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NOTE: This will be the last long Preamble. Next week onward, I will only place predictions or “urgent stuff” here (e.g. “All Signs: Mercury Retrograde is coming, so…”). Long articles, discussions, and “do it yourself” methods such as the one below, will be in the AFTERAMBLE  (after Pisces’ Weekly Forecast). This way, you won’t have to wade through my verbiage to get to your forecasts, and those who like my ideas can always go down and mull over the Afteramble contents.

BTW, I missed several “J’s” last week in showing the preponderance of them in the White House — Jared Kushner, Jay Sekulow (Trump’s lawyer) and, not picked by Trump — Xi Jinping. (Jinping is Xi’s first name.) Also not picked by Trump; Kim Jong-un. (Jong is Kim’s first name.) And, finally, Donald J. Trump! (Though middle names don’t carry the same weight — or meaning — as the first name.) Thanks to my readers for mentioning these “J’s” I missed.

LAST WEEK I listed birthdates from 1947 to 1978, showing for each birth date who opposes you (subtly) and who aids you. Now let’s look at the remaining dates.


First letter of first name to AVOID  — or at least, avoid taking advice from:


  • June 25/33 to March 8/35 ~    F, W
  • March 9/35 to Sept. 14/36  ~    M, O
  • Sept. 15/36 to March 3/38   ~    E, X (and sibilant C)
  • March 4/38 to Sept. 11/39 ~    B, I
  • Sept. 12/39 to May 25/41 ~    A, R
  • May 26/41 to Nov. 21/42 ~    T, Z
  • Nov. 22/42 to May 11/44 ~  D, V
  • May 12/44 to Dec. 2/45  ~  H, S, Y
  • Dec. 3/45 to Aug. 2/47   ~  J, U
  • (Aug. 3/47 to July 5/78 birth dates have already been done — they’re in last week’s column.)
  • July 6/78 to Jan. 5/80  ~  T, Z
  • Jan. 6/80 to Sept. 24/81  ~  D, V
  • Sept. 25/81 to March 16/83 H, S, Y
  • March 17/83 to Sept. 11/84  ~  J, U
  • Sept. 12/84 to April 6/86   ~ K, Q (and “hard” C)
  • April 7/86 to Dec. 2/87  ~  L, P
  • Dec. 3/87 to May 22/89  ~  G, N
  • May 23/89 to Nov.18/90  ~  F, W
  • Nov. 19/90 to Aug. 1/92   ~  M, O
  • Aug. 2/92 to Feb. 1/94  ~  E, X (and sibilant C)
  • Feb. 2/94 to July 31/95  ~  B, I
  • Aug. 1/95 to Jan. 25/97  ~  A, R
  • Jan. 26/97 to Oct. 20/98   ~ T, Z
  • Oct. 21/98 to April 9/2000   ~ D, V
  • April 10/2000 to Oct.13/01   ~ H, S, Y
  • Oct. 14/01 to April 13/03   ~ J, U
  • April 14/03 to Dec. 26/04   ~ K, Q (and hard C)
  • Dec. 27/04 to June 22/06  ~  L, P
  • June 23/06 to Dec. 18/07  ~  G, N

These first letters treat you WELL and give you good advice:


  • June 25/33 to March 8/35 –  D, V
  • March 9/35 to Sept. 14/36   –  H, S, Y
  • Sept. 15/36 to March 3/38  –   J, U
  • March 4/38 to Sept. 11/39  –  K, Q (and hard C)
  • Sept. 12/39 to May 25/41 –  L, P
  • May 26/41 to Nov. 21/42 –   G, N
  • Nov. 22/42 to May 11/44 –  F, W
  • May 12/44 to Dec. 2/45 –  M, O
  • Dec. 3/45 to Aug. 2/47  –  E, X (and sibilant C)
  • (Aug. 3/47 to July 5/78 birth dates have already been done — they’re in last week’s column.)
  • July 6/78 to Jan. 5/80  –  G,N
  • Jan. 6/80 to Sept. 24/81 –   F, W
  • Sept. 25/81 to March 16/83 –   M, O
  • March 17/83 to Sept. 11/84  –  E, X (and sibilant C)
  • Sept. 12/84 to April 6/86  –  B, I
  • April 7/86 to Dec. 2/87   –  A, R
  • Dec. 3/87 to May 22/89  –  T, Z
  • May 23/89 to Nov.18/90  –  D, V
  • Nov. 19/90 to Aug. 1/92  –  H, S, Y
  • Aug. 2/92 to Feb. 1/94  –  J, U
  • Feb. 2/94 to July 31/95  –  K, Q (and hard C)
  • Aug. 1/95 to Jan. 25/97  –  L, P
  • Jan. 26/97 to Oct. 20/98 –   G, N
  • Oct. 21/98 to April 9/2000  –  F, W
  • April 10/2000 to Oct.13/01  –  M,O
  • Oct. 14/01 to April 13/03  –  E, X (and sibilant C)
  • April 14/03 to Dec. 26/04  –  B, I
  • Dec. 27/04 to June 22/06  –  A, R
  • June 23/06 to Dec. 18/07  –  T, Z


