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ALL TIMES/DATES ARE PDT (Pacific Daylight).

START NOTHING: 8:30 pm Mon. to 4:12 am Tues., 10:22 am to 2:10 pm Thurs., and 9:11 am to 9:40 pm Sat.
Let’s see, 3 white people from Africa, infected with Ebola, 2 doctors and a nurse, I think, were whisked to America, immediately given an experimental drug, and recovered within days. Afterward, they gave smiling news conferences, at which they looked as healthy as august apples. You couldn’t help but feel amazed and proud: American courage and efficiency had created the cure to the world’s worst disease. It was easy to honor the cured, and to applaud their recovery, for those saved were doctors and a nurse who had dedicated their lives to curing others. The whole episode shone like the sun on a warm afternoon.
About a month later a black man, who had come to America on his own, who was not a doctor nor, probably, very wealthy, proved to have Ebola. But the cure (Zmapp) was withheld from him, though there were many doses available. Perhaps because he was black, not wealthy, and/or not a medical worker. For whatever reason, the powers that be decided not to cure him. Probably, to see what would happen. A living experiment. Like the Nazis treated Jews in the camps. Is there anything not immoral, cruel and racist here?
What scares me isn’t that the doctors at the Dallas hospital were evil, which they were, (*) watching Mr. Duncan die while they withheld his cure. What scares me is that they did it with such public openness, such unconcerned arrogance, even holding press conferences to announce that they would not give him the cure, as if they were assured that their attitude itself was justification. Again, a little like the Nazis. (* — Note: “evil” is perhaps too strong a word — some e-mailers have defended the doctors, saying they were controlled by those higher up the ladder. But passivity in the face of wrong-doing is a sin by omission, and following orders is not a moral shield, as the U.S. itself asserted in the Nuremberg trials of German soldiers. Still, I feel a little shamefaced after using such a word: maybe I’m wrong. But the fact remains that all the white people were cured by a drug that, over a month later, was deliberately withheld from a black person.)
Even more scary: no one protested. I can accept that American society is divided between the “good” – the liberal, compassion-for-all, protect the poor and disenfranchised – and the “bad” – those who feel that might is right, that foreigners are inherently untrustworthy, and that blacks should stay in their place. The problem is not the divide, but that no one in the “liberal” camp seemed to see anything wrong with letting Mr. Duncan die so we could experiment on him until he did breathe his last breath. No one protested. Gee, just like Nazi Germany.
Is this moral cancer the reason America is so weak in fighting ISIS (and in the Middle East in general)? Perhaps, in his heart, Obama comprehends all this; thus, subconsciously, when he announced U.S. plans to fight ISIS, he chose a “Start Nothing” period to do it, as I noted before. We’ve seen the result of that speech and the military action it compelled: since the air strikes began, ISIS, rather than collapsing, has expanded dramatically; it’s captured at least 4 more cities/towns, has taken control of the huge Anbar province, and is poised to take Baghdad airport. The coalition’s air forces seem to be merely gnats and mosquitoes to them.
Oy vey.

The Era Ahead:

A week or two ago I gave a one-sentence list of the characteristics of the 250-year era that began in 1984 (actually, Nov./83). (Here was that list: “relative peace, governmental stagnation, blurring of sexual roles, huge techno-advance, widespread semi-poverty, mass deaths (but not from war – e.g., Chernobyl, Rwanda [not a war but a massacre] AIDS, Ebola) and police rule.”
It struck me later that this list resounded with negativity: massive deaths, governmental stagnation, etc. But every era has its virtues, and they at least equal, if not outweigh, the negatives. So here’s the just as certain positive side: the years until the 2230’s will be far more balanced than the last 250. Those years (1730’s to 1983) were marked by upheavals, world wars, and huge technological advances. Now we might see massive deaths such as Rwanda or AIDS caused, but not huge wars. I mentioned the blurring of sexual roles, but left out the unprecedented co-operation between the sexes, and the deep increase of understanding between them. Intuition and psychic gifts will increase. Medical science will enter a golden age, as will research, astro-physics and high technology. (In technology, nothing invented since the wheel has equalled it. In our own times, nothing invented since mechanized flight has surpassed it in importance. We stand on the shoulders of giants, to use a worn phrase. Still, we will be in awe of our own inventiveness in this Scorpionic era.) Scorpio is fertile, so agriculture should reach new volumes of productivity. Seed science and application will advance tremendously – so might, then, mutations, new breeds, etc. We’ll develop fruits and foods never before seen on earth. We have moved from an era of repression (which partly caused the world wars) to one in which emotions are expressed deeply and relatively freely. Sentimentality will swell. Society will undo its belt a notch, relax, and admit more eccentricity, more divergent and “outlier” thinking (and behaviour) than it did in the last era. If I had to choose between the last era (1700’s to 1983) and the new (1984-2230’s) I’d choose the looming, present one without hesitation.


