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NOTE: in the Forecasts every week, I will not be inserting (“stay 6 feet apart”) every time I mention romance or intimacy or “garden party.” But you can insert it for yourself.

START NOTHING:   Before 3:16 am Sun., 11:27 pm Mon. to 5:49 am Tues., 5:00 am to 10:37 am Thurs., and 12:31 pm to 5:37 pm Sat.


I won’t talk about luck in this little item, but about karma, which in the long run proves more potent than good or bad luck.

The present karmic phase began May 5 or 6, and lasts to January 18, 2022. To emerge with the best results over the 17 months ahead, do this:

ARIES: be talkative, restless, travel, and be curious — ask questions. Read news media rather than deep tomes.

TAURUS: chase money, buy/sell, engage in casual, sensual sex, memorize facts/figures or methods, and take care of your possessions.

GEMINI:  be yourself.

CANCER: be spiritual, charitable, mildly withdrawn. Deal with civil servants, institutions, and large companies. Seek a management role. Meditate, ponder, observe and hold confidential discussions, planning sessions.

LEO: seek social delights, be optimistic, flirty, loving, enjoy life and increase your circle of friends. Seek teamwork. Avoid deep, breathless romance.

VIRGO:  be ambitious.

LIBRA: seek wisdom, travel afar, learn, ask deep questions, love; above all, love.

SCORPIO: pursue the secret side of your life: intimacy, sex, finances, power plays, mysteries, research, medical and lifestyle decisions. A major life change is probably overdue.

SAGITTARIUS: reject independence; seek to join, mingle, co-operate with others, be part of a team, or more aptly, part of a partnership. Relocate, deal with the public, agree, negotiate, sign contracts, make promises.

CAPRICORN: work, work, work…and eat, dress sensibly. Good time to reduce weight if needed. Be employed, or hire employees. Buy/utilize machinery.

AQUARIUS: seek deep romance, or plunge into creative, risk-taking activities, sports or other games. Teach children. Forget crowds.

PISCES: lean toward home, kids and family rather than chase alluring ghosts in your career arena. Seek security over ambition; earthy practicality over dreamy castles.
***   ***


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Four weeks of chores face you, Aries. Lots of talk, travel mixed in. Your home remains affectionate, soothing.

Sunday/Mon. run smoothly but contain a deep problem if you are in a contentious relationship at work, or have to face a judge. The mysteries of life tug your sleeve both days, nudging you toward intimacy or investment/finances (or a medical or status/lifestyle change) — tackle these after 3 pm (PDT) Mon., not before.

Legal, cultural, far travel, intellectual and philosophical concerns float in Tuesday to Thurs. morning. — best Tues. morning and 8 pm onward Wed., when you’re precise, direct and effective. (All times PDT.) Your career and worldly reputation are highlighted Thurs. morning to suppertime Saturday. Now luck rides with you — charge ahead, jump on the career ladder, seek the heights! One caution: avoid arguments late Sat. morning to early afternoon — and handle a home-outside work conflict with gentle diplomacy.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Ah, sweet romance! That’s your main interest, now to late September — that, or creative, child-raising/teaching, risk-taking or pleasure/beauty-seeking activities. Your luck will be high — your gift of gab will help you win at games and love. Conversations and short trips are pleasant, relaxing. Continue to avoid belligerent people and “dark alleys” until next January. Same period, maybe an important to-and-fro with the gov’t, which will leave you on solid ground, no more doubts. (If you are Taurus rising, now to January is an “outperform” time in sports.)

Relationships take the spotlight Sun. to pre-dawn Tues.. Be diplomatic, co-operative, and eager to “join.” Generally a good interval, with one fairly major glitch involving ethics, law, philosophy, principles (or far travel) and governmental restrictions or demands. So not the best time to travel, begin a lawsuit, etc.

Intimacy, sex, finances, lifestyle and medical decisions arise Tues. dawn to mid-morning Thursday. Your luck is mixed here, so consider actions, changes carefully. There will be opportunities Tues. to mid-afternoon, and again Wed. night (all PDT) but be careful in-between. Thurs. morning to Sat. suppertime brings sweet joy, a wise, mellow mood, far travel, education, publishing, legal and cultural matters — and love. It’s a splendid interval, so have no hesitation — beautiful things can happen! One caution: take care after mid-morning Sat. — enter no dangerous places.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

The four weeks ahead emphasize your home, family, property and security, gardening and mother nature. It will be a good time to tackle any of these things; good luck and smooth progress will accompany your efforts. First, hold a family conference; good ideas and good agreements will prevail. Your income picture remains good until September 5.

