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ALL SIGNS: The planet Mars stays in Aquarius until early November (with a month off, mid-Aug. to mid-Sept.). Usually this would create great opportunities for action —good friend-seeking for Aries, management potential for Taurus, etc. But the Moon’s south node is also in Aquarius, also until November. This creates a dicey situation for everyone. I’ll lay out the indications for each sign in the AFTERAMBLE (after Pisces’ Weekly Forecast).
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Real heaven is achieved when you stop looking for it. How can one get to heaven if the path is selfish? The desire to attain heaven is selfish. Much better to help others get there. Heaven is always a group effort/attainment.
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Remember I wrote “Facebook sucks”? It was written in anger, but proved prophetic. Several months later, it was discovered that FB had secretly sold 87,000,000 users’ data to outside political firms. Now (June 6) the media reports that FB has also sold its users’ data to the Chinese government and various Chinese firms (e.g., Huawei, the mobile phone company caught spying on U.S. military members). (FB says they didn’t sell, they “shared” everyone’s personal data.) Latest: June 7 or 8, Fox News reported FB has sold your data to over 20 additional firms. Now, in an ad campaign to restore their good image, FB is asking you to send them nude photos of yourself! And I’m not lying! Sheesh!
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If the democrats want to win the White House in 2020, they had better not use Chuck Schumer  as their candidate.
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     ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Your restless wanderlust fades mid-late week. A month of down-home vibes will embrace you from Thursday to late July. You’re still interested in making/maintaining friendships, and will be so until mid-November. But some of these new friendships could be “jinxed.” (See AFTERAMBLE below.)  Continue to work through errands and easy chores into Wed. Try to complete communications or paperwork, and to make contact. All these will be harder, more elusive after Wed. Sunday’s romantic — dive in! (Or be happy with kids, adventure, pleasure, beauty, culture and small gambles.) Tackle chores Mon./Tues. You’ll get a lot done; others are helpful, especially in home, family, investment, research, and therapy areas. You’ll make points with higher-ups due to your work’s success. Good machinery operations/purchases Mon. morning and Tues. dawn to noon, PDT. Eat, dress sensibly.

Relationships fill Wed. dawn to Fri. noon. Wednesday daytime disappoints, holds rejection; but this night is friendly, flirtatious — and could solve a family problem (or a water problem — in the basement?). Thursday daytime is similar — obstacles and differing goals, so be diplomatic, don’t try for too much, nor push others. Friday/Sat. are jumbled — some great luck (Friday morning and Sat. late morning into night) mingled with some disruption, a need to quickly change plans (Fri. afternoon and Sat. morning). You might need to choose between home and career, security and ambition. Management, investment, lifestyle choices, sex, research and medical matters go very well in the lucky periods. (Best afternoon/eve Sat.)

taurus weekly forecast     TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Continue to chase money and possessions, Taurus. Sensual satisfaction is easy to find. Be at home (or in the ‘hood) for a nice, relaxing Sunday. If you’re a dad, the kids please you. Good day to putter — you’ll succeed easily with minor repairs, painting, etc. Love, romance, beauty,  pleasure and charming kids lift your heart Mon./Tues. You’re in a splendid “mating” year, as Mon. morn, and more so, Tues. morning/noon (PDT) will show. (Tues. night, not so good.) Tackle work and protect your health Wed. dawn to noon Fri. Don’t even try to stir up some romance Wed. morn/afternoon — eyes on the job, instead. Your career has some jerks and jolts in store now to Nov. (This trend started in mid-May.) That makes it even more valuable/important to take advantage of some good career luck Wed. night (5 pm to 9:30 pm). A communication could make you feel like celebrating! Thursday, sadly, is problematical all day — be cautious with tools, double-check instructions, and don’t force the boss’s hand. Relationships blow in like a balmy wind Fri. noon through Sat. — be loving, show love and loyalty, or at the very least be diplomatic. Opportunities flourish, in love and business. If you’re single, an exciting meeting could occur, especially Sat. Only poor luck period: the first ten hours of Sat. (again, PDT). Thursday stars a month of easy chores, errands, trips, communications and curiosity.

     GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Your energy, charisma, clout and effectiveness remain high, Gemini — although Thursday starts a month of money and purchasing, and of quietly, slowly diminishing charisma (et al). I’ll say it again, and probably again, too, before November: avoid lawsuits, arguments with governing bodies (professional associations, educational institutions, etc.) and extreme public statements. Sunday’s for errands, visits, short trips, calls and texts, paperwork, easy but “swift” chores. All’s good, get it done. Steer your heart, if not your body, toward home and family Mon./Tues. This zone, security, kids, garden, decoration, relaxation, nutrition, etc., proceeds with mild, slightly slow, workable good fortune Mon., then with quick, lucky results Tues. between dawn and 1 pm (PDT). Romance, perhaps a stunning Libra person, lights your heart Wed. dawn to Fri. noon. The only successful, fulfilling time of this interval occurs from Wed. suppertime to about 10 am Thurs. Other times, rebuffs are likely. (Either by the person or by life/fate.) Plunge into chores Fri. noon through Sat. Friday is productive, and after a morning glitch or two, Sat. becomes even more so. Seek employment, or a promotion, show your results, Saturday 10 am to nightfall.

     CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Your weariness continues until Thursday, Cancer — then a surge of energy, “newness”, charm and effectiveness will flow in — to carry you on a wave of accomplishment until at least late July. (This month ahead, Thursday to July 22, is a very significant one if you’re single. You’re in a lucky romantic year, and a significant marriage year.)  From Thurs. onward, you’ll shine like a star, your charms will impress others, making it a great time to attract love. BTW, there are more significant marriage years to come, 2019 somewhat, and 2020 powerfully. However, be wary of sexual temptations, or “too easy” intimacy until mid-November (read the AFTERAMBLE, below, after Pisces’ Forecast, for more clues.) Until Thurs., walk softly and rest often. Chase money and bargains Sun. — all’s well.

Monday/Tues. are filled with errands, easy chores, paperwork, calls and trips. All goes well again — but don’t force things after 1 pm (PDT) Tues. Monday morning favours working things out with a competitor or partner — good, stable negotiation time. Tuesday, dawn to 1 pm, could feature an exciting or gratifying message from a loved one, artistic venue, or vacation planner. Head for home dawn Wed. to noon Fri. Be with the kids, garden, repair/paint, enhance security, etc. Decide who still belongs in your life, who should be gently let go. Difficulties, lack of co-operation Wed. until suppertime, and most of Thurs. Splendid success potential, esp. in love, intimacy, decoration, self-expression and finances, suppertime Wed. to midnight. Romance, beauty, creative and risk-taking urges, pleasure and charming kids enliven Fri. pm through Saturday. Some barriers the first ten hours of Sat., then love and joy — take a chance!

Leo icon, Luck Forecast        LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

You remain buoyant, happy until Thursday, when a month of relative seclusion, rest, contemplation and future-planning sidles in. (You’re already receiving secret communications, or attending closed-door meetings — this started last week.) Your energy and magnetism shine bright Sunday — be gracious to those who are drawn to you. (Rather than chasing those who aren’t.) Chase money, seek bargains, cultivate clients, ask for a pay raise, etc. Mon./Tues. If you’re single, a warm body passes by, lures you. That’s okay, as long as you’re honest toward him/her. Monday’s good for work. Tuesday’s better, until 1 pm PDT — lust, yes, can succeed; but more importantly, you could grab a lucky opportunity relating to home, property, family, security.

Casual friends, trips, visits, paperwork, errands fill Wed. dawn to noon Fri. The only real period of success here comes Wed. eve/night — you could hear a telling secret, or make a good investment (NOT in real estate, this time) or meet someone who can make you dream of faraway places, love and weddings. (But until November, be wary of new partners and new commitments.) Head for home, hug the kids, plan a family adventure in the ‘hood, examine security, even buy a home, Fri. noon through Sat.  Avoid action the first 10 hours of Sat. — this afternoon and night (and Fri. pm, but less so) touch you with a wand of good fortune in home and financial areas!

     VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Remain ambitious, “caretake” your career and reputation, for 4 more days, Virgo. Thursday releases the pressure, and begins a month of social expansion, new friends and old, optimism about your bright future, flirtation and joy!  Be restful, thoughtful Sunday — all’s well. Good day to visit a shut-in, or share your compassion for mankind. Give, guide. Your energy and pizzazz leap upward Mon./Tues. Start something (or better, give ongoing ventures a push), be a leader, get out, make new contacts. You’re in success mode! Friends might “surround you” in good will. Splendid communication time, Tues. morn. (Monday also begins 5 months during which marital or partnership affairs — and contemplated partnering/marrying, if you and another are single — will slow, produce little. That’s okay, this is a “second wind” time, one to mull over and digest recent forward steps, and to contemplate the ones to come late year and 2019 — when some Virgos will be establishing a new home with a loved one.) Chase money, buy/sell, seek a pay raise, etc., Wed. dawn to noon Fri. Be protective of your money — be cautious generally — before suppertime Wed. (PDT) and all Thurs. Wednesday eve/night could bring love’s co-operation, and/or a job well done. You choose. Errands, trips, calls, paperwork, arrive Fri. noon through Sat. Avoid important action the first 10 hours of Saturday. Otherwise, this is an easy, productive couple of days — you could fall in love Sat., or begin a voyage.

     LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Life remains gentle, thoughtful, mildly loving — at least until Thursday, when a month of ambition, pressure, and prestige relations begins.  “Mildly loving” might be wrong, as an intense urge can draw you to someone now to November. (This influence started last May.) However, the more intense an attraction is now, the more likely it will face delays, obstacles, perhaps dead ends. Libra, delay is your friend: be patient. (Read “COMPLICATIONS” in the AFTERAMBLE for more clues.) Sunday pleases! Flirtations, bright hopes, social joys, popularity and wish fulfillment sprinkle through this day. But withdraw from the crowd Mon./Tues. — meditate, plan, relax, be charitable, spiritual. Deal with civil servants, institutions and “head office.” Finish neglected chores. Both days, despite your lowered energy, are nicely productive — especially before 1 pm Tues. (PDT) when career and money form a lucky combination. Watch your health early Tues. morn.

Your energy, charisma and effectiveness return Wed. dawn to noon Fri. Nothing much works before suppertime Wed., or after mid-morning Thursday. But Wed. eve to dawn Thurs. brings a powerful, and smooth, love attraction (remember what I wrote above about “intense urges”) — as well as luck in career/work zones. Get out, be seen, make an impression. Chase money, buy/sell, Fri. noon through Sat. Cultivate clients, find new $ sources, seek employment, etc. Friday might hold a nascent future disagreement, but most things flow well, productively. Saturday, after 10 am PDT, offers splendid luck in money and work. Seek new methods to save labour, produce more.

     SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The accent remains on mystery, investigation, lifestyle and medical realities, sexual urges and financial actions — until Thursday. This day starts a month of mellow thoughts, gentle love, compassion, far travel, legal dealings, media/publishing, statistics, potential fame, intellectual and cultural involvements. That mellow understanding might not prevail in your domestic arena before mid-November — until then your home acts a bit like sandpaper on the soul, so maintain a patient, accepting attitude —and before you begin any renovations or large landscape projects, read your sign’s message under “COMPLICATIONS” in the AFTERAMBLE. Sunday brings you respect, a bit of pleasing prestige. (E.g., take your kids to IHOP and watch the server call you “boss” in some form.) A good day for ambitious/career efforts.

Wishes come true Mon./Tues. — friendly love, popularity, wishful thinking and optimism breeze into your heart and put a smile on your lips. Best time: Tues. morning to lunch, when you might make or receive a message of love, or buy travel tickets, apply for school, or dive into a brain-storming group. Retreat, catch your breath, Wed. dawn to noon Fri. Contemplate obstacles and ways around them. Defer action Wed. before suppertime (PDT) and all day Thurs., all Fri. morn. Plunge into action Wed. eve/night — love strong, gratifying. You can complete an old chore with aplomb this eve. Your energy, charisma, clout and sense of timing surge upward Friday pm through Sat. Get out both days, see and be seen, start significant projects, be a leader! Careful Sat. morning, when little snags irritate you. The rest of this day brings superb success potentials, especially in love, creative projects, and money earning/planning/launching. Friday’s okay, too, but milder, and success might require an agreement, communication to obtain co-operation.

     SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Relationships, good and bad, fill this week until Thursday. That day brings a new month of relating, but on a deeper, more consequential level, probably involving sexual intimacy and money sharing in love, commitment, funding and “financial intimacy” in business and practical zones. It’s unlikely that in the past month “open” relationships went anywhere very good. But the upcoming “private” or more hidden, secret links and ties will likely be quite successful. Don’t bet the farm on an investment, but try a few substantial nibbles. These (sex, security and financial action) “blossom” after Wed., but fortunate openings occur even earlier, Mon., Tues. and Wed.

