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The planet Venus enters two “conjunctions” this week (Mon. and Fri.). Both hint at either destined love/attraction, or the end of a love — or both. This particularly affects CANCER, TAURUS and VIRGO. To a smaller degree, PISCES and VIRGO.
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We should all start to wrap up projects now, especially communications, paperwork or travel projects, as March 5 (technically) begins three weeks of delay, confusion, wrong choices and false starts. Start nothing big! A major change faces many; this can throw you into confusion all March… let this month pass before you try to firmly set any direction for yourself.
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  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Retreat from the bustle and hustle, Aries. The four weeks ahead nudge you to rest, recharge your physical and mental batteries for the huge action to come late March onward. Your spiritual, intuitive side has been growing for years (since 2012) and will keep growing, enriching you, until 2025. The month ahead marks one of these “spiritual advancements,” but you might puzzle over the difference between your intuition and your ideas or religion.

Be charitable, deal with institutions, admin. offices, civil servants, agents and advisors. Higher-ups favour you all Feb. You might be invited into closed-door meetings. Your instincts, your goals focus on money — spend little, save increases, for six weeks.

Sunday’s hard, uncomfortable, but as the day matures you accept life and lay back. Love looks like a stable way to live. Monday, you’re entering a large cave of rest and quietude, but you play in the sunlight at the entrance. Romance can be magical. Tuesday sends you back to earth — to work. You’ll do fine. Work Wed. too; double-check directions, facts, this morning.

Relationships draw you and refuse you Thurs. and Fri. If you’re single, consider the possibility that an affair (or partnership, business or love) is ending to free you for something more “destined”. Saturday, secrets come easily. Dig deep, reject surface appearances. Not a bad day to invest. Someone sexy enters (your thoughts).

taurus weekly forecast  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

You’re in a year (2019) in which your greatest luck will occur in intimate, financial, research areas, and in working with other peoples’ assets. But the month ahead does two things:

1) it expands your social contacts, gives you a splendid shot of optimism, boosts your popularity, and could bring one or two wishes true; and

2) all these (social expansion, et al) will subtly fight against or undercut all those deeper, intimate, financial and research concerns.

You might have to  choose between the social and the hidden, between flirtation and frank lust. Do you go for present happiness or for deep growth? Overall, I’d pick deep growth. Still, have fun — you’ll be happy! Someone already seems to be sweet on you. Your sexual magnetism flares until the end of March. Be careful — avoid extra-marital (and other) temptations. Avoid (until May 2020) law suits.

Sunday starts with stress or “too much energy”, but levels off later to smooth, friendly, durable domestic affection. Monday is very domestic, and lucky — buy real estate, repair or renovate/ decorate, hug the kids and/or parents (call one if he/she’s far away), garden, hike, etc. Be restful, think deeply, especially abut the future.

Tuesday and Wednesday ring the romance bell, and favour creative, risk-taking and pleasure-seeking actions. Both days are fortunate, but Wed. brings up that conflict between your private/hidden/power goals, and your social/romantic side. Thursday and Friday bring chores, minor health irritations, obstacles and refusals… but a whisper of destiny in love (or regarding relocation). Saturday brings relationships and opportunities — your luck’s high, so don’t reduce it by being too assertive. Someone might go gaga over your magnetism.

  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

This week and the next 3 focus on your ambitions, career, prestige relations, worldly status, and dealings with authorities. Eight years ago you began to slowly form a new career “flavour”. Perhaps even a new direction, even a new, different career. Help this evolvement during the weeks ahead: seek new ways of doing things, try a different attitude/approach, etc.  A spouse, lover or business associate might want you to stick to the same old way — assert your independence, rely on our own insights/decisions — for now.

Bosses, parents, your own kids, continue to talk a lot. Your luck remains mildly high in sex, investments and research until Feb.’s end. Now to the end of March, avoid dark alleys and biker clubs, belligerent people. You’ll grow optimistic and friendly until late March, with civil servants, agents and advisors.

Sunday and Monday (even into pre-dawn Tues.) bring casual friends, paperwork, communications, travel and errands. Sunday’s difficult, disruptive, argumentative early, then smooths out into a very lucky Mon. for relationships — communicate, propose, seek someone’s permission or co-operation. An important career inspiration or message Mon. Charge ahead!