Tackle chores Sunday to dawn Tues. — most routine and smaller tasks go very well, but be careful with finances, and don’t let friends influence your money choices. A hopeful bid for physical intimacy will almost certainly be rebuffed Monday.

Relationships confront you Tues. dawn to mid morning Thursday. This is a tough phase, so exercise diplomacy and don’t push too hard, but do be self-protective. Best times to act/succeed: late morning to mid afternoon Tuesday, and supper time Wed. to Thurs. dawn. (All PDT.) A fascinating and fortunate stew of financial, intimate, life-changing and lifestyle openings lures you mid-morn Thurs. to suppertime Sat. Dive in, commit — great success awaits! However, be cautious after 10 am Saturday.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The weeks ahead will be rushed but easy, filled with paperwork, filing, errands, casual contacts, communications and short trips. You’re more attractive than usual to Sept. 5 — use this where charm is called for (e.g., applying for a bank loan, for a job, etc.). The opposite sex is interested, too. Continue to be assertive but not aggressive on the job and career front — the difference between triggering an open door and a closed door is very small… Keep your sense of humor, it’s one of the best keys to these doors.

Romance is sweet Sunday/Monday. Ditto creative, gambling, sports and pleasure pursuits. But be careful with relations at work and with big-wigs — diplomatic avoidance of key issues recommended. Tackle chores from dawn Tues. to mid-morning Thurs. Eat, dress sensibly. Best times: Tues. afternoon and Wed. suppertime to dawn Thurs. (This latter period is good for career moves, prestige work, and buying/repairing machinery/car. Otherwise, avoid these actions.)

Relationships face you Thurs. morning to suppertime Saturday. This interval is almost entirely benevolent and fortunate: proceed confidently, approach others, and, if you’re single, chase love… Or at least prospects! Many rewards possible. But stop Saturday noon (PDT — 9 pm in Europe, pre-dawn in Asia) and be very cautious the rest of this day.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Your inner world is calm and at peace. Your outer world is focussed on earnings and possessions. (There will be many conversations about money and purchases.) Your legal, intellectual and cultural interests remain strong until January.

Sunday through dawn Tues. nudges you to slow down, to take a recuperating rest, and attend to your family and home, to garden, landscaping, repairs, decorating etc. It’s good interval to tackle these things. But take care with communications and opinions – and ethics — especially with coworkers. Drive carefully, follow all laws.

Romance fills your heart Tues. dawn to mid morning Thursday. However, your luck is definitely mixed, with little barriers arising here and there. You can make a good impression, might even grab true love, right around 8 AM Tuesday, as well as Tues. afternoon and Wed. supper time to dawn Thursday. (All PDT.) Tackle chores Thurs. morning to suppertime Saturday. Eat and dress sensibly. You can accomplish a surprising amount of work and perhaps, simultaneously, improve your financial position and your career credits. Don’t waste this interval! BUT do stop/retreat mid-morning Sat. — poor luck prevails then onward, into Sunday.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Your energy, charisma, effectiveness and sense of timing hit a yearly high now to late September. Be a leader, get out and make contacts, start significant projects and give those in the pipeline an additional push. Happiness and popularity bless you for the next two weeks. Until January, an intense sexual and/or financial drive can induce you to either make impulsive mistakes, or to gather great rewards. The difference might simply be planning. I don’t know.

Sunday to dawn Tues. highlights errands, communications, short trips and paperwork. These things go quite well, but be careful, very careful, about investments, power plays or sexual advances, especially Mon. — better not to engage. Your home and family, security, stomach and soul, nutrition, gardening, agriculture, and mother nature generally are emphasized Tues. dawn to mid morning Thursday. This is not the most fortunate of periods, so proceed carefully. Probably not the best time to start a major domestic project, such as construction, landscaping, etc.

Still, early Tuesday morning,  and Tues. afternoon, as well as Wed. night, offer successful progress. (All PDT.) Time your actions accordingly. Romance, creative and speculative urges, self-expression, sports and games, beauty and pleasure – all fill Thurs. mid-morning to suppertime Saturday. It is a splendid interval, just made for success! However, stop yourself by noon Sat. — then until Sunday Aug. 30 (and all of Sun., too) most things go awry.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Seek quietude for the next four weeks, Libra. Your luck will climb in management, government relations, and spiritual and charitable organizations. Meditate, ponder and plan. This is your recuperation phase, letting you regain and store energy for a big push in late Sept. and October. Bigwigs continue to favour you until September 5. (This will be followed by a wish coming true.) You will learn secrets, or investigate puzzles for the next two weeks.

