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ALL SIGNS: A 3-week period of delays and mistakes begins May 10, so avoid starting big, major projects this week or next — start only what you can comfortably attain or finish within the 2 weeks ahead. This is the same day that Jupiter enters Aries, indicating that we can achieve fortunate results over the next 12 months by re-doing, in an inventive way, something from the past.

Putin’s Sun (birth) degree, described by Carelli before Putin was born:

“Affective life is a failure… friendships (will end) in disappointment; there will be disagreement with everyone and, as a consequence, misanthropy.”
***.  ***

I have a bunch of mundane (worldly) predictions which I’ll put in the AFTERAMBLE NEXT WEEK.


aries icon  ARIES: March 21-April 19

The accent continues on money, earnings, buying and selling, Aries. Casual sex might arise. Good time to attend night school or other non-degree courses.  Your private or background life contains a temptation or two — if you reject these, you’ll find gov’t, head office, institutional workers treat you graciously, even affectionately. Start no big projects — delays begin, May 10. Your hopes still revolve around prestige, career, and will, until March 2023.

Sunday’s for friends and happiness. Retreat to quietude and rest, Monday to mid-morn Wed. (PDT). Seek advice, contact gov’t. All’s well! Your energy and charisma surge upward Wednesday to Friday suppertime. Charge ahead Wed./Thurs., but cool your jets a bit Friday pm. Saturday’s for shopping, a bit of self-indulgence.

taurus icon  TAURUS: April 20-May 20

Whatever being “on top of the world” means during these times of Covid and Russian genocide and social warping/anxiety, Taurus, you’re on top! Get out, see and be seen, give significant projects a push, water allies. (Yes, it’s a good time to start new projects, IF they are small, short — May brings delays and mistakes.) Bosses are understanding but firm. Still, they won’t blame you for speaking up, and will probably eventually announce something in your favour. You’re popular now; your social life is filled with sparks and flirts! Now to July 2023, depend on your own advice, not on others’.

Sunday’s for status, “prestige walks” and ambition. Optimism, popularity and social delights come Monday to mid-morn (PDT) Wednesday. But retreat Wednesday to Friday suppertime — rest, ponder and semi-plan (I.e., realize specific plans will change in 2 or 3 weeks). Be charitable, spiritual. Friday night, Saturday, you walk with new energy and confidence!

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

The weeks ahead feature rest, recuperation, contemplation, dealing with institutions, admin types and gov’t. — and the past. You might try to re-unite with a former squeeze. Despite your lowered energy (and charisma) you’re in demand on the career scene — if you’re an independent service provider, you’ll be ultra-busy! So frequent deep rest will be essential. Secrets arise. By Saturday, you regain your voice, and secrets flee.

Sunday’s for love and wide vision, understanding. Career, higher-ups dominate Monday to mid-morn Wed. A good interval, with opportunities for you to display your skills, to advance, esp. in management areas. Go “all out” rather than wait for life to aid you. Optimism, happiness, social delights arrive Wednesday to suppertime Friday (PDT). Don’t force things Friday, tho’. This night, into the weekend, seek solitude, rest and nature’s beauty.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The weeks ahead could bring an old wish true, Cancer. (It might be a wish about security, or acceptance, or freedom from a major burden.) You’ll be happy, social delights arise everywhere, others flirt, and the future is “blue sky.” Legal, international, media, travel and learning/academic matters go well.

Sunday’s for secrets, commitments, lust and major finances — all of which need caution this day. Monday to mid-morn Wednesday brings a mellow, wise, understanding mood. Legal, international, media, travel and learning/academic matters go well. You might slowly fall in love with someone who seems enlightening but a “lightweight” — yet this person’s aura slowly surrounds you in a pleasant fog. Both — love and legal (et al) — develop over the weeks ahead. Be ambitious but diplomatic Wednesday to Friday suppertime. Good results Wed./Thurs. Saturday brings hope, social delights and popularity!

