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START NOTHING:   7:58 am to 10:09 am Sun., 11:39 am to 1:40 pm Tues., 2:49 am to 6:13 pm Thurs., and after 10:32 pm Sat. (All times Pacific Daylight.)


BTW, as promised April 15, I am reviving the AFTERAMBLE in this column (after Pisces’ Weekly Forecast).
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One correction: in the April 8 column, I opined that Kim Jong-un would “better” John Bolton, because K’s “win” over J’s. But Kim’s first name is actually Jong. So he and Bolton, the U.S. war hawk, are pretty well evenly matched.
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The real puzzle is (regarding A.I.) how do you make a machine feel pleasure?
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It isn’t that I don’t understand computers. It’s that computers don’t understand me.

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Why isn’t Stormy Daniels charged with blackmail?
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One thing about stocks and analysts. If you look back over their recommendations, a pattern emerges:  whenever they say “SELL” it is almost always a good time to BUY.  Whenever they say BUY, it is almost always smart to sell. That’s because they tend to say BUY when a stock is at a peak, and to advise selling when it is in a low price trough.
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I’ve finally found the animal emblem for Washington:  the raccoon.
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Why were Hitler and Tamerlane (Mongol emperor) born on the same day (same sun degree)?Both conquered without compassion, though Tamerlane conquered a larger area than Hitler (including Moscow, which Hitler could not attain).
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Months ago I wrote that the boar (China) would help the U.S., but the bear (Russia) would fight. My fillip to Nostradamus, the old fraud.


     ARIES: March 21-April 19

For the next few weeks, Aries, the main focus lies on money, earnings, buy/sell, pay raises, possessions, memory and rote learning, and casual sensual sex. (This last needs some care, as you’re likely to embrace someone who will later bore you or be a burden. In such a case, make sure you are both aware of future leanings/probabilities. Oddly enough, starting mid-May, right to 2026, you will tend to mix casual sex with friendship — actually a good combination, which might even lead to a relaxed, happy marriage.)  Until mid-May, higher-ups are both short-tempered AND willing to give you a boost up. Might mean walking a fine line to succeed. Rest, luxuriate Sunday morning. Romantic urges come later, to noon Tues. (PDT). Love, creative, speculative and pleasure interests meet mixed luck, some good, some obstructions. Dive into chores Tues. afternoon to Thurs. suppertime. You’ll get a great amount done. But avoid  communicating with higher-ups, authorities, parents, esp. Wednesday. Relationships fill Thurs. night through Sat. Not an easy time! Though Thurs. night is sweet, loving, by Fri./Sat others won’t co-operate, and goals are difficult to reach. Take a diplomatic, relaxed approach.

taurus weekly forecast    TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Your energy, clout, effectiveness and natural charm burst forth now to late May. Be the leader, suggest, propose and persuade, ask favours, permission. This will be a significant few weeks, for it begins a 7 year long phase of major focus on career, prestige, status and reputation. You’ll be tested, but you’ll pass — and rise up! You might also “marry up”.  You’ll gain respect almost naturally. One Achilles heel: stress. Do all you can to reduce it, through gardening, outdoor exercise, meditation, yoga, etc.  (If undertaking the last two, get advice first — meditation and yoga can be counter-productive for 30 – 40% of people.)  For three weeks ahead, be intellectually assertive, but avoid lawsuits. Same three weeks, your money luck rises nicely. After a possibly busy morning, Sun. lowers a quiet blanket of relaxation over you — until Tues. noon. Relax, be with family, maybe fix those back stairs. Contemplate your career ambitions, and how they relate to gov’t, an institution or large corporation — a valuable answer, hunch, awaits! Romance, pleasure, beauty, creative surges and risk-taking urges fill Tues. afternoon (PDT) to suppertime Thurs. Despite an early sweetness, positive response by another, romance seems to be blocked by Wed., so wait until Thurs. night to pursue someone you seriously want in your life. A child might have a legal or educational problem. Tackle chores Thurs. night through Sat. Thursday’s great, but proceed cautiously Fri./Sat. Make sure all you do is legal, ethical.

    GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Stage a mild retreat now to late May, Gemini. Your charms, your energy and health will be at a low ebb. This is nature’s way of nudging you into rest and contemplation. Once a year we need to stop, look at our progress, and formulate plans for the future. This is that time. You also face a rather momentous change in circumstances, from mid-May to early 2026, one that will affect your learning, publishing, travel and general intellectual interests. If young and/or single, you might wed someone who is mildly burdensome, but pleases you in beauty, security, and, probably, sexual areas.  (None of this until Dec. 2018  onward.)  So for the weeks ahead, rest, meditate, plan, contact civil servants, sidle into management roles, research, and be spiritual, charitable (improves your future karma). Sunday morning might irk you, but later this day to midday Tues., errands, easy chores, communications, visits and paperwork flow in. Do these; they end well, could bring a new friend or profound information. Head for home, at least in your thoughts, midday Tues. to suppertime (PDT) Thurs. Hug the kids, enhance security, buy nutritious food, garden, repair, etc. You’ll accomplish good things Tues. pm, but hit obstacles Wed. — don’t try to combine hopes/friendship with sex or finances, But a friend or hope arriving Wed. night, Thurs. predawn, could be more helpful, valuable than is apparent at first. Romance tickles your senses Thurs. eve through Sat. You’ll have the most success Thurs. and Sat. nights — everything in-between is studded with irksome barriers.

    CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Expect happiness, Cancer, for the weeks ahead are filled with it! Until late May, increased popularity, social delights, optimism, flirtations and entertainment greet you. Issue and accept invitations. You’re in a very important “marriage potential” phase — and if you’re married, a strong “association phase” for the next few years. It can’t hurt to expand your social horizons, which will broaden, deepen the pool of prospects — easy and fortunate this month ahead! (Additionally, the next 7 years will tend to offer sex, intimacy, financial and lifestyle bonds with social connections.) You start Sunday with high energy, then money and sensual interests absorb you. Buy/sell, memorize, touch someone. Despite a jig or jog here and there, this ends with a fortunate meeting or approach in sex or investments/debt. Tackle easy, swift chores midday Tues. to suppertime Thurs. (PDT) — paperwork, errands, calls, text, visits, casual contacts, etc. Generally, easy days — but be aware Wed., a conflict might exist between your ambitions and another’s wishes.  (This ambition might have a recent history, going back to early/mid March — and might be one you yourself were unsure of just weeks ago.)  Head for home, family Thurs. night through Sat. It’s “home sweet home” Thurs. pm, but Fri./Sat. hint at various conflicts and disagreements. Listen, even retreat, before trying to push things through.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast    LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The general emphasis lies on career, worldly status, prestige relations, ambitions, and dealings with authorities, bosses, parents, etc. This area will change markedly after mid-May, for 7 years. It will grow 1) more stressful, 2) changeful, and 3) filled with opportunity. (More on this in a few weeks.) Your workload continues to be intense, heavy. You have to make executive decisions — an easy task. Relax, sleep in Sun. morning. By 10 am (PDT — nighttime in India, Asia) your energy bumps up, and your charisma, clout, increase — to midday Tues. Lead, propose, ask favours, give projects a push, impress others (esp. bosses). All’s well — and you might end up with a fresh opportunity.  Whether you should “bite” on this one is unclear – it’s probably too long in the tooth, and will “dissolve” before a month passes. Tuesday starts 3 weeks of social buoyancy:  you’ll “love” a (new?) friend or want to embrace your whole social circle. Midday Tues. to suppertime Thurs. brings money matters, earnings, purchases, rote learning, and sensual attractions. Better to stick with money, and to act either Wed. eve/night, or after Thurs. dawn. You might face an ethical choice at work. Casual contacts, errands, paperwork, travel and communications arise Thus. eve through Saturday. Pursue these Thurs. night, when you can obtain a favourable answer, link with someone sweet. But proceed with caution, alertness Fri./Sat. Obstacles abound.

     VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The main accent in the weeks ahead lies on mostly mental things — intellectual pursuits, higher education, cultural venues, international travel, foreign-born people, publishing, fame, statistics, insurance — and love’s gentle side. (Speaking of which, your romantic and lustful sides are working overtime until mid-May. If you’re single, why not? All Virgos might feel like gambling with assets, investments — think, study before you plunk your money down.) Sunday morning finds you hopeful, social, but your energy subsides by midday (PDT) — retreat, rest and contemplate, perform neglected chores/duties. Examine your past, plan your future. This until midday Tues. Tuesday afternoon to suppertime Thurs., your energy and charisma return. Lead others, start projects, ask favours, see and be seen. You’re in a mildly good love phase, so use this interval to attract/impress someone. (However, start no romantic, lust, financial, medical or research projects before late afternoon Wed. [2:30 pm]. After this, good fortune reigns!) Chase money, buy/sell, seek a pay raise, butter up clients, etc., Thurs. night, but leave these alone Fri./Sat., when obstacles and unlucky results exist. All those love, travel, legal, intellectual, far travel areas, fortunate now into May, will change significantly from May to early 2026. A note of freedom, free thinking, even rebellion — and of quickly-made, unusual friends — will enter for 7+ years. More on this later, in May.

    LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Life holds many mysteries, unseen depths and subterranean forces, Libra. For the month ahead you’ll “swim” in this zone like a true fish. Your subconscious will burst to the surface, heightening your intuition (hunches) to a fine accuracy. Some pretty significant turning points can occur, as you sift through sexual attractions and possibilities, financial options (investment, paying down debt, mortgages, etc.) surgery or medical actions, and lifestyle changes. This zone is heightened every late April/May, but this time is more important. One change is certain: if single, you move from seeking a romantic partnership, to 7 years in which romance and intimacy, love and lust, will be inextricably twined. If you have kids, you move from admiring their talents, to funding their initiatives. You’ll see, soon. You’re restless, seeking a goal, Sun. morning, but this day — into Tues. noon — soon turns its gaze into happiness, social delights, and your mood elevates to a flirty, joyful one. A wish might be fulfilled, perhaps Wed. forenoon (PDT). Retreat, rest, think and plan midday Tues. to suppertime Thurs. Handle red tape. A domestic obstacle prevents a “union” Wed., but this night to early Thurs. could bring an answer to your domestic problems — might occur near sleep. Remember it. Be charitable. Your energy, charisma return Thurs. eve through Sat. Thursday’s great, get things done. But exercise some caution Fri./Sat., when your domestic problems erect obstacles. Saturday night (Sunday in Europe, Asia) you might meet a “last-minute” love or practical partnership, relocation, or business opportunity. I’d leave this one alone unless you’re sure — for it comes at the end of a huge trend, not the beginning. This situation might “die off” in a month or two.

     SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The emphasis lies on relationships for the weeks ahead, Scorpio. A major change will begin in this area mid-May, to last into early 2026. (I’ll write more on this in May.)  It hints that links will become more frequent but unpredictable; that others will be freedom-loving, but also more kind and friendly toward you. Some of you will change partners. This week (into mid-May) others will respond affectionately to your approaches. You start Sun. with a mellow mood, but you soon grow ambitious, energized. This lasts until midday Tuesday (PDT). — and ends well. You might discover you’re more valued on the work front than you thought. Hopes and happiness lift your heart Tues. pm to Thurs. suppertime. Your popularity rises, entertainment and flirtation arrive, and a wish might come true. However, avoid communications at work, until Wed. eve., and take care with machines, especially old ones. Retreat, lie low Thurs. suppertime through Sat. Friends might argue among themselves — stay out, rest, contemplate and plan your and your loved ones’ future. Thursday night’s fine, even loving, great for a date in an ongoing bond, but not good for a new one. Better, Fri./Sat., to remain silent than to say the wrong thing (very likely!).  All week, think about new opportunities, fresh horizons, new people, possible relocation, and links to agents or counsellors. Decide what/whom you’re going to chase, what/whom you’re not. Be diplomatic, as others hold the aces.

    SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The weeks ahead are filled with work, Sage — and minor health concerns. If you have been waiting to purchase or overhaul machinery, now’s the time.  (April 22/23/24, all late day, May 3 to 5, or 14, early 15 best for this.) Money continues to flow through you — best to save it, or, if you must spend, spend on tools, machines, or home repairs. But mostly save — a big bill might be coming. Sunday starts with murky thoughts, urges, but soon clears into a wise, broad view of life and society, and a mellow, curiosity-filled mood — until midday Tues. Think about (or act on) travel, higher learning, foreign sources, publishing, legal and ethical matters. Tuesday begins 3 weeks of sweet, affectionate relationships. Your approaches will receive gracious, kind responses. Some of you will meet your new mate, but this is rare. Midday Tues. (PDT) to suppertime Thurs. cranks up your ambitions, puts a spotlight on your career. be dutiful, hard-working. Avoid “pleasure breaks” and risky moves or discussions, esp. Wed. Otherwise this is a productive few days. Your social situation, popularity, optimism and general happiness rise Thurs. eve through Sat. Thursday night’s best. Take care Fri./Sat. — you could spend too much on friends or romance —  or just fun. Just have cheap fun!

     CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

This is a momentous month ahead, Cap. Not that anything earth-shaking will happen — rather, May will end 7 years of domestic or security upheavals, and start almost 8 years of: domestic joys, especially via kids; real estate luck; unpredictable romantic links; romance with sensual people whose bodies you admire more than their minds. (Careful with this last one, as boredom can set in later.) Meanwhile, the present: Sunday morning might hold a relationship disruption/surprise. But this day to midday Tues. also brings deep secrets/mysteries, financial opportunities, sexual urges, and possible medical demands. Be brave, dig deep — treasures, revelations await! A wise, mellow mood steals over you Tues. midday to suppertime Thurs. (PDT). You might face a home problem that needs fixing (Wed.?) — no big deal, unless you neglect it. Tuesday begins 3 weeks of pleasant work place relations, and enjoyment of your job. Thursday night offers career luck, or a lucrative task. But be cautious, diplomatic Fri./Sat. — it’s as if you and another are facing each other on opposite banks of a river. But the river is filled with obstacles, problems, sharp objects. Only love, acceptance can bridge it. Don’t worry — life ultimately has its own, benevolent reasons and by-ways.

    AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The general emphasis will lie on home, family, security, rest, nutrition and Mother Nature during the weeks ahead, Aquarius. This whole zone will change dramatically over the 7+ years ahead, starting in mid-May. I’ll write more about this in a few weeks, but overall we can say your commitment to and involvement in this domestic zone will deepen strongly. For now, hug the kids, start back-yard, repair and such actions, but you might want to avoid big new decoration or renovation projects. Tuesday starts a 3-week “beauty luck” that will help a home decoration project — but your “home tastes” might change over the next few months. Make sure the beauty you add to your home will reflect your tastes in future. Tuesday also starts a 3-week romantic streak that will lighten the down-home atmosphere. Sunday might start with chores, but this pm to midday Tues. brings relationships, surprises, and a fresh new feeling about your future possibilities! Be diplomatic, for some don’t want to co-operate — if you co-operate, everyone will. Dig deep, listen to your hunches Tues. afternoon to suppertime Thurs. (PDT) secrets, mysteries lie beneath the surface, and could be valuable. E.g., an investment opportunity, or a way to reduce debt, or a medical condition that needs attending, or an “offer” of intimacy. However, through Wed. daytime, don’t speak of love or sex — something hidden (in your heart? or a secret competitor?) will kibosh it.  A mellow, content mood, profound thoughts, and a wide view fill Thurs. eve through Sat. You can hear of — or meet — love Thurs. (especially late this night). But Fri./Sat. contain various potholes that will jolt and shake your love vehicle.

    PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Errands, trips, calls, paperwork and easy chores fill the weeks ahead, Pisces. Not an important time, though an important time to communicate or do paperwork around a significant matter. (E.g., a job application or tax return.) You’ll be busy, but light-hearted. Tuesday will begin 3 weeks of home-based happiness, loving family, etc. — good time to decorate, grow flowers, etc. You remain pretty assertive about your wishes and goals — and are willing to spend a lot on them. Be reasonable…  Sunday starts sweetly, but soon dumps chores on your shoulders. Tackle tasks until midday Tues. — and eat, dress sensibly. No worries, so march forth, get it done. Tues. afternoon to Thurs. suppertime (PDT) brings relationships, negotiations, enmities, and challenges. Be diplomatic, don’t “force” co-operation. A mate, partner might not agree with you, especially about 1) money and 2) the future, before Wed. eve. Late this night, though, and pre-dawn Thurs., much can be solved — all’s well that ends well. Dig deep, reject superficial answers, Thurs. eve through Sat. You might “dig up” something valuable Thurs. night, medically, financially, or in intimate zones. But don’t go there Fri./Sat. — invest in nothing (reject friends’ advice) and don’t pursue intimacy. Not good days for surgery, unless an emergency. Soon, you will be “speaking” about hidden or governmental, management “things” — for 7+ years. More about this in May.

The End.


Ah, here we are in the anteroom, off from the main party. I feel that here I can be more private, less public. That I’m among friends. That you won’t shriek with PC horror at my amblings.

But I need to warn you: I am what  am.

I don’t often write in the most pleasant, cheerful way. Some of the things you encounter here, particularly the fiction, might repulse you. Some will  be violent, sad, sexually graphic, even, by some standards, perverse. I am what I am. When I was young, dark things crept through my family, and these rooted in my psyche and grew with me, like vines. So these will enter, also.

So I’m happy — but you’ve been warned! The Afteramble is where I will write without fear, hoping to discover the truth.

Not everything here will be astrological, though much will be. I’ll probably resurrect my auto-biography, and pieces of fiction, stories, some of them linked to the auto-bio. So you’ll have to bear my quirks, and my odd melange of topics. Or, you can just read your Weekly Forecast, and toss this Afteramble aside.

If you ever want to add your thoughts/observations to the Afteramble, or suggest a topic, just email me at suningem@gmail.com, and indicate it is for inclusion/discussion in the Afteramble. Be sure to state whether I can publish your name or not.

That said, here’s my first “article” — I wrote the following one year ago, but since I seem to have a lot of new readers I thought it might bear repeating:

I don’t see fate as guilty societies do, as a dark, menacing or horrible figure, or the “toil and trouble” of MacBeth’s witches, stirring their cauldron of nightmares. I think fate is a massive, kindly thing, a sort of huge, lumbering yet intricate Princess Fate, rather than a Queen of Doom.

In astrology the planet Neptune rules the subconscious — and the drugs or devices needed to get you there. It rules fantasy, deep lakes, oceans and seas, fish, gases, oil flow (some say oil itself), pornography, meditation, yoga, karma, institutions, and retreats, rest/sleep, spiritualism and spirit itself, channelling and psychics (but not prophets; in their biblical role, prophets performed political and behavioural/instructive roles, and few predicted anything accurately).

But there is another level below Neptune’s subconscious. Pluto, even further out in space, rules the unconscious (as well as Hell/Hades, atomic/nuclear power and bombs, deep space and dark matter, massacres and other widespread deaths, AIDS, tropical diseases, swamps and wetlands, slaughter houses, the classical underworld and the modern underworld of crime, all mafia-type gangs, depth psychology, psychiatrists, editors, mortuaries and graveyards, death and rebirth, lizards and eagles, researchers, police, especially detectives, sex/semen and procreation, accountants, especially forensic, etc.). I think Pluto also rules super computers and AI.

