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在手機上,添加的功能(平臺,短篇小說,提前一年等) 可以從左上角訪問(堆疊線)。

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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Hey, Aries. It’s your last full week of mysteries, secrets, privileged data, medical and lifestyle decisions/actions, lust and financial commitment (e.g., buying an investment). On Wednesday, loving Venus enters your mental and love sign; on Thursday, Mercury does the same — hinting that there will be at least two, per1haps many, discussions about love, about far destinations, beliefs, and life philosophy. But wait a wee bit to initiate or hold a wedding, even if you’re on the cusp of it. After Dec. 18 is best. Short distance travel plans might be cancelled. Paperwork’s confusing, so leave it for awhile.

Sunday’s for home, kids, nature — a splendid day. Romance calls Monday morn to suppertime Wed. Monday’s great, but Tuesday holds disappointment, rejection, while Wednesday might hold a break-through (in practical areas, $, or in lust). Time actions accordingly. Tackle chores late Wednesday through Friday. Luck is mixed — some progress, some obstacles. You might be seeing things through an illusive lens Friday/Saturday — don’t argue Friday, you’re probably wrong. Saturday brings relationships — with good auspices.


taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Relationships, opportunities, relocation themes, dealings with the public — these remain the broad influences, Taurus. Be diplomatic yet eager to join. Former friends, flirts, might return briefly (they’ll fade away again by late December, unless you make one permanent). Your money/income outlook is still swift and bountiful, so take life’s bonuses, while avoiding spending, debt. Soon, late week, whispers start, of deeper and semi-hidden things which could bring profit. (More on this next week.)

Sunday’s for chats, mail, short trips, paperwork. Be home or in the ‘hood Monday to suppertime Wed. Monday’s fabulous, can bring many rewards of heart and of the earth. Tuesday’s difficult, might contain an “ethical rejection.” Wednesday contains a few minor obstacles, but also in the morning opens the door to a great relationship or entry into a very beneficial group. Sweet romance flows (and dithers) Wednesday eve through Friday. Lovely Thursday, sprinkled with some argument or confusion Friday (but ends well this night, pre-dawn Sat. Saturday’s for work and health — eat well to avoid nausea this morning.


gemini icon  GEMINI:   May 21-June 20

This is your last full week of work (and minor health complaints) Gemini. Do all you can to complete chores. From Wed./Thurs. onward, hints of relationships arise. Good — but if this is romantic, sexual or intimate and involves a new amour, realize you won’t be at your most impressive until mid-January onward. You are still favoured — strongly — by higher ups, esp. next week to late December.

Sunday’s for $ — getting or spending, fortune greets you! Great time to buy a gift for a loved one, jewel, whatever. Monday morning to suppertime Wednesday brings errands, conversations, emails, paperwork, short trips — very lucky Monday (so make new contacts) disappointing Tuesday, and “jumbled” Wed. This last day though, holds a potential breakthrough in career and work. If unemployed, seek now. If employed, bid for a promotion (more than a pay raise). Be home or nearby Wednesday eve through Friday — hug the kids, till the garden, seek nutritious foods, etc. You can be quite aggressive these days (last Aug. to next March) which can get you into a fight/conflict based on a deception or misunderstanding, or could spur you to “attack” a career goal. Applies Saturday morning, also, although the bulk of this day (and Sunday, Nov. 20) will focus on romantic feelings, beauty and pleasure.


Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Now starts the last 9 days of romance, beauty, pleasure, sports/games, winning streak, creative and speculative urges, Cancer. Enjoy it while you can! Your intellectual, philosophical, international and legal/ethical side blossoms untilDecember 20, when you’ll enter five months of great career luck. Again, avoid belligerent people and dark alleys until late March/23.

Your charisma glows Sunday — impress someone, get out, meet and greet. Start significant projects. Chase $, buy/sell Monday morning to suppertime Wed. Monday’s great, Tuesday’s disappointing, and Wednesday holds obstacles but also contains a doorway to success in love and/or anything scholastic, legal or international. Wednesday eve through Friday accents errands, trips, calls, paperwork, etc. These go well Thursday, but can be marred by a conflict involving gossip, gov’t or large head office Friday (even Saturday morning). Saturday starts a
“down home” weekend — a good one, esp. if children are running around.


Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The accent remans on home, kids, security, food, stomach, soul and mother nature, Leo. But Wednesday and Thursday bring the first step, mood-wise, into romance land. (And next week will plunk you firmly into a month of pleasure, beauty, love, creativity, etc.) Still, are care of family, property concerns this week. You’re tired, have low charisma Sunday, but your luck is great — good time to seek advice, meditate, plan, and deal with gov’t or admin situations. Your energy and pizzazz return Monday morn to suppertime Wed. Launch projects Monday, esp. in financial, lifestyle r medical zones. Pull back Tuesday, when dejection thrives. Wednesday holds some smaller obstacles, but also opens a door to success in home, property, investment,  and sexual zones. (Wed. morn a good time to try for pregnancy.) Chase $, buy/sell, memorize facts, Wednesday eve through Friday. Thursday is great, esp. for “domestic relations,” but take care Friday, when arguments or hurt feelings can arise from misconceptions or delusions. (Saturday morning, too.) Saturday starts a weekend of conversations, trips, paperwork — a rewarding one!


virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The emphasis remains on errands, communications, travel and paperwork Virgo. A relationship (or opportunity) from the past might return and bloom now, or a new one might arise — all fortunate until Dec. 20, so dive in. Bosses are still feisty, but they are also “inward thinking” or indecisive now to mid-January, so you can breathe a little easier.

Sunday’s for flirting, socializing, popularity and blue-sky optimism — a lucky day, you’ll be happy! Find a quiet place Monday to early suppertime Wed. (PST) — rest, contemplate, plan, seek advice, liaise with head office, management committees, gov’t. But do little more than rest Tuesday, when disappointment greets most efforts. Wednesday’s mixed. This whole interval opens a door to relationship success — call, approach someone Wednesday morning (before 8 am PST, 11 am EST). Your energy and charisma surge upward Wednesday eve through Friday — charge ahead, conquer, launch projects, impress someone. Not easy Wed. eve, but very easy Thursday. Friday can bring conflict based on an illusion, misunderstanding. Be slow to accuse. Chase $ Saturday — success in a productive (rather than spectacular) way.


libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

One more week of practical things, Libra: buying, selling, earning money. A former task has returned — get it done, at least by mid-late December. A lawsuit is stalled until January — an international voyage, a publishing enterprise, school attendance, ditto.

Sunday’s for ambition, and the aspects are superb. So even if you’re not at work, make plans, write up a proposal to present to higher-ups, dress well and be in the community. Happiness arrives Monday morning to early suppertime Wed. (PST). Popularity, flirtations, social delights, optimism and entertainment buoy your heart. Monday’s great, Tuesday’s disappointing, and Wednesday’s mixed. (This last day contains an opportunity to mix work and remuneration in a more lucrative way.) Wednesday eve through Friday finds you a bit weary, contemplative. A good interval to show charity, be spiritual, seek advice, recuperate. Thursday’s great, successful, but Friday might spark frustration or conflict — avoid gossip, sharp tools, drugs. Your energy and charisma get a good boost Saturday, to start a meaningful and productive weekend.


scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

You remain at the top of your game, Scorpio —physically, mentally and emotionally. Launch significant projects, impress others, make new contacts, see and be seen. A former flame, or a new romance, might fill the weeks now to Dec. 20. Pursue pleasure rather than tackling a pile of work — ‘cuz Dec. 20 will start 5 months of huge work. Don’t start early, as you will siphon off the energy you’ll need, late Dec. to May/23.