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Your sexual, health and financial (asserts, not earnings) picture looks pretty lucky until May 10 — act accordingly, Leo! In general terms, the weeks ahead hold themes of prestige, ambition, status, career. These can be impeded by lack of, or a wrong, partnership — until March 2023. Despite this, aiming for career is the right thing, aiming for retreat, humility, home, security, is a wrong thing.

Sunday brings relationships. Be diplomatic, don’t expect a lot. Secrets, research, medical issues, lust for sex and/or power, and finances, investments, debt — even a lifestyle change — these fill Monday to mid-morn Wednesday, and fortunately so! Take action, bid, commit yourself or your funds. A wise, mellow mood steals over you Wednesday to suppertime Fri. (PDT). Wed./Thurs. are good, Friday not so much. Fine interval to apply for school, buy travel tix, buy books, start a lawsuit, etc. (You will tend to win lawsuits May’22 – May ’23 — but that’s no reason to start one. Pride precedes falls.) Be ambitious, dress smartly, nod to VIPs Friday night, Sat.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The weeks ahead emphasize international affairs, far travel, wisdom, mellow, gentle love, higher learning, law, cultural rituals, media… etc.  A fine time, esp. for making friends among thoughtful people. Until May 10, you still have (if you haven’t plunged in already in ’21, ’22) a superb chance to meet a “true” mate. Don’t be shy, partly because he/she might be even more shy. Break the ice, make the call, take a chance. Also fortunate (to May 10) to relocate, sign contracts, or seize opportunities.

Tackle chores Sunday, but with caution and alertness. Those relationship and “opportunities” mentioned above materialize Monday to mid-morn Wed. (PDT). Charge in, Virgo — you have nothing to lose, something huge to gain. Be eager, a joiner, and diplomatic. Life’s depths rise to the surface Wednesday to suppertime Friday: sex/lust, investments/debt, wholesale life changes (move to Alaska?), medical and commitment issues. Your luck remains high — dive in Wed./Thurs. — but pull back a bit Friday. This night and Saturday bless you with wisdom and love — re-read first sentence above, but contemplate these things (e.g., far travel) rather than act on them right now.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Sex/lust, investments/debt, secrets, wholesale life changes, medical and commitment issues — these fill the weeks ahead, Libra. (This area is rather blessed for you, protected, until July 2023, next year.) They could involve an Aquarian who attracts you romantically. You still face a lot of hard work (and good $ rewards) but these will shrink somewhat after May 10, and even more after May 24. You might exchange secrets this week.

Sunday is romantic, but neither easy nor fulfilling. Wait awhile. Tackle chores Monday to mid-morn Wed. Eat and dress sensibly. You’ll accomplish quite a lot; everything runs smoothly. Relationships — and opportunities, and public dealings, agreement/contracts, and possible relocation — fill Wednesday to suppertime Friday. This beautiful interval helps those who try, brings success. But back away gently Friday, as a quiet, subtle problem haunts the afternoon. This night and Saturday raise the possibility of everything in the first sentence above— lust, secrets, etc. But be cautious, withhold commitment.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

An exciting meeting looms, Scorpio. The weeks ahead emphasize relationships, relocation, public dealings, opportunities, agreements and contracts, and litigation. Be diplomatic. In the final assessment, you are likely to be “more wrong” than your partner (or another) until July ’23 — 14 more months. So this (year ahead, but esp. the month ahead) is a good time to seek advice (esp. from a Taurus or Gemini). Your romantic potential remains “very lucky” until May 10, then tapers off a bit, but remains intense, even aggressive, to late May. If you’re married, the weeks ahead offer great luck in creative, speculative, risk-reward, sports, beauty and pleasure pursuits.

