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START NOTHING: Before 8:59 am Sun., 4:43 am to 3:50 pm Tues., and 12:48 pm Thurs. to 2:27 am Fri.


The White house took ten days to “follow” my advice regarding sanctuary cities (that they ship 1,000 – 2,000 immigrants at a time and unload them in front of the city halls of each). (April 7 column, uploaded April 1.) By April 11 or 12 a story broke that the W.H. was considering doing exactly that: delivering 1,000’s of immigrants to sanctuary cities. It’s become a major story, one the Republicans seem to be winning. Do you think someone there reads me, or do you think I’m a wee bit psychic? Or just a lucky guess/coincidence? Or great minds think alike?

At first the W.H. claimed the prospect had come up in secret meetings last February, then January, and been rejected. But only a day or two later, the W.H. moved in swift stages to promotion of the idea: let’s ship them all to sanctuary cities, the right media cried with glee (“brilliant!” “a genius idea!”) while the left media (by far the majority) cried inhumane foulness and cruelty. At this writing, Trump is gleefully rubbing his plan in the Dem’s noses.
***   ***

I’m not looking at all the U.S. Democratic hopefuls for the 2020 presidential election, but Pete Buttigieg looks like a possible winner. He’s late Capricorn, and on Nov. 8/20, Saturn (his ruling planet), Pluto (his planet of wishes coming true), and Jupiter (the planet of lucky election wins) are also in late Capricorn. But two of these are “death planets,” too. (Re: my warning last year about assassination. If “Butts” beats Trump, they should triple his protection.)
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ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The general focus turns to money and possessions, now to late May. You will feel hopeful about these — for 7 years! (Downside: you will also, same years, feel optimistic about casual, merely sensual intimacy, which can lead you away from forming deeper love bonds. Still, almost a decade of friendly love isn’t nothing!) You remain restless, talkative, until mid-May. Although the Sun has left your sign, your charm and persuasiveness, your magnetism, actually grow in certain situations (mostly social).

Sunday morning to late afternoon Tuesday accents far travel, import/export, laws, higher education, cultural and social venues/rituals, publishing and fame. Splendid luck accompanies you in these, but take care with deception and gov’t strictures/rules around suppertime Monday (PDT — pre-dawn Tues. in Europe, Africa).

Your career, neighbourhood status and ambitions receive a “glowing welcome” Tues. pm, a few minor obstacles Wed. am, and “birth opportunities” Wed. noon to Thurs. However, whether you should chase/grab those opportunities is another thing — proceed if no delays. Delays mean the opportunity is NOT viable.

Happiness, joie de vivre, social delights, flirtation, optimism, tiptoe in Fri. — tiptoe, because either male-female friction or “a job to do”, keeps you too intense to fully enjoy. But Saturday, a joyous rise lifts you! All week, esp. Fri./Sat., don’t be deceived about your security; a sudden giddy flame of desire is “burning fumes” — no solid fuel behind it.

taurus weekly forecast TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The long sleep is over — you burst into energy now to late May. Your charisma, effectiveness, timing and clout rise to an annual high. Be a leader, start significant things. Remember, when you have such energy and precise focus, that the main spigot of good fortune this year (to early December) lies in research, detective work, major finance (investments, debt) sexual bonding, pregnancy, medical procedures, lifestyle decisions, commitment and (lucky!) consequence.

This very theme is highlighted Sunday to mid-afternoon Tuesday. A treasure awaits you — find it! (Better yet, recognize it.) Only two pauses: Monday morn (PDT — evening in Europe) when a money dilemma needs your decisiveness; and Monday late afternoon/suppertime, when your optimism might interfere with reality. Otherwise, charge ahead — great results!

Your learning, life philosophy, religion, legal matters, higher education, publishing, cultural venues and far travel possibilities arise Tues. afternoon through Thursday. Tuesday’s splendid, Wed. morning holds some minor glitches, and Thurs. nudges you to start a venture, or combine elements in a new way, in this arena. E.g., by combining money and tickets, you “create” a journey. If you experience delays in any of these, though, drop it and look for a better choice/activity.

Be ambitious Fri./Sat.  A nice bit of money flows from your efforts Sat. But all week, esp. Sat., take off the rose-coloured glasses in money dealings. Some might be fooling you, or you might let your own hopes outweigh good sense. A sudden, flaring attraction might occur — but like a match to gasoline, it won’t last too long.

GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

You’ve had fun, been social for awhile, but now it’s time for rest. You’ll gently withdraw from the bustling crowd over the four weeks ahead. You’ll feel a bit weary — nature’s way of nudging you to slow down, relax. So do. Ponder and plan. Be charitable, spiritual, listen to those who need to unload. Your hunches will grow more accurate; they might point the way to intellectual (or travel, or legal, or publishing or love) success.

Resting won’t be totally easy nor welcome, as Mars in your sign until mid-May radiates your energy, sexuality to everyone, and your popularity might even rise! (Go figure. The truth is, it’s rising, or at least “holding up” due to things you did in March, early April.)

Sunday to Tues. mid-afternoon confronts you with relationships (loving and angry, co-operative and challenging, profitable and not). Sunday flows beautifully. Monday morning will intensity a link (make love, not war!) and this evening deception or (your) ambition might interfere. But after this (and Sunday) you could meet love, a sparky, challenging attraction, or (probably distant) opportunities. Be diplomatic, but do approach, seek, persuade, offer.

Life’s mysteries and “hidden sweets” come to you Tues. eve through Thursday. Investments, debt, sex, lifestyle decisions, medical demands, commitments and consequences are slated. Seize these Tues., but be “ordinarily cautious” Wed. morning. Then, into Thurs., you might make a commitment, financial or otherwise. If in this action, delays or little snags appear, turn and walk away. If everything plops into place easily, proceed.

Mental joy, sweet people, understanding and a world-wide view visit you Fri./Sat. Obstacles here Friday, not Sat. But both days (and all week) hint at a “collision” between your determination and “fire”, and your reputation or boss. Good time to avoid drugs, esp. mixing drugs and machines.

CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Pressures recede, Cancer. The weeks ahead bring popularity, social joys, entertainment, flirtations and friendly romance, optimism and happiness. Still, honour your chores — they are somehow your source of major luck in 2019. (And keep that weight off — it will be difficult in the “party time” weeks ahead.)

Despite the relaxation of “performance pressure” in your workplace, your career marches on in an atmosphere of mild luck, discussion and grace/affection. You might even be promoted, or you’ll start meeting the new faces from your recent step up the ladder. Continue to avoid belligerent people and sketchy places, to mid-May.

Sunday mid-morn to Tues. late afternoon brings those chores — lucky ones Sunday and late Monday into pre-dawn Tues. Careful Mon. morn (accidents, burns, conflicts possible); and suppertime (deception about ethics or love — be careful with gas, gasoline, chemicals, and fuzzy thinking).

Midweek opens relationship doors — with love and sweetness (and wit) Tues. pm (Wed. morn in Europe) — with wee snags Wed. morn — and with the kind of inventiveness or commitment that leads to “birth of the new” Wed. pm, Thurs. am.

Life’s (and relationships’) deeper sides float to the surface Fri./Sat. This is usually a good time to dig deep, to research, to commit to a financial, investment, debt, and/or sexual, intimate bond. And this time is, too: AFTER Saturday dawn PDT (evening, Europe) into Sunday. Before this, incompatibilities, perhaps friction, interfere with success. Hovering over everything, to some degree all week, is a conflict between your secret life/knowledge (perhaps involving a career or ambitious situation) and your ethics or sense of goodness. Stick with ethics, goodness — they will last longer.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The last month has been interesting and easy. Now career pressures, ambition and “awareness of your reputation” flow in to sit on your shoulders for four weeks. You’ll pass any “tests,” so charge ahead with confidence. Realize, though, that now to 2025, you will need the co-operation of at least one other person to succeed. This is not a time for working independently, except in one area: dealing with the public (anything from selling grapes to fame).

A deep, vibrant partnership might spring up anytime now to ’25. Your best “career bets” (fields) will be connected to negotiations, agreements, diplomacy, relocation, opportunities, fame, or being an agent or mediator. (On the flip side, avoid litigation, challenge/competition, making enemies, etc.) Love will continue to be 2019’s huge story for you. This will be helped now to mid-May by a few things: 1) social delights and many meetings; 2) messages from a distance; 3) your moral/intellectual pondering on love.

Speaking of love, Sunday morning to Tues. swells your heart with beauty and poetry. Sunday’s splendid. Monday morning might bring either a swift, intense attraction, or just as swiftly, a conflict; and this afternoon/eve says romance and lust don’t mix. Monday night, Tues. pre-dawn could spark love!