PLEASE NOTE: 2 ERRORS were made in last week’s “first name” lists: in the 1967 and 1972 dates, I gave the wrong dates or letters. These mistakes have been corrected, so if these were your birth intervals, please go back to the April 8 Preamble to confirm the correct information for yourself.
***   ***


Clients often say, when I mention their “bad” first letters, “My God, that’s my son! or Mother! or Another Loved One!”  When someone you love has one of your “bad letters” don’t toss them out of your house/life. But don’t take their advice. If one of your children has a “bad” first initial, you’ll probably notice that they’re more work to raise than your other kids. But love them as much, or more — they represent a karmic debt that YOU owe.
***   ***

I received an email from someone who asserted that her experience was exactly the opposite of the list above: that her “enemies” name was always benevolent toward her, and her “friends” names were terrible links. She did not give her birth data, other than the year and her sun sign. She says she’s a Capricorn, and hates H’s — one of the Capricorn letters. Also, her first name starts with “A,” an Aries letter, indicating she probably has an Aries Moon or rising sign, or an Aries “pattern” dominating her chart. Yet she hates “A’s,” she says. Hmm..,. it’s kind of like hating your own indicators… and, etc.

Actually, the letters do seem to “reverse” about 10 to 15% of the time. These letters are based on your north (good) and south (bad) lunar nodes. Sometimes, your “bad” node is located in a very good degree of the zodiac, while your “good” node is located in a bad degree. This reduces the effect of the “bad” node. I notice that Pisceans sometimes respond positively to the south (“bad”) node. Also, when your ascendant disagrees, the effect of the good and bad nodes can seem to be reversed (but often really isn’t). For example, someone with Leo rising, and has F, W as her bad letters, might see anyone with D or V (her good letters) as “the enemy,” even though they represent her “guardian angels.”

Sometimes, we don’t like someone with our “good” letters, because we don’t want the advice they give us, because it contradicts our fond hopes/illusions/desires, or our (maybe mistaken?) view of the world. I’ve done that — sadly!
***   ***

As we all learned in school,“There’s an exception to every rule.” For example, Aries people are assertive. This is accepted by every astrologer, is in every text book. But every so often, you will meet a quiet Aries, a contemplative one, or a depressed, sullen, passive Aries, or, very rare, a shy one! The lunar nodes and these first-letter initials also sometimes act contrary to their generally accepted nature.  But if we examine that quiet Aries more closely, usually an explanation emerges: for instance, he’s contemplative, but very assertive in his/her writing. Aries Robert Mueller, the American Special Counsel, is quite quiet, but he’s very aggressive in investigating Washington’s republicans.
***   ***

Many, many astrological factors influence a person’s personality and life events. The lunar nodes are just one of these. Their “job” is to indicate a person’s karmic axis — where their own actions lead to moral (and eventually, practical) consequences. In general, the south node indicates past actions, old behaviour, even past “lives” — and this past might be good, the person might have been a saint. In such a case, the south (or “bad”) node can actually bring rewards — unexpected rewards, as a kind of pay back from the cosmos, a delivery of what the cosmos “owes” you for that saintly behaviour.  You can see this even in your own, present life, if you look hard enough. Karma is often quite quick. Whenever I cut someone off in traffic,  almost every time, within fifteen minutes or so, someone cuts me off. So I’ve tried to stop.

