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All times/Dates are PDT – Pacific Daylight Time zone. PDT is eight hours before Greenwich England (BDT). For example when it is noon PDT it is 8 PM in England – and 4 AM the next day in China. The world clock in the right margin gives you some clues. You can also Google “time zone converter.”



0:33 am to 9:01 pm Sunday, 4:08 am to 9:24 am Wednesday, and 5:14 pm to 9:40 pm Friday


I praised the future of dollar store stocks/businesses about four weeks ago, here in the Preamble. Today (as I write this, Sept. 7) Dollarama rose over 10% — in one day.

Many months ago (in the preamble again) I advised buying bank stocks. From that point on, they rose 15 to 25% in Canada and the U.S. Then, a few months ago, I wrote here to sell them, “as they won’t appreciate any more.”  Since then, banks have fallen — Canadian banks are down about 10 to 15% — some are almost back to their former buying levels — but not quite. Going forward, I’d buy (Canadian) banks when their dividends reach 5%.  (They’re now about 4%.)  But you might want to buy now at the lower dividend (4%) in case they go up in price. Depends what you want. Remember, too, that banks might be engaged in a huge fight in the early 2020’s. So don’t buy them for a lifetime.

Also wrote here (in January? February?) that the (North American) economy would be stable, growing and it has been so.

In future, the wealthy will have more nature, the poor less.

From May 2018 to 2025, Apple will lose its technological edge, and have erratic earnings.


       ARIES:  March 21-April 19

You’ll be loaded down with work in the weeks ahead, Aries. But your main focus will be on relationships, new horizons, fresh contacts, opportunities, relocation, dealings with the public, and negotiations, agreements, perhaps, in rare cases, litigation. If you’re married but have been flirting with separation, it could come in the month ahead. If it doesn’t, the likelihood of splitting apart diminishes considerably. (Applies to business as well as love.) Some singles might now discover their true life mate. Sunday holds secrets, but they’re mostly “unrevealed.”  You might be confused about a job, or worried about the gov’t (taxes?).  A good day to relax with a murder mystery — nothing major occurs. Mon./Tues. fill with a mellow, broad-minded outlook, but barriers, deception and irritations make good progress unlikely. To succeed, act during a narrow window: between 11:30 pm Tues. and 4 am Wed. (PDT). (Good timing if you’re in Europe or Asia.) Be ambitious Wed. mid-morn to Fri. night. A huge opportunity could suddenly arise, perhaps from a crisis, either Wednesday or Friday. (Wed.’s better. The “opp” might be in business or love.  The Fri. opportunity involves secrets or gov’t — and your employment.) Friday night and Saturday bring social delights, optimism, popularity and happiness. Love or friendship could blossom!


taurus weekly forecast       TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The weeks ahead emphasize work, machinery/tools, repairs, service personnel, dependents, and daily health. In other words: drudgery. But a strong romantic, creative and adventurous streak winds through these days, until Oct. 22. (This is a precursor of late year and 2018, when relationships will soar into good fortune.)  Sunday brings face-to-face meetings, for good or ill. But it won’t be much of either. Sexual lures, financial openings, research and investigation, and lifestyle choices fill late Sun. night to mid-morn Wed. Be very cautious — many barriers and pitfalls exist. Only good action time is 11:30 pm Tues. to 4 am Wed., all PDT. Understanding, wide view, learning, dealings with foreign-born people, scholars, lawyers or other intellectuals, far travel, media, culture and your life philosophy — these fill your days Wed. morning to late Fri. night. Most of these go well, but Fri.’s a bit disruptive.  A surprise chore could arise Wed., or you rebel against your “work harness.”  Possible love magic Friday daytime. Charge into your ambitions late Fri. night, Saturday — you’ll accomplish something to be proud of.


       GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

The weeks ahead bring sweet romance, creative and gambling urges, beauty and pleasure. Kids start to solve their own problems. Despite the adventures and beauties awaiting you, home affairs continue (to Oct. 22) to grab your attention.  A wish about your living conditions might come true. Romance is not guaranteed to succeed. If you want to win someone’s heart for the next 17 days (to Oct. 10) focus on cheerfulness, marriage, travel, honesty… and let wishful thinking, social circle goals, and “pure romance” slide away from your attention. Sunday’s for work, but stick to routine (e.g, wash the dishes, rake the leaves) as new projects will eventually fail. Plumbing could “break” — don’t tackle if not broken! Relationships confront you late Sunday night to pre-dawn Wed. — and the outlook is not good. Barriers, disagreements occur. Be diplomatic, realize others have the advantage. A beautiful relationship could occur pre-dawn Wed. (PDT) if you’re awake. Sexual desires, financial opportunities, mysteries and investigation, commitment and consequence fill Wed. morning to late night Friday. Wednesday might bring a stunning love prospect. Thursday whispers success. Friday can be deceptive, disruptive, might nudge you to choose between career and home. Saturday switches to a mellow, wise mood — charge after far travel, intellectual or legal interests, cultural venues, media — and love. Luck rides with you!


       CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The weeks ahead emphasize home, kids, security, Mother Nature, garden, nutrition, stomach and soul. (Remember how rotund Buddha’s stomach was?) It won’t be a restful time, though. Trips, calls, paperwork and errands will keep you running to and fro, until late October. Sunday’s poetically beautiful, romantic and creative — but it’s all a dud for action, so enjoy rather than start anything. Tackle chores and protect your daily health late this night to dawn Wednesday. Eat, dress sensibly. Nothing will be easy, so plod slowly forward rather than make mistakes. Relationships face you Wed. morn (9:30 am PDT) to late Fri. night. Wednesday might surprise you, could make you decide quickly between home and outside work or ambitions. (Home’s luckier.) Thursday encourages, supports love. Friday tweaks your love antennae, but it will be a wild ride if you pursue someone. Sexual intimacy might come easily Fri. night and Saturday — investments, debt reduction are fortunate, too. If you’re ill, the cure awaits!


Leo icon, Luck Forecast       LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The month ahead brings a flurry of errands, calls, trips, paperwork, and casual contacts. You’ll be restless — but it’s better to be curious. Your travels might bring you to a neighbourhood/ town in which you’ll later find a splendid home/realty deal. Despite all the “flurious” action, money events will continue to rush through your life, up to Oct. 22.  Money news should be good, gratifying now to Oct. 14 – but even so, to the 22nd, be careful not to overspend or over-commit. Sunday’s for home, family — stick to routine, promote stability. Late night to dawn Wed., romance whispers but barriers pop up everywhere (especially Mon.), so you’ll be better off giving this one a pass. (There is a small good link/love period, 11:30 pm Tues. to 4 am Wed., PDT.) Tackle chores and protect your health Wed. morn to late Fri. night. Wednesday’s a bit disruptive, but Thurs. brings great progress. Friday is unpredictable, perhaps illusive, yet oddly lucky. Late Fri. night and Sat., chase relationships and opportunities — lucky results await!


       VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The accent shifts to money, earnings, buying and selling, possessions, rote learning, and sensual attractions. Many personal decisions remain to be made — about you, your life, who you are/will be. You’re more interested in boudoir intimacy than in “open relations” until Oct. 22 — if giving someone a toss, be honest. Don’t lead someone on just to satisfy urges. Sunday’s active, involves you with errands, calls, trips. But start nothing important, as results are lacking. Steer toward home late Sun. to dawn Wed. Be slow, cautious, thoughtful. Realize many barriers exist, and arguments are possible. If you must succeed with home affairs, act in this slim time: 11:30 pm Tues. to 4 am Wed., PDT.  Romance (and creativity, inventiveness, gambling urges) call Wed. morn to late Fri. night — now that sexual urge might kick in powerfully. Wednesday’s a bit unpredictable, but Thurs. welcomes you, and so will the opposite sex. (Same sex for gays.) Friday again is jumbled, unpredictable. Despite this, you could meet true love, or feel it with your mate. Tackle chores late Friday night, Saturday — you’ll succeed!


     LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Your energy soars now through the weeks ahead — and your personal luck, buoyancy, cheerfulness remain high. What’s been a very good year, Libra, is about to become a lucky money year — but not yet. The month ahead is one of the best times in many years to start a significant new project. However, avoid trying to start a new life-bond before Oct. 10, as a domestic problem will likely interfere. On the other hand, now to the 10th might reveal the solution to your home problem. Sunday’s for money, earning, shopping — but stick to routine, buy nothing important. Approach errands, communications, paperwork and travel cautiously Mon./Tues., as barriers and irritations lie in your path. (Better Tues.) If you receive/make a communication 11:30 pm Tues. to 4 am Wed. (PDT) the other person might be a viable lover/mate. Turn to home (at least in heart and mind) Wed. morn to late Friday night. Rest, recuperate, garden, hug the kids, repair house, revise meal lists, etc. Wednesday’s unreliable, but contains a happy surprise (for rare singles, a wedding proposal). Thursday’s smooth, productive. Friday is disruptive, unpredictable again, and could bring a work-or-retreat choice. Friday night, Saturday, promote romance, beauty, creativity, gambling and self-expression — plunge ahead, as luck rides with you! BTW, despite your increasing energy and luck, partners remain a bit burdensome, and you continue to be “held back” by gov’t, head office, or health concerns. This will pass, totally, by Oct. 22.


       SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Retreat now to late Oct. Rest, think, examine your past and present, and plan future actions. Deal with civil servants, institutions, head office, neglected chores, charities and spiritualists, psychics, astrologers, advisors and agents. You are about to start one of the luckiest two-year periods of your life, so use the weeks ahead to rest deeply and to recognize future options, so you’ll be more able and ready to act when the good luck arrives. Despite the seclusion and quietude awaiting you, your social connections and hopes won’t leave you alone, making this a very light “downtime.”  Your energy and charisma remain high Sunday, but actions won’t have a future result. Just enjoy this day. Chase money, buy/sell Mon./Tues. Many obstacles, irritations and missed connections exist, so proceed carefully, diplomatically. Buy only routine items (e.g., groceries). Errands, paperwork, communications and trips fill Wed. morn to late Friday night. Wednesday (in work, with management) and Fri. (in love, speculation) are mildly disruptive, but you can still accomplish those errands. Thursday’s great — make new contacts, send important missives. Head for home Friday night, Saturday — hug the kids, landscape, start renovations, etc. Your luck’s splendid, so tackle big things!


       SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Wishes can come true over the next few weeks, Sage. For over two years, you have matured, handled major (money, mostly) problems, and maintained a sober, un-optimistic mood. It’s been a grind. But in the weeks ahead, your optimism will return, your popularity will rise, social delights will come, invitations proliferate, and a future with love and freedom seem possible once again. This month of happiness is a precursor to the end — for 28 years — of those problems and that self-suffocating, sober mood. This end comes in December, less than 3 months away. So do envision a bright future — it will soon be yours!  (Actually, you’ll “rise” slowly, as much of 2018 will be spent recuperating from the last two years, quietly regaining/ restoring your energy and native cheerfulness.  Then 2019 will become one of the luckiest years of your entire life.) Rest, lie low and contemplate Sun. Choose home over career. Your energy and charisma soar late this night to Wed. morn, but so many barriers face you that my advice is to start nothing. Use that energy and clout to solve some problems. Chase money Wed. morn to late night Friday. Cultivate clients, ask for a pay raise, buy/sell, etc. Wednesday is obviously not easy, and Fri. is subtly, almost invisibly not easy. But Thurs. cries out for profitable action, especially on your work front. Errands, calls, paperwork and short trips slated for Friday night, Saturday.


       CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The weeks ahead will test and reward you in areas of career, prestige relations, dealings with authorities, and worldly standing. The intellectual, travel-prone, legal or cultural involvements of the past month won’t disappear, though — they will wind in and out of your days until Oct. 22. Continue to avoid lawsuits, especially with family members. Sunday’s happy, social, and buoys your optimism about the future. But don’t act nor commit yourself in any area — results would disappoint. Lie low, rest, Mon. to Wed. morn. Contemplate the barriers and problems that face you, and, as the weeks pass, solutions will slowly come. Buy nothing important, do not invest nor seek romance nor argue. If you must act, wait until after 11:30 pm Tues. (PDT) into 4 am Wed. Your energy, charisma, clout and effectiveness surge upward Wed. morn to late night Fri. Charge ahead, start significant projects, especially in career. Thursday’s best, as Wed. holds some mild disruption and Fri. might be quietly disruptive/deceptive. Chase money, buy/sell, late Friday night and Saturday — your luck’s high. A sensual bond might start.


       AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Your interests of the past few weeks (mysteries, investigations, financial actions, medical urgencies, sexual temptations/intimacies, etc.) now fade slightly, but don’t disappear, not before Oct. 22. The weeks ahead generally emphasize legal, intellectual, love, travel, international, cultural and religious themes. In some cases, the past and present will combine — for instance, a financial commitment you made then could be legally formalized now; or September’s sexual affair could lead to October love. What has been hidden now rises to the level of shared information. The things you found during your investigations might now be worth “broadcasting” through writing, talking, media, etc. Sunday highlights your prestige and worldly position. You might feel ambitious, but relax — nothing you start now will have a future. Wishful thinking, optimism, popularity, flirtations, social delights and entertainment fill Sun. night to Wed. morning. Be happy, have fun, but don’t start anything nor commit yourself or your funds — obstacles and glitches populate your path in practical zones. (One exception: Tues. after 11:30 pm, PDT, to 4 am Wed., when action will reward.) Retreat, seek quietude, rest, think and plan Wed. morning to Fri. night. Deal with civil servants, agents, and advisors. Be spiritual and charitable (or seek charity). Wednesday could bring exciting news, or a stunning attraction (careful!). Thursday’s successful, easy. Be realistic with money — and sexual temptations — Friday. Your energy and pizzazz bounce skyward late Fri. night and Sat. — you could attract love, or find it is seeking you. Start important projects, ask favours, be a leader — particularly in seeking co-operation, relationship. You’ll impress even yourself!


      PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Relationships of every sort influenced the last four weeks, Pisces. The weeks ahead feature investments, debt reduction, other peoples’ money, sexual lures, medical exigencies, investigation and lifestyle choices. The past and present will combine somewhat, as, for example, an “open” relationship your formed in September could become sexually intimate; or an opportunity you spied, maybe responded to, could now require funding. On the negative side, if you made an enemy in the last few weeks, he/she now fights back, in a sneaky way. Your subconscious, your intuition, will burst to the surface. Listen to your hunches — they’ll be correct most of the time. Sunday brings a mellow mood, wisdom. You might feel weird (or gaga) about a relationship. But don’t act nor commit this day: results-wise, it’s a dud. You’ll might feel ambitious Mon./Tues., but focus all your efforts on solving problems and reducing barriers rather than starting or proposing projects. Your popularity rises Wed. to Fri. night. You’ll be buoyed by optimism, wishful thinking, social joys, entertainment and, likely, a flirtation. Realize relationships can veer swiftly into commitment, intimacy — and consequences. Wednesday’s a bit like holding a squirming dog. Thursday’s superb, rewarding, can solve an old dispute. Friday needs caution (driving, with electricity) and realism. A sweet bond might blossom. Retreat late Fri. night and Saturday. Rest, think and plan. Deal with civil servants, institutions, charities, head office, agents and advisors. All’s well!


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