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START NOTHING:  7:00 am to 9:29 pm Sun., 5:54 am Tues. to 8:52 am Wed., and 1:57 am to 9:37 pm Fri.


     ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The general accent lies on home, security, family, Mother Nature, stomach and soul. For the month ahead, you will be at the base of your life, the place on which everything stands. This means it is also a time when you can adjust your life and its direction more effectively than at any other time. One ounce of corrective action taken now can magnify to affect 20 pounds of future living. This is a good time to examine your life, to see where you have been, how are you got here, and where you want to go. You might prune your garden now, letting stale or unwanted situations and people go and welcoming the new. Loving affection will wind through your days until July 9. Sunday is easy, but with little result. A good day for a detective novel or your own detective work. A relationship you desire right now will give you romance or sex, but not both.

A mellow, understanding mood floats over you Monday/Tuesday. You might dream of faraway places, but now is not the time to go. Friendship and romance go well Monday. You might have the wrong idea about a governmental or very private matter. From now into August, old friends and or former social groups might return. Be ambitious from 9 am PDT Wednesday to late night Friday. This entire little interval is smooth and productive. Wednesday might bring a climax or dilemma –- do you honour home or outside ambitions? Friends, happiness and celebration arrive late Friday night through Saturday. Almost nothing will upset you, but take care before dawn Saturday — fender benders possible!

taurus weekly forecast     TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The month ahead is filled with many quick but easy chores: errands, messaging, trips and visits, paperwork. There is not a lot at stake, so you can relax at a deep core level — just stay busy on the surface. Yes, bosses and authorities (especially government ones) will remain impatient and temperamental (to November) but they will grow indecisive now to August, which can spell relief for you. At the same time, their indecision can delay your ambitions (e.g. by not providing timely answers to your proposals/questions). Sunday’s for relationships, but if you don’t start early (before 7 am PDT) the day will be for naught. Good for contemplating love, and business associations. Lust for sex or power, and their consequences — investments, debt, intimacy, pregnancy, revelations and discoveries, manipulation, lifestyle and medical actions — fill Mon./Tues. All’s well, as long as you don’t engage in wishful thinking or insist on security. Friends could disagree between themselves, which somehow makes your own communications slow and onerous. Intellectual, legal, far travel, cultural and love interests flow well from 9 am  Wed. to Fri. night. Be gentle, ask the big questions. Someone might fall in love! Very late Friday through Sat. propels you into career tests, prestige relations, and worldly status concerns. Take care this morning; then act with slow deliberation this afternoon.

     GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

The month ahead focuses on money… and on possessions, bargains, cost, earnings, memory, learning — and casual intimacy. (If the last is a new attraction, it isn’t huge love, not the kind that takes your heart and mind away — but that’s okay.)  [That said, a “friend” could become a serious love sometime before November — especially if he/she “reappears” now to August, after an extended absence, perhaps from far away. But – your best love prospects will likely occur late Nov. 2018 through 2019.]  Tackle routine chores Sun. —don’t start new projects. An exciting meeting likely Mon./Tuesday. A friend might reveal affection, or an “enemy” might become a friend. Don’t test the limits in career or with higher-ups. Not a good interval for investment, either – that “opportunity” could act like molasses. Chase or investigate these potentials 9 am Wed. to late Fri. night: intimacy, investment, debt restructuring, medical procedures, lifestyle, secrets and mysteries. All flows well. You could “fall in lust.” Ten pm Fri. PDT through Saturday brings gentle love (which could become intense attraction Sat. afternoon) as well as far travel, legal affairs, intellectual, cultural and international matters. Take care before noon, as any/all these things could blow up or meet unexpected opposition. (No major harm, though.)

     CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Your energy soars now to late July. You’re infused with new charisma, effectiveness, sense of timing and clout.  This is a month to start important ventures and relationships. People are attracted generally, and, if single, you’re in a lucky romantic year until November.  Also to November, your sexual drives, courage, and magnetism run strong and hot. (An ex-sexual partner might re-appear.) Be honest, avoid extra-marital temptations. Also to November, you might invest in your career (e.g., by buying shares of your employer’s company). However, this might not turn out well, so be cautious, take small steps. Your money luck is good now, so buy a few luxuries, good clothes. Sunday’s romantic, creative, pleasure-filled (partly just by the beauty you see)… but results are slim. Tackle chores Mon. to dawn Wed. Eat, dress sensibly. Make sure all actions are ethical, legal. Monday’s best. Relationships slated Wed. morning to Fri. night. Here, all runs smoothly, benevolently. Some singles among you might experience a gush of emotions when meeting someone. Agreements, contracts, opportunities can come to a head. Be forward yet diplomatic, encouraging and co-operative. Friday night (10 pm PDT) through Sat. highlights sexual drives, “heavy” financial actions and detective work. Almost nothing succeeds until well past dawn Sat.  — the afternoon (night for Europe, next morning for Asia and Aussies) hits that note of strong sexual, financial or ambitious — yet somewhat secret — action. Look far ahead, ten years, twenty —is what you’re pursuing what you want?