Sunday’s lucky, esp. for love, law, travel, learning, religion and life philosophy. Be ambitious Monday morning to Wednesday suppertime. Monday’s very fortunate, so make your move. Tuesday disappoints emotionally, but your ambitious efforts will “register” whether apparent or not. Wednesday is mixed, so be ambitious but nimble. This interval might open the door to love — you’ll find it if you talk. Silence fails. Happiness, popularity, social joys, optimism and flirts lift your heart Wednesday eve through Friday. Only one caution: beware tasted food, over-drinking, sharp tools, and “pushing sex” not someone whose heart you want to win — these problems arise Friday — but the day still ends well. Retreat to a quiet place, rest, nap, ponder and plan Saturday.


sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Only 9 more days of low energy, low charisma and burdens, Sage. A love or creative partnership might have stalled: it will resume “forward motion” in January. For now, don’t push, or you could trigger an outburst. A former home, or a prodigal child, might “return.” You have until Dec. 19 to make any real estate action, buy, sell, move. After that, you’ll be too busy with a romance or creative project. For now lay low, meditate, plan, rest, seek advice and deal with institutions, head office, gov’t. Life’s beneficial, overall!

Sunday’s a great interval, emphasizing secrets, research, financial actions, lust (for sex or power or both). Act before 6 pm PST, 9 pm EST. A mellow, profound, wise mood whomps into you Monday morning to early suppertime Wed. Monday’s superb, Tuesday’s difficult, and Wednesday’s mixed. (So act Mon.) Far travel, international affairs, higher ed, law, social and cultural rites, media — at least one of these holds great results (Mon.). You could find the “perfect retreat” (probably Wed.) — should you buy it? Be ambitious, handle career, prestige matters, Wednesday eve through Fri. These go very well (esp. if you’re regularly friendly with co-workers) until Friday noon/afternoon, when insecurity could trigger argument. If you talk it out later, you’ll grow content again. If not, Saturday holds some of the same conflict, indecision and anger. (This might instead come out as a hugely magical — and false — love attraction. Saturday starts a weekend of wish fulfillment, optimism and social joys. (Tamped down slightly by your weariness.)


capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Nine more days of “celebration,” of “glad to be alive” vibes, Cap. Don’t waste your entire tie in work — socialize, make new contacts, envision a new, bright future. What you hoped for in the past could arrive now in some form; what you hope for now could arrive in future. Work remains hard, hot — but it has also stalled somewhat — new projects will not come until January/Feb. Now to late December, catch up on all the paperwork from the past year. Gather tax receipts.

Relationships fill Sunday — lovely ones, so plunge in. Life’s subterranean currents flow near the surface Monday mono to suppertime Wed. Your intuition and hunches are very accurate now. Monday is great for investment, lifestyle changes, medical, sexual or financial decisions/commitments. Tuesday, not — difficulties rule. Wednesday’s mixed. All 3 days, esp. Wed., a great friendship might spark. Wednesday eve through Friday focuses on legal, ethical educational, media, cultural or international concerns. Thursday’s fine, even loving, but Friday holds an afternoon potential for conflict (based on or sparked by a casual comment or a deceptive circumstance). Saturday morning holds the same potential, although this day is more inclined toward ambitious action.


Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The emphasis remains on ambitions, career, prestige relations, and worldly status, Aquarius. (Until early next week.) Work hard, exceed your own limits. Money/income are fortunate until Dec. 20 — ask for a pay raise, AFTER Nov. 23. A romance or creative or speculative project has stalled; but it might return by Jan./Feb., twice as strong. Someone you love (child or lover) might have drawn a line in the sand, said, “this far and no further.” They’ll “relax” by Jan./Feb.

Sunday’s for chores — and you’ll accomplish even more than you anticipate, a great day! Relationships fill Monday morning to suppertime Wed. Monday’s super — you could meet a person who’s powerfully sexually attracted to you, or seize a shining opportunity. Tuesday, though, disappoints, and Wednesday is “complicated.” All 3 days might bring a pay raise, if you ask for it Monday. Life’s depths, secrets and “privileged data” rule Wednesday eve through Friday. Thursday’s best — good time to commit to an investment, medical procedure or lifestyle change. Be honest, and you’ll thrive. Saturday’s mellow, gently loving, and filled with broad, profound insights. Law, far travel, higher education, media and cultural venues predominate.


Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The emphasis remains on broad, profound insights, Pisces, on law, far travel, higher education, media and cultural venues…and love’s choices. (One of these can “come through” fortunately the first half of this week.) Continue to use “extra energy” at home to build or repair or do something physical — otherwise you could grow grumpy and aggressive toward family members. You are lucky, generally, now to Dec. 20, so do plunge into a favourite project, esp. on the career/prestige front. (Not a good time to start a major love affair.)

Sunday’s romantic, creative, life’s poetic beauty shines — a beautiful day, mostly! Tackle chores Monday morning to early suppertime Wed. Monday’s great — good timer to buy machinery, tools, or to tackle a big job. Tuesday’s disappointing (protect your nerves, follow safety regs), and Wednesday’s complex — good luck and obstacles mingle. Relationships, opportunities and opposition, relocation themes and public dealings fill Wednesday eve through Friday. Thursday’s super for these matters, but also for the zones listed in the first sentence above (law, far travel, etc.). Friday, though, sparks resentment or misunderstanding, which can lead to domestic friction or simple argument anywhere. (Some of this Saturday morning, too.) Saturday’s mysterious, investigation reveals secrets, some of them lucrative, worth investing in, some promoting lust or lifestyle changes, or medical success. Starts a good weekend!




Remember how I told you that at 12 years old I discovered the inverse square? I didn’t realize until many decades passed, that this had spiritual implications.

The definition of a square is four straight lines of equal length joined by four 90° angles. That definition also fits a + sign, so the definition alone can no longer be used to describe a square because it also describes its opposite, what I call the inverse square, or +.  These two symbols, the square and the +, have much to portray.  A square is encompassing, it surrounds and defines a finite area. The square possesses, but it is always finite and what it deals with is always finite. (The basic Imperial measure of land, for instance, is a square of 640 acres. Houses are built on square or rectangular lots. Farmers fence their “square of land” to prove/assert ownership.)

But the lines of a + extend to infinity in four directions. There is a deep truth here: when we possess, as the square does, we limit everything within, we subordinate all within to the dimension of that square. The square limits us to whatever it surrounds. It is earthy and corporeal and often indicates ownership of earthly things.

But when we possess nothing, our influence can be infinite. The square is practical, concrete, possessive, and above all secular. The + is spiritual. When you possess you cannot be spiritual. this is the secret meaning of the Christian Cross. It is a +. Christ died on that cross to illustrate that when one gives up the concrete body, one becomes a spiritual source, or a + sign, radiating to infinity. (In geometry, all lines, unless they meet another line, radiate to infinity. Note that in the square, every line meets another line, preventing infinity.)

This + sign is Christianity, which has lasted 2000 years but is now at a mature  or end stage.

The next religion will be symbolized by a sphere rather than a +. I wrote about that in this blog about 10 years ago. A sphere is all inclusive, and is obviously already entering the general consciousness. In North America and Europe the ghost of zealotry has seeded whole populations with a fanaticism about inclusion. This has been framed in a political way, for example the Democrats saying we must include everyone, black, yellow and white, gay and straight, etc. Inclusion has become an instrument of aggression and violence against others, as most religious movements are. But this is the beginning of the spherical religion, or Stage 3 spirit. There will be further stages, but I can’t comprehend them yet.


Further about the Spherical religion: this is why the discourse at present is so extreme: because it’s religious, which cuts much deeper than politics. The birth of this spherical religion or belief system coincides with the major upheaval of American society and politics that we’ve witnessed over the last 5 years — which you might also recall I predicted some years ago. (It was an easy prediction, as Pluto in the sky approached the same sign and degree as the USA’s birth Pluto, indicating the destruction of an old system and the birth of a new one.)


I am sometimes frustrated that nine out of 10 of my readers will simply dip into this column and read their own sign and maybe the predictions for the week for their lover or their child. They don’t care that I predict the general course and direction of humanity. Even if I prove that I had done so, they would look at me blankly and say so what? This focus on the individual and his/her wants and needs, prioritized over the fate of humanity in general, is not a bad thing. It is the self interest of every individual that actually causes our species to survive and grow, because it is in the ultimate self interest to cooperate and team with others. Capitalists such as Adam Smith recognized this.