Bend your heart and thoughts toward home Tuesday/Wednesday. Hug the kids, start domestic projects. All’s well. The sweet drink of beauty and love faces you Thurs./Fri. — but almost everyone and everything gets in your way, tries to trip you up. Not the best time for a date! However, you might glimpse the footsteps of destiny in a sexual or financial affair. Tackle chores Saturday. Practice safety around sharp tools. All’s productive!

  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

A wise, mellow mood steals over you for the few weeks ahead. You’ll be more than usually focused on far travel, higher education, publishing/media, profound thought, law, import-export, cultural venues, and such — and on love. These rather idealistic leanings can conflict with your main luck, which centres in work, health and earnings all 2019. E.g., the boss wants you to work the same weeks you’d reserved for a cruise.

Relationships remain sweet, gracious with everyone to March 1. Others want to talk, discuss. This can bring love, too. Until March 30, you’ll be optimistic about your career — perhaps with good reason. A friend might give you a valuable career insight or opening.

Sunday’s tricky early, but smooths out later to offer splendid luck in money, earnings, purchases — and sensual love. This luck lasts through Monday to Tuesday’s dawn. For example, if you ask for a pay raise Monday, you just might get it, or will put yourself in line for a later boost. Casual friends, errands, trips and communications fill Tues./Wed. Two great days that could fill with love’s interactions, or take you to fascinating places. Don’t skip work Wed.

Steer toward home and kids Thurs./Fri. These two days reveal what’s wrong, or been neglected in the home/family. A whisper, a hint, of love’s destiny, or of marital bonds. Saturday’s for attraction, passion, painting, art, pleasure. Leave arguments aside, they’re not important.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. (I’ve always wanted to write that.)  Secrets and power struggles and investments or debts, sexual desires and commitments, medical necessities. research and detective work, lifestyle decisions and their consequences. These fill the four weeks ahead. You’ll learn significant secrets the rest of February.

Work mates will remain gracious, friendly, same period. But bosses and authorities can be snarly, impatient now to March 30 — be diplomatic, keep your sense of humour. Remember, if single, 2019 is a year of major romance… but this might “fight” the interests listed above: secrets, finances, lust, medicine, etc. You might need to choose between a very sexual attraction and a romantic one. Choose romance, even if it “hides briefly”.

You’re weary Sunday morning, but this wears off and your energy picks up, even surges, the rest of Sun. right into dawn Tues. Your luck is very high. Charge ahead, go after what/who you want. (Monday pm shows the path or object to pursue.) Lead, be the star! Chase money Tues./Wed. — all’s fortunate, so charge ahead. Not the best time to gamble, though. You can find bargains in tools, machinery, and “complex” software.

Thursday and Friday bring errands, paperwork, trips and communications — and good luck is hard to find. Just grind through what you have to get done. Not a good interval for important messages if you want a favourable response. Sink into home, family, the ‘hood, Saturday — you can effectively start landscaping, repair, reno or decoration projects. Don’t argue with a parent, cop or boss.

  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Relationships of every kind fill the four weeks ahead. Your outlook is bright. The very one you want to talk to, wants to talk also. Romantic approaches win you affectionate responses. In sexual terms, you might be with (now to March’s end) someone who mixes – or causes you to mix – sex and idealism, gentle love and secrecy. It sounds like nothing, but has a deep implication or result. It might mean a (“purely”) sexual partner is also a wedding or life-mate prospect. It could make you face the dilemma of sex versus love.

Now through March, avoid lawsuits. (They could be agents of cruel change.) Remember, your main luck in 2019 hovers around home, family, real estate, and “pruning” — cutting out stale relationships and projects, to make room for the fresh, fertile ones.

Sunday morning buoys your hopes, yet immediately blocks them. Well, retreat this day to pre-dawn Tues. You’ll be tired, and wonder why nobody smiles at you. But good luck fills your interactions with agents, psychic, nurses, counsellors, civil servants and care-givers. Ask — you’ll receive. You’ll understand someone, deeply. You might find a gov’t program to aid your home or mortgage search.

Your energy and charm surge upward Tues./Wed. — and your luck is high — lead, start ventures (or not, see Preamble above). Monday thru Wed., love is major. Remember your great luck this year lies in real estate — buy or list Tues./Wed., though there will be many other chances. Pursue money, count your possessions,

Thurs./Fri. Obstacles, snags and irritations are everywhere, so step cautiously. Saturday’s for errands, casual friends, travel, paperwork and communications — all blessed! Lust plays a role, this eve.