But sometimes karma takes a lifetime to unwind. My grandfather raped all his children, then started on his grandchildren. All these abused people never protested, and some actually sucked up to him, because they wanted to inherit his assets. (Evil people often gain the co-operation of their victims. Often victims such as these compartmentalize, or live in denial.) I refused to join in this. (Although I lived in denial, too. I forgot entirely what he had done, from my teens to 20 years, and I’m quite sure one of my sisters did too. But when I remembered, one Christmas Day dinner, I demanded he leave. [That was a fiasco!]) Eventually he died and left them nothing. A few years later, I became relatively affluent: they, to a person, remain poor. I have always thought this was, in  part, karma.

(Catholics don’t believe in karma. Giving evil free rein and disdaining victims is one of the more dominant traits of this religion. Look what they did to Indians — some as young as 3, 4 years old — in Canada’s residential schools, run by priests and nuns. Burned the children’s genitals and anuses with cigarettes, raped and beat them. Those who died from the abuse were buried out back.  No one has paid for these crimes. The crooked Canadian government TODAY is still ripping Dene and Inuit children from their native parents and locating them thousands of miles away, in white foster homes. [Source: CBC documentary and my admittedly bad memory.] This does three things: 1) makes these white foster parents a pile of money [many have multiple Indian kids, at $1,000 to $2,000 a month per kid from the gov’t]*;  2) traumatizes these kids for life;  and 3) destroys their parents, who, the government tells them, are not worthy to keep their own children. Why don’t they just rip the babies out of the womb?  Canada is one of the world’s peacemakers, and one of the most politically correct nations on earth. Too bad it is also a den of hypocrisy.)

*(often more, for one child, than the gov’t gives pensioners who have contributed to the federal retirement plan all their lives)

***   ***

In general, the north or “good” node is not necessarily a source of good luck, but it does tend to protect you, to inspire you with the wisdom to reject temptation, make good choices, and enjoy a smooth, green path forward.
***   ***

I don’t have the time or room to explain how these first initials work, and their main effect. Generally, your ‘enemies’ letters indicate people who will give you poor advice, will cause or be involved with delay, or who will actually work against you. The last instance is rare, and often subtle. Your enemies’ letters will often advise or urge you to do a certain act, which seems great at the time, but turns out to be bad in the long run. E.g. your ‘enemies’ letter says, “Sell your house now, prices have doubled!”  But those prices continue to rise so fast that, having sold your house, you can’t find anything comparable, and you have to buy/live in a worse place than you sold. Or, you’re engaged to marry your ‘enemies’ letter, but somehow the wedding keeps being delayed and delayed… and finally (hopefully, for your sake!) the relationship fails. In working against you, your enemies’ letter will often act subtly or even unconsciously. For example, your mentor at work might promise you a great promotion, all you have to do is mount a phoney accusation against his/her competitor. You do so, you get the fantastic promotion/pay raise. But slowly, colleagues avoid you, guilt and regret at your immoral action eats away at you, and you find you have conquered an empty city, as the Chinese say.
***   ***

Several readers have written to ask, what about the first letter of the middle name, or the surname? Well, the first letter of the surname indicates the family, the clan background. The first letter of the middle name indicates 1) what the person really wants to become, or 2) his/her hidden qualities. E.g., Trump’s middle name letter is “J” — the very letter that, as we’ve seen (Apr. 8 column) indicates his Achilles heel and his enemies.  The “J” that starts Trump’s middle name shows 1) he’s partially his own worst enemy — partially! — and 2) because his Moon and south node (“J”) are together in Sagittarius (the sign of J) the J indicates an essential but somewhat hidden side of his personality: in action and speech he’s a Gemini (Sun sign) but in emotions and intuition he’s Sagittarius. In a hidden (middle name) way, he’s his own worst enemy. *(Sage is often not given credit for its psychic abilities — these usually appear in the form of intuitive choice, which is why Sagittarians are often seen as lucky by others. This sign is almost as psychic as Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.)


     ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Your popularity remains high, Aries, but by mid-week you slide into a money phase for a month.(In fact, money’s your theme Mon./Tues. also — with some lovely opportunities! As recent delays and false starts have now ended, charge ahead, especially these two days.) The $ cycle that starts now will be very important, as it begins a new 7-year earnings and buying influence. (I’ll write a column on this in May, but we can say, generally, that until 2025 your money will come most easily, most fully, from groups, social contacts, LLPs, etc.) Your energy and charisma float high Sun. — act after 11 am (PDT) not before. Be a leader, others will follow. Grab those bargains and money opportunities/partnerships Mon./Tues. Ask for a pay raise, or negotiate a contract.  Trips, calls, notes, visits, paperwork and errands fill Wed. through pre-dawn Fri. All’s well, but don’t be fooled early Thurs. morning. Steer toward home and family Friday daytime through Sat. Bosses, judges, and/or career demands might “fight” your need for rest and family time. This pattern is a long one, ultimately lasting from 2008 to 2024. I’d say, you probably need your rest, your family and emotional security more than another outside “duty demand.” A financial/investment opportunity Sat. afternoon.