Regarding my comments last week on ‘amnesty” for the Covid-19 dictators who ruined lives. Many studies now show that covid-vaccinated people are dying of heart attacks at a far greater rate than the unvaccinated. In my case, I had the first stroke of my life right after my first shot (and none since). After the booster I was sick, more sick and exhausted than I have ever been, for 3 months. (But it wasn’t covid!) Twice now, once with my doctor and once with a physiotherapist, when questioned about my vaccine status, I told each about my ”reactions.” Both met my revelations with cold silence, then moved on. These medical types hate to admit to anything but the party line. Medical workers, like lawyers, are taught how to behave, think, and accept “authority.” Those who didn’t, who sought truth, were shunned, castigated, fired from their positions — and now those who fired and punished them for speaking the truth, want a blanket amnesty. To which I say —!


Here’s how corrupt and heavy handed Joe Biden and his Department of Injustice are: the two people who provided proof of election crimes in the  2020 presidential election (the “2000 Mules” film) have been thrown in jail. And will remain there until they reveal their “sources.” FBI, DOJ, BIDEN — all irredeemably corrupt. (They were recently freed by a higher court judge.)


Unlike the square, the sphere is infinite, and more infinite than the cross. We cannot think of a sphere as a ball with a surface. Instead, envision a point of light. The sacrificial cross radiated to infinity in 4 directions in one dimension. It’s a far superior design to the square (substituting infinity for possession) but it still is limited to one dimension. Think also that at the centre of the cross is a spiritual light or energy of consciousness, which then propels the lines to infinity. Thus the cross. (Also: the plus sign, +, means “add to” so the cross is in a state of adding, or growth.) Now, think of a point of light. Think of it as simply existing or hovering in the isness*, much as the Sun does. Where does that light travel? To infinity (thus embracing spirit) — but in every conceivable direction — in fact, in an infinity of directions, each projecting to its own infinity.

* — to me, existence is a sort of “is-ness.” Hmmm maybe I can explain this better another time.


I’ve been talking about the three signs or symbols: the square, replaced by the +, and the + replaced in turn, in our present day, by the sphere. There is a progression here. The square is possessive, divisive, boundary enhancing, practical, pragmatic and essentially earthy or corporeal. Spiritually, it equates to the first, or pre-christian stage. During this stage, many of the religious icons and symbols contained a square characteristic: the Monoliths on Easter island, Mayan sculpture, the statues they found underground in Bolivia, the totem poles of the northwest Indians. (The poles are not square, but, like the symbology of many pre-christ societies, they are segmented into squared-off chunks, each being a different creature or idea. Even the creature in the “square” is contorted to fill the whole square.)

(Completely off topic: I wonder if any one has investigated the patterns or “musical” trends rep’d by the picture sequences of totem poles.)

Anyway, back to the subject: many pre-christ religions (and/or art) echoed the square. And these societies might well have been primarily, like the square, possessive, practical, ensuring, defining (thus involuntarily dividing also) and perhaps most off all, associated with the land, the earth, the corporeal world (upon which life depended, after all). Its symbology never progressed beyond the things of the earth, ocean and sky: planets, animal icons, etc. To disparage the “Age of the Square” would be wrong. Every period or epoch creates some special, significant contribution to mankind’s progress. (E.g., the “Dark Ages,” supposedly a stagnant, misguided era, nevertheless gave us the first long stories, the printing press, beautiful love literature, stone architecture, etc.) Just so, pre-Christ spirituality and consciousness gave us huge intellectual/conceptual accomplishments: for example, astrology, and the Old Testament (and writing itself!). — Etc.

Thus the first spiritual period. I guess we could call it, formally, Spiritual Stage 1.

Stage # 2, symbolically, is the destruction and replacement/reconfiguration of the square by the plus sign. (Remember , the + sign is a collapsed square.) The square contained, but the collapsed square can do nothing but radiate, for it cannot contain anything, as it has no boundaries. Instead, its 4 arms point outwards in 4 directions, to infinity. So, as we lose the possession (the earth) we gain infinity. This concept began when Christ preached and died. (Though it was dependent on the earlier concept of monotheism; the Jewish God in a way, was a precursor, or a first step, enabling the cross symbol.)

