Astrology forecast: this forecast covers Saturn’s journey in Capricorn for the next 3 years.  

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(This Preamble is very long, but ties into the “Weekly Messages” for each sign below.)

I think that within 200 years nations will tend to disappear, to be replaced by city states.
***   ***

I haven’t written anything about Saturn’s recent entry into Capricorn.  It entered this sign in Dec. 2017, and will stay until mid-December 2020. This is likely to be a significant 3 years, for Saturn (first time in 3 decades) is now in its home sign, making it stronger, and its effects more telling. (In addition, Pluto, the planet of deep transformation, death and rebirth, and of nuclear energy [in all facets] is also in Capricorn, 2008-2024. This will give Saturn’s effects extra depth, and can cause changes in your life that are deep, permanent, significant.) Saturn was last in Capricorn 1988-1990. That time coincided with the collapse of the Soviet Union. (Though my predictions of the collapse were based on Pluto, in Scorpio at that time — the U.S.S.R.’s sun sign.) This time, 2018-2020, should bring even more significant “hierarchy re-alignments” than ’88-’90, but with typical Saturn slowness and gradualness. We’ve already begun to see this — Trump upending the U.S. gov’t; Xi given a lifetime term in China; Venezuela, N. Korea making a huge turn toward peace with S. Korea and the U.S. — but we have not seen the “big thing” — which should occur around Jan./Feb. 2020 (with hints earlier, in spring 2019). In world terms, another significant factor will be Uranus (revolt) in Taurus (a stable, conservative sign that hates change, and will revolt only after unbearable pressure). But I’ll talk about that in May.

So, this week, I’m going to give each sign the personal effect in our lives of Saturn, now through 2020.
***  ***

Saturn is very realistic (which is probably why it has a reputation for being a kill-joy). In traditional astrology, Saturn rules old people, the father, practical decisions, scepticism, ruling or managing other peoples’ talents and efforts, hierarchies, structures (e.g., the rebar in concrete, superstructures in buildings, bridges, etc., gov’t, bones, bare trees), winter, delay, waiting, patience, long-range planning, loyalty, lead, tin, wheat cycles, commercial real estate, and the sign Capricorn. (And Caps usually share many of the qualities just listed — loyal, sceptical, etc.) When asking about a reading, Caps often grill me first, want proof I’m good at my job, and sometimes contact me months, even years, before they book an appointment. Several people, over the years, have asked me to give them a free “sample” reading first. (Sorry, no.) Almost every time, it was a Capricorn making that request. There is often something hidden about Saturn/Capricorns. The women of this sign prefer to make love in complete darkness. (I don’t know about men.)

(Capricorn rules rocks and mountains. Cap is my “occult sign”. The very first trance I ever fell into, 30 years ago, I found myself deep within a mountain, surrounded by, I thought, curious “rock spirits”.  I panicked and “awoke”, gasping, scared I’d be crushed under mega-tons of rock.)

Children who are ruled by Saturn — e.g., Saturn on the ascendant, on the career cusp, or square sun or moon, etc, — often feel more comfortable with adults than with other children. (This can also include those with their sun in Capricorn, as well as people whose first name begins with S, Y, or (less so) H — though the results are usually milder.) Sometimes, such children are raised in relatively isolated circumstances, or are put in charge of their siblings. Shania Twain, the famous singer and a Capricorn “name” (S) raised her siblings herself (or so the story goes). (Using the alphabet to represent sun sign “qualities” will be explained in the April 8 column. Shania is actually a Virgo Sun. Her Moon, btw, is in the same degree as the famous pianist Glen Gould’s Sun — a degree of great intellect and ability, but also of loneliness.) This “early responsibility “ has marked more than a few of my Capricorn clients.

Until Dec. 2020, the species of restriction changes for each of us. Generally, it is better to avoid this new restricted zone rather than operate within it, as Saturn tends to dampen luck, profits and fulsome results. Saturn doesn’t “cheat” you – if you work an hour, it gives you an hour’s wage – but not a penny more. Sometimes Saturn “pays off” later – up to 29 years later. Jupiter rules friendship and luck, Venus the sweet fruitful warmth of May; but Saturn rules winter, when plants bare their limbs in frozen dance, twisting toward the brooding sky.