taurus weekly forecast    TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Two things end now, Taurus. One, the recent phase of mistakes, second-guessing and delays ends Sun. morning; and two, your month of weariness and relative seclusion ends late Thursday. That day will start a month of high energy, charisma and significant actions. You’ll get an early taste of this Mon./Tues., then fall back into weariness Wed./Thurs., then begin your upward, lucky month Thurs. night (Fri. in Europe, Asia). Remember, avoid lawsuits, unethical actions to mid-May. Sunday’s pretty lousy to about noon (PDT) then smooths out. You’re tired, so rest, nap, dream. Your energy and charisma leap halfway up Mon./Tues. Get out, make contacts, start or plunge into projects — you’re lucky, capable, and smart. You might meet destined love, if unattached. Chase money, buy/sell, Wed. to pre-dawn Fri. Best after Thurs. dawn (PDT). An unexpected revelation could zing you, about government, a management issue, taxes, therapy, or an advisor (or about your secrets). Easy chores, travel, communications, paperwork and casual contacts fill Fri./Sat. These two days feature opposition and opportunity, heightened intuition and simple good luck.  (Truth is, it might be your friends who are “opposing each other.”)  Be diplomatic and opportunistic. Others have been (despite your recent “seclusion”) and are (until April 24) charmed by your physical aura. Love is possible!

    GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

This is your last week of revelry and friendly happiness for awhile, Gemini. Thursday night (Fri. in Europe, Asia) starts a month of quietude, mild weariness, spirituality, contemplation, charity, and dealings with gov’t, head office, institutions, counsellors, agents, psychics and/or health workers. (Actually, a “mini-seclusion” will come earlier, Mon./Tues., then you’ll pop back into vivacity and verve Wed,/Thurs., before fully entering that month of quietude, contemplation, etc.)  The recent spate of delays, glitches, false starts and indecision ends Sunday. You remain in a great, hopeful — but too impulsive! — investment and financial zone until mid-May. This is also a powerful sexual time if you’re young (reject extramarital temptations!) but possibly a time for surgery (esp. in sexual areas) if you’re as old as me. In general, you can move forward now. Sunday’s optimistic, friends want to see you, even a friendly flirtation can happen. Much better after 11 am PDT. Retreat, rest, contemplate and attend to neglected chores, obligations Mon./Tues. This is a splendid interval to do your taxes, contact civil servants, meditate, research, or give or get charity. (Ditto for the whole month that starts Thurs. night.) Your energy and charisma surge upward Wed. to dawn Fri. Best Thurs. after dawn. A media appearance, a new friend/love, a sudden stroke of popularity, or a wish come true — any of these can occur mid-week. Chase money, buy/sell Fri./Sat. You might face more than one dilemma or choice between spending and investment, casual and deep sex, operating on the surface or digging deep. For now, pick the first half of these pairs. Work and career meet sweet luck Sat.

    CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Recent delays end now, esp. in career and communications. You can confidently step forward, especially after Thurs. night, when a month of happiness, optimism, social joys and wish fulfillment begins. Sunday puts you in the command post for your own career and/or dealings with authorities, prestige people. (Though the commands might come from above.) Wait until after 11 am PDT to act. You get a taste of the month to come on Mon./Tues., when a first small wave of joy, popularity and optimism flow in. Get out, mingle, issue and accept invitations. You could fall in love (or into a lighter affair, which still might lead to life-mating later) Mon./Tues., or Fri./Sat. Relationships in general are intense to mid-May, meaningful and significant (and partnership-producing) until 2020, and powerful, romantic until 2024. (In other words, there will be many chances, so this week is only one of, say, 50.) Take a breather mid-week, Wed./Thurs. — rest, contemplate, research, deal with spiritual, charity, gov’t or management issues. A significant career change is in the works all week; the influence is strongest Wed. You might see the results right away, or after mid-May. A stressful immediate change leads to a much more relaxed career atmosphere for many, many years. Best to act Thurs. after dawn. Your energy and charisma surge upward Fri./Sat. You can meet both opposition and co-operation, dead ends and opportunities. The best of these are more likely, as luck and a mellow wisdom accompany you.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast    LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Recent delays, mistakes and indecision end Sunday. You can proceed with confidence now — especially in legal, ethical, learning, career and prestige relations, Mon./Tues. and Friday into late May. The 7 years ahead, stating mid-May, will bring many career opportunities, perhaps involving relocation, negotiations and/or “partnerships.”  You might get a hint of this Mon. to Wed.  The same influence might bring a sparkling, vivacious new friend, or a friendly flirtation that, if you’re single, might lead to more, even to mating. Sunday’s mellow, wise, and your mind roams afar, to other countries or profound thoughts. Best after 11 am PDT.  Monday/Tues. bring prestige relations, career ambitions, tests (of your management skills?) and practical concerns — fortunately both days. You might spy a great real estate, home opportunity — sure, grab it. You might also set up a home office/work space — good, too! Hopes, happiness, social joys, visions of a bright future, flirtations — all pour in Wed. to dawn Fri. Better Thurs., after dawn. Retreat from the crowd Fri./Sat. — rest, contemplate, seek spirit, be charitable, deal with civil servants, management issues, institutions, shut-ins and advisors. You meet good luck here, esp. in regard to home, research, investment, sex/pregnancy, deep health and your children’s progress. But you also face dilemmas or significant choices, in work, health and “survival” areas. Mull these over, while you’re in this quiet, thoughtful mood (Fri./Sat.). Until mid-May, work will continue to be intense, and health needs a swift response to any ill.

    VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

At last, Virgo, delays and glitches, indecision and mistakes are over! You can march confidently ahead — though you might feel some lingering indecision for a week or so. Romantic courage, impulses, and lust continue to tug at you until mid-May. (Oddly enough, moralists aside, lust could lead to real love now through May— but love’s chances are good and strong all the way to 2020, and pretty good after that, to 2024/25.) Your thoughts, your personal wisdom, are sweet and mellow all week, and a bit of next. Sunday features lust and greed — but stay honest, and avoid “all in” actions. Act after 11 am PDT.  Monday/Tues. feature very fortunate intellectual, gentle love, publishing, far travel, cultural themes. A source of information, or a friend, could bless you, open doors, even offer love. This week might hold a surprise change in a sexual, financial, medical, lifestyle or research situation. (The influence peaks Wed.) Be aware of your reputation, be ambitious, dutiful Wed. to Fri. dawn.  Better Thurs., after dawn. Popularity, social joys, optimism and bright future “vision” hold you in sweet thrall Fri./Sat. You could meet love, or watch two friends “fall in.”  A great time, esp. Sat., to reach agreement or have a long talk with someone, perhaps a family member.

    LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Recent delays and indecision end now — you can march forth, especially in relationships, negotiations, relocation, new opportunities — and you can fight someone or their agenda. If you’re unattached, you might unexpectedly meet a new life-mate prospect this week. He/she is unpredictable, friendly, a “lightning thinker.”  All of you are switching from open relationships to something more private — and binding. For example, a business relationship might now call for funding, or your lover might say, “let’s buy a house together,” or “get pregnant.”  This progression from open to private occurs every April/May, but this one is very significant, for any links that now move into the “private” or “deeply attached” (through money, security and/or sexual intimacy) zone will likely affect your bond for 7 years. In other words, love will exist on a private, deep, almost secret level for almost a decade to come. All Librans will have to reject extra-marital temptations now to early 2026. More on this major trend in a May column. Sunday emphasizes open, honest relationships — act after noon PDT for best results. What happens this day “sets up” or presages what will happen mid-week. You veer into deeper waters Mon./Tues. — funding, investment, investigation, intimacy,  commitment, surgery, medical regimens, lifestyle changes. Say Yes to these, as your luck here is strong and “future friendly.” Wednesday to Fri. dawn PDT bring a mellow, wise mood, gentle love, understanding, and themes of far travel, publishing, culture and social rituals, insurance, intellectual activities. A wee bit of illness or unwanted work demands might irk you early Thurs. morning.  Act after Thurs. dawn for best results. Thursday night begins a month of those “deeper waters” (investments, sex commitment, etc.).  Be ambitious Fri./Sat. — good opportunities here in career, VIP relations, but your home life tries to prevent soaring with your ambitions. For the moment, be ambitious.