The cross/crucifix informed and motivated humanity for two millennium. It contains this dilemma: what if I do give up all I own, all bank accounts, job, food stores — will I be okay? Or will I simply starve and die, or be outcast, or thrown in the looney bin? This dilemma was illustrated when Satan tried to get Jesus to jump off a cliff. (Cleverly, the true story this episode is about fear, but this is hidden beneath a story of rejection of temptation.) Do you jump and trust you’ll fly, or do you pull in your inclinations and try to live a standard human life? This choice has lain in my path several times and each time I have, due to fear, chosen the standard, cautious life. Having seen three friends go crazy and die (all by suicide) during the wandering hippie drug days, bereft of foundation, minds untethered, floating like scraps of tissue on the wafting, shifting drug breeze. Where did you say reality was? Around what corner? This made me pull back from full commitment to the spiritual world. My cowardice used to bother me. But now, at 74, little bothers me. My life is gentle and mild, but I always suspect I should have made that leap. I regret my caution.

Christianity was a huge change. Its adherents eventually covered the earth and converted many. It motivated great acts, but also wars. Essentially, tho, christianity gave us this message: you can net the spiritual if you abandon the material. This is almost impossible for us to do, as as it goes against our very body, our existence structure (DNA, bah, blah). Still, when you completely abandon possessiveness and an earthly survival instinct (I.e. are dead) you do enter the infinity of spirit. (*) The spiritual door lies at the crux, or meeting point, of the plus sign’s four lines. This was a huge change in concept for mankind. The plus sign has another effect: the radiating symbology led to spreading this religion around the world more quickly and ubiquitously than anything  before.

(*) — Infinity of Spirit: In the “afterlife,” we are all points of light, floating, each a universe of sight and serenity. I’ve seen this.

Now we’re on the verge of Stage # 3: the sphere. I think I’ve described this stage, and its symbol and effects somewhere else: the main ones being inclusion, (and the size of the sphere is limited, defined by, the breadth of inclusion, hence the more inclusive, the larger, more powerful the sphere; but many will not believe this in their hearts) and the radiation to infinity, in infinite directions, unlike the 4 limited directions of the cross. (These could be seen in the catholic vision as heaven, hell, purgatory and limbo.) Where the cross was flat, one dimensional, the sphere must be three dimensional. Spherical conflicts are taking place right now: wokism, cancel culture, BLM, Me Too. And where does inclusion end? In a drag queen rubbing its crotch in front of an audience of children, courtesy of your local library or school board? What seem to be political conflicts sending bright arthritic pains through the body politic of the U.S.A. are really religious conflicts: though arthritic to the old (skin, system, whatever) they are merely the growing pains of a whole new ideology, motivation and spiritual awareness. A new consciousness.

In a little over 200 years from today, an “awakening” arrives. Whether this will end stage number three and begin number four, or merely provide a signal development or a peak, I don’t know. But I suspect the latter, because 200 years is a very short time to exhaust an entire spiritual exploration.  For this spherical period will have explorations, of course, just as the first period had wars and built cities and just as the second explored the world and developed high tech (culminating in social media, A.I., et al) so this spherical period will have its own unique achievements, earthly and otherwise. (*) For I think we are currently placing, maybe hesitantly, one foot in the other “world” and one foot on earth. When all humankind can see/has seen the other side, and shares this easily, at the same time people will become more psychic. They will become psychic because they believe. Only those who believe in psychic processes can develop the psychic pathways lying dormant in their brains. They do believe in 2229 AD. I don’t know if actual events will occur ten years before or after, but I know all humanity will face the choice in the next era (2229 AD to 4,000 something): to believe and “become” psychic, or deny. Among the who are likely to deny is a “philosopher king” — a relatively lucky one.