I suspect that destiny, or fate, comes from this Plutonic area of the unconscious. That our destiny comes from deep inside ourselves, in which case it cannot be an enemy, other than an enemy of our more conscious desires. I imagine that following the lead of this destiny (we could see it as a stream or current) might bring a person into a state of more rapid advancement. To see fate as an enemy to be overcome is to struggle needlessly against oneself — because it is you who is, even as you read this — creating your own fate.

In some instances, fate appears to operate whimsically — the infant who is dropped from a speeding train, or sexually abused before its first birthday and every week after that. Because I believe in reincarnation, I believe that even these “fates” have been self-chosen. I chose before birth, before conception, to be dropped from a train, or sexually abused at 12 months, because, to reach angel-hood, I have to experience every facet of life, even the great pains and challenges. If reincarnation does not exist, then life is purely coincidental/random, has no spiritual order, and, essentially, there either is no God, or God is malevolent. I cannot believe the last, for everywhere in nature the good is evident and prominent.

But in other cases, what seems whimsical seldom is. In this group lies the sudden car accident. Your vehicle is hit from behind, you’ve done nothing wrong, but a bank-robber’s getaway driver got nervous and rear-ended you. Then your car was impounded for evidence. Was this simple “fate,” dropping from that blue sky above? Probably not. Your unconscious mind steered you to that road and that place at that time, so the accident would occur. The next question, Why?, can be answered superficially, by an example: you were hit because “fate” (your deeper self) saw the future and wanted you to meet your future spouse, whom you’ll run into (no pun!) in the tiled hallways of the hospital where the ambulance took you for a post-accident exam.

I suspect that the unconscious does, as Jung envisioned, communicate with all other unconsciousnesses.  (Or otherwise, in the above example, why did your future spouse [unconsciously] decide to be in that hospital hallway at that exact time? At least 2 minds — and a 3rd, the bank robber who hit you, etc., and eventually we could draw in the whole world — “unconsciously co-operated” in bringing this meeting about.) These unconscious awarenesses (for surely the unconscious is MORE aware than we are consciously) form a stream, like a stream of stars, but like a vine, too. The vine stem is large and winds itself around the tree of life, just as the snake embraced the round trunk of knowledge in the garden of eden. (Perhaps the snake wound around Eve’s leg, she and the fruitful tree being the same goddess, the one that has left us here, with ourselves.)

I also believe (from certain channeling/trance experiences) that you do not lose your individuality, your personality or sense of self in the great pool of unconsciousnesses, even after death. Your particular unconscious is like a flower on a stem, unique, and aware — a flower that shares the same soil as us all. Yet we never — well, seldom — hear from our unconscious. That is not because our unconscious is not aware of “us,” but that we, consciously, are unaware of it, of “us.” How that explains a Hitler, I don’t know; although the answer might lie in the first zone of fate touched on above: predetermination (which can mean chosen) at/before birth.

(Some of the ideas above deserve fuller explanations, but — maybe another day.)

2 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST ~ April 22-28, 2018

  1. JS

    Hi Tim,
    you mentioned for capricorn” Fri./Sat. — it’s as if you and another are facing each other on opposite banks of a river. But the river is filled with obstacles, problems, sharp objects. Only love, acceptance can bridge it.”.

    I am born 7 Jan 1982 with Aquarius rising where as my BF is born in 8 Feb 1978.
    he recently told me that me met someone last week and have feeling for her, I am not sure if they met before 15th april or after do you think its just mercury retrogate which is blurring the situation or is it really over.
    I am not sure not sure what to do.


    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, JS,

      I would treat it as over. Capricorn/Aquarius sun signs are a weak combination, it would grow boring, in most cases, within a year or two. There are exceptions, but I’d have to look at your chart (and his) to determine this.

      Best regards,


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