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How filled with intelligence the world is!
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The two most powerful men on earth are Geminis (Xi and Trump). The 3rd is also an air sign: Libra Putin.
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Adam Schiff was born June 22, 1960 — a Cancer with a Gemini Moon. His lunar south node hints he often stumbles on legal and philosophical questions, but is very good at talking. His Neptune says he will always find a camera willing to alight on his talk, ideas. In some ways, he’s as media savvy as Trump. However, Gemini Trump will likely prove this Cancer’s nemesis.
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Remember that I wrote here that the world rise in realty prices would stop, even decline, for 7 years, and only places of high (mostly technological) productivity would see increasing prices? This (7-year) influence started in May, 2018, almost a year ago. By last month (March, 2019) Vancouver detached house prices had fallen 10% in one year. London, England prices have also fallen almost 10% year-over-year. San Francisco median prices have fallen from a Nov. 2018 peak of $1.35 to $1.26 million in April 2019. (In Silicon Valley, prices have risen since February, and in West Vancouver, home of entrepreneurs, prices bounced up from a Jan./Feb. low.)
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I might soon stop writing this column.
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ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Your last week of dominance, Aries, so take advantage — start projects, enlist helpers, ask favours, inspire others — lead! (Yes, there is a comfortable lair to sink into, perhaps with a partner, but action is better.) If you see a problem, a lack, contact the gov’t — they might help. You’ll be quite talkative, restless and travel-prone into mid-May.

Sunday’s made for romance, beauty, and pleasure. Take a risk — you’re on a superb one-day winning streak. Tackle chores Mon./Tues. Luck is mixed, so proceed with caution. Don’t be “too communicative” Monday. Dress, eat sensibly.

Relationships confront you — with joy and success Wed., and strong obstacles Thursday (maybe career, reputational, or sexual obstacles). But all ends well Thurs. night — you might even fall madly in love, or spark this in another. (But don’t let gushing emotions nudge you into a confrontation.) Dive into life’s mysteries Friday/Sat. Invest, alter your lifestyle, seek medical attention, chase intimacy, research or investigate. Success  is available.

taurus weekly forecast TAURUS: April 20-May 20

This is your last week of weariness, of feeling lonely or under the weather. Get some deep rest now if you can, for you’ll be a bundle of energy and action this Saturday (April 20) onward. The things that accompany a low energy period — gov’t liaisons, aid, charity, heightened intuition — will continue as a “side streak” into early/mid May. For now, friends soothe you. Money continues to flow toward you almost unbidden, to mid-May. Same period, watch your spending.

Sunday’s for home, family, security — great luck here, so charge in, do something significant. Romantic notions visit you Mon./Tues., but Mon.’s dicey, abrupt and harsh — Tuesday’s much better.

Tackle work Wed./Thurs. Wednesday goes very well, you might impress a higher-up with your energy, effort, and ability to see under surface appearances. Thursday holds some major obstacles, so work cautiously, read directions – and the less travel, talk and “romancing,” the better. Don’t buy tools/machinery. You’ll be glad to get home.

Relationships face you Fri./Sat. — so do opportunities, relocation themes, public dealings, negotiations and agreements. If you co-operate, approach, others will actually advance your situation.

GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Have fun while you can, Gemini. Your popularity, optimism and extroversion remain high. Flirt, seek adventure, and like minds. Next week begins a month of quietude, withdrawal and low energy. Despite this, your optimism continues to mid-May — so does your heightened sexual magnetism. You’ll actually grow more talkative. Also, that quietude will be disturbed fairly often by friends and well-wishers. But for now, embrace life and her benevolence. Higher-ups continue to like you this week, until Saturday.

Sunday’s splendid — great for writing, calling, errands, paperwork, travel. If you’re in love, or attracted, use this day to speak about it. Veer toward home Mon./Tues. Someone might offer a career plum Monday, then withdraw it due to conflicts. Be gentle with kids. Tuesday’s better, esp. for finances, intimacy and health — but co-operation might disappear, esp. with spouse.

Romance, beauty, pleasure, charming kids, creative and gaming urges — these arrive Wed./Thurs. Wednesday’s great — someone responds to your magnetism. But Thursday’s determined to deny you sexual or financial success. Still, this night brings relationship opportunity, might even trigger “mad love.”

