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START NOTHING:  4:14 am to 1:19 pm Mon., 10:17 pm to 10:48 pm Wed., and 10:47 am to 11:06 am Sat.


ALL SIGNS: Wrap up projects or put them on a stable level, because a period of confusion, mistakes and delays occurs most of March. Don’t start significant or long-term projects before March 28.
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I told you some months ago that Justin Trudeau would face some tough times based on corruption in 2019. Now comes the huge scandal involving accusations he tried to interfere to quash a criminal charge against SNC Lavalin, one of Canada’s biggest firms, and a stable of elite people.
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Also told you Rod Rosenstein (the Deputy U.S. Attorney General)  would be in trouble around April 2019. Last week former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe claimed that Rosenstein plotted to commit treason (in essence conspired to enact a coup) in 2017 to unseat President Trump. The noose is tightening. There’s a possibility April will spell the end of Rod’s job. (Rod’s the one who launched the Mueller probe against Trump… because Trump fired FBI Director Comey.. after Rod advised him to… politics is so fun!)
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  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Lie low, observe the world. You need lots of rest, because late March will start adventures (and ventures) which demand high energy and high focus. E.g., some of you will be travelling to another continent. But for now, soak in quietude and plan your late March/April escapades. It’s a good time to deal with civil servants, advisors, agents and therapists — and with warehouses, large corporations, institutions and spiritual or charitable institutions. Much talk, paperwork or travel in connection with these. Higher-ups remain on your side. Money has begun to find you. Bank it, don’t lose it.

Sunday to mid-Monday brings secrets, investment opportunities, and sexual desires — all productively and fortunately. Your higher mind, your wandering and learning urge, media, life philosophy and beliefs, these arise Mon. pm to Wed., but immediately run into barriers and delays through Tuesday. Wednesday’s better, even lucky. (Plan a trip or buy tix or apply to a school.)

Your ambitions, career, and worldly status call Thursday to Sat. morning. Aspects are mostly good, you’ll get a lot done and make a good impression. BUT, lucky in career equals “abandonment” of other hopes, especially around social groups and a light romance. Remember, career/prestige is tainted with “old karma” until May 2020. Saturday afternoon an affectionate moment might heal a romance — or start a month of optimism about love/marriage.

taurus weekly forecast  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Three weeks of optimism, flirting, what if’s, wishes, entertainment and joy await you. Legal, travel, educational, cultural and media interests seem to remain blessed, promising. Remember though, this whole zone can be an attractive but subtle trap until May 2020. So do proceed here, but if/when you experience delays, especially inexplicable delays, stop, turn around and head in another direction. (Delay is your friend, protecting you from a trap.)

If no delays occur, dive in, you’ve found a lucky/benevolent pathway. Mars in your sign until March’s end makes you impatient, determined, courageous, assertive and sexually magnetic. This can work for you or against you — with balance, some restraint, you’ll gather in the rewards! Same period, you might be more involved with head office or the gov’t.

Sunday and Monday morn feature relationships and opportunities, good ones. Raise your public profile, or contact someone about a possible deal, agreement, contract. Monday pm through Wed. features mysteries, subconscious promptings, detective work, large finances and intimate desires. These hit obstacles until late Tues. night. Then they succeed (mostly) Wednesday.

A mellow, understanding mood floats into you Thursday through midday Sat. Love, far travel, education, advertising, legal affairs, flow well Thurs. and Fri., but this smooth ease might be the ease of sliding into a trap or dead-end. You might be surprised by a higher-up’s approval or affection — this is the start of a month of favour in high places. (A parent might help you out, also. Ask.)

Saturday afternoon “repeats” the favour — and starts you on an ambitious path. (But read ALL SIGNS in the PREAMBLE.)

  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

The weeks ahead feature ambitions, career, relationships with higher-ups and authorities. Read “ALL SIGNS” above – don’t start important projects now. You’ll have enough on your plate — or too much! — with ongoing developments. Continue to avoid dark alleys and belligerent people until April.

Your finances, investments and sexual forays remain blessed, but be aware here: conditions can change quickly. Is a subtle trap forming? (It won’t if your motives are pristine.) Lots of discussion around a career situation or project. Generally, you’re on an upward path!

Tackle chores Sunday to midday Monday — you’ll get much accomplished. Work you do Sun. morning could boost your career. Eat, dress sensibly. Relationships face you Mon. pm through Wed. “Relationships” includes opportunities, negotiations and agreements, dealings with the public, relocation themes — and opposition. Be co-operative, diplomatic, yet eager. At first, Mon./Tues., you hit obstacles. But Wed. offers success, even triumphant “embraces”.