Leo icon, Luck Forecast     LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Lie low, rest, contemplate and plan your life in broad and detailed ways. Engage in security projects (e.g., real estate, family, cctv, sales territory, etc.) and charitable and/or spiritual actions. Your charisma and energy are a bit low until late July. Despite this, others love you, and even strangers treat you with amiable grace. (Though partners, spouse, enemies, and all significant relationships are “on fire” now to November. That fire can be one of love or anger — be diplomatic, start no law suits, and open your arms to those who are cordial. BTW, if you are sued, do little, refuse to be “drawn in.” Your enemies will tend to hang themselves, unless you “join the fight.” Trump, you know, is Leo rising. Everything in these parentheses applies this Fri./Sat.) Be close to home Sunday — rest, enjoy your family — if you want to start a project, do so well before 7 am PDT, or let it go for another day. Romantic notions, beauty, children’s talents/schooling and “gambles” fill your thoughts Mon. to dawn Wed. Best time: Monday pm., but don’t push too hard. A former “significant person” could return to your life now to mid-August. Work can weigh, be sluggish. Tackle that very thing, work and chores, Wed. mid-morn to late Fri. night. You’ll get things done with dispatch. Someone might hand you a new job, or an ongoing, fairly major project could near completion. You will communicate more, and more fluently, Fri. into late July — but don’t try to communicate about career, or with authorities, higher-ups, before mid-morning (say 10 am PDT) Sat. Late afternoon, attraction or opposition — intensely!

     VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Your popularity, social involvements, and general happiness surge upward until late July, Virgo. A former sex partner (or one you wanted to be) might return between now and November. So might an investment or lifestyle commitment you contemplated in the past. Be careful with all these: chances are they would not turn out well, irk you with frustrating delays, and/or cause upheaval in your important relationships. That said, the month ahead brings fresh, friendly flirtations, so follow these up (if you’re single!). A wish might come true, especially one connected to shucking off a burdensome weight. Whatever happens, you’ll live in joy for a few weeks! Sunday’s for casual contacts, short trips and communications, but not much of significance gets done. If you want to send anything (or start anything new) do it before 7 am PDT.

Home, family, security, Mother Nature, stomach and soul call you Mon. to dawn Wed. Best results: Mon. pm to very early Tues. morn. Deal with secrets, private life. You might face a dilemma of choice between deep romance and a friendly, flirty love. Your choice, but I’d stick with the deep romance, if it exists. (It’s a slow one, but true and solid.) Spousal relations are a bit dicey both Mon. and Tues. Romance looks bountiful from 9 am Wed. to late Fri. night (act before Fri.). So do pleasure, games/sports, risk-taking, creative urges and self-expression. You could fall in love! Someone — or your own thoughts — inform you about sex, secrets, mysteries, even about finances Wed., shows you these in a philosophical way. Good! (This raising of “secret subjects” to a wise, philosophical, learning level, will occur for 7 years ahead. Or, you might begin to study economics, or other ways of looking at your finances.) From 10 pm Friday to about 10 am Sat., be careful with these, with secrets, sexual urges, investments, driving, accident potential, and school choices. Saturday afternoon, sex/finances “heat up.”

     LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The last few weeks were a mentally expansive time. Now your focus shifts to career, climbing the ladder, worldly standing, prestige relations, and facing authorities, until late July. Your hard work will be relieved by a sprinkling of social joys, optimism, and new friendships. A great time, really. (Don’t be drawn into chasing a flaming romance now to early November — “all for love and the world well lost” — because you could lose, and this great love could itself prove unhealthy, or frustratingly elusive. But IF YOU DON’T have to chase, if someone falls into your lap, it could be very good, even destined. How to distinguish? This way: the good/lucky one will happen quickly; the bad one will be marked by delays. A former lover or mate might return — same applies. Any of this could arise Sat. afternoon, June 30.)