Tackle chores Fri./Sat. — Friday might start with a surprise, but otherwise both days offer you a smooth path to accomplishment. Eat, drink sensibly.

CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Remain ambitious, Cancer. This is your last week of heavy status/career pressures and opportunities, but now to mid-May your career will continue to entwine with head office, gov’t departments, or institutions. (Your status, too: e.g., criminal Cancers could be drawn into jail.) Continue to give physical dangers a wide berth — you’re vulnerable. This is your last week of legal, travel and educational “favour” — so start something here, now, or let it go for some time. Expect discussions with higher-ups this week to early May.

Chase money, buy/sell, tour garage sales, cultivate clients, ask for a pay raise Sunday — or even seek employment. Your luck is high in these. Errands, paperwork, easy but quick chores, travel, communications and casual friends fill Mon./Tues. Careful Mon., when work and ethics don’t agree, and violence or arguments are possible late in the day. Tuesday’s much better: relationships reach agreement, mutual admiration. Neither day is good for buying machinery, tools, nor for seeking employment.

Your home embraces you Wed./Thurs. Sink in, rest, relax, putter, hug the kids. Wednesday goes well. If you’re a parent, you can “foresee” your children’s future “level of society.” Thursday’s tough — co-operation’s slim to none, and opposition can be subtle, hidden. Continue relaxing: Thurs. night might bring solutions, new vistas.

Romance strikes Fri./Sat. This might foreshadow the month ahead, which will be socially light-hearted and flirtatious. These two days also favour creative and speculative urges, pleasure, and teaching children. All’s well!

Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

This is your last week of fully embracing/pondering legal matters, higher education, far travel, publishing, cultural and social rites, and love. Especially love. If you’re in love, don’t just give your heart, give your life. Unattached? you might meet someone now (in a group). If married, dive into social events, hold a party or attend one. By Saturday (April 20) you start a month of work and career ambitions. Still, a social, popular, optimistic streak will accompany you into mid-May. A streak of wisdom, understanding, compassion, learning, ideas and perhaps travel tickets speeds into early/mid-May, also.

Sunday you’re the star: impress everyone, chase love — even a complete stranger might return your interest. Lead, convince, start projects, esp. those involving a gamble, a creative urge, beauty, romance, pleasure, or teaching. A beautiful day — chase/launch something!

Pursue money themes Mon. (difficult, be diplomatic) and Tues. (better, esp. where work and money combine). You might spy a fortunate investment opportunity, late.

Errands, paperwork, travel and communications fill Wed./Thurs. Wednesday’s great — social contacts blossom, your popularity gets a nice wee boost. A friendly love affair could start. But Thursday’s not so easy: work, health (or parents, authorities) stymie you. Be patient: Thurs. night into pre-dawn Fri. might bring a happy climax. Head for home Fri./Sat. You’ll be ensconced in warmth, affection — intimacy, investments go well.

VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Soon, enlightenment and rational thoughts will return to rule your mind’s nest, but for this week, let your intuition overrule “logic” (quotes ‘cuz logic is as changeable as our mood, perspective). Mysteries, secrets, uncovering treasures, research, medical needs, the deep, usually unseen forces of nature, sex/lust, power and finances — these continue to fill this week, so embrace them — good outcomes likely! (But not good romantic results.)

Bosses, parents remain testy, impatient until mid-May, so step lightly, smile and bear it. But those same“mysterious depths”, those unearthed treasures of data or finances, etc., can boost you up the career ladder, same period (to mid-May). Much information, much love/sex, can propel you into early-mid May, also.

Be quiet, thoughtful Sunday. A perfect day to hunt for or sign a contract for real estate. (This might carry over from last Saturday, April 13.) Complete any action before 6:30 pm PDT. (9 pm Eastern, about 3 am Monday in Europe, 11 am in China, etc.) Your energy and charisma rise strongly Mon./Tues. Take the lead, be a self-starter, see and be seen. But realize Mon. has some flaws — avoid career confrontations, investments and sexual pursuits/commitments. Tuesday’s better.

