, your career and status.

VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The three weeks ahead emphasize secrets, mysteries, research and detective work, large finances, investments, debt, sexual desires, medical exigencies, and heightened intuition. Go with the small, almost voiceless nudge inside; if logic disagrees, examine the logic for flaws.

Now to mid-May this whole area of secrets, etc. can have a marked effect on your career, public standing, and status. (E.g.: research could boost your career “value” — verboten sex could harm your public reputation — or good sex could change your marital status.)

This arena of activity is emphasized Wed. eve to Sat. dawn (PDT) — one major glitch, which shows Friday: romance, creative ventures, could be “bumped off course” by all these deep actions/lusts.

Earlier, Sunday holds chores, easily accomplished. Eat, dress sensibly. Monday morning to Wed. suppertime bring relationships, opportunities, relocation themes, negotiations, agreements — and disagreements, challenges, even enemies. But that last will only show Mon. morn or, less so, Wed. morn.

Otherwise, charge ahead — sweet love, inspiration bless you, and you finally understand someone’s “nature,” or why there were those relationship delays last month. Late week is described above (sex, lust, research, etc.). Saturday brings wisdom, calm, love, and perhaps a new intellectual project.

For six weeks, be amenable, patient on the career front — bosses are impatient, temperamental (but they’ll forgive fast, too).

LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The three weeks ahead focus on relationships — open, honest attractions that can lead to love or business “partnerships,” to opportunities, to public dealings (even fame), to relocation, and even, if you aren’t diplomatic, to enmity, challenge and non-co-operation. Be willing to join or boost another’s plan or desire. Realize others have the power, hold the aces, until late April.

DO NOT begin or enter a lawsuit now to mid-May. (Same period, someone, perhaps a Gemini or Aries, might hotly pursue you. This could lead to mating, even to a good mating.) Your work place will be chatty and pleasant until mid-April. A co-worker affair might lure you. If you’re single, a recent bonding might now lead to discussions of marriage.

Sunday’s for romance, beauty, pleasure, charming children, sports/games and risk. All’s well, so enjoy. Love someone! Tackle chores Monday morning to suppertime Wed. (PDT). Sidestep any brewing controversy or friction Mon. morn, and keep your thoughts to yourself Wed. morn — otherwise, charge forth during this interval.  You’ll get a lot done, and will “correct” some mistakes of March. Eat, dress sensibly.

This month’s main theme — relationships —arises powerfully Wed. eve to dawn Sat. This interval starts well and ends well, even luckily. But beware the obstacle (mostly Friday) of family, property, or where you live – which can somehow interfere with, even make impossible – a wished-for partnership/love.

Saturday brings secrets, lust, intuition, major finances, medical and lifestyle decisions/actions. It’s a grand day, so do invest, roll in the hay, research or commit — consequences will be mild, good.

SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Three more weeks of work, Scorpio. Might as well plunge in and get it done. Your tasks will curve toward research, finances, physical or sexual action (beware the latter, morally), medical or lifestyle matters. You might be asked to commit to a certain job role, or be given confidential information, or be asked to collude. As long as you act honestly/ethically, you’ll do fine.

The next two weeks spark an intriguing thread of romance, or send you on a creative streak — this will answer/solve some of March’s delays or puzzles. Now to mid-May, your sexual side intensifies. Same period, don’t invest impulsively: think twice.

Sunday’s for home, family. All’s good, so start a garden or sit down for a satisfying family conference. Romance, creativity, speculation or the pursuit of pleasure draw you Monday morning to supper Wed. (PDT). Avoid argument, don’t push Mon. morn, and don’t chase money Wed. morn. Otherwise, charge ahead — someone will feel joy at your words, whether he/she accepts your advance or not.

Tackle chores and protect your health with sensible habits, Wed. eve to dawn Sat. A new task might arrive. Take care with short travel and your communications Fri. daytime — don’t buy a car, computer. Saturday’s for relationships — bright, interesting ones!

SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Romance, pleasure, beauty, charming kids, taking a risk, sports/games — these bless you for three weeks ahead — and could lead to big things: opportunities, a cherished relocation, marriage or a business tie. For 6 weeks, to mid-May, relationships will grow intense. Make love, not war! If single, you might meet your future mate.

Now to mid-April, many domestic or real estate questions (remaining from March) will be answered or solved. Your home life will shine with affection and “the beauty of flowers.”

Sunday’s for errands, visits, calls, paperwork. Be curious, ask questions or “read” the media. All’s well. Your home, family, garden, security and (if applicable) sales territory are emphasized Mon. morning to Wed. suppertime (PDT). Don’t argue Mon. morn, and work alone Wed. morn — otherwise, this is a pleasant and productive interval. Flower plantings, landscaping or a water garden project, would succeed.