Sunday’s for shopping, garage sales, earning $, etc. But results are nil, unless you start well before 7 am PDT. Easy tasks, errands, communications, paperwork, travel and casual friends fill Mon. to 9 am Wed. Best time: Mon. pm to almost 2 am Tues., PDT. Otherwise, this interval needs care, especially around work or health. Avoid alcohol, tainted food. You might feel torn between home and career. Home wins Wed. mid-morn to late Fri. night. Although a long-term “problem” with home, family, security or retirement exists 2009 to 2024, 2018-20 holds promise of a solution, and this Wed.-Fri. interval flows very well, without difficulty. That career-vs-home choice you made or should make, reaches an emotional peak. Good, inventive ideas Wed. — but reject an extramarital lure. Romance, beauty, creative juices and speculation fill the last couple of hours Fri., and all Sat. (see comment earlier in this message). Careful before 10 am PDT Sat. — health upset possible, or disagreement with a friend, somebody you like. 

     SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

A sweet, thoughtful, mild time awaits you now to late July, Scorpio. Some friction might invade your home until mid-November, although this same “impulsive energy” can be used for renovations, landscaping, demolition, etc. The only trouble is, any of these (including the friction) are likely to yield minuses rather than pluses, over time. As discussed before, there is only a 10-20% chance of success — if delays occur, take them as a hint that you’re on the 80-90% side. Watch Sat. afternoon (1 – 4 pm June 30, PDT) for clues. Earlier, your personality, charisma and energy shine Sunday — alas, the day advises sticking to routine efforts, is an poor time to start any new projects, unless you begin well before 7 am. Chase money, buy/sell, seek a pay raise, engage in sensual pleasure Mon. to about 9 am Wed. However, the only good time is Mon. pm to the wee wee hours Tues. Otherwise, caution and forethought are needed. Simple romance won’t work; complex (“already involved”) romance will incur questions, a need to contemplate outcomes.

Easy chores, travel, talk, paperwork fill Wed. mid-morn to late Fri. night  — a good, productive interval. What seemed a brief, casual contact could prove more important Wed. — watch for an insight into the adventure and excitement (and unpredictability!) of relationships now to 2025/6. Your home, family, security interests, diet and soul are featured Fri. night through Sat. Expect disruptions, competing interests (career vs. relationships) until 10 am or so Saturday. Be gentle on the home front. Until July 9 bosses, parents and authorities will look on you kindly, will be ready to approve your proposals, requests. Friday to September 5 will bring much talk, optimistic talk, in and about your career.

     SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

You’re not really comfortable with secrets and mysteries, lust, power motives, collusion, and all the more hidden emotions/drives/forces of life. You prefer things to be sunny, open, friendly and honest. But you face those darker depths now to late July. Sage, realize these matters can be a blessing — you could make a great investment, research and discover revelations or information that can help the world (or yourself) or make good lifestyle adjustments, undergo successful surgery, or commit to a situation or person in a healthy, constructive way. The fruits of such actions, if you take any of them, should benefit you in 2019 and 2020. As the accent is on secrecy this month ahead, make sure you don’t impulsively “let the cat out of the bag” — in fact, guard against untimely or injudicious communications now to November. (Heed this Sat. afternoon June 30, PDT.)

Rest, ponder and “accept the world” Sunday — efforts other than routine ones (washing dishes, etc.) will be wasted. A great day for meditation. Your energy climbs, as do your effectiveness and charisma, late Sun. night to 9 am Wed. Use it to solve problems and melt obstacles. Best time: noon Mon. to 2 am Tues. PDT. Now to November, a former love will call or write. The lover isn’t the problem — the communication is. Chase money, buy/sell, ask for a pay raise, hold a garage sale, purchase bargains, memorize facts, and/or engage in a bit of sensual pleasure late Wed. morning to late Fri. night. Everything runs smoothly, green lights glow, so march forth. Errands, trips, messages, media and paperwork fill Fri. late night, and Saturday. Be mildly cautious before mid-morn Sat. — fender-benders are possible, as are work-ethics puzzles.

     CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Relationships fill the space in front of you for the month ahead, Cap. Be eager to join/co-operate. This month also brings opportunities, fresh horizons, relocation themes, public dealings (even fame) negotiation and agreements. On the negative side, it can also confront you with enmity, opposition, rebuffs and refusals, even litigation. Diplomacy’s one of your natural talents — use it now. Until mid-August, you are favoured in investments and financial manoeuvres, intimacy, health procedures, and research. (Intimacy is likely to grab the moment more than the other themes.) From Fri. to early September, this zone (investments, intimacy, etc.) will create a lot of talk, back-and-forth, paperwork, repeated meetings. A legal document (or in intimacy, an urge to formally wed) might be involved. There will be a major revision (August) before everything’s complete.