Tackle chores Tues. late afternoon through Thurs. You’ll succeed, get lots done on Tues. Some wee glitch Wed. morn — read instructions, wear safety goggles, etc. Wednesday night and Thurs. offer you the chance to “grow” your work, or to create a new kind of work for yourself. This likely won’t be a good idea, but it could be (if no delays occur — if any do, give it up, just complete your tasks and go home).

Relationships fill Fri./Sat. — not so luckily Friday to dawn Sat., partly due to man-woman friction, and partly due to a wild, flaring sexual attraction which can’t succeed, long-term. But Saturday midday, afternoon, could fulfill a cherished wish, esp. about love, social acceptance, legal or educational, far travel or media concerns.

VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Now to late May you step out of the darkness, the labyrinth, into the clean air of understanding, knowledge and compassion. Lean toward higher education and all intellectual activities, law, far travel, cultural explorations, media/publishing … and love. A new, sexy streak has been added to your “personality” until about mid-May — this offers good fortune in finances and intimacy, health and “data diving” (research). One caution: also until mid-May, bosses can be impatient and temperamental. Smile, keep your sense of humour.

Sunday morning to late afternoon Tuesday features your home, family, security, territory, “where you stand.” This is your arena of great good fortune in 2019. Sunday’s filled with luck — go out, look at real estate, or cruise furniture showrooms, paint stores … think big, as big wins. Careful Monday: opposition, perhaps even money problems/choices marks the morning, and disagreement or relationship confusion marks late afternoon/eve. But this night into early (pre-dawn) Tues., brings big things, big ideas!

Romance, beauty, creative and gambling urges, charming kids, games and winning arise Tues. afternoon through Thurs. Tuesday’s great; Wed. holds one or two minor glitches; and Thurs. opens a door to creating a new relationship or creative work. But here, note your progress: if it is swift and unfettered, good, keep going. If you encounter delays, even small ones, step back.

Tackle chores Fri./Sat. You might have to choose between an attractive (though challenging) partner/prospect, and a very sexy but perhaps not loving desire/object. (This choice, somewhat, overshadows the whole week.) Read instructions, take care with gas, fire, chemicals, sharp machinery, etc.. Saturday late morning to afternoon opens an orchid of opportunity: an investment, a secret to pry open, or a lustful moment — all succeed.

LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

A month of secrets, sexual desires, financial action, investigation and possible medical steps, begins now. This spring’s relationship emphasis, though lessening, does last into mid-May, and fortunately so. Simultaneously, love might fly on the magic carpet of profound thought, tolerance, compassion and cultural norms. If seeking, you could find love – potentially marriageable love – on foreign shores, at foreign movies/events, in school, law offices/court rooms, libraries, educational seminars and transportation hubs. This, also, to mid-May. Realize, though, that the month ahead leans heavily toward consequence, and very earth-bound concerns and desires, such as lust, power, and financial actions. To some degree, a new lover will be a sex partner more than a life mate.

Sunday morning to mid-afternoon Tuesday features errands, short trips, friendly contacts, paperwork and communications — very fortunate Sun. but tricky Monday. Either intense love or intense anger this am, and deception or upset stomach this pm; and potentially lucky Mon. night and Tues. pre-dawn.

Mid-week steers you toward home, family, food and shelter, garden, security, rest and sleep. Charge ahead here Tues. pm — landscape, paint that room, make plans for the kids, etc. (2020 is your year to buy/sell real estate, not 2019. Far better after May 5, 2020.)

Wednesday morn holds a minor glitch or two, but this night and Thurs. encourage you  (or tempt you) to begin a major new project on the domestic front. If this project proceeds without a hitch, go forth. But any delay, opposition, is your signal to abandon it.

Friday/Saturday bring beauty, pleasure, charming kids, a gambling or risk-taking urge, and romance. All these succeed well Saturday (after dawn) but meet subtle, changing walls Fri. Act with compassion and common sense, rather than being swept up in a huge, flaring attraction (it’s big, swift, and as substantial as cotton seeds in the wind).

SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

At last, a month of hard work and health concerns fades — but not completely, for two small planets continue tasking you into mid-May, though in milder, more fortunate ways. You enter adventurous waters, now to late May. If single, you might meet romance with someone as strong and equal in all ways to you. This can be intimidating. But what can you lose? The main risk is “partnership”, which you won’t even have if you don’t risk it. At the worst, you only lose what you gain.

For all Scorpios, life lifts, so does your gaze, as a breeze of opportunity comes your way until late May. For 3 to 4 more weeks, an intimate affair with a co-worker is possible. Same period, avoid impulsive investments.