Pre-dawn Sun. to dawn Tues. emphasizes earnings, purchases and possessions, and casual, sexual sex. Mostly, these activities will go well. However, be very wary, especially Monday, to avoid a disagreement with a partner or spouse over territory or security or home and children — it would end cruelly. Errands, short trips, communications and paperwork and casual friends fill Tues. dawn to mid morning Thursday. Be cautious, but do act before 8 am or mid-morn to mid-afternoon Tues., and/or after supper Wed. to dawn Thurs. The last period favours a lover’s talk, or an approach to an opportunity, or a relocation decision.

Your home and family come into view mid-morn Thurs. to suppertime Sat. Here, your luck is great — charge ahead and do things in this arena, which has been stymied or felt “karma’s disdain” for over a decade — we’re approaching the end of that! One warning: avoid partnership or relationship arguments/ disputes mid-morn Sat. onward (into Sunday).

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Wishes can come true over the next four weeks, Scorpio. Happiness, optimism, popularity and social delights visit you for the month ahead. You will be flirty, esp. now to Sept. 4. Mail, texts and calls will help you get in touch with the people who can help your dreams come true. (This could be as simple as calling your lover.) Intellectuals and lawyers favour you; you’ll also find it a little easier to cross international borders now to early September. Your hard work continues, the rest of this year.

Your energy and charisma soar upward Sun. to Tues. dawn. Go forth, see and be seen, be a leader, and start new projects. But be wary of work, machines/ tools and safety hazards, especially Monday. Best things to chase: romance, love and partnership. Pursue money Tues. dawn to mid morning Thurs. — buy/sell, butter up clients, ask the boss for a raise, collect $ and pay bills. Stick to routine purchases, as your luck is briefly low. Best times to act: before 8 am and 11 am to 3 pm Tues., and 5 pm Wed. to 5 am Thurs. (All times PDT.)

Thurs. morning to Sat. supper time brings errands, short trips, communications and paperwork, reports and casual contacts. This interval goes very well, making it an excellent time to communicate with a lover — or prospect — friends, VIPs, key personnel, schools (for admission) etc. Someone could say yes to your heart’s question, especially Thursday. But shut it all down mid morning Sat. onward — arguments or other conflicts can arise, right into the following Sunday.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The four weeks ahead will focus on your career, prestige relations, worldly standing and ambitions generally. Much talk and paperwork will accompany this trend until early September. Until Sept. 5, you will be mildly lucky in power plays, finances and intimacy. Remember my advice: until January 2022, be co-operative, diplomatic, and seek union, seek outside yourself. If you’ve “sinned” in the past, it comes due now. (Ask Steve Bannon, a Sage.)

Yield to weariness Sunday to dawn Tues. Be charitable, deal with gov’t, head office, institutions, agents and advisors. Rest deeply, as the month ahead will demand energy and alertness. In general, all goes well. But avoid romance, gambling, and money actions. Your energy and charisma surge upward Tues. morning to mid-morn Thurs. — use this “new clout” to solve problems in home and career zones. You’ll succeed early Tues. morning and Tues. afternoon, and, most clearly (perhaps romantically) Wed. suppertime to pre-dawn Thursday.

Pursue money Thurs. mid-morn to suppertime Sat. — splendid results, to mid-morn Sat. (After this, into next Sunday, be cautious — let romance — well, everything — slide by.) Seek bargains, ask for a pay raise, seek a job, butter up clients — you could land a major money source! Sex is also available, in a casual, easy-friendly relationship.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The four weeks ahead highlight far travel, international affairs, import/export, intellectual pursuits, publishing and media, law, cultural, belief and philosophical positions. Some important communications can occur this week and next. Same period, Venus prompts affection between you and another — for some, wedding proposals/discussions! Remain gentle on the home front (until January).

Wishes can come true Sunday pre-dawn, to dawn Tuesday. Optimism, flirtations, entertainment, popularity and social joys flow in. Happiness prevails, but avoid home, family until Tues. Withdraw from the bustling crowd Tuesday morning to mid morning Thursday. Rest, pamper your health, meditate or ponder, plan and civil servants, management types, agents and advisers. This midweek interval is not easy, so step carefully. Best success: Tues. early morning, Tues. afternoon, and after suppertime Wed.