The beauty and romance, risk and winnings mentioned in the first sentence above, come roaring in Wed. eve to dawn Sat. Mostly good, and ends beautifully (or at least with satisfaction) Fri. night. But be careful with money, possessiveness, or the release of embarrassing information Fri. daytime — these could send romance away. Saturday’s for work — dive in, you’ll get a lot done this weekend.

CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The few weeks ahead emphasize your domestic, property, security and nutritional concerns, Cap. It’s a time to settle down, “hibernate” to restore your energy. A time to prune atrophied relationships/projects, and to seed new ones.

These will be heightened Wed. eve to dawn Sat. (PDT) when a new garden, rental, security or similar project might begin. Great time to build or establish a “retreat” — a gazebo, garden nook, whatever.

The two weeks ahead bring answers and results from messages and queries, now that March’s delays have ended. You’ll be pleased by these answers. They might contain (good) news about your career or worldly status. This zone is in focus Mon. morning to suppertime Wed. (PDT). A new mail or communications, travel project might start. Be cautious Mon. morn, when an argument could, at its worst, cause the end of a job/employment. Don’t seek gov’t help Wed. morn.

Earlier, Sunday’s for pursuing money and shopping — all works out well, so go ahead. At week’s end, Saturday (April 6) shunts you into love, beauty, pleasure — a wee winning streak. Despite the emphasis on rest and recuperation, the 6 weeks now to mid-May bring intense work demands. You might quit a job, but only if other dissatisfying factors have built up over past months.

 AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The three weeks ahead aren’t terribly important. They centre on errands, communications, paperwork, trips and visits. Be curious, ask questions, explore new scenes. If you’re single, either these communications and trips will spark a new romance, or a romance will suddenly fill with trips and calls, texts, etc. This romantic streak lasts to mid-May. (If you’re attached, substitute “romance” with love of children, creative and speculative urges.)

More than one $ project was delayed or mis-started in March. Now to mid-April, you can “catch these up,” solve former delays and indecisions, or find answers to your money questions.

Sunday is yours — do what you want, start things, make contacts. You’re energetic, attractive, and in charge! Pursue money, buy/sell, cultivate clients, seek pay for work, or hunt for bargains, Mon. morn to suppertime Wed. (PDT). This period might also bring a sensual attraction.

Take care Mon. morn — sidestep a confrontation — and Wed. morn, when wishful thinking will yield nothing, or worse. In-between, all works well. You could start a good new earnings project.

This month’s main focus: errands, contacts, communications and travel, are highlighted Wed. night to Sat. dawn. This interval starts and ends well, might even bring a wish true (Fri. night); but take care Fri. daytime, when people who don’t wish you well could communicate the wrong thing, or when your words (or driving) could spark opposition from gov’t, even from the cosmos (e.g., accident).

Be home or putter around the ‘hood Saturday — you’ll be at peace, will breathe health and satisfaction.

PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Pursue money for the next 3 weeks, Pisces: buy/sell, seek bargains, cultivate clients, ask for a pay raise, hold a garage sale, etc. Your recent (March) indecision ends now. You feel complete, free, and ready to go. Those money efforts will be joined by good luck late April onward.

Only one major fly in the whole soup: friction at home. If there’s cause, it will erupt. This influence lasts 6 weeks, until mid-May. During this time, be gentle with kids. Same period, you could spend on rentals or real estate, buy furniture or garden stuff — or you can successfully sell the same or make money landscaping, painting houses, etc.

Lie low, rest and ponder Sunday — all’s well. Good time to research gov’t or “head office” aid for your project(s). Your energy and charisma surge upward Mon. morn to suppertime Wed. Again, be patient on the home front Mon. morn (no temper!). You’re the leader, so see and be seen, make new contacts, start significant ventures. Affection, talk, activity and new inspirations crowd this interval! A career boost possible Wed. morn.

Read the first sentence, above, for a clue to the Wed. eve to Sat. dawn period — chase $. A sensual attraction could arise, and be easily fulfilled. But take care Fri. daytime — a wish probably won’t come true, and friends distract or mislead you. Don’t try to “fight city hall.”

Friday eve/night, though, could aid your career or social standing. Saturday’s for errands, visits, quick trips, calls, texts, paperwork. All’s well, smooth, so just march ahead.



I promised I’d try to see the “new system” that I think will transform the U.S. political structure.

The “central” pivot or flex point of this change will be February 2022.

The chart (20 Feb. 2022, 11:23:32 am PST**) indicates difficulty with law, higher learning, and international relations, but an easy, smooth path in communications, transit, and gadgetry. Profound thought declines, chatter (social media) rises. Lots of rebellious or inspired or zealous chatter. Women hold the reins of power. Lovers are celebrated, and large crowds gather for idealistic ideas/beliefs. The bureaucracy grows atrophied, lazy. There is a bullying element. Cheerful, expansive leaders. Yet there seems to be anger everywhere — so hope, anger and cheerfulness — and many mistakes.