Thursday to midday Saturday brings temptations, secrets, heightened intuition, sexual desires, large finances and “changes”. These flow with ease most of this interval, but make sure you are getting what you truly want — you could be talking yourself into a trap. (Maybe — inexplicable delays spell “trap”. Use them to stay out.) A connection between ambitions and socializing might “break” now. Saturday afternoon brings a mellow, wise mood — and gentle affection.

  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

For three more weeks, your “higher mind” pulls you toward far travel, law, love, culture, social rituals (e.g., weddings), compassion and understanding, publishing, statistics, science, fame, religion and philosophy. Discussions involve these themes. It’s a sweet, mellow time. Until late March, you remain optimistic about your ambitions/career — and with good reason, for a wish might come true here. At the very least, you can make great social-ambition connections.

An assertive, impetuous, humorous person (probably male) might befriend you. (And he  could open a career door; alternatively, your boss might befriend you.) The  present week continues favour, luck, affection in relationships. Finish or “protect” projects — don’t start new ones, unless you can finish in several days.

Sunday to noon Mon. blesses you with passion — for love, for creative outpourings, for art, beauty, drama, song, or for risk-taking. Take those risks — you’re on a wee winning streak. To work Monday pm through Wed. Eat, dress and drink sensibly. Problems arise Mon./Tues., but Wednesday offers success — and might expand your duties.

Relationships face you Thursday to midday Sat. So do opportunities. Be diplomatic, co-operative, and you will gain — you might even pluck a plum assignment, or travel or public speaking gig. Thursday’s great — a friend aids, or you flirt with a “status type”.

Friday’s good, too, might contain the start of a new bond or an open door. However, in all this, look ahead to the final result. It might not be so great. A new bond, a new career “catch” might lead to unwanted change down the road. Saturday afternoon’s affectionate, sexy.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The three weeks ahead emphasize secrets, mysteries, heightened intuition, sexual desires, large finances, medical and lifestyle decisions. Dig deep, reject surface appearances. One or two of those secrets will be discussed or revealed this week. In March, you might discover a forgotten “treasure”.

Your workplace remains affectionate, enjoyable, but only to this Friday. (Friday starts a month of affectionate relations, love’s favours.) Higher-ups, parents and authorities remain critical, impatient until March 30. As March will cause many little glitches and “accidental negligence,” prepare, plan ahead to keep those higher-ups happy.

Be home, hug your family, Sunday to midday Mon. Garden, redecorate, repair — all goes well. A “small” real estate investment (Sunday better) has a good future! (Your can invest in real estate through REITS in Canada, not sure of the name in America — for as little as a few dollars a share.)

Romance, beauty, pleasure, self-expression, risk, games lure you Mon. pm through Wednesday — but not fortunately until Wed. To work Thursday to midday Sat. You’ll get those jobs done — except perhaps Sat., when disruption enters.

Work hard Thurs. — a boss notices, makes a little “future promotion” mental note. (Excellent day to buy a business — but delay “possession” [and funds] to March 30 or later.) You might encounter a work-ethics “split” —  choose ethics. (It will give your new career environment a “fast start”.) Saturday afternoon’s affectionate. You admire someone.

  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The world opens to you in the three weeks ahead. You’ll experience a spiritual insight, or enter (or enter further) a years-long garden in which your direction will sometimes be misty or confused. Could be a garden of love, speckled with sun and mystery, intense as a memory. On other levels, emotional and practical (is there a difference?) you might be attracted to a substance abuser, a “spiritual” kook, or a dreamer. But here the possibilities pivot, for that dreamer might be lazy or wildly impractical, OR he/she might also be the best kind of dreamer: a hard, inventive worker inspired by imagination.

On the positive side of this potential attraction, you could bond with sympathetic, highly intuitive people, managers and scholars and film workers and nurses and spiritual leaders, civil servants, etc. — even tycoons! If you have an agenda, or want to use someone, they’ll fool you.

A former flame, mate, might return. Make no brand new connections, agreements or projects before March 28. Same period, avoid lawsuits.

Sunday to midday Monday brings news, facts, communications, paperwork, travel and casual contacts. These flow very well. Express your needs, and accept another’s needs/viewpoint. A partnership grows.

Monday pm through Wednesday shunts you toward home, family, security and foundational concerns. These “oppose” you, bring glitches, until Wed. On Wed., you might have to concede a point, or give something up, but it’s a great day for buying real estate, investments, for legal matters or work/employment action.