  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

To work, Libra — four weeks of it. A lot of travel or communications here, but by March 5 these, and co-workers, stall. Take care of your health, same period. This can be a good time to repair or buy machinery and tools. But be wary if the machinery involves travel or communications — e.g., no cars, telephony systems, I-Phones, etc. Your home, which has given you problems for years, grants you beauty or peace all February.

A recent romantic or marital bond now turns to deep intimacy, perhaps talk of sharing finances, a mortgage, etc — all this for six weeks, to late March. But in another way, romantic attractions move to sexual attractions (and challenges) for a whole seven years ahead.

Sunday’s a bit destructive early, then you slip into a happy, social, optimistic and flirty mood – not only Sunday, but to pre-dawn Tuesday, with ease and good fortune and “steady love”. A wish might come true. Retreat, rest, ponder and plan Tuesday/Wednesday. These two days flow smoothly — the only snag could occur in communications or driving, so avoid these. A sexual involvement goes well.

Your energy and charisma surge Thurs./Fri. Be a leader, call in favours, but don’t start significant projects (for confusion and delays come soon). Instead, use this energy and clout to solve problems, esp. in home and family areas. You can see the way forward, the solution, late Fri. Chase money and seek bargains Sat. Maintain your cool Saturday eve.

  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

A month of romance, adventure, self-expression and creativity starts Monday. Take risks — you’re on a winning streak. A conversation aids love. Communications overall are mellow, affectionate. But for six weeks ahead relationships will be very intense. You can make allies (likely with co-workers) or you can spark enmity. Be diplomatic. This intensity is an “introduction” to the seven years ahead, during which links will be unpredictable… though fascinating.

Sunday starts with a growl or surprise (actually, with exactly what I meant above about “six weeks” and “seven years”). But the rest of Sun., and all Monday, offer very good luck in career and earnings. (Earnings better — offer to work harder or longer.) Tuesday/Wednesday are for happiness, socializing, optimism, and planning the future with a committee or group. Not everything goes well, but most does. You’ll be satisfied!

Withdraw Thurs./Fri. — rest, ponder, plan, and — if you have to — interface with civil servant, management, agents. Many obstacles, niggling frustrations bedevil your path. Saturday’s a total about-face: your energy surges, people listen. Start things, but not big things, as a period of delay and confusion starts soon (March 5). Again, a feisty relationship. (Perhaps with someone whose sexuality glows.)

  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

A month of rest, domesticity and foundations start Monday. Work will be intense and demanding for six weeks, so periods of deep, uninterrupted rest are needed. This intensity will be joined, by early March, with many demands that you travel, visit, communicate and handle  flurries of unpredictable paperwork — for seven years.

On the plus side, work/co-workers will be friendly, interesting, and all those demanding chores will be easy. You could make a co-worker friend — for life. (No rush — it could take years to arrive.) Until February’s end: your money, earnings remain mildly lucky. Lots of talk around, about the family, home, property.

Sunday morning’s disruptive, argumentative or accident-prone. This afternoon, to pre-dawn Tues., promotes gentle love, understanding, a world view, intellectual,  media, legal and cultural quests. Writers could be notified about publishing.

Be ambitious Tues./Wed. — circumstances help you climb the corporate ladder, could introduce you to an important/prestigious  person. A good time to draw a line or map, and say: “this is my territory”. If you deal with leases, premises at work, higher-ups will be impressed.

Thursday/Friday bring joy and wishful thinking — and that’s about all it will be — wishful, because so many obstacles arise. Just be friendly, cheerful, and let problems flow off your back like water off a duck. Withdraw Saturday: seek peace, solitude — don’t rise to anyone’s bait.

  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22 to Jan. 19

it’s an easy week and month ahead, Cap, but not a deeply important one. Do paperwork, answer calls, visit, do light research, and be available to those who talk. (They might have good ideas.) One thing is rather important: a romantic interest might grow hugely intense for the six weeks ahead, and this “hot” intensity will be joined by a “cold intensity” in early March. Sounds awful, but this cold/cool intensity 1) will last 7 years; and 2) is a gentle, kind, never boring kind of intensity. Romance will quickly lead to sensual clinches, now to 2026. You remain attractive, ambitious, the rest of February.

