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START NOTHING:  1:12 am to 3:47 am Sun., 1:32 am to 3:03 am Tues., 1:12 am to 2:28 am Thurs., and 3:06 am to 4:09 am Sat.


ALL SIGNS: Although the confusing, delaying Mercury retrograde ends late at night March 9, Monday, I would wait until Friday, March 13 onward to launch anything new. (In certain cases, acting Sunday/Monday is advised. I have mentioned this where applicable in your weekly messages below.)
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This market (Dow down from 29,500 to below 25,000 as I write this, Feb. 28) might have an upward leg, maybe even as you read this, or earlier. But when that happens, I would sell, as I think a long, low, U-shaped bear will follow, and maybe last years. Covid-19 only triggered the fall; I think many investors felt the market was “full” at near 30,000. (Remember I forecast a few weeks ago that the Dow would not reach 30,000.) Because I hate to sell stocks, I fill my portfolio with REITs and other high-dividend payers, clench my teeth, and hope none of them go bankrupt.
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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Continue to lie low, Aries. Stay out of the spotlight, rest, ponder and plan. The best plans will be made Monday — despite Mercury retro — and Friday/Saturday. These are also good days to interact with civil servants, employees, advisors, agents and charitable/ spiritual organizations. You might hear from a “returning” friend, or re-connect with a social group. Three weeks of delays and mistakes end Tuesday. Your home remains mellow; your career remains a mulligan stew of power, dark and light, deep changes — these still “fight” you (or spark unrealistic expectations) until May 5. But a splendid luck is growing here, also — you’ll experience its “career benevolence” May to December.

Tackle (neglected) chores Sunday/Monday. You’ll make great headway, although early Mon. morn might be a bit confusing. Relationships grab the spotlight Tues./Wed. Tread lightly, be diplomatic, push no one. Best stance: patience. Life’s secrets, mysteries and hidden treasures float to the surface Thurs./Fri. You’ll feel sexual desires, power or financial urges, and contemplate lifestyle changes or a looming medical procedure. Thursday’s a little dicey (but could hold an opportunity). Friday’s fortunate — charge ahead with such things, research, ask, commit! Saturday’s for mellow love, understanding, learning and cultural involvements… all’s well.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The fun continues, Taurus. Popularity, social delights, entertainment and flirtation, and wishful musing on the future — these buoy your mood this week and the first half of next. (Three weeks of delays and mistakes in this area end Tuesday.) March is a good time to make male friends. Also good for studying “civics,” gov’t, or understanding your own limitations and how to overcome them. Until April 3, you emit a subtle grace and allure. Warning: for the next 6 years, Leo, Libra and Gemini folk might chase you, seeking love. (Your  best signs remain Virgo, Capricorn and Scorpio — though the last could go either way, love or war.) A career or ambitious project, perhaps abandoned in January, might return now — sure, embrace it.

Sunday/Monday bring romance, passion, art, beauty, music, pleasure, games and charming kids. Dive in — someone wants you! (A Sunday surprise.) Tackle chores Tues./Wed., but carefully, as circumstances are difficult. Read instructions twice, make sure the job even needs to be done, and follow safety rules. Relationships rule Thurs./Fri. Thursday’s a bit “iffy,” demands flexibility, could bring an opportunity or new sensual attraction. Friday’s splendid — chase anyone, any opportunity, apply for school, negotiate, seek agreement. Saturday brings depths, mysteries, powerful intimacy. Don’t assume too much, proceed gently.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Three weeks of delays and mistakes end Tuesday. Your sex drives are strong all month. But sexual merging might also involve you in work, health, partnership, relocation, or other “destined” things. When chasing (or yielding to) someone, look at the big picture — what’s connected to this body, this night? In general, this week and next feature your career, community standing, ambitions and prestige relations. These have not gone anywhere significant in the past few weeks, but will this week onward, esp. Friday — act, don’t procrastinate.