You’ll feel romantic Thurs. to midday Sat. and your path will be easy. Sex and love and wisdom combine splendidly Thurs. You might form a powerful, deep bond (more likely Friday). (These can also refer to business/work: finances and creativity/risk succeed.) But: are you going where you want to go? Is the end result truly what you want? Are there doubts, or obstacles? If not, go ahead.

This second half of the week prompts you to choose between love (romance) on one side, and work/health/sex/finances on the other. This choice might dog you through most of March. Saturday afternoon makes work pleasant, but take care this night, follow safety rules.

  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The weeks ahead load work onto your shoulders. Dig in, roll up your shirt sleeves — better to do it yourself than to delegate. In general, no large problems face you — you’ll get it done.

But don’t start any significant work projects nor any new health regimens, as they will fall apart in March. Instead, get as much done as you can in an ongoing situation (job) this week, then in March focus on chores neglected or remaining from the past. DO NOT buy machinery (including computers, TVs, cars, software, tools) or new, unfamiliar OTC medicine before March 28. (Best after March 30.)

If you recently formed a new business or love bond, now through March you will be developing the financial/funding side and/or the intimate side. If you’re married, reject outside temptations, same period. Your home, family remain affectionate, gratifying this week, until Friday.

Collect money and/or make purchases Sunday to midday Mon. — fortunate days, and your last chance to buy machinery (etc.) before the lemons enter. Errands, paperwork, trips, communications fill Mon. pm through Wed. Obstructions or mistakes hinder you until Wed., which holds a mechanical or work-related snag, but otherwise offers progress, friendship and agreement.

Turn toward home, family Thurs. to midday Sat. Realize karma might be against you in domestic, realty, shelter, nutrition and other foundational matters, but in the most subtle way. All immediate, obvious efforts yield rewarding results — but are these efforts/results leading you in the wrong direction?

Saturday afternoon triggers a moment of romantic affection (or a good, small creative/crafts project, or rising affection for a child). This whole late week time might bring a sudden break-up, a sudden new attraction (not recommended) or the need to choose between security and opportunity, or between home and marriage.

  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Start nothing new before March 28. The weeks ahead emphasize passion, love,  self-expression, risk, creativity and adventure. This week you speak with an affectionate, persuasive tongue, especially in a love situation. Great week for artists and writers.

Relationships will be intense, heated, until late March. So, you can 1) find/capture love; 2) form (maybe temporary) partnerships with co-workers or those in your field; or 3) make intense enemies. Your choice between the 3 — it hinges on you, your past and your present stances. An old flame might return soon.

Sunday to midday Monday brings energy, boosts your charisma, clout and effectiveness. Be a leader, push for what you want, but DON’T start a big new project. Money and possessions (including your memory) are the prime focus Mon. pm through Wed. Nothing much goes right until Wed., so be cautious. Big purchases could soon be deemed useless or unwanted. Act Wed. — ask for a raise, but be serious even tho’ you’re happy in other ways.

Communications, errands, trips, paperwork and easy chores arrive Thurs. to midday Sat. All flows easily, esp. Thurs. — you could discuss, and receive, co-operation, particularly with a large task. But a work or health or family concern might interfere with your message, or prevent travel. Saturday afternoon’s affectionate, starts a month of “home sweet home” vibes.

  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Three main themes: 1) hard work until late March, but this is creative, even enjoyable work;
2) a down-home influence makes you restful, domestic until March 19; and 3) a series of delays, false starts and indecision exists until March 28. (Notice #1 and #2 are a bit contradictory. Solution: work hard, then collapse gratefully at home. Or work hard on your home — but BEWARE renovations until April onward.) The present week carries all 3 trends.

Use the week ahead to finish projects — start only the smallest and shortest projects. Still much discussion around home, where to live and with whom. You might soon be attracted to a former home (or domestic worker). A prodigal child might return, before March’s end. Money remains mildly fortunate, but only until Friday.

Withdraw, rest and ponder Sunday to midday Mon. Sunday’s best, great for gov’t, intuition, institutions. (E.g., good day to enter the hospital.) Don’t bother making firm plans, though.

Your energy, charm, clout and timing rise smartly Mon. eve through Wed. Still, you might have difficulty attracting attention in a group or crowd. Be content with what you can do, forget intangible goals. Tuesday is very domestic — hug the kids. Wednesday holds some surprises, brings friendship, good luck — but disagreement in partnerships.

Pursue money Thurs. to midday Sat. — but mildly; don’t push, force issues, or you might end disappointed, even if you get your way. Speaking out of turn, or being unpredictable or restless can obstruct $ progress. Saturday afternoon’s affectionate, starts a month of “sweet casual friendships.”