Sunday morning to late Tuesday afternoon boosts your monetary fortunes. Some caution needed Mon. am (friction, confrontation possible), and afternoon (avoid romance, gambles). Otherwise, good fortune accompanies you. (You might also meet a stubborn, friendly, inventive and unpredictable person — a potential co-operator or partner, but a wiggly one!) “New sex” possible, but it would “shoulder out” romance.

Midweek brings messaging, paperwork, errands, short trips and contacts — fortunately Tues. pm, slight “snags” Wed. morning. You could start a new filing, mailing, telephone or office system Wed./Thurs., but it’s dicey: if delays occur, abandon it.

Head for home, hug the family, gather/cook food, garden, enhance security, buy furniture, greet Mother Nature Fri./Sat. — but all these only truly succeed Sat. after dawn. Before this work could conflict with creativity, beauty or fun, in ways that could actually be dangerous. Examples: while watching a pretty woman cross the street, you drop the chainsaw on your foot. Or you flare with giddy attraction to a co-worker, and it will never work out. Or you paint the bedroom beautifully — in the wrong colour. Etc.

SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

A romantic, creative, adventurous and loving month just ended; now a month of work and health concerns begins. But those romantic themes will continue to mid-May: a creek rather than a river, yet still significant. Same period, relationships will remain intense, might even lead to marriage, co-habitation. (Or practical, inventive/creative partnerships for Sages already married.) Avoid fights, though. (Others will be super-ready to fight.) But mostly, the four weeks ahead bring a bigger workload. Eat, drink, dress and rest sensibly.

Your energy and charisma surge upward Sunday morning to late afternoon Tues. That “love or war” relationship might pop up Mon. am. Later this day avoid wilted food and swimming; fix plumbing. Read instructions if working with chemicals, gas.

Pursue money midweek: buy/sell, seek a pay raise, hunt for bargains, memorize facts, be “open” to casual or sensual intimacy. But don’t seek co-operation Wed. morning. If delays occur when you’re trying to initiate a new money/earnings project, stop and walk away from it.

Errands, paperwork, travel and friendly contacts fill Fri./Sat. An attraction, co-operation, or love blossoms Sat. But Friday, and to Sat. morning (about dawn PDT, afternoon Europe) problems exist. Love falls on the pit of illusion, frenetic dreams and desires. A partner or love won’t agree with your home situation. This shadows the whole week, to some degree. Be patient, wait for Saturday if waiting for love.

CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

A month of rest and lower energy ended last week, though a streak of domesticity continues until mid-May, so keep a few hours for the garden, the kids and home repairs, etc. Work will remain hard until mid-May also, so save time for it, too. But give the bulk of your energy, now to late May, to romance, creative and speculative ventures; to beauty, pleasure, raising/teaching charming children; and self-expression. You’ll ride a winning streak. If nothing else, take a vacation!

If you’re single, a new prospect will be sexually accommodating, and quirky, stubborn, and unpredictable. If you’re married, you and your mate will experience an increase in “easy” or casual sex. (For 7 years.)

Sleep in, or find other ways to relax and rest, to meditate, to ponder and plan in quietude, Sunday morning to late afternoon Tues. Deal with gov’t, head offices, agents and advisors.

Sunday’s easy, lucky. Monday morn (PDT; evening in Europe) needs care: follow safety rules around sharp objects and machines, and in relations, speech. Reject gossip this pm. Your energy and charisma, effectiveness and clout soar midweek. Now you can get your way, persuade or lead others, especially in love, art and invention — and especially Tues. pm.

If, when starting a project Thursday, you encounter delays or opposition, just drop it. Looking for “what’s next?” – look at the ideas, or proposals of others. Your path to success in 2019 is co-operation, inter-dependence.

Money matters Fri./Sat. — and Saturday daytime, you could earn a bonus or raise for extra work. (Good time to buy a car or machinery, too, 9 am Sat. to 3 pm, Pacific Daylight.) Earlier, all Fri. and pre-dawn Sat., you can still succeed with money, purchases — through hard work — but a danger exists, also. Don’t buy cheaper, ripe fruit/veg., strictly avoid machinery, gas, fire hazards or tainted water, etc. Perhaps, but indirectly, you might fall for an “unsupported infatuation.”

AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

A month of errands, wanderlust and light communications has just ended. A streak of these will still remain until mid-May, so don’t put away your phone, laptop or stationery quite yet. You’ll have to pick up a few strings lying around from March/April (e.g., phone calls not answered yet).

Your visits or communications until mid-May will tend to bring you to romance: excitement might leap up in a phone call, text. But the main accent during the four weeks ahead will lie on a major, significant arena: your home, family, and security or territory issues. A very new set of conditions/influence is beginning to assert itself here, for 7 years (to 2026). You’ll be more drawn to home, see it more as an expression of your deepest core. And things will change here.

Sunday morning to late afternoon Tuesday lifts your heart with optimism, social joys, entertainment, and flirtation. Sunday’s best. Stay out of someone else’s fight Monday morning. This afternoon, watch your money. Monday night to pre-dawn Tues. could make a wish come true!

Retreat from the stressful crowd midweek: lie low, rest, ponder — but examine your plans rather than make new ones. And don’t sink into total withdrawal: tackle a few light chores. Avoid the gov’t, but do not neglect what you owe them, whether $ or a communication/paper. Tuesday pm flows beautifully. Avoid “advice givers” Wednesday/Thurs.

Your energy and charisma return Fri./Sat. Saturday daytime offers a splendid romantic or creative (or adventure/fun) opening. But Friday through Sat. dawn (and even a wee spill-over Sat. daytime) tries to tie you in knots of unrealistic romantic dreaming, or brings monetary obstacles, perhaps self-deception. (Watch this tendency all week.)

PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Money was important in late March and April. That’s over for awhile, but if money concerns were a river until now, they will survive as a creek until mid-May. Perhaps a money promise made or seen in the last month, will be fulfilled in the month ahead.

A streak of friction in domestic arenas also lasts until mid-May, so keep your temper, be gentle with children. (Spending on your home, furniture, kids’ clothes, etc., is fine.) The broad emphasis now to late May will lie on errands, trips, visits, calls and messaging, paperwork and friendly but casual contacts. Life will be rushed but easy.

Attend to your career, prestige relations and community reputation Sunday morning to late afternoon Tuesday. Sunday’s excellent — ask for a promotion or extra responsibilities. Monday am might kick up dust in money matters (or at home). The afternoon and pre-dawn Tues. could bring a promotion close again! Midweek brings a rise in popularity, optimism, social delights, entertainment, flirtations — and happiness! Tuesday pm favours all these — and deeper romance/love.

Agreement elusive Wed. morning. New friends, even a new social circle, new life goals, brew Wed. pm, Thursday. Ask yourself: will the new benefit everyone including me; or is this a temptation and am I chasing unrealistic goals or false friends? Look ahead a decade, then decide.

Retreat to quietude Fri./Sat. Ponder and plan. Be charitable, spiritual, deal with agents, advisors, and civil servants. But be careful Fri. and up to mid-morn Sat. — domestic friction, or a bad money idea, could irk you. Saturday afternoon (night in Europe) offers a great money-home plan/action. Buy furniture, landscape, etc.



I keep telling you the planet Jupiter is lucky. Tiger Woods, who has not won the Masters since 2008, won it again April 13th 2019, when Jupiter was on his Moon. (His Moon is at 22 Sagittarius, Jupiter was retrograde at 24 Sage April 13.) In 2008, when he last won, Jupiter was in Capricorn, his Sun sign. Two years ago I predicted Rafael Nadal, tennis pro, would have a great year, because Jupiter was in his sign of winning. That year, he ranked #1.

Another lucky year for Tiger in 2020, also. He sees his own life as rather boring, and hungers for more adventure.

His comeback is typical of Capricorn, a sign that can re-invent or resuscitate itself. The “come back kid” phrase is very Capricorn. (Though the champion here is Scorpio, whose natives can actually be re-born.) Capricorns live long, and often succeed late in life. In Capricorn terms, 40-something Tiger is just a youngster. (George Burns, Betty White, both Capricorns.)

In 2019, Jupiter is in Sagittarius, and in Leo’s winning sign.
***   ***

One of the past century’s greatest developments was the increase in gentleness toward the self and others. Many ancillary moral developments — mercy — have also blossomed. I think these developments, stronger than any “movement,” walk in the same path as mankind’s destiny: to become more and more angelic, until we virtually reach that state, or beyond. (I say virtually because there’d have to be a change of state at some far point. You might then say mankind was the (or an) origin of angel hood, but, in this state of existence, of angel hood, mankind did not exist.)
***   ***

Perhaps gravity or magnetism are faster than light, if only in the sense that they are “continuously on.”