Please don’t read the forecasts below for a Pollyanna message, but for a “reality check” that governs a certain area of your life – probably less than 10 per cent of your future, unless you fixate on Saturn’s area and give it extra influence in your life. (Not usually a good idea.) (However, that 10% can be a pivotal, significant portion. For example, you spend much less than 10% of your time in the bank, but where would you be without your account?)

Remember, Saturn is the planet of restrictions, age (and age differences – e.g., if a 20 year old man was fooling with a forty-year old woman, both would be under the aegis of Saturn — sometimes of Pluto) and of time – usually slow, slow time. Saturn’s main message to us is threefold: work, be prepared, and wait. We should thank Saturn for letting us know where our restrictions and practical boundaries lie, where we cannot expect quick results or easy luck – where we might need to handle things before our neglect causes loss.

Saturn will tend to reward during these 3 years, for it is in its own sign, and will produce the best that that sign can produce. The “success” of Saturn will culminate in 2020, when many lives will be enriched in a solid, big, long-lasting way.

So, here is more “Saturn”:


    ARIES: March 21-April 19

2018 through 2020, Aries, Saturn sits in your career sector. This directly affects your worldly standing and neighbourhood reputation, prestige relations, dealings with bosses, parents and/or authorities. Saturn rules this zone for you, so you’re likely to find a cure to chronic career obstacles, and/or to find your career and position stabilize and grow — SLOWLY, as Saturn does nothing hurriedly, and demands that you build whatever you’re building brick by brick, from a solid foundation upward. You might even find that your career situation sends you back to school, or to re-form your sales territory, alter your approach, etc. — perhaps in major ways.

You’ve spent the last seven years trying to be popular or to fulfill your fondest wishes, rather than in striving wholeheartedly after a career goal. Now, especially after mid-May (2018) you’ll grow more sober and serious about climbing ambition’s ladder. But remember one thing, Aries: tyrants and unethical people are often deposed under this Saturn transit. If you quit a job during this phase (now through 2020) you can have trouble finding good, enduring employment for the next three decades. Same if you are fired for cause. So be good, dutiful, and work hard — you’re a natural “climber” now! (If you say, “why am I so diplomatic lately?” that’s Saturn’s natural effect.) This is also a good three years to invest in your employer’s company, accept stocks in lieu of part salary, or even to begin a business. But it should be a slow-moving, non-glamourous, practical business — and don’t expect quick rewards.


taurus weekly forecast    TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Despite its (somewhat deserved) reputation, Taurus, Saturn is often a favourable planet for you, as it rules your sector of compassion and understanding, far travel and intellectual exploration, ethics and gentle love. (Many Taureans love, even marry Capricorns, the sign Saturn rules.) From 2018 through 2020, Saturn will be in a harmonious angle to your sun sign. If you’re single, you might wed during this interval, with a person who appreciates and demands loyalty, and will return it solidly. Since your marriage planet, Pluto, is also in Capricorn for the duration, singles among you should be able to marry just the right partner, as the years following will prove. At the same time, Saturn won’t forgive major mistakes, intrusions or violations. Laziness is one of those “violations.” So pursue someone honestly and sincerely — and realize you’re playing for major, life-affecting stakes. (The relationship situation for you is far bigger, more complex, 2018-2020, than I can address here.)

If you are involved in higher education, far travel, a law suit, an advertising campaign, publishing (of any kind) statistics, cultural or social ritual situations (e.g., bat mitzvah, wedding, confirmation) or any international dealings, your progress will be slow but successful. Remember, brick-by-brick. The tortoise wins these races. Pay attention to people whose first name begins with H, S, or Y — they could have an important role to play.


    GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

From 2018 to 2020, Gemini, the planet Saturn travels through your sector of sexual intimacy, surgery, assets, debts and investments, lifestyle changes, research and detective work, discoveries and revelation, secrets, and partnership finances. In fact, almost everything in this sector is related to others and your links with them. Strictly avoid extra-marital temptations these three years. Saturn always pays us (though often frugally) for our efforts, but also makes us pay for our transgressions. Your sexual urges will be strong and deep during this period, but aim them toward those who are free to accept. Saturn “hates” social boundary-breakers, and will exact a toll if you do. (Similarly, don’t cheat in financial, partnership, research and all these Saturn areas, as the “punishment” for doing so could last up to 3 decades.) If investing, be conservative and realistic, aim for steady, not spectacular results. If you have them, investments you made decades ago might now reward you. In all the areas listed above (sex, surgery, assets, etc.) expect quiet, slow but solid results — IF you work at them. Saturn gives nothing to lazy people! 2020 might 1) bring a very gratifying pay-off for your efforts, and/or 2) offer you the chance to start a project which will grow and reward for decades to come. (So long as the project/situation is in one of those zones listed in the first sentence above.)