But let’s start at the beginning: Sunday continues this weekend’s mellow, wise, far-wandering and profound thoughts. All’s well, so follow your natural inclinations. Ambition, career, worldly standing, prestige relations and facing authorities — these arise Mon./Tues., almost entirely successfully! Tuesday morning/lunchtime (PDT) stand out: a good investment might just be waiting for you to notice it. If applicable, a boss approves of your ability to research, manipulate factors, and act.  Wishful thinking, natural happiness, flirtations, social delights and entertainment slated Wed. dawn to noon Friday. Events, efforts will flop Wed. until suppertime, and Thurs. after 10 am. However, Wed. night through Thurs. morning trigger two fortunate openings: 1) for domestic investment or family change (e.g., buy furniture) or for grabbing sales territory; and 2) for friendly love/romance. (Remember, you’re not in the best year for romance, so be happy with small stuff until December.) Retreat, relax, meditate, plan, and deal with gov’t or “head office” Fri. noon through Saturday. Be careful, avoid all confrontation to 6 am Sat. Otherwise, both days signal success — especially Sat. 10 am onward, when therapy, research and spiritual journeys — and domestic things — bless and heal you.

     CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

You’re near the end of a month of drudgery, work, machinery and health issues, Cap. Thursday begins four weeks of fresh horizons, new opportunities, exciting relationships, possible relocation ideas, negotiation and agreements, and public dealings (even fame for some Caps). That’s the good side. On the negative side, you can face opposition, challenge, even litigation.  So be diplomatic, accent co-operation, and re-read that old book “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” Good relationship vibes/opportunities enter even before Thurs., but these might be confined to co-workers or others with whom you have a practical relationship (e.g., service personnel).  Sunday’s mysterious, lustful and greedy — but the good side of all these!      A smooth day. Intellectual, cultural, international, religious and philosophical interests flow into you Mon./Tues. — love might be quietly present, also. Two excellent days, esp. around midday Tues., when a “social door” opens to love and partnership. (Don’t try to push this on into the evening, or little frictions will arise.) Be ambitious, show your skills Wed. dawn to noon Friday. You’re slated for success-thru-work. Luckiest time: Wed., suppertime to midnight, when you communicate convincingly, esp. to a partner or lover, and can pluck a money plum from the career tree. Celebration is in order Fri. noon through Sat. — social joys, popularity, parties and groups, optimism and wish fulfillment (especially about a partnership, love, friends, a special group you want to enter) all conspire to make you happy and eager! Be mildly careful Sat. morning (esp. around dawn PDT) — money or intimacy glitches.

     AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Sweet romantic feelings/dreams continue through Wed. Thursday begins a month of work, health issues, machinery, etc. You’re pumped up these days, ready to conquer anything — including the opposite sex. (Same sex for gays.) But the influence that gives you courage and magnetism now (to November!) can also nudge you over the edge, into aggressiveness, impulse and selfish adherence to your own goals. Use your boosted vigour and presence to reach out to others, to form bonds and aid them in their cause. This will return much more than independent action. (Read “COMPLICATIONS” below in the AFTERAMBLE for more clues.) Sunday opens the door in a possibly important relationship — enter!  Life’s mysteries, human secrets, sexual lures/urges, and financial corridors fill Mon./Tues. Go ahead, take the leap — to intimacy, investment, a debt plan, surgery, lifestyle change. Luckiest time: morning to midday Tues. (PDT) when career and work make a great combo. A mellow, profound and compassionate mood flows over you Wed. dawn to Fri. noon. This is an obstacle-strewn interval, offering luck only Wed. eve (5 pm) to 10 am Thurs. — during this time, buy travel tickets, apply for school, chase love, or simply work and make money. Ask for a raise. Before and after this good period, beware. Especially beware “easy” solutions. Be ambitious, show your skills, and pursue a career goal Fri. noon through Sat. You could land a promotion or pay raise, or you’ll at least put the idea in your boss’s mind — especially Sat. midday to night.

     PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Lately, Pisces, you’ve spent a lot of time at home or in family situations (or out in nature). That continues through Wed. But Thursday starts a whole month of the heart’s poetry: romance, creativity, the exhilaration of risk-taking, charming kids…  Sunday’s for work, dive into chores; you’ll succeed. Eat, dress sensibly.  Relationships face you Mon./Tues. — there will be some challenge, but 99% of this interval is benevolent, can bring agreement, even a contract, relocation, love and partnership, new horizons and fresh opportunities, esp. Tues. dawn to 1 pm, PDT (1-9 pm Britain, 11 pm to 5 am Wed. in China, etc.). Be diplomatic and eager. Slog through chores and protect your health Wed. dawn to noon Fri.