Your energy and charisma soar midday Thurs. to Sat. suppertime — a splendid interval — success will answer your attempts! Be a leader, start significant projects, see and be seen, establish new contacts, etc. Virtually everything works well, esp. in the areas listed in the first sentence above (far travel, etc.). BUT stop by 10 am (PDT) Sat. — from this point into Sun., nothing works well.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The four weeks ahead highlight the secret side of your life: intimacy, sex, finances, power plays, secrets and mysteries, research, medical and lifestyle decisions. A major life change could occur, especially involving your home or real estate in a beneficial way. A secret will be revealed before Sept. 5. Your workplace remains affectionate for two more weeks. Your gift of gab is at a peak now to next January. (This trend started July 1, so it’s not new.) Romance is still your strong suit, or wise path, until Jan. 2022 — but sex might overwhelm frilly emotions this month ahead.

Be ambitious Sun. pre-dawn to Tues. dawn. Avoid speaking of your secrets — someone might be waiting to pounce on your vulnerabilities. Midweek, Tues. morn to Thurs. mid-morn, brings happiness, popularity, optimism, flirtation and social joys — but not without blemishes. Don’t commit or make any promises. Best times: early Tues. morn, early Tues. afternoon, and late Wed. night (maybe love this night).

Withdraw to sweet solitude mid-morn Thurs. to suppertime Sat. — although you are tired, this is an excellent Interval to accomplish several things involving the government or an institution or large corporation, charitable or spiritual organizations, recuperation or recovery from a medical condition, or to begin therapy for physical or emotional problems. Money, family actions, home/real estate, sex, release from restricting conditions, all are favoured. But don’t go beyond noon Saturday, when barriers suddenly arise.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Relationships fill the next four weeks, Pisces, in a bountiful, successful way. For the first two weeks ahead, you will feel romantic and passionate. Your spouse, partner, or, if single, one you have your eye on, speaks directly and often. Get ready to answer a few questions! Relocation, opportunities, dealings with the public, a higher profile, even fame are “reachable” — and fortunate. Keep extra money; curtail spending.

Early week (Sun. to dawn Tues.) brings a mellow, wise and compassionate mood. This mood “triggers” luck in far travel, international, legal, intellectual and cultural/religious zones. One caution: 1) don’t mix money and friends; 2) don’t spend on a whim or caprice or “for your future.” Midweek, Tues. morn to mid-morn Thurs., highlights your career, worldly standing, reputation, ambitions and prestige relations. For most people, this is an irritating, friction-prone interval; but it seems to naturally fit your ambitions, esp. Tues. early morn, afternoon, and Wed. night. (This night good for money, a pay raise, etc.)

Popularity, optimism, flirtations, social joys and plain old happiness visit you Thurs. noon to suppertime Sat. This is a splendid phase — a wish could come true. Love, relationships and opportunities are greatly favoured. One caution: touch nothing important from 10 am Sat. onward, into next Sunday.




I just saw a TV pundit declare that democrats are against violence, and that all the violent actions during the riots and conflagrations in Portland, Seattle, et al, are due to “white supremacists who have infiltrated Black Lives Matter.” Oh, I get it! White racists infiltrate Black Lives Matter, a Black organization, and stir up all these Blacks to attack, burn and loot — Blacks who, of course, can’t recognize a white man, much less his KKK roots? Come on, man!
***   ***

I like/love Americans. I admire them. To most Canadians, America is an elbow-filled bag of violence, petty fiefdoms, extreme views, extreme poverty and wealth, heartlessness, cruel law courts, cheap houses, expensive medicine, braggadocio (“we’re exceptional”) and extreme naivety. Americans are all these things, because they are free – both to descend into crudity and to climb any ladder, in fame, business, politics, et al. This freedom put a man on the moon, created Apple, Google, Amazon, Musk and Gates.

It is at present the richest and best-armed nation in the world. This is a great burden for the national psyche; it carries the weight of command, and suffers the jibes of the envious. There is a current of jealousy and envy toward the U.S., even among its friends.

America’s emotional extremes, I think, arise directly from the core cultural belief of every citizen, the base on which the nation was founded: the belief that every man should be free (they didn’t count women then, in 1776 — and they had wooden dentures, and pots to pee into ). So every man is free to express his ideas or opinions, which leads to a lot of arguments, and eventually blows. For it becomes unmanly to not fiercely defend your own ideas or opinions.

Add to this the need to have all men equal; and to give every man the sacred masculine duty of defending your fiefdom, your wife, your ideas, whatever. How do you ensure all men are equal? You let every man own a gun. Even a giant bully will die from a bullet. This arming of the nation would be fine, if it did not ride in the same carriage/hearse as the tendency to argue and force one’s existence upon another. Hence, America’s violence. It seems inseparable from the very foundations of the nation (the idea of equality, freedom and individualism being foundational in this case).