Young marrieds are likely to greet pregnancy now, but might also decide to delay, for financial or similar reasons. Your most secret attitudes and beliefs might undergo a bit of a revolution/transformation. This is the time, if applicable, to face, examine and deal with childhood trauma/abuse, and to enact a slow, steady “cure”. You might be attracted to a Capricorn during these 3 years, but think deeply before committing. You might receive an inheritance, or “assume” someone else’s assets/financial position or job — especially in 2020.


    CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Saturn’s travel through your relationship zone from 2018 through 2020 could form one of the most significant phases of your life, in terms of partnerships in love or business, and in general dealings with the world — including relocation, dealings with the public, fame, negotiations, agreements and contracts, litigation, opportunities and opposition. You can meet strong (in fact, too strong to defeat) enemies — or powerful co-operators. Which depends on your own nature, your willingness to join, merge, love and co-operate — anger, rudeness, arrogance, etc., will create monsters of opposition! (Because Saturn “never forgets,” you might find that some of your old, former negative attitudes still impact your luck going forward, even if you change now to a more positive approach. That’s okay, keep approaching others with hope and affection — Saturn will reward you for this, even if it takes a bit of time.)

Single Cancers might well meet and merge with the love of their life, or at least with a life-mate. (Hopefully they’re the same!) Saturn is your marriage planet, and Pluto is your love planet, and they’re both in your relationship house for the duration. In addition, lucky Jupiter spends 2018 in your romantic zone, and 2020 in your marriage zone. Something’s brewing! If you’re married, 2018 to 2020 can smooth out your relationship, balance your roles, and could bring a significant goal or project that will occupy both of you in gratifying ways. (This project could grow and reward for decades, if it starts in 2020, or Dec. 2019.) Remember, all 3 years offer valuable, significant opportunities — you must seize these and work at them to produce results — don’t seek glamour nor expect overnight results. But do expect a major chance to rebuild or launch your life!


Leo icon, Luck Forecast    LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

From 2018 through 2020, Leo, the planet Saturn travels through your zone of work, employment/employees, health, tools/machinery, service personnel, and care of dependents. From 2008 to 2024, these areas are slowly transforming; in the present (2018-20) this transformation will solidify, and show realistic, concrete results. But nothing will be easy — your work hours can increase, you might be asked to perform or supervise more difficult chores, your tools might be old or out of date (software is a tool, too) etc. This is generally a good time to upgrade or buy machinery, from a can opener to an excavator. You’re likely to find bargains and fine products among used items. This isn’t a good time to quit a job for no reason, or to seek the open road of adventure, romance and “holiday living.” You can build a solid employment role for yourself now, but you can also, by neglect or refusal, negatively affect your employment history, and suffer for it beyond 2020. (That year will bring great new job-related opportunities — 2 of them — and you could start a project or acquire machinery that will “boost” you for up to 3 decades ahead! You might also start, Dec. 2019 through 2020, a much more creative job.)

Do protect your health, especially through proper nutrition, appropriate dress, reasonable exercise, and good habits. (Saturn loves habits.) Areas most likely to be vulnerable these 3 years: gums, teeth, bones, knees, and skin. Also watch digestive processes, and eliminative and sexual organs (STD’s). Calcification (e.g., spinal stenosis), plaque and arterial hardening, “stones,” and diseases of aging might also occur. None of these are likely to be serious, but you should consult with your doctor to remain, hold safe. Remember, Leo, these will be testing years, but they also offer — not so much opportunities, as a long, gradual stairway upward! (Don’t worry, you’ll receive excitement elsewhere — for example, 2019 will be a huge romantic year!)


    VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Read Taurus’ message for a few clues, Virgo. From 21 December 2017, to March 2020, and again 2 July to mid-Dec. 2020, the planet Saturn will occupy your sector of creativity, adventure, risk-taking, beauty, pleasure, charming children (and teaching/raising them) — and romance. Saturn is often referred to as the planet of delay, restriction, hard knocks, fate, strictness, and serious, sober conservatism. But for you this is a planet of depth, solidity, and slow, deep rewards. People disparage Saturn because it doesn’t fly like an airplane — but they forget that it digs deep, like a mine — and there’s often gold in that mine!  (Or, more likely, useful metals such as lead, iron, etc.) In love, Saturn leads you into depths others can only read about; suffuses you with the kind of quiet, steady happiness that others seldom stop long enough to recognize. For you, Saturn represents joy. Though we see this planet as (grim) fate, Saturn’s fate, for you, is usually lucky!

This is a good interval, 2018-20, to tackle a creative work, to paint, sculpt, write — and to take a chance, a reasonable, studied, conservative chance on your talents, or to gamble, carefully, on a stock or other investment. (Real estate investments are super-favoured in 2019, and somewhat favoured in 2020.) Unattached Virgos are likely to enter a major love, one that could turn to marriage, or which will, at least, form one of the two or three biggest loves of your life. True to Saturn, this love might not develop quickly nor in a glamorous way. Loyalty will be “big”. (And to test yours, someone might reject your advances once or twice, initially.) When you talk, you can display a powerful sincerity: and talk will be one of your fortes (2008-2024) — so use it, don’t stand shyly in the corner! The year 2020 could bring (or culminate) a huge, lucky love, one that could last decades. If you’re married, all 3 years are a splendid time to set up your children’s future, educational plans, etc.


    LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

I’ve told you for years (since 2008) that something’s wrong or “blocked” in your domestic scene. Could be mice in the attic, could be regrets over how you raised the kids, could be a too-small downpayment, whatever. This influence lasts to 2024, so it’s not over yet. It has, or will, involve a change of homes, or a transformation of the home, family structure. From 2018 through 2020, this “problem” might be heightened or exacerbated, as Saturn travels through this domestic zone. But Saturn also rules your home, and will spend these 3 years in a powerful, effective way, handing you the tools to eradicate (or deeply reduce) this problem. It won’t be easy, it will be hard, but if you apply yourself and your resources to the obstacle, you’ll win. (It’s important to win, because this problem interferes with your marriage, and, if you’re single, gets in the way of establishing a successful marriage, even if you do find true love.)

This isn’t the best 3 years to buy a home nor to set up a new one, nor to give birth. (But if you do bring a child into the world, it’s very likely because you have a moon or ascendant that harmonizes with Saturn. The child will be your “natural” progeny and you will always feel very secure in your parental role.) At least, this advice applies to 2018/19. The third year, 2020, can offer you a fantastically beneficial realty purchase (so save for that deposit). 2020 also opens the door to start a project in food and shelter, mining, forestry or other “Mother Earth” zones — a project that will grow successfully for three decades. You might, in any of the three years, successfully invest in commercial, industrial or office real estate. This is an excellent period to put your entire life on a solid foundation. Think in terms of the next 30 years.


  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

From 2018 through 2020, Scorpio, Saturn will travel through your zone of talk, writing, media, news, curiosity, short trips and visits, errands, mail, and casual acquaintances. This isn’t a zone you usually feel very comfortable with — for example, you love keeping secrets, but this is a “blabbermouth” area. On the other hand, if you’re engaged in garnering secrets, as in therapy, detective work, medical research, financial studies, etc., many days will seem like fountains of facts or rivers of revelations. One of the best things you can do, 2018-20, is to organize your office or files, install a heavier-duty telephony/computer system, buy useful software, organize logistics and the flow of information or goods. Your communications can also be deeply improved by taking a toastmaster’s or other speaking/writing courses. You might become a spokesperson or appear on tv, radio, podcasts, etc. Progress will be slow in all these things, but when you stand back and consider, the pace is exactly right, allowing you to build solidly and ensure every step is well done.

Such communications, travel, distribution, logistics or other projects, if begun in 2020, could grow for decades, and/or launch you into a successful stream of other events. What would usually be casual acquaintances could take on more importance — some could become real friends, or accompany you on travels. Because your own ruling planet, Pluto, is in the same area (for 15 years), developments in these mentioned areas will tend to be significant, with life-changing power. Also, oddly perhaps, this entire trend could attract Geminis or talkative people to your cause — and perhaps to your boudoir. (I’ll let you judge the ins and outs of this, no pun intended.)


    SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Tighten your money belt, Sage. From 2018 through 2020, Saturn will occupy your house of earnings. This can mean different things for different Sages. If you’re under 30, the 3 years ahead can reduce your income or make you work harder for it. If you’re in the middle of life, you could find money a bit tighter, but you see it as part of your overall plan to increase your assets or career/business success. If you’re over 60, these 3 years can actually pour money benefits upon you, partly as a result/reward for the hard work you performed and/or privations endured, for the prior 6 decades. For all Sages, your income might remain stable or even increase over these 3 years, but expenses can climb. Saturn is a “pay back” planet — so if you’ve worked hard in the past, Saturn could even bring a solid pay raise. This is especially likely in 2020, when your own planet, lucky Jupiter, swells your money house — and your pockets! Because Pluto is also in Capricorn (your money sign) the whole time, you can find employment and other income most easily in government, institution, administration and management circles.

These 3 phases (0-30, 30-60 and 60+) will also affect a few other areas: casual sex, rote learning (memory learning), science, and possessions. It won’t be easy to sell things (especially difficult if “fat profits” are desired). When purchasing, look at used articles too — bargains and solid buys await you here. (Some Sages will start a “junk” or garage sale business now.) Sexual intimacy might come slowly (which is a bit of a problem because you’re seeking casual, fun, rather than deep, dark sex). But it will come, if you want it. Realize that intimate attractions/affairs formed now will tend to NOT be suitable for long-term partnerships. Learning, science, statistics, memorizing anything, will also tend to come slowly, but what you do learn will stay with you “forever,” and can make your position more secure. The biggest effect of 2018-20, is that your own sober, dejected, down mood of 2015-17 ends! 2018 remains a bit “down”, because your luck and cheerfulness are low. But your energy, joy, friendliness, and all-round luck soar in 2019, and 2020 – Saturn or not – will be a fortunate money year! (An earnings project begun in 2020 can grow for 3 decades.)


    CAPRICORN: Dec. 22-Jan. 19

You’ve spent 2015-2017 in a wee, semi-restricted funk, Cap. The world seemed to be steering your life, rather than you navigating your own destiny. This changes, 2018 through 2020. Saturn, your ruling planet, is finally (after 29 years) back in Capricorn, your sign. To a large degree, this makes you captain of your own destiny. Now you can formulate long-range plans. Now your personality (cautious, diplomatic, patient, and very ambitious) works to your advantage in most situations, from a sales meeting to a bedroom talk to a school or job application. You come into your own.

But you are also traversing almost two decades of deep, personal change (2008-2024). Your long-range goals, your fond wishes, and your social circle, are undergoing deep, significant changes. (You will exit 2024 with the knowledge that one of your biggest life wishes has come true.) The present 3-year phase (2018-20) will centre these changes on your personality and personal life, and set you on a true, solid, beneficial path to your future. You might have to change; so might your structures, business, career direction/contacts, etc. But these changes will almost all improve your situation. In 2018, you see what can be, and start gathering your new social circle. In 2019, take a breather, examine your progress so far and where you want to go, and make plans; take on new responsibilities, too. In 2020, you’re primed for success, and great good luck accompanies you — charge ahead! What you start this year can benefit you for one to three decades.


    AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

In some ways you’re lucky, Aquarius. Whenever the planet Saturn occupies a “weak” house/sign, as it does for you 2018 through 2020, its negative effects are weakened also. In general, Saturn will slow down and restrict (and add a pinch of scepticism and common sense to) your sleep, dreams, psychic sense and intuition, subconscious, and your dealings with government, institutions, head office and bureaucrats everywhere. (You can progress in these areas, especially in 2020, but it will take work and commitment.) If you’re on disability, insurance agencies and the government’s charitable departments grow sceptical toward you, and less generous. You might have to fight hard, or fill out many more forms, etc., to justify your stipend. If you work for government, a large company or institution, or are in management, you could face 3 years of extra duties or more work. Don’t protest this — just smile and shoulder the burden.