Sunday’s for home — pretty routine. Monday to mid-morn Wednesday brings romance (and the other things just listed, creative, etc.). All aspects are good, so plunge in — this might be your last “pure chance.” To work — and protect your health — Wednesday to suppertime Friday. Wed./Thurs. are smooth and lucky (even for love!) But back away a little Friday pm. (PDT). Friday night, Saturday bring those relationships and opportunities — give chase. (The only thing that can stop you is failing communications.)

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Tackle that pile of chores for the next few weeks, Sage. At least one of these will be an overhang from the past. However, don’t start brand new work projects any time before June 3. Don’t buy machinery either, including vehicles, B4 June 3. Good things are still “waiting with open arms” in domestic, property, security and nutrition zones, hugely now to May 10, then more of a trickle, to May 24. Sidestep friction at home. A Gemini or partner might help you with those chores. Eat, dress sensibly.

Sunday’s for errands, calls, trips, paperwork. That lucky domestic zone comes into view Monday to mid-morn Wed. — plunge in! (Yes, even buy property — best time in 12 years past and to come.) Romance visits Wednesday to suppertime Friday (all PDT). So does a fine creative or speculative urge — act, fortune favours you, Wed./Thurs. But cease Friday, when luck turns a little south. Tackle work, Fri. night, Sat. You’ll get a lot done!

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Ah, sweet romance! This, or creative, risk-reward, beauty, pleasure or raising kids scenarios capture your attention for the weeks ahead, Cap. You are growing more assertive in your talk and messaging. Throw a little flirt in there, too, if you’re single. But do not start major projects now. (E.g., if you started writing a novel now, you’d never finish it.)

Chase $ Sunday, or shop cautiously (stick to routine). Those errands, messages, trips, contacts and paperwork form a flurry Mon. to mid-morn Wed. (PDT) — but you are so “on the mark” that you’ll stamp and write and call and all that in a flurry of your own. You might contact someone who is the doorway to success, or who will offer you a place in his/her heart. Home, family, security, “hibernation,” property and mother nature dominate Wednesday to suppertime Friday. Again, an unusually benevolent, fortunate interval, esp. Wed./Thurs. Hold back a bit Fri. This night and Saturday offer sweet romance, our other pleasures. Chase it now, as Sunday (May 1) won’t be so easy.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Hi, Aquarius! The weeks ahead emphasize your security, domicile, family, property, and your connection with nature. A secondary trend brings (continues) money luck — powerfully to May 10, then still swiftly but at less volume, to late May. If you have a big item to sell, now’s the time — esp. during this smooth, fortunate week. (Especially Monday to mid-morn Wed., when money is “available,” lucky, and almost “destined to be large.” Buy, sell, or produce invoices.) This might signal a property sale and/or purchase.

Remember one thing: until July 2023, you are favoured in real estate, NOT in career or prestige. Don’t let the latter “bend” your financial decisions. Sunday,

you’re filled with energy and charisma. But leave romance, sex, for another day. Monday to Wednesday morn covered above. Wednesday to suppertime Friday (PDT) brings errands, calls, paperwork, trips. Another smooth, fortunate interval, so go, write, call, organize files, etc. — almost everything succeeds! But be cautious Friday. This night and Saturday — head for home, hug the family — all’s well! Except for that little secret you’re still hiding.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The weeks ahead fill with errands, paperwork, applications, travel, calls and emails, etc. You’ll be busy, Pisces — maybe too busy. Try to get all such chores (paperwork, etc.) done before May 10, as a few weeks of delay, mistakes and second thoughts crowds out any progress. You will probably be travelling for money sometime now to late May — good, but don’t waste all the money on travelling! Your energy and charisma continue to draw the attention of someone special. A Scorpio might have been eyeing you for a long time — if so, be assertive, “rescue”/encourage him/her.