Aries.svgARIES March 21-April 19
Your last week of caution regarding new projects and people, Aries. Relationships remain the theme, but by Thursday your links slowly veer into deeper waters. What was simply excitement starts to demand commitment; what has been merely curiosity or an action plan starts to gather consequences. For example, if you have been attracted to someone (old flame or not) in the past few weeks, from Thursday onward (into November) the situation might grow intimate, so you have to decide whether you want this deep a companion or not. In business, funding will now be expected, “money where your mouth is” kind of thing. Relationships are still important, but finances, health, lifestyle and sex become more significant. Tackle chores Sunday/Monday. You’ll get lots done, but take care Monday night, when argument or accident are possible. Tuesday to midday Thursday brings “pure relationship.” Tuesday’s question is: do you stay with this person or not? Wednesday, and Thursday morning, show you solutions, ways to co-operate. Thursday pm starts three days – and a whole month – of depths, mystery, research, health diagnosis, lifestyle choices, major financial options, sexual yearning, and commitment and consequence. You might change partners, investments, even routes to work and shop – soon, not yet.

taurus weekly forecastTAURUS April 20-May 20
Remember, start nothing major nor important before October 25. A month of work and drudgery ends Thursday, as a month of relationships begins. You’ll trade the stale and boring for new horizons, fresh opportunities, and exciting meetings. Until Thursday, finish chores, clear your desk, and protect your health (from over-indulgence, mostly). Sunday/Monday are romantic, creative, you’re in a gambling mood. Don’t gamble (nor invest) Monday eve/night. Tackle chores Tuesday to midday Thursday – but don’t volunteer – and evade someone who might talk about starting a new job/project. Sleep, eat well. Thursday brings three days – and a whole month, really – of exciting opportunities, new faces, new places, fresh relationships, relocation possibilities, public dealings, negotiations, agreements, contracts, litigation. Both allies and enemies pop their heads up and say, “I’m here!” (Everything’s honest and open.) You’ll feel alive again!

Gemini.svgGEMINI May 21-June 20
You’ve felt pleasure for the last few weeks, Gemini – probably pleasures of the heart. Kids have visited, lovers have been approachable. Some of you might be wondering what to do about an old flame who has floated back in. Well, you’ll decide in a week or two. This romantic, happy phase ends Thursday, when a month of chores, health and general drudgery begins. (Whether it’s apparent yet or not, about two years ago you entered a new, different career phase that is slowly bringing you to your “proper position” [or simply to the right career]. This process is slow, subtle, but deep and wide. Every late October into November, by your work, you will sail closer to that lifetime career peak – it will arrive by 2025, if not earlier. And every late June through July you sail closer to increased financial rewards from this career-lifting trend. So chores and drudgery are your friends right now!) Spend Sunday/Monday near home, with family, in nature. Rest, soak up peace. (Avoid cutting tools and arguments Monday eve/night.) Romance blossoms but fails Tuesday; blossoms and might succeed Wed. Thursday brings both a few days and a whole month of work, health concerns. Eat, dress sensibly. Your workplace will be fun, co-workers affectionate, Thursday to November 17.

