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START NOTHING:  9:10 am to 9:58 am Mon., 1:01 pm Tues. to 10:59 am Wed., 7:48 pm Thurs. to 10:31 am Fri., and after 4:12 pm Sat


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The Thai boys (soccer team + coach) trapped by rising water 2 miles (3 km) into a cave. Suggestion: design/build a long, expanding and “portable” tube, waterproof, flexible but semi-rigid, with little hand-hooks inside the tube/tunnel, along one side, so each boy can pull himself through the tunnel. This hand-hook side is coloured and/or “bump” coded on the outside, so the tube is easily aligned, with the colour/bump stripe running along, say, the top. Accompanying the stripe, inside the tunnel, would be phosphorescent beads, or some mild lighting system, both to comfort the boys  in the black waters, and to let their hands easily find the hand-hooks. The boys, then, could pull themselves out, under the water, to the next dry spot, then the next. (Perhaps there could be several tunnel tubes.) The makers would have to measure the longest underwater portion, then make the tunnel twice as long as a safety. An additional advantage is that a Seal could be stationed at each end of the tunnel, to encourage the crawler and to supervise/aid him/her — and protect if something bad happens.
***   ***

ALL SIGNS:  Mighty, expansive and benevolent Jupiter ends its 4 month retrograde and begins travelling in direct motion (as seen from the earth) at 10 am Tuesday, July 10. Many of our lucky projects have remained “good” since early March, but they simply have gone nowhere, have tread water. Now to November, those fortunate projects should move swiftly toward a great conclusion.

In general, these lucky projects will involve research, medical, sexual or financial developments for ARIES — relationships/partnerships, relocation and opportunities, and “open enemies” for TAURUS — work, health, machinery for GEMINI — romance, creativity, adventurous risk and child-teaching for CANCER — family, real estate, food and foundations for LEO — communications, daily activities, short trips, paperwork for VIRGO — earnings, purchases and sensual indulgence for LIBRA — personal expansion, optimism, earnings, purchases and sensualities for SCORPIO (this year, Scorpios share much of Libra’s “zone of luck”) — spirituality, charity, management, recuperation and gov’t liaisons for SAGITTARIUS — popularity, social life, plans for the future for CAPRICORN — career, prestige relations, worldly standing/reputation for AQUARIUS — and intellectual, far travel, love, legal, publishing and cultural involvements (including possible weddings) for PISCES.

As mentioned last week, this change in direction occurs in exact trine (the luckiest aspect) to the USA Sun. This indicates much good fortune for the U.S., especially in international, legal and philosophical areas. Jupiter is a very political planet. (I have read, but not confirmed, that it was prominent in many birth charts of the Nazi elite.) You can see it “working” in the extreme divides and sometimes violent zealotry in American politics. Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius — probably the most hot-tempered of all signs. Aries people are the next hottest, but their great sense of humour often keeps them from melt-downs. Aquarius is probably the most fanatical or zealotry-prone sign, but they typically keep it in their mind and speech. (I say “mind” because you can’t really say Aquarius has thoughts — it’s more like a series of small lightning bolts. Aquarius often thinks on a “meta” level, and they can whiz from a to z without passing b.)
***   ***


     ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The main accent remains on your home, family, security, nature, food, and foundations. (“Foundations” includes sales territory at work and character — if you change your character, you change your foundations. Often this is a very gradual process. We always stand on our character.) Chase money and seek bargains Sun. — luck rides with you, in this and in larger finances such as investments, until 5 pm PDT. (The night’s fine, but contains a sort of “non-agreement.”) Monday begins 27 days in which you’ll find pleasure in your work, and a work place of friendly people, open to your ideas about making more money or purchasing new tools/machinery. Mid-morning Mon. to mid-morn Wed. finds you restless, ready for errands, quick trips and communications. One you contact Mon. could become a good friend — he/she seems to reflect your own future plans, wishes, hopes. Tuesday, though, is a little deceptive (or the gov’t stymies you) to about 1 pm PDT.