On an even longer track, your earnings and purchases (not investments, but purchases of depreciating items) are on fire to November — but this might not turn out fortunately, especially if you go on a spending spree. Be aware, cautious here. An old debt might be repaid. Sunday’s for happiness, flirtations, optimism — little gets accomplished, but so what? Retreat from the crowd, rest, contemplate and plan late Sun. night to a little past dawn Wed. Best period: noon Mon. to 2 am Tuesday. Your energy and charisma surge 9 am Wed. to 9:30 pm Friday.  (All PDT.)  Almost everything goes well, so charge ahead. You might encounter a new kind of romance Wed. You might also gush with the heart’s emotions. Seek new horizons, new contacts. Friday night to about 10 am Sat. holds money problems. Students forget their memorizations. Saturday afternoon brings up those earnings and shopping vibes — both profit and loss possible, so act slowly, thoughtfully.

     AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Oh great — drudgery, a pile of chores, some boredom, and niggling health concerns fill the weeks ahead. On the bright side, these weeks will also offer some good machinery buys/ repairs, and all that hard work can swell your income. Protect your daily health with good habits and sensible diet, etc. Others have treated you affectionately since mid-June, and will do so until July 9 — a good interval for agreements, negotiations. Friday starts over 2 months of “engagement” with someone who sings your heart’s song. They might or might not want to sing it with you, but you can’t go wrong by pursuing someone in a “light” way. A Gemini might be involved. (So might a Virgo, on a lust-driven level.) I say “light” because you are “on fire,” hot to act, now to November, and so you might push too hard or impulsively. (Oddly, if you let your intensity shine, you might experience a temporary “lover’s impotence.”) Light = luck; intense = possible potholes. Make your words gentle, sweet, not verbal swords and cannons!

Sunday’s for prestige, ambition, dealing with authorities — but if you want to start anything significant, you’ll have to do it well before 7 am PDT. Optimism, wish fulfillment, popularity, flirtations and social joys arrive very late Sun. night to 9 am PDT Wed. Best time: Mon. noon to 2 am Tues. Give money risks a wide berth. Retreat from the fray Wed. morn to late Fri. night — rest, contemplate, plan, be charitable, spiritual. Avoid open competition. Deal with the gov’t, corporate head office, or institutions. This is a nice, successful few days. Your energy and pizzazz jump up Fri. night through Saturday. Arguments, disappointments possible until about 10 am-noon Sat. This afternoon brings up all the sexual, romantic “intensity” urge described a few sentences ago.

     PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Ah, sweet romance! The weeks ahead feature attraction, beauty, pleasure, creative passion and joyful risk-taking. You’ll ride a winning streak! This occurs during a year that favours finding true love, and “wedding up” — i.e., loving/marrying someone who has more money and/or status than you do. This isn’t greed or ambition; it’s simply the way (your) love flows in 2018. A lovely month for singles — who take a chance. If you’re married (in astrology living together is marriage) this will be a month of adventure, happy times, charming kids and their new talents, creativity and emotional growth. Co-workers remain affectionate, gracious to mid-July. Friday starts two plus months of much talk, swift action and busy times at work. This period might coincide with a partner’s failings, illness, restrictions, or research/gov’t success. Be loyal, faithful.

Sunday’s mild, gently loving, wise and filled with ponderous thoughts. However, concrete results will not come from a new project (travel, school, publishing most likely) unless you start well before 7 am PDT. Be ambitious Mon. to 9 am Wed. — show your skills, connect with VIPs and bosses, dress to impress (classic threads, not “wow” designs). Best time: Mon. afternoon to 1:49 am Tuesday.  Optimism, social delights, popularity, flirtation and wishes coming true fill Wed. morn to late Fri. night. You could fall in love! Around noon Wed. you get a hint that during the next 7 years you will be communicating “background” things: gov’t missives, admin. edicts, institutional news, policy decisions, psychic and spiritual “knowledge.” Fortune tellers among you will have a busy 7 years! BUT, this communication of the background can cause difficulties for you until November, so proceed slowly, totally morally; or, better yet, wait until mid-Nov. onward to travel such a path. You might see what I mean Fri. night to about 10 am Sat., when communications or a short trip impact (kibosh!) a nascent or early-stages work project. Later, this afternoon, avoid all confrontations, even all $ pursuits. You need rest, quietude. Get some!