Cancer.svgCANCER June 21-July 22
The recent down-home influence (kids, nature, meals, real estate, security, retirement, sluggish feeling) will end Thursday. That day starts a month of romance, pleasure, creative and speculative surges, charming kids and life’s beauty. Even though life is starting a whole new phase for you Thursday, don’t you start anything big and new before Saturday. (Well, Saturday’s mostly useless, so try Sunday, Oct. 26, onward for new starts.) Earlier, the week starts with errands, busyness, trips, calls, siblings, casual friends Sunday/Monday. Drive safely, perform chores safely Monday eve/night. Just before your “home month” ends, it intensifies Tuesday to midday Thursday. Change is slated at home, with spouse or “crucial neighbour” Tuesday. Be light, diplomatic. (You might actually change residences in the month or three ahead.) Solutions appear Wed. As a beautiful month of love and pleasure begins Thursday, it, strangely, almost wipes out your assertiveness and heightens your intuition – this will actually increase your romantic, creative and/or speculative success in the days and weeks ahead.

Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO July 23-Aug. 22
You’ve been very busy lately (without deeply satisfying results) and the busyness continues until Thursday. That day brings four weeks of rest, family, home, security and “soaking up nature.” Nap frequently, eat slowly, and let the waves of stress slide off your back. Mother nature, gardening, hiking, landscaping, building a home or addition, starting or adding to retirement funds, kids and spouse, parents, nutrition – these will occupy your thoughts until late November. DO rest as deeply as possible, and shore up your foundations (e.g., eat better, buy new sheets, repair the basement [lower walls]). This is important because you are in one of the luckiest, most romantic and creative years in a decade, and late November into December will bring a joyous expansion of these, perhaps a huge love. So rest now, to be at your healthiest when great things come. Sunday/Monday feature money, possessions: earn, shop, but avoid a legal or emotional argument over $ Monday eve/night. Those errands, calls, trips and other busyness return Tuesday (careful, little will succeed in a work or home arena) to midday Thursday. Wednesday offers solutions. Thursday begins a month of domestic concerns –all’s good here, but you might see some change in your career. Some casual friends will exit, others enter. Your intuition about investments and intimacy will soar, soon!

Virgo.svgVIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22
Remember, start nothing important before October 25. (That’s this Saturday, which is a dud day, so you might as well wait until the following Sunday, the 26th to start anything.) Your energy and charisma surge upward Sunday/Monday. Show off a bit, phone someone you like. But be careful with kids, money, sex and health Monday night (PDT). Chase money, buy/sell, collect old bills and pay them, too, Tuesday to midday Thursday. Careful Tuesday – alienation, a subtle but deep disagreement might occur that could lead to a later “eruption.” Wednesday’s fine – act on your hunches. Thursday begins a month of errands, paperwork, trips, calls, siblings and casual acquaintances. During the weeks ahead, some Virgos will meet their life mate; all of you will find it easier (and subtly fascinating) to communicate with both emotional and business partners – this is part of a huge expansion in your relationships – like a flower that opens slowly – until 2025.

Libra.svgLIBRA Sept. 23-Oct. 22
Remember, don’t start anything important before October 25, Libra. Your energy and charisma remain at a yearly high this week, but Sunday/Monday call for a restful attitude: stay in the background, let others strive. Contemplate, meditate, interface with government agencies, stoke your spiritual fires. Avoid confrontations, avoid seeking co-operation, Monday afternoon, night. Your energy, clout and magnetism get an extra boost Tuesday to Thursday: you’ll conquer problems, win allies. But step carefully Tuesday: realize a change at home, or an unpredictable element in relationships, makes it difficult to accomplish a lasting, healthy goal. It is also a daring day, though: your day to stand up to a bully, for example. Thursday begins a whole new month of buying and selling, possessions, earnings, rote learning, sensual attractions – quite a productive month for you. Seek new clients or a pay raise (next week onward). If an old flame has been knocking on the door, you’ll soon need to make a decision. The weeks ahead should improve your health and workplace. You might be the leopard who does change his/her spots.