Pursue $ Wed./Thurs., buy/sell, cultivate clients, etc. Wednesday’s fine, aids income as well as financial actions (investments, debt reduction, etc.) — it might even bring sensual delight. But Thursday needs caution: romance, communications, “creative practicalities”, are rife with obstacles. (In North America, the day ends with a half-open door to physical gratification.) Friday/Saturday fill with conversations, short trips, texts, paperwork. Your words could woo a life-mate type!

LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Relationships continue to be your top priority, Libra. You can merge with others in love, business, or politics, etc. Be diplomatic, co-operative. Others hold the power, for now. A wish might come true involving a bond or travel, or both. Get out, contact, approach others. You’ll feel popular, joyous about living. A pot of gold, in emotional terms, could await you. A Leo or Sagittarius might be involved.

But withdraw mildly Mon./Tues. — especially Monday, when a legal, love or partnership matter could be explosive, cause anger. Tuesday’s much better, though it might start with some misgiving, suspicion, or fuzzy thinking. Rest, ponder your life thus far, and plan how to reach your next goal(s).

Your energy returns Wed./Thurs. — so does your charisma, effectiveness and sense of timing. A relationship, perhaps with a Gemini, “opens up” to — love? Wednesday offers a splendid opportunity — plunge in! Only one caution: home, real estate, income seem to be bundled into a ball of knotty problems, likely Thurs. (DON’T buy real estate — your lucky time for this will be May 6, 2020 to late 2020.) After considering pros and cons, you might make the plunge into love/relationship late Thurs., predawn Fri.

Chase money Fri./Sat. — buy/sell, butter up clients, etc. Work you perform Sat. morning, or a labour-saving inspiration, could tie in to good money.  Saturday begins a month of sex, secrets, finances, research. Relationships will veer into deeper, private and consequential waters this day to May 20.

SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

It’s your last week of work, Scorpio — might as well just plow into it. Your efforts could lift you up another rung on the career or status ladder Sunday, a splendid day without a snag anywhere. (Good day for money, too.) Continue to protect your health all week. Eat and dress sensibly, reduce alcohol intake. You might need to deal with a semi-serious health issue right into mid-May. If you have pain, see a doctor. (This same period can fire up your sexual side, perhaps with a co-worker.)

You’ll feel optimistic, social, playful and flirtatious Mon./Tues. But because you’re in a work period, enjoy the upbeat mood without taking big chances. Monday can spark a bad investment, an argument over intimate or monetary things, or illness. Tuesday’s better, you can succeed in travel, communications; you’ll find the contact you need. But don’t chase money, nor spend carelessly this day.

Retreat to rest, ponder and plan Wed./Thurs. Work and co-worker relations — and sex and finances — go well Wed. But hold your tongue Thurs. Some things, once said, can’t be revoked. Work burdens might swell to a climax — and, yes, this last wee surge will be the peak, the end of extra drudgery.

Your energy and charm return Fri./Sat. Usually I’d advise starting projects, but I think it’s too early, as the main emphasis changes Saturday. A relationship or new opportunity (arriving Saturday into May 20) might change the “ground rules” of any venture you begin too hastily this week’s end. Saturday rings a romantic bell. You could meet someone truly fascinating.

SAGITTARIUS: Nov. 22-Dec. 21

It’s your last week of romance, Sage — but not of intense relationships. Means the starry-eyed bliss will dissolve soon, but the attraction/intensity will continue, at least to mid-May. During this time, next week to mid-May, avoid confrontations. On the positive side, at least two solid opportunities will open to you, same period. Both will have some connection to love, beauty, creative works, or a “gamble.” One might involve relocation.

Sunday’s splendid, made for lovers, travellers, adventurers — charge forth without hesitation, you’ll be rewarded. Your worldly status, reputation come under review Mon./Tues. Bosses or authorities might be talking about you. Just do your work Mon., don’t be drawn into romantic or creative stances — these will just upset your progress, could even lead to open conflict. Tuesday’s better — you can succeed, pass tests, show your skills and worth. Be hopeful!

A wish or two could come true Wed./Thurs., as social delights, optimism, popularity and flirtations arrive. Love, creativity – find the right doorway, and it opens onto success! This is more likely Wed. Thursday holds money, governmental, confidential obstacles. Even so, a wish, a flirt, a hope could warm your heart late Thurs., predawn Fri.