    SCORPIO: Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Recent delays, mistakes and indecision, especially in work and health areas, end now. Charge ahead with work — or other things. This week marks a transition from drudgery, work, health issues, to vibrant relationships, fresh horizons and new opportunities (and new enemies if you’re ultra-selfish). You continue to talk/write much more than usual (until mid-May) — good, this might let others know that you do feel, deeply, and have compassion. This is a great year for you, Scorpio — a bright, optimistic year, and what you do, change or start now can turn to major cash November into late 2019. You might receive “shocking” — or, more likely, “freeing” — news this week about employment or health matters, perhaps affecting your home, family. A hint of this might arrive Sun., when chores surround you. (To succeed this day, start after 11 am PDT.) Relationships face you Mon. to pre-dawn Wed. This includes all types, casual to spouse to business associations — and relocation themes, fresh horizons, new opportunities, negotiations, even love, perhaps enmity.  (Thursday night will begin a month of these — relationships, new horizons, etc.  And all will change in this area from mid-May onward, to 2026. More on this in May.)  Be diplomatic, co-operative.  Good luck oozes in this relationship zone Mon./Tues., so charge ahead, form bonds, promise and accept promises. (But if your spidey sense tells you something’s “too early,” wait.)  You veer into life’s deeper side Wed. morn to dawn Fri. — dug deep, reject superficial presentations, explanations. Investments, debt, sexual lures, medical or lifestyle “changes” are emphasized, but not all is fortunate — act Thurs., after dawn, for best results. Mental acuity, profound thoughts, far travel, gentle love, media and intellectual pursuits, culture and law draw your attention Fri./Sat. At last, someone makes a choice, frees you to act in one or more of these areas. Friends might disagree among themselves — both are partly right.

    SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Past delays, mistakes and indecision end now, especially in romantic, creative, and child-rearing zones. I’d say charge ahead with these now, as you are in the best romance month of the year — but you’re in a bit of a quiet, low-luck year in such things as romance — so do go forth now, but with “ordinary caution.”  Some of you unattached Sages could meet a stunning future love this week.  Money flows to you until mid-May, but can flow away just as easily — save, be cheap! You want to spend (too much) on pleasure, romance, kids. Sunday’s for romance, creativity, speculation, pleasure and charming kids, but wait until after noon PDT if you want to succeed. Tackle chores, seek employment, and/or protect your daily health (eat, dress sensibly, etc.) Mon. to pre-dawn Wed. You’ll get a lot done. A good interval to seek employment. Co-workers pleasant, friendly.  Wednesday to dawn Fri. brings relationships, fresh horizons, opportunities — and for some, opposition. Be diplomatic. Actions have better results Thurs., after dawn PDT. Mysteries, secrets, sexual lures, major finances, investigation, surgery, lifestyle changes fill Fri./Sat. There’s good luck here, esp. Sat., but it competes with a tug-o-war between your immediate money needs and your desire to swell your future coffers, or between casual and deep, commitment-filled sex, etc. Thursday night begins a month of work and health issues, lasting to late May. This zone will change markedly from mid-May to early 2026. To maintain optimal health these years ahead, eradicate/reduce stress. More on this in a May column.

    CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The accent remains on home, real estate, kids and family, security, mother nature, etc. — until Thurs. night, when a month of romance, poetic beauty, pleasure, creative and speculative urges begins. Sunday reflects all that domestic, security stuff (act after noon PDT to succeed). This week might hold one, last domestic “surprise” — or completion of a long project here — and mark the end of 7 years of domestic ups and downs. Monday/Tues. bring a prescient hint of — really, a full-fledged dip into — the month of romance, pleasure and creativity that lies ahead. Your luck is splendid here, so chase love, shower your kids with benefits, take a risk/gamble, or start a creative project. A wish about “destined love” could come true. Tackle chores Wed. dawn to dawn Fri. Eat, dress sensibly. Take your pills. You’ll succeed more Thurs., after dawn, than before. Relationships, fresh horizons, opportunities, negotiating ploys, relocation themes — these speckle Fri./Sat. There’s luck here, Sat. But both days can trigger a major stand-off between you and another. Be co-operative, diplomatic.  (If single, realize that stand-off could be with someone who really wants to embrace you!) Until mid-May, you’re filled with determination, courage, and testosterone (even if you’re female). Good — get things done, and cut ties with those who act like vines, creeping against your growth.  But don’t be cruel to those you love/need.

    AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Recent delays, especially in mail, communications, planned short trips, now fade. There seems to be an important communication you want/need to make — and in a week, the chance to do this, to cause the result/answer you want, will disappear, for almost 8 years. So do it! You might also make a new, unexpected friend this week, or purchase a car or travel tickets. Sunday supports all these themes — after 11 am PDT.  A wee prick of weariness pokes you Monday/ Tues. — rest, relax, attend to home, family, security and nutrition concerns. There’s some great luck hovering around these two days — perhaps the gov’t will help fund your new home/ mortgage, or a child warms your heart, or you contract for a landscaping that will make you the envy of your ‘hood, whatever. Bosses like you, too (all year!) but might wonder why you’re temporarily “abandoning” them. Romantic notions fill Wed. dawn to Fri. dawn — so do beauty, pleasure, creativity. All’s well, but don’t spend on love or pleasure Wed. night, early Thurs. Tackle chores, protect daily health, deal with service personnel, Fri./Sat. You might have to be very clear about what you want done, and/or what you will do, as others seem to pull in opposite directions in the work area. (E.g., one says do this, another says do that.) There’s some nice luck here Sat. — your work can yield immediate or future career rewards. Thursday night begins a whole month of domestic emphasis — a hugely important one, as I’ll tell you in a May column.

    PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The last few weeks of delay and mistakes in money areas ends now, so you can proceed confidently. Learning, a memorization project that hobbled you now can be accomplished easily. You drop notions of a sexcapade with a former squeeze, and “get real” for the future. This is your last week of money focus, so gather whatever dollars you can. A major change or sudden event might occur in earnings, a casual sex link, or a school program, perhaps around mid-week. Sunday offers a clue, for this day is all about these things. To succeed Sun., act after 11 am PDT.  (Monday in Asia.)  Your money picture has been erratic, unpredictable for the last 7 years — and probably “slim.” Mid-May will change this forever, and finally give you the chance to chase big bucks, and, probably, steady bucks. (More about this in a mid-May column.) Errands, visits, casual friends, short trips, communications, paperwork and easy chores fill Mon./Tues. — in a splendid, fortunate way. Dive in, write, call, travel — contact that person you want to love, or that school for admission. Communicate about important things. If unattached, you might meet — perhaps not infatuation, but friendly romance (a good one!). Focus on home, family, nature and nutrition, security and business territory Wed. dawn to Fri. dawn. All’s well here, so just march ahead at a steady pace. Passion, beauty, pleasure and “beautiful risks” enter Fri./Sat. Your creative juices will flow. Friends, social groups, form an important “ circle around you.” You have big hopes about money, a desired possession (maybe about sex) until mid-May.

The End.

5 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST ~ APRIL 15 – 21, 2018

  1. hail to the bop

    Interesting thoughts on synastry. Could you tell me what it means when your partners north and south nodes are the reverse of yours? For example, her north node is in Leo with south node in Aquarius, his north node in Aquarius with south node in Leo. How does that bode for them as individuals and as a couple?

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Hail,

      It means this relationship is very karmic, and as long as both people are normally well-balanced, it becomes a bit of a wash — or more correctly, she will counter his bad ideas, and he will counter hers (and similarly for the good ideas). It also depends where the nodes are in their charts — i.e., is the axis along a career/domestic line, or a friendship/romance/kids line, or a money/earnings/assets line, etc.



  2. NS27

    Hi Tim, Thank you so much for your weekly and yearly forecasts, I enjoy reading and also think they’re quite accurate. I was hoping for a bit of clarification – I am of Gemini sign (Sun & Moon) with Sagittarius ascendant (27 yrs & May 27 born if that helps). Last few weeks i have been reading that Geminis should aim to be away from all kinds of legal battles for the next couple of months as it will not be in their favor. Sadly it’s not possible for me, although i am not directly involved however my immediate family is (an ongoing family dispute last 1.5 years, aggravating by day and cannot seem to find an end / settlement). Can you please advice on how i should read the prediction in this context? Many Thanks!

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, NS27,

      The bad node is in your Gemini chart’s legal sector until Nov. 8. The good node is in your Sagit chart of legal matters. This means things are coming to a karmic head for you. You must act strictly morally, and go with the flow, rather than initiating anything. Sometimes this might seem impossible, but it’s not. Good luck.


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