This week’s fine, easy, smooth. Rest, ponder and seek spirit Sunday. Contemplate the future, but don’t plan it as these plans will prove unworkable in May. Your energy and charisma soar skyward Monday to mid-morn (PDT) Wednesday. If you sense that someone wants you, take the first step. Start projects, but only small ones, as May 10 begins weeks of delay and mistakes for everyone. Chase money, buy/sell, embrace a casual sexual partner, attend non-formal school Wednesday to suppertime Friday. Again, a fortunate interval, so be assertive, not cautious — but do back away Friday pm. This night and Saturday bring all those emails, messages, paperwork, trips, etc. — successfully!



Central INTELLIGENCE Agency? You mean the CIA that told us, one month into the Russo-Ukraine genocide, that Putin (a.k.a. Bat Man’s evil Penguin) did not know how badly his invasion was fairing in Ukraine? Oh, yes? I guess they ascertained Putin cannot access the West’s television, every station of which is plastered with maps showing the movements and fights over the entire Ukrainian landscape. In the wisdom of the CIA, Putin does not own a tv? My God, who are these INTELLIGENCE agents? What do they do all day, drink?

This of course is the same group of thundering dolts who claimed that Russia was controlling Trump, and again that Russia influenced the US elections in 2016, and again that Trump peed on a prostitute in Moscow, again, turning a blind eye to the obvious fact that Hillary and her thugs WERE paying the Russians to attack Trump, and again vowed that no one spied or conducted electronic surveillance on Trump’s office, home, and computers (which of course Hillary’s thugs did) and again and again and again and again more lies more lies more lies and more lies again and  again and again and again and again, from the FBI and CIA. What are these dunderheads doing? Probably recreational drugs — spying gets boring. Why hasn’t somebody fired the entire corps, or totally renovated them? (The answer is: America’s lost its guts. No one has the courage to stand for the truth, and when they do, the TWITS and GOOGLES and FACEBOOKS will sentence them to silence — a la Trump.)

At least give them a urine and mental competency test.

Speaking of urine tests, I suspect Kamala smokes weed. Why else the constant laughter and the Herculean laziness?

We have a very low unemployment rate, which means the economy is running strongly. But we also have high inflation, which means that the economy is overheating, and perhaps even coming close to spinning its wheels. I think the main thrust of upward inflation is over as I’ve said, but seniors’ savings have already been eroded by probably 20% in buying power. And inflation will remain intact for awhile — it just won’t accelerate; then, from March 2023 onward, inflation will actually decelerate, maybe almost disappear.

I don’t believe Communist China will become involved in the Ukraine war. I think China has taken the US advances in empire building, and refined and improved on them for their own uses. It may be naïve, but I suspect the Chinese will look on their life in a very practical way and say to themselves this is a good life, and even if it never gets better, it’s a paradise compared to a post-atomic war world. So I think the Chinese will even exert pressure on Putin to stay his hand from the nuclear option.

When it comes right down to it, China and America have had very similar goals since the 1970s, when China began its first stroll down capitalist Avenue. China has expanded mightily since then and begun to spread its influence over other countries. Just the way America used to do – conquer not by arms but by loans, influence and technical assistance. This is where America has grown lazy since the 1970s. Jimmy Carter showed the softness of America (tho’ I deeply admire him). He first showed the world that the US was/could be vulnerable.

So America and China are likely going to (and would prefer to) compete in an economic field not a military one. That said, when the US went around inviting smaller nations to be allies, they also carried a pretty strong military stick, and they used it — not to conquer, but to maintain. China now has a larger navy than the US. It has atomic warheads and hyper glide missiles. And it is not afraid to use force, as in Tibet. If China and the US were the only two power centres in the world, but Russia did not exist, these two nations would probably undergo a struggle for the rest of the world, but a military experience between them would be confined to bullying and blah blah. Russia is the odd card. Were things to become a lot worse, I think China would side with the US more than with Russia, although I don’t know how obvious that would be.