Sunday morning might spark an argument. But the rest of Sunday, and Monday into pre-dawn Tuesday, immerses you in secrets, depths, medical demands, and sex and finances (investing, debts, etc.). Good fortune accompanies you, so do invest, see a doctor, dally with your lover, etc.

A mellow, understanding mood comes over you Tues./Wed. — you’ll shine/succeed at school, in cultural venues, law, intellectual and publishing interests. You might awaken to love! Thursday/Friday bring ambition and dealings with higher-ups. Be cautious, discreet — if the tide is going against you, wait for a better time. A (romantic?) phone call or text is “destiny’s finger”. Saturday’s for friends and happiness — get out and grab some.

  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Pursue $ for the month ahead. (Starts Feb. 18.) For six weeks ahead, your home life might be voluble with argument, or loud with renovations. (DON’T start them now — in fact, not this year, if you can avoid them). Or, your home might benefit from your determination to get organized, dig that garden, make those repairs. Good, just avoid big projects.

This flurry of home, property, domestic intensity is in many ways, only a segue to a 7-year trend that will begin early March. This trend will nudge you to “domestic fascination”. You’re going to become a homebody! Youngsters among you might become pregnant (or fathers). Lots of talk about $ for two weeks ahead. Same period, your inner world remains benevolent, affectionate.

Sunday morning’s a bit rough, but the rest of this day, into pre-dawn Tues., rewards almost every effort you make to form relationships, deep or casual. Good, too, for opportunities, dealing with the public, negotiations and agreements, and relocation. Tuesday/Wednesday are for secrets, sexual temptations, research, medical actions, and investment/debt choices. You’ll mostly win, so march forth!

Careful Thursday/Friday, when legal, intellectual, far travel, cultural and media involvements are highlighted, but not fortunately in most instances. You might receive a money idea which has the quiet comfort of “destiny”. Saturday’s for ambition — chase success, you’ll catch it. (But don’t let your family, home life interfere.)

  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

You’ll love the month ahead, Pisces. Starting Monday, your energy, power, magnetism, clout and timing will be at an annual high. You’ll be talkative, restless, eager to wander/travel. A banner month if you write for a living. However, starting soon (in early March) a spouse, associate, lover or party to an agreement might get cold feet. You yourself might feel indecisive about these areas (partnership, agreements, et al). So wrap it up now, or wait for late March, April to bind a relationship, opportunity or agreement.

Your communications and restlessness grow intense now to late March… which “introduces” a much longer period (7 years) of the same. Now to 2026, your communications, telephony, travel, sales or similar talents might carve out for you a secure role in the gov’t or a large, faceless corporation.

Sunday morning’s for love, but it doesn’t really get a chance before you’re hurled into the world of work, Sun. to pre-dawn Tues. Tackle those chores — you’ll get a good amount done. Think about improving your nutrition. Tuesday/Wednesday bring relationships — mostly good ones. Grab opportunities. Someone might say they want to marry, share lives. Only one thing: don’t argue about religion or politics.

Your net worth, investments, debt, finances, your sexual links (or temptations) and medical or lifestyle decisions, any or all will arise Thurs./Fri. Be careful, many problems exist. Still, you’ll feel a kind of “destiny” lies in your future. If you want to find it, join groups, be social. Saturday is wise, mellow. (It might not be mellow, but fractious or impulsive, just after supper (PST).) You see the world as one whole organism. Gentle love wins.



I think God, the Biblical God, has left us — with best wishes. I think, as promised in the Bible, that we have progressed to the point at which God “said” (through a prophet) that He would withdraw. I believe this is a vote of confidence, that we are on our way to… angel-hood? He’s left the environment, the “machinery” of divinity in place: Karma is still here, and Nature, (Karma’s entwined sister) remains. But now, it’s up to us… with, maybe, a visit or two ahead, or even the formation of another, higher God. It’s hard to imagine what a new God would look like, tho’ I think my little articles about a sphere would be there somewhere.

It’s easy to believe mankind has encountered a series of ever-ascending Gods. The past supports this: At present, in the late stages of the “Christian era,” we must be on at least our 3rd or 4th God – having evolved from totems to a panoply of gods to monotheism to, now, the man-God. (Jesus was either the only man-God, or the first of a line — though I doubt there will be more Jesuses.)  (Sceptics and atheists would say this ladder of Gods simply shows a maturation and evolvement of our concepts of God and divinity. — Although devout believers can also agree to this, in the sense that we grow in our perception of the real God, Who reveals more of Himself as we mature or can perceive Him.