The End


Two plus years ago I predicted British Columbia (famous for its rainforests) would start to experience California-type weather, hot, dry and Mediterranean. The subsequent summer was exceptionally dry and hot. The next was somewhat that way. Now 2018 has delivered to B.C. the driest and hottest May in recorded history, and June has already exceeded heat records, day after day.
***   ***

I’m thinking of introducing a new feature. One that will tell you, every day, the exact times for success, and the exact intervals when frustrations or non-success are prevalent. E.g.: “Tues., June 26 — green light 0:00 to 1:49 am; then red light to 5:54 am; then stick to routine actions until midnight.” (I’d actually do this is a table form. Times would be Pacific, but easily convertible to other time zones with a “zone guide” of some kind.) Then in the Weekly Forecast, I could just write, “Tues. morning” or “Wed. night to Sat. morn” and if you wanted more detail, you could just refer to the daily “green-red-or routine only” times. (If you have an opinion on this, please do email me @ Again, not sure I can answer them if I get a large number. Usually I’m a week or so behind anyway, in answering your emails and comments. I’ll try to improve.)
***   *** 

Astrology buffs among you might wonder why in this week’s forecasts I keep mentioning “10 am Sat.” when the bad aspect actually culminates at 6:01 am. I’m giving this aspect extra room, because it involves 2 planets. (So it will affect the whole day to some degree.)
***   ***

A reader recently brought up a theme I haven’t addressed for some years:

“I have never contacted you for personal readings… It isn’t that I don’t believe or that I can’t afford it. It is mostly that I want the freedom to choose what I do. I think I fear that if I started getting too much into this, I could start living my life with your predictions in my mind….”

She’s right — no one should rely so heavily on astrology (or any mantic art) that they abandon their own capacity to judge a situation and make decisions. That’s abdicating one’s life responsibilities, and letting one’s direction be determined from an outside source, rather than from within. Over time, this can destroy the will power. Astrology should be used as a contributing factor, a source of information, advice, but should not be the ultimate judge/dictator of life and actions… in most instances.
***   **

There’s a magic in life. I think it comes from childhood, when our imaginations flowed like rivers. That was also a time of natural but unrecognized wisdom, in the sense that putting or keeping oneself in a state of absorption, of observance, could be seen as wise, at least in some circles…  I remember, at five and six, observing the adults around me, and thinking how mysterious they were, and how immense their world was — so large I could not see many of their horizons, especially if they involved the outside world — adult neighbours, church, hospital, government, car driving, etc. — all mysterious, but warm, affectionate — worlds. And I wondered, often, “how do they think?” I did not understand a thing about adults, but I liked being around them. I liked watching the way they talked and interacted. And I felt a security in their presence, when my mother relaxed to smoke at the kitchen table with the couple next door, or when, sitting on his knee, I smelled the nut-like odour of my dad’s tanned arm.

But I can’t remember a single image from grade four, at school or at home, or anywhere.  First, second, third, fifth, sixth grades, all filled with memories. But I cannot remember anything from that fourth grade year. I don’t even know what school I attended. I remember grade two, quizzing the teacher. I felt comfortable with her.  And grade three, stout Mrs. Burnside and a few incidents. So three, yes, and five, playing marbles, and six, fighting Tim Dickson,  heroically killing ten or twenty mice in Russell’s mom’s kitchen, a whole clatter of memories. But grade four — nothing. Not even blackness. 

There is one memory; I don’t know when it was caused exactly; but it lies within the three-to-four grade range, for it occurred at the school I attended in grade three. However, I don’t know where I went to school in grade four, nor the teacher, nor the classroom nor what home I lived in. So I might have gone to the same school in grade four, and so it could be grade four, the memory. I stood on a railing at the top of a concrete, fifteen-step  stair leading into the school — Charles Dickens Elementary. I leapt from this perch onto a large boy, a young giant, who was peacefully standing on the ground below. He must have been a grade six’er. I knocked him flat. Maybe this was grade four. If so, it fits — not only a pattern (in high school, I began picking fights with bigger boys) but on another level, in which the giant-killing incident resonates with other possible occurrences of that time. I don’t know exactly what these occurrences were, of course, because I can’t remember grade four. Four, by the way, is the number of home, foundation, nourishment. It’s what you build upon. But what was there?

…. I’ll continue this in a future “Amble,” most likely.