Your domestic scene blossoms Sun./Mon. Good time to start the garden, paint, decorate, hug the kids, go camping, etc. Your sense of security increases. Young lovers among you can “play house.” Romance, beauty, pleasure, charming kids — these draw you Tues./Wed., but not fortunately. Be cautious, don’t assume someone is on your side. Tackle chores and daily health needs (e.g., buy nutritious groceries) Thurs./Fri. Thursday’s a bit shaky, unreliable, though it might end with a vision of beauty. Friday’s good through and through — work hard, whittle big chores down to size. Good day to buy tools/ machinery. Saturday’s for relationships — it’s neither a good nor bad day — lots of co-operation available in the morning (PST). Think about far horizons, foreign climes.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Three weeks of delays and mistakes end Tuesday, Cancer. Relationships remain intense, complicated, rich in possibilities, and significant all month — make love, not war (though you might find it hard to remain a diplomatic push-over). Friends and any group you belong to treat you affectionately until April 3. Someone almost forgets, then turns (or returns) to tell you a secret. International affairs, far travel, legal matters, publishing, learning form the general focus on this week and half of next. You could discover love.

Errands, calls, visits, paperwork, casual contacts and information fill Sun./Mon. Be curious, ask questions — answers could lead to fortune! A happy 2 days. Turn toward home and family Tues./Wed. — but tread lightly, listen rather than demand, for everyone’s feisty and somewhat intolerant both days. Tuesday better. Romance, beauty, love, charming kids, pleasure, sports and games, risk and reward fill Thurs./Fri. Luck walks with you — you could be surprised by how easily someone “accepts” you. Friday’s much better than Thurs. Tackle chores Saturday — the morning’s most productive (PST).

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Three weeks of delays and mistakes end Tuesday, Leo. Life’s both mysterious and demanding, all March. You’ll work hard, so protect against burns, rashes, sudden temperature changes. Make sure a job needs to be done before you tackle it. A quirky but attractive person who’s been “incommunicado” might now contact you. It’s odd —  you’re filled with intimate desires, but might have no one to share them with. (If so, be patient, someone’s coming in the April to August period.) Bosses and judges favour you now to early April. Make them an offer that would be hard to refuse.

Sunday/Monday feature money, possessions, buying and selling. Both days are fortunate, but Mercury’s still retrograde (to Monday night) so don’t start anything significant, such as a new income project. A garage sale Sunday, ask for a pay raise Monday. Communications are difficult Tues./Wed. — so are travel, paperwork, friendships. Just go slow, don’t reach for any pinnacles. Stick to routine. Turn toward home Thurs./Fri. Thursday’s mildly disruptive early, but evolves into an appreciation of the comfort and beauty, love and family that surround you. Friday’s fortunate — good day to begin landscaping, renovations/repairs, decoration, to buy furniture or outfit the kids with new clothes, etc. Embrace Nature. Saturday’s romantic, but you’ll have to act early (before 10 am PST) if you want to capture a heart or start a “perfect” creative project.

virgo icon VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Three weeks of delays and mistakes end Tuesday, Virgo. Relationships, opportunities, relocation themes, dealing with the public, negotiations, are highlighted until March 18 — and my advice to avoid anything new in these zones ends Monday night. It appears someone — you? — might have given up on a relationship — and even though you might want to get back to it now, you might find it hard to connect, at least this week. (If you want to re-connect, call, text or whatever Friday.) Romantically, you’re filled with assertiveness and courage. Charging into romance now or anytime this month can trigger many events, situations, ultimately affecting your home and friends. Could bring pregnancy. Could change your entire life. You’re fortunate now to April 3 in legal, educational, cultural, international and love zones.

Your energy and charisma soar Sun./Mon. If you’re single, approach someone. (A surprise attraction might occur.) If married, chase an opportunity, especially one connected to home, family or property. Money holds obstacles Tues./Wed. — stick to routine, don’t shop for big or important items. DON’T contract debt. Don’t bother chasing a sensual someone. Luck accompanies you Thurs./Fri., though, as errands, easy chores, communications, paperwork and travel consume your time. Thursday holds a few minor frustrations (and an attraction, perhaps to a Taurus) but Friday is pure ”go ahead” — contact spouse, or, if single, your natural partner. Saturday’s for home, family, Mother Nature — a mild, pleasant day.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The general accent remains on work and health, dependents and service people, tools and machinery. Three weeks of delays and mistakes end Tuesday, esp. in this “work” area. A relationship might end in March. Avoid friction on the home front. Great time for repairs, pruning, landscaping. You might be drawn to a “secret affair.”