Obstacles litter Wed. until suppertime, and most of Thurs. So go slowly, check instructions, be patient — and save your best efforts/energy for Wed. eve/night, when both work and relationship success are slated. You could meet your life mate, or sign a great agreement. A sweet, loving, thoughtful and understanding mood flows over you Fri. noon through Sat. Friday’s okay. You might need to choose between social and private romance, or between immediate, personal pleasure and delayed, future pleasure (probably with a group). Saturday before 10 am is difficult, but after 10 this day opens the door to far travel, intellectual, media or publishing success, career praise, love with a very right person… or you might find a religion/ religious idea which finally “fits” your own spirit. For your money outlook, read “COMPLICATIONS” below:

The End.


Now to November, both Mars and the Moon’s south node sit in Aquarius. The south node usually (80-90% of the time) nudges us into bad choices, temptations, loss, dead-ends, suffocating circumstances, and promises that seldom pan out. HOWEVER, there is a reverse case (10-20% of the time) in which the south node actually brings a good event — sort of dumps it in your lap. Mars will make these influences quick, and intense, and make you impatient. You know the song: impulse can fling you into action “where angels fear to tread.”

The nodes have a lot to do with karma and fate. The south node rules past karma, and the north node rules present karma and future fate. You are not meant to go back and re-live the past, so the south node does all it can to discourage you from a “backward” path — it heads you off with delay, and if you ignore the delay, it brings in the bigger guns: mistakes, “inexplicable” obstacles, dead-ends, even loss and failure.  But sometimes you’re owed a reward for your past good actions, and karma, always balancing its books, makes a deposit of “goodness” in your life. (E.g., you helped someone else fall in love in a past life, so now a man/woman trips and falls into your lap at Starbucks — and becomes your future spouse.)

So in the brief outlines below, indicating karmic influences for your sign, remember that, while these are cautionary comments, there is always the 10-20% chance that goodness, rather than difficulty, is being served. However, EVERY “trap” will be preceded by delay(s) — delay is your friend, your warning sign.

ARIES, now to November, Mars and the lunar south node increase your hopes and optimism, and introduce you to new friends. You’ll feel an urge to join new groups or clubs. However, these might be “unlucky” friends.  (80% likely; see above.) This is not a good period to set new life goals.

TAURUS, now to November, bosses can be cranky and impatient, yet also offer you a management (or a higher management) position. Take care: this position, though it looks good at first (first year?) can be a dead-end, career-wise. Think carefully — and look long range — before jumping.

GEMINI, your intellectual, far travel and cultural urges will reach a hopeful height now to November — but the possibility of law suits or imprudent legal actions (weddings are legal actions; so is divorce) is high, so step prudently.

CANCER, you’ll feel a powerful draw to sexual and financial (investment, assets, debt reduction — not earnings) actions until mid-November. These are somehow tied up with your ambitions. Be careful — extra-marital temptations, terrible investments, etc., lie in wait. Think carefully before committing yourself. As noted above, 10-20% of sensual and financial lures could actually yield benefits. But if delays occur, they’re red flags.

LEO, now to November, Mars and the south node occupy your marriage, partnership, relocation, negotiation and litigation zone. You might feel a huge, repetitive urge to wed, to form a contractual agreement, to relocate, seek fame or chase a big opportunity. This might work (10-20% of the time) but in most situations you can already see the subtle warning signs. (E.g., your fiancé keeps looking at other people, or studying you when he/she thinks you’re not aware of it.)

VIRGO, your sexual and/or financial drives infect your work/workplace until November. Be careful when pursuing a co-worker — you could land a very sexy affair that the boss deeply disapproves of, or incur a harassment accusation. Probably not the best time to invest in your employer’s (or related) industry, as the risk-reward ratio is 80 to 20.

LIBRA, until November, with your marriage planet (Mars) in your romance sign Aquarius, “hot stuff” is surely on the agenda! But read the introduction above — you could meet your true mate, true life love, but you could also meet/mate someone who, as time passes, somehow just “doesn’t work.” (The ways in which it won’t work are myriad. Tolstoy said, “Every happy family is the same, every unhappy family is unique and different.” [I paraphrase.]) Be careful, thoughtful, and brave enough to say “No,” if warranted. This pattern also affects, indirectly, marriage, relocation, new opportunities, etc.

SCORPIO, until November your home, family, real estate, security, garden are mixed up with both friction and a “warning” not to go deeper. For instance, though you might feel a powerful urge to do so, this is a very risky time to start major renovations, to buy a home, to delve deeply into family skeletons, etc. As noted above, you do have a 10-20% chance of huge good luck here, but that leaves an 80-90% chance you’ll walk into a trap instead. Contemplate; then, if you’re sure, go ahead. Impulsive action here NOT recommended. “Inexplicable” delays, if they occur, are your friend, warning you away from a bad project.