The trouble with the woke leftist crowd is that the world is too diverse. That is not a contradiction (except to lefties) despite all their prattling about inclusion and diversity et al. For example, Saudi Arabia, prime producer of oil and generally hated by the woke crowd, just announced it would not support an Elon musk takeover of Twitter, the woke crowd’s favourite censor. The left woke, especially the left woke employees of Twitter, were shocked and horrified that Elon might make a run for the company. They see Elon as an ultra conservative, a free speech advocate, which makes him a deep enemy of their Orwellian 1984 state.

But now they face a dilemma: do they love Saudi Arabia for criticizing Elon Musk’s bid for Twitter, letting the world know they favour an oil producing monster? Or do they  continue hating Saudi Arabia and thereby spit in the face of a potential ally — with ramifications far broader than Elon and Twitter. My hope is that when the Republicans retake Congress, they will strip these propagandists (Twitter, Google, FB, etc.) of any special status; in addition, I hope there will be a law requiring them to split into many companies with diverse owners.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the Republicans will retake Congress this November. But if they do I would urge them to cut these social media companies off at the knees so they can no longer control elections. That itself should be another law pertaining to the these criminal, fanaticism-breeding companies. I think all this will happen, but I’m not predicting it. For some strange reason, a lot of my predictions come out of a moment of frustration when I criticize this or that.

For example I said the Ukrainians should attack outside Ukraine. Within days, Ukraine helicopters blew up a Russian ammo depot in Belarus. Then I said they should attack in the direction of Moscow, and they did, evidently destroying two encampments. I know they don’t read me, so these are mini predictions that come in the form of anger.

Larger predictions come this way also, I’d say 10% of them. E.g., some years ago, in anger I said “Facebook sucks” on this blog. Since then, Facebook’s share price has gone from $300 a share to $700, to now $189 (today’s quote). Now, is that an accurate prediction ($189)  or a totally wrong one ($700)? Probably wrong. But when I made that comment I was talking about moral rot (or absence) — such things take awhile to transform into operational or financial problems.

How do you feed 200,000 to 300,000 Russian soldiers? It must take at least 300 tons of food per day. Where are the convoys bringing food to the Russian troops, where are the convoys bringing fuel and ammunition? Why can’t some Ukrainian soldiers attack those convoys in Russia, before they get to the soldiers? Surely their supply convoys are obvious, and surely they can be seen through satellite and other means. So why aren’t they being attacked? Ukraine has to understand: you can’t defend; you must attack a bully where he’s vulnerable. (Stomach.)

I know I’ve said it 20 times, but here forward I’m going to try to give up writing about politics and good and bad and pedophiles and Hitler and all that stuff. (Except for predictions, many of which I’ll put in next week’s blog.) It always makes me feel a little dirty afterwards when I see my criticisms “in print” so again I’m trying to keep myself on the pleasant side in the Afteramble.

But that aside, one more note on Ukraine: Sure, the country is corrupt. (*) But the one story I know is true — the only one — is that a Ukrainian prosecutor tried to investigate/ indict a criminal corporation called Burisma, and an American called Joe Biden (then U.S. vice-president) stepped in and threatened Ukraine with the loss of $1 billion in foreign aid unless that prosecutor was fired. I know it’s true because Joe himself boasted of it on television. He wanted to stop the investigation because both he and son Hunter were in bed with Burisma. So Ukraine might have dirty diapers, but who pooped in them? It looks to me like there’s more American corruption in Ukraine than Ukrainian.

(*) What country is not corrupt? Many of those calling Ukraine corrupt are Americans (e.g., Tucker Carlson on Fox, whom I otherwise half-admire). Americans do not deserve even a whisper here until they clean up their own messes — including their corrupt voting system and their “entitled” bully bureaucrats. (Same in Canada? I don’t know.)


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  1. SecondSight

    @Tim: lol, Facebook never hit $700, but it did almost reach $400 at one point. I trade the markets full-time. A lot of us call it FBIbook … :).

    Here’s a long, nuanced, high quality discussion on current geopolitical events from independent experts (no association with mainstream media sits):


    The speakers speak slow enough that one may listen at 1.5x to 2x speed.

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