Because such a collection of free men takes time to unite in a cause, the U.S. is often slow to react to crises, but once it does react, it tends to win the day. No one works harder or more eagerly than a free man, once convinced or directed. For example, America took years to enter WWII, then emerged the victor, and the ruler/leader of the world. A joke about the American GI’s during the war, was that they were undisciplined — yet just as inspiration comes from chaos, so harder and more fierce fighting comes from free men, despite the minor loss of control in some quarters.

When Covid-19 hit, 2 things happened to make things worse than in most nations:

1)  Trump’s disease advisors repeatedly changed their advice. Trump faced a major challenge, a Herculean task made worse because it involved disease and health, subjects Trump the Gemini hates. He first took it lightly, dismissively; then grew angry that nothing was stemming the covid tide; then he disappeared; now he has emerged, obviously after a few strategy sessions, to be serious, potentially or truly compassionate, calm, composed, even fatherly, trustworthy. It’s working. How much, who knows?

2) The core belief in personal independence that grows around every American’s consciousness, and causes him to rebel against authority. (I was born in the U.S., and must have picked up this gene; perhaps it floats in the air. But in Canada I’m constantly in trouble, socially.) Here virtually no one rebels against authority; those who did/do, are mostly in jail. So uber-independent America largely ignored mask, glove and “social distancing” advice, even laws. For instance, deep into the pandemic, thousands of youths flocked to Spring Break magnets such as Miami, and ignored social distancing.

The very qualities that make America great have a tragic Achilles Heel. Both are spelled f-r-e-e-d-o-m. Hopefully, that — the ideal and belief in freedom — will also be a broad, sturdy base for future growth. With the revolution occurring in the States at present, it might be a struggle between freedom (presently somewhat chaotic) and the “group good” now rep’d by Biden. I think Biden and his kind will eventually prevail, because what they represent is the “hiving” of humanity, a state which I think we are somewhat destined to enter. The Dems represent a force, a pregnant force because its belly swells with daring ideas — sometimes malevolent but a force; the Republicans are not creative on this primal level, so find themselves constantly on the defensive, espousing logic and truth without realizing that  truth can be a chameleon, different things to different observers, cultures, belief systems, environment, even subject matters. Facts, too, are sometimes kaleidoscopes. That leaves only logic, which, while an absorbing task, seldom convinces people that you’re right. And  neither logic nor perceived truth (and that’s just the problem with it!) can withstand the birth of what the liberals are impregnated with.
***   ***

These rioters in the U.S., Seattle, Portland, Chicago, etc. The important thing is: why are they unhappy? The answer is attached, somehow, to their generation: 20’s and 30’s. Social scientists should study this, birth rates from 1980-2000, how were they educated, employment rates, debt vs assets, whatever. And we should let our intuition rule our decisions for a while. Until we know what troubles this generation, we can’t offer a cure. Many pretenders will see only the surface of this problem.

Until they diagnose the cause of these riots and adjust the nation to assuage this unhappiness, America will not be a peaceful nation, nor a healthy one. That cure might be on the near horizon, though — 2019 and 2020 are likely to be the worst years of this civil unrest.

In 2021 we’ll see economic and techno upsets, and the “civil war” will abate.
***   ***

Is it right that user of the poor, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, should own the biased Washington Post? I read a bit of that newspaper today, and was horrified (right word) to see how blatantly racist and angry this once-venerable liberal publication has become. Wow. I never expected it would be this bad. This is a kind of war, engaged in by angry propagandists who treat the truth like a fly that’s landed on their nose — brush it off, quick, before it infects us!
*** ***

Did you see Michelle Obama’s DNC speech? I’m almost ashamed of what I think, because what I think seems mean; but I think it is true. I think the awkward word “inauthentic” fits best. I would not want her as my mother or wife. She preaches, behind a smiling, glowing condescension. Patronizing. This, after she watched her husband betray Americans and commit felonies in the pursuit of a Democratic dynasty. When rot has completely won, it leaves not a squishy mucky yuck, but a paper-thin shell, empty, without weight. That’s how Michelle struck me: a smiling, condescending paper mask, with nothing, just emptiness, behind it. That’s the trouble with evil: it empties out the moist personality, and leaves an empty shell, with only artificial sympathy/empathy. How can emptiness have empathy? (Some things survive rot — the hunger for power, the eagerness to deceive… Such people often have shining, glinting eyes, I’m not sure why…)