Scorpio.svgSCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21
Remember, start nothing important before October 25, Scorpio. (Although something you start from Thursday eve [PDT] to Saturday morning just might work, especially if it involves love. For money matters, wait until Sunday the 26th to start.) You’re generally tired before Thursday eve – stay in the background, study others’ moves, contemplate, rest. Sunday/Monday are fairly social, your mood, optimism, and luck rise mildly. (Careful with your health, and around tools, Monday eve/night.) Tuesday to midday Thursday pull you back into thoughtful solitude. Tuesday needs care: gossip, secrets and stress are a toxic combination. Wednesday provides solutions. Thursday kicks off a month of soaring energy, magnetism and effectiveness for you! Again, be patient, but get ready to launch big new projects, to use your clout, to attract others and lead them our way, to ask favours and impress others, during the four weeks ahead. One partner or co-operator might exit, another enter, soon. Your career, also, might see a change.

Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21
This is your last week of delays and fuzzy thinking – start nothing important before Saturday (and considering Sat.’s aspects, wait until Sunday the 26). Be ambitious Sunday/Monday – start nothing, but show your skills, nurture an ongoing project. Don’t bother chasing romance Monday night. All the happiness of this month might seem to be packed into the Tuesday to midday Thursday period. Expect a surge of popularity, optimism, social joys and, perhaps, light flirty romance. You’re happy Tuesday, life’s fresh, but what you pursue this day, if large or important, will meet a wall of silence later, which simply disguises a refusal. Wait until Wednesday, when all is smooth, mildly productive. Thursday afternoon starts three days – and a whole month – of rest, quietude, recuperation, meditation/contemplation. Retreat from the hustling crowd to think, dream, and plan. (Think about real estate, family and security Thursday night: your intuition and inspiration are right on.)

Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 19
Hi, Cap. Remember, start nothing before October 25. (The 26th is better for new starts, and the 28th is best, for you – especially if you will be breaking away from restrictions.) A mellow, wise mood flows into you Sunday/Monday – good days for dealing with foreign-born people, far travel, law, learning, religion and big ideas. But step away from arguments Monday night. October’s emphasis on career, ambition, worldly standing and prestige relations intensifies Tuesday to Thursday noon – proceed here without starting anything. Be aware Tuesday – a sort of “silence” hints that a project, proposal or hoped-for result might be elusive. Wait until Wednesday (and Thurs. morning, PDT) to decide what’s workable, what isn’t. Thursday starts a whole new month for you. The weight of responsibility, or ambition, drops from your shoulders – instead, an atmosphere of celebration, of optimism and happiness, of life’s fresh possibilities, arrives. You’ll be popular, light romance might kiss your cheek, entertainment and social delights will fill the weeks ahead. Wish – it might come true!

Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18
Remember, start nothing before October 25. Your best start day, especially if you are pursuing a favorite wish, or a social, happy, romantic or “public approval” goal, is the 26th. Sunday/Monday are mysterious, reward research or detective work. Your subconscious floats to the surface, heightening your intuition and deepening your yearning for intimacy and financial security/power. Enjoy this, but don’t commit, sign nothing, invest in nothing – especially Monday eve/night. Wisdom, a broadened view, tolerance and mellowness visit you Tuesday to midday Thursday—far travel, higher learning, law, social mores, cultural events draw you. Be careful what you step into Tuesday; it might disappoint, even cause delays, antipathy. Wednesday is smooth, solution-oriented. Thursday begins a three-day period, and a whole month, of worldly concerns – career, ambition, community standing, prestige relations. Get ready to exert yourself! The month ahead will hold a career opportunity.

Pisces.svgPISCES Feb. 19-March 20
This is the last week of indecision from your partner or spouse, of delays and broken promises in all areas. Wait until October 26 (next Sunday) to make any ambitious new starts. Meanwhile, this Sunday/Monday please you in relationships – everybody wants to help (well, somewhat) fresh horizons appear, and new possibilities arise. Except Monday night: beware arguments, impatient bosses (or cops) and careless driving, careless words. The mystery, yearning, and heightened intuition of the past few weeks reaches peak intensity Tuesday to midday Thursday. Indulge it – research, meditate, seek “deep answers” (in health, also) – but don’t invest nor commit to intimacy with someone you’re unsure of, especially Tuesday. Sign nothing. Thursday begins a month you’ll love – a time of far travel (or faraway dreams) (even over an ocean) of higher learning, of wisdom and compassion. You might fall in love – after he/she falls for you. There’s a chance you’ll change sexual partners or your investment portfolio. Your job might change also.
The End.