The general “home” influence rises strongly Wed. morning to mid-morn Friday. Be relaxed, hug your family, enjoy nature. Your luck is very mixed, so be nimble as a goat. You’ll encounter opposition, especially to your domestic agenda — career demands/urges pull you away from home. But I’d stay put these two days. Career isn’t everything. Your work (perhaps prior work) yields unexpected rewards Wed. night and Thurs. morn. Research, investments and intimate forays lucky also, same time slot. (However, a sexual affair begun now will be more trouble down the road than it’s worth.) Romance, charming kids, beauty and creativity swoop in mid-morn Fri. through Sat. These meet disruptive conditions Fri., but an underlying loyalty, strength, exists in your co-worker zone. Saturday brings lots of talk, travel — all’s good, but don’y pry, and don’t invest.

taurus weekly forecast     TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

You start this week in fine form, as you sail lucky waters Sunday — partnerships, intellectual activities, friends and hopes, and love — all bless you until 5 pm PDT. (After this, mild disagreements possible.) Chase and spend money mid-morn Mon. through Tuesday. Monday night offers a doorway to increased  clout at work and in your career, which spells future money rewards — “management” a key word. Tuesday might deceive, or cloud you in fuzzy thinking where money’s concerned. Forget social life for a moment. The point of this whole month — messaging, records/files, travel, casual contacts — shows itself mid-morn Wed. to mid-morn Fri. A splendid interval, much easy success in minor chores, trips, but you might need to decide between two allegiances, or between “facts” and “ideas.” Or, two friends might fight between themselves. Your communications or trips can bring sudden, unexpected romantic attraction, and/or open a lucky financial door. Call friends, call power people — don’t be shy! Turn toward home, family Fri. mid-morn through Sat. Hug the kids, garden, do repairs. But take much care around electric tools and sharp blades Fri. Rest, relax — you need it! Monday night starts a sweet, 4-week romantic, creative, “gambling” streak, which adds a bit of refreshing depth to your errands and rushing around. Tuesday frees relocation, partnering, love/marriage, fame/public dealings, business opportunities and similar projects from recent restrictions (since early March) — now things here will race (or walk!) to gratifying conclusions the rest of 2018.

     GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Your home will be a refuge of beauty and affection this week to early August. You have some paperwork or important errands, calls to do. These will be thrown into confusion and delays July 25 (but could display these characteristics even a week before) to August 18. So start now, early, then ease up on the gas pedal late July to mid-August, then press on to September 5. Don’t wait until Aug. 18 to start, for this is a significant period, and you need to charge ahead, then re-examine, adjust (July 25-Aug. 18), then go forward again. If you wait until late August to even start, your results will be pretty small. In other, employment, health, work and machinery zones (and a possible big project in this zone that you feel will succeed or “be lucky”), and recent delays (since March) end now, so you can charge ahead to November. A critical relationship, and the public, might be involved. (So might relocation, and an opportunity.) Meanwhile, this week, the general accent lies on buying/selling, especially Wed./Thurs., when you might start a new income project (or a new relationship — careful with this). You might have to decide between short-term $ (e.g., pay cheque) and long-term (e.g., investments). Same with intimacy/sexual bonds — the near and easy, or the distant and meaningful?

Earlier, seek rest and quiet Sunday. Contemplate, plan. spiritual, career, and work issues flow with healthy, productive momentum. Your energy and charm soar upward mid-morn Mon. (PDT) to Wed. morning. Charge forth, be a leader, make contacts, propose action, call in favours — start significant projects. Both love and friendship “cross your path” Mon. — two might be one, as your optimism rises! This entire week is influenced by three “circumstances” — 1) a new, bright domestic scene and 2) a money dilemma or a sexual decision, which might be made for you by “fate” [both centring on Thurs.], and 3) a steady, stable love/sex opening, or peaceful love of family and children. This last (#3) centres on Friday, and only comes after a “hot” attraction or argument. Friday/Sat. focus on errands, paperwork, trips and communications. You can stumble with these Fri., but Sat. (afternoon, PDT) gives a smooth path. A good week!

     CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Your charisma, clout, energy and effectiveness remain at a yearly peak, Cancer. Start something significant, be a leader, make contacts, ask favours, propose action!  (In money zones, start projects which you can complete before late July, or “temporarily abandon” from the last week of July to mid-August.)  Sunday’s social, happy, flirty, could even bring true love — at least until 5 pm PDT. (After this, mild disagreement prevails — un-mild if you get into politics.) Retreat briefly from the madding crowd Mon./Tues. (and early Wed.) — catch your second breath, contemplate your situation and plan future moves, meditate or pray, help the unfortunate. Dig deep Monday night, get the real story. Surgery will be successful this day. For Wed. mid-morn (PDT) to mid-morn Fri., re-read the first two sentences above — start things, impress others — you’re top dog now! But realize if others are not “offering” you an opportunity, then they need to be handled diplomatically. Friends, communications, and later, romance — all look great. But don’t enter a “knock down fight”. Chase money, seek bargains, soak up sensual pleasures midday Fri. through Sat. (Nature is filled with sensual pleasure, scents, breeze, colour, negative ions…) Friday’s complicated: a stable, affectionate bond exists, but so does a volatile sexual urge (compulsion?). The sexual urge, if ignored or pursued too forcefully, could cause anger, even a quarrel, especially this night. Saturday’s easier: after an early delay or “missed target” you’ll have a smooth, good, calm but swift approach to money matters and possessions, sensual lures and learning. A good week — you’ll end with more than you had at the start, particularly in the heart.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast     LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Only two more weeks of retreat, quietude and restrictions, Leo. Use this time well — clear away neglected chores, meditate/contemplate, and above all, rest deeply. (Because you’ll need a reservoir of extra energy late July into September, when all eyes will be on you, expecting great things!) This time of relative seclusion is good for research, dealing with civil servants and “head office” — and for investing, especially in real estate (and especially Sunday, earlier the better, and Thurs., from 4 am to 1 pm PDT). Sunday’s also great for debt reduction/refiguring, and for handling career/ambition issues. Hope springs up, as do joy, mild socializing, flirtation, and happy plans for the future, Mon./Tues. The door opens to mutual enthusiasm (or at least agreement) Mon. night — you and another could agree to join in exciting ways!  (However, if the initial attraction/agreement is followed by delays, esp. in sex, take this as a warning sign.)  Be cautious about finances, investment and intimacy Tues. Retreat fully Wed./Thurs. — re-read the first 6 lines above for clues/advice about these two days. Don’t be drawn into big exertions. Rest, research, join a confidential discussion. Your energy and charm return (about halfway) Fri./Sat. Friday’s a bit complex: after some disruption (e.g., a cop stops your car?) this night contains two themes: 1) a stable money-for-work connection, and 2) an exciting confrontation that could spell “mad love” or a fight. Saturday’s easier — the pm boosts your gift of gab, and contains a nice trip or meeting/call. Discuss your future hopes with someone.

     VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Wishes can come true, Virgo! This week and next boost your mood into a happy zone, as popularity, social joys, optimism, flirtations (the heart’s promise) and entertainment flow in from every corner. Even bad events won’t dent your buoyant mood. Sunday’s for gentle love, understanding, cultural venues, far travel, dealing with large ideas, foreign born people, scholars, lawyers, writers or such. (You can encounter these last few in person, or in books.) Some Virgos will even make/accept a marriage proposal. Do everything before 5 pm PDT, as mild disagreement enters after that time. Monday starts a several-week trend of “good hair days” — you’ll be alluring, gracious, sought-after. And your communications, particularly within the family or other “foundational situations”, flow beautifully now to November, after being “tied up” since last March. You’ll travel to say something. Places you visit, now to November, might contain your future (2019) home.

Be ambitious Mon./Tues. — bosses are watching (and inclined to approve). Your work efforts succeed late Mon. night. Avoid chasing agreement or romance. Wishes can come true Wed./Thurs. This interval brings the height of the influences mentioned in the first three sentences above. You might join a new social group, or start a friendly romance that has many future possibilities/potentials — and might last a very long time. Could be a co-worker. You might need to choose between light, friendly love, and deeply romantic infatuation. If married, you might need to decide how to raise/teach the kids, how to support/nurture their talents. Retreat, rest, think and plan Fri./Sat. Friday needs care — don’t say something impetuously which could upset a love, a travel plan, a legal matter, or a learning situation. Pushing another for sex could cause an upset. Saturday’s calmer, brings workable ideas, deep thoughts about your worldly position, ambitions.

     LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The general accent remains on ambition and your worldly standing, Libra. This includes career, prestige relations, social standing/reputation, and dealings with authorities. You’ll be tested, but you’ll come through with flying colours! However, if social contacts, media/publishing, far travel, legalities or cultural associations — as well as gov’t, institutional or “head office” connections — if these are involved in your ambitious plans, act immediately, then take your foot off the accelerator July 22 to August 18, then charge ahead Aug. 18 to Sept. 5. (To Sept. 21 where gov’t, institutions and head office are involved.) All this becomes more important Wed./Thurs., when you might begin a new career/ambition project. (Which might  conflict with your family’s desires — or your own need for security.) These two days, and in general this week, you might begin a private affair, perhaps with an advisor, supporter, or even a “distant enough” relative.