Only one thing: all this He and Him is pretty chauvinistic; I only use these pronouns for grammatical reasons, and because most people are familiar with this white-bearded old Guy peering down from the clouds. That we find this ridiculous now shows how far we’ve come — or rather, how ignorant [and egocentric and self-important] we were, 2000 years ago.)

Do you see where this is going? In addition to the development of a new God concept, we have the idea now of God in the flesh, of a man-God. But we are actually in the last stage (1983-2229) of monotheism. What will our new God look like, what comes next? I think the new God will “step into the man”, by that I mean become humanity. The sphere replaces the cross, and this could refer to the entire humankind living in psychic harmony, inter-connected. Speech was our first interconnection with others; mental speech might be our next.
***   ***

Elizabeth Warren as President? Groan. Here’s a Democrat who called herself “Native American” when she applied to law school, and when she applied to the Bar Association to practice law. Last week, she declared at a press conference that she had never used her native heritage to gain any advantage or reward. U-huh. Trouble is, Warren isn’t even one percent native American. She’s as white and European as Trump. She’s a phoney. Dems seem to confuse diversity with the right to employ cultural theft.

Democrats have been using — and abusing — minorities for decades to boost themselves. Clinton threw multitudes of blacks in jail (for lesser crimes than he committed), yet called for the black vote — and got it. Dems have attracted the black vote for decades by offering welfare, part of a process that keeps them ON welfare.

Now the white Democratic Governor of Virginia and his white Attorney General have admitted “playing” black man and KKK. Remember, the Dems were the slave owners, even fought a war to preserve their right to keeps Blacks on the plantation — until Abe kicked their butts.

Come on, Dems, drop the holier-than-thou politics. You’ve been singed in the fires of prejudice, exploitation and hypocrisy, and your heart has turned to carbon. (Though I have to admit, when the Dems were in power with Obama, the Republican hordes were just as nasty and aggressive.)

This “new” intensity of rancour in Washington, this now decade-long refusal to compromise or deal, is a symptom of the “civil war” I wrote about 2 or 3 years ago. It’s not a major military war as Abe fought, but a deep split and anger in the population and their elected reps. Americans seem to have lost the ability to see the other side. This “civil war” will softly disappear around 2025.

The Dem’s ideas and initiatives do seem to go in the flow of the future, but why are they accompanied by hatred, arrogance and absence of compassion, anti-Semitism and repeated attempts to destroy those with different beliefs? That’s a destructive approach. You can’t build on destruction. You can, though, destroy, then attempt to build on the ashes.
***   ***

I often have these glimmers, then I ignore them, then it happens and I go — “Hey, I thought that!” — but I didn’t say it. So, here’s one: Nancy Pelosi wants to make love to the Donald.
***   ***

I think, though I’ve no evidence, that many of my readers see me as a Trump-loving conservative. Here’s what I believe:

The world should not have borders, nor competing citizenries. Climate change is worth a serious non-partisan examination, then action if indicated. I hope we haven’t blown it — but I  think the chances that we have are less than 1 in a million. The earth, and humanity, have a splendid future.

As we become more crowded we become more sophisticated in our manners and relationships. This sophistication might be seen as a weakening. In any case it was and is accompanied by a growing, lengthy, and it appears long-enduring trend toward mercy. A stance in which understanding is more valuable than revenge; and prevention more believed than punishment. I’m not speaking of American politics here, but of the world for centuries to come.

I believe love is the shining basis on which the world’s new golden age (since 1950) is based. Two things happened: many men, and many women, saw the death of World Wars One and Two, and their bellies were filled with anger and surprise, and to ignore these, they focused powerfully on the material world and its values. They became – this generation that came to adulthood in the 1940’s and 50’s – ambitious and successful, rich and heathen. But even so, they had seen the death. They didn’t want any more death, and they didn’t want to be responsible for someone else’s death, and mercy was born.

Tie this to the World Wars’ militarization of whole populations, which caused a familiarity with and acceptance of ranks and files — of being, contentedly, a small cog in a huge machine — and you get a social welfare system. At the same time (during WW I, I think) we had begun paying taxes for the war. And so when the war ended, we had enough money for hospitals, subsidized housing, social workers and “welfare” (food stamps, rent receipts, monthly checks).

This sophistication will lead to less and less violence and increased co-operation: eventually we will live in inter-connected villages, world-wide.