(*) Nothing is born “whole cloth.” All developments are preceded by earlier developments that “allow” the remarkable developments. For example, the monotheism of the Israelites made Christ’s cross possible. Similarly, social media, the mobile phone, etc., have begun the conditions for the “Sphere.”

As for the historical developments of this spherical stage in future, esp. in science and tech — I cannot see that far.

I think there will not be one magnificent courageous martyr of the spherical period, as when Christ brought the plus sign consciousness, but many, many.


There is no greater decline than the physical one. Every other decline can be fired and even reversed. God’s gift is that we don’t really think of it for 60-70 years; we bloom like flowers in the sunshine of our energy. Now, on the long glide downward, I love to think about all the people around me,


I guess you could have called it the happy election. The days following the Nov. 8 election showed a rare phenomenon: both left and right television shows seemed pleased at most, content at least, with the results.


It was almost as if everyone gave a collective sigh of relief after the midterm elections in the US. Democrats seemed particularly buoyed by the fact that there was not a red wave. If anything there was a red ripple, perhaps a trickle. But the Republicans also seemed content, almost relieved that they did not take the houses in a massive sweep.

Had they done so, they would be expected to take extreme action: impeach Slimy Joe and Merrick Garland, bring the DOJ and FBI to heel, and prosecute Hunter and Jim Biden. This is a lot to face, psychically. I suspect the new Congress would prefer to get down to business rather than get into dramatic vengeful action. It’s almost as if this election, really favouring neither party, was returning America to an even keel after the stormy seas of the last six years.


Even so, I deeply believe the following:

If they take the House and Senate, Republicans’ first priority should be to lop the head off the snakes of Google, Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social media platforms. (Granted, Musk has already decapitated Twitter.) These platforms are and have been the main reason the Republicans have started to lose elections. George Soros should be made to testify.

Their second priority should be to investigate, defund and dis-employ large portions of the FBI and the DOJ.

The third priority should be to investigate and charge Hunter Biden and his uncle and Joe Biden for treason, influence peddling and other crimes.

Fourth, impeach both Merrick Garland and Joe Biden.

These actions would significantly alter the American political landscape, and lead to more fair elections in future.

(It is absolutely astonishing that Maricopa county, which conducted many illegal actions during the 2020 presidential election, is blatantly doing something again! And once again, a monkey judge (see no evil, hear no evil, etc.) single-handedly disenfranchised probably 100,00 voters, denying them the right to vote simply by closing the polling places while voters stood in line.)


To a human eye very little is perfect; imperfections fill life. But to God’s eye all is perfect.

When talking about the square, I include any rectangular form or, even three dimensional expressions such as a square statue. (Probably every rectangle can be broken down into a number of squares.)

City houses are built on square lots; farmers build fences around their (usually square or rectangular) farms. The square is possessive. It lies flat on the ground or on a piece of paper, it has no life of its own. It is one of the great tools of humanity, but like most tools it is used for practical purposes and will always remain (no, never say always) without a life of its own.

However, I’ve already shown how if one inverts The square into a cross, there seems to be the automatic creation of life, certainly of spiritual life. I cannot explain this phenomenon,  But it seems to occur. Another way to put it is that when one abandons the material totally (as we all do in death and some rare individuals in life) one becomes spirit. Spirit itself implies energy. It’s almost as if, in an E = MC squared way, the material is destroyed to create energy out of its matter. The result: the birth of spirit, or at least, finally, the recognition of a non-earthly and none corporeal being. to launch spiritual stage number two, the Cross Epoch.

A prelude to number two were the early Jews who conceived a tremendous idea: monotheism, in which there was only one omnipotent and omniscient God, and more importantly, a God that is not of this earth, and could not be contained in an image or word. This monotheistic concept was Powerfully advanced by Christ dying on the cross. The cross was of course the plus sign and Jesus was filled with spirit. We might say Jesus was a node of God that ventured into and interacted with our corporeal world, but when he was crucified, he abandoned the material and became God.

The crucifix has a longer foot/leg than arms, Symbolically, this can indicate that this stage of spirituality, tho a huge advance to the square, is still grounded in the earth. Stage three will not be so anchored.