Okay, so this hints at the “climate,” but not the system. One thing: this new system moves the U.S.A. from an adversarial position in the world (wars, policing, etc.) to a “world friends” attitude. Progress will be made not by economic hegemony, conquest and opportunity, but by agreement, common interest and social motives. In other words, seen one way, the U.S. grows up. The political system remains crowd-oriented, or democratic.

What were technological strengths 1776-2021, become justice or relationship strengths. In recent centuries, women rebelled (suffragettes, etc.); in the few to come, women will uphold and strengthen partnerships. Serial and mass killers will grow rare.

Sorry, still not much idea of the new system, except that it will not be adversarial, so perhaps the two-party system will atrophy. In past centuries, grabbing land and rooting families were our “foundation” — soon, bureaucracy will be the basis, centre, reservoir of power, of our “foundations.”

(**This time is open to great doubt; even the exact date is dubious, for the U.S. birth chart is somewhat unreliable.)
***   ***

Of course Google is crooked. Try this simple experiment: type “Trump news” into the search bar, and the results will give you 5 or 6 news sites, all filled with anti-Trump fodder. Now type in “Trump fox news” and Google will give you the Fox sites, filled with both anti-Trump and pro-Trump fodder. Two different worlds. Now, shut down your computer. Now try again: and again: and again: every time you type in “Trump news” you’ll get the same intensely anti-trump sites: CNN, MSNBC, etc. Every time, reject these and type: “Trump fox” and “trump news fox” will appear.

Despite Google’s famous ability and operational protocol to view your previous searches, and bring new search results that follow the same “path” when you search again, Google refuses to do this with politics. Instead, it shuts the window to right-wing or Republican news/views, and instead holds an open door to all left-wing or Democratic news/views.

I have typed in “Trump fox” for over three months now, and so far Google has “banned” fox news from the offerings. It STILL will not bring up Fox news, despite my repeated clicks on their URL. It continues to bring up “Trump news CNN” and “trump news MSNBC” and simply, “Trump news,” Trump news today,” “Trump latest,” etc. — all virulently anti-Trump sites.

Is Google the Wizard of Oz,, working invisibly to brainwash the citizenry by controlling what they see, read and experience?


11 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST ~ MARCH 31 – APRIL 6, 2019

  1. B G

    Hi Tim, I’ve seen you state that if you are experiencing delays in a relationship that it can be beneficial. Why is delay our friend? I’m a Pisces and Virgo rising, and my BF is Aries ( and Virgo rising I think). It’s been a challenging few months for us. Some delays due to health on both our parts and his work. Wondering when the delays might end.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, BG,

      I really have a one-free-question per reader policy! ‘DELAY IS YOUR FRIEND’ applies when the lunar south node sits in your marriage sign/house. This doesn’t apply to you (virgo or pisces) at present. But this does apply, always: Aries is a sex sign for Pisces and Virgo, but this combo lacks other relationship qualities, and leans toward disloyalty and mistrust. Read the “VIRGO” item in the AFTERAMBLE of the April 7 column — talks about this.



  2. B G

    Hi Tim,

    You recently stated that eventually property in East Van will be worth more than that in North Van. When might that happen? Is that in the distant future or within the next 5-10 years? I own a house in East Van as an investment. It’s an older home that was renovated by the previous owner and we tore down the old gaffe to build a Laneway. The equity in the house has gone up but it’s not a sellers market at the moment and I’m wondering when I might sell? I can hold onto it for awhile but I’m curious to hear more about your sense of property prices rising again in Vancouver? Thank you!

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, BG,

      My comment about east van versus north van future property values was only based on logic, not astrology, so I have no time frame. In terms of your own holding(s), I would have to look at your birth chart to advise whether and when to sell.



  3. MedusaRed

    Hey Tim,

    Thank you for your insight every weeek! I noticed the little pictograph error for Aquarius… is uploaded as Capricorn.

    Just thought you should know!

    Yours truly,
    A neurotic Cap 😉

  4. GeminiSun

    Hi Tim
    Can I ask you about the number 39 ?
    What does it stand for / the meaning of it
    Thanks much ..

  5. Nadine

    Thank you Tim, the ex is an Aquarius , my life seems revolve around Aquarius partners.. I m the Leo 😊 .

  6. Nadine

    Hello Tim ,

    Well you were right on the money this month I thought I would let you know… I started a burning romance with a Gemini and I m a Leo on March 8 retrograde…. by the 21 my old love returned that I loved a lot … told the ex to leave it and kept the Gemini and today I was unceremoniously dumped by the Gemini… I should of stayed in bed and took your good advice earlier in the month. 😞 what a terrible month this has been. I hate rétrogrades.
    Lots of love to you,

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