Lie low, rest and ponder Sun./Mon. Reach out to gov’t, head office, agents and advisors, charities and spiritual organizations. That “secret temptation” could appear Sunday, and for some Librans might lead to a marriage, but a very domestic, secure, maybe restricted one. Both days are fortunate and easy. A confidential discussion possible — leads to good results. Your energy and charisma soar mid-week — Tues./Wed. — but there isn’t much good luck to go around. Be a leader, but mainly a leader to keep people safe, or to push a job to a conclusion. Not a good time for new launches. Chase money Thurs./Fri. — Thursday isn’t great, though you could spy love’s potential. Friday’s much better: collect money and pay bills, chase extra sources, butter up clients or the boss, etc. Casual sex possible. Saturday’s for errands, short trips, calls, texts, paperwork, etc. Light, easy chores. All’s well!

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23 – Nov. 21

The main accent still lies on romance, love, beauty, creativity, pleasure and risk-taking. Three weeks of delays and mistakes end Tuesday, esp. in romantic and creative zones. Time to move forward (best Sun./Mon., tho’ a bit of Mercury retro still sparks delays — and Friday, when you’ll be “in command”). You’re very quick to speak, write and travel in March — join diplomacy with your energy. Until April 3, a new kind of exciting love prospect occurs: tension, stress, unpredictability, friendliness — and beauty. If an affair sparked now, it will probably last, off and on, until 2026. Beyond this, no guarantees.

Sunday/Monday are uplifting, social, optimistic — happiness exists! Money, personal, communications, work, love and relationships — all fertile ground, so leap in/ahead, despite the Mercury retro. (It ends Monday night anyway.) (By “fertile ground,” I mean you can improve any of these by socializing.) Withdraw from the crowd Tues./Wed., when your energy and charisma sink. Rest, ponder, plan. Usually this interval would be good for contacting civil servants, agents and advisors, but not this time. Just rest, watch, listen. Your energy and pizzazz leaps upward Thurs./Fri. Thursday’s a bit difficult early, but later sparks an attraction. Friday succeeds in almost any direction — pick one and march confidently forward. Saturday’s for money, earnings, shopping and casual sensual allures. In shopping, stick to routine — groceries, not clothes or cars.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The domestic trend continues, Sage. Three weeks of delays and mistakes end Tuesday, esp. in domestic zones. All March, you will receive more than your usual money, but will also be tempted to spend/overspend it, or might be assailed by overdue bills. Try to be conservative. A casual, sensual affair might start — this is not true love, but it mimics it. (You might  meet true love April to August, and WILL meet romance/love July to December. No need to jump too early.) Your workplace is pleasant, co-workers gracious, now to early April.

Be ambitious Sun./Mon. — luck rides with you in dealing with higher-ups, judges, bosses and VIPs. A surprise pops up at work Sunday — a new job, or one involving pleasure or beauty? (Possible co-worker romance — careful here, think it through.) Midweek — Tues./Wed. — brings hope, optimism, a light heart, rising popularity and social joys. You’ll be happy, despite obstacles. Don’t expect to make any headway — just enjoy the mood, some friends. (Not a good time to start a romance, esp. not a light, friendly one.) Withdraw from the bustling crowd Thurs./Fri. — seek solitude, ponder and plan (excellent plans can be made Fri.). Rest, watch, listen, seek or give advice, deal with agents, civil servants, admin. workers. Rewards await, esp. Fri. Your energy rises Saturday — it’s an unremarkable day, but you can get lots done.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 20

The accent remains on communications, paperwork, short trips, information and curiosity. Three weeks of delays and mistakes end Tuesday, freeing you to start new projects in these areas, or to contact new people. (Though the retro doesn’t technically end until 11:49 pm Mon., Sun./Mon. both offer splendid communication, informational, ideological, personal, legal, love, travel, and intellectual pathways, with good results.) You simmer with sexual magnetism all March; you’re also determined, brave and mildly impetuous now.