Earlier, Sunday strongly tempts the lover in you, but toward love that might not be socially acceptable. Act before 5 pm PDT for success (in finances and research and medical matters, too). Understanding, intellectual pursuits, media/publishing, far travel, legal matters, philosophy — these fill Mon./Tues. Love will seem powerful, unimpeachable Monday pm. Look at the 20-year horizon: will you want to be with him/her then? (Maybe!) Work with caution, protect health. Wednesday/Thurs. are described above — be ambitious, show your stuff!  Wish fulfillment, flirtations, optimism, popularity and social delights bless you Fri./Sat. Friday could disrupt a (morally questionable) sexual attraction but promote a strong romantic excitement, and bring peace, acceptance at home. Saturday’s simpler:  just go out and have fun with friends — or make a new one. A major delay in earnings/purchasing (since March) now becomes major luck — to November. Dive in, charge ahead in $ zones! (You might also enter a friendly, almost polite sexual liaison: it’s okay, though this train is likely not on a marriage track.)

     SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

All things distant, profound, fill the next two weeks, Scorpio. These will come to a head, an intensity, Wed./Thurs., when you might launch a new project in intellectual, scholarship, legal, international, far travel, cultural, social ritualistic, or publishing/media zones. During these two days, you’ll need to choose between the short and long — e.g., short news article versus a whole book, or short day-trip versus an ocean-straddling journey, night school versus university. Choose the long — eventually (by Dec. 2018 through 2019) this will – though it seems bonkers – have a significant, fortunate impact on your earnings and possessions. Also longer-term, Monday begins 29 days of social delights, “fun” romance, and sweet optimism. And another: Tuesday ends 4 months of income delays, and treading water with expansive personal plans.

Now to November, you race toward a lucky finish — charge after personal recognition, big hopes, and money projects. The last of these will fill your pockets in 2019. Earlier, Sunday’s for relationships. An exciting meeting could spark a life-long link — true love’s possible, too. Act (and accept anyone who appears) before 5 pm PDT. Dig deep, find the treasure chest Mon./Tues. Monday’s good, superficially, for home, property, security — and finishing a job. Romance not favoured Tues. (Thurs./Fri. already described above — but in addition, love, romance, even true mating arise both days — speak, tell someone you care.) Ambition, career, relations with bosses, VIPs and authorities grab the spotlight Fri./Sat. Friday’s complex: disruptions and stand-offs (or real enmity, expressed strongly) fill most of the day, but your hopes and your friendships stand solid. Saturday’s great, until 4 pm PDT, for career/ambition discussions and actions.

     SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Depths, secrets and mysteries surround you now, and offer beneficial results for the curious and the intrepid over the two weeks ahead. You could unearth a treasure chest of wisdom, spiritual progress, emotional insight (powerful enough to change your life) — even of money, jewels, investments. You might also “dig up” or wander into a powerful sexual attraction. In this, be honest, upright and open — tawdry shenanigans could hurt your future (and maybe ruin lives). Medical procedures, surgery, lifestyle changes are also “beneficially available.” These themes, although they fill much of July, reach a significant point Wed./Thurs., when you might begin a new venture involving them. Earlier, Sunday offers splendid success in chores, a boost in health (especially involving your digestion) and great machinery purchases— great day to seek employment, if needed. In all these, act before 5 pm PDT.

Exciting meetings occur Mon./Tues. — you’ll either co-operate and embrace someone else’s plan or personality, or you’ll fight, compete (and likely lose). You can speak with great effect with a spouse, partner, lover or talented child Monday pm, but step lightly in all areas Tues. Wednesday/Thurs. have been described, above. You’ll face significant money choices, and, if poly-amorous, boudoir choices.  Best period: 5 am to 1 pm PDT Thurs. A mellow, compassionate, world-wide view comes Fri./Sat. You might need some of that mellow wisdom Friday, when disruption, perhaps a stomach ache (from nerves) is followed a few hours later by confrontational vibes — others might fight; you should stay out. The dawning love/attraction you might feel toward a friend, could “snap into place,” or go spinning off the rails. Off the rails might actually be good for your future, though it seems disappointing now. Saturday’s much smoother, might bring a splendid idea, understanding — and someone compatible to share it with.

     CAPRICORN:  Dec. 21-Jan. 19

The general accent lies on relationships, opportunities, negotiations, litigation, relocation, public dealings, and fame/renown. The centre of your universe lies outside you for another 2 to 6 weeks. A new project or situation involving one or more of these themes might start Thursday. Both Wed. and Thurs. bring these (relationships, etc.) to a stronger radiance and a “new start.” Earlier, Sun. offers sweet, fortunate romance, fine creative furies, lucky risk-taking, pleasure and beauty. To succeed, act before 5 pm PDT.  Tackle chores Mon./Tues. You might discover a great bargain in tools/machines Monday — look to the future, how will this fit in with your work, your life trend? If good without reservations (and you don’t encounter irksome delays) buy it!  Avoid fuzzy thinking Tues. — read directions twice. Those relationships and new horizons described in the first 4 lines above, fill Wed./Thurs. A sudden romantic “incident” could floor you Wed., and a wish could come true Thurs. morning (PDT). Dig deep, investigate and explore Fri./Sat. Usually, the influence of these 2 days would steer you toward lust/sex, finances/investment/debt, medical procedures, or lifestyle changes. Avoid committing to any of these Fri. Although sex and/or money can be bones of contention, a stable association and/or a wise, philosophical approach, should keep you on the calm side. Saturday’s similar, but without problems. You might make a small but excellent investment before 4 pm PDT, or whisper intimate words to someone. Great day for research.

     AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20- Feb. 18

Only two more weeks of health concerns and work’s dull drudgery. (And of boredom!) Some relief is coming, though: Monday starts 29 days of rewarding investments and affectionate, sweet, intrigue — of the sensual kind. Tuesday starts 4 months of lucky forward motion in career, dealings with higher ups, and reputation. (The last 4 months might have frustrated you in this regard, though they protected you, also.) Sunday’s for home, family, security, garden, food, stomach and soul. Rest, hibernate, or tackle home things. A great day for money, spending and making it, and for career plans. Act before 5 pm PDT. Your heart will melt a little, or be infused with pleasure and life’s beauty, Mon./Tues. If you pursue someone Mon. night, you’re likely to “land” him/her. Your ability to travel, communicate are key. (You could talk a hesitant someone into your arms.)

Avoid shopping, chasing money, Tues. The utilitarian, work-focus of July reaches a peak Wed./Thurs. You might start a new job, task or venture. You might need to choose between management duties (including delegating chores) and hands-on efforts. Your choice, I can’t advise. Wed. night might bring a good home, garden or real estate buy, or a significant, good “clean up” mental process in which you begin to decide to, a) alter your home; and/or b) deepen your domestic ties. Thursday morning (PDT — suppertime in Europe, midnight, wee hours in Asia) brings splendid career/earnings luck. A friend (now to November) might help you climb ambition’s ladder. Relationships, opportunities and fresh horizons fill Fri./Sat. — contentiously Friday (esp. late night) and smoothly, affectionately Sat.

     PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The sweet tendrils of romance continue to wrap you in their heady ecstasies. Creative sessions, games, sports, talented kids, beauty and (immediate, indulgent) pleasure — these also draw you, with beneficial results if you succumb. All these reach a bountiful intensity Wed./Thurs., when you might start a new romance or creative work, or a new phase in one. The talk of a Taurus, or a short trip, could bring you to love (et al) Wed. — so could the words of someone whose mind you admire. An excellent two days for creative scholarship. You will need to decide between light, friendly love, or deep infatuation. (I’d pick the latter, for now.)  Earlier, Sunday features short trips, calls, paperwork, errands. Any of these can bring you into contact with love potential, and/or with exotic whiffs of foreign climes or elevated knowledge (school attendance?) Turn your thoughts homeward Mon./Tues. If rudeness occurs Mon. morning, brush it off. Late day holds a revelation, insider knowledge, a thumbs-up from gov’t or head office, or simply a sensual romp.

Monday starts a 29-day streak in which other people will respond to you with grace, affection, humour and receptivity. If you’re single and seeking, these days ahead are splendid — but best before July 22. On a related note, Tuesday begins 4 months (after 4 months of delay) of straight-ahead, true good luck in relations, career (here, the luck extends through 2019), far travel, education, publishing/media — and love. More than one Piscean will wed this year! (I’ve already described Wed./Thurs. above.) Work and daily health capture your attention Fri./Sat. Friday’s complex: early disruption is followed by possible antagonism, challenge from others — stay out of someone else’s fight. Oddly, Fri. also features stable, steady partnership affection/comfort. Saturday’s fine — talk over a work schedule, agreement with your partner or children. Act, start, well before 4 pm PDT for success. If you’re unattached, you might be drawn to a co-worker. This will have many “delays” (in a few weeks) if you go for it.

The End.

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  1. dora

    hi Tim
    i am a little bit in the future right now, but hope you can help ? 🙂

    what can happen for a Gemini in 2021 when Jupiter and Saturn crosses/ pass each other ?
    (i think it will be the 9 house)
    can you give a hint ?

    and am i right, when i think, Saturn gives and takes ?? my intuition told me so, i also checked some things in the past, and discovered it was so…
    thank you.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Dora,

      When Jupiter and Saturn join each other in Capricorn and Aquarius, 2020-21, it will be a good time to start a new project…a business started then will often grow for years, decades. But don’t start it before May 6, 2020.



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