Retreat into your lair Fri./Sat. Rest, ponder, plan. Be spiritual, charitable. Deal with agents, therapists, advisors. A psychic, or an employee, holds a correct insight for you.

CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The general focus lies on home, domesticity, security, real estate, Mother Nature, sales territory and other basics — for one last week. Sunday, you can take one or two great, successful steps in secrets, finances, power plays, lust, medical issues, heightened intuition, commitment and consequence. Act, seek, commit! (Of course, being  a Cap, you’re sceptical — so investigate first, but then act!)

You can succeed with a real estate purchase (not sale) but be aware that this property will involve rather substantial work or repairs. (This applies to any property you might buy or lease before mid-May.)

A compassionate, understanding mood flows over you Mon./Tues. Usually, this would favour far travel, higher education, publishing, culture and the law, but some solid snags exist. Monday’s worst, might end with an argument or discovery of an illegality. Tuesday’s fair, you can succeed if you avoid the gov’t, advisors, head office — somehow, they interfere negatively, even with good intentions.

Be ambitious Wed./Thurs. — esp. Wed., when work, property and your energy/determination form a successful combo. You might need to make a final choice between security and ambition, home and the outside world. A wish might come true Fri./Sat. You’ll feel hopeful, popular, social and flirtatious. The world, nature, dance with little delights. A Saturday communication/visit could swell your heart with sweet notions.

AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

This is your last week of easy but somewhat inconsequential chores, Aquarius. Finish up all errands, mail-outs, calls, paperwork, etc. A streak of romance burns its way through your heart all April, to mid-May. Your gift of gab (or writing) plays a significant role — so might short trips.

A wish about love could come true Sunday, when you could meet your “equal but opposite.” If you’re unattached, one you meet this day could develop into a major, life-affecting relationship. Don’t be shy! Sunday also holds opportunities for marrieds, ranging from love to business, even to relocation. Your social group or social wishes play a strong role.

Relationships veer into deeper, more mysterious waters Mon./Tues.; waters of commitment, of sexual desire or financial action, perhaps of medical or lifestyle needs. Monday needs caution: an impulsive or adventurous approach to any of these (sex, finances, etc.) could spell failure. Tuesday’s better; substitute practical, hard-headed action for wishful thinking.

Mellow understanding, higher education, far travel, law, cultural rituals, publishing, fame, and gentle love — these flow gently over you Wed./Thurs. Wednesday’s great — romance could whisk you away on a hot wind; creative ideas flare. But take care Thurs., when hidden elements, gov’t edicts, or head office could yank you the wrong way.

After struggles, you begin to see light, to anticipate success (predawn Fri.) in all these (love, far travel, et al). Be ambitious, strut your stuff, Fri./Sat. Higher-ups are watching, and could give you a boost (probably more a money than prestige boost, especially Sat.).

PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

This is your last week of focusing strongly on money, earnings, purchases, memory, rote learning, and sexual “friendliness”, Pisces. Sunday’s work will succeed splendidly, and can both enhance your career standing and swell your bank account. Take a chance, a bigger step, believe in expanded horizons.

Your home will be strife-prone, active, feisty until mid-May. This can be evident Monday, when relationships come to the fore. Be diplomatic: realize that, if a fight or competition arises, the other person holds the winning hand. Tuesday brings relationships, too, but now more gently, and your dealings can even open opportunity’s door. A “sober wish” could come true, perhaps about a social/group affiliation, far travel, law or education. (Rare, but possible: a wedding proposal succeeds, or a date is set.)

Embrace the mysterious Wed./Thurs. Research, investigate, commit, invest, be intimate — these succeed Wednesday, especially in real estate, family, agricultural/food, and security areas. But few efforts will succeed Thurs., when social, legal and travel zones “fail to come through” or actively conflict with your goals. Do not invest Thurs.

After a period of delay or frustration, you might re-set your sights on money, career, investment and/or intimate goals late Thursday, and pre-dawn Friday. A compassionate, understanding, broad view of life blesses you Fri./Sat. True love might arise. Saturday begins a month of errands, friendly contacts, trips and communications.


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