A romantic surprise (someone suddenly looks stunning?) enlivens Sunday, while Monday offers sex, new personal horizons, future glimpses. Some Caps will fall madly in love now — good! Both days favour far travel, education, international concerns, legal and cultural avenues. Be  ambitious but careful and alert Tues./Wed. — this interval holds many obstacles, little help. Maintain rather than launch. Happiness arrives Thursday/Friday. Your heart will be lifted by an example of your popularity, by optimism, entertainment, flirtation and social delights. A romantic surprise might occur Thursday: if you respond, it could signal a six year affair, one that heavily involves possession or your economic standing. Friday is great for getting things done, enlisting allies, and cementing good contacts. Saturday features money, income, shopping and sexual attractions. Not much of significance will occur this day, so you can just relax and walk through it.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 21-Feb. 18

Three weeks of delays and mistakes end Tuesday, Aquarius. You remain in a practical, money-oriented monthly phase until March 19. (This very area — money — has suffered the most delays in past weeks.) Continue to avoid dark alleys and violent people until the end of March. The same time can bring enlightening confidential discussions. Your home will be affectionate and comforting until April 3. If a former lover returned or contacted you last week, he or she will play a prominent role this week.

Dig deep Sunday/Monday for treasure lies in the depths. Research, investigate and if you find a potential treasure, do commit despite mercury’s retro. (It ends Monday night.) Treasure = money, good investments, revelations, intimacy, lifestyle change, or medical cure. Your intuition and your luck are top notch, so explore and be adventurous! Tuesday/Wednesday bring a mellow, wise mood, and a revived interest in other nations, big questions (“what is God?”), learning and far travel. BUT this interval holds only obstacles, no luck except bad. My advice: just mellow out, read, explore Google, etc. Absorb, study problems, rather than act.

Your career is in good shape Thursday/Friday, as higher ups and authorities favour you, approve your actions. Friday especially is a good time to launch practical or ambitious projects. You’ll be happy Saturday, especially if you can join some friends for an outing or coffee. Not much to accomplish this day: just enjoy it!

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Three weeks of delays and mistakes end Tuesday, Pisces, which will free you to — at last — launch the ideas and projects that have been swimming around in your head for the last few weeks. Communications and casual contacts affectionate and gracious until April 3. Males will form your best social contacts for the rest of March. Envision future earnings projects — these visions might come true in the year ahead. You might hear a secret this week, perhaps about a relationship or a family member, but it’s almost too late to act on it.

Relationships loom large Sunday/Monday. (“Relationships” includes relocation, negotiation and contracts, litigation and opposition, dealings with the public, and opportunities in general.) Play diplomatic but eager to join with others. These are two lucky days, so don’t hesitate to act. (This luck will outweigh the mercury retro, which ends Monday night.) Tackle chores Tues./Wed., but cautiously. Follow safety regs, drive defensively, etc. If you can, stick to routine chores. Eat, dress sensibly. You’ll love Thursday/Friday, as far travel, higher education, foreign-born people, scholars, law, culture and religion occupy your thoughts and welcome your action. Love is here, too. (A new attraction possible Thurs.) Be ambitious Saturday, show your skills to higher ups, or work on an ongoing project. But don’t launch anything ambitious, as there is little support for it.



“I sing the body electric.” — who said that? (If you know the answer, just play along with me.) It makes me think of Jimi Hendricks (Electric LadyLand) of electric guitars and synthesizers, the glowing posters of Jim Morrison or the immensely breasted female warriors, fantasy and sci-fi, flowers and paisley. “Electric” makes me think of the mid-late hippie era, except that you didn’t really hear the words “Peace and Love” anymore, as tie-dyes and batiks faded in the bright glare of acid hangovers.

Everything, by the 70’s, was sex (sultry preferred, partly because men started to think of women as more important, and possessing intelligence; men saw that women were on the verge of taking a hand in their own destiny; (the brooding that lay like a carpet on the brows of models held a predatory calm) — and drugs, money, power, “cool” and rock and roll — R&R was the cathartic crescendo of all this, the perfect expression of an unhappy, courageous and pioneering generation, that, from an idealistic p.o.v., went from free love to pimping its own future. But from a pragmatist’s p.o.v., the generation succeeded. They grew to control wall street; they gave us Microsoft, Windows and Apple. Much of their energy came from unease, or downright fear of what they had seen in their drug days. Many bought houses, many had families and are now the burghers of their towns. But who sang “the body electric?” Walt Whitman, American poet (Gemini) 170 years ago.
***   ***

“I’ve loved you forever.”
“Oh you have not.” The tiniest smile played secrets with her eyes.
***   ***

Procrastinators are the greatest optimists, because they feel tomorrow will be a much better time to do something than today.


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      HI, GEMINI,
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