You can smile, because — at least from November 2018 through 2019 — the rest of your life blossoms like a rose in July. That period (2019) will bring wishes true, expand your social life, perhaps bring new love, and sprinkle joy over your life. In 2020, your governmental, institutional, therapy, charity, and similar interests are certain to expand — usually fortunately. Aquarian civil servants or admin workers are likely to gain a promotion. Old ghosts, childhood abuse, etc., will re-appear, but in a form that lets you find, see, and dispel them forever. You might also need to spend time in a hospital, retreat or other facility. These 3 years are a deeply curative time. Be sure to pay your taxes on time, and to keep licensing, other permits, up to date. But in total, overall, Aquarius, this will be a much easier 3 years than the 3 just ended (2015-17).


    PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

From 2018 through 2020, Pisces, Saturn occupies your zone of hopes and optimism, friends and social life, light romance, entertainment, and “social justice” (e.g., legislation, protest rallies, etc.). Saturn is often accused of being a wet blanket, a kill-joy, dour, severe and unpersuadable. And it often is, in certain situations. But these are just the negative view of Saturn’s essential qualities. The same qualities, in a good light, are carefulness, quiet and deep joy, protection, preservation, structure and healthy scepticism. In social situations, you often appear either shy or remarkably voluble and talkative — both sides of the same coin. In actuality, silent or talkative, you’re stressed out, because you are hyper-sensitive to stimuli, especially from other humans.

Saturn’s carefulness and solid, stable influence actually helps you interact, for you feel best when you know what’s expected, can see a clear path, and know your role. This planet will, for these 3 years, be in Capricorn, one of your favourite signs. Your group affairs, parties, political affiliations, club memberships, etc., will grow, slowly but surely, through 2020. The peak of this trend occurs in 2020 — when many of your new friends will likely be somewhat prestigious, or come from your career connections. (The reverse is true: in 2020, your social connections will boost your career potentials.) The entire 3 years will also feature Pluto in Capricorn. This can/will tie social rituals, legal matters, far travel, education, love, international affairs, publishing and media, science and statistics, insurance and fame (whatever applies) to your journey. This trend is very lucky and expansive in 2018.

In 2019 you’ll receive huge career/ ambition/ prestige luck. In 2020, your group involvements will burst with luck, and a group you join that year will benefit you for decades to come. A huge wish in one of these areas is almost certain to come true, especially in 2020. Only laziness or over-indulgence (both which Saturn hates) will negate or interfere with this splendid outcome. (For example, you might attract a potential love/mate from another country, but when he sees your super-messy apartment or sees you chug a gallon of wine, he could turn away.) Overall, Pisces, this Saturn phase (2018-20) will reset your goals and put your future and your hopes on a great path — you’ll be self-assured and calmly happy!

The End.

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  1. hrally2403

    Hi! Tim,

    I am an Aries and you said that for next 3 yrs Dont quit your job (
    I am doing a course for advancement in my career and its related to my past profession ). Now should i wait for 3 yrs to change my career track ( You do suggested that the period is good for starting a slow , practical business.. Now do you mean that one can start a business along with a job ( For next 3 yrs ). Plz advice.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, hrally2403,

      You can (and should) start a job, change careers, and/or chart a business. (I’d have to look at your birth chart to say which is best.) My advice was not to, before 2021, be fired for cause or quit a job without having a new one. That doesn’t sound like what you’re doing. All’s well.



      1. hrally2403

        Quick question: I know mercury retrograde period is not over yet ( till 15 the ), My question is I am planning to have a business meeting ( with a person ) regarding initiating a business on 15 th evening. Now should I wait for couple of days more or I can initiate the talk ( Its gonna be a new convo. As I have never talked about the business before with this particular person ). Plz advice.

  2. Kara

    Hi Tim,

    I am Libra with Moon in Sag and Cancer Rising. You mentioned in the forecast to wait to have children but I would be close to 40 and it would be my first child, if I were to wait another 3+ years, and that may possibly cause me health-wise a lot of issues. Now Saturn would oppose my Ascendant, but my ascendant rules is the moon ( and is supposedly a motherly planet), and semi-sextile my moon. Thus, in this case, would pregnancy be something that would occur for me within these next 3 years?

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Kara,

      I can’t give you a specific/precise answer without erecting and reading your chart. But considering what you’ve written here, I’d try to become pregnant in 2018, rather than later. Some health issues might still/already exist — minor ones.



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