  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The 3 weeks ahead will be quick, easy, but not hugely important. You can relax even while speeding along. Until the end of March, your romantic and creative courage rises strongly — you could impulsively take a gamble or ask for someone’s sweet attention — and get it! This isn’t bad, even if it’s only brief, as it contributes to or forms a bond/relations — a good path to take all 2019. (This year rewards inter-dependence, punishes strong independence.) (You might also end a bond this month ahead.)

Your physical charms continue to radiate — but only until this Friday. (After this, your money starts to gain the cosmos’ favour.) Continue to cultivate people in the background (e.g., civil servants, nurses, warehouse workers, agents, advisors) — they can prove very helpful, generous as this year unfolds.

Happiness, wish fulfillment, flirtation and social delights tumble in Sunday to midday Mon. The world’s fresh and promising! Withdraw, rest, contemplate and give succour to the less fortunate Mon. pm through Wed. Tuesday might lead you astray or bring mild deception, but Wed. solves most misunderstandings. It’s difficult to communicate well this day, but all ends well — perhaps with a little money perk.

Your energy surges back Thursday to midday Sat. Show off, lead, ask favours — but don’t make new contacts nor launch new ventures (not before March 28). For instance, a new contact you make now could quietly disappear before April. You’re in charge these few days, but remember: interdependence, not independence. You might have to choose between business and love. Saturday afternoon holds some wee money luck — grab it.

  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The three weeks ahead focus on money, possessions, sensual attractions, memory and learning. Don’t launch new projects in these zones, as they would almost certainly fail. (Applies to late March.) Instead, collect money, and continue with people, tasks, elements prominent in your life up to now. Beware large purchases — lemons proliferate.

Until March 28, friction (mostly verbal) mars the home front. Be patient with children, spouse. Realize your home situation is about to change, March 2019 to 2026. Already, you’re becoming a “home body” to an increased degree. All this sounds dire, but isn’t. The present week flows nicely.

Be ambitious, seek status, contact VIPs, parents or bosses Sunday to midday Mon. (Watch the “Start Nothings” above.) Sunday’s best, Monday’s a bit of a dud. You brighten up Mon. eve through Wed., as optimism, social delights, entertainment, flirtations and wishes rush in. Happiness is available! Still, Tuesday needs caution, esp. with money. Wednesday’s better — romance calls but eludes you, but a wish could come true, a group welcomes you, and you end the day with happy satisfaction.

Withdraw from the bustling crowd Thurs. to midday Sat. Rest, heal, contemplate/meditate, but make no plans (they’d fall apart due to changing circumstances). Deal with civil servants, admin. staff, charities and spirit. But be “light” with all these, from rest to charities, as they aren’t your path to light or joy this year. Take special care with meditation/spirit: “bad spirits” are really (your own) bad imagination, but that makes them no less harmful. Choose between money and freedom.

Friday starts a month during which your physical charms and grace will shine — could spark/re-spark a sensual bond — perhaps one from the past. A hint of this Sat. afternoon, when you’ll feel an admiring glance from someone.

  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Your energy, charm, clout and attractiveness hit a yearly high over the next 3 weeks, Pisces. Express yourself, be a leader — but don’t start new ventures, nor form and rely on new contacts (they will be elusive, skirt results). (Applies to March 28.)

Now to late March, you’ll be very active, restless, talkative — probably in the pursuit of money, or shopping bargains. Collect $ owed to you, and pay bills, but shy away from significant purchases. Groups, esp. your own social group, remain affectionate, enjoyable — until Friday. A former spouse or business partner might return soon. Do you want to re-join? Seems good, but I suspect a formal, legal “bond” won’t result from this.

You feel mellow, wise, and you see the world, even the cosmos, as something logical and benevolent, Sunday to midday Mon. All’s fine, but only Sunday (and pre-dawn Mon.) yield benefits. Love “shows”. Be ambitious, career-oriented Mon. eve through Wed. You’ll encounter a minor obstacle or two Tues., but Wed. is bursting with climbing opportunities. (A gov’t or admin connection might figure prominently.) Don’t seek co-operation nor try to negotiate. Act on your own — you’re the luckiest person in prestige, status and career zones Wed.

Thursday to midday Sat. emphasizes wishes, social joys, flirtation, optimism and entertainment. Though this is a happy zone, don’t indulge it deeply or massively, as negative karma lurks. For example, you might luckily be invited to a party of people you want to meet; then, surprising yourself, make a loud, inappropriate remark that makes people cringe. That kind of thing. All late week, you might need to choose between friendship and money. Saturday afternoon brings a quiet yet sweet moment of inner bliss — an emotional hint for the whole of March.


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