SAGITTARIUS, your romance planet and your indicator of “don’t tread there” are both in your sign of casual, friendly acquaintances. You could have a love affair with a friend — or, at least, you might try to start one. As noted in the introduction, delay is your friend. You’ll think, “Gee, it’s just a friend, so sex/intimacy should be easy. Heck, he’s not even that good looking; it’ll be a cakewalk.” Imagine your consternation when he/she plays hard to get, or you play phone tag. (These would be clues that this isn’t right for you.) Yes, a sudden mutual attraction could occur, and end with love’s whispers, but the chances are 1 to 4. Better: wait until your birthday month, and the year following, when splendid luck showers on you!

CAPRICORN, the five months ahead “excite” your earnings, buying and general money flow. You want to make a lot, and will — but you will also have a powerful urge to spend — this, or old bills, can wipe out any extra income, and then some. Be very careful with money (not liquid or appreciating assets — these are fine). Think “beyond” the money, to its results. If contemplating changing money sources (e.g., a job) think very carefully first. On the other hand, there’s a 20% chance money will be showered on you.

AQUARIUS, until November both Mars and the Moon’s south node sit in your sign. You will be more assertive, aggressive than usual, and more talkative, restless, curious, travel-oriented. But your “assertive talk/travel” can alienate others, especially if your talk is mostly about yourself. Use this period of extra energy, determination and assertiveness to form new bonds, to go out of yourself, to relocate, chase opportunities. You sexual magnetism is very high now: use it to attract/chase good people. Reject temptations to take the “easy path” in relationships.

PISCES, until November your management, psychic, institutional, gov’t and similar zones will both “run hot” and be mildly dangerous. This is not a good time to withdraw, meditate, study yoga, channel, nor to join the gov’t bureaucracy.  Avoid places of potential violence — demonstrations, biker clubs, dark alleys. In perhaps 20% of cases, journeying into the levels of management, civil service, or meditation will yield big and permanent rewards — but that leaves the other 80%. (This 80% is likely to occur if you experience unusual delays in these zones, or if your pre-imaging of them is overly hopeful, tempting, or requires you to commit a very tiny sin, such as lying on your application form.) If you’re already in such positions, e.g., a nurse, civil servant, manager, etc., just do your job and don’t worry.
***   ***

School teachers and government agencies (teachers are government agents) discourage curiosity. At least when I was a youth, teachers possessed a visceral antipathy toward anything and anybody “outside the box.”  Most teachers I met disapproved of curiosity, partly because it creates divergent thinking and differing views, and thus makes their job more complex, and requires them to:  a) broaden their knowledge/viewpoint, and/or; b) think hard. Partly, I suspect many teachers are intimidated by “strong” questions, for to some degree they challenge, or show leaks in, their authority. This prejudice against free thought has grown to infect even the universities, many of which now control who can and who can’t speak on campus, according to the university’s own prejudices. That’s going to create future problems.

(Since the 1970’s, teachers in Canada [and I suspect in the U.S.] have leaned strongly left — and for good reason — so their students have emerged from high school to swarm into the universities, already indoctrinated with liberal ideas.)
***   ***

John Horgan, B.C.’s Premier, seems honest to me. (Though I’m a poor judge of character.) Perhaps this is because the tiny Green Party holds him to account. (His government would fail if they abandoned him.) Or perhaps he is living in a temporarily enhanced moral stage, which might pass, or might keep him enduringly honest. In the TransMountain Pipeline war, he will not be defeated before November. Logically, the feds should win any showdowns, as they are the senior, ruling body. But if Horgan manages to hold on and does extend the fight, he will tend to succeed in 2019, lose ground in 2020. If this thing lasts until 2021, it will be solved that year. Either Horgan makes an agreement, or he loses. The pipeline will be built, but no guarantees before 2021. Gotta sell my oil stocks.



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    hei Tim
    so, this was quite funny when i opened your blog and wanted to read.. because yesterday i got the thought, that your blog would not be free, but paid.. hmm.. 😀 (good idea! by the way, also when we ask questions and need an answer.. 🙂
    but this happened few times for me, fx, i am standing and looking at the roof where we live, and thinking, it should be cleaned this roof (we are renting) one day or so later, people are coming and cleaning it.
    i am quiet surprised, at the same time, not anymore…
    so is this Uranus i my 12 house ??
    have a nice day.. gemini.

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