Perhaps thought is faster than light. Hard to tell. Maybe they could design a test using psychics. Doubtful though. The human organism is too complex to yield to strict definitions or timing. The trouble is, nothing has a clear, unvarying “line.” If timing a thought, when do you begin the measure? Ultimately, you can only measure from the beginning, so the search for a point in time leads to an exploration of origins.

There’s a more mystic, less logical way to look at this, it is almost a self-projection fantasy, yet true: I can, in my mind’s eye, visit a star 100 light years away — and return! — within 1-tenth of a second of Earth time. In other words, my “thought” is trillions of times faster than light, This proves nothing, especially to a scientist of the physical universe, but it might quietly foreshadow a force to come. First, we discover the force (around 2230?) — “discover” rather than create – because of course the force has always been here before us, since the first day. We often don’t see it.

To use this force, this new level of speed in a technological/industrial or citizen-wide way, we must be gentle, merciful, spiritual or psychic to a certain degree, and we must have learned, beyond all doubt, that good replaces bad. But I don’t see anything else about this level. (It does seem to be one that is surrounded by images and memories or perhaps these are an ante-room.)

I know nothing about the various levels painted by psychic and catholic groups. Our social development will equal our technological. Already the two are intertwined: e.g., mobile phones and social media. In the past century, political campaigns were waged on personality. Recently, a movement has turned into a zeitgeist, nudging pols to joust on the fields of consciousness.

Politicians must now, at least at high levels, deal with new sexual rules and their endless pasts; with economics and platforms; with laws and the new morality; with modernity and social fashions/opinions; racism, etc.

In other words, with subjects so broad, and charismatic requirements so complex and fluctuating (over months or years/decades, not days or weeks), and ease with all life, the successful politician is in a sense a sailor on the ocean of our group consciousness, a citizenry whether of a nation or a continent.

This might or might not be a new or modern thing, but it is a current thing and has risen to prominence in our group thinking. In two to three centuries, campaigns might be waged almost psychically, and “elections” might merely be waves of consensus. People will flow with their destiny more smoothly and easily.
***   ***

“Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” – April 1775, Samuel Johnson predicting Adam Schiff.
***   ***

Divorce: A thrill of freedom. A sky of despair.
***   ***

The only honest guy on CNN is Matt Lewis.


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  1. pittypat

    Tim, thank you for being refreshingly honest about your views. It would be a better world if we had more people like you, willing to take a measured stand which holds people accountable for the words and actions, and challenges rampant vitriol. Conversation is critical to us as human beings to grow and move forward, this current world of finding fault, blame and playing the victim is scary; I remain hopeful we grow beyond this, into a world which celebrates achievement, seeks consensus, and achieves win-win-win outcomes for all. Cheers to you for your efforts.

  2. goldenscaler

    Very irresponsible for you to predict Buttegieg should have triple the security as he may be assassinated All we need is for one of Trump’s deplorables to read that and put the idea in his peabrain. Shame on you. You should be more responsible. Even if you are a Republican. Horrifying.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, goldenscaler,

      Would you rather Buttigieg be assassinated? That’s hardly a good motive.In fact, to use your word, it’s rather horrifying. (I just can’t win. When I predicted the Challenger Shuttle would blow up, I was criticized for not warning NASA — as if NASA would listen/heed. Now you’re castigating me for issuing a warning. Sheesh.)



  3. rd38

    “Sanctuary states” only refuse to use resources for programs , etc. for rounding up immigrants.
    Busing in undocumented immigrants to sanctuary cities may sound like a good proposal but how exactly do you keep immigrants from leaving these places. More walls?
    And the thought of bringing people to places against their will summons familiar images. Why not pack ’em them into boxcars and save a bit on transportation costs ?
    Its a real shame that deportation can’t be made on a case by case decision because there are plenty of arguments for granting- or not- visas. As usual, trump can’t think beyond quick, vigilante solutions.

    So I don’t stray from this website’s intent, how much less exacting are readings without knowing the time of birth? Thanks.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, rd38,

      Readings without the time of birth do lack, I’d say, about a third to half of predictive information — however, “solar” (birth time missing) readings still give, oh, let me guess, perhaps 20 or 30 major “predictions.”

      As for your other point, what is the difference between bussing the migrants to an El Paso or San Diego bus stop and abandoning them there (which is the present method) or bussing them and abandoning them in a city